Unforgotten (2015) s03e01 Episode Script

Series 3, Episode 1

1 WORKMEN SHOU WORKMEN SHOU Whoa, whoa! Sahid! Sahid! SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE All we do is hide away All we do is, all we do is hide away All we do is lie and wait All we do is, all we do is lie and wait I've been upside down I don't wanna be the right way round Can't find paradise on the ground.
CLOCK TICKS SHE SIGHS MALE VOICE OVER RADIO: 'Viking, North Utsire - 'variable four, becoming south-easterly 5-7.
'Showers' Well, if I had to choose, then I'd say I'd say chef's table at KFC? No, what worries me is you think I'm joking! All right, I gotta go.
She's here.
Yeah, sure.
We could do that, but, erm Tell you what, why don't you come to mine? The girls would love to meet you.
Seven's perfect.
Yeah, I'll text you the full address.
Yeah, I love you too.
I am so sorry.
Ah, it's not a problem.
Woke up stupid early again, then fell asleep in my kitchen chair.
You tried valerian? No, I can't do sleeping pills.
They zonk me out for the next day.
No, no, no - these are herbal.
No, you're absolutely normal by 11 the next day, easy.
Although they do stink like rotting fish.
Well, they sound marvellous! So, what do you think it is, then that's waking you up? No idea.
Hey, Jake! Morning, boss.
What we got? They're laying new drainage channels down here, been doing it the last three months, and then last night, one of the workmen, who happens to have trained as a doctor in Basra, dug up this which he suspected was a section of a human hip bone.
Dr Balcombe came out early doors, confirmed it was human, which is when they called for us.
SHE SIGHS Oké, let's have a look.
I'm sure you think I'm being daft.
There's absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, Harry.
Nothing at all.
As you might imagine, death is a pretty constant part of my daily life, and if I've learned anything in the last 35 years, it's that grief takes every form imaginable.
For some, it passes quite quickly.
For others, it can last many years.
Neither is right or wrong, they're both just how it is.
You were with Wendy for 63 years.
She was a part of you.
So, to still miss her after just two Well, it's the blink of an eye.
So, please, never be embarrassed about wanting to talk about her with me.
In fact, I want you to talk about her.
I miss her, too.
Is the position significant? What, that it's archaeological, you mean? Yeah.
Not really, no.
Most cultures buried their dead in a variety of positions - Romans, Saxons, early medieval It could be any of those.
But your instinct is that it is archaeological? Well, I have no evidence of that, it's just on balance, for obvious reasons, I think it's more likely than not.
Why? Well, because of where it is.
Who buries a body in the central reservation of the M1? Someone who doesn't want it found? I guess, I just So how much is remaining? About 60%, I think.
I'll know more when I get her back.
Right, so you think it's female? I think, from the pelvis shape.
Again, I can confirm that when I get everything out.
No clothing fragments? Not found any yet, no.
It would appear we just have bones.
Do you have records for what it was before? What the land was used for? Yeah.
Yeah, no, I can hold.
Highways Agency.
Just seeing if they can tell us what the land was used for before construction of the motorway.
Did you know that Edgware Road was built on Watling Street? Old Roman road, did you know that? I didn't.
I didn't know that.
I didn't know that.
Yeah, yeah, I'm here.
' Hi, Dad.
Everything OK? Er, yeah, why? No, no, just 'you weren't home last night.
' I-I'm at Jen's.
'I told you.
' Did you? I told you yesterday at breakfast I was staying at hers.
Sorry, my mistake.
'Anyway, it's it's no problem.
' I'll see you tonight? Yeah, I'll see you later.
'OK, great.
' Or, you know, stay out, it's not a problem.
Oh Thanks! Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean I gotta go.
Lots of love, bye! Actually would be quite smart, don't you think? What would? If you killed someone, burying them in a central reservation.
Smart? Yeah, if you were a construction worker, lanes were already closed for repairs Even if you weren't a construction worker, just hiring a van, getting a hi-vis jacket, three in the morning, put up some bollards Then start digging a grave in the middle of a motorway? I mean, it'd take balls, give you that, but who's gonna stop you? Who's gonna think, "Oh, I bet he's not a construction worker.
"I bet he's burying a body.
" You know, the fishy smell's really not that bad - I think you should try them.
Yeah, all right! SHE CHUCKLES Oh, hi! Hi there, how are you? DOG BARKS Oh, we're up, are we, young man? Oh, super dog! Super, super dog! You've decided to get up, have you? Here's breakfast.
Today's the day big day, super dog, when everything changes.
Yes, my Frankie, today's the big day! So it is female, and from the teeth, I can tell you she's young - early 20s, oldest.
Most importantly, you were right, DCI Stuart - these remains are not archaeological.
Do you see that? The bone suffered a compound fracture at some point and was fixed with a surgical plate.
So, plates have been used commonly for about a hundred years, but if it's titanium - given the lack of corrosion, my guess is that it is - then this is no more than 50, 60 years old, tops.
HE SIGHS Find the need, sell the want.
Sell the want.
I'm not sure if I'm going to sign anything today, Mr Carr.
And I completely understand that, Mr Salthouse.
And tell me, is it the amount that's worrying you? Well Is it too much? Well, possibly, but also So, what do you think you could afford? Well, as I say, it's not just the 8,000? If you feel ten's too much, how about eight? You see, eight is still Seven, then? I suppose I suppose I might be prepared to invest three.
Perhaps three.
Three's not enough.
I'm sorry? Three's fine, and I can do you the same terms for three, so we're all set.
Right, well I'll get my cheque book, then.
It's here somewhere Just sign and date it, Mr Salthouse.
I've got a stamp.
So, first up, yes, it's titanium.
So, 60 years old, oldest? Give or take.
And then, there's this which I'm guessing is some sort of manufacturer's mark? You ever seen that before? Nope, and I've seen hundreds of these.
But plates do usually have a manufacturer's mark on them? No, usually, they have serial numbers indented.
For all of them? Yes.
So? So, I'm guessing this is foreign.
So she could've come from anywhere.
Do EU ones have serial numbers? I think so.
At least from when the country joined, but you'd have to check.
She could be British, gone abroad and had the plate fitted there.
That's also a possibility.
Can't you determine race or ethnicity from a skull? To a degree.
It's not an exact science.
I mean, there are certainly general characteristics of Asian skulls versus African versus European, etcetera, but they suggest a likelihood of origin, no more than that.
OK, can you do that for us? Mm.
And age-wise, you said early 20s Would you be able to narrow it down any more than that? We'll be doing an ossification test - cartilage turns to bone at a very specific age.
That should narrow it down considerably.
Who might be best-placed to recognise who the manufacturer is? I'd start with the orthopaedics departments of large city hospitals.
Given the amount of foreign-born NHS employees we have, there's got to be a good chance you'll come across a surgeon who's inserted a plate with that mark on it.
Well, that's it for this week.
Join us same time next week for the first of the semis.
It's goodbye from our teams ALL: Goodbye! .
and it's goodbye from me.
FUNKY THEME MUSIC PLAYS CHEERING LAUGHTER And would you mind signing a copy of your book, please, Mr Hollis? No, of course not.
So, erm, is that to "Karen" or "Kaz", or? Actually, if you could just put it, er, "To Nan.
" "Nan"?! Oh, dear, oh, dear! At least it used to be, "To Mum.
" Am I that ancient now? I'm gonna have to steal you away, I'm afraid, James.
OK, sorry, guys, she's the boss, but, listen erm, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves today, and seriously, well done, all of you.
You're a sight smarter than I was when I was your age.
OK, cheers, guys.
Safe journey.
Bye! Ta-ta! Oh, of course, yeah! They're so lovely So, couple of messages from the production office.
Your friend Pete rang, something about a dinner? OK, thank you.
And then your wife has rung twice, needs you to call her.
Amy? Yeah.
Right, thanks, Kelly.
Recording again in 20 minutes.
All right.
Start with the hospitals OK.
I might stick a photo of that mark on Twitter as well.
Yeah, good, cos if we can identify the origin of the plate, possibly narrow down a time window, that's gonna be key.
You want to look at missing persons yet? Er SHE SIGHS Well, until we know what country it was made in and the likely ethnicity of the victim, no, I can't see the point.
Where've you been? I've left half a dozen messages.
In recording.
What's up? It's Eliot 'I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, ' but apparently his flatmate hasn't seen him for a couple of days.
Who rang you? Melissa.
Oh, so she rings you before she rings me now, does she? Only because you'd end up screaming at each other.
I'm still his dad, Amy.
She should ring me.
Has she spoken to him, the flatmate? Ed.
Yes, briefly.
She said she's going to finish work early and get there about four.
What work? She's been writing the same shit novel for ten years! Erm can you call her? I'm about to start again.
'Tell her I'll meet her there.
' Sure.
And, Jamie, it'll be fine.
'He'll be fine.
' Yeah.
'Call me when you've seen Mel, yeah?' Sure.
Hey, Chris.
Nice to see you.
How are you? Oh, I'm good.
I'm good, thanks.
How are you? Ah, you know, not too shabby.
Glad you dropped in, actually - sold two more pieces at the weekend.
Oh! Oh, OK! Got a bit of space for a couple more, if you have any? Yeah, I'm working on something maybe beginning of next week? Perfect.
Rob, I-I need some of my money.
Er, yes, not a problem.
Erm, how much? 4,000, please.
OK, fine.
Sorry, you mean now? Yeah.
Right! Well, I have to go to the bank, obviously.
Can you wait ten minutes? Uh-huh, yeah.
So .
that's quite a lot of money, Chris, and I'm very happy to get it for you, of course, but you're absolutely sure you need all of this? I am, yeah.
Have you got somewhere safe to keep it? Yeah.
Erm, well do you wanna wait outside, or maybe you could hold the fort? No, no, I'll wait out there.
No problem.
You're over-thinking it, love.
So you read it as him hiding, I read it as he was just busy, you know, preparing his dad's lunch, changing his bed sheets or whatever.
So why didn't he come out when I said goodbye? He probably just didn't hear you.
Tim, sweetheart .
I promise you, no-one in this town believes a word of these allegations.
They know you, and they know Alison Pinion.
They certainly know Alison has a grudge against this practice.
As your rep says, the case won't even get to the next stage.
So, please, just try and forget about it, hm? Let's just have a lovely evening tonight with your girls.
Come on.
DRAMATIC MUSIC SWELLS OVER SPEECH INAUDIBLE Ah, these are Greek letters erm, intertwined.
You see that You see there, that is an A and the X is a C.
Stands for "Angelis and Christos".
They're a Cypriot firm, based in Nicosia.
They do all sorts of surgical stuff.
Do you know if they're still in operation? Er, I think so.
I think they only started in the '80s.
And certainly, they were still in operation when I worked there couple of years ago? DCI Stuart, it's Leanne Balcombe.
So, I just spoke to Dr Balcombe and her tests suggest that the skull is European, which narrows things down a bit.
So we now know that the plate is made by a Greek company, Angelis and Christos, based in Cyprus.
Now, they didn't start operating until 1984, so that's as old as the plate can be.
But I've sent them some photos and the MD's gonna come back to me, see if he can help us narrow the dates down a bit.
But, er, in the meantime, we can now also tell you .
Dr Balcombe did various tests on the major bones and teeth.
And she was able to determine, with, actually, a pretty good deal of certainty, that these remains are actually those of a young female .
between the ages of 13 and 15.
So, this is not an adult, it's not even a young adult.
This is the body of a child.
So, as of now, we have a window of 34 years, and as soon as we hear back from A&C, we start searching for all missing children of that age.
We're gonna start with the UK, but if we have to, we'll liaise with Interpol and roll this out across Europe, because not many children of that age go missing without leaving people behind.
And .
somewhere, there surely must be parents who have lived in a world of almost unimaginable pain .
for many, many years.
Let's give them their child back.
Don't apologise - your English is better than my Greek.
'Anyway, what we can tell you is that in 2004, 'when we joined the EU, in line with EU regulations, 'we started using serial numbers on all our plates, 'so it has to predate that.
' Well, that is already extremely useful.
'And the logo, we didn't start using that until '95.
' '95? Right, so that has to have been made in this nine-year period? 'Oh, absolutely.
' Right.
Thank you.
'So, what time do you think you'll be back?' Not late, six-ish.
Thought I might take the boys to the beach if it stays dry.
Yeah, they'd love that.
'No problem.
' Oh, and by the way, the boiler's turned itself off again.
Right, remember, just press the reset button, then Yeah, I know.
I did it eight times before it fired up.
'It's broken, Pete.
' I'll look at it later.
Back at six.
Yeah, OK.
Mum! Oh, OK! When a man goes into a shop, Pete, to ask for a quarter-inch drill bit, he doesn't really want a quarter-inch drill bit, does he? Doesn't he? What he actually wants is a quarter-inch hole.
I'm sorry, Mark, I've got absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
You've asked me for new leads, but what you actually want is to be making more money, right? Of course.
Which I can't give you.
I couldn't give you a quarter-inch hole .
and I can't make you a better salesman.
So she was found in the UK, and I think it's fair to assume she's more likely to be British.
And if she is British .
why might she have had an operation in Cyprus? Cos she was on holiday? With her family.
And according to the insurance rep I just spoke to, most families on holiday in Cyprus, they go to Paphos.
So we make contact with this hospital, see what records they have from then.
Meanwhile, get the team to start an outstanding review of UK miss pers of, say, 12 to 16-year-old girls between '95 and 2004.
Yeah, I'll get them onto it.
Hey, Pete, I got your message.
Sorry I'm being rubbish, but work's mad now.
So, yeah, let's put in a date for a meet-up.
Why don't I call Tim and you do Chris? I miss you, big man.
Lots of love.
How's he been the last few weeks? How's his mood been, would you say? I dunno, he's just seemed really stressed.
Stressed? Yeah.
Stressed by what? Dunno.
Stressed by watching back-to-back Family Guy all day long? James Stressed by having to choose exactly how he'll fuck my life up this week? What d'you think? I'm just trying to help, mate.
To be honest, it's not my problem.
For what it's worth, having a father like you would stress the fuck out of anyone.
Does it ever get tiring, being so angry all the time? Does it get tiring being such a smug tit? Sorry.
HE SIGHS You'd think 20 years of this, of wondering every time he goes off on one if this is the time he'll wind up in a canal, would inure you to the fear, but it just seems to make it worse.
For us both.
I'll do the pubs, you do the dealers.
SIGHS OFFICE CHATTER Hello, um, do you speak English? Brilliant, brilliant.
Yeah, wonder if you can help me with something MAN: Eight.
GROUP: Eight.
Sunday Can I use the phone in the office? I can never get signal in here.
Yeah, yeah, no problem.
But he's, he's OK now? Yeah.
I got him back to sleep at about five, and then he slept in till midday.
Oh, and was it about his dad? 'No, he rarely dreams about his dad.
' He was too little to remember, really.
No, it's pretty much always the gas.
'I'm so sorry.
' Listen, it's much better than it used to be.
'This was the first time in months.
' Would you like me to come round? I could do some painting with him? I think he'd love that.
How about tomorrow, after school? Yeah, well, OK.
Four-ish? 'Perfect.
' Oh, OK.
Er, well, you '.
send him my love.
' I will.
'And I'll, I'll see you tomorrow.
' Bye.
GULLS CALL PETE: Come on, see if you can tackle me! You're just running away, miles away Here we go! Oh, looking dangerous now.
It's looking dangerous.
Can we save? Oh! Ohh! Here we go.
Go and get that! And have you started pronouncing your words stupidly yet? 'Only when I eat AMERICAN PRONUNCIATION: oreg-ano.
' AMERICAN ACCENT: On your ris-o-tto? 'New York's actually pretty like London.
It's just cooler.
' Yeah, well, don't get too attached, cos you're not moving there.
'Oh, am I not?' Sorry, needed here, I'm afraid.
'Right, you see, I didn't realise I had no say in this decision.
' THEY LAUGH 'How's Grandad?' Yeah, all good.
'He there?' Er no, no, because he's out with Jenny tonight.
'Wo-o-ow! Wow! That's quite a thing, isn't it? 'How long have they been goin' out?' Er, well, dunno.
A while.
FEMALE VOICE: 'Adam! Adam!' 'Yeah, I'm coming.
' Six months, maybe? 'Just gimme a sec.
'Mum, look, I gotta go.
' Yeah, yeah, yeah, you go.
'I'll call you next week, yeah? I love you.
' And do some bloody work, cos that is why you're there, remem? PHONE RINGS Hiya.
'Er, boss' Yeah, yeah, sorry to disturb you.
' The Paphos hospital just emailed me.
'They lost all of their pre-2008 records in a fire 'a couple of years ago.
' Shit.
'Yeah, irritating.
' Obviously, I'll try the other hospitals in the morning, but 'for now, we're back to a nine-year window.
' OK, well, thanks for letting me know.
SIGHS 'Sounds like it's going well' You're doing great.
'Sunny?' Yes, boss - sorry.
Er, it is, very.
I'll let you go.
'Have a great evening.
' And you.
' MICROWAVE DINGS I know you feel she can be tricky, but can't you just reach out? She's your mum.
And there were very good reasons you got divorced, Dad.
Can we not turn this into another Mum slag fest, please? I completely agree.
She's a lovely lady who did extremely well to put up with me for as long as she did.
Maybe we can do a trip up there for her birthday? Not a chance.
I'm driving 300 miles to the middle of nowhere to OK, fine, forget about it.
Let's talk about something else.
Let's talk about why we're here Here's to you both.
Happy anniversary! And a huge well done to you, Carol, for tolerating the old bastard for ten years.
To Dad and Carol.
Thank you.
Thanks, guys.
Excuse me Just wanted to say, Dr Finch, for what it's worth, nobody I know believes a word of it.
This is corked.
Is it? Right, sorry about that, let me just No, no.
You don't need to smell it.
I smelt it.
It's corked.
I'll bring you another bottle.
Anything? No.
Looked everywhere, no sign.
HE SIGHS So, we very much hoped the Cyprus hospitals could've given us a name that we would find here, but they haven't.
Which means now we have two options - checking each file against dental records, which will be very, very slow or we make contact with each of the families of these missing girls and ask them if their daughter ever broke her arm on holiday.
Now, if we find one who did, and it was in Cyprus, chances are we've found her.
In the end, I think this is the least worst option.
But it's gonna be hard.
The best most of these families will have hoped for, for many years, will simply have been finding a body to bury.
And for all but one of them - that's if we're lucky - we're gonna offer them that little glimmer of hope, only to snatch it away seconds later.
So we tread gently, please.
We tread very gently.
I'm so sorry to trouble you - my name is DC Fran Lingley, I'm calling from Bishop Street Police Station in London.
And I'm part of a team investigating the discovery of human remains in Hendon, North London.
And I wanted, if I may, to ask you a question in connection with the disappearance of your daughter, Annabelle.
Yeah, I'm very sorry to hear that, Mr Mason.
So, who might still be alive that I could talk to, who would know if your sister ever broke her wrist? I completely understand, and I really wish I could've given you some answers.
Is there someone who can be there with you, Jackie? And I can tell you we can eliminate Michaela from our list.
OK, thank you.
Take care.
They're my oldest friends, Maria.
It's one night.
We stay in a Travelodge, we eat in a pub! And I can't afford to buy the kids new shoes.
Josh, Will, downstairs now, please! CHILDREN GIGGLE UPSTAIRS But, fine.
Things will get easier, I promise.
I've got some really good business coming in in the next few weeks.
What? When have you not had some really good business about to come through, Pete? I think the day I met you, you were about to buy the club we were drinking in.
Yeah, then the world went to hell in a handcart.
I mean, I'll take the blame for a lot of things, but not the global financial crash! We're gonna be late.
Look buy the kids whatever shoes they need.
There'll be money in the joint account tomorrow.
At the end of the day, Tim, it's your word against hers.
And given what we know about her He saying he's at Smudge's, apparently.
Right, so I don't know Smudge.
Where does he live? Panford House, number 22.
I hope he's OK, Mr Hollis.
Thank you.
You look after yourself, Steven.
No, I'm sorry, if Jasmine never sustained an injury like that, then it really can't be her, I'm afraid.
No, you cry away, Robin, and I'm so sorry we can't give you any more positive news.
And you're her sister, did you say? 'Yeah.
' And how sure are you, Jessica, that she broke her wrist? '100%.
I remember the cast, what I wrote on it.
' OK, do you remember how she did it? She slipped by the swimming pool.
By the swimming pool? So this was a swimming pool at home, or? We were on holiday.
What year would this have been? Erm mid-'90s, maybe? Do you remember where you were on holiday? 'We were only little, so I'd have to check with my mum, but, erm' I think it was Cyprus? OK, Jessica, I think we're gonna have to come and see you, but in the meantime, is your mother? She lives five minutes away.
Could you ask her about Cyprus for me, and also ask if she remembers if Hayley had a surgical plate fitted following a fracture? 'No problem.
' Can you do that now and get back to us? Yeah, sure.
'Do you really think it's her?' Jessica, I Obviously, I can't say for sure, but .
I think it's certainly very possible, yes.
I'll call you straight back.
Anyone remember the Hayley Reid case? She was on her way to a party, wasn't she? Mm.
From a shift at a pub.
New Year's Eve.
Millennium, 1999.
She just disappeared.
What was the name of the guy they thought did it? Mullins, was it? Mullery.
Adrian Mullery was the boyfriend.
We were exactly the same age.
Yeah, I remember my mum wouldn't let me get a Saturday job when that happened.
Yeah, I remember her.
Brown stripes, and there are the trees.
I think you have a gifted child.
He has a real talent.
Well, you bring it out in him, so thank you.
It gives him such pleasure.
Jamila, I wan I wanted to ask you something.
I wanted to ask you do you think that you would ever consider .
marrying me? I'm sorry? I know, yeah, this has probably come as a bit of a shock And I know I'm not what people would consider "a catch", but I'm earning good money now with my paintings, and I've saved up enough to put down a deposit on a flat to rent for us all.
I just In the last couple of years, we've got to know each other really well, and, erm, months ago .
I realised that I was in love with you.
Just watching you do ordinary things.
And, yes, I should've said something sooner, I should've mentioned it, but I was so scared.
I was so scared that you wouldn't you know.
And I just wanna make things better for you, Jamila.
For you and for Asif.
And for me, for me, obviously, for me, because the idea of me being with you both and us being a family .
that'd make me happy.
Wow! I'm a bit shocked.
I mean in a good way, but You don't have to say anything.
You know, h-have a think about it and then we can talk soon.
Maybe tomorrow, at the centre? Yes, right.
And, erm .
thank you.
I nearly forgot I bought you this.
See you tomorrow.
So the complaint against you, Dr Finch, is that on the 27th of April 2017, while on a house call to Maureen Anne Avery, since deceased, and seemingly unaware that her daughter, the complainant, Alison Pinion, was in the house, you verbally abused and threatened Mrs Avery.
Specifically, that you called her a "tiresome old bitch", and that you then told her you'd "half a mind to stick her full of morphine, "and give us all a fucking break".
Jess Jessie, what is it? When Hayley broke her arm that time when we were on holiday, did she have a plate fitted? What? I think we were in Cyprus.
Did she have a plate fitted? Why? Did she? Yes.
It was a compound fracture.
She had it done at the local hospital.
Why? You're gonna have to get up, Mum.
The police are gonna be coming down from London.
They think they've found her.
They think they've found Hayley.
APPROACHING FOOTSTEPS Eliot? Hey, Els, how you doing? Hi, Dad.
GULLS CALL Eliot! My client's mother, Mrs Avery, was diagnosed with dementia over seven years ago.
As you can imagine Oh, shit! BREATHES HEAVILY JESSICA: Yes, she had a plate fitted, and it was in Cyprus.
It's her.