Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. (2018) s01e10 Episode Script


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It did something.
- What did it do? The brass is looking to put together a task force because you wouldn't let it go.
This guy says that Suge took his car.
I paid $20,000 to the lady for this car.
- Lady? What lady? - Theresa Swann.
She's one of Suge's baby mamas.
Swann, we've got a search warrant.
You want to tell me what this is about? You're in a shitload of trouble, Theresa.
We want to know about the murder of Biggie Smalls.
- I don't know anything.
- Yes, you do.
Just give us a minute.
All I care about is my kids.
And that's why you have to do whatever it takes to keep them safe, right? She's gonna go home, think about things, but But what? She knows.
Hey, Ms.
Yo, what's up? Nice bike.
We got a problem.
What kind of a problem? Theresa called.
She's coming in on Thursday.
Well, Biggie was killed more than a decade ago.
We can wait a few days to find out what happened.
I'm not done.
She wanted to know what we know.
We know that she got caught up in some shady shit that could take her to prison That's what we know.
About the murder.
She wanted to know what we know about Biggie.
Oh, shit.
And what did you tell her? That she'd find out when she came in.
- Good.
- Damn.
She gettin' cold feet.
Doesn't want to snitch.
Well, we don't know that.
We got to be prepared for it.
Okay? We got to make it easier for her.
We got to find out more.
Come on, man, what are we gonna possibly find out in two days? Look, this isn't the end of the world.
All right, think about every theory, every person that we've investigated from the beginning We can eliminate most of them.
Plus, Theresa told us that she already knows what happened.
That's a huge dot for us to connect, all right? We just got to think about it.
All right, come on.
Let's think.
What? If Theresa knows what happened, it means either Suge told her, or she was somehow involved.
Pretty sure she didn't pull the trigger.
Then who did? Let's narrow it down.
Oh, shit.
What happened now? That was, uh, Tyndall.
Russell Poole just called.
He said he wants to talk.
I thought we weren't allowed to talk to Poole.
Not if he reaches out to us.
Said he has some new information.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I could use some new information right about now.
Russell Poole.
Call me Russ.
- Nice to meet you, Russ.
- Greg Kading.
- Daryn Dupree.
- Hey.
- Federal task force, huh? - Yep.
Every law enforcement agency working together.
Aw, that's great.
That is so great.
Hey, did you guys Did you guys have any luck yet? Oh, I can't really talk about that.
- Voletta Wallace's lawsuit.
- Yeah, yeah.
It's all because of you, my friend.
The lawsuit was filed ages ago.
How much longer is she gonna have to wait for some real answers, huh? We're doing our best.
- Yeah? - Just like you did.
No, I was never allowed to do my best.
You said that you had some new information that you wanted to share.
- Okay.
- What's this? That is a confession letter of sorts, sent to a journalist.
Now, he gave it to the police in '98.
And they never followed up on it, so he gave it to me.
Who wrote it? Someone that was real close to one of the shooters.
- Shooters? - Of Biggie? Mm-mm.
Yeah, w-who's Little Half Dead? Rapper from back in the day.
- Wait.
- Hmm? Someone saying that Tupac stole they song? - Yeah.
- Tupac? It's way less complicated than it seems.
Mostly, this boils down to Reggie Wright Jr.
He was behind the Tupac hit.
And he wanted Suge dead, too, so he could take over Death Row.
This plan involved several shooters.
And I-I've checked it out, and I just think you guys really should, too.
- Uh, Russ, this task force.
- Yeah? We're pretty sure we know who killed Tupac.
- Who's that? - Orlando Anderson.
Wasn't Orlando, no.
We have a confession.
- Oh, from who? - I can't tell you that.
Orlando Anderson was not the shooter, okay? These murders, guys, are not gang murders.
Please tell me that you have not been spending all this time thinking that.
I'm sorry, but I think that we might see this a little more simple than you.
Could be Tupac just punched the wrong guy.
Okay, Orlando Anderson was the shooter.
Why did he testify on Suge's behalf? Suge didn't want to go to prison, could have paid him.
Why was Tupac why did he have one bodyguard that night? Tupac had one personal bodyguard, but Death Row had a lot of security in Vegas that night.
- You know that.
- You can't just cherry-pick the things that fit what you want to believe.
That's what you guys are doing.
That's what you guys are doing.
Orlando Anderson was a patsy at best, okay? Reggie Wright Jr.
, head of Death Row security That is where you need to focus, okay? He was the mastermind of both these murders.
- Wha Biggie, too? - Yeah.
So you don't believe that the LAPD was involved anymore? Well, I didn't say that.
Who do you think hired Mack and Perez? I think it was Reggie Wright, okay? And Suge didn't know he was behind Tupac.
And Suge wanted revenge, and Reggie played him.
Well, we think that our confession is a solid one.
But we will definitely take a look at your letter.
Oh, come on.
No, you won't.
Hey, Greg.
Hey, Greg.
Why won't you tell me why you really can't say who killed Biggie, huh? It's not the lawsuit.
It's not me.
You don't know.
Okay, and if the LAPD was involved, trust me, the truth is never gonna get out.
The department won't let it.
The department has given us everything that we need.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Yeah, I used to believe in them, too.
Hey, we want to solve these murders just as bad as you do.
I really want you to solve them.
Thanks for your time.
How did it go with Poole? Well, we got a confession letter.
- For Tupac.
- What? Did Keefe write it? No.
You know, I'm not even going to try to begin to explain his theory.
We'll save that for another day.
What about you two? You come up with anything? As a matter of fact, we did Prison visiting logs.
Theresa Swann visited Suge a lot in 1997.
Well, are you thinking that's how he might have arranged a hit with her? Maybe, but those visits are monitored.
Oh, there's ways around that.
What about potential shooters? Made a list.
Started with Bloods with ties to Suge Heron, Poochie, Buntry, - Neckbone - Okay, best bet? Has anyone killed anyone before? Well, Buntry was thought to.
Poochie an informant told the FBI he thought he might have killed for Suge before.
Like an FBI informant like Percy Locke? No, I'm done with FBI informants.
Maybe it was Percy.
He went by Amir Muhammad.
He failed our lie-detector test.
Percy didn't do it.
What about Poole's mastermind? Reggie? Guy's an open book.
Story has never changed.
Wait a minute.
Reggie Wright Jr.
? - What? - Prisoner visiting logs You know who also visited Suge a lot in 1997? Reggie Wright Jr.
Okay, that's something.
But unlike Theresa, we don't have anything on him.
Yeah, and even Poole didn't think that Reggie was the shooter.
So what do we do? Hmm.
Fuck it.
- Reggie Wright Jr.
? - That's right.
Greg Kading, Daryn Dupree, LAPD.
We're working the Biggie murder.
Come in.
Over the years, you visited Suge a lot in prison, Reggie.
Well, I helped run Death Row.
That required a lot of face time.
All those visits Suge ever talk to you about taking out Biggie? Never, but then again, what Suge and I had wasn't about that.
That label had him upside down financially, and I was just trying to help out any way I could.
Come on, man, help us out.
Who do you think killed Biggie? I've always heard it was them boys from Southside over some kind of unpaid debt.
I mean, at least that's what the cops thought, right? In the beginning.
What can you tell us about Theresa Swann? I can say she's a good person for you to talk to.
Was Theresa Swann involved in Biggie's murder? I don't know.
Well, if Theresa were involved, who from Suge's crew do you think would help her carry out that hit? - I don't know.
- Was it you? No.
Okay? The answer's always been no.
How about the guys Suge hangs around? Who would he turn to? Heron? Neckbone? Buntry? - Look - Poochie? I don't - Tell me about Poochie.
- Talk to us.
All I'm saying is that Suge and Poochie They had secrets between them.
They was always whispering off to themselves, you know, behind closed doors.
- And - And what? Rumor was Suge bought Poochie an Impala.
- What color was it? - I don't know.
And that's all I know.
Poochie, huh? Poochie.
Any idea who he is? Yeah.
One of Compton's finest.
They call him Poochie.
AKA Darnell Bolton.
Poochie was killed in a drive-by in 2003.
Never any real leads on who did it.
Maybe it was retaliation for Biggie.
Retaliation? We don't even know if Poochie really was the shooter.
You said Reggie told you it could also have been Southside.
Maybe Keefe helped kill Biggie because he never got paid for the hit on Tupac.
Wait, wait, so Keefe was involved in both murders, but only cops to the one that we're not even after him for? - Why would he do that? - I'm just pointing things out.
Okay, Keefe is going to prison no matter what.
Right now our focus has to be Poochie.
So, when Theresa comes in tomorrow, what are we gonna do, just ask her if Poochie was the shooter? She's gonna know we don't know.
We could tell her we do know and hope that she confesses, tells us in her own words.
You mean guess and hope we're right.
Yeah, it's an educated guess.
Did Poochie tell us? Because he's been dead for years.
I have another idea.
Poole was given a confession letter.
Why can't we have been given one, too? So Poochie just confessed in a letter? - Why? - To get credit.
Or in case he died and the police tried to pin Biggie's murder on an innocent man.
That's insane.
This whole case is insane, Jim.
Look, we only use this letter if Theresa refuses to talk.
What if we put something in there that she knows for a fact is wrong? Use redactions.
Every secret legal document has redactions.
Makes it more authentic.
And it will hide what we don't know.
We don't know anything for sure.
Remember we only use this if we absolutely have to.
Where's your lawyer, Theresa? - I don't need one.
- Why not? Waste of money.
Why do you say that? Because I thought about it, and I don't have anything to say.
Theresa, we talked about this.
You told me you know what happened.
I can't tell you anything about Suge.
Okay, you have a child with him.
We understand that.
But Voletta Wallace lost her son.
I can't.
I won't.
I get it.
We all do.
- You don't want to snitch.
- I won't.
- Theresa - I won't, not against Suge.
Well You don't have to snitch, Theresa because we know what happened.
It's all right here in this letter.
That's right.
What Poochie says happened, that's what happened.
All right, why don't you go ahead and tell us what happened in your own words? After Tupac got shot Suge was really upset.
It was like his brother got killed or something.
And him being in jail for violating his parole, that didn't help none.
You went to visit him in jail a lot.
I had to pretend to be his lawyer's assistant so they'd leave me alone with him.
Alone? No guards.
Just me and Suge.
What about the lawyer? He didn't know what was going on.
Well, what was going on? Suge said he wanted me to talk to Poochie You know, about Biggie.
What about Biggie? Pay Poochie to take care of him 'Cause 'cause Tupac and all.
He told me where Biggie would be That party at the museum.
We met a couple times at that diner on Lakewood.
What did you talk about You and Poochie? Mostly money.
I went back to Suge.
He told me the money would be waiting in my bank account whenever I needed it.
How much money? $9,000.
What happened after that? - Theresa? - Mm-mm.
I was there the night of the party, but I left before anything happened, I swear.
You sure you didn't help in any way? Maybe act as a spotter? What about Poochie? W-was he at the Petersen? Oh, no, I didn't see him for weeks.
Then he came by saying he needed more money because he had to get out of town until things cooled down.
I had to go ask Suge for it.
Then I met with Poochie one more time gave him $4,000 more.
After that, I never saw Poochie again.
You can't make me say nothing in court.
You want us to help you, you got to help us That's how this works.
- Help you how? - Go to Suge.
Get him to talk about what you just told us about No.
No, I'm not going to Suge.
- No! Get off me! - Okay, okay.
- No! I'm not going to Suge.
- Okay, okay.
We don't have to talk any more right now.
You know what? We can continue We can continue at different time.
But I think that's that's probably enough for today.
Okay? Well, I told you that letter would work.
Damn, did we just figure out who killed Biggie, too? Yep.
Yeah, I think we did.
It's been a while now, Detective Kading.
What progress has the task force made in confirming the story of your informant Uh, Duane "Kef-ee" D Davis? Not as much as we'd like, sir, although we do believe that Keefe was directly involved in the murder of Tupac Shakur.
Trying to confirm his account has been much harder than any of us anticipated.
Then why are you smiling, Detective? Because I'm happy to tell you that we have a solid confession in the Christopher Wallace case.
You saying the task force has solved the Biggie murder? Yes, sir, I believe we have.
Then by all means, continue, Detective Kading.
Theresa Swann, the mother of one of Suge Knight's children, has admitted to being involved in securing a killer for Suge.
This woman claims that Suge ordered the killing? Yes, sir.
And she is involved going forward in the investigation.
And what about the shooter? One of Suge's former associates, now deceased.
Well, Detective Kading, throughout the course of the investigation, has the task force uncovered any evidence implicating the LAPD in the murder of Christopher Wallace? No, sir.
We have not.
Well, we're, uh, going to evaluate what this means for the lawsuit and for the LAPD.
You continue the great work, Detective.
Detective, looks like your best was good enough after all.
The city of Los Angeles thanks you.
How'd it go with the brass today? Well, I didn't see it, but I'm pretty sure I heard 'em high-fiving on my way out.
First, a black president, now this.
We got a long way to go, Dupers.
Still need to set up a wiretap on Suge.
Convince Theresa to sweet-talk him into a confession.
What, did you think this shit was going to get easy all of the sudden? Aw, shit.
Crockett and Tubbs came to pay a visit at my new gig.
What's up? Keefe what the hell you doing working at an oil refinery? 22 an hour, man, full benefits.
Got bills to pay.
Does your boss know you helped kill Tupac? Confessed to it? What about those federal drug charges? Is he aware of those? Ain't no expiration date on those crimes.
They still alive and well.
So, uh, what's the latest on Zip and his nephew? I ain't got shit to tell, man.
Shit's been slow.
Look, we've been over all of this.
No matter what happens, you doing federal time for that PCP we busted you with.
But if you can get Zip to back your story about the Tupac murder, those charges will be reduced.
Even better, your Southside family won't do any time.
It's easy, Keefe, okay? Start by getting Zip to admit that he provided the gun that killed Tupac.
Shit, and if I can't? If you can't, then your story is just that.
And our deal's off the table.
Clock's ticking, Keefe.
Can't wait forever.
Hey, you wanted to see me, sir? Have a seat, Greg, please.
Look, uh this is coming straight from the Chief.
And he's doing it to protect you and the case, all right? I don't follow.
As of today, you're no longer part of the Christopher Wallace task force.
I know, it's not fair, but some allegations were made.
- And, uh - Wait, wait, wait.
- What what allegations? - In the Torres case.
Those allegations were baseless.
I can't speak to that, all right? All I know is that we're on the record, and the department cannot risk them being brought up in the Biggie case.
You know how it went down with Torres.
It's not like you just heard that.
- This is about something else.
- It's about being smart, Greg.
Please don't do this.
Just let me finish the case.
We just got a confession.
We know how you got Theresa Swann to confess, okay? Do you really think that's gonna hold up in court? No lawyer, and you pull some crazy ruse She told us in her own words Maybe she got jammed up and told you what you wanted to hear in order to save her own ass.
- Did you ever think of that? - No.
That's not what happened.
And we were never going to use that confession in court.
You know that.
But it will help us get what we need to close this case.
Tupac and Biggie, we know what happened to them! Come on! You don't even know if she was telling you the truth, Greg.
The Biggie murder is far from being closed.
And Tupac? As of today, he's Vegas PD's problem again.
They've been informed Of Keefe D's confession.
You need to send them all the work you've done.
Look take some time, all right? Think about what you want to do next.
You can have your pick of any job in this department.
Nobody is saying you haven't done excellent work here.
- Do me a favor, Commander.
- Yes? Put Daryn Dupree in charge of this task force, please.
He's the best man for the job.
The department has other plans for Daryn Dupree.
Officer Dupree.
Thanks for coming in.
Have a seat.
I'd rather stand, if that's okay.
Oh, that's fair enough.
Do you own a decent suit, Officer? Better than decent.
I'm Daryn Dupree.
You're gonna fit right in.
Welcome to Robbery Homicide Detective.
Hold up.
Are you saying what I think you're saying? That you're now working for the most esteemed division in the LAPD? I believe I am.
What about the Biggie task force? Go ahead and finish up your work over there.
We'll see you soon.
Oh, hold on.
Wait, wait, almost forgot.
This isn't happening.
Just focus on the good, all right? Daryn just got promoted to detective.
The department's gonna bring on a whole new group of people.
- Everything is going to be fine.
- No, they won't.
What about Keefe? Our case against him is federal.
Yeah, I know.
His confession is a part of a federal proffer.
Vegas PD won't be able to use any of it.
- I know.
- He could walk on everything.
I know.
I fucking know.
I fucking know.
Greg I'm sorry.
Yeah, me too.
Look, this task force is gonna close the Biggie case.
Okay? And I'm proud that I got to work with each one of you.
Ladies and gentlemen, for the past eight years, I've represented Voletta Wallace as she has sought restitution for the murder of her son, Christopher.
Today after talking to Miss Wallace, I asked for the wrongful-death suit against the city of Los Angeles to be dismissed without prejudice.
Just to be clear, you asked for the case to be dismissed? Was this because the city made it clear they had no intention - of ever settling with you? - Not at all.
We're withdrawing the lawsuit because Miss Wallace does not want to interfere with what we've been assured is a reinvigorated police investigation.
She has always wanted one thing only Justice.
Gregers! Duper Oh! Look at that suit.
Oh, man.
I am never gonna get used to this.
Don't worry, I still break out my Air Force Ones on the weekend.
You are talking about shoes, right? Doug let me get a tequila on the rocks.
- Dos.
- So how you been? You refreshed? Yeah, yeah, I guess I am.
- Donna? - We're dating.
- We're not divorced yet.
- What? Yeah, yeah, she's not gonna make it easy on me, man.
She shouldn't.
You done messed up.
Thank you, Doug.
So what about, uh, Jim and Justine? You heard from them? Been a while.
Task force is officially closed, Greg.
Yeah, I know.
New people got involved.
Were trying to see things through with Theresa.
Department just pulled the plug.
Hey, you think we were right? Shooter wore a bow tie.
Think Poochie did? Maybe.
I don't know.
And you never answered my question.
Were we right? I think It's not about what you know.
It's what you can prove.
- You know what I think? - Hmm? I think Poole was right, too.
I don't think the department ever really cared about the truth.
They just hoped that there were no cops involved.
And when we proved that they weren't the brass knew that there was no chance they were ever gonna lose that lawsuit, and, well the writing was on the wall.
So I'm done.
What? I'm retiring, Daryn.
Retiring? You just came off a long-ass vacation.
I thought you were gonna go join me at RHD.
Yeah, well, that would have been fun.
No doubt, but It's time.
I mean, I'm still kind of young.
I got a nice pension.
I got a great kid.
I might get lucky with my wife again one of these days.
But you the LAPD needs more guys like you.
So that's really it for you? There's one more thing I have to do.
Thank you for coming to see me.
But what you are telling me I do not understand.
If you think you know what happened with my son, why hasn't anyone been put in jail? Why isn't anyone arrested? I wish that it were that simple.
My lawyer, he says the investigation has been reinvigorated.
Is that not true? I don't think the department is any closer to an arrest than they've ever been.
You said you know what happened.
Look even if I'm right and I was allowed to see this thing through It's a very difficult case to prosecute.
The the police, the district attorney, they have to take all of that into account.
I don't necessarily agree Listen, for years, I had one detective telling me that members of the LAPD were involved in my son's murder.
And now I have you, another detective, telling me the LAPD is not involved, and they may know what happened, but they're worried that it may be too difficult to prove? Yes.
And Tupac? You're gonna tell his mother the same thing? Two young men young boys.
When I think of what their lives would have become and I think of who they could have I would like for you to leave.
Wallace it's not just me.
E-everyone on this case, all we wanted for your son was justice.
And I-I'm sorry that we couldn't give that to you.
My son he touched a lot of people.
They loved him.
They still do.
But that cannot take away my pain, you understand me? What I feel inside it's so very cold.
It's so, so very heavy.
And I'm so dying, dying to get rid of it.
But it's not something I could get rid of, because Christopher was my son my baby.
And I was his mother.
I will always be his mother.
And I just want to know what happened to my son.
I'm sorry.
- We're ready for you, Russ.
- Okay.
This is Sergeant Turner.
He's heard a lot about you.
Oh, yeah? All good, I hope.
- Have a seat.
- Sure.
Hey, thanks for Thanks for meeting me, fellas.
Yeah, I got to say, if I If I hadn't joined the LAPD, I would have been real proud to join the Sheriff's Department.
What can we do for you, Russ? I understand you have some information to share concerning a homicide and Suge Knight? Yeah, I sure do.
Um Sorry.
Hold on one second.
Just want to make sure there are no misunderstandings.
Uh, why would there be misunderstandings? You do have a history of going to the press.
With the truth after lies have been told.
We just want to dot our I's and cross our T's.
I'm sure you can understand that.
Okay, then.
So Tell us who you think Suge Knight killed.
Excuse me, I don't, uh I don't think he killed anyone.
I think Suge was the actual target the night Tupac Shakur was killed.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Russ, I believe Tupac's murder, uh, is Vegas' jurisdiction.
That is correct, but if I am right, the conspiracy started here, okay? It involved Reggie Wright Jr.
He's the head He's the head of Death Row security.
Conspiracy? Yeah, and I, uh I should tell you I do think some sheriff's deputies might have gotten caught up in it.
Okay? - Russ.
- Hmm? I'm not sure what you want us to do.
I want you to investigate, okay? I want the truth to come out.
I want somebody to do something! I'm just I'm not a cop.
I'm not a cop anymore.
I've got a written confession from one of the two conspirators.
There were multiple shooters that night in Vegas.
There were multiple shooters that night in Vegas.
I have to leave.
Russ! Russ! Come on, what's wrong? Oh, Jesus, I think he's having a heart attack! Russ! Get some help! Call 911! - You gonna live - Yeah Wonder if everybody would want it 'Cause this one's for everybody that's gone - This was for y'all - Talk to 'em You gonna live on Uh, yo, life is such a blessing Constantly we think of all the ways we can perfect it Trials and tribulations that we face And leave us desperate till we open up our hearts - You gonna live on -