Unsealed: Alien Files (2012) s01e07 Episode Script

Secret Alien Technology

-- Captions by vitac -- Captions paid for by discovery communications Narrator: It is said we are living In the golden era of human technology.
Mankind went from the wright brothers To the moon in under a century.
Is this staggering progress Simply the product of human ingenuity, Or have we received help from another world? Durant: There's enough evidence out there That there's a ufo cover-up.
Narrator: Could alien intelligence Be the driving force Behind humanity's greatest advances, And will it be the cause of our demise? Tonight, we explore the secret Behind mankind's astonishing scientific achievements.
Join us as the secrets of alien technology are unsealed.
A global effort has begun -- Secret files hidden from the public for decades, Detailing every ufo account, are now available to the public.
We are about to uncover The truth behind these classified documents.
Find out what the government doesn't want you to know.
"unsealed: Alien files" -- Exposing the biggest secret on planet earth.
June 14, 2012, washington, d.
Residents are shocked to see what looks like a ufo Passing on the back of a flatbed truck.
Hundreds of calls flood 911 dispatch.
The city is buzzing with ufo fever.
Everybody was scared because all of a sudden, They saw this craft that was shrouded With some type of covering that looked exactly like a ufo.
Narrator: The government reports it is an x-47b drone, A next-generation aircraft.
But does this cutting-edge technology Have its roots in science from another world? Greenewald: When you look at the technology That we have in our United States military, It really does look like It's out of the pages of science fiction.
But this isn't the first highly advanced piece of technology That we've wondered about its origin.
Narrator: Could this technology Have come from alien intelligence? To answer that, we must go back to ancient india, To the stories of highly advanced flying machines Known as the vimanas.
The first account of vimanas dates back almost 2,500 years.
It tells of kings riding on glowing chariots That come from the sky -- Chariots that shine like the sun and are piloted by gods.
Common sense tells you that if it's 3,000 b.
And something turns up in the sky and even perhaps lands And entities get out of them, They're going to be viewed as gods.
Narrator: But could it be, as alien theorists believe, That the beings reported by this ancient civilization Were, in fact, visitors from another world? From a modern context, you'd come away from that With the idea that these weren't gods.
These weren't deities.
These weren't strange sun chariots that they were flying.
These were actual ufos over planet earth.
Narrator: These descriptions may be the first evidence Of mankind's obsession with craft from outer space, But they are far from the last.
Abydos, egypt.
Within the temple of seti are ancient hieroglyphs, Amazing pictures that tell a story Defying logic and human history.
On the walls of these egyptian edifices, There seem to be hieroglyphic depictions of modern aircraft.
There's a helicopter, another type of aircraft.
It looks like there's a submarine.
What could explain that? Narrator: Could the inspiration for our technology Have come from alien intelligence? Are these ancient records of ufo sightings, Or, as some experts believe, Are they crude blueprints of technology That would not be invented for another 3,000 years? You have to wonder -- were these flying machines In the sky during ancient egyptian times? Is this something that they built themselves? Or this could be proof That something was in our skies thousands of years ago.
Narrator: But is the strongest evidence of alien intelligence Within the technology we use every day? Coming up next Were the greatest inventions of our lifetime Stolen from a crashed alien spacecraft? Reporter: Army officers say the missile, Found sometime last week, Has been inspected at roswell, new mexico.
And could the secrets we uncovered Be the beginning of the end for all mankind? This is "unsealed: Alien files" -- Exposing the biggest secret on planet earth.
Narrator: Welcome back to "unsealed: Alien files.
" Jet propulsion, genetic engineering, computer science -- It's possible that the greatest technical leaps in human history Happened in the last six decades.
But who or what is responsible for our sudden evolution? If alien theorists are correct, the answer may be found In the biggest ufo cover-up of the 20th century And the events that took place the day after roswell.
Unsealed case file -- the day after roswell.
1947, roswell, new mexico, a quiet, all-american town, Home to local air force personnel.
In early July, troops investigate reports Of a crashed saucer in the hostile desert.
Allegedly, the site is quickly secured But not before soldiers, firemen, and local residents Reportedly see what appears to be A downed alien craft and its occupants -- dead.
But are the stories true? Greenewald: Just after the wreckage was found In roswell, new mexico, the military came out and said That they had captured a flying saucer.
Newspapers ran the story.
Radio reports were blasted out through the airwaves.
Reporter: The army air force has announced That a flying disk has been found And is now in the possession of the army.
Army officers say the missile, found sometime last week, Has been inspected at roswell, new mexico, And sent to wright field, ohio, for further inspection.
Narrator: The relationship between the roswell event In July 1947 and e.
S and e.
Technology Is very complicated.
Narrator: This 1950 document from the fbi vault Could prove that we not only recovered flying saucers In the new mexico desert But that we found three small bodies inside the craft, Dressed in metallic cloth.
Did the military know that the flying disk They reportedly found Was technology from out of this world? And if so, what was done with the recovered craft? Kaufman: This is hangar 84, and this is where the craft And the bodies were actually brought into this hangar.
But there was a lot of activity in this area here.
Inside the hangar was the craft, And also, the bodies were laid out.
There were five of them.
Birnes: So, what happened after the crash at roswell? Well, on the one hand, it was totally covered up, And it would remain covered up for at least the next 31 years, But other things happened.
Narrator: In the decades that follow, U.
Military technology begins to advance -- Faster rockets, more sophisticated machinery.
In less than a decade, america has a man in space.
And just 20 years after roswell, a man walks on the moon.
Look at the boom in technology that occurred after roswell In fiber optics, in integrated circuits.
Stealth technology came around.
All these things happened within a very, very short time After roswell.
Narrator: The military never acknowledges Any technology stolen from alien craft -- That is, until the world is introduced To colonel philip j.
Murillo: Colonel philip corso died in 1998, but before he did, He wrote a book called "the day after roswell.
" In it, he described how a craft went down in roswell -- That this was a fact, that the craft was recovered, Alien bodies were recovered, And that he eventually was placed in charge Of figuring out a way to reverse engineer that technology So that we could use it.
Narrator: Colonel corso, a highly decorated officer, Is considered the first in history To disclose the connection between our military And extraterrestrials.
During his career in the u.
Army, He works as chief Of the pentagon's foreign technology desk.
He made it clear that while he was there, One of the projects that came under his purview Was the fact that alien technology From the roswell crash was being dealt with, And they wanted to see if there was a way That they could benefit by passing hardware they had To the right places.
Narrator: Reportedly, Corso is given remnants of computer circuitry, Propulsion systems, indestructible fabric, And strange headgear.
According to his story, he is asked to develop a program That would research and develop this alien technology.
So, allegedly, companies like lockheed martin, Litton, these various large corporations, Were given this technology and saying, "look, you guys take this stuff.
"reverse engineer it, develop it, "and we'll allow you to have the patents On that technology and benefit from it.
" In exchange for that, the u.
Government -- what do they get? Weaponry and control.
Narrator: But could the discoveries Made from this alien technology Not only win wars of the past and present But wars of the future? Coming up next From particle beams to area 51, Was our modern-day technology pried from dead alien hands? We're about to expose the secret projects That still haven't gone publicUntil now.
This is "unsealed: Alien files" -- Exposing the biggest secret on planet earth.
Narrator: Welcome back to "unsealed: Alien files.
" From ancient visions of futuristic design To the incredible machines of tomorrow, Could the technological leaps of mankind's past Actually have been the invention of an advanced alien race And a secret allegedly hidden by the u.
Government For over 60 years? Durant: There's enough evidence out there That there's a ufo cover-up Happening in the u.
Government, But the question is what is it that they are covering up? Narrator: Some debris from roswell Was allegedly taken To a top-secret military test facility, The very existence of which the government would deny Until 1995 -- a base known as area 51.
Greenewald: Area 51 is a top-secret military installation About 90 miles northeast of las vegas, nevada.
People have come out to claim That they worked inside the facility And there's a lot of operations going on, Which includes back-engineering alien technology.
Murillo: The government has never disclosed Its exact purpose, But obviously, testing of weaponry And the development of advanced technology Is what goes on there.
The place is so fantastic That pilots have nicknamed it "dreamland.
" Narrator: Unsealed case file -- dreamland technology.
Durant: In the '50s and '60s during the cold war, One of the deciding factors was all on the shoulders Of the people developing stealth technologies.
A lot of ufo reports claim That these craft are not seen on radar, So it's obvious that they have some sort of stealth technology.
And is it possible that the craft recovered at roswell Also had stealth technology? Narrator: According to alien theorists, The u.
Military worked with government contractors To adopt the technology.
In 1958, a decade after roswell, The lockheed corporation announced the a-12 oxcart, An aircraft that surfaced suddenly With technology designed to make the plane invisible To enemy radar, Perhaps the same way saucers at roswell were invisible to us.
What was amazing about the technology during project oxcart And the creation of the a12 Is the way that the craft was built on the outside.
It would actually absorb and, in a very little way, Reflect the radar waves, ultimately making it invisible.
This was really on the cutting edge of stealth technology.
Narrator: Was this next-generation design Adapted from the flying saucers reportedly found in new mexico? And could further advances have come from the bodies Or metallic cloth allegedly found inside those ufos? One of the great mysteries of what was discovered In the roswell debris Was the strange kind of fiber in terms of these creatures.
They didn't get into their jumpsuits.
There were no zippers.
There were no buttons.
It seemed that they were spun into their jumpsuits.
What was the material they were wearing? This was taken to a number of research facilities.
So, they began to work on kind of a fibrous material That was so strong, it could stop bullets.
That material became known as kevlar.
Narrator: Coincidentally, The american chemical engineering firm dupont Introduced kevlar in 1971.
It is said to be five times as strong as steel, Able to stop a bullet, And yet light enough to be used as a boat sail.
But extraterrestrial influence May reach far beyond what was found in the ufo.
Alien technology may also have been discovered Within alien bodies.
Another piece of technology that came out of the roswell crash Actually came out of the aliens in the roswell crash.
It was night vision.
Narrator: But did military doctors Discover night-vision technology during an alien autopsy? According to one witness, a doctor allegedly removed a lens From one of the deceased aliens of this crash.
Birnes: When they removed the lens, They could see images in the dark.
The lens was a light-collecting device.
It was night vision.
Narrator: This theory reminds us That one of the most fascinating details of alien technology Is what it can teach us about extraterrestrial life.
What else could we learn from technology Still kept secret from the public? Murillo: One of the most significant things That corso found about this technology Was that there were no controls in the craft.
Narrator: According to corso, "the alien craft was not steered by alien hands.
It was steered by their brains.
" Here's what corso discovered -- that there was a headpiece That was brought out of the crash debris at roswell.
And the pickups -- These disk-like pickups on that headpiece Corresponded to the nodes on the alien head, And that's how the ship was navigated.
Narrator: If machines controlled by our brains Sounds like science fiction, Prepare to have your mind changed.
Birne: What scientists have done over the past 30 years Is find ways to link the electrodes in the headpiece Directly into the brains of a test subject.
The u.
Government is working on technology That allows sensors to read the minds, essentially, Of pilots and translate that into the flight controls So that you have completely handless flight.
It sounds like science fiction, but it's science fact.
Narrator: Coming up next Will the next evolution in alien technology Save the human race or destroy it? The final secret of ufo mechanics Could reveal an element that will blow mankind to the stars.
We could be the victims of just such a weapon, And we would never know it.
Narrator: This is "unsealed: Alien files" -- Exposing the biggest secret on planet earth.
Narrator: Welcome back to "unsealed: Alien files.
" Modern history's greatest scientific advancements May have been found within an alien craft Recovered from roswell, new mexico.
But could the ultimate discovery have been a new element? Greenewald: There was a story that surfaced That during the back-engineering, There was an element called element 115 That was the key to understanding alien propulsion.
Everything connected to this captured ufo That they had inside area 51.
Narrator: Scientists have recently named Element 115 "ununpentium.
" But if this element truly is from another world, What power could it hold? Extraterrestrial intelligence May advance the inventions of mankind, But we must ask if we are prepared to use it.
If not, the ultimate key to our survival on planet earth Could be allowing some alien technologies to remain secret.
This is "unsealed: Alien files" -- Exposing the biggest secret on planet earth.