Upright (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 Guys, this is Suzie.
Lucky tells me you guys have a band.
TOBY: We had a band.
Some of us have to live in the real world.
JEN: Toby's a project manager up north.
He's away a lot, but it pays well.
You need to come home My mum's dying.
You're a selfish fucking prick.
You said you'd take me to Kalgoorlie to see Mum.
She took Gran's piano and I don't know where she is.
Meg! Listen Tobes Is that a man bun? and what's with the All my other clothes are covered in camel's blood and vomit.
Come on.
Okay where are we I'm taking you to your mum's.
Brush your teeth.
Quick sticks.
We've already missed two cars.
Okay, well.
Can you wait? Hey! We're not leaving the piano here.
- No choice.
- What? No, don't.
- Okay, look, Lucky, I'm sorry I crashed the ute.
- Doesn't matter.
and I was a douche for leaving you out there, and I shouldn't have taken the piano, but we can't leave it here.
- We have to.
- No-no-no-no-no Lucky, look.
I'm, sorry, okay? But you can't do this.
It's your gran's piano.
you have to take it to Perth.
Why? I don't fucking know why, but that's the whole point, isn't it? That's the whole point! - Hi.
- JIM: Where are you heading? Kalgoorlie? Ah, we're camping in Norseman tonight.
Norseman's perfect.
We love Norseman.
- JIM: Ah, well.
Hop in! - Thank you! - LUCKY: Come on! - No.
- JIM: Are you coming? - Yeah, no, we're coming.
Meg! You have had two car accidents, you have a fractured radius - OK, at least half of that is your fault.
- Meg Can you stop saying "Meg" like that? You sound fucking ridiculous.
I am responsible for you.
- No, you're not! - Yes, I am.
Until I get you to your mum's house, I am your guardian.
- JIM: So what's the verdict? - We're coming! We're going.
Sorry about that.
- You like the music? - Fantastic.
MEG: You're a liar.
I don't understand you.
JIM: So! You're hitch-hiking to Kalgoorlie.
- Perth, actually.
- Good way to meet people! A normal person would've booked a flight.
Weeks ago.
A normal well-adjusted adult person wouldn't have tried to drive a piano across the desert.
Would they? - JIM: What's in Perth? - My family.
JIM: Family's important.
My mum's dying.
Oh sorry.
Quite soon, we think.
We'll pray for her.
That'd be perfect.
Thank you.
- Actually, could you plug my phone in? - BEV: Of course.
Just out of battery.
- Oh, just turn turn the, umm - Chance the source.
- The input, Bev.
Input on the radio.
Just turn it off! Sorry.
This is a mistake, Lucky.
You're making a huge mistake.
Yeah, well, mistake are kind of my thing.
LUCKY: What the fuck? Jesus! What the fuck are you doing here? - Put the hockey stick down! - It's 2 o'clock in the fucking morning! What are you Why are you here? Well, I was out with the girls, and I'm too pissed to drive home, and, Toby's away, of course.
'Cept you're here.
Why are you here? [POURS GLASS OF WATER.]
I broke up with Steph, and she kicked me out of the flat, so I never liked her much anyway.
No, me neither.
God, that tastes good! Mm? You serious? Maybe we should hear from the back seat.
What do you do, Lucky? Not much.
BEV: Let me guess.
Are you an artist of some sort? No.
MEG: He just fucks up.
Yeah, he's a scrote sucking, try-hard, up himself, ancient, nagging, full of himself, whinging, whining, rolled-gold bag of mistakes! - and digs that for you, dicks and mistakes! - All right! [SUZIE LAUGHS DRUNKENLY.]
LUCKY: Oh, the Japanese tour.
We'd lost so much money! And I had that rash on my face, 'cos I was allergic to the bath salts in the hotels, and someone kept leaving the K off my tags, so I was called Lucy wherever I went.
Maybe they don't have K in the Japanese language.
Oh, except Karate.
And Karaoke.
- Did Toby never tell you? - What? What? He called ahead to make sure they spelled your name "Lucy".
I'm impressed! You're actually quite nice.
It's not my natural state.
Arrogant boy-man is your natural state.
Only when I'm around you 'cos I hate you.
Don't hate you I mean, you ruined my life, but I don't hate you.
Let's do this, Lucky.
- Let's do this.
- No, let's not do this.
Let's talk about Perth real estate.
Wow, that bubble has to burst soon.
It can't possibly No no no! I want to, Lucky.
I want to have it all out.
Well, who starts? Well you're the one who introduced substance into the conversation.
You think I was the reason Toby left the band.
But you need to know that he'd made his decision way before I came along.
It's an interesting angle.
Well, you wanna blame me, I get it, but he was over it! I don't blame you Oh, I see.
So you don't blame me, but you hate me? I don't hate you.
I hate that you No I was gonna say I hate that you came along, but but I like that you came along.
Umm I hate that I I hate that I think I actually think I'm never gonna be able to have a proper relationship, because I won't I can't imagine meeting anyone that I love a half, a tenth as much as I love you, and I can't say anything about it, 'cos you're my brother's wife, obviously shouldn't be saying it now, I've successfully not said it for 5 years.
Every fucking day for 5 years, but then you had to go and ask, with your perfect fucking face, you had to ask.
Didn't ya? [SIGHS.]
You're so fucking beautiful.
Shut ya face.
MEG: Lucky.
JIM: You got a few messages there, chap.
BEV: Told you! Cocklebidy.
Good time for a petrol and a piddle stop.
Can I please have my phone? I don't know what this means What the fuck does this mean? Oh fuck.
Can you stop the car, please? Can you stop the car? Can you just pull the car over, please? Can you pull over please? [SHOUTS.]
Just stop the fucking car! Lucky.
Lucky! Stop! Lucky? Lucky? [BREATHES HEAVILY.]
Lucky, what's happened? You're too late too late Oh fuck MEG: Right.
You've called Toby Flynn, please leave a message.
MEG: Okay.
Okay, okay it's fine, it's fine.
- SUZIE: Hello? - Hi! Hi, umm, I'm Meg.
You don't you don't know me, but I'm with Lucky.
- SUZIE: It's okay.
Can you put him on? - Yeah.
MEG: He's here.
you're on speaker.
SUZIE: Lucky? Luck? - Lucky - It's Suzie - Yep.
- Erm, look Jen's in a coma, since yesterday afternoon.
- Her heartbeat is not great.
She's not dead, Lucky.
But, she's holding on, for now.
It's okay! She was asking for you before she went under.
Are you there? Yeah.
Yeah, no, umm, yeah, he's here.
He's just having a meltdown, or something.
Lucky, she's not dead.
SUZIE: When are you coming home? Lucky? BEV: We're off! I hope you'll be okay.
MEG: No, err, we're coming.
Sorry, we're not going any further today.
- You said you were going to Norseman.
- We'll pray for you! SUZIE: Look, I hope you're on your way.
I I've gotta go.
Lucky? Get up.
Okay okay, it's fine.
This is fine! MEG: Excuse me! Excuse me Hi! Umm, would you be able to give us a lift? Please? We really need to get to Perth.
I just haven't got the room.
Hi! Hi, excuse me.
Sorry, would you be able to give my dad and me a lift? - We really need to get to Perth - I'm going east.
Sorry, love.
Okay okay.
It's fine! It's fine.
It's going to be fine.
Lucky! [SHOUTS.]
No Yeah, he pulled out.
Well, it doesn't matter, just find someone.
- Excuse me, sorry.
- What? Umm, would you be able to give my dad and me a lift to Perth? It's an emergency? Oh, is it? Is that your dad there? Yeah.
He's just a bit upset.
Yeah, I don't think so.
- Please? - Piss off now.
- Please, his mum is dying.
- Oh, yep, heard that before.
No! No way! No! Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! Wanna lift? - Did you steal a car? - It's a truck.
And a horse float.
Get it.
No no no no, we can't steal a car! - I already stole it, so - Get out! Look, nobody is stopping for punchy penguin man right now.
- You want to get to Perth, get in.
- WOMAN: Oi! You're dead, arsehole! Gotta go, drive drive drive! WOMAN: Oi arsehole! Well, you're a fucking dead man! Fuuuck.
Who's Suzie? Is she your ? My brother's wife.
She seemed nice! Is she nice? SUZIE: Lucky? Last night did you just say that those things to get me into bed? Last night was it was a release Hmm I think I was I was obviously drunk.
Tobes is away all the time, and I'm I've been lonely, and angry, - but I love him.
- Yeah.
We can just delete the whole night, can't we? Can't honestly believe that you'll never meet someone? You're just gonna go back to being an arsehole? But, if we delete last night, then I'm back to hating you, right? Lucky.
Come on.
You tell me what to do, and I'll do it.
So this is how it's gonna be? MEG: Lucky? [SIGHS.]
Was kind of hoping there wasn't a horse in the back.
Er, it's a horse float.
What did you think would be in the back? [HIGH PITCH.]
There must be a reason that fate delivered us this horse float! [DEEP VOICE.]
Ah, there's no such thing as fate, child.
Only nothingness.
Really? [DEEP.]
Nothing means anything, It's all just random nothings just happening, like, randomly.
But surely some things happen for a reason! [DEEP.]
Ah, when a hay bale falls down a hill, and kills a guy from The Beatles or whatever? It's just like maths, dude.
You delivered us a horse float, to be fair.
Me, fate, same thing.
Are you gonna say something? Lucky? Are you gonna tell him? It could ruin everything I'm not gonna destroy my family for a stupid fuck, Suze.
You make a big fucking drama out of it.
Haven't you ever had a one-night stand? Tip for beginners: This is where you fuck off.
Norseman! Norseman with a horse, man! No? Nothing? Took me 3 hours to come up with that.
Did I fall asleep? A bit, you were like, half-asleep, like your eyes were open.
You snored and groaned.
It was a bit gross, actually.
What are you why are we turning off? - MEG: I just need to pick something up.
- LUCKY: You need to pick something Yeah! You'll see.
MEG: Marco! Can I help you? That's our ute.
- Is it? - What I just said.
Well, show us ya reg-o papers, then.
LUCKY: Hold on, is this even legal? - Shut up, Lucky.
- Are you allowed to just take people's cars? Finders keepers, mate.
Law of the jungle.
- I don't think that's the law - Lucky! Just That's our piano, too.
- 300 bucks.
- Woah, hold on mate.
This is my piano MEG: Lucky! Can you just I shut up? Okay.
What is you take the ute and we'll take the piano? - Meg, no.
- Or, we could call the cops and see Yeah, all right, all right.
Got yourself a deal.
MEG: But you'll need to load it for us as well.
- MARCO: I'm not loading it! - MEG: Marco! Yeah, I'll load it then.
It's all right.
Gotta get the forklift.
- Meg, you don't need to do this.
- No.
It's fine.
I dunno, it's it's just metal.
Isn't it? Actually [DRILL WHIRRS.]
MEG: Just think, Lucky.
Tomorrow, you'll be rid of me.
You'll be home, in Perth, with your mum, and your arsehole brother, the love of your life, and I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking "Oh, Meg, you're so wonderful.
What am I going to do without you, uh?" Actually, I was thinking, "Oh, Meg, what are we going to do about the horse?" Mate, is this safe? Yeah, he seems calm.
He's just a horse.
So, Marco, you go untie it.
You hold that so he has So he knows you're his friend.
Stop! Stop him! MARCO: You idiot! LUCKY: Erm - [MEG LAUGHS.]
- LUCKY: Just shut up! Shut up.
Been invited on dates Might have gone, but what for? Awfully different without you Don't get around much anymore [CLAPS.]
Woo! Oh, that was fantastic! Come on a photo.
Yeah, bring your guitar.
Okay, ready? and smile! One more.
Smile! Hold your guitar up.
And smile! Beautiful.
Oh, I'm so proud of you.
Lucky, she's awake! [LAUGHS.]
Woo! [LAUGHS.]