Unicorn Academy (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[magical tinkling]
[Wildstar neighs]
Follow your heart
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows
The magic glows, our friendship grows ♪
Chase your dreams
Run wild and free ♪
Wild and free ♪
Trust in your destiny ♪
Follow your heart
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows
The magic glows, our friendship grows ♪
-So follow your heart ♪
-Follow your heart ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
So follow your heart ♪
[tense music plays]
Rory! Storm!
-This isn't funny.
-[Sophia] Storm?
-[Layla] Where are you?
[panting] They have to be
out there somewhere. Keep looking.
[unicorn shrieks]
[suspenseful music plays]
[Sophia] Rory?
[Cinder neighs]
Oh, thank the stars.
[Isabel] Are you okay?
[Rory sputters]
May have swallowed a magical fish or two,
but otherwise fine.
Thanks for the save, girl.
-That was amazing, Rory.
-Don't ever do it again.
[unicorns whinny]
I'm so relieved you're all okay.
That was incredibly dangerous.
Which is exactly why we told you to stay
at the school. You could've been killed.
But we weren't. And even better,
Rory and Storm got the grim magic out
of the water and saved Starglow Lake.
And Unicorn Island.
[squeals] And all the unicorns.
They're heroes.
[unicorns neigh]
Then I suppose
congratulations are in order.
Oh, you know, just doing my job.
I mean, can it still be my job?
[Ms. Furi clears throat]
[tense music plays]
[sighs] In light of your heroics,
it's only fair.
You are officially reinstated
to Unicorn Academy, Mr. Carmichael.
[girls cheer]
As long as you promise
to take your time here more seriously.
[laughs] Yes! Thank you, Ms. Primrose.
I won't let you down.
I'm relieved to hear that, Rory.
-Now, if you could just
You hear that, girl? We're back.
Give me that sweet, sweet unicorn five.
[laughs] Totally. We should celebrate.
I mean, "We Survived
the Giant Grim Cyclone"
is a pretty good theme for a party.
Think the Dwerpins have stuff
for a party sub?
We could put Rhapsody on jams, but I gotta
talk to her about the playlist.
-[foreboding music plays]
-[sinister whooshing]
[Ravenzella groans]
[breathes heavily]
You've done well.
And while freedom is delicious,
this isn't nearly enough.
I need to gather my strength.
Take me to them.
[foreboding music fades]
[jaunty music plays]
[Ava] Sophia! Wait up!
I got up extra early to make you a special
"I'm super glad you're okay" breakfast.
[chuckles awkwardly]
Thanks, Ava. This is really nice?
No problem.
Just glad I could do something.
Especially since yesterday
I was so worried about you,
but you didn't tell me where
you were going or what you were doing.
You know, I totally would've helped
if you did tell me.
I mean, I am your BFF,
and we did make a promise. [chuckles]
Right. Uh, that's my bad.
I got a little carried away,
and I figured I could handle it.
-With Rory?
-To be fair, he just kinda showed up.
[sighs] Okay, okay.
You're right. I'm sorry. I'll work on it.
I-I'm working on it.
Okay, put away the eyes.
That's all I could ask for,
bestie. [chuckles]
[bells chime]
-Morning, Layla.
-[Layla] Morning.
So tell me everything
that happened yesterday. Like, everything.
I-I mean, you know
all the important parts.
-Well, uh, except for one thing.
Rory and I passed
these weird talking trees.
[gasps] I knew trees could talk.
But they never answer me.
Well, these ones told me,
"A vision awaits you beneath the water."
-Like, what does that even mean?
-Did you say talking trees?
Those are called The Whispering Willows.
They did seem willowy.
And they were definitely whispery.
The Whispering Willows are ancient trees
whose root systems
extend through the entire island,
so they know everything that happens here,
and they never forget.
-That's kinda creepy.
-But also kinda cool.
They must've had something
important to say to you.
But it didn't make any sense.
"A vision awaits you beneath the water"?
The only thing I saw
in the water yesterday was grim magic.
Maybe they meant
a different kind of water.
The island's got all sorts
of magical mysteries. I'll look into it.
If I find your gross, sweaty boxing gloves
in the common room one more time
I put them down for two seconds
to do burpees, Valentina. Chill.
Good morning, students.
Today we'll be going over
some theories of fate fairy evolution.
Ah, Rory. Late again. Good to know
that after everything you've been through,
you remain consistent.
Ah, thanks, Ms. Furi.
But I have a good reason this time.
Uh, not that I didn't all the other times.
To commemorate me saving
Starglow Lake, Unicorn Island,
and basically the entire world,
I thought we should have a party.
[laughs] Ms. Furi, you in?
I know there's a party animal
deep down in there somewhere.
Deep, deep down.
I'll pass.
And I will remind you all
that grim magic is still a threat.
Now, back to our lesson.
While they all share
Would you mind
showing up early for the party?
[both] You need help
setting up, don't you?
Wow. Can I just say how impressed I am
with your BFF mind meld?
And it is so nice of you guys
to offer to help me like that.
Okay, fine. I'm in.
But I'm not the best decorator.
Leave that part to me.
Aw, cool. Then Sophia can be
on snack duty, and
[Rory yelps]
It would be a shame if you had detention
on the day of your own party.
Right. Fairies.
This is me learning the fairies.
Oh. Ravenzella's been gone
a long time now, Ash.
Yeah. It's hard to do what she wants
if she's not here to tell us what it is.
Which is why we need a new boss.
Someone even stronger,
smarter, and scarier than Ravenzella.
Ooh, I'm not sure I'm ready for
that kind of responsibility, Crimsette.
[snarls] I'm not talking about you.
I'm talking about me, dummy.
I'm gonna be the new boss.
An even better version of Ravenzella.
Then we're agreed. Now, applause.
-[Ash chuckles]
[yelps] Uh
Ravenzella, you're You're You're alive.
I mean, y-you're alive! I'm I'm so glad.
[Ravenzella] Oh?
But you seemed
to be doing so well without me.
Oh, thank you. [chuckles] I I mean, no.
Of course we're not fine without you.
We missed you so much.
Ash was just saying
how it's been so hard without you around.
Then Crimsette said
she'd be the better version
And then I said we, your loyal servants,
should always be here for you,
oh powerful and merciful
Queen of Grimoria.
I'm so glad you feel that way.
Because it's time to get back to work.
So, what's the plan?
But first, I need to regain my strength
by finding my grim magic.
Sure, sure, sure.
But it's kinda been running loose
all over the island since you left,
so how do we collect it all, exactly?
I need something very special.
Maybe we're too, too early.
-More like Rory's late.
-[Layla] He's definitely late.
While I've been waiting, I looked into
what The Whispering Willows told Sophia,
and I think they were talking
about the Vision Pool.
It's a magical body of water that provides
clarity to those who seek answers.
This says it grants one vision
to those who look beneath the water.
Beneath the water? That has to be
what The Whispering Willows meant.
[Wildstar neighs]
They also told me
"he" had a message for me.
D-Do you think
this vision is about my dad?
Uh, maybe.
[chuckles] You're the best, Layla.
I've gotta check it out.
Uh, where is this Vision Pool?
Looks like it's in Hidden Forest
past the Shimmerstone Wall.
So in a super hard to get to,
totally off-limits part of the island.
Which is too bad,
'cause I'd like to see it myself.
According to this, there are all sorts
of magical stones and gems in the cavern.
I'd love to study some of them.
Well, it doesn't look that hard to get to.
We could totally make it there
and back in time for the party.
But the teachers are all over the place
patrolling for grim magic.
And the last time they caught you
sneaking over the Shimmerstone Wall,
you were expelled.
The island is trying to tell me
something about my dad.
-I have to find out what it is.
-[Ava] I know.
It's just everyone's
on high alert right now.
Once everything's safe, we'll go to
the Vision Pool together. Promise.
[sighs] You're right. I'll wait.
[Rory] All right, decorations committee.
I grabbed everything,
so I guess our theme is "everything."
-Go wild.
-You got it.
[magical tinkling]
[Ava] Good idea.
We could tie some lanterns
to these vines, and then Ooh!
And we really should talk party themes.
Obviously, I'm partial to flowers.
But there's also glitter or, like,
under the sea. Leaf, is seaweed a plant?
Yeah, we need some ice for the drinks.
Wildstar and I will go get it.
But we have a unicorn
with ice powers right here.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Wildstar neighs]
What? I said I would wait, and I waited.
Like, almost a full minute.
Ugh. I know sneaking out again
totally violates the friendship pact,
but if I told Ava,
she would've wanted to come.
And she's right.
We could get in serious trouble.
-But I've gotta see this through.
-[Wildstar neighs]
These dreams about my dad,
and now talking trees.
Something's going on, Wildstar.
And this Vision Pool might be
the only way to get some answers.
[Wildstar whinnies]
Exactly. So it looks like
it's just you and me on this one, girl.
-[Wildstar neighs]
-This brings back memories.
-But we've gotta do this.
-[Wildstar neighs]
[tense music plays]
[low rumbling]
[Sophia yells]
[dramatic music plays]
[Sophia grunts]
[Sophia grunts]
[dramatic music continues]
[Wildstar neighs]
[upbeat music plays]
[sighs] There.
What do you think? Too much?
[Layla] Uh-huh. Yep. Looks great.
Thanks, Layla.
Maybe I'll get a second second opinion.
Huh? She's still not back yet?
I'm almost done decorating.
I know, right? How long does it take
to get some ice? Sheesh.
Isabel, have you or River
seen Sophia anywhere?
Yep. Saw her and Wildstar
riding off campus a while ago.
You don't think they snuck off
to the Vision Pool without us, do you?
[Leaf squeals]
-Come on. We better go after them.
-Who wants to test the punch?
It's my special family recipe. [chuckles]
By which I mean I just made it up.
[Leaf neighs]
-Isabel, do you wanna maybe
-Intense pass, my dude.
[slurps and groans]
Right. Not just super hard to get to,
but also super high up.
[suspenseful music plays]
We got this. Right?
[Wildstar whinnies]
[suspenseful music continues]
-[Sophia yells]
-[Wildstar squeals]
[Sophia groans]
[Sophia yells]
[tense music plays]
[Wildstar squeals]
-[Wildstar neighs]
[magical music plays]
[Sophia gasps]
[magical music continues]
[Wildstar whinnies]
[Sophia] The Vision Pool.
[magical music continues]
I'm gonna check it out.
[Sophia grunts]
[jaunty music plays]
-[Wildstar squeals]
[gasps] Dad!
[uplifting music plays]
[Sophia whimpers]
[Wildstar squeals]
[magical tinkling]
Hello? Dad?
Are you there?
[gasps] Dad!
Is it really you?
Sophia, my shining star.
-What is this?
-I had to talk to you, Sophia.
There's not a lot of time.
Danger is coming.
Dad, please, I haven't talked
to you in so long. I
Sophia, this is important. Listen.
No. Nothing is more
important to me than you.
Sophia, I'm running out of time.
-You need to watch out for
Don't worry, Sophia. I got you.
[unicorns whinny]
No! Dad!
[groans] How could you do that?
I thought you were drowning.
I was saving you.
I didn't need to be saved.
I was with my dad. He was right there.
-[Sophia breathes rapidly]
-What do you mean?
Like, another dream?
No. It was my dad.
But, Sophia, your dad is gone.
[groans] No. I know it was him.
He was alive. He
I was right there with him.
-But how?
-I don't know, Ava!
[Sophia breathes heavily]
Now I'll never know.
The Vision Pool
grants one vision per person.
And you ruined it!
I I'm sorry. You were in the water,
and and I didn't know.
I wish you had just told me
you were coming
instead of being all secret-y.
I didn't tell you
because you'd try to stop me.
No. I would've come with you.
We promised
to face danger together, remember?
-Do you know how worried I was? I
-This isn't about you!
And a real best friend
would understand that.
[Sophia grunts]
[sad music plays]
[Leaf whinnies]
[foreboding music plays]
What happened here?
[laughs] Someone smashed it up good.
[rocks crumble]
While I can't pretend to be heartbroken
over the destruction
of the ancient Temple of the Guardians,
it does house something very useful.
[foreboding music continues]
[stones clatter]
-[Ravenzella breathes heavily]
-Are you okay, my queen?
I need to save my strength.
Now what?
Start digging.
[unicorn neighs]
[upbeat music plays]
[Rory] Ooh, sweet moves, Mr. Tansy.
Isabel, right on target as usual.
Glacier, beautiful work, but I'm thinking
maybe that unicorn needs a rider?
Maybe a really handsome one that also
happens to look just like me? [laughs]
-[Storm whinnies]
-Of course.
How could I forget my best girl?
Glacier, if you could make the unicorn
look like the other hero of the hour,
Storm here, we'd appreciate it.
Woo-hoo-hoo! This is my jam.
Come on, Storm!
[Storm whinnies]
[magical tinkling]
-Wow, that's
-[groans] Tacky.
-And lame.
The trifecta of loser.
Valentina, sidekicks, welcome.
Great party, Rory.
I know, right?
Can I offer you some party snacks?
Or party hats?
Resounding no. We're just here
to save Cinder from the trauma.
-Is he making s'mores?!
-Yes, and you can't take him.
I've got a whole
pyrotechnic show planned for later.
[scoffs] You don't need him. This party
is already going down in flames.
-Not having any fun either, Layla?
-Uh, yeah, I am.
This is the most fun I've had all week.
If I keep on pace,
I'll have the first third
of the entire Sparklebook memorized.
That's when the real party starts.
[chuckles] Well, as long as you're happy.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Oh my gosh. It's even better in real life!
I mean, I should probably tell you
that sneaking out to go to the Vision Pool
was reckless and stupid,
but it's too late anyway.
So I'm just gonna enjoy this.
Thank you, Sophia.
-[Leaf snorts]
-It's fine.
She can hang out with whoever she wants.
I'm not sad.
And I'm definitely not jealous.
Even if she did get Layla
a pretty gem present.
After throwing away
the pretty gem present I gave her.
[Leaf snorts]
-[Wildstar snorts]
-Me? No way. She started it.
[Wildstar neighs]
Don't look at me like that.
I know she was just worried about me.
But still, I was talking to my dad.
-[Wildstar snorts]
-[Sophia sighs]
If she doesn't get how important that is,
why should I bother explaining?
Yeah, I tried, but maybe I'm just
not cut out for the whole BFF thing.
[Wildstar neighs]
I don't need anyone but you anyway.
[upbeat music plays]
[tense music plays]
[stones clatter]
Where is the stone?!
Show me.
[Ravenzella strains]
My queen, your strength.
I need to know. [strains]
Ooh, so shiny.
Huh. It's strange.
It's like the statues are guarding it.
-I really wanna touch it.
-Ava, I don't think that's a good idea.
What if you break it?
-Did you touch it?
-No, I-I-I swear.
The gem!
Sophia again!
Always thwarting my plans.
This time I'll make her pay.
You two, I have a task for you.
Bring me my gem.
Follow your heart
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows
The magic glows, our friendship grows ♪
-So follow your heart ♪
-Follow your heart ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
-The magic glows, our friendship grows ♪
So follow your heart ♪
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