Unicorn Academy (2023) s02e05 Episode Script


[magical tinkling]
[Wildstar neighs]
Follow your heart ♪
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows ♪
The magic glows
Our friendship grows ♪
Chase your dreams ♪
-Run wild and free ♪
-Wild and free ♪
Trust in your destiny ♪
Follow your heart ♪
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows ♪
The magic glows
Our friendship grows ♪
-So follow your heart ♪
-Follow your heart ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
-Straight to the stars ♪
So follow your heart ♪
[magical tinkling]
[tense music playing]
Huh? [grunts]
[suspenseful music playing]
[gasps] The star! Don't let them get away.
[Wildstar neighs]
Minor problem.
We have no idea which way they went.
[magical tinkling]
[Sophia grunts] Follow us!
[unicorns neigh]
[Sophia] Whoa, whoa, whoa. There they are!
[suspenseful music continues]
-[unicorns neigh]
-[Valentina] Whoa!
You got this, River.
[River neighs]
[Isabel] Huh?
That was cute, but fire is our thing.
-[Cinder neighs]
-[Valentina] Huh?
[tense music playing]
Hey! Here's a travel tip for ya.
Always pack light!
[magical tinkling]
[suspenseful music playing]
-[suspenseful music continues]
What is this?
Which one is the real one?
[laughs] Yes!
[suspenseful music continues]
[Wildstar neighs]
[gentle music playing]
-[Wildstar whinnies]
[Sophia] Whoa!
[music fades]
[exhales] Psst. Rory, you sleeping?
[yawns] Nope. Too excited about breakfast.
Ah, sweet waffley dreams.
-[door opens]
-[both gasp]
Sorry, but good morning! [chuckles]
-Did you find the crown star?
-[Ava sighs]
No. Anyone else have any luck?
Lucky in that it's Waffle Day? Yes.
Lucky in terms of stars? No.
Correction. One crown star down,
two to go.
-[Ava gasps]
[chuckles] Awesome.
So shiny.
-But there's someone else after the stars.
-They attacked us and tried to take it.
If my dad hadn't used my necklace
to warn me, I might not even be here.
-[Ava gasps]
-This sounds dangerous.
[Sophia] Mr. Tansy told me it might be.
Oh, I do not like going against a teacher.
Really? We kind of do it all the time.
[Layla yelps]
What they don't know won't hurt 'em,
Layla. And we can't stop now.
But to bring my dad back,
we need to find all the fallen crown stars
before this Star Snatcher does.
[gasps] Snatcher!
[River neighs]
Huh? [yelps]
I saw a strange glow coming from in here.
Anyone care to explain?
Uh, um, Wildstar's just flexing
the old magic muscles.
-[magical tinkling]
-Her horn seems brighter than usual.
Uh, glow stick juice on the pillow.
Classic sleepover prank.
[Wildstar neighs]
Glad to see
you're feeling better, Wildstar.
Ms. Rosemary told me
you were under the weather.
You'd let me know if anything unusual
was happening with her, wouldn't you?
O of course, Ms. Primrose.
Good. Now Layla, Valentina,
would you please come with me?
[gasps and yelps] Me? Oh no.
Is this what
getting in trouble feels like?
Congrats, newbie. [chuckles]
[Storm neighs]
Yeah, we're gonna need to find
a better hiding spot for that.
[Storm grumbles]
[Ms. Primrose] Today
is a very special day, girls.
We have
an esteemed unicorn rider visiting,
and I wanted you two
to help me welcome her.
Why us?
Yeah, why her?
Layla, I know you have a deep respect
for our island's history.
[Valentina yawns]
And, Valentina, who better to greet her
than her own granddaughter?
Grandmama is coming here? Today?
Wait, I'm going to meet Mona Furi?
[Ms. Primrose] Yes.
Mrs. Furi tours the academy
every now and then
to make sure our training is up to snuff.
So cross your t's, dot your i's,
and shine those boots.
I can't believe this.
Your grandma is a unicorn-riding legend.
Do you even know how many chapters
of the Sparklebook are about her?
Yeah. Duh. Those were basically
my bedtime stories growing up.
And I can't wait for her to see
how I'm carrying on her legacy.
[jubilant music playing]
[exhales] Okay. Um
[solemn music playing]
Uh, uh, big big big big fan.
Your, uh Majesty?
-[Layla yelps]
Valentina, it's been too long.
-Welcome back, Mother.
-Yes. How was your voyage?
[dwerpins yelp]
Well, then let's get you to your room.
I have so many questions for you!
[man] Oh, I wouldn't expect much
in the way of answers.
Mona ain't one for small talk.
Name's Samuel. Samuel Crawford.
Pleased to make your acquaintances.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Crawford. I'm Layla.
Oh, come on, please.
Mr. Crawford's my dog. Call me Sam.
How do you know Mona Furi?
Oh, we go way back.
Went to this here academy together
when we was just teens. [laughs]
You wouldn't believe
the stuff old mean-mug Mona got into.
She once wrestled a gremlin with one arm
tied behind her back. [laughs]
-She's so cool.
-That was ages ago, of course.
I hung up my riding boots
a few years back,
but I couldn't pass up a chance
to visit the old stomping grounds.
I'd be happy to show you to your room.
Where's your stuff?
Why, I got everything I need right here.
Those pockets fit books?
Books? This here's a riding academy,
not a reading academy, kiddo.
Remember, everyone, Mona Furi will be
stopping by class today to judge me
Uh, our lesson.
So we want our unicorns looking tip-top.
[Rory] Done and done.
-[rock music playing]
-[Sophia giggles]
Oh, she's gonna fire me.
What's so special
about your grandma anyway?
Yeah, mine just knits cat sweaters
and yells at the TV.
Mona Furi isn't your ordinary grandma,
unless your grandma's one of the most
fearless unicorn riders alive.
She battled Grimoria's fiercest monsters,
helped defeat Ravenzella,
and has a super rad eye patch.
Wow. Well said, stalker.
And now she'll get to see the Furi name
is in good hands with moi.
So no funny business.
Remember, your idiocy
reflects poorly on me.
No hijinks, no mediocrity,
and no star smuggling.
Don't worry, I moved it. And we'll
all be on our best behavior today.
[Wildstar neighs]
She's coming. Hide! I mean, get ready!
[door creaks]
[mysterious music playing]
[Cinder neighs]
Well, well. Wildstar, is it?
Last time I saw you,
it was out of this eye.
I seem to remember you
running away from the fight.
How did that turn out?
[Wildstar neighs]
I'd say pretty well,
considering she saved Unicorn Island.
And you are?
Sophia. Sophia Mendoza.
Miles's daughter.
I didn't realize
you'd come to the academy.
[chuckles] Matched with another Mendoza.
There's a recipe for disaster.
Sure about that?
'Cause we've saved the island
a few times too.
[laughs] Oh snap!
[Storm neighs]
[Wildstar snorts]
[Mona] You look familiar too.
I'm Layla. We met this morning.
Not you.
-Your unicorn.
-[Glacier whinnies]
[Sam whistles] Glacier!
[Glacier neighs happily]
[grunts] Oh, now there's a girl.
Oh, how's my old unicorn doing?
Did you miss me?
-[Glacier neighs]
-Oh, come on.
His unicorn? Wait, does that mean
-Glacier used to be Sam's unicorn.
-Come on!
I knew unicorns can have multiple riders.
They live super long lives.
I just I never thought Glacier's
former rider would be so not like me.
-[Glacier whinnies happily]
-[Sam laughs]
Well, I'll be. Are you Glacier's rider?
Yep. Turns out
we have one thing in common.
We've got some catching up to do, then.
You wanna rustle up some grub?
I'm hungry enough
to swallow me a whole raterpillar.
[laughs awkwardly]
And remember our last ride
on the Skyberry Trail, Glaish?
We stumbled onto that grizzly bear den,
and I got a tusk right in my
[Glacier neighs]
Oh, you rode
the Skyberry Trail together too?
Cool, cool, cool. Super cool.
[chuckles] Oh, you bet!
And no one could keep up with us.
Why, heck, we galloped so fast once,
we raced the sunrise and won.
Well, I read a book to Glacier
about galloping, so we're
-Sounds like you made a great team.
-Think we could see some of your tricks?
Well, these old bones
sure could use a stretch.
What do you two say?
[Glacier neighs]
Yeah, for sure.
Who would have any bad
or complex feelings about that?
[Sam] Hyah! Woo-hoo!
That's my girl!
[lively music playing]
Yeah! That's all you got, Glaish?
I don't know who got older, you or me.
Now we're cooking with gas.
What do you say
we hit 'em with the old classic?
[magical tinkling]
-[girl 1] All right!
-[girl 2] Yeah!
Well, I could do that too
Oh, that is so high up.
[girl 3] Yee-haw!
-[girl 4] Yes!
-[girl 5] Yeah!
[laughs] Magic. It never gets old.
[Layla groans]
You okay, dude?
I don't get it.
Sam is strong, brave, adventurous,
and he didn't even pack one book
for his whole weekend away.
I know. He's pretty cool, right?
But how could I be
the perfect match for Glacier
if she was matched with Sam before?
-[Glacier neighs]
-Awesome, dude!
It's an absolute travesty that you don't
have a statue yet, Grandmama.
But don't worry. I've started a petition
for a whole Furi section, actually.
Miles Mendoza turns his back on his team
and still gets a statue.
What is this academy coming to?
Turned his back?
Didn't he, like,
banish Grimoria and save everyone?
And who do you think
held the Grimorian forces at bay,
giving him the chance?
Your aunt, myself, our comrades.
We protected the island and each other
while he ran off alone
on some silly star quest.
A star quest?
Not that he bothered
to tell any of us what he was going to do.
No, no. Then he'd have to share the glory,
and that's not the Mendoza way.
You'd better keep
a close eye on that Sophia.
Seems like a good crop of kids.
Ha! As if you're such
a judge of character.
Oh, Mona, come on.
I was smart enough
to buddy up with you, wasn't I? [laughs]
Now's your chance to show me
that you have what it takes
to be a unicorn rider.
I know at least one of you
has the right stuff.
Okay, Cinder, we've got this.
Val, you need to relax.
No, I need to show Grandmama
that I'm upholding the great Furi name.
Or what? She'll uninvite you
to the family reunion? [laughs]
Like poor cousin Regina.
Just don't embarrass me. Got it?
[River neighs]
[lively music playing]
-[River neighs]
-Yeah, boy! [laughs]
-[Ava giggles]
[giggles] Nice work, Leaf.
Good girl. [giggles]
[laughs] Boom!
The forecast calls for thunder!
Woo-hoo! Attagirl! Hyah, hyah, hyah!
[Wildstar neighs]
[lively music continues]
Change of plans, Glacier.
Jumping the rings is so basic.
We can do better.
[Glacier snorts]
Come on! I can be daring
and adventurey too. Trust me.
[Glacier neighs]
[Glacier neighs]
-Let's do the classic, okay, girl?
-[Glacier neighs]
[magical tinkling]
[uplifting music playing]
Quite impressive.
Okay. [gasps]
Uh Agh!
[Glacier neighs]
[Glacier squeals]
[Layla gulps]
[Layla yells]
[Layla screams]
-[Glacier groans]
-Oh! Oh!
[Sam] Whoa!
-[Glacier neighs]
-[Valentina groans]
Need a hand?
N no, I'm fine.
I'm sorry.
I I can't ride like him.
This is who protects the world's magic?
I expect a massive improvement
by your final test.
-From all of you.
-[Cinder whinnies]
Leaders are judged
by the performance of their team.
Don't forget that.
[Layla sighs]
Okay, Layla, that was bad,
but you just have to apologize to Glacier
for getting all jealous
and then everything will be fine.
[Sam] We make a great team,
and I I miss you something fierce.
What if you left Unicorn Island
and came back
to live on the ranch with me?
I know you'd be giving up a lot,
but I gotta say,
retirement's pretty nifty.
-[bucket crashes]
-[Layla gasps]
[Glacier whinnies and snorts]
[Layla crying]
[doors open, close]
[jaunty music playing]
[jaunty music continues]
No way. You are not keeping that in here.
We'll all get in trouble.
-Fine. We'll hide it somewhere else.
-Might I suggest the bottom of the ocean?
What's with the 'tude?
Sorry I'm not obsessed
with your star stuff like everyone else.
"Star stuff?" Are you kidding me?
Hey, I get it. You're just trying
to get a statue like your dad, right?
Whatever. I wouldn't expect
you to understand.
There's gotta be a good hiding place
in here, away from Valentina.
I know. I can't believe her.
[Layla crying]
Layla, what's wrong?
Unbonding with Dignity?
When One Become Two?
There's No "We" In Unicorn?
Oof. Tough day?
Samuel asked Glacier
to leave Unicorn Island with him.
[scoffs] Sam! I thought you were cool.
Unicorns can do that?
They can, but once they go,
they become regular horses.
No horn, no magic.
Sam must be pretty great
if Glacier would give all that up for him.
Hey, hey. You and Glacier
are best friends. She'd never leave you.
[Layla cries]
We'll give you two some privacy.
And I'll give Sam a piece of my mind.
[neighs quietly]
if you wanna be with Sam,
I won't hold you back.
I just need you to know,
even if I wasn't the best rider,
you've always been the best unicorn.
[Glacier neighs]
You're right. We should take this outside.
Somewhere as joyful as a library
is no place for a sad goodbye.
[gentle music playing]
[music fades]
What are we doing here?
-[magical tinkling]
-[Glacier neighs]
-[uplifting music playing]
-[Layla gasps] Whoa!
[Glacier neighs]
[uplifting music continues]
What is this place?
[gentle music playing]
Glacier, you did all this?
[Glacier whinnies]
-For me?
-[Glacier neighs]
For us?
-[Glacier neighs]
-Does this mean you're staying?
[Glacier neighs]
Oh, thank goodness! I don't know
what I would've done without you. Oh!
[gentle music continues]
You want me to read to you?
There's nothing I'd rather do.
[gentle music continues]
The Physics of Galloping.
"Chapter one, Going Fast."
[Ms. Furi] Always lovely
to see you, Mother.
I especially appreciate
the constructive criticism of my class.
Well, a mother must share her experience.
Especially if that mother
taught magic herself.
[clears throat] Grandmama,
I'm sorry again about my team.
I promise I'll get them into shape.
I'll be a good leader like you were.
I want you to be
a better leader than I was.
I have to live with the decisions I made,
the people I lost.
I want more for you.
So long, old gal. And young gal too.
-Come back and visit anytime.
-[Glacier neighs]
Thank you. I just might.
I'm glad Glacier found a rider
that makes her so happy.
[Glacier neighs]
Hey, Sophia, I think I know
where to hide the crown star.
[gentle music playing]
No one will ever find it here.
Great job, you two.
[Glacier neighs]
[magical tinkling]
My dad thinks so too.
[ominous music playing]
[Lazul] Yes, child.
One star collected.
Now, find me the other two.
Follow your heart ♪
Straight to the stars ♪
Your bond already shows ♪
The magic glows
Our friendship grows ♪
-So follow your heart ♪
-Follow your heart ♪
Straight to the stars ♪
The magic glows
Our friendship grows ♪
So follow your heart ♪
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