Unstoppable (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Balls deep

1 How are the reactions to your video? I don't know, and I'm not gonna worry about it.
Doing is what matters the most.
Do you mind a little advice, babe? If I say I do, what happens? The instant you begin to do what you want to do, that is when everyone will get angry.
I mean it.
 And hating them is so tiring, so pretending their dead is the more sensible choice.
I don't want to go home.
Yeah, I know, me neither.
But you gotta keep pressin' on.
I am loving your emotional balance.
Just too bad I know you.
I'm just sick and tired of pretending I'm a stupid idiot.
'Cause in my heart of hearts, I know that I'm the fucking shit.
Are you sure? Yes, Juan Pablo.
We'll talk more when I go back to town.
Don't bother trying to talk to me until you have some clear responses for me.
Why you gotta be so So what? Do you realize, Rocío? You're alienating everyone who cares.
You really want to destroy everything.
Yes, that is precisely what I want now.
Juanpi! Keep me posted about that hacker thing, okay? Sure.
Fine, whatever.
Well? Dude, if you went with him, I would have had to kill you.
We left together.
We go back together.
Now that I'm the richest among us, I just want to say you are mine, bitches.
We now have exactly 2,650 pesos.
How come you didn't hit Juanpi up for cash so we could stay a little longer? 'Cause, I won't ask anyone for anything.
Ha! Empowered.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES UNSTOPPABLE Sometimes, I wish I was a bird so I could shit on people's heads.
So, are you ever gonna tell us about it, or not? Ah! Tell you what, exactly? Everything, girl.
I mean, so I spent the night with this great guy, - and it was amazing.
- Whoo! And I felt open and free.
All of which I told Juanpi.
- Holy shit! - You told him that? I was more honest than I've ever been.
- Wow.
- All right.
I'm really glad you finally got some good sex, because you've needed it for a long time.
And I think it's great you can be so honest with Juanpi.
- Really? - Hey, respect.
And speaking of honesty, I think there's someone here who could share a secret.
- Carlota, what did you do? - No.
You, Vera.
- Are you kidding? - No.
I'm serious.
'Cause I know why you got mad when you realized that Marcela left.
What happened? What's this about? - What's the secret since you already know? - Well, I don't.
Vera and Marcela got very close the other night.
What? Holy shit! Yeah.
Well it felt good.
Like we made a connection.
Very cool.
- Nice, that's how you hit it.
- Ah.
Go get the ball.
Let's go.
- Mike.
- What's up with Sarah? You know her? - Mike! All right, I'm gonna keep this.
- That's his sister.
What do you want, Marcela? The man.
- You don't wanna talk to me? - No, I'm sorta busy now.
Wanna give them the ball, please? Ugh, stop being like that.
Whoa! You act like you're a grown-up? Fine, then talk to me like a grown-up.
- Why the fuck did you steal that cash? - That money got me a job.
- You see? Now I'm working.
- That's nonsense, Michael.
Maybe it's nonsense, but at least I don't gotta put out like you.
You don't use your brain, do you? I was exactly your age when we were left all alone.
Do you think it was for my pleasure that I went shaking my butt for assholes every goddamn night? I'm not the greatest sister, Mike.
But I'm the closest thing you got to a mother.
If we stay here, they're going to fuck us up, all right? What you don't get is that we fucked up already.
Don't worry about it.
I'll make a deal with Sapo, keep you the fuck out of all of this.
Why the fuck you think I work with him? We already got a deal.
I got him to forget your shit.
Now give me some space.
Mike! Marcela.
I seriously can't believe it.
I can't register it in my brain.
Can we call you Veracela? You better not.
Come on, stop.
Right? Marcera? How about you, then? Robias, Vicente, cowboy? Ooh! So I'm Carphin.
- Why "Carphin"? - What? The dolphin.
Oh! Carlotta, honey.
You're killing me.
- Dolphins forever, baby girl.
- Cell phone is ringing.
Okay, one minute.
Oh, God.
- Hello? - Hi, Carlota.
- Should we grab a bite? - Yeah.
We're gonna need everybody to get together to do some planning.
- Planning for what? - The next steps that we take.
Thanks, Daria, but I've had enough embarrassment.
I just want to look ahead.
Carlota, you have a responsibility.
This isn't only about yourself.
Haven't you even looked online? I'd prefer not to confirm that people are as nasty as in my imagination.
You should take a look.
If you mess with one of us, you're messing with all of us.
And that bastard, I promise you, he's gonna pay the price for it.
That video was courageous.
Got a lot of hits.
Let me know when you get back.
- All right.
- Bye, Carlota.
Check your social media.
Thank you very much.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
I'm gonna quit smoking.
- Mm? - Mm.
Mm? What? Do you really miss her? Miss who? Who do you think? Marcela.
How should I know? Pain the ass.
You know she didn't leave because of you.
But it's like as soon as someone really gets to know me, they all of a sudden come to see me as - insufferable.
- No way.
That's not true.
Everyone who really knows you knows that under that disguise of sexy punk there's a sweet girl and a completely loyal friend.
No way you can say I'm sweet, okay? Well, hey I mean it.
If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here.
Tell me more.
This trip has really opened my eyes.
It's been such a game-changer.
Been ages since I've been able to really enjoy myself so much, and I feel so guilty about it, though.
Why are you nurturing so much guilt? I don't know.
Maybe because I had fun, and Sofia's no longer here.
She was always so independent, living life to its fullest.
I mean, she loved to dance.
Then, she buckled under so much pressure.
She kept on pushing through to demonstrate her worth to my father.
It's always the wrong people who go to an early death.
You can't say that, Ro.
If anyone in this whole world deserves to live, it's you.
- I mean it.
Come here, baby.
- Hmm.
Yo, check this out.
Here we go.
You beat me again.
Oh, man, the fucking bastard is so hot.
- It's unbelievable.
- Man, please.
- How about my shirt? You want that too? - Were you absent that day? - Lucky fuck.
- Serious.
Lucky in cards, so I guess you must be unlucky in love.
This chick doesn't make you happy? You wish you had a piece of ass like this one.
- You have got the class.
- Whoo-hoo! Quit struttin' it.
I'm so horny.
You got a great ass.
Watch your filthy mouth, you stupid motherfucker.
- She could take you in a fight too.
- Oh, my God.
 Oh, my God.
All right, doll? If you behave, it'll be all right.
But you gotta stop making trouble, huh? Isn't that right, doll? Put her on a leash or she'll disappear again.
Shut your mouth.
She gets what she needs from me, right here.
- Yeah, you think so? - Got everything you need.
Holy fuck.
Look, she's got him wrapped around her little finger.
Joshua, Sapo just showed up.
He wants you.
Fucking get to work, buddy.
- Yeah.
Hurry! - I'm going.
- Later.
- Joshua, wait.
It's better if I go.
You stay.
Last time you and Toad were in the room, it was Chernobyl all over again.
Let me manage it.
Let's see those teeth.
Yeah, your fuckin' radioactive now, girl.
Hey, asshole.
You shut the fuck up, you stupid douche bag.
Can't take a fucking joke.
I can see your lips from here.
Dude, a broomstick, a rolling pin, scissors, fucking deodorant Hashtag your oppression won't fit.
Hashtag your oppression won't fit.
Your oppression won't fit.
Shit, this is so badass! You decided to speak up, and look what happened.
I got knots in my stomach now.
Dude, you're an influencer.
You know how freaking hard that is to get established? Listen, an influencer is just a professional narcissist who lies about her lifestyle.
I'd rather be known for doing other things.
I'm gonna do mine.
What are you doing? I'm trying to support my friend.
Yeah, I see that.
But what's with the soda? I mean, how can people enjoy it if they don't notice it.
Our oppression is all over.
Yeah, come on.
We're told to enjoy life, but also to be skinny, - to be attractive, but not be sluts.
- Exactly.
That's right.
- Am I right? I mean, come on.
- Dude, yes.
Okay, okay.
I get the point.
All right.
Am I right, Vera? You're the expert.
Makes sense.
- I can't believe it.
Oh, my God.
- What? What is it? Nothing.
Marcela's back.
Listen, she didn't know anything about that.
But she ran off.
Why is that? She just got scared.
She's hot-blooded, know what I mean? Well, I don't give a rats ass.
It's one thing you're asking me to let a brother slide.
But I'm not gonna let anyone take me for an idiot.
I told you, if you ain't got the money you owe me, well, then the girl pays in other ways.
Sure, boss, we'll pay you.
But you got that other girl, meanwhile.
That girl is so hot.
I'm having Marcela for dinner every night until I get the money you owe.
That's how it is.
What a bitch! She picks right now to appear out of thin air.
- She's not answering the phone? - No.
- We better go.
- Go where? What do you mean where? To find her.
Come on, no.
I don't wanna go find her so she can bullshit us all over again.
Yeah, right.
You're dying to know what happened to her.
So let's find out.
- We're not gonna find her just like that.
- Give me the keys.
What? So what? Hotel Paradise.
The matches you took off Marcela.
- Wow! - Curiosity murdered three cats.
I'm just saying.
- Get in.
- Pain in the ass.
What? A four-hour drive? No fucking way.
Yo, where is Jony? What did Sapo say? - Joshua! - What? I guess you don't need a big ass to stink up my whole world with shit.
You bring me nothing but trouble.
- What? - Tell me how it is.
How am I supposed to raise all that money? He wants it today.
You gotta fix what Mike broke, all right? Give me a break.
What the hell did you expect from a kid who sees all that money? You don't gotta take it out on him.
You really just don't get it.
We're all out of options here.
What? You wanna get him to hurt Mike? What do we do? Just do work.
We win his trust, I'll be running this place in no time.
But not if you don't wanna pitch in.
Huh? Hey.
You want me to put out for that guy? - Damn, Joshua.
Really? You fuck him then.
- Listen, I would if I had the equipment.
Who the hell you think has his ass on the line here? Yeah, right.
You put your ass on the line.
You don't know what that is.
You know, right? Let's go.
Time to get to work.
Are you sure this is it? That's what the app says.
It's the name of the hotel.
This is just ridiculous.
It wasn't me.
Bad dream, huh? - Where are we? - At the hotel.
But it's pretty late.
Let's get a room for the night and start looking tomorrow.
Are you kidding? OPEN ROOMS WITH BATHROOM Hello.
Good evening.
We'd like to book a room.
FRONT DESK Sorry, you can't work here.
Excuse me? Just who do you think we are? We want a room to sleep in.
Is there room service? No, lady.
Everything is closed at this hour.
Except the bar across the street.
They might have stuff there.
You'll enjoy it.
Give it a try.
By the way, you know this girl here? No.
I ain't never seen that face.
There you go.
End of the hall.
Fuck, this place is disgusting.
What did you expect? A five-star hotel? Wow, this is interesting.
Oh, exactly what I needed.
Carly, don't do that.
It's crawling with bacteria.
How often do they change the blankets in this place? Never.
They just change the sheets and pillowcases.
You're in a pool of bacteria and semen.
- Ew.
- Hey.
Why did you have to say that? Please use your brain.
How do you know what people did there? Plus, there's a pretty scuzzy vibe in this joint.
Okay, enough with the negative vibes.
Quit criticizing everything.
Here I break my back in order to pay for your vacation, but there's no pleasing.
All right, how do we find Marcela? There is no way.
I told you.
What are we doing here? I bet that guy Joshua guy brought her here for a night of love and romance.
That is so gross.
And they lit their passion like they lit these Paradise matches.
Carlota, stop.
You're making me crazy.
I'm going for a smoke.
I thought you quit smoking.
I promise it's my last one, Mother.
Okay? Hey, you.
Stop teasing her.
I was just trying to make her laugh.
Can I borrow your phone? Mm-hmm.
What up, Cachos? What's up, dude? Bring it in here.
So what's the word? How's it hangin'? More boring than dancing with your sister.
Not with my sister, asshole.
True that.
Listen, matter of fact, these rich girls, pretty fine ones, asked about Marcela.
Where are they? They're in 207.
Keep it quiet.
Let me handle it, okay? Are you going to apologize to me? No.
Well, um I apologize for how I spoke to you.
What about your grant? Have you decided to forget about it? That doesn't matter right now.
Well, of course it matters, Rocío.
It's the only thing that matters.
No, it's not the most important thing.
How come you're calling me? Because you want to argue all night? I'm calling to ask you a question.
Your friend, the high-ranking police official, think he could help me locate someone? What happened? Uh, nothing.
I just need to locate a friend, and it's urgent.
Is it Vera or the other one? The chubby one? Her name is Carlota, and don't call her that.
The chubby one? Really? But, no.
It's about someone I met down here in Oaxaca.
You're wasting your time with these friends.
I mean, I already lost one daughter.
I'm not gonna lose the other.
I sincerely regret you can't understand this.
But for me, helping my friend is important.
I figured some things out on this trip.
I know you've suffered so much and you want to protect me, Dad, but I need you to understand that, now, I make my own decisions.
Not when I'm sure that you're clearly going to make misguided choices.
I will not allow you to settle for mediocre, darling.
I'm dropping the grant.
Wanna know why? Because I don't want to be like you, Dad.
I love you.
I love you, too, very much.
Give my love to Mom.
You feel better now? Hey.
Hey! You think I like it? I wouldn't ask if there was any other way.
It's only gonna be this once.
That's bullshit.
What's this? Nothing.
It's Mr.
It belongs to Mike.
For God's sake, Marcela.
Throw that shit away.
Mike's no longer a baby.
- Jeez.
- Marcela, I need to get in there.
What the hell? We're busy.
Let's just run.
Run where? Just Mike, you, and me.
You can't be serious.
You know who Toad is? We can't do that.
You ain't got the balls? What? You don't think I do? Huh? - You wanna see if I got balls? - Get off.
Joshua! - Come on.
I need a little action now.
- Stop! Give me.
You're hurting me! No! - Let's go, Marcela, it's my turn now.
- Shut the fuck up! You fucking asshole.
It's about time.
- You want a little, hon? - No! Son of a bitch! I can't believe it! What are you doing here? What do you think? I came to get my ring back, you little thief.
I wasn't trying to hurt you.
I was gonna return it to you.
Oh, really? But you didn't say goodbye, did you? You know I do stuff without thinking, then I get into trouble.
- Fine, give it to me now.
- I don't got it on me.
It's unbelievable that you pretend to be my friend, and then you just leave.
What is this here? Why? You never imagined any friend of yours would actually work here? - I wasn't saying that.
- What are you saying? No, girl.
We're very different.
If you think we got something in common, you're trippin'.
I don't have the choices you have.
No, you're wrong.
We're much more alike than you think, Marcela.
No, Vera.
In my world, there's no room for you.
I gotta bounce.
No, Marcela.
What's this? Nothing, Vera.
It's not a big deal.
You better go.
What's up, motherfucker? You wanna explain this shit? How much are you putting in your pocket? Fuck, man.
Should I tell Toad? Oh, you ain't got it.
You ain't got it.
Honey bunny! Fuck your mother, asshole.
I gave you my heart, Sergio.
And you just crushed it.
Annabelle, I love you.
- That bastard drove us apart.
- Listen.
- No.
- Wait.
I haven't watched TV in ages.
Explains why I love hotels.
Where did Vera go? I'm getting worried.
Um Oh, hi.
Fresh towels.
Uh, thank you.
You're not from around here.
We like to travel.
Excuse me.
Haven't I seen you somewhere? No, I don't think so.
Excuse me.
- What's going on? Where have you been? - What's up, Vera? What happened? Nothing.
I saw her across the street.
That's all.
Are you sure? No, dummy.
I don't have eyes.
So, what happened, then? What did she say? Nothing.
She doesn't want any part of this.
The skank has her people, her world, and we have no place in it.
- But I don't understand.
- It's not Why? Yeah, she went into the whorehouse across the street.
Did she explain why she just walked away? Okay, but wait.
What is she doing at a whorehouse? What? You never imagined that anybody you know could ever work there? No, and it seems pretty scary.
We should go help her get out of there.
No! She doesn't wanna be helped, okay? Where do you get this from? Come on.
I don't give a shit.
Let's go get her.
She doesn't need saving.
She's not a stray pup.
What the hell are we even supposed to do? We gotta help our friend.
I'm not going.
We're looking for a place to eat.
Can we go inside? That's discrimination, you know? Thank you.
NO LAP DANCES FOR WOMEN SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE - What can I get you, miss? - Can we see the food menu? Here you are.
Hey, I'm starving.
Let's have a nice round of applause for Karen, the naughty coed.
And now, gentlemen, rising from the fires of Hell, the moment you've all been waiting for.
The Warrior Goddess.
I think that we could be lovers Why don't you take a picture of me Boy? I think that we could be lovers Why don't you take a picture of me? Hey.
I love it.
Picture of me I think that we could be lovers Why don't you take a picture of me Boy? Wait.
Sit down.
Picture of me Picture of me Hmm.
This fucking thing.
Goddamn lying bitch.
Let's hear it for our Warrior Goddess.
Come on, let's go get her.
Can we go in? We're with Marcela.
The Warrior Goddess.
Give her a message that we're here? Dude, did you just hear her? Hey, man, I'm somebody who was backstage at Coachella.
Bullshit you're not letting me in.
Excuse me.
Whose is this? - Nobody's.
- Hmm? What did you think? That stupid asshole won't know the difference? You said it, not me.
Jazmin, fuckin' beat it! Close the door behind you! All right? This ring, whose is it? It's mine.
I stole it to bargain with Sapo, but it's not worth a cent.
Give it back.
You think I'm a moron? Where'd you get it? From some fucking asshole? You are a dumb fuck.
I know you, girl.
What you met some asshole? You think you can just take my money and run away? - That hurts, motherfucker.
Stop, it hurts.
- Hurts me that you're a fucking traitor.
Bustin' my ass for you while you plan to ditch me? You little Enough! Are you a moron or what? First, you tell me to go fuck Sapo, and now you're acting jealous? - That's a whole other thing.
- Fuck that asshole! That's different, all right? That's me trying to protect you and your fucking little brother.
I'm not playing, huh? Enough, you bastard.
I'm sick to death of you.
- I hate your fucking guts.
- Hey! I hate you! I hate you! - If you leave me for some asshole, I will screw you up.
Got that? And I will whack that motherfucker.
Let me see that, girl.
Fine, then stay there.
LOCAL MARKE How come she’s not out yet? What? Does she live here? Take it easy.
Maybe her shift’s not over.
I can’t believe I did that.
I was bitching at her, and she works here? - She must think I’m delusional.
- There she is.
There she is! Look! Look at this guy.
He must be the asshole in chief.
- What’s going on? - He’s pretty good-looking.
- Give me a break, Carlota! - Shut up! They’re the worst kind, all right? The worst! - Son of a bitch.
- Just hit him.
Sh, shut up, will you? Whoa, what is - Oh, that bastard.
- Oh.
- Do we follow them? - Yeah, of course! Obviously! - Wait so he doesn't see you.
- Let's go, Vera.
Okay, but just wait a second so he doesn’t see us.
We just need to be discreet.
Shut up! He’s gonna hear us! Fucking asshole.
Damn! Come on.
The bellboy from the hotel.
I’m a mess.
What are you doing all the way over here? What’s up? - Where are you going? - What do you care where I’m going? What? What is your business? Get back to the hotel! - What happened to your face? - None of your business, man.
Stupid fucking kid.
Don’t get in the car, dick.
Where are you going? Get the hell out! Where are you going? To Sapo's Ranch.
Is that what you want to know? But why? Why you ask? Better get out of the car, dude.
I’m not getting out of the car! Oh, you a big man now, huh? We'll see if you can take it.
We saw how he treated her, and you said she had bruises all over.
Explains why she wouldn’t call the police.
I’m going to say, whatever happens, you guys are the best, and I love you.
And goddamnit, I totally agree with Carlota.
- Yeah, I love you.
- I love you.
- What do you got going with Sapo? - What do you think? - What happened to your face? - That’s enough, dammit! - What are you doing? - No.
Vera, put that away.
This is between me and your sister, okay? It was just an accident.
Clumsy idiot.
So who the fuck is tailing us? - Oh, my God! Oh, my God! - This is it.
I gotta get out.
Hey there, ladies.
There something you need? No.
I think we must be lost.
Is the main highway back the other way? Yeah.
That’s in the other direction.
Open the door.
Who are they? Hang a u-ey.
- Joshua.
- Thank you, sir.
Come on! Chill out! I’m coming! They're the girls, huh? Answer me, doll! You shouting because they're you're fucking friends.
- Get off of me.
- No, Marcela! - You bastard! - Start the car.
- Now get in - We gotta go get her out of there.
- Get in the fucking car! Get in! - You lost your mind? - I said, come on, man! - Joshua, what the hell are you doing? - Let her go, you bastard! Let her go! - Marcela, get in the fucking car already! Calm down, honey.
Don’t do something stupid, all right? Just put it down.
- Marcela, get in the car quick! - Put that thing down, blondie.
- Marcela, come on.
- Where you going, Marcela? Marcela, come on! - Come on.
- Marcela, come with us! - Wait, my brother.
- Marcela! - Let’s get in the car! - Marcela! Marcela! - Get in the car.
- Get in the car! Marcela! Marcela! Go, go, go! - Come on.
Get in! Get in! - You're fucking mine! Get back, motherfucker! You're fucking sister, dumb bitch! - Motherfucker! Motherfucker.
- Oh, my God! You shot him.
He's following us! What the fuck? Oh, my God.
 Oh, my God! They’re following us! They’re following us! They're following.
Where's Mike? He's right behind us.
Don't worry.
- Keep going.
- Motherfucker! Come on! They're catching up! - Man, listen.
You’re bleeding.
- Shut up! Shut up the fuck up now! I don’t care about my leg! Your sister’s coming with us now! Stop! You all right? Yeah.
- Where’s my brother? - I’m sorry.
This is all my fault.
I’m fed up with your guilt trip already.
The four of us are in this together.
They’re coming.
Don’t hurt her.
You stay here.
- Stay inside.
- What the fuck? - Marcela.
- Wait.
Marcela, get out the car.
All right? - No.
Get away! - Come on.
Open the door! - Baby.
Honey bunny.
- No, no, no! Look.
Come on, let's just talk.
Let's have a conversation, Marcela.
All right? Get out, and let’s just talk nice and calm.
Come on.
Open it.
No, don’t get out of the car! Marcela! - Honey bunny.
- All right.
Look, look.
They got nothing to do with this.
Take it easy, Marcela.
Nothing bad is gonna happen to you, all right? This this is me! All right? We’re gonna have a conversation.
- That’s all.
- No, no! Hey.
Stay away from him, Rocío! It was just an accident, okay? Let me look at your leg.
I said, get the hell away from me! All right? Get away from me! Hey, Marcela.
Who the fuck are these bitches anyway? - Marcela! - Come here! Come here! - Marcela, get into the car right now! - Marcela, don’t go near him! You think all these friends of yours will take care of you, huh? What the fuck? Do you think this is a fucking game? You want me to blow you all away? Huh? Marcela, come and talk to me now, please.
Lower the fucking gun, and give him the ring so they can leave! We don’t give a shit about the ring! We came for you, Marcela.
Did you ever tell them I’m a dead man if you leave? - Manipulative bullshit artist! - You shut up! Come here, honey bunny.
Motherfucker, don’t you get that she doesn’t want to come with you? - She doesn’t want you, asshole! - Shut the fuck up! All right, all right, all right! So what the fuck do you know about anything, bitch? All right, all right.
All right.
This is between my girl and me! Me and her, we're a fucking team! Marcela, you and me.
We're partners forever, right? Not anymore, Joshua.
Fuck all these bitches.
No, please, Marcela.
- Don’t do this.
- What the fuck are you doing? What are you doing? - What is this? - You want them to kill me? Joshua.
What the hell are you doing? Lose the gun.
Come on.
That’s enough.
I’m not a fucking dog.
I’m scared out of my mind, Marcela.
Who the fuck are these bitches anyway? - Just put it down.
- You can’t leave me.
Joshua, put it down.
I don’t want the fucking gun.
Please don’t leave me, doll.
It’s over.
- Come on.
- This whole fucking thing is about a ring? Here! Take the fucking ring and leave us alone! Now leave! This is my fucked up life.
It’s who I am, all right? Marcela, please.
You are so much more than this, Marcela.
Honey bunny.
No, Joshua, not anymore.
What the fuck? Stay strong.
- What the - We're right behind you.
What the hell? Let’s go now, Mike.
- No, Marcela.
- Come on.
- You stay there, asshole.
- I’m just gonna take this.
No! Who the fuck is gonna save me? You got to save yourself.
Come on.
Motherfucker! Marcela! Don't go, Marcela.
Come back here! Come back! Come back, honey bunny!
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