Unspeakable s01e07 Episode Script

Intent (1997 - 2005)

1 It is not, and will not be, a witch hunt.
It can't be about punishment, or worse, revenge.
- It should be.
- I think you should testify.
I don't see the need to relive it.
I don't owe anybody my story.
The AZT doesn't seem to be helping.
You really need to take it easy.
Give the meds a chance.
- [SHOT CRACKS] - [JIM]: Say I take that rifle, and I point it at your head, and I pull the trigger, someone's gonna call that murder, dontcha think? I'm so sorry.
He's gone.
Will you marry me? I want kids.
We don't really know how long I have.
Doesn't change how I feel.
I watched my husband become bitter, hateful, and vengeful.
[MARLYS EDWARDH]: They're all filing suit.
They're basically saying we sandbagged them.
They buried my friends, now they're trying to bury the truth.
[REPORTER]: Canadians are another step closer to learning the result of the multi-year Krever Commission's inquiry into the safety of Canada's blood system.
The Federal Court of Appeal today rejected the Red Cross and other government officials' attempt to block Krever from assigning blame in his report.
While today's ruling was certainly good news, the battle is not over.
The case is now going to the Supreme Court, and hopefully, they will agree with the lower courts, but we can't assume anything.
And as the fight for the truth continues we continue to bury the dead.
It's good.
Lameck wants to cut it.
Why? He says it appeals to emotions rather than facts.
Well, this is the Supreme Court we're talking about, so your oral arguments are limited.
Your best shot to make your case is with the written factum.
I know that.
So are you worried? Every court so far has ruled in our favour.
It wouldn't have gotten this far if it was a sure thing.
Lameck is your lawyer.
He works for you.
I told him the paragraph stays in.
[RED CROSS ATTORNEY ON TV]: Well, because, milady, Section 13 speaks of misconduct.
There is virtually no judicial definition of what misconduct is.
[SUPREME COURT JUSTICE]: We all know what misconduct is, or easily can find that out.
[ATTORNEY]: But it can be short of findings that are the equivalent of civil and criminal [ALICE]: We're out of milk.
Pick some up if you can.
[ATTORNEY CONTINUES]: Mismanagement can be a form Can you believe this shit? These idiots are arguing about the definition of "misconduct.
" I mean, nobody seems to care that the bastards actually deserve to be blamed.
I'm going to be home late again.
We're out of milk! for the most part, of criminal or civil liability Wait, what is happening here? Uh, pan-seared salmon, saffron rice, and broccoli.
Who are you, and what have you done with my husband? [CHUCKLES] I'm actually feeling pretty good today.
Even went for a walk.
Good for you.
How was your day? Uh, the usual.
I did, uh, run across one fun bit of news.
Oh, yeah? Um, doctors in Italy, they invented this procedure called "sperm washing.
" Sperm washing? The HIV virus is actually only in the semen.
They use a centrifuge to separate out individual sperms.
Then inject them into the woman - through artificial insemination.
- [SIGHS] I'm thinking that spring is a beautiful time of year in Rome.
I know what you're gonna say.
But I've been saving a little vacation slash artificial insemination fund.
Look, it's not just because I'm afraid of transmitting the virus.
[SMOKE ALARM STARTS BEEPING] Oh, shit! Open up open up the door I can't believe he actually fell for it.
"Is that suit custom made?" I'd throw up in my mouth if I tried saying something like that.
People like compliments.
You know, Brian's a smart guy.
He should see right though Chad and know he's just sucking up, but he eats it up.
You're a brilliant architect, and I'm sure you'll impress your boss with your talent.
I assume that's why they hired you.
See? Compliments work.
I knew what you were doing.
[LAUGHS] - Hey! I have a paper due tomorrow.
- Come on, come on! I'm sure it's genius.
Because you are so smart and sexy at astrophysics.
Aw, a truly, truly sad effort.
- Told you I'm terrible.
- [CHUCKLES] [DOOR OPENS] Hey Hey [SIGHS SLEEPILY] It's 9:20, don't you have a deposition at 9:30? Oh, shit.
[GROANS] I must have shut the alarm off in my sleep.
[KEYS JINGLE] [RIPPING TAPE] [LISA]: "Sorry this took so long, but my dad said in his will that you should get his beloved Marlin 336.
He said you would know what to do with it.
Lisa Krepke.
" So how are Huey and Dewey holding up? His two remaining t-cells.
He gave them names.
They're still there, hanging tough.
Couple of bad-asses, Huey and Dewey.
Um What are his options? The only real option is a liver transplant.
Unfortunately, the government won't allow it for patients with HIV.
How long How long do you think I have? Without a biopsy, it's hard to know, but, um we don't want to put you through that.
Based on what I'm seeing, your liver is already failing.
I'm sorry.
I'm just saying, don't go in there with unreasonable expectations.
He's the Associate Deputy Health Minister.
He's the only one who agreed to meet with me, so, no, I don't have high expectations, but I've got to do everything I can.
You know, changing policy takes time.
Whose side are you on? The policy is outdated.
It was instituted years ago, when HIV meant AIDS and rapid death.
There's new treatments now.
People are surviving.
I'll be back soon.
I'm sorry.
For what? For not being able to give you the life that you deserve.
For not being able to spend the future with you.
I love that you're fighting for me, I do, but I've come to terms with it.
The time that we've had together it makes me so happy.
I want you to be happy again one day, too.
Please don't be angry.
I won't be long, okay? You're home late.
I want a child.
Then maybe you should find someone else to have it with.
I don't want "a" child, idiot.
I want your child.
Preferably with you around to help raise him or her.
I'm through talking about this.
I'm not.
You're not dead.
I know that you could die.
I knew that when I married you.
I understand the circumstances, okay? I'm saying I'll raise the kid as a single mom if I have to.
Why can't you understand? I want a piece of you, Peter.
Someone to continue on in this world with me.
I want to look into our child's eyes and see both of us, what we mean to each other.
I want you to live on, regardless.
Just a reminder, this Saturday, 11:00 till 3:00.
See you then.
Every time I come by, you're here.
It's a crazy time of year, with the family picnic.
How are things? Peter and Darby? Darby's talking about having kids.
No kidding? I'm not sure Peter's on board with it, though.
You should go home and get some rest.
Go home to what? That bad, huh? We're like strangers living under one roof.
I know.
What can I say? Have you thought about seeing a counselor? I could recommend someone if you like.
I've been seeing a therapist for a while now, but there's no way Ben would ever go.
Hello, B.
Hemophilia Society.
You okay with visitors? We can come back later on if now is not good.
There might not be a later, at least for me.
It's nice to know you've still got your sense of humour.
We've been waiting on news from the Supreme Court.
Do you have any idea on when they might make their ruling? No.
Hopefully soon.
Probably waiting till after I'm gone, just to keep me from knowing the end of the story.
Hey, Paul, um everything you did, all the sacrifices you've made I wasn't the only one.
We won't forget.
I just hope it's not for nothing.
- - The findings of the Krever Inquiry are not going to be admissible in court.
I know, that's why there's no point in waiting.
The evidence is overwhelming.
We're certainly monitoring the situation.
"Conduct which shows a wanton or reckless disregard for the lives of others will by its nature constitute prima facie evidence of the mental element.
" I know that intent is an issue in terms of criminal prosecution, so look at that.
It's an internal Red Cross memo documenting the economic impact of switching to safer heat-treated products.
They knew it would kill people if they didn't switch.
They chose to put a price on people's lives.
Clearly, you've done your homework.
[SIGHS] You make that sound like it's a school project.
That wasn't what I meant.
You've given us a lot to digest here.
And I can assure you, we appreciate your input.
I'm sorry, but that sounds a little like bullshit intended to get me to leave.
What you and your family have been through is tragic.
You're going to have to trust us to do our job.
I'll be more than happy to keep you informed of any updates.
My number's in there, my address, too, all my info.
We'll be in touch.
Krever's report is critical.
And if it ends up saying what we want, it'll definitely help move the Hep C class action suit forward, but [SIGHS] we have to be ready if it doesn't.
He wouldn't want us just standing around crying over him.
Marta's eulogy was beautiful.
When she talked about them not being able to start a family it was so sad.
Hey he had AIDS as well as Hep C.
You don't.
He shouldn't have had either.
[ENGINE STARTS] Good evening.
A long and emotional legal fight ended today with the ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada.
It involves the Krever Commission on Canada's tainted blood supply, and whether the Commission can lay blame for what went wrong in a system that failed so many Canadians.
The Supreme Court ruled that yes, the Commission can lay blame.
"These infections were caused by the very system Canadians rely upon to restore their health in times of illness or accident.
" Well, you must feel a little vindicated.
They quoted the exact introductory paragraph you wrote for the factum.
We have work to do.
[KREVER SIGHS HEAVILY] 244 days of public hearings.
353 witnesses.
175,000 documents, totalling close to a million pages collected.
1,073 pages.
An undertaking of this magnitude and complexity could not have been conducted without the commitment and untiring work of so many.
Most of you in this room gave four years of your life to this report.
And your efforts, for the most part, adequately competent.
Will blood and blood products be safe in Canada in future as a result? That remains to be seen.
However, what I do not doubt is that your undying concern for public welfare throughout this endeavour is evidence of the very best that we have to offer.
The very best.
And I thank you all for that.
Hopefully, it does what it should.
Well, if it doesn't, we didn't do our job.
"In the pages that follow, an account is given of a public health disaster that was unprecedented in Canada, and, if we have learned from it, one that will never occur again " " The process of implementing HIV antibody testing was characterized by a failure of all the major actors responsible for the provision of blood services to heed the clear indications of urgency " " At the heart of the delay in introducing HIV testing was the character of the Red Cross, the organization most responsible for ensuring the safety of the blood supply.
The Red Cross was a tentative and ineffective decision maker that recoiled from its responsibility to make timely decisions " " There is no reasonable explanation for the length of time it took the Canadian Red Cross to prepare the pamphlet about AIDS, particularly when it is compared to the time it took other blood services throughout the world to prepare pamphlets or information sheets " " For its part the Canadian Blood Committee, once presented with an implementation plan to approve, reacted with routine deliberation at a time when expeditious action was required " "The effect of the failure to implement surrogate testing in Canada is illustrated by the Blajchman-Feinman study itself, which confirmed that surrogate testing would have significantly reduced the incidence - of post-transfusion hepatitis " - " was delayed because the Red Cross was concerned about inventory, and subordinated safety in its ordering of priorities.
It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that, if heat-treated concentrates had been introduced as soon as possible, some of the hemophiliacs who were infected would have avoided infection " " In the light of what was known at the time about the risk of transfusion-related AIDS and the measures that were available to reduce that risk, was enough done? The answer is no.
" "The Red Cross did not carry out risk-reduction measures assiduously.
It did not appropriately weigh competing concerns.
Rather, it consistently used the absence of 'definitive proof' of a link between AIDS and blood transfusion as a justification for maintaining the status quo Its employees or officials repeatedly " " The regulations governing preparations from human sources gave it the authority to require manufacturers to institute measures to screen out donors who were potentially infected with bloodborne diseases.
It did not institute this requirement with respect to AIDS at any time through the 1980s " " The contamination of the blood-supply system was in large measure the result of the rejection, or at least the non-acceptance, of an important tenet in the philosophy of public health, action to reduce risk should not await scientific certainty.
When there was reasonable evidence that serious infectious diseases could be transmitted by blood, the principal actors in the blood-supply system in Canada refrained from taking essential preventative measures until causation had been proved with scientific certainty.
The result was a national public health disaster.
" And you said nothing would come of this.
I was wrong.
It's a hell of a challenge.
I'm trying to use natural light throughout the workspaces and collect rainwater to help cool the building.
That's brilliant.
No one thought so at first, but I badgered them into submission.
You must get that from your mother.
All those years you worked so hard.
Yeah, I don't think I ever fully realized it back then, but you deserve more credit for making things safe for me and a lot of other guys like me.
I just did what I had to do.
It meant I wasn't around as much as I would've wanted to be.
We survived.
How are things with Mom? Oh she's fine.
She's just just working too hard.
It had to be hard on her.
Years of listening to people's heart-breaking stories every day.
She's the strongest person I've ever met.
Take a vacation.
Go to the Bahamas like you're always talking about.
Take Mom sailing.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, maybe.
[RUBY]: Are you home? Dinner's gonna be late! My dad said the recommendations Krever made should pave the way for compensation for Hep C victims.
That's great.
Just gotta get the health ministers on board.
They're balking as usual.
Wanting to exclude people who got infected before a certain date.
Still trying to pay out as little as they can possibly Come with me.
I want to show you what I bought today.
Don't worry, I can take it back.
I mean, I'm not pregnant yet.
That's good, because we've been using condoms, so it would have been someone else's baby.
[LAUGHS] Crazy, I know.
I just saw it, and I can still get a full refund I think we should keep it.
Really? Jury's still out on whether Hep C can be transmitted sexually.
I don't want you to feel pressured.
I know the risks.
[LAUGHS] Krever's report said everything we hoped it would say.
That's good.
But seeing all those other people testifying, orphans and widows, families torn apart by this tragedy suddenly, I didn't feel so alone.
And what about Ben? How did he react? He was glad that they named the people for the things they did wrong.
But he won't be satisfied until they're all rotting in jail.
He calls them criminals, worse sometimes.
I mean, we've all been driven crazy by this.
I don't even know what normal is anymore.
I'm just not sure it's about justice.
It's like he has to keep moving or Or what? [WILL]: Hey, how'd it go? Uh, there's nothing physically wrong.
That's good.
She thinks it's depression.
You're kidding.
Well, that's what I said.
I've got so much to be happy about.
Everything's okay, and I'm gonna be a grandmother.
I don't think depression means actually being sad.
[SNIFFLES] I know.
She said that [SIGHS HEAVILY] prolonged chronic stress can create an irregular hormonal imbalance.
You don't produce the right amounts of adrenaline and cortisol.
PTSD is a real physiological thing.
So Cipralex! You gonna take it? [SCOFFS] I can hear my mother now.
"It's just a bunch of psycho-babble bullshit.
Get over it.
" [BANGING PILL BOTTLE TESTILY] I should've been here more.
I shouldn't have worked so much.
Too many trips leave you to look after everything.
This isn't on you.
We both had our battles to fight.
You remember Ryan used to say that he didn't want anyone to think he was weak because he had to take medication to be normal.
I don't think anyone's going to accuse you of that.
Damn right.
No one's going to know.
I said I would get back to you with any updates, - Mr.
- That was months ago.
You're going to have to be patient.
Maybe it's not murder, but the Ontario Court of Appeals decision in R.
Sharp, 1984, held that criminal negligence required no proof like intention or deliberation.
Indifference was sufficient.
The Supreme Court of Canada also considered this issue in R.
Waite, 1989, where based on - Mr.
Landry - Yes, I did more homework.
The question is, are you doing yours? I know I'm not the only one who's calling for charges to be laid.
These things take time.
Now, I assure you we have significant resources devoted to this.
There was a time when I trusted the powers that be.
Never again.
So if you think I'm just gonna sit back and allow this to all get swept under the rug Mr.
Landry, I suggest you refrain from anything that might be misconstrued as a threatening tone.
I'm not the criminal here! Those men made decisions that cost people their lives, and people are still dying! So you better fucking do something about it! [DOOR SLAMS] The criminal investigation was expected, but not so soon.
The RCMP are starting five weeks earlier than planned on the strength of new evidence.
Uh, we had people come forward to us that were had specific information within the blood, uh, supply system in Canada.
Seriously, it's good news, Dad.
It's what you wanted, right? They probably got sick of you harassing them.
Doesn't mean they're laying charges.
They're just launching an investigation.
History is littered with things that were launched and came crashing back to Earth.
You need, like, help.
[CRUNCHING] You know there are other kinds of sandwiches.
Not in this house.
Not while I'm around.
Seriously, though, this constant bitterness and anger, it's not good for you.
Is that your professional opinion now? Well, I'm not a doctor yet, but I don't need a degree to see what you're doing to yourself.
You say that as though I'm the one in control.
I'm not doing this to myself.
I'm the one trying to take back control.
Dad, control is an illusion.
I mean, I'm not saying you shouldn't fight.
I'm just saying, sometimes, you need to enjoy the little things, like a completely delicious sandwich with absolutely no redeeming health benefits whatsoever.
Seriously, though, have you had your blood pressure checked recently? Enough! Sorry.
Brian was being a real pain in the ass Shh - [HEARTBEAT WHOOSHING] - That sounds good.
Yes, good strong heartbeat.
And here we go.
There's the head, and the legs Everything where it should be.
What happened? Baby's active.
You don't have to tell me.
Little guy's been kicking the crap out of me.
She keeps referring to the baby as a "he.
" It's my mom.
She thinks it's a boy, the way I'm carrying.
But can you actually tell? No, don't say anything! I don't want to know.
I want it to be a surprise.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Will, it's Lawrence! He wants to talk to both of us.
What are you doing? I told you I would call a plumber.
It's an easy fix.
Just put him on speakerphone.
- You don't know what you're doing - Just put him on speakerphone.
- Hey! - Hey, Lawrence, what's up? Well, Provincial and Federal health ministers are about to announce a $1.
2 billion compensation package for those infected with Hep C.
- That's great news.
- There was no compassion involved.
You know, their lawyers told them to settle only because they knew they'd get creamed in court with lawsuits.
It was the cheapest way out.
But it's only for those who were exposed between 1986 and 1990, because there was a test available at that time that wasn't used.
Well, that's what we were worried about.
Yeah, we're planning a press conference for later on in the day after the official announcement.
Jesus, a lot of people are gonna be pissed off.
Well we'll just have to keep up the pressure [WATER SPRAYING] [SHRIEKING AND SHOUTING] Oh! There's a shut-off under the sink! - A shut-off? - Under the sink, - under the sink.
It turns the water off.
- Why isn't it off now? Because you have to turn it back on to see Just never mind.
Just please turn it off! - Hello? - It was an easy fix! Hey, you.
What's going on? You're in labour.
What? We've actually had this conversation a few times.
You're in the hospital having a baby.
I am? That's so nice.
And they gave you some morphine to help with the pain.
Who brought all the flowers? They're so pretty.
Maybe a little too much morphine.
I love you.
I love you, too.
[GROANS IN PAIN] What's that? You're having a contraction.
Holy shit, that hurts.
Okay, okay, here, let's breathe Let's breathe.
[GROANING IN PAIN] Oh why don't I have an why don't I have an epidural? It was too early.
[GROANING] Get me an epidural right now! What? What's wrong? That's not a good look.
What's going on? I mean, this is an unusually long time, isn't it? I regret not having another child.
Now? You want to talk about that now? Well, after Ryan, I didn't think I could handle it, but now Now we're going to enjoy a healthy grandchild.
And if she's a girl she'll be a carrier.
If it's a boy, the hemophilia ends right here.
Why couldn't they just find out? Why do we need suspense and drama? Why is this taking so damn long? What? What's wrong? Is something wrong? Why are you crying? [MARGARET GASPS] Oh - [RUBY]: It's a girl.
- [GASPS IN DELIGHT] [WILL]: Ryan just scared the crap out of us.
I couldn't talk.
I was overwhelmed.
Well, it sure wasn't the easiest thing ever, was it? She's beautiful.
Sure took long enough.
You're telling me.
Her name is Mya.
Oh, my God, how could I forget what this is like? [WHISPERING] Hello, Mya I'm your grandma.
- You did good.
- [LAUGHING] You did so good.
[WEARILY] Oh, God [WHISPERING] I'm your grandmother.
Good evening.
Canadians living the legacy of the tainted blood tragedy have waited a long time for this day.
Others didn't live to see it.
After a five-year investigation, the RCMP has laid criminal charges, including charges against the Canadian Red Cross and several doctors who were highly placed in Canada's blood distribution system.
John Furesz, Dr.
Wark Boucher, Dr.
Roger Perrault, Dr.
Michael Rodell, and the Armour Pharmaceutical Company did, by criminal negligence, permit or cause to be distributed Armour HT Factor VIII Dr.
Perrault is a distinguished medical practitioner, and if his health holds out, he intends to vigorously defend himself against these charges.
He is simply not a criminal.
[ALICE]: I'm home! They dropped the investigation into the Canadian Blood Committee.
"Lack of evidence of criminal intent.
" There are lots of other charges still standing.
The provinces are the ones who control the purse strings.
They destroy evidence, and nothing.
You think if I walked into a crowded mall with a gun and started shooting a bunch of people, that I'd get off? They began waiting years ago for an admission of responsibility, for a public apology.
Thousands of them died waiting.
But the group's resolve never faltered.
Today, in a plea agreement, Canadians infected by tainted blood got what they'd sought for so long.
The Canadian Red Cross admitted it had distributed harmful products.
DUPLESSIS]: The Canadian Red Cross Society is deeply sorry.
[REPORTER]: The deal, announced publicly in this Hamilton Courthouse, forced the Red Cross to admit publicly what it never has before.
We accepted responsibility through our plea for having distributed harmful product.
[REPORTER]: Note the crux of this deal.
The Red Cross did not admit criminal responsibility; instead pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of violating the Food and Drugs Act.
[TELEPHONE RINGS] [LAWRENCE, ON TV] Satisfied? How could anyone be satisfied with what amounts to as a slap on the wrist? Only one good came out of today.
For the first time, and hopefully not the last, it will go down in history that this terrible tragedy occurred because the law was broken.
Thank you.
Come see your grandma.
Hi, honey You're a sweet little boy Hi, handsome.
Hi! Do you, um Do you have a name yet? Andrew.
After Peter's friend.
Andrew! Welcome to the world, Andrew.
Hey? Oh, yeah Hey, Papa.
Hey, Mom.
Hi, puppy.
Just got word from my team.
First Hubble images of H2 came in.
What's H2? A region in space where stars are born.
We call it a "stellar nursery.
" Cool.
It figures the first exposures were taken when I'm starting mat leave.
My grad students are the first ones who get to play with the data.
I'd rather play with a new baby.
Well, spoiler alert.
They're not quite as much fun as you might imagine.
[RUBY]: At least not at first.
- They just sleep a lot.
- [RYAN]: And eat and poop.
That's pretty much it.
[RUBY LAUGHS] Looking good.
I helped glue that piece, and that piece.
She's better than the interns at the office.
When's it due? I know, you've told me 10 times, right? Pregnancy brain, Dad.
[CHUCKLING] Yeah Four days.
Then the senior partners review and vote, and the winning design gets sent to the client for approval.
Winner gets to build it for real.
Winner? - [WHISPERS] You mean your father.
- For sure.
Best gluing ever.
[MIMICKING EXPLOSIONS] [SIGHS] All right, how can I help here? I don't know, you want to plant some shrubs there? Yes.
[RYAN]: What kind of treatment? Similar to the previous one, interferon alfa 2b for 48 weeks.
It didn't work before.
Well, this new treatment combines it with a broad-spectrum antiviral agent called Ribavirin.
It's only available through this new study.
What are the side effects? Similar to the previous one, flu-like symptoms, fatigue.
Some people experience depression.
Many do say the Ribavirin makes it worse.
Solid sales pitch.
So far, we're seeing some pretty promising results.
"Promising" meaning a cure? Well, we can't actually call it that.
The goal is an undetectable viral level.
Sort of like remission.
Your chances are about 50-50.
That's not very good.
Can it wait? I'm up for this big project at work.
It's the sort of thing that could make or break my career.
If the treatment is anything like it was last time or even worse, I'll have to withdraw.
I know you feel okay now, but we're seeing a higher success rate when patients still have a healthy liver.
Frankly, it's better to get this out of your system before it becomes a bigger problem.
Unfortunately, these drugs are only available through the new study, and the study starts now.
It'll be okay.
This is my shot.
I pull out of this project, how far is that gonna set me back? They'll understand.
Treatment's practically an entire year.
Who knows if they'll even let me come back afterward? Then you'll find another job.
And if the treatment doesn't work? We'll cross that bridge.
I keep trying to live my life, pretend nothing's wrong.
You know, sometimes, I can actually fool myself, and I feel pretty good, and I forget that I've got this ticking bomb inside me.
[SIGHS] So let's get rid of it.
I'm the one who has to go through it.
I'm the one who has to watch you suffer.
You think that's easy? No.
Think of it like being pregnant.
Nine months of throwing up, night sweats, and back pain.
And at the end, you get a pretty great prize.
I only have a 50-50 shot at that prize.
And I shouldn't have to remind you that you really are pregnant, and going to have to deal with an infant soon.
Two if you count me.
We'll get through it.
Your parents will help.
My mother will help.
[CHUCKLES RUEFULLY] Yeah, I was afraid you'd say that.
Mama like to help.
The doctor wants to keep you in here for a few days, monitor your condition.
- I'm fine.
- You don't know that.
You're a very sick man.
Thanks for the pep talk.
The doctor also stressed that you take it easy, avoid any kind of physical exertion.
I was just getting the damn paper.
The point is, you've had two heart attacks now, plus open-heart surgery.
You're simply too ill to stand trial.
The whole point was to go sailing.
Not the whole point.
Of course, we could have just stayed at home and locked our bedroom door.
Our bedroom doesn't have room service.
[TELEPHONE RINGS] I'll get it.
Hello? Ben! Hey, what's up? Criminal trial's just been postponed.
What? Again? Yeah, I'd say it was a joke, but it's not funny.
I thought the judge ruled against Perrault's attempt - to drop the charges.
- She did, but now one of the Crown's expert witnesses who was hired to review the case has written a 37-page report.
He says he can't find any basis - for continuing the criminal charges.
- Seriously? Yeah, and Perrault's lawyer is on TV saying the case for prosecutors has disintegrated.
And has it? Who the hell knows anymore? Prosecutors have requested a two-week adjournment to seek guidance from the Attorney General on whether to proceed.
Judge said no.
She's given them three days to get their act together.
Those sons of bitches are gonna get off.
- Ben - Five years! Five years, and now in 72 hours, this case could completely fall apart, and those pricks walk free.
I swear, Will, I don't know what I'm gonna do.