Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Half the Job

1 Previously on "Unsolved" You walk into Chief's office and you say that you think some cops killed Biggie, and you have no hard evidence.
They won't let me look for evidence, Fred.
I believe that, uh, David Mack was contracted by Suge Knight to murder Christopher Wallace AKA Biggie Smalls.
Give your findings to the detective in charge of the Wallace investigation.
But I do have more information Thank you, detective.
What can the District Attorney's office do for you? Here, read this.
[TENSE MUSIC] First person that the LAPD looked into, Keefe D.
You want to find out what he's doing now? - I was just driving, a'ight? - I swear.
- For who? - Keefe D? You're working for us now.
We're gonna make sure that Keefe is facing serious years.
You're willing to stake your entire career on Keefe goddamn D? I don't have a choice.
Keefe's got a nephew, guy named Orlando Anderson.
Who's Orlando Anderson? Might be the guy that killed Tupac.
That chain would look real good on my dog.
[GRUNTING] [CHAIN CLATTERS] Big, what's up? Tupac, Snoop, Dogg Pound, they all shooting a video in Red Hook right now.
N-Y, y'all good with that going down? Your boy, Biggie, was on the radio tellin' them fools to hit him up.
So Biggie calling shots now? And I'm the villain? Where does Puffy live? [GRUNTING] They wanna kill me.
[MELLOW HIP-HOP MUSIC] Yeah, you make me hit up Rodeo with you.
You got to hit Zip Code when you're up in Harlem.
Man, I do that.
Soon as Big does his thing tonight and we get our ass up out of LA.
Yo, yo, Puff.
I'm originally from Queens.
- Eastside.
- What'd you say to me? - I ain't about that shit.
- Hey, yo, yo.
[SIGHS] Damn.
That's a fan.
- You buggin'.
- Man, it's Suge.
Them damn Bloods he roll with.
They tore up my man Mark, trying to find out where me and moms stay.
He did what? A'right, you know what? Don't even sweat it.
I got this.
We deep tonight and between Magic and Whitney.
Yeah, great.
What? You still salty about not performing? Come on, dawg, you up for Album of The Year, you good.
It ain't about that.
Big wouldn't be shit if it wasn't for me.
Now I got to sit here and watch his fat ass on stage.
You ain't gotta listen to shit.
We can rush the stage if you want to.
- [LAUGHING] - Straight hoo-ride.
[LAUGHS] I appreciate you, man.
For real.
See, that's what people don't see, you a loyal ass dude.
Usually when niggas make it, they forget where they came from, but you never forgot.
Just trying to get black folks paid.
[SNICKERS] Not enough people are, man.
But for real, we should rush that stage.
[LAUGHING] A'ight, what's up.
Yo, the media blowing it all up, Puff.
They all like, "Big sicked the dogs on 'em," like shit - wasn't happening without me.
- What'd I say? I don't want to hear about that nonsense tonight.
Yo, I thought we all was just barking, you know? How could Duke believe - I shit on him, for real? - Hey.
You not listening to me.
Not tonight.
This is the Soul Train Awards.
The whole country's gonna be watching us.
I need you to hear me on this, man.
I hear you, bro.
But, yo, we got a problem.
Oh, we can handle problems.
What's up? - Two left shoes.
- What? Yeah, somebody made a mistake.
Nah, nah, nah, man, we can't have no mistakes like this.
- Yo, yo, yo, yo.
- Yo! Hey! Yo, chill, Puff.
I'll just put on my black Tims, they go with the suit.
What? I'm not sending you up there in no Tims.
- Come on.
- Hey, Gene.
What size are you? 13.
These costed me 2,500.
Nigga, take them shoes off.
Right now, man.
Come on! - [LAUGHING] - Shit.
Talking about.
He's your size, man.
Look, trust me, Big.
After we get done up there on that stage, ain't nobody gonna be talking about this bullshit beef.
This is our time - Our moment.
- Yeah.
It's our shit.
Yeah, yeah.
[HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING] Excuse me, sorry, Mr.
Knight, Mr.
Shakur, it's this way.
What's that way? Don Cornelius prepared a special section for Death Row.
A special section? No one wants any trouble.
- Man, I just want my award.
- Trouble? I understand, but we're gonna just guide you.
It's a better section anyway.
It's very comfortable.
Hold up, that's Keefe D.
- He a Crip? - Yeah, but I knew him when he was little.
It's all good.
Let me go holla at him real quick.
- A'ight.
- I'm gonna help you to - get to your section.
- Yeah.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Who gave you tickets? You nominated for Album of The Year or something? I missed that.
I'm here just coming up the same way you did.
What, you in the protection business now? Come on, homey, you from Compton.
Why you rolling with these East Coast niggas? Y'all ready.
So are we.
I know Puff's bitch ass don't think Bad Boy's no threat to me.
Ain't no problem then, Suge.
Just remember where you came from, homey.
I see you.
Bad Boy rolling with Crips now too? - What they trying to do? - It ain't nothing.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] It ain't nothing at all.
I don't get it why is this such an opportunity again? They've got Andalusians on the ranch.
I'd have to go to Spain to train breeds like this.
What about Dane and school? [RAIN PATTERING] I enrolled him.
You you already did that? You're doing your thing.
You need time, right? Yeah, I No, look, I I don't know.
This just makes sense for us right now.
[SIGHS] I don't know.
I don't know.
Just I got to get back in here.
- All right? - Okay.
[PHONE BEEPS] [SCOFFS] [LAUGHTER] When a man retires you're supposed to regale his colleagues with, uh, some embarrassing story from yesteryear.
Unfortunately, Brian Tyndall is impervious to humiliation.
[LAUGHTER] The man is nothing if not comfortable with himself.
[LAUGHTER] May the rode rise to meet you, my friend.
- God bless.
- Cheers.
- To Brian.
- ALL: To Brian! - Pleasure.
- Cheers.
Thanks for dressing up.
[GROANS] - You having fun? - Not as much as you.
Hell, you even got a member of the brass to make an appearance.
And he didn't even ask me about the Biggie case.
Oh, that was nice of him.
[CHUCKLES] So, where are you with Keefe D? Well, we got Lil Spoon to buy about a kilo.
One kilo? Greg, it's been months.
You need Keefe on five kilos yesterday.
Just little ounces at a time.
We'll start making bigger buys as we go, okay? It's it's gonna be fine.
You are gonna miss me when I'm gone.
Why's that? Well, I'll be honest with you.
When I started at the Academy, I wanted to move mountains.
Then, surprise: That's not the job.
And that was a surprise? No, no, I saw that coming a mile away.
No, what surprised me was the moment I didn't want to move mountains anymore.
Punch in, punch out.
And then when Biggie Smalls case came across my desk, I didn't want it.
But I did ask myself, "Who do I know who's stupid enough to take a case that's covered in cobwebs?" This Keefe thing is gonna work.
It better.
After all the favors I called in.
So what did you do when there were no more surprises? I retired.
If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman If I'm alive and well will you be there holding my hand I'll keep you by my side with my superhuman might Kryptonite [TIRES SQUEAL] [ENGINE SHUTS OFF] [SIGHS] [CAR HORN BEEPS] [GROANS] [BLOWS RASPBERRY] [TRUCK BEEPING] [GROANING] Whoa, whoa! [GROANING] [PANTING] [GRUNTING] What the fuck? You been looking raggedy, man.
I wasn't gonna say nothing, but falling out of the sky's where I draw the line.
They're supposed to check inside the car before they tow it.
How do you feel about horses, Dupers? Because I think they're weird.
Goofy eyes, big-ass teeth.
You know, they'll bite you on the shoulder.
Most people don't know that.
Am I talking to your concussion right now? No.
No, Donna got an opportunity up north at these stables.
She's gonna be training them for a while.
She likes it up there.
It rains.
[EXHALES SLOWLY] I know it's getting rough for you.
But you can't be doing shit like this, man.
You got a lot of people counting on you.
Hell, more than you know.
Nobody wants this case.
Now that Tyndall's gone, they've officially put me in charge.
That is the whitest shit ever.
You drive drunk and get promoted.
[LAUGHS] [COUGHS] If Torres was a career case, why am I chasing another one? I tell you right now, if the department loses this lawsuit on my watch, I'm gonna be in purgatory forever.
Now you're getting it.
This was never supposed to be fun.
Think about what happened to the last guy.
Get your ass in here.
I believe that belongs to you.
Chronology of Christopher Wallace's Murder.
It's unbelievable.
- District Attorney - Didn't read it.
And the ADA you gave it to? She did the right thing, and she kicked it back to the department.
At least someone out there understands chain of command.
What'd you think was gonna happen, Russ? I thought somebody would read it.
And then what? Everybody stands up and claps? - Calls you a hero? - Now, come on.
You know that's not what I want I was straight with you.
I let you work David Mack.
You let me, sir? I'm a good detective, okay? Just because I refuse to take part in a cover up doesn't God damn it! No one is covering anything up here.
- Really - Mack and Perez are going to prison.
Not for the murder of Biggie Smalls.
- LAPD and Suge Knight share - You don't have evidence.
Sir, nobody will acknowledge the evidence I do have, and they won't let me look for more.
And that is a cover up! [TENSE MUSIC] [SIGHS] You know, I just now finally figured you out, Poole.
You say you bleed blue, but really it's only about you getting to do what you want to do, isn't it? Sir, what I want is for this department to find out the whole truth and to quit minimizing the damage.
You're done at RHD.
No one wants to work with you.
Actually, I have to figure out a place to send you while I pay you not to bother anybody.
Get the hell out of my office.
[MUFFLED CHATTER] Is there anything on these tapes? Nothing but dumbass slang.
I'm not even asking for a real lead.
Just give me some fresh bullshit, please.
Doonie flipping them glazed donuts, but I need three more of those birds, though.
Doonie's one of his dealers.
Keefe's kiting money from one buyer to finance other deals.
Great, so we got him on a couple small counts? He said he's got three birds coming in.
So we're about there for Lil Spoon to go for a full kilo next round.
We need five kilos.
That's what we need to get any kind of leverage.
- Five, not one.
- We move any quicker, Keefe will get suspicious.
You know that.
Jim, you don't have to keep doing that.
I think I may have something.
Check this out.
[AUDIO STATIC] What up with the apple juice? Shit, homey, I got cartons of that.
Sounds like Keefe has access to large quantities of PCP.
Apple juice is PCP? What happened to angel dust? - Get with the times.
- That's some deadly shit.
These guys soak cigarettes in the stuff, sells on the street for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
If we get Keefe to sell Spoon a gallon of PCP, that's a quarter century in jail.
Get him in one go.
Let's go buy some PCP.
I talked to Larson.
Might be a spot at the Harbor for you.
Harbor Division.
I hate seagulls.
[LAUGHS] What are you doing, man? I got to call around, ask where you are, find you parked here at the Academy.
You remember being a patrol officer? Stop a car at night.
You approach him.
And then the driver just takes off.
And suspect's running red lights so you have to run all the red lights, and it was an entirely boring day and now all of the sudden your heart is pounding out of your chest.
[EXHALES LOUDLY] And your shift was supposed to end in ten minutes.
It's an indescribable feeling.
Every cop understands that, right? Yeah.
And this place is where they convinced me that we were all a family.
- We are.
- Yeah.
Larson Everyone thinks I betrayed the brotherhood.
My entire career I've believed that we're all on the same side.
You know, sometimes, Russ, we [CLEARS THROAT] We want to believe something so badly it compromises us.
I'm resigning.
Russ, you You have six months left before you're good with your pension.
Hell, you've got vacation days saved up.
That'll knock it down to three.
Nobody hates seagulls that much.
[DARK MUSIC] And I read what you were trying to get through to the DA.
Every word.
You did? You weren't all wrong.
But that doesn't mean you were all right.
Nothing's going my way, Brian.
Trying to make it work with my wife.
You will.
You will.
It's hard, doing what we do.
[HITS STEERING WHEEL] It doesn't make it easy on families.
[SIGHS] Russ, I know about your brother.
Miller did too.
You just didn't seem like you ever wanted to talk about it.
But I'm here If you do.
How does someone just vanish into thin air? I can't imagine what that must feel like.
No, you can't.
You can't imagine what it's like to live just not knowing.
You just Voletta Wallace, she had to live like that.
Is it wrong that I didn't want her to? - Of course not.
- Good.
[HITS STEERING WHEEL] 'Cause I'm gonna make somebody pay attention.
[SNIFFLES] [EXHALES SLOWLY] Are we really gonna send shorty to buy a gallon of PCP? Yeah, no shit.
He's about to hot box the break room.
What? You guys never smoked a joint to calm the nerves? I'm not gonna answer that.
I already been suspended.
He's already done good work for us.
- He'll be fine.
- We can't even wire him.
Keefe's PCP connect might frisk him.
Don't be getting reckless because we're desperate.
We're not desperate.
We're close.
Greg, I get it.
- It's a means to an end, but - Do you realize what - you're asking this kid to do? - Yeah, I do.
And he's not just a kid, he's a goddamn drug dealer.
And you trust he won't break once he's in there.
When he knows we don't have ears on him.
I cannot believe this.
We have finally got a shot at Keefe and you guys don't want to take it.
- Come on, man.
- But who's he gonna say he's been selling to? He's been moving ounces of coke.
Now all the sudden he's wants a gallon of PCP? [KNOCKING] So we need someone to pose as the PCP buyer.
Lil Spoon will be the go-between.
He'll just make the intro.
I'd do it myself, but they may know me, my family.
- Right.
- Mm.
He looks like a tweaker if I've ever seen on.
No, he can't though because he went to Keefe's house.
He and Tucker.
Someone might recognize him.
- But she's supposed to do it? - Uh, I don't You think women don't buy drugs? - What? - Look at the stats.
Three out of four mules are female because they're less likely to be targeted by law enforcement.
- It's smart.
- Plus, a good looking woman is disarming.
Oh, so you do want to do it? Good.
Thank you.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] - Is that? - Yeah.
You done right by us, Marshawnte.
You got this.
Remember, you been building up a coke empire these past couple months.
On to bigger and better things.
What he means is, don't get us killed.
A'ight? A'ight.
- Let's roll.
- See you guys in a minute.
- We'll be right here, Justine.
- You better be.
- What's up, man? - What's up? - Who the fuck is this? - She cool.
Come on, man.
[KEYPAD BEEPS] 'Sup, man.
Come on.
Jimmy, you got eyes on 'em? I got them.
They just walked in.
Looks okay.
No visual.
I lost them.
Can you move closer? Get a better angle? Not really.
Not without getting too close.
They should be headed back your way now.
Yo, ain't Ain't we this way? Nah, let's go.
How long's it been? Too goddamn long, you ask me.
- Where are they? - Oh, my god.
Guys, I don't see them.
Come the fuck on, man.
Shit, I still don't see them.
Do you have them? Can you see them? Let's go, man.
Come on.
Good doing business with you.
I'm gonna have to school you.
Can't go out the same way you came in, cuz.
[WHISTLES] [GROANS] - You know what that smells like? - Huh? - 25 to life.
- [BOTH LAUGH] All right, Jim's gonna grab you guys.
We're gonna go to Keefe's.
- Good job, Spoon.
- Good work.
Even after a drug deal, his wife still makes him take out the trash.
You can't tell me you miss Donna making you do your chores.
My bad.
Keefe runs a tight ship.
Man, we got to do this out here? Nosy neighbors like to peek out their curtains.
Come inside, man.
So, Keefe D.
[CHAIRS CLATTERING] [GUN COCKS] I got to fix this timer.
[LAUGHS] Man, what you want? I got things to do.
All right, Keefe, here's the deal.
We've had you on surveillance for several months.
Wiretaps, the whole nine.
We've got you.
Federal charges.
You're looking at 25 years to life.
[LAUGHING] If you had all that on me, I'd be in cuffs.
We're here for something else.
We'll help you work towards a deal on those drug charges if you talk to us.
Man, my lawyer ain't gonna let me say shit.
- Well then get a new one.
- Who I'm gonna trust? There's too many crooked ass attorneys out there.
Figure it out.
You want to have this conversation, Keefe.
It'll save your life.
You need anything, Keefe? We're gonna be here a while.
I'm cool for now.
I'm a dangerous nigga without smoking weed.
I'm like that with coffee.
[CHUCKLES] Different strokes.
Uh, okay, so [CLEARS THROAT] Everything you say has to be right on.
Because down the road, if any detail is incorrect, everything is off the table.
Don't bullshit me.
I ain't gonna bullshit you.
Keefe, what we're offering you is a written proffer agreement.
Do you know what that is? It's called "Queen for a Day.
" Now, you can talk about your knowledge of crimes, but nothing you say can be used against you so don't worry.
[SCOFFS] Man, it sound like I still could go to jail with that 'cause this Federal.
You're right.
It's not without risk.
We can use the information you provide to follow up on leads and conduct - further investigations.
- [SCOFFS] And if those leads capture new evidence, that evidence can be used to indict and convict you.
So what you saying is, you can go get some fool to try to put the double cross on me? Man, listen, this new wave of, oh, Myspace wannabe gang bangers, man, they snitch.
Look, either you talk now and roll the dice on it or you go to jail today on those drug charges.
Those are the pieces on the board.
Okay, Keefe D.
Tell me what happened outside the Petersen Museum the night of March 9, 1997.
I don't know shit about that.
- Are are you kidding me? - I'm just telling you.
That one wasn't us.
What do you mean "that one"? Man, I don't know nothing about that Biggie Smalls shit.
But what I do know is gonna blow your motherfuckin' mind.
[MUSIC SWELLS] So when you say that that one wasn't you, are you are you saying by implication that there was another murder that you were involved in? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Tupac.
You were in Vegas after all.
We all was.
Shouldn't be no surprise.
And that stuff that you told the FBI back in the day about Suge and the cops killing Pac.
It was all bullshit.
Okay, start from the beginning.
You talking about with Puff and Zip? Puff like Puffy? Man, you want me to talk or what? No, no, go ahead.
Go ahead.
Puffy wanted to make sure he was safe when he came to LA.
So Zip hooked us up.
Puffy says he never hired Crips for security.
I'm telling you, homeboy.
I was the security.
Puff was scared to death of Suge.
[CLAPPING] Yeah! Whoo! Yes! That was some Cab Calloway shit right there.
Man, I told you the tux was gonna play.
BOTH: Yeah.
Shoot, man, and you wanted to wear some Tims.
Hell yeah, would have threw a hoodie on, had that shit rockin' nigga.
- [LAUGHS] - Represent Brooklyn, baby.
Yeah, you would have.
Brooklyn shit, huh? Okay.
[HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING] Hey! Judas! - Westside! - Thug life! - Nigga! - Outlawz! You on the West Coast now, fat boy.
- Thug life! - What you wanna do? What you wanna do with it? What you wanna do, nigga? - East Coast.
- We can settle this right now.
[GUN COCKS] What's up? What's up? - Hey, Pac - [ALL YELLING] Suge, get your Pac.
[ALL YELLING] What's up! What's up! [YELLING INDISTINCTLY] That shit got too real at the Soul Train Awards.
I mean, it ain't right, man.
I'm just trying to run a business.
That's all, man.
Hey, that ain't nothing, cuz.
Trust me.
We would have tore they ass up, Puff.
Man, I'd give anything for them dudes' heads.
"Them dudes.
" - Suge and Tupac? - You heard me.
Okay, so even if what you say is true, it just sounds like Puffy was scared.
That's not a crime.
He was gonna pay us.
We wanted a million.
A million? A million dollars, and he agreed to that? But how did you know he was serious? Did he front you any money? Nah, it was just a gentlemen thing.
You know like, consider it done.
Right, so, just to be clear, Keefe, uh You went to Vegas with the intention of killing Tupac and Suge for money? We didn't go out there with no pistols, man.
We just went out there for the Tyson fight.
So what happened? Shit with my nephew happened 'cause of what popped off a few weeks before.
Suge was trying to give away these damn Death Row medallions so Lando was like, "I'm snatching Trevon's for props," you know.
Then Tupac saw Orlando at the MGM.
Goes after him for payback for Trevon? [GRUNTING] Our seats weren't together at the fight so we got separated and that's how he caught that beat down.
Then what? They rushed me, Pac, Suge, all them slob-ass bitches.
We still should have been there for you.
- And took care of them fools.
- Nah, hell no.
We still about to handle this, homey.
That's on my mama, cuz.
We about to get they ass.
He ain't look too bad.
Yeah, but they did him wrong though, you feel me? Nah, see this Southside Compton Crip right here.
Who they think they fucking with? Yep.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Zip, we need to settle this as soon as we get back to LA.
Why not now? I ain't got no pistol on me.
[SCOFFS] You know I got artillery.
This is the perfect opportunity.
They stomped out Lando.
Plus you can take care of that other thing.
Yeah, but how we supposed to find him out here? - Like all of Vegas? - 662.
Yeah, man, but Suge.
Like, he might kill us all, dawg.
We got one Let me ask you something, Corey.
You want some money so you can go out there and gamble while we handle this shit? [GRUNTS] Mark ass buster.
Lando, let's go.
And then we went to 662.
A'ight, so we was there for like 15, 20 minutes.
They a no show.
Don't nobody know where he is.
So we was like, "Let's just hit this liquor store.
" Sip on some shit.
Tonight we're enemies I'm on fire, nigga worldwide Locate my niggas, let's ride Shit, man.
We never gonna find these niggas here, man.
Good luck with killing me, I keep artillery Tonight we're enemies I'm on fire, nigga worldwide [WOMEN SHOUTING, CHEERING] - Oh, shit.
- Hey.
That's the T, u-turn.
Right here.
Turn right here.
U-turn, U-turn.
[TIRES SCREECH] Slow the fuck down.
[TIRES SCREECH] Get over there.
Yo, Dre.
Yo, Dre.
Take the gat, man.
I can't, man.
- That's that's Tupac - No shit, that's Tupac! - Bitch ass nigga.
- Bitch mother Yo, slow down, slow down.
Hey, man, Lando was my nephew.
I got to look out for him.
If they would have been on my side, I would have blast him.
[GUNFIRE] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [TIRES SCREECH] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] How you gonna be like that on that shit, Dre? Come on, now.
Lando, let's go, cuz! Come on, let's go, cuz.
[DISTANT SIRENS] So what did you do with the Cadillac? Terrence drove it back the next day.
It was a rental.
I got to be honest with you, Keefe.
Right now this sounds like retaliation for a beat down.
Straight murder.
Not murder for hire.
You put it on someone else.
Man, Puffy called Zip when he heard what happened.
He kept asking was that us.
So Zip hands me the phone, and I go, "Yeah, that was us.
" Did you ask him about the money you said he offered you? I wasn't gonna ask him about no money on the phone.
I just told Zip, "Go get our cash.
" So Zip handled that part.
Man, he said he tried.
Then Biggie got killed.
I got picked up on a charge in '97.
Zip and I fall out.
I get out of prison.
This fool won't call me back.
So you never heard from Zip or Puffy again? Nope.
But I heard dude gave Zip that money.
A million bucks.
Did half the job, right? Right.
- Holy shit.
- Yeah.
Did we just solve the Tupac murder? Southside.
Can already hear Blondie saying "I told you so.
" Well we'll see how it pans out, but it definitely means that we can take the Crips off the board for Biggie.
What? Why? If Keefe helped do Biggie, this was his moment to admit it and get away with it.
Instead he copped to the Tupac murder.
Oh, so now you're gonna take a gangster at his word? Don't get me started on this Puffy bullshit.
This case, anything's possible.
- No, it's not.
- It was the Wild West, Tuck.
He's right.
Bloods were beating up Puffy's friends.
- Asked where his mama lived.
- That's just another story.
And the guy that it happened to said that Suge had nothing to do with it.
After he settled for 600,000 bucks.
I'm with Tuck.
Say Puffy said every word Keefe claims, what does that mean? Remember being 25? Young men get angry, run their mouth.
Doesn't make it a hired hit.
Yeah, solicitation is muddy water.
Bunch of Crips in that hotel room, for all we know they took it how they wanted.
Not how it was meant.
I agree.
Look, all we can do right now is try to confirm what Keefe told us about the money.
It's not even our jurisdiction.
Tupac belongs to Vegas.
If what Keefe's saying is true, it all started in LA.
I'm setting up a meeting with the brass.
Can I get a minute? Before you make that call.
I got to bow out.
What? Why? - You don't have to do this.
- I'm not asking.
I know we've had our differences, but right now I'm looking out for you.
Cop to cop.
Don't pursue this.
It is our job to pursue this.
To investigate thoroughly.
We're talking about a murder here.
But that doesn't mean you go diving into rabbit holes.
Maybe it's not a rabbit hole.
All we have to do is find a paper trail.
- A paper trail.
- Yeah.
- Like Puffy wrote a check.
- Oh, come on, man - Will you listen to yourself? - Listen.
- Keefe - Is full of shit.
And that does not take him off the board for Biggie.
He's just a jammed-up thug selling something you want to buy.
Anything Keefe sold us doesn't check out, he's going to prison.
That's the deal we made.
[SCOFFS] Is that it? You go public with this, you look just as crazy as Russell Poole.
Right? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] It's all in here? And I'll even write your first paragraph.
The LAPD infringed on a detective's first amendment right to speak the truth.
They obstructed justice, and they are part of an elaborate cover-up of the murder of Christopher Wallace.
[EXHALES] You know who killed Biggie Smalls, and you're ready to go on record in the "LA Times"? Yeah.