Upstairs, Downstairs (1971) s01e10 Episode Script

A Voice from the Past

What's it say, Rose? Read what it says on the bottle.
200 c's tincture of benzoin, One ounce of toulou, and half a drachma oil of rosemary.
Sure, it'll get's rid of freckles? Oh, it's highly recommended in Jewlter's Home Companion.
Well all right, then.
Be quick, though.
Oh, it's cold.
Are they disappearing? Give 'em a chance.
You're too soft.
Rub it on harder.
Oh, fusspot.
[ Knock and door opens ] Oh! Oh, pardon me for the intrusion.
I did not wait.
What me much is Mr.
Hudson requires your presence in the servant's hall.
Right now? Yeah, this very instant.
- Get him out of here! [ Confused talking ] [ Closes door ] Come on, hurry up.
We don't want to keep Mr.
Hudson waiting.
'Cause Mr.
Hudson likes us to sit at table, that's why.
Quickly Alice.
Are we all assembled? Ah, Mrs.
Thank you, Mr.
Well, now.
The master and her ladyship are motoring out to Scotland for the grouse shooting.
And I am traveling out by train this afternoon with the luggage and Miss Roberts.
That's why I simply want to remind you all of your duties and responsibilities in my absence.
I don't think I need any reminding, Mr.
Indeed you don't Mrs.
And it was presumptuous of me to ask you to this gathering.
But one never knows where one wee detail might arise where your long experience might prove invaluable.
Now then, you will all be attending a diminished household in the persons of Miss Elizabeth and Mr.
But that will be no excuse for slackness or neglect.
You will remain alert to their needs at all times.
Do you understand? Remembering the maxim: That a house is always in show even when partially depleted.
Oh, we'll keep everything nice and tidy, Mr.
Hudson, you don't have to worry about I have no doubt you will, Alice.
I have every faith in you.
However, if any problems should occur then Rose will take care of them.
I appoint her my "guivy," as it were.
Problems that concern the kitchen will naturally fall into Mrs.
Bridges' province.
Should any catastrophe present itself Doris! I can, of course, be reached by telegraph at Perth, P-e-r-t-h.
Well, I think that's everything now.
Have you got any questions? Yes, what's a guivy? Take the luggage out to the cab, Edward, and load up the guns? Load up the guns, Mr.
Hudson? Into the cab, boy.
Mind how you handle them.
- Oh, careful, now! - Sorry, Mr.
Where's my hat and the? Oh, thank you, Rose.
Goodbye, Mr.
Have a good journey.
- Take care, now.
- I certainly will, Mrs.
You can be sure of that.
[ Closes door ] If really Penny Marsingdale and her group have Hawkstone.
- Yes, it's in a dreadful state, Hawkstone.
- [ Door opens ] Then Angie Wilkinson can take Stepne, - [ Door closes ] - and we can take Whitechapel.
Oh, dear me, Mrs.
I do think she's a brick.
What's all this about, hey? Hello.
You met my dear brother, James? Yes, at the Morrison's, but he probably wouldn't remember.
Oh, I do! - I do, indeed! - I never forget a face.
- Are you staying for dinner? No, we've got work to do.
- Aww, I've interrupted.
No, not really.
We were just going out.
Oh, have a drink before you go, Miss, uh, No thank you.
I don't very often imbibe.
- Oh.
Mary Elizabeth? Not me, thank you.
- What are you doing with that map? - Oh, a lady's job.
- Well, Hyde? Well, we divide the East End up into areas for the Young Women's Christen Fellowship.
Oh, but that's fascinating.
And, uh, what d'you intend to do in these areas? We dish out soup in drafty church halls.
Would you like to come and help? Phew, phew, Lord no.
That's going too far.
I thought so.
Well it's really awfully worthwhile.
People are starving.
- Oh, I know they are, Harriett.
Henrietta! - What? - Her name is Henrietta.
Oh, I am sorry.
I meant no criticism of that Young Women's whatever it is.
It's splendid.
Keeps you all out of those tedious ballrooms, it satisfies the current craze for young women everywhere to be something other than frivolous and decorative.
And of course it acts as a marvelous moral purgative.
But that's all it achieves, and it's foolish to pretend otherwise.
The poor will always be with us.
That doesn't stop us wanting to help them.
- Don't waste your breath, Henrietta, he delights in provocation.
Merely state the truth.
I take it then that you believe poverty is a Judgement of God.
It should be due to lack of thrift and temperament.
My fancy how the idea got about.
- If you just came with us and saw the conditions.
Houses without proper sanitary accommodation.
Children in rags.
- Gutters choked with refuge.
-Look, I've seen slums.
Youseen slums! You've never been near a slum in your life.
I beg to differ! You and your friends.
You're experts at turning your heads, like so many others.
Now she slanders my friends.
When it comes to deserving cases of charity, I doubt if you find us wanting.
Your choice of words, brother dear, are somewhat ironic.
You meanthat if a beggar pesters you, you simply toss him a miserable coin to salve your conscience.
Of course you do! You should never give a beggar money.
If you really feel sorry for them, stop and talk.
Help them get jobs, but never give them money and walk away.
Is that what you preach? - The young women who - Oh, it's not preaching.
Has it never occurred to you that they might not want your interference? They might just find it a trifle patronizing.
Another middle class Mrs.
from the west end of London poking their noses into problems that don't concern them.
Adding insult to injury.
At least we fill their bellies.
And take their pride.
We give them hope.
They despise you.
Oh, come and see before you judge us.
[ Door opens ] Come along Henrietta.
We mustn't be late for Mrs.
[ Closes door ] Excuse me, sir, Mrs.
Bridges wants to know what time you'd like dinner.
- What, Rose? - Dinner, sir? Oh.
You can tell Mrs.
Bridges I'll shall be dining out tonight, Rose.
Dining out, for it's game pie.
You wanted it especially! Dining out, Rose.
[ Opens door ] In White Chapelthey tell me the soup is excellent.
[ Slams door ] - It's not wanted Throw it away.
[ London, East End, Church Mission ] - What chapter was that? - Give a shilling to an old soldier, sir? Veteran of Ladysmith.
I can see you're not a southern gentleman, sir.
Can't spare us a shilling, sir? [ Closes door ] - Hello, Henrietta.
- Come down Elizabeth.
Come and do some stirring.
- Ha.
We've had more trouble with this bucket range.
- The thing's barely alive.
This is my brother, James, Mrs.
Hello, nice to have you aboard.
He's come to observe us.
Nonsense, nobody comes to observe.
They come to lend a hand.
Isn't that right, Mr.
Bellamy? You could fill up this bucket for a start.
You don't mind, do you? Through the back there.
See if the stove's going out.
Better take your clothes off though, It's dirty work.
What's it taste like? Umm.
Better than yesterday.
I got some carrots in.
Come on, Elizabeth, help me ease this onto the table.
Now, I think we're ready.
Henrietta, open the door and let in the whole reward.
Yes, Mrs.
- [ Loud ] All right everybody.
One at a time, please.
Form a queue.
[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Sarah appears, coughing ] [ Sarah screams and faints ] - She's ill.
She's got a shocking cough.
[ Confused talk ] She lost hers.
Can you take this to her? Are you sure you're all right? - Really, there's nothing the matter with me.
I'm all right.
- Thank you, sir.
- Allow me.
- Oh! Ha, ha.
Thank you, Mr.
You are proving an asset.
Do you know that girl? What girl? Oh, come on, the one you just gave food to.
She seems vaguely familiar.
Well, she certainly knows you.
That's why she fainted.
From the shock of seeing you.
It isn't.
- I'll go a - No, no, wait.
I remember now.
She used to work for us a long time ago.
I don't remember.
You must have been away.
What was her name? Oh really, does it matter! I think it was Sarah.
You think? It was Sarah, yes.
Why did she leave us? I don't know.
Why do servants ever leave? They steal things or are unsuitable.
Sarah? He remembered didn't he? - My brother? Yes.
Is your brother Mr.
James? Yes, I'm Miss Elizabeth.
Oh! You was in Germany when I was there.
Rose used to talk to me about you.
Is she still with you, Rose? - Oh yes, Rose is still with us.
Rose used to be my special friend.
We used to sleep in the same room together.
And Mr.
Hudson and Mrs.
Bridges and Emily and Alfred.
- Alfred left, but Mr.
Hudson and Mrs.
Bridges Always a strange one, Alfred was.
- It must be three years.
YesTime flies.
And, what are you doing here, Sarah? Have you no job? Umoh, yes.
I'm not here for the reasons you think.
I was justlooking for a friend.
A friend? Yes.
She's an actress.
- AndI'm a bit worried about her, you see.
Andshe was appearing in this show The Merry Widow, with Lillie Ossie.
And, she took up with this gentleman, a Lord of the Realm, and Well, he's gone away to Australia.
According to my own business, he was.
He didn't know about the baby, otherwise he'd a seen her all right.
Well, she's lost his address, and she had to leave the company.
- Somebody said she'd been seen down here.
What was her name? Her name was Mercy Proudfoot.
- That was her acting name.
Well, I'll ask Mrs.
She knows most of the people who come down here.
Wait a moment.
Hello Sarah.
James, sir.
[ Sarah coughs ] I never expected to see you down here.
Sorry to see you here.
No, I was just explaining to your sister.
I'm waiting for a friend.
Mercy Proudfoot.
I've never heard of anyone with that name.
Of course we do get (our share) of poor creatures, but I don't recall a Mercy.
Well, if that's the way it doesn't matter, thank you.
I've asked Mrs.
Pinkerton, and I'm afraid your friend hasn't been here.
Oh, well I must have been mistakenly informed.
I'll have to look elsewhere.
Might meet again someday.
Goodbye, Sarah.
Goodbye Mr.
Please give my regards to Rose.
She taught me everything I know.
Just a moment, Sarah.
[ Clock ticking ] [ Haaa ] [ HAAA ] Show you a card trick, Doris.
Can't, I'm working.
Come on.
Just a quick one.
[ Whispering ] Mrs.
She's fast asleep.
Can't you hear her snoring? Come on.
[ Mrs.
Bridges voice ] - A time for everything, and everything in time, Edward.
- [ MBV ] Doris has work to do.
Sorry, Mrs.
, I thought you were asleep.
- [ MBV ] A good cook never sleeps.
[ Bell rings ] - Well now, there's work for you to do.
- [ MBV ] Get on with you, now! - Doris, you can leave all that now and get back into the kitchen.
They'll be wanting their sandwiches after tall that charity.
- Yes, Mrs.
[ Clock ticking ] - In here, Sarah, come along.
Oh! Oh.
Ah, Mrs.
Look who I've got.
[ Door closes ] - Mrs.
Bridges? [ Sarah coughs ] Oh, don't you remember me? It's Sarah.
Sarah? Yeah, a long time, aye? Bless my soul! Little Sarah! Look what they've done to you! So thin in that cor We met by chance at the church mission.
Sarah was looking for a friend of hers.
Oh, didn't ought to go looking for people in that place.
Not by yourself, Lovey.
I go, Mrs.
Well, excuse me Miss.
It's different for a lady.
I can look after meself, Mrs.
I always could.
Don't look so to me, you monkey.
Come in here by the fire.
The chill in the evenings now, and you in that flimsy frock! Doris! Brew up some cocoa! (Quickly go.
) Where's Rosie, Mrs.
Bridges? I dying to see her.
Oh, she's gone to the bioscope.
She's gone Alice.
Who's Alice? She's underhouse parlormaid, what you used to be.
She's a good girl, clean and punctual.
Bridges I've been thinking.
Sarah should return to us.
The fact is her last place was with a doctor, but he's been sent abroad to Australia, and Sarah didn't want to go all that way.
Did you, Sarah? Pardon me? Oh, no Miss.
So she's temporarily without a position.
Can we find her something to do and feed her up? You are kind, Miss Elizabeth.
I don't know, Miss.
I can't give her a teaching job.
Doris has her faults, but she's improving under my instructions.
Couldn't throw her out.
Then let's have two kitchen maids.
There's hardly enough work, Miss, particular this time of the year with half the household away.
But I'll take responsibility for that.
She's not trained.
- I'll train for upstairs.
- You could train her.
House parlormaid.
Rose trained me.
Of course, we could make her scullery maid.
Scullery maid! That's settled then.
I can't scrub floors.
Me hands! I've got sensitive hands.
It's only for a short while, Sarah, until we find you something more suitable.
Goodnight everybody.
Goodnight Miss Elizabeth.
You'll have to work, you know? No slackening,and none of your figs like last time.
Where's she gonna sleep? Sleep? There's not room with me.
- She ought to have Emily's room.
Aww, I remember her.
What happened to her? Hanged herself from that very beam.
Why? Love, they say.
Pooh! You'll want this window open.
What, Emily in love? They say he was a footman from another house.
And he let her down.
'Course I wouldn't know, not being here.
[ Door opens ] [ Door closes ] Poor little soul.
- What? - Now.
She's in there now? Yes.
I told her about Emily.
Rather her than me.
All right, Doris, you can go to bed now.
I don't think it's right, employing someone without consulting you.
After all, Mr.
Hudson put you in charge.
And anyway we don't need a scullery maid.
[ Opens door ] Rosie! It's me, I'm back.
Only temporary though.
I met Miss Elizabeth, and What's the matter, Rose? Hello, Sarah.
- Aren't you coming? You promised to do my freckles.
Rose! [ Door closes ] (Ace to the pumy, Sarah.
Saves running stuff and flurry.
) - It's not done.
What? - Nothing.
No amount of training's ever gonna to ever turn you into a scullery maid.
You're right there! My (Minnie's been) in a house parlor maid! As Rose well knows.
These delicate hands weren't made for scrubbing.
They want to (play the Jack-o-Bean tucker stick) for Lady Marjorie.
And she's a (marksman in it herself).
This is gonna be the ruin of me.
If you've got any complaints, my girl, you can either get up and leave, or put them to Mr.
Hudson when he gets back next week.
I will! I'm telling you! In the meantime, keep scrubbing.
And take care you get into them corners.
Leave nothing dirty.
Clean and clear, as (you've got cleaner).
[ Edward falls ] - It was your fault! - where you going! Just in case, we'll say no fault.
Lands sakes, when you finish scrubbing will you take these towels and put them in the (cupboard)? There's all sorts of frocks to be washed.
- That's not my job.
Why can't they go with the laundress? You can't send linens, cottons and (lovelies) to laundress she'll injure the fabric.
Didn't you know that? - Oh, you go and [ Sarah strikes railing ] Now see, you must remember my position, Sarah.
I do remember it.
It used to be mine three years ago - when you were still (begged by teen).
- Aw! - What are you smirking about!! [ Door opens and closes ] Oh, Oh, James, look.
I've been summonded to the Highlands.
It really is too bad.
Oh, I don't know.
It should be pleasant this time of year.
But I'm making a speech on Saturday.
[ Pulls servant call ] Local businessmen are appealing for money.
I suppose Henrietta will have to speak instead of me.
That's hardly going to advance your goals.
I thought it'd be quite a (position it was if it were to go to) Henrietta.
Or the movement.
As you saw last night, we have a job to do.
It's not the job, it's the sanctimonious way you go about it.
Oh! I'm sorry if it appears that way to you.
[ Door opens and closes ] Will you take this round to Miss HenriettaWinchel as quickly as possible, please? Yes, Miss.
Oh, Edward.
Yes, Miss? How's the new girl, Sarah, settling in? Uh well, Miss Yes? She seems to have made quite a spirited start, you might say.
Thank you.
You see? [ Opens/closes door ] I told you we were right to have her.
She's myprotégé.
[ Knock on door ] Who is it? - Me, Sarah.
What d'you want? - I want to talk to you.
[ Opens door ] Is Alice here? You know she ain't or you wouldn't a come here.
Well, come in.
[ Closes door ] - I don't understand, Rose.
- Don't you? No.
I thought you'd be pleased to see me.
I mean we used to be such good friends.
Just think of the times we had, eh? The talks in this very room.
But you went away, didn't you? I had to.
You know why.
Thought you was too good for this place.
That wasn't the reason, and you know it.
You expect to come back and pick up just as if nothing had happened.
Times change.
What does that mean? I'm asking no favors.
I'm doing that stinking job downstairs, and taking all the insults from that Alice person.
All I want is just to be able to talk to you, that's all.
Be friends again.
Well we were, weren't we? Oh, Rose, I've thought about you a lots while we were away.
Once I was passed, and I nearly come in and seen you.
Why didn't you? I was with someone.
A man? Don't say it like that, Rose.
Oh Rosie, I've got so much to tell you.
I kept up with the master and Lady Marjorie.
Read about them in the papers.
Rose! Well, you could have written.
Oh I forgot You can't read or write.
I can.
A bit.
Anyway,how's it been since you walked out of here that day? Did you get all the excitement you were looking for? Or was it more down-on-your-luck in Whitechapel? Did you tell Miss Elizabeth? No, she's stuck-up.
You don't worry.
Said you was looking for an actress friend.
'Course I knew it all lies, because I know you too well.
It wasn't all bad.
Some of it was quite good.
- Oh, yeah? Yes.
I joined a fair to start with, Rose.
I was with them nearly two years.
We went all over the country, stopping at different places and performing.
Once we nearly went to Ireland only, a storm stopped the boat sailing.
What d'you do in this fair? - I was assistant to a clairvoyant.
- Phew.
It's true.
Madame Sophie.
She could do all sorts of things.
She had a parrot called George, who she said was her husband in a previous existence.
She could tell the future, though, and she predicted all kinds of things that came true.
Including the fair running out of money and having to close down.
[ Rose laughs ] There, I made you smile.
That's a start.
Youryour story.
Now, honest to God, Rose, I was with a fair.
And all kinds of interesting people.
Including men? Of course, including men.
What do you think? And I fell in love with some of them.
One specially.
What did he do? You'll laugh if I tell you.
No! Naw, you will, only.
[ Chuckle ] He was an escape-ologist.
You knowthey tie him up, and they put him in a trunk in a tank full of water.
And he gets out alive.
Ohh! It was lovely.
His name was Benito.
Yeah, that's not English.
Italian! Well, what happened? Well he had this problem, you see.
He could escape from all them difficult ropes and things, but he couldn't escape from his wife and six children in Naples! [ They laugh ] Oh, Sarah, you're dreadful.
How about you, Rose? Anybody? Hmmmnobody in particular.
Oh, come on.
Must be.
Nobody, I told you.
Well, no good, Rose, I gotta admit that.
But it's still better than being stuck here! I know myself better now.
I know now what I want to do.
What's that? Go on the stage! Remember, Sarah Bernhardt.
Well, what's stopping you? Oh, Rose.
It's hard to get started.
Got it all kinds of favors for people.
No, you wouldn't.
Nobut I'm seriously thinking of it.
You mustn't Sarah, ever.
[ Loud ] Why not? I mean, look where forbearance has got me.
Back in a bloody scullery.
You got to get me out of there, Rose.
I'm bleeding desperate.
I can't.
There's no where else for you.
There's here with you.
Aw, you don't like her.
That snooty (greatlocks).
Keep a civil tongue in you head.
[ Loud ] You tell her to keep one in hers.
Give herself airs and tell me what to do.
You can't like her as much as me, Rose.
You can't.
We've got used to each other.
I bet she's not as warm to snuggle up to as I used to be.
- Frigid feet.
You stop it.
Cod fish.
[ Loud ] Slimy on a slab! [ Door opens ] Oh, sorry.
Am I interrupting? - Oh, sorry.
Am I interrupting? YOU SURE BLOODY WELL ARE!! You're interrupting a conversation I'm having with my friend Rose.
[ Loud ] All right, Sarah, we've said all we've got to say to each other.
You can go now! You bet I will.
I wouldn't stay in the same room with her.
Oh, why is she so unpleasant to me? - 'Cause you have the effect on me, dearie.
I'm sure I never did anything against her.
Oh, Rose, how could you stand there, and let her insult me like that? [ Slammed door ] [ Loud ] Oh, stop moaning! [ Alice cries ] - Elizabeth! [ Door opens ] Oh,good morning, Sarah.
Good morning, sir.
I was looking for my sister.
Have you seen her? No, sir.
Oh, never mind.
What's it like to be back? You settling all right? How d'you mean, sir? - Well - You mean scullery maid? Scullery maid? [ Slams door ] Well, uh, very nice.
Didn't you, sir? No.
How could I? Here you are working up here.
Alice has a headache this morning.
And I was asked to deputize for her.
Deputize, I see.
Excuse me, sir.
Look, Sarah.
[ Loud ] Yes, sir! Scullery maid's not place for you.
Very kind of you, sir.
You're the first person who's seemed to have noticed.
Well, if you feel like that, why don't you leave? Leave, sir? Yes, if you're sure my sister could find you a position with one of her friends as house parlormaid.
- House parlormaid, sir? - Yes.
If I'm an embarrassment to you, sir.
Embarrassment? Why on earth should you be? I thought I might be.
No, just thinking what's best for you, I mean, after all.
We found you in the East End in somewhat reduced circumstances.
Oh, I wouldn't say that, sir.
[ Knock on door ] Didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
Feelings? [ Loud ] Oh, for God's sake, Sarah! [ Door opens ] Good morning, brother dear.
- Good morning, Sarah.
- Good morning, Miss Elizabeth.
- I'm going riding.
Yes, I can see you are.
Will you be in for lunch? [ Door slams shut ] [ Sigh ] I can't stay in (view of me).
I gotta make up me mind.
I'm have got to get on in this house or get out.
Not the way you did him.
Not me.
How could you do it? How could you bring yourself to? Emily? Emily! Rosie! Ohh, what is it? I heard voices.
What? Coming from next door.
- Emily's room.
- It's Sarah.
She's got someone in there.
I can't hear anything.
Go back to sleep.
I swear I heard them.
Voices? - In Emily's room? - Yes, I swear it.
Did Rosie hear them? Oh, she was asleep.
Was it a man's voice? Well, I couldn't be certain, but You dirty devil.
What? Alice said she heard voices coming from Emily's room last night.
Disgusting! What are you looking at me for? Well, you're the only man around here.
Oh, am I? Was you in Emily's room last night, Edward? Certainly not, Mrs.
You wouldn't catch me with a scullery maid.
Alive or a dead one.
You mind your blaspheming, young man! Oh, um, Sarah.
Come in here a moment, please.
Now, then.
Alice repeat what you just said, girl.
I said I thought I heard voices in your room last night.
What? They think you and me are up to no good.
Voices? That's right.
Well? Is it the truth or isn't it? Come on, girl, speak up.
It's no use denying it.
We'll find out in the end.
What's going on here? - I'm glad you've come down, Rose.
Alice has just accused me of having a man in my room.
I only said I heard voices.
Oh, just voices.
Is that all? Don't be stupid, Alice.
You was dreaming.
I told you.
No, she wasn't.
- What? Alice is right.
She did hear voices.
Would you mind explaining yourself, my girl? She heard voices.
Yours? Yes.
And who else? Can't you guess? Can't any of you guess? [ All ] No.
Tell us.
Emily's! [ All amazed ] She's been in touch.
I wasn't gonna tell you, but I've got these powers.
Not given to many.
I found out quite by chance while I was working for a former employer.
[ Clock ticking ] You said that once before.
[ Words of disbelief ] D'you want me to prove it? [ All dare her ] [ Clock ticking ] Go on, Sarah.
We're waiting.
Very well.
Tonightafter supper I shall attempt to commune with the beyond.
A fact not commonly known, gentlemen, Should I call them gentlemen? Oh, yes.
[ Door opens ] Is that working class schoolboys are, on average, five inches [ Closes door ] shorter than public schoolboys.
And weigh eleven pounds less.
And weigh eleven pounds less.
And whereas 18% die before the age of five in the west end of London, it is 55% in the east end.
[ Siphon spray ] I don't like it.
I don't like it.
You keep quiet or go to bed.
What would Mr.
Hudson say if he was here? Well he's not here.
He's in Scotland.
He can say what he likes.
You can't do it, Sarah.
You wait Rose just wait and see.
Don't you need something to hold belonging to the departed one? I've got button.
- I found it in her room - Bless my soul.
She really can do it! She really can.
[ Clock ticking ] Would you all link hands, please.
Do as she says.
[ Doris whispering ] I don't like it.
- It's all right, I'm here.
Don't you try anything.
[ Clock ticking ] What's happening now? Shhh, shh.
Too much light.
Turn down the gas, Edward.
[ Clock ticking ] That's so we can't see how he cheats.
Shhh, shh.
Would you all link hands again, please.
Nothing's happening! Shhh, shh.
[ Bangs fists ] [ Bangs fists again ] [ Bangs fists again ] [ Bangs fists and collapses ] Her lips are moving.
She's trying to say something.
I am Alf Roggins.
Alf Roggins? Who's Alf Roggins? A psychopathic personality.
I am Alf Roggins.
Sarah's father in a previous existence.
I will try to bring Emily to Sarah.
He's going to bring her back.
Oh, mercy God! [ Doris screams ] What's that? - Something touched me.
- Edward.
It wasn't me! Your arms across my shoulders.
Must be arm around him.
Quiet! You hurt.
Look at her! The table's moving! Oh.
It's levitating.
[ Bell rings ] Bells.
Bells! I can hear bells.
It's upstairs.
We're wanted.
Shut your mouth, Rose.
She's going to talk again.
These are the conditions which exist in parts of London today.
We knowwe've seen them.
Please, help us to improve them by giving generously to our fund founded by truly a latter-day saint, Mrs.
The Young Women's Christian Fellowship.
That'll get their money.
Well done.
This is intolerable.
Where is everybody? I, Alf Roggins, from my one-time earthly daughter, Sarah, am bringing you Emily.
Can you hear me, Emily? Yes, I hear you, Arthur.
[ Whispering ] She spoke.
- Oh, mercy, God.
Have you any messages for the people round this table, Emily? YesArthur.
Tell us your messages, Emily.
[ Whispers ] What she saying? Oh, What she saying? I'm happy where I am.
And I forgive 'em.
I forgive 'em.
She means William.
She forgives William.
I forgive William and wait for him, happy in me waiting.
Oh, forgive me, too, Emily.
I could have helped you with a kind word.
Oh, take this heavy burden off my heart, child.
I forgive you, Mrs.
I forgive all of you.
[ Mrs.
Bridges cries ] I don't care if she's your protégé, she must leave.
Why? She's disrupting the entire staff, that's why, with that uproar down there.
A little harmless fun.
Harmless? I'm sorry, I didn't realize she was a genuine medium.
Of course she's not a genuine medium.
The harm lies in the effect she has on the innocent minds of people like Alice and Mrs.
Last time she was here she upset Mother, Father, Hudson, everybody.
Out of the house by the end of the week.
And I refuse.
Honestly Rose you can (cover the Afcot Powers).
I donno.
Well, the os I donno if you've been up to your tricks.
You're a person.
Honestly, Rosie.
Madame Sophie said she thought I got a remarkable gift.
But I didn't believe it at the time, but with all that touching and moving at the table going on, I suppose it must be true.
What'cha think I ought to do about it? You could try putting it on the stage.
Yeahthink they'd have me? I just know I've got to get out of here.
And Emily says so.
Oh yes.
We'll fix that for yourself.
Nobody'll want your room with Emily floating about in it.
- Can I have a talk with you, Sarah? What about? - It's about my mother.
She's dead, you see.
Passed over about two years ago.
Rose knows about it.
We were ever so close.
And I miss her.
Yes? Well, I was wondering.
Perhaps, if I could get in touch with Verazo.
No, Alice, I mean, it's not easy.
- I'll have to ask Emily - That's what I thought.
Or Arthur Roggins.
Could you? Yes, of course I could, Alice.
Anything for a friend.
I'll ask her tonight.
I want to have a little talk with you, Sarah.
Oh, yeah, who's dead in your family? What? Who do you want to commune with? I'll have to start charging soon.
Oh, now, that's funny.
It's just what I wanted to have a talk to you about.
You're quite a little celebrity now, aren't you? Ha ha, and very effective it is, too.
What are you talking about? Get off! - Oh, with my assistance, eh? - What? Come on.
You know what I'm talking about.
A table.
Strong arms grasping shoulders.
You don't think that was supernatural, do you? All right.
I won't give you away.
My point is, you and me can get together on this.
You do your voices, and I'll do the other.
Well, why not? We've got this lot convinced.
We ought to take it up professionally.
You mean it was you who moved the table and touched everybody? Why, yes.
I just told you! You've got a cheek You've got a bloody nerve.
What? Don't you know the (econharm) will meet him? Permanently damage the mind interfering with a séance.
- Here now look, you might of convinced this lot, but you certainly didn't fool me.
Would you care to repeat the accusation you've just made? - I don't wanna - No? Then I'll do it for you.
Edward has just admitted that it was him that moved the table and laid his clammy hands on the girls shoulders in the mistaken belief that he was assisting me in a false séance.
So it was you, you good-for-nothing.
- I swear I knew nothing about it, Mrs.
And to prove it I'm willing to have another sitting.
Not tonight, though.
I'm too tired.
Will you require anything else in Scotland, Miss Lizzie? Oh, I don't know, Rose.
You decide.
I don't want to go at all.
Oh, I'd better take my tweeds and one evening dress, but don't bother about it now, we're not leaving 'till Friday morning.
Rosethis business downstairs.
What do you think of it? My brother wants Sarah to leave.
Do you think he's justified? Oh no, Miss Lizzie.
You like her, don't you? Well Ishe's got her faults, just like the rest of us.
She's a good girl, really.
Yes, I like her, too.
And I think I'm a good judge of character.
I think I ought to tell you, that she's planning another séance tomorrow night.
Really? How exciting.
D'you think I could go? [ Door opens ] Oh, there you are.
Yes, here I am, Alice.
[ Door closes ] Did you talk to Emily? Yes, I talked to her, Alice.
What did she say? She said she might be able to get in touch with your mother, but you'll have to spend the night in her room.
- In Emily's room? - Mmm.
To be close at hand, so to speak.
I'd have to change places with you? That's right.
I don't mind.
But, Rose? Rose don't mind either.
I don't know about that.
That's what Emily said.
[ Door opens and closes ] Would you all link hands, please.
Too much light.
[ All gasp ] Oh, Mr.
Oh, James, really.
- May I join you ladies? I think I'll sit next to the medium.
It's not advisable to sit too close to me when I'm going over.
I'm anxious to see what happens.
Do what Sarah says.
Move away from her.
I want to watch her lips when the spirits begin to speak.
If there are unfriendly people present the spirits will not come through.
Would you all link hands, please.
[ Bangs fists ] [ Bangs fists again ] [ Bangs fists again ] [ Bangs fists and collapses ] I, Alf Roggins, from my one-time earthly daughter Sarah am bringing you Emily.
[ Alice gasps ] [ Mrs.
Bridges screams ] [ confused talking ] As far as I'm concerned you made a complete fool of yourself.
- Not at all.
Yes, you did.
You're lucky I'm the only one who knows it.
Noticed what? The truth! The real reason you went down there.
To expose and humiliate Sarah in front of the other servants.
To shame her into leaving.
Because you once had an affair with her.
[ Scoffing ] That's rubbish! Rubbish.
- Oh, come on, admit it.
You'll feel much better.
All rightadmit that once a long time ago something almost happened between us.
It's finished now.
For her? - Of course.
- I doubt it.
For either of you.
Why shouldn't you love her? [ Gasping ] Don't be absurd.
Why not? It's nothing to be ashamed of, not these days.
Would youwould you throw yourself at Edward? [ Laughing ] No, not Edward, but someone like him if I loved him.
[ Door opens ] You rang sir? Yes, yes, this siphon has been empty for days, Hudson, get it filled, will you? Very good, sir.
I would like to apologize to both for my untimely arrival downstairs a short while ago.
I understand I broke into a scientific experiment.
- Something of the kind, yes, Hudson.
[ Door opens ] Will it happen, now? Should do.
Take you about a hour for Roggins, but the spirits don't come through if there's unfriendly people are present.
Your mama'll come all right through Emily.
What we have to do is sit hereand (real lie) to.
- Edward! - Yes, Mr.
[ Opens door ] Take this up to the morning room, at once.
Yes, Mr.
[ Closes door ] [ Loud ] Now, Rose, it would appear that there has been something approaching pandemonium in this house while I've been away! No, Mr.
Hudson, not really.
Don't be too hard on her, Mr.
It was Miss Elizabeth brought Sarah back.
And certainly the girl has remarkable gifts.
Yes, well we'll come to Sarah's gifts in a minute.
But first, Rose, I want a full account of everything that has happened here! And you won't see your bed tonight, my girl, until we're through.
Yes, Mr.
- Alice? - Alice! - Are you there, Alice? - It's Emily.
- Can you hear me? - Be patient, now.
I'm lookin' for your mother.
- And after looking for her in the celestial hall [ Door closes ] [ Door creaks ] Be patient, now.
- I'm off fetching her.
- Your face.
You ain't Emily! [ Screaming, fighting ] You tricked everyone! You - What are you two up to? Stop it at once! Sarah! It was her.
She started it.
You tricked me! You helped put this on.
She never brought back Emily.
It was her all the time.
[ Sobbing ] She said she could get my mother.
Oh, my! Oh, Alice.
Oh, don't you touch me! You were in it with her.
You wanted to get rid of me so you could be in this room together! Well all right, you can have it cause I don't want it.
I don't want to stay in this house cause I don't like it.
[ Slams door ] Alice! - What you've done to her? What's happened? - Nothing.
She said you was a fake.
But downstairs? Emily's voice? It's called ventriloquism.
Throwing out your voice.
Madame Sophie taught it to me at the fair.
- It's still a gift.
- But, what do you do it for? What's the point? There's no harm in it.
Made Mrs.
Bridges happy.
And I'd a made Alice happy, too, if she hadn't found out.
Stupid COW! Course I might have guessed! Knowing you! Oh.
What are you gonna tell the others? I don't know.
Hudson coming in ruined it.
[ Knocking ] Oh.
Where's she gonna go off to this time of night? Alice? She's got a friend in Pimlico.
Pimlico! I've got an actor friend lives in Pimlico.
Name of Bertram.
Fancy! Oh Rose.
You're not really cross with me, are you? You mean you're glad to have me back, ain't ya? I donno what to think, I'm sure.
I couldn't stay next door.
Not with Emily floating about.
It was too spooky.
Well, you may not have to stay here much longer at all.
Hudson wants to see you first thing in the morning.
Oh, does he? Well, he be needing a new house parlormaid now, won't he? - Oh! You've got a nerve! [ Medium's voice ] Good night now, Rosie.
[ Rose giggles ]