Undercover (2019) s01e06 Episode Script


This series is inspired by true events.
Names, incidents and locations are fictitious.
Any resemblance to actual persons is coincidental.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES What? This doesn't mean I'm letting you off.
You'll get paid in two weeks.
Three max.
I've got a mortgage to pay, Gino.
Chantal, don't go living above your means.
It will only end in tears.
Hey, if you don't pay me soon, I'll find another job.
You'll be paid within a week.
Gino always gets things sorted.
And if you keep doing your best, there might be a nice raise in it for you.
What do you say? I'm sorry.
Well, fancy that.
- The guys.
- Hey, Gino.
Sorry, but I don't have much time today.
Busy, busy, busy.
Chantal is off sick and everyone's bugging me.
What a world.
We won't be long.
We've come for the money.
What would you say to an extra order of five million tabs? Who's the buyer? None of your business.
It is our business.
John, come on.
Who, Maldini? Gerlach Bastian… Bastian Gerlach.
Fuck! What were you thinking? It was an accident.
Gino? Gino? Oh, my God.
- Sorry, you can't go with him.
- Chantal.
You really look terrible.
Will you help me or not? No.
- I've told you already.
- Bastian, we're family.
If they don't respect me, they won't respect you.
They're all trailer trash.
Someone should teach them a lesson.
Bouman is my business partner.
I need those tabs.
After the deal then? That stupid Dutchman is selling at 50 cents apiece.
It makes no sense to wipe him just for an accident.
My face is ruined, man! Stay away from that Dutchman, do you get it? Okay.
Well, just give me my ten percent and I'll leave you alone.
Ten percent? I negotiated the deal myself.
What? I've put you in touch with him.
Okay, ten percent on the first 50,000 tabs.
That's 2,500.
That's not even enough to cover my hospital bills.
- That's enough.
- What's your problem? I'm talking to my cousin.
I think we're done here.
- Clear off.
- Hey, easy, you.
Bastian, I'm bankrupt.
- Clear off.
- I needed that deal to stay afloat.
Clear off, piece of shit.
Here, I found this as well.
I'll kill them all.
We've also opened a case on that campsite.
The Bouman investigation.
Haven't I told you about it? Do you see any harm in comparing notes? Maybe we can help each other? Yeah, fine.
No, I think it's a good idea.
These guys are always a step ahead of us.
It's as if they're in the know.
Say, the arrest of Jurgen Van Kamp, was that part of the investigation? We had him under observation, yes, but we had to step in.
So you pick him up, you let him go Was he an informant? No? Well, and… Peter Bogaert.
Who? A Belgian of French nationality.
He's been on the campsite for a few months.
Clashed with Jurgen from the start.
If there were a plain clothed policeman… I'd say that was him.
We don't have anyone there.
I'll have a look at Bogaert.
Thanks for the tip.
No problem.
If there's anything I can do, Marc, just tell me.
Can you do me a favor, Ray? Sweetheart? DIVORCE PAPERS What are we doing here? I'm not in the mood for it either.
- Hey, Daan.
- Hi.
Are you okay? No, I'm no good at funerals.
I've been crying all morning.
That's understandable.
Hey, the cast's off.
Oh, well Hey.
- There I was, moaning for weeks.
- Ferry.
But look at what Sonja's been through.
Are you okay? Yes, yes.
Dreadful, isn't it? And now the cops are back.
Fucking cops.
- My condolences.
- Thank you.
Stay strong.
You're very strong.
We're here for you, okay? Thank you.
My condolences.
Are the presents ready? For the German.
Yeah, everything's ready.
Jurgen, you didn't want to go.
You wanted to stay with us.
You were taken too soon.
The time we had with you wasn't enough.
But, luckily, we're left with fond memories.
Like when you treated the whole park after Jezebel's birth.
Football on Sundays.
And going out with friends.
How many times did we dance through the night, until the sun came up? What I like about memories is that no one can take them away.
They stay forever in your thoughts and in your heart.
- Fer? - What? - Yes, yes, yes.
- Jezebel has something to say too.
Are you okay? "Dear Daddy.
You used to call me your little princess.
I'll never hear it again.
Because you're no longer here.
Where have you gone? Are you in heaven? Can you see me now? Why did you die so suddenly? Daddy, I miss you so.
I'll think of you always and never forget you, because I love you.
" Hey.
Are you all right? Yeah, I am.
Are you sure? I can't breathe in there.
It's not our fault.
It wasn't us who murdered him.
But it was my idea to release him.
It wasn't us who killed him.
Perhaps Jurgen had a choice, but that little girl didn't.
Now she's lost her father.
I'm going back in.
Bogaert? Walter Devos.
Criminal police.
Better push off, don't you think? We're burying a friend here.
I know.
Please excuse me.
I'm sorry for your loss, but… I wanted to talk to you.
Get to know you a bit better.
You can kiss my ass, mate.
Bogaert, please wait.
These men here, I know by reputation, but… about you, I know nothing.
Nothing comes up on you.
But since you arrived here it's all kicked off.
A fight.
An arrest.
A murder.
Are you going to accuse me or you're gonna keep fishing? If not, sling your hook before everyone comes out of there.
To fucking Jurgen! I'll be… What? This whole business with Jurgen, I can't get it out of my head.
Do we have to do this now? Fer, what if something happens to you? What are you on about? I'm just worried, that's all.
There's no need to worry.
Jurgen had a bit of bad luck.
It was carjackers.
Nothing will happen to me.
- Honestly.
- Fer.
- What? - Hey.
Why don't we just get away? - What? - Yeah.
We can go to Aruba, can't we? We've wanted to for ages.
For a holiday, not the rest of my life.
Why not? We're rolling in it.
Sweetheart, I can't stop just like that.
Maybe some time, but not now.
Hey, come here.
Everything will be just fine.
John? Coffee? No, I've come to see how you are.
I'm about to check up on the girls.
Got a message from the German yesterday.
Can we deliver? Yeah, we can.
Just say when.
Mom's a bit sick.
But she'll be okay.
There you go.
- Nice, isn't it? - Yeah.
Thanks, mate.
What was it you did in the Foreign Legion? All sorts.
Special ops, that sort of shit? Why? I'm meeting a German tomorrow, but I don't trust him.
So a bit of security would be nice.
What sort of meeting? I'll tell you tomorrow.
I want to make sure I'm not followed and that nothing stupid happens.
You can count on me.
Not a word to anyone.
Do you ever get lonely? What do you mean? Well… Like, when Peter is away and you don't know where he is.
Doesn't bother me.
Well, it bothers me sometimes.
Not that I can't be alone, but… Yeah.
There's so much about him that I just don't know.
As though he's not really mine.
Yes, but I trust Peter.
No, it's not that either.
It's as though I can't tell him everything.
It's different with you.
Funny, right? I connect better with you at times, because you're so open and honest.
Do you have to know everything about someone to love them? Everyone has secrets.
Haven't you? Yeah, of course.
At the moment, for example, I can't show him my leg.
What? When the plaster came off, my leg was so white I touched it up with fake tan.
Feast your eyes on this.
Ferry asked me to come with him to a meeting.
When? Tomorrow.
That's good, isn't it? Should we talk about… what happened last night? We both had a few drinks.
I don't want us to get distracted.
Nor do I.
Ferry? Okay at your end? All good.
We're meeting near the station in Aachen.
I want you to make sure there are no uninvited guests.
If it looks unsafe, call me.
If we're followed on the way home, call me.
You got that? Okay.
- Yes? - Hello.
Everything okay? All okay.
I'm to your right.
Where? On the ground! On the ground! On the ground! On the ground! The news on Wednesday afternoon.
Crisis meeting in the Chancery.
CDU/CSU and SPD sat well into the night.
They agreed on one point… - What the hell was that? - Shut up.
One of the biggest drug dealers in Europe was arrested in Aachen.
At the time of his arrest, 28-year-old Bastian Gerlach was carrying 2.
5 million in cash.
Sources in the investigation team reveal that in the last five years, he's made at least 650 million in drug money.
Six hundred and fifty million? Gerlach supposedly gained his fortune by significantly developing transatlantic drug trade between Hamburg and South America.
The police arrested the suspect in response to a tip off.
Damn! What a fuck up! You drag me into a deal like this, but don't bother to warn me? I don't have to spill the beans because of a few barbecues.
How can I protect you if I'm left in the dark? What if they rip you off? What if you want to rip me off? You don't trust me.
I trust nobody, that's why I'm here and that big German kid isn't.
Fuck off.
- Ferry.
- Go.
- Did you speak to Walter? - No.
But there's no need to get ruffled.
They'd have nabbed us as well.
I want to be sure.
Ferry? What should I do with the tabs? - What? - The tabs.
They're still in my van.
You've come here with five million tabs in the back? I didn't know what to do.
For fuck's sake! Get that shit the hell out of here.
Now! Easy.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have blown up just now.
You know, you're right.
Let's just stick to barbecues.
We have it good, our wives like each other.
Let's not fuck it up.
Did you lose a lot of money? I'll survive.
Who was the German? Your carrier? No, no.
That was the first and last time.
He wasn't too far wrong, that guy.
Swapping coke for tabs.
Why don't you do it? He was getting rich off your tabs.
John doesn't want to.
I get it.
Far too risky.
No more so than now.
Well, like you said, we've got it good, haven't we? Don't break your neck.
- Yes? - Hey, Walter.
I've waited half a day.
Are you coming or not? Walter, I'm talking to you.
I don't feel too good, Rudy.
- You don't feel too good? - I don't think I'll come in today.
Oh, you're not coming.
No need to ring in and tell us? So when will you be back? - I don't know, mate.
- He doesn't know.
Bloody hell, Walter.
- Hey, Rudy? - Yes? Leave me alone, mate.
Hello? What are you doing here? Why aren't you answering when I call? You've got to leave, John.
One of your colleagues said you were sick.
But you look all right to me.
Who did you speak to? Have you got any good contacts in the German police? I haven't got any.
Why? We're wondering if our names came up in that Gerlach case.
Stop right there.
I've done enough, John.
What? Got something to tell me, Walter? It's just all a bit too much, John.
It began with the small stuff.
Checking info and plate numbers.
But you keep demanding more.
You can't just walk away from it.
You know that.
And I can't just go look into a German case file.
Bastian Gerlach.
Don't leave it as long as the last time, okay? Fuck.
Fucking hell.
Marc, you were right.
I want you to check out Bastian Gerlach.
A dealer who made millions peddling tablets in South America.
It says where he lives, what he earns, and where his stash is.
- Whose brief is this? - No idea.
The German police didn't know that Gerlach was about to do the deal.
Five minutes later and they'd have nicked Bouman too.
There's a good chance that I can take Gerlach's place.
And persuade Ferry to set up a route to South America.
But why would he? Greed.
As always.
- He already has the tabs in any case.
- There you go.
He won't turn down a chance to make more money.
It's a good plan.
Kim, can you arrange for Bob to spend time alone with Ferry? The two of you are getting cozy in that little chalet? Nice and cozy.
- Yes, really.
- With wine.
- Really? - Sausage? Oh, no, I'm stuffed.
Peter? Seriously? I'm about to explode.
- All the more for me.
- Ferry.
Not so much sausage.
It's unhealthy.
And you've left your salad.
I have to die of something.
Don't say that.
Get me a drink to wash it down.
Beer, Pete? - Yep.
- I'll get it.
And underwear too.
- Really nice.
- Yeah? Really nice lingerie.
- There you go, babe.
- Thanks.
I'll take those empty bottles.
Do you feel like going out? What did you have in mind? Just into town or something? I don't think Ferry will fancy that.
Do we need the guys? I feel like getting out for a while.
Blowing off steam.
I want to party.
I have a better idea.
What? Okay, so you want to party? Yeah.
Have you ever tried this? Of course.
Not this.
I promise you.
Lots of MDMA, just enough pep.
Trust me, your worries all melt away.
It's like a holiday in your head.
And it's just lying around in your bedside table? Yep.
For special occasions.
Yeah? Hey, a half each then? It will do us good after the last few days.
This is going to be so much fun with you.
- We're going out for a walk.
- Yes.
To do what? Girly things.
- Bye.
- Bye.
They've gone.
Did you know I was one of the camp entertainers? Long before Fer.
It was great fun.
We did musicals.
Do you like musicals? Sorry.
I've started talking quickly.
I think it's starting to work.
Oh, Daan.
You too? Are you okay? This is strong stuff, man.
So nice.
It's getting really nice for me too.
This is nice.
Let's go for a walk.
Why? No, I can hear him.
What shall we What shall we do? We go that way.
- That way? - Yeah, over there.
It's like an amusement park.
It seemed really cheap here at first, but everyone is so lovely.
Thank you.
Those people look so happy.
I'm so happy for them.
- Hello.
- Good evening.
They're talking right back at us.
- Lovely, isn't it? - Yeah, really.
No, Spike and Suzy are brother and sister.
No, they're shagging each other.
- No.
- They are.
What? Hey, Anouk.
- What are you doing? - Those people won't mind.
This is the good life.
It sure is.
Ever thought of quitting? Quitting what? Come on.
Haven't you made enough money yet? That's not what it's about.
What about you? I'd like that one big hit.
One that gives me a home run.
What have you got in mind? The German.
- It's a really good idea.
- You're on about that again? I know.
A million in tabs over here, right? For which we get ten million in coke over there.
Who's "we"? You'd have to know people who'd do a swap.
No problem at all.
Have you got a minute, Ferry? Come and sit with us.
There's malt in the fridge.
We're in a spaceship.
Yes, but full of water and from a planet of mermaids.
Look at my mermaid tail.
Anouk? Can I ask you something? Yeah, I'm taking advantage of you, because you can't lie on Ecstasy.
Do you like me? What? Of course, why do you ask? I don't know, I just feel… Well, you're a bit distant.
And you seem so preoccupied lately.
So you think it's to do with you? - Oh, no, girl.
- No? It has nothing to do with you.
Thank God.
What, then? I'd rather not talk about it.
You shouldn't bottle these things up.
It has to do with Jezebel.
- I was her age when I lost my dad.
- Oh, no, that's awful.
I was 11.
I heard a noise downstairs.
I went to my dad's bedside and woke him.
And he went downstairs.
To the kitchen.
A burglar.
And when he saw my dad, he stabbed him to death.
My God, you can't be serious.
Every day, I regret waking him up.
I've never told this to anyone.
It's really good that you did.
What's wrong, fella? Any news from Walter? No.
No, but I don't think we have anything to worry about.
Where are the tabs? Dennis buried them.
We're going to swap them.
Not a good plan.
You make the decisions now? No, I don't, but it's asking for problems.
If that fucking kraut can, so can we.
He's gotten stinking rich off our shit.
Who will arrange it? We don't know anyone there.
I know people.
Well, that's all right then.
You can do it with him.
I'm going home.
Hey, come on, come back.
- Should I go after him? - He's been drinking.
This is the best tablet I've ever taken.
How crazy it is that I'm even telling you this.
- We're really high, aren't we? - Yeah.
Nice, isn't it? A couple of high mermaids.
What was that? NEXT TIME You can't imagine how many people are watching you now.
That's why you'll tell me where he is.
This is so wrong.
- Do you know what you're asking? - Who, me? My marriage is a wreck, I've been shot at, and I'm saddled with a drunk.
Marc? We have to talk.
Jesus, Fer.
Oh, John.
Subtitle translation by: Martin Meijer