UnREAL (2015) s04e06 Episode Script


1 You are the reason that I worked on this show.
To hell with being a producer.
You're the suitress.
Is Puzzle Boy part of your bang-a-thon? Let's get this party started.
JAY: He full-on frat-boy-date-raped her.
ROGER: You just feel guilty we hooked up because you were supposed to be on the show for Adam.
- You cheated on the suitor? - He raped you.
- Just say it, you coward.
- Rachel.
I know what this show does to people.
It's hard to tell what is real and what's not.
Person who is really taken with you is Noelle.
- Really? - I'd make a move.
You need to expose him for who he really is.
If you leave now, everyone's gonna think that you were lying.
CAROLYN: My water broke! Three of our contestants are helping deliver an actual woman's baby.
TOMMY: God, she can barely stand up.
Come on, Maya.
- It's okay.
- What the hell is going on? [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] - [GRUNTS] - [SCREAMS] Yaaah! When the curtains close The hurt climbed so high [SIGHS] Well, little Chettie's asleep upstairs.
I sent our attorney with Maya to the station, and I'm gonna go visit Roger at the hospital, so you gotta take this.
That limey prick better not say a word.
I gotcha, kiddo.
RODRIGO: Dios mío.
I can't believe we delivered a baby.
I mean, I'm not gonna sleep for a week.
[CHUCKLES] One of life's last true miracles, mate.
Hey, when are we supposed to get to this cigar bar? Yeah, and where are the others, Tommy? Uh, they're in the next van.
Probably right behind us.
But, uh, we should be close.
Yeah, you know, we were all so focused on the surprise baby delivery, we had no idea that two of our contestants went rogue.
And all I can think is that maybe it was, um a lover's quarrel that got out of hand.
Lover's quarrels don't normally end in attempted castration.
Well, there is nothing normal about a reality TV show.
I mean, these contestants, they lose it sometimes, which is why we have them all sign liability waivers for just these types of, you know, unfortunate incidents.
And we appreciate your discretion not putting it out on the scanner for the press to pick up.
I think we can agree that all parties will benefit from, uh, as much privacy as possible.
You'll contact me when the contestants get back.
Cross my heart.
We have to figure this out.
Okay, I want water breaking and screaming.
Lots and lots of screaming.
- What about the - What the hell is this? I'm making the episode "Baby Everlasting.
" The only things getting sliced around here is the umbilical cord.
Wait, where's Maya and Roger? That's the best story we've ever done.
Oh, you mean the story where Roger got stabbed and Noelle got raped, and you let it all happen? I don't think so.
There was no actual penetration.
That was sexual assault at best.
So we're parsing rape now? [CHUCKLES] Good to know.
Little Chet is asleep.
Let me know if he makes any noise.
This is your only job for the rest of the night.
- Yeah, but - Go.
Now! All right, the contestants are back at our bar celebrating since the cigar bar, you know, the one that never existed, burned down in a freak electrical fire.
No, they've celebrated enough.
I want them camera-ready.
We're doing a choosing ceremony now.
Choosing? We've had enough people eliminated for the night, don't you think? I need everyone paired off and in their rooms A.
so that none of these dopes start talking.
Jay is in with the room with Noelle right now to make sure that she keeps her trap shut.
Wait, wait, wait.
Don't we need to reveal the stabbing, get their reactions, build the story out? As far as the outside world is concerned, that never happened.
RACHEL: This is crazy.
Maya stabbing her rapist to stop him from raping someone else is the kind of story gold headlines are made for.
Using Noelle's sexual assault exposes us in a way that would shut this show down in a heartbeat.
All right, I want that footage under lock and key.
That story is dead.
Meeting adjourned.
[SIGHS] You busted your ass to make an amazing show and it's not even gonna air? Well, apparently some people think a kid crowning is more compelling than an actual attempted murder.
Quinn's a dinosaur.
She and Chet just don't have the stomach to make the kind of noise we want to make.
- No kidding.
- We can't just let this go.
I mean, I get how the show, and we personally, could be exposed here, but What? Maybe there's a way around it.
Thank you.
- Sure.
Noelle? - Hmm? - Hey.
Huh? What is this? It's a It's a hydration drip.
It'll help with the hangover.
[SIGHS] Wait, what happened? I'm trying to Noelle, Roger assaulted you.
You were barely conscious, but he had his hands all over you.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
A-A-And Maya? A-A-And the blood.
Is he dead? No, he's at the hospital.
Look, I'm supposed to be in here making sure that you keep quiet, but I am not gonna do that.
I can't.
You need to go to the police and you need to file a report.
- What? Whoa, whoa, wait, wait.
- Now.
Jay, wait.
Jay, this is crazy.
- I know.
- This is crazy.
Listen to me.
Uh hi.
Just, um, checking in, see how everything's going.
You up for the ceremony? We should get you dressed and back on camera.
You were pretty out of it, okay, but don't worry.
We are not going to air any embarrassing footage or anything.
We're gonna protect you.
Yeah, um, actually, Noelle and I No, Jay, hey.
Everything's fine.
So, Jay, I need you to get Sofia dressed and twirling her mustache in 20.
[DOOR CLOSES] No, no, can you just push in tight on there? I really want to go in close on Noelle's face.
I wanna see that she's, like, passed out.
What the hell is this? I said no.
Whoa, wait, you told me that Quinn signed off Come on, I can make this work.
Get out.
Right now.
I'm still your boss and you do what I say.
Actually, no.
All right? I've moved beyond you.
I have my own relationship with Fiona, and she trusts me.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
And I'm gonna give her a top-three episode.
So why don't you just sit back and take the win like you've been doing all season, okay? [SCOFFS] You know, I should have shut this down from the beginning, as soon as I saw that you were bringing back Roger and Maya.
You loved it.
You knew exactly the kind of ratings that it was gonna get.
You're way out of your league.
You're gonna bring this whole show down.
I'm not.
As long as Fiona doesn't find out that we knew what was going on, we are in the clear.
You got that, boss? Somebody get me Jay now! Ah.
You must be Chet.
I'm Gregor Fields, Roger's lawyer.
Chet Wilton.
I called the ambulance you chased over here.
Roger's penis is irreparably damaged.
We are gonna sue you, the show, and the network.
I'm not so sure that Roger's parents are gonna be thrilled about litigating a case once they find out what Roger and his formerly intact penis were doing at the time of the stabbing.
Your trashy little show allowed a sexual assault to occur.
I'm sure it's not the first bad thing to happen on your watch, and personally, I can't wait to get into your files and start digging.
See you in court.
I will not stay on this vile excuse for a show another second.
I've had enough, Quinn.
I'm done.
I'm out.
How about you start acting like a grown-ass man and face the storm instead of running away from it? [CHUCKLES] Quitting is not going to do anything to help your precious little prom queen.
Yeah, you're right.
You know what? I should just go straight to the police and tell them everything.
When Noelle doesn't even want to talk about it? I mean, we are just now at a point where people might actually listen to her.
Let alone you.
So, Quinn, we just do nothing? No, you go to the network.
Be a whistleblower.
Tell Fiona the truth.
A rogue producer went behind everyone's back and damn near brought the show down.
Why don't you just tell Fiona? I can't know any of this.
If the executive producer is implicated, - they will shut down the show.
- [SIGHS] 260 people will lose their jobs.
But if you do it, you can root out this cancer once and for all.
You're talking about Rachel.
Your Rachel.
It's time.
Let's go, Graham.
Let's get this over with.
Three, two, one.
Welcome, contestants, to this, our Evening of Explanations.
Now, I'm sure all of you have noticed that two of your own are missing tonight.
It seems that during the excitement of the miracle of life, Maya and Roger had a minor accident.
- What? Are they okay? - What? - They're fine.
- What do you mean by accident, mate? It's nothing.
I'll explain later.
They're gonna be fine.
But sadly, that means they're off the show.
Mm, try not to look too sad, Sofia.
But what that does mean is that the guys outnumber the gals.
So in order to keep an even number, we've decided here at "Everlasting" to bring back the last contestant eliminated.
The lovely Candi Coco.
- Seriously? - [WEAK APPLAUSE] [CHUCKLES] This is so not fair.
I don't wanna be here either, you bitches.
It's 5:00 a.
, and I'm usually naked by now.
Somebody with some life left in them.
GRAHAM: Look on the bright side.
You're one step closer to that million dollars.
And that is a whole lot of singles.
Yeah, try hundos, Graham.
Okay, well said.
Well, there you have it, America.
Your final six.
[WEAK APPLAUSE] Really? Is that what you wanna do, Graham? Is that how you feel? Well, me too.
Um, onto the Choosing Ceremony.
Our ladies will select the guy that they want to spend the night with tonight.
God, Noelle's a wreck.
She'll be fine, please.
Starting, of course, with the lovely Sofia.
Rodrigo, shall we finish what we started? [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
Candi, your choice.
Which one will it be? - August.
- Okay.
Yeah, got it.
Can't get rid of me that easily, mate.
- Welcome back.
- [CHUCKLES] Noelle, obviously you and Dr.
- [SIGHS] - There you have it, America.
The six have chosen.
But you may want to rest up.
You see, the road to a million dollars, as in love, is filled with unexpected twists and turns.
- Okay, that's a cut.
- "Twists and turns"? Dude, that's so vanilla.
Who wrote that crap? - You did.
- What the hell happened - with Maya and Roger? - Yeah, what the hell is going on here? I damn near had a police escort Okay, this is exactly what I didn't want.
All of you get out there and shut this down.
I want them locked in their rooms immediately.
Now! Go! You ready? We gotta move fast.
- Sure.
Let's shut this down.
- [BOTH CHUCKLE] That's very interesting.
Do you have a name? Thank you.
Is that about Roger? How'd it go? - We good? - Oh, he knocked me back with a left hook, but I got plenty of punches left.
CRYING] - Um, I think he's waking up? Ya think? Get outta here.
Come on.
I'll take care of everything, okay? I got it.
CRYING] Just give me a second here.
Usually I have someone else doing this for me.
Listen, I'm just as in the dark as you guys are.
Did either of you see anything weird last night? Please.
Maya has been acting weird all season.
I don't know, Rachel.
This whole thing doesn't smell right.
I'm trying to find out what I can, but Quinn is keeping everything really close to the vest.
And that's why I need your help.
Maya was, like, full-on obsessed with Roger.
- Really? - Yes.
You heard her.
Whatever she was saying about what happened between them their first season Maya's a great girl, but she's had something going on since she got here.
Now, with Roger, he seems like a nice enough bloke.
There's something about him that really got to her.
Please! That girl has been a sad sack since day one.
And then last night she saw Noelle and Roger starting to hook up, and she went all "Fatal Attraction" on them.
Staring at them from across the room, it was so creepy.
So Noelle was with Roger last night.
I'm so sorry, babe.
I just thought that you should know.
I know damaged girls.
And she is for sure one of them.
Maya was pissed.
I'm surprised he didn't end up in little Tupperware containers in her freezer.
Hey, Jay.
How's Noelle? Please.
Like you give a shit.
Noelle was sexually assaulted, and Maya is in jail because of you.
Maya knew what she was signing up for.
- [SCOFFS] - She came back here and she stayed even after she saw Roger that first night.
She stayed, and so did you, Jay.
Yeah, that's right.
And that's how I know exactly what happened, Rachel.
I'm gonna make sure it never happens again.
FIONA: Quinn's had her eye off the ball this whole season, and now we're actually stabbing people? So, unless you'd like to join me in my three-hour meeting with legal No, I didn't come here to talk about the stabbing.
I came here to tell you about the rape.
Rape? What? Quinn didn't say anything about a Quinn didn't know anything about it.
It's why Maya stabbed Roger.
He was assaulting Noelle and Maya stopped him.
Uh I'm gonna need you to think very carefully about the next thing you say.
Because if what you're saying happened Oh, it happened.
Rachel Goldberg made it happen.
She orchestrated the entire thing.
Mistress Carver.
I have a strict over-18 policy.
Oh, I wouldn't worry.
He can sleep through anything.
Sorry, it's crazy over here right now, but I needed to warn you.
Jay was here, and he made a complaint to Fiona.
Like an official one, about a rape.
What? Oh, my God.
I know.
Like, what is going on? How could this show possibly have another "R"? Do you know anything about this? No! No, I have no idea what Jay's talking about.
- Madison! - Shoot, I gotta go.
But Fiona is on the warpath, and Rachel is going down.
So stay out of the firing line, okay? You're saving my life, babe.
I don't what I'd do without you.
[SMOOCHES] It's just not fun when it's this easy.
All right, well, we're not done yet.
Robin? Hi.
It's Rachel Goldberg.
Listen, I don't have a lot of time, and I'm putting my job on the line even calling you.
I just found out that someone on "Everlasting" has lodged a complaint to the network about a rape on the show.
I don't have any details.
All I know is that the network is trying to sweep it under the rug.
Oh, my God, thank you so much, Robin.
Yeah, I just really think the world needs to know.
[CHUCKLES] CHET: What's it called again? "Findomme.
" Financial dominatrix.
Men give me vast sums of cash, I spend it on luxury items for myself, and then I demand more.
And there's no sex.
Cash pigs get off on losing control.
When I demand their money, I remind them who's boss.
- It's a form of punishment.
- I have an ex-wife.
I'm well acquainted with that kind of punishment.
Let me ask you something.
How much would you say our friend spent on you? You know, I really can't talk specifics.
- It's not good business.
- No.
Wouldn't want to violate the findomme/cash pig privilege.
How 'bout this? You give me the details, I get you 10 new clients.
I work in Hollywood.
I know so many dirtbags who would be so into this.
Do you really think I'm that stupid? Well, I gave it a shot.
How 'bout this? Go into that diaper bag one more time.
I'll give you something that'll really blow your mind.
I mean, where'd we get this from, the set of "Downton Abbey"? Give me a break no, back up.
Go! Go! Wider.
All right, come on, people.
This is the last piece of "Baby Everlasting's" story.
Come on.
Let's go.
Well, I guess we can finally break into that all-important over-80 demo.
As long as it's not another felony, I'm good.
Dan, take the check.
Let's go.
- Okay.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
- Yep.
- Graham, where are you? - What? Yeah.
- Right here.
- Come here.
You're gonna present this check to Carolyn.
Hold on a second.
No one said I was gonna use a prop here, man.
Come on.
What is this? I haven't even had my manicure this week.
Oh, really? Great.
Uh, makeup.
Can you get me a nail file or something, please? - Okay, places, people.
- Thank you.
- [BABY COOS] - Daddy loves you.
Hey, Dan, get out of the shot! Copy that.
Contestants, can we have you behind the check, please? No, Dan.
We're not going anywhere until we get some answers.
I-I don't know what to tell you.
Oh, I don't know, like who was raped on "Everlasting.
" - Yeah.
- Oh, shit.
It is all over Twitter.
What the hell is going on here?! - Give me that.
Give me that.
- My phone.
Give me that.
How the hell did Candi get a cell phone? I have no idea.
- Who was raped? - Hey, was it Maya? Yeah, is this what she was talking about before? Is this something new? Yeah, is this the so-called "accident" Graham was rambling on about? - You must know something.
- No, I-I don't.
- You cannot keep us in the dark.
- We demand to know the truth.
Okay, let me Let me All right, everybody, just calm down.
[OVERLAPPING CHATTER] Okay, everybody be quiet, okay? I don't have any information for you guys right now.
All right? But the producers are meeting, so we should have some answers very soon.
Okay, so there's a rapist on set, but you just can't tell us who.
Why don't I show you some photos of my kids? After everything that's happened this season, - we should all walk.
- Yeah, you first.
A million dollars up for grabs? That's more than a kindergarten teacher makes - in a hundred years.
- Oh, I know, honey.
Nobody is going anywhere.
So now the press knows what happened? This is a disaster, Rachel.
No kidding.
I mean, how do you think the network found out? We must have a mole.
- Where's Jay? - [SIGHS] Okay, you know what? Our only job is to get the contestants under control so that we can finish the godforsaken episode and have something to air.
I'll go get them back.
No, you will do what you're told for once.
Candi and August are the ringleaders, so I will talk to Candi and get her back on board.
But do you think you can handle your ex-boyfriend? He's not my ex anymore.
I know that it's complicated, but Okay, you know what? I don't have time for this much bullshit.
Just go.
Do your job before the whole show implodes.
[SIGHS] Noelle, you do not seem like yourself.
- I - Did something happen with Roger? I know you were with him.
Did he do something to you? You know you can tell me, right? You can tell me anything.
And I wouldn't be able to live with myself if anything like that ever happened to you.
[CRYING] Hey, oh, no, no, hey, hey, hey.
[SOBBING] What? [VOICE BREAKING] This is the first time you've been nice to me all season.
I care about you.
I do.
AUGUST: Rachel, I don't want your spin, okay? You need to tell me the truth now.
I will, but this stays between us, okay? Yes, okay.
The truth is, there was a rape.
But it was three seasons ago.
Roger raped Maya the first time she was on the show.
- What? - Yes.
So last night, when she saw Roger going off with Noelle, she completely snapped and she stabbed him.
- She stabbed - Yes.
[WHISPERS] She stabbed him? [NORMAL VOICE] Oh, my God.
Rachel, is she okay? I mean, is Rog did anyone call the cops on this? - Yeah, of course.
- You sure? Yes, I mean, they're in on the whole thing.
- August.
- [SIGHS] What? This is all my fault.
What? [VOICE BREAKING] I mean, Maya wanted to come back here and confront Roger so badly.
I mean, she literally begged me to help her get closure.
I should have just listened to my instincts and said no.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey.
Maya can use what Roger did in their last season as a defense, okay? I mean, I'll testify for her.
You know, anything to help Maya.
All right.
Come here.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Okay, Candi.
I am going to tell you what really happened.
Just let me get out my BS detector.
There was no rape.
All right? It was a disgruntled employee who was looking for a payout after he was fired last night.
Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.
Aw, oh, my gosh.
Looks like you broke it.
His faulty lighting rig fell and hit Maya and Roger.
There was minor head injuries, but they were both too shaken up to return.
Let's pretend I believe you, which I don't, but even so, this place has been one accident after another.
First Luke and his pelvis.
And then Alexi's a cripple, and now Maya and Roger get hit with, like, a light or whatever? If this is how you run your shows, I want no part of "Stripper Queens.
" [LAUGHS] You are right.
You're so right.
I don't want any part of this, either.
I am so sick and tired of conning people and producing this utter crap.
So, how about we do "Stripper Queens" as a scripted show? With you as the star.
You know, we could do it gritty, raw, FX-style.
So I'm, like, an actress now? I mean, it worked for Channing Tatum.
He started off shaking his junk, and now he's a bona fide movie star making $30 mil a pop.
That could be you! [CHUCKLES] If what? If you get the others back to work.
I will talk to the others and see what I can do.
That's my girl.
Hey, Gregor! Glad you could make it.
Wilton, you have a proposal for me? It will need to be significant Here's our proposal.
We will pay for Roger's mangled dick, and your wife will never find out about this.
- [OINKING] - It's Betty, right? MISTRESS CARVER: And you're gonna give me how much? GREGOR: $10,000, Mistress.
Oink, oink, oink.
That's a good little piggy.
[SMACK!] I'll draw up the papers.
That's a good little piggy.
Hey, can you go do final looks on the contestants, please? Thank you.
Hey, what's up? I think I'm ready to make a statement.
I can't hide it anymore.
I just want to tell the truth about what happened.
Don't even get your coat.
Let's just get you out of here, okay? Let's take you to my car.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - What the hell are you doing? What you should have done in the first place, Rachel.
Reporting that sexual assaulting prick to the police.
And you know what, Rachel? If that spells the end of this raging shitshow, even better.
Noelle, I absolutely want you to speak your truth.
Of course.
But do you have any idea what's gonna happen to you if you come forward? Rachel, I can't feel any worse than I feel right now.
Trust me, you can.
If you want any semblance of a normal life, you need to turn around right now, plaster a smile on that beautiful face of yours, and forget this ever happened.
Do not listen to her, Noelle.
Listen to me.
The press is circling.
Everything's changed.
They are looking for a poster child for victimization.
I mean, do you really want to be that girl who allowed herself to get raped on national TV? "Allowed"? Are you kidding me? Do you really want that to be your legacy? Oh, my God, you are sick, Rachel.
You are sick.
Let's go.
Don't listen to him.
He's not a woman.
He has no idea what you're up against.
- No, I-I can handle it.
- Well, there is footage of you falling down drunk, making out with Roger.
By the time his high-priced lawyers get finished with that, you're not gonna be America's sweetheart.
You're gonna be the slut who had it coming.
Noelle, there is a whole world of people out there who are gonna believe you, okay, honey? - I promise you.
Starting with me.
- Oh, please, America doesn't want to believe you.
I can count on one hand the number of high-powered men whose careers didn't rebound within six months of scandal after laying low in some bullshit Malibu rehab.
Face it.
You're playing a rigged game with a losing hand, and the only person who's gonna get hurt in this is you.
- Again.
- [SOBS] Unless you trust me.
I can make sure that footage never gets out.
Okay? I can do that for you.
That is a promise.
We need to talk.
Right now.
Oh, my God, I would never do something like that.
Madison, you know my history.
I would never put anyone else through what I went through, right? I hope not.
This isn't about whatever happened to you.
This is about what happened here, last night, on this show.
Okay, well, what happened last night was absolutely horrible, but all of us were on the floor producing.
I mean, there was a literal baby being born in the courtyard, and the second that we heard the screams, we all ran into the control room.
That's not even true.
I have the proof, Jay.
Roger couldn't have been doing what he was doing for very long.
Come, look at the tape.
[MOANING] Get off of her now! You're crazy, what are you doing? [SCREAMS] Rachel, what have you done? You doctored the footage.
How do you know that? We were all in the control room.
We saw everything.
We came in, and Roger was on top of Noelle.
She was barely conscious, and Rachel was just watching.
She was letting it all happen.
You were there? You knew about this and did nothing to stop it.
I tried, okay? Jay ran into the room as soon as we saw what was happening.
And then you sent him to lie to me about it and say you knew nothing.
What the hell happened to you, Quinn? You have completely lost control.
Oh, this is on me? You're damn right it is.
I can't believe I'm saying this.
We're going with the doctored tape.
You can't be serious.
If we don't, what the hell are we saying? We need this cut in an hour to make it to air.
You don't have to air that footage.
We have more than enough story with the birth footage.
The press knows something happened.
They've already heard the word rape.
Now we have to explain it.
We have to give it to them in a way that it makes sense, but also doesn't leave us with our asses hanging out.
I have just the thing.
- Then get it done.
- [SCOFFS] Oh, and, um, can I get that "Baby Everlasting" footage? I think it'd make a great runner.
You know, or exclusive web content, at the very least.
You okay? Just answer me honestly.
Were you in that room watching with Rachel? Oh, my God, no.
No, I was horrified when I heard about it.
Just be careful with Rachel.
She sucks people in and she's dangerous.
Yeah, you're right.
I've never met anyone like her in my life.
And it's it's terrifying.
[UPBEAT DANCE MUSIC PLAYS] What is this place? This is Rachel Goldberg's fan club.
Don't forget your cards.
Winner gets their tab picked up.
And you have to drink every time Graham says "Everlasting.
" - All right.
- Have fun.
There's August and Anna.
Wow, that dress is so impressive.
Is that Mary? - Oh, I think it's Dead Mary.
- Holy shit.
Who do you guys think did it? I don't know, but they better not jerk us around and not show us anything or I will lose it.
Oh, my God, the fans have demands.
This is all because of you.
It's all you.
ANNOUNCER: Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is advised.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Tonight on "Everlasting" [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] - [CROWD CHANTING] - Drink, drink, drink.
ROGER: You just feel guilty we hooked up because you were supposed to be on the show for Adam.
- You cheated on the suitor? - No! This is effed up! [SIREN WAILS] This feels like a witch hunt.
[MAN AND WOMAN SCREAMING] GRAHAM: It all happens tonight, on this very special episode of "Everlasting.
" [CHEERING] Drink up! I know all of you have heard the rumors.
But tonight, we're gonna tell you the real story.
A story of love, lust, obsession, violent delights, and violent ends.
But first, let's take a look back at where it all started.
A little game we called Eggs Marks the Spot.
Who does Roger think will wind up living alone with eight cats? - Maya.
- Maya.
The show is trending nationwide.
Everybody wants to know what happened.
This is huge.
GRAHAM: You see, fun-loving, party boy Roger was introduced to us as the friend of then-suitor Adam Cromwell.
And Roger caught the attention of one lovely lady right away.
Even the suitor couldn't compete.
- To - Good company.
Maya came back to "Everlasting" all-stars looking for another chance at love with our roguish gentleman, but it was evident early on that her interest in him was unhealthy, to say the least.
She's had something going on since she got here.
And with Roger, something about him that really got to her.
But alas, Roger wished to sow his wild oats.
WOMAN: Whoo! Get it, Roger! And this rebuff seemed to only fuel Maya's dark passions further.
Maya was, like, full-on obsessed with Roger.
I know damaged girls, and she is for sure one of them.
I'm surprised he didn't end up in little Tupperware containers in her freezer.
It was at this moment that something inside Maya snapped.
Here we go.
And she decided to take matters into her own hands.
Get off of her now! Because she believed that if she couldn't have him, then no one could.
- Help me! - [SCREAMING] - They love it.
- Yeah.
You see, America, here at "Everlasting," we do everything we can to protect the safety and security of each one of our contestants.
But sometimes we are reminded that true evil does exist in this world.
And sometimes, sadly, that evil wins.
Turn this crap off, will you? I can't.
This is not on you.
This is on Rachel.
COOS] - [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] - We're doing "Stripper Queens" scripted.
I want out.
- Your life's over, bitch.
- Bye-bye, Maya.
How did you get Maya's perp walk on camera? I mean, Quinn completely barred cameras from the driveway.
That's Linda in props.
- Dead ringer from the back, right? - Nice.
SOFIA: She saw Noelle and Roger starting to hook up and she went all "Fatal Attraction" on him.
- Oh, my God.
- [LAUGHTER] Here comes your money shot.
NOELLE: Roger and I were having a great time.
We were getting intimate.
And all of a sudden, Maya bursts in with a knife.
It was so scary.
I mean, I don't know, maybe she was angry that Roger wasn't into her anymore, so she made up these insane rape allegations to excuse her actions.
But I forgive her.
[CHEERING] You're a genius.
I want to put this whole nasty mess behind me.
I just hope Maya gets the help she clearly needs.
In cell block D, mate.
[CROWD CHANTING] Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up.
Lock her up, lock her up I'm gonna be right back.
I'll be right back.
All good? Great.
- Another round? - Absolutely.
Hey, hey, you okay? I will be, yeah.
Look, I know things have been really messed up, Rach, but look, everything Hey, hey, hey.
Everything's getting back to normal with the contestants.
Maya's gonna be okay.
She's so lucky to have you, Rachel.
Well, the overnights are in.
Best numbers we've seen in seven years.
A 20-share.
That's World Series numbers.
Nobody does that anymore.
Looks like the board is over the moon.
And you have no problem with what Rachel did - to make this happen? - I have a huge problem with it.
But we sold some cars and lady razors.
That's all the board cares about.
Like it or not, Rachel cleaned up this mess for you.
By taking a rape victim and turning her into a psychotic bitch.
[LAUGHING] Oh, my God.
After everything you've done? [SCOFFS] Quinn King is finally drawing a line.
Yes, I am.
This is the line.
Rachel is out of control, and you know it.
So fire her.
That's what this whole thing's been about, right? You sending Jay to me so I'd do it for you? Because you're too chicken-shit to pull the trigger yourself.
She learned her bag of tricks from you.
You created this.
So, if you feel like she crossed a line, fire her.
[SIGHS] I thought this would be relaxing.
[LAUGHS] Well, you'll get there, mate.
So come up.
You know, yoga's more about being centered and mindful, and I reckon we could all use a bit of that after this week.
Truthfully, I'd rather just leave.
Be done with this whole thing, but Rachel thinks I should stick it out.
Yeah, she can be pretty convincing Rachel.
Don't tell anyone, but Rachel and I have been having kind of a thing.
She thinks I should play for the million.
But I don't know.
Pretending to date someone on TV while your heart's with someone else Doesn't seem right, does it? No, mate, no.
That doesn't seem right at all.
Hey, Rachel.
You got a minute? I need to talk to you.
So, Noelle was with Roger.
I thought something bad happened, that he did something.
But, no, she just picked another man.
So forget her.
I want you.
I-I have to work.
- No, no, no, bonita.
- I'm sorry.
So sorry.
I'm [CHUCKLES] I'm sorry.
[DOOR OPENS] Hey, are you okay? Uh no.
No, I really don't think I am.
- You wanted to see me? - Congratulations.
On what, the ratings? No.
On producing me.
You wanted me to go to the network, or to get Jay to, all so you could leak it to the press.
And? All of this was to force my hand, so that you could show the footage and tell the story, or whatever bastardized version you could actually cobble together.
Well, the only thing I didn't know is if you would do it.
I mean, if you were willing to sacrifice me for the show.
- I got my answer.
- I was trying to save you! [SIGHS] This is not who you are, Rachel.
All the terrible things that have happened in your life, you can dye your hair any color you want, but there is a conscience in there, and you cannot shove it down forever.
You wanna get out of here, scout locations for the finale? You know, we could take the weekend.
Um yeah, I-I really wish I could, but I made plans with Madison already, so Oh, really? Good for you.
That sounds like so much more fun.
See you in five.
So, uh, scouting, huh? Yeah.
Oooh You better run Ooooh You better run There's no time to think it over There's no time to change your mind You better run