Utopia (2013) s05e07 Episode Script

Frequently Avoided Questions

Australia's best days are ahead of us
We live in the best
country in the world
No asterisks, no footnotes
From road to rail and in the air
- We are in the age of infrastructure
- The dawn of a new era
- The great Australian dream
- To build a better future
Record investments
We're spending more than any
government has ever spent
- Money splashed around
- Splash more cash
- The cash splash
- The cash splash
It's big money in anyone's language
- This is a nation-building
- Nation building
- Nation building
- Nation building
Nation building
You're kidding me. Again?
We notified IT.
- Is it some sort of virus?
- Just on one computer.
It said, "We much regret, but
all your files was encrypted."
Classic ransomware attack.
Probably state-based actors.
- Probably just kids.
- I'm tipping Russia.
And we have to pay them in crypto.
- We won't be paying anyone in crypto.
- Rubles?
But if we don't, then Abbie
won't be able to use her computer.
- Abbie.
- She thinks she might have clicked on a link.
- 'Thinks'?
- She said it looked really authentic.
- Show me.
- That is the name of our couriers.
- Yeah. 'Courier' has an O in it.
- Oh.
They said she had a missing parcel.
I thought we did training
for this sort of thing.
- She's new.
- Rookie mistake.
- Call in Ravi?
- Yeah. See if Ravi can sort it out.
The missing parcel?
There is no parcel.
- Oh, and Jim's on his way.
- Okay.
- Nat.
You got a moment?
- Um, sure, Abbie.
- Three things.
I think I've found a potential
venue for your seminar.
- Conference. Great.
- But my computer is still locked up.
So do you want me to
show you some photos?
No, that's fine. Maybe later. What else?
Lunch. We're trying
a new Japanese place.
- Are you happy with that?
- Sure.
- Okay. So it's a mixed sushi
- Yeah.
- and seaweed salad.
- No, I want hourensou.
Isn't that the same thing?
- No.
- Onto it.
- Abbie?
- Hm?
- You said three things.
- Oh.
Seminar Sushi
- Maybe write them down?
- Huh.
The minister's on line one.
Minister. Apologies.
For too long, government's
been sitting on their hands.
This report, once and for all,
sets out a clear
blueprint for the future.
Time for talk is over.
- Ring any bells?
- Not really.
- I don't feel so bad now.
- Mind you, I wasn't actually there.
I guess it was nearly two years ago.
- So what's the problem?
- No problem.
Just turns out we're due to
give an update to the house.
- On?
- On this transport and freight report.
Just where we're at with the various
recommendations. Blah, blah, blah.
- We. Where are you at?
- To be honest, I couldn't tell you.
Kind of got handballed around the
department. Minister lost interest.
Lost interest in a
blueprint for the future?
He was busy cleaning up the past.
- Have you reread it?
- No.
- Has the minister?
- Wouldn't have thought so.
- You were both just on a plane together.
- It was a tough Wordle. Tryst.
- No vowels.
- Oh Is that what it was?
- So
- What can we tell him?
Well, he's going to have to get up
in the house and announce that he has
no idea of the status of the
report he personally commissioned.
- Or?
- Or what?
- You're good at this stuff.
- Jim.
- I'll leave it with ya.
- Oh
- I know.
- Tryst.
- Nat Two things.
- Uh-huh?
I've been looking at a few more
venues for that seminar thing.
Our national conference.
- Yep.
- Yep.
This place is good.
It's right in the city.
Purpose-built facility.
- Fully equipped for audio-visual.
- Wow!
Yeah. They've got catering,
onsite parking, full tech support.
- Sounds perfect.
- It's not available for our dates.
- Then why did you bother ?
- Shall I keep looking, then?
- Yeah.
- Onto it.
- Abbie.
- Hm?
- The other thing?
- What?
- You said two things.
- Oh.
Maybe write them down?
Oh. I remember.
Someone's coming to fix my computer.
Obviously, I will start by
looking at the infected computer.
- Mm-hm.
- But while I'm here, I thought maybe
I'll look at updating your
security settings office-wide.
- Check for spyware.
- Check for everything.
When was the last time
I checked your devices?
Ravi, I can't afford to be offline.
But can you afford to
let the bad guys in?
Well, currently, 50-50 for me.
Tony, you would be amazed at
what is going on out there.
Is this the Dark Web?
- It's everything.
- Mm-hm.
The bad guys are just
waiting for us to slip up.
Tapping into unsecured wi-fi networks,
failing to use
two-factor authentication,
passwords stuck on Post-it notes.
- (LAUGHS) Oh, what?
- That's one I've seen.
- I know, honestly
- Oh, my God.
- it's hard to believe.
- Yeah, that is.
Well, hey, maybe start
with Abbie's computer,
'cause that's where it all began.
- Alright. Yeah.
- Alright? Good on ya.
- Okay.
- Great.
- Where were we?
- The Dark Web.
- With the report.
- Uh
Yeah. It's a pretty straightforward
transport and freight inquiry.
They spoke to all the peak bodies,
came up with 36 key recommendations.
- What happened then?
- Went to the department.
- And?
- They said yes to recommendation one.
- Which was?
- To update the House on progress in two years.
Not sure they had much
choice there. I mean
What about the other recommendations?
Two further review.
Three further review.
Four further review.
- Five, accepted
- Oh, at last.
subject to further review.
- You starting to see a pattern here?
- They're consistent?
- They've done nothing.
- They did the report.
What about the other 30 recommendations?
- Have they acted on any of those?
- Uh
- No.
- Yeah, I thought so.
- I think we need
- Further review.
to speak to Jim. Katie!
- KATIE: 47-J-lowercase B-8
- Oh! Shh!
Katie! Shh!
Don't wanna let the bad guys in.
So this is your computer?
- Yeah, it's my laptop from home.
- Right.
- And that was the message?
- Yeah.
"We much regret, but all
your files was encrypted."
And when I press any
key, nothing happens.
- Okay, that's not good.
- But it's okay.
- I've got all my photos backed up on my phone.
- Oh, that's great.
But, until we actually fix this,
we won't be able to do any work.
Oh, well.
I think we're looking at a
total rebuild with your computer.
But, before we do anything,
we've gotta change your password.
- Okay.
- Alright? Can I just grab your current one?
Sure. It's 'Abbie'.
- No, not your username. Your password.
- That IS my password.
- Your password is just your name?
- Yeah.
And my username. Just makes it easier.
- Scotty.
- Hey.
I couldn't get into the
car park this morning.
- Ravi's changed the key codes.
- Why?
He doesn't wanna let the bad guys in.
To our car park?
He's implementing a range
of mitigation strategies.
- New password.
- Uh-huh.
- And I emailed you about the car park.
- I didn't get it.
Oh! It must have been
flagged as suspicious.
- What?
- Ravi's increased our level of filtering.
Maybe try your spam folder.
Oh, my God, there's
like a dozen messages there.
- There, "Car park code changes."
- There's one from Treasury.
- Why was that blocked?
- "Sender not recognised."
The Federal Treasurer?
Well, it's full of typos
and incorrect figures.
That's him.
And what's that one doing in there?
Um, it's flagged as
containing suspicious content.
- That guy's asking for money.
- Yeah, that guy's a state premier.
- Shall we unflag him?
- Hang on.
- So my junk mail is now my inbox
- What?
and my inbox is virtually empty.
Qantas is having a sale.
Oh, a flash sale.
Okay, I've got a venue, and
it's available for our dates.
- Great.
- Uh Ooh, hold on.
That's not it. Not that one.
- Maybe it's in a different folder.
- Maybe we come back to this.
No, I literally had it a second ago.
Oh! Wait. I've gotta get these shoes.
- Oh. Here you go.
- It's a video.
Yeah. They own a bunch of venues.
The one I want to show you
is a couple of minutes in.
- Um, maybe if you just skip forward?
- It's coming up.
Actually, why don't
you download the video?
Why don't I send you the link?
No, just the actual
bit I need to look at.
- Onto it. Okay.
- Okay.
Oh. I just remembered something.
The Departmental
Secretary rang yesterday
to say that the deadline for
submissions has been moved to midday.
- Which day?
- He didn't say.
- Did you ask?
- Hang on. Maybe he did say.
- Abbie, you need to
- What?
write this stuff down.
- Can you find out?
- Onto it.
(WHISPERS) What do you
think of these shoes?
- Abbie!
- Yep.
Alright, so, I wanna start
by asking you all a very,
very simple question, alright?
What do you think is the cause of
95% of all cybersecurity breaches?
- Yes?
- Russians.
- No.
- Teenagers?
Human error.
Now, it could be a weak password
or clicking on the wrong link.
But the fact is, there are just
a lot of bad actors out there.
There's a lot of overactors out there.
I've got that exact top.
Now, there are ways to stay safe, okay?
Which is why I wanna introduce you to
- Anyone?
- Today's Wordle?
Stop. Think. Ask. Reject. Delete.
So, the moment you
receive a text or an email
that looks even slightly suspicious,
I need you all to s
- Stop.
- Good. Th
- A
- Ask.
- R
- Reply.
- No.
- Resend.
No, reject.
Maybe if you just write it down.
RHONDA: Sixth go.
Epoxy. Took me five.
- Whenever there's an X.
- I know!
Sorry. I had to move my car.
So, this report of yours.
- Blueprint for the future.
- You've had a look at it?
Scotty and I have been through it.
It's an outstanding piece of work.
- Excellent!
- That's what we wanna hear.
If you implemented even
half these recommendations,
you'd completely overhaul the
national heavy vehicle system.
- I'll let the Minister know.
- Just hold your fire. There's one problem.
- You said "outstanding".
- I said "if".
This report comes up with
36 specific recommendations.
So far, and we're talking two years
how many do you think you've acted on?
I know we're doing one.
Report to the House?
That's 'cause you have to.
- The other 35?
- Oh, 30 something?
- Lower.
- 29?
- A lot lower.
- 25.
RAVI: Alright, looks like you've
got quite a few emails there.
Any of them strike you
as unusual or suspicious?
- Uh, that one?
- What about it?
No way you can buy a
ladder for that price.
- Actually, I think that's legit.
- $150?
Keep looking.
- Can you send me the link for that?
- Mm-hm.
What about this one from the bank?
Good. What makes you suspicious?
- The Westpac logo's not purple.
- Nice.
And they're saying we need to update
our bank details by clicking here
Uh, don't do that. That's what
we call a phishing exercise.
- Oh.
- So, what do we do now, Courtney?
- S
- Stop?
- What's next?
- I've stopped.
- Okay, but keep going. Th
- Think?
What are you thinking?
There must be something
wrong with the ladder.
- Oh! It's a scam.
- Good.
- Now you ask.
- Is it a scam?
And if in doubt, r
- Ooh. Um
- Okay, I'll give you a clue.
Reject Shop! That's why it's so cheap.
- (GASPS) Reject and delete.
- Good.
- But that was the wrong email.
- Oh.
Okay, so just go go to trash.
Did you ever intend to do something?
- What are you talking about?
- You've done nothing.
We set up the inquiry, funded it,
established the terms of reference,
advisory panel,
the interdepartmental task force
- Which has produced what?
- That's five things.
- Then you buried the report.
- Six.
'Buried' is a bit strong.
- Ignored.
- Thank you.
- What was the point?
- We were getting hammered!
"Too many trucks".
"Our dirty diesel roads."
- People were demanding an inquiry.
- No, they were demanding action.
- You've lost me.
- Me too.
What's the difference?
One is taking meaningful
measures to address a problem
and the other is kicking
the can down the road.
- It worked.
- Did it?
We fixed the problem.
- The trucks?
- The talkback callers.
Now you've gotta take the next step.
- Which is?
- Implement the recommendations.
- You've lost me again.
- Me too.
The Minister called this a
blueprint for the future, which it is,
a clear plan for the next 10 years.
Right, so what you're saying is we
need to look at doing something
- Yes.
- in the next decade.
No, now you're kicking
the can down the road.
- But it's a new can.
- What?
And a different road.
You know what? We're too
snowed under to be doing this.
Hey, we're all on the same team.
Let's get together with the department,
see if we can't work something out.
Yeah. I know.
Katie, is our wi-fi down?
It's been disabled.
Ravi's checking for vulnerabilities.
- Where is everyone?
- Downstairs at the cafe.
They have free wi-fi.
Everyone, I think we really need
to get back to the office, okay?
You can hotspot if you
have to, or work offline.
I think one of us should
maybe buy a coffee.
Soy latte. Thanks.
And could I get your wi-fi password?
Katie, have we heard back from
Finance about the funding allocation?
Oh! Yes. They sent an email.
- And?
- I deleted it.
- What?
- It was flagged as suspicious.
They were asking for financial details.
- So?
- It could have been phishing.
- They're giving US money.
- That's how they get you in.
Ravi said if an offer sounds too
good to be true, it probably is.
Can you retrieve it
and forward it to me?
Sure. It may go to your junk mail.
I'll be down at the cafe.
- NAT: You got a moment?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Um, what do you think of Abbie?
The one who never writes anything down?
- I don't know. What do you think of her?
- Well, she certainly
I mean, it's good to
have additional support.
Yeah, well, taking a bit of
a load off you, which is good.
- And I guess it takes time to learn.
- Of course it does.
We can talk openly.
- I think she's terrible.
- Oh, she's clearly not up for it.
Thank God. I thought I was going mad.
No, no, no. I'm surprised
she can find her own desk.
That's not her desk.
I think we need to get rid of her.
After three months? How
are you gonna do that?
- I was hoping you'd know.
- I don't think anyone knows anymore.
She's got a performance
review coming up.
Well, that gives you a chance.
But in the meantime,
maybe have a chat to her.
- Like, drop a hint.
- Such as?
Well, you know, "How do
you think you're going?"
"Have you thought about things
that you might do better?"
Or, "Have you thought about if you
were to rank yourself out of 10,
what would you give yourself?"
- "Have you thought about resigning?"
- Yeah, that's not a hint, though.
"Have you thought
about changing careers?"
I wouldn't be starting there.
So, how often do you
change your passwords?
- Every month.
- Oh, excellent.
But to keep you even safer
I'm gonna set up a two-factor
authentication for you, okay?
We're gonna need a security
question only you know the answer to.
- Got it.
- Um, shall we try
- mother's maiden name?
- Dharma Kulashila Rajan.
Or, name of first school?
Sri Jayawardanapura Maha Vidyalaya.
- Uh, how about favourite cricketer?
- Oh.
Warnakulasuriya Patabendige
Ushantha Joseph Chaminda Vaas.
- Any Aussies?
- Usman Tariq Khawaja.
- Okay, let's just go with Warnie.
- How do you spell that?
- Abbie. Any calls for me?
- Hm?
- Uh, Sam Browning rang.
- Sam?
From the Transport Minister's Office.
- Sam Brunton?
- Maybe.
- Head of the department?
- Is that what he does?
- She. Can you ring them back?
- Onto it.
- Oh, and, Abbie
- Hm?
- Do you have time for a quick chat?
- Yeah, sure.
- Oh, you mean now.
- Yeah.
- Have a seat.
- Okay.
So, I just thought I'd check in
and see how everything's going.
- Is this is my performance review?
- No. That's coming up.
I just thought a casual chat.
About your general
workplace performance.
- And how would you rank it?
- I don't know.
- It's hard to say.
- Sure.
Um, but if you had to give
yourself a score out of 10?
Well, I'm pretty tough
on myself, so eight?
- Good.
- I think there's still areas where I can improve.
Great. Speaking of improvements,
one thing I find useful
is to write things down.
That might be a generational thing.
Yeah, I think it's a memory thing.
Um, like, lists, tasks,
you you jot them down.
- See, no-one says 'jot' anymore.
- That's not the point.
Let's say you were speaking with
me and I was giving you some advice.
- What might you do?
- Listen?
- Yeah.
- Mm-hm.
But if I gave you some pointers
- what would you do then?
- Uh
Is this where I jot?
- It might be.
- Oh. Okay.
Sorry, folks, we're just
having some IT issues.
We should have the internet
back by this afternoon.
We managed to download
everything at the cafe,
but we had to buy a latte.
- Here you go, Jim.
- Bewdy.
- Well, it's not 'float'.
- No.
Alright, let's knock
this thing on the head.
- Claire?
- Thanks, Jim.
The inquiry into transport and freight.
You require a formal
response from the department.
- Fire away.
- PETER: If I may go first?
On reflection, we fear this
report, while well-intentioned,
is under-researched.
There's been a general failure
to consider the broader range
- Sorry. Sorry. What are you doing?
- I'm responding to the report.
- By discrediting it.
- Let's hear him out.
Can we come back to that?
Alright, let's come at this another way.
- Claire.
- Thanks, Rhonda.
I think it is an excellent report.
- Oh
- Happy?
However, in the fullness of time,
I do wonder whether the original
terms of reference were too broad.
Sorry. You're doing the same as him.
- She said "excellent".
- She said "however".
You're both attacking the report.
- So, we're all in agreement.
- That is not a response.
Well, it sounds like one to
me. You're in the wrong meeting.
- I think Tony could be right.
- Thank you.
On the one hand, this
could be considered
a well-researched, excellent document.
- Yeah.
- But on the other hand
- Here we go.
- given the changing policy settings
and unrealistic assumptions
- He's gone negative again.
- Well, he started positive.
we need time to fully
shape an appropriate response.
- You've had two years.
- Of a 10-year plan.
- We're ahead of schedule.
- Sorry?
- We've still got eight years.
- RHONDA: Are we rushing?
- We haven't done anything!
- Well, Rome wasn't built in a day.
- Now we're onto talking points.
- It's a marathon, not a sprint.
- JIM: I know.
- What, Jim?
- Aloft.
- Mm. Took you five.
- Yeah, I know.
- I got it in four. (CHUCKLES)
- Sorry, can we come back to this?
- Oh.
All good?
Okay, here's an idea.
We get together all the key players
transport bodies, trucking
companies, engineers.
We hear what they have to say.
We put it together.
We come up with some proposals.
- That is a brilliant idea, Jim.
- You reckon?
- There's only one problem.
- Now who's being negative?
It's exactly what you did two years ago.
- So I'm on the right track.
- I don't know what more we can do.
Act on the recommendations.
- It's too late for that.
- Could we embrace the recommendations?
- What does that mean?
- Whatever you want.
We just need a few practical options.
They gave you 35.
- What is your issue?
- My issue?
A report was meticulously compiled.
We accepted. Press
conference, handshakes around.
Then we delay, reconsider,
review, undermine.
Call for interim updates.
- Are these suggestions?
- No.
- They're very good.
- I feel like we're in different meetings again.
Interim update.
I think I know what's going to happen.
You're going to ignore
the recommendations.
Then you're going to put
out a mealy mouth response,
probably four o'clock
one Friday afternoon,
announcing a vague new
initiative under the banner
of some meaningless slogan
like "Future Freight" or
Future Freight?
- Doesn't sound meaningless.
- Rhonda.
- I'm emailing it already.
- Please.
Would Future Freight have
a hyphen, do you think?
Oh, don't forget wi-fi is down.
Oh, yeah. Can you take it to the cafe?
Thank you.
Nat. Quick question,
and I jotted it down.
- Great.
- The minister's chief of staff wants to
know if you have time for a quick word.
Again? That lazy bastard
always calls late Friday.
He's a shocker.
Tell him not today.
Yeah, did you hear that? Yeah.
She said not today. Mm-hm.
- Okay. All working fine.
- Yeah. So what's the problem?
Just hang on a few seconds.
- Shuts down.
- Yeah. Okay, so Ravi's updated your
screen lock settings
to maximum security.
If your screen is not active for 30
seconds, your computer goes to sleep.
Yeah, but I try and start it up again,
and it's asking for a number.
He's set up two stage authentication.
That number should
have gone to your phone.
Alright, but I open the phone,
it's asking for another number.
That number's gone to your
computer. Which is locked.
- Mm. Do you have another device?
- No.
I'll call Ravi.
Can't we go back to
the Post-it note system?
- Let the bad guys in?
- (KNOCKS) Can I come in?
- Yeah.
- I think you're right.
- We've got to act.
- Meaning?
We put out a statement where
we acknowledge the excellence
- of this ten year plan.
- Okay.
But due to a range of factors,
we got off to a slow start,
process took too long,
we got bogged down in red tape
- and we lost sight of our real priorities.
- Yep.
But you intend to do
better in the future.
- Us.
- All of us.
You're throwing me under the bus.
Hey, we all get hit by it.
- I'm the only one under it.
- Where am I?
Who called for this report?
- The minister.
- Who sat on his hands for two years?
- The minister?
- Then who do you think might
accept responsibility for it?
The minister feels it'd
be better coming from you.
Jim, I am not going to be his patsy.
Ah! I thought it was pasty.
- Patsy!
- I had tapas.
Can I come back to this?
I'm not going to accept responsibility.
So if I want to block
someone from commenting,
but I still want to see their posts
Oh, that's probably an
advanced settings function.
- Abbie.
- Something
Just one minute.
Actually, now.
Please. Thank you.
Um, Ravi is here to assist
us all with cyber security.
- It's what I was asking about.
- No.
You're asking about
your Instagram account.
Still sort of IT.
It's not.
Just work stuff.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Nat?
- Yeah.
Beverley's waiting for you.
- Me?
- In the pod.
- Now?
- Mm-hm.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
- I thought we said 4:30.
- We did.
I find it helpful just
to jot things down.
Abbie must have told me the wrong day.
Well, I've spoken with Abbie.
- You had a chat recently.
- Yep.
She was very appreciative
of your feedback.
Was she? Did she
mention anything I said?
- Uh
- Specifically?
She was a little unclear, but
I think I know what she needs.
- A pen?
- A mentor.
- What?
- I think she's been left
without adequate guidance.
- You're saying it's my problem?
- No, no, no.
- Don't blame yourself.
- I'm not.
Looking at her feedback, it's clear
she's keen for an expanded role.
Not how you spell 'role'.
We spoke about her taking on
some added responsibilities.
- What?
- You scored her eight out of ten.
No, SHE did.
She mentioned several ways that
she could be more productive.
- She made a list.
- It's more off the top of her head.
"Working from home."
Apparently your office
has computer issues.
Which she caused.
- She wants to bring her dog into work?
- For support.
No, it's for social media posts.
Nat, dangerous territory, mental health.
I'm the one being driven mad.
- Do not blame yourself.
- I need a dog!
Tony, don't forget, Rhonda
will be here in a few minutes.
- Rhonda?
- She said she sent you an email.
- I didn't get it.
- There.
- Oh, it was blocked.
- Why?
It's flagged as "may contain threats".
Oh, and I think Jim's coming too.
Why are we getting junk mail
from the cafe downstairs?
I think we might have joined
their Latte Lovers Club.
- Okay.
- Alright. We've had a bit of a breakthrough.
The minister has agreed
to act on the report.
Very exciting. What do you think?
Future Freight Australia?
- Our new peak transport body.
- We went without the hyphen.
- That wasn't in the report.
- Who knows what's in there?
In fact, that's one of the things
they said to get rid of, bureaucracy.
- So it was mentioned.
- Let me get this straight.
The one thing you're going to
act on wasn't even in the report.
It's informed BY the report.
It builds on it.
Future Freight Australia
- F-faaahhh.
- Oh. Do you know what we need?
To implement the recommendations.
- A consonant.
- Oh, this is like Wordle.
Future Freight and Rail Transport.
We're close.
Future Freight and Transport Australia?
We're on to something.
I need something taken to the cafe.
And I'll have a macchiato.
What's your password?
Where's the Post-it thing?
Oh, is there not a Post-it note there?
- No, there's not one there.
- Where's the post-it note for this one?
- Heard the news about Abbie?
- She got her shoes?
- She's resigned.
She's taking time out to
pursue further challenges.
Oh. Instagram or reality TV?
- Want to sign her e-card?
- Her what?
Courtney sent me the link.
How do you spell 'riddance'?
Not sure.
Okay. What do I do now?
- Just click there.
- Hey, guys. Did you hear about Abbie?
Yep. Yes.
When you get a moment,
can you sign her card?
- We just did.
- What?
The e-card. You sent Ash a link.
- No, I didn't.
- Oh. Card isn't spelled with a K.
Oh, shit.
I'll get Ravi back.
Take your password off your computer.
- JIM: Good outcome.
- TONY: Is it?
- You're not going to wear it?
- Where's the minister?
Stuck in traffic. See,
this is why we need FFATA.
So after two years and
God knows how much money,
the only recommendation you're
going to act on wasn't in the report?
It was informed by the report.
- A new agency?
Whose first recommendation will
be to commission a new report.
- Up to them.
- Okay. So sorry I'm late.
Sorry. Sorry, everyone.
- Not a problem.
- Okay. We all set to go?
Don't forget to nod.
This is a blueprint for the future.
Okay, that's it. Thanks, everyone.
Thanks again.
- Well, that went well.
- What a farce.
Hang on.
Ha! Farce.
Got it in four.
Alright. Why don't
we try something else?
How about name of first dog?
- Sam.
- Perfect.
Short for Samran Wickramanayake.
- Cat?
- I'm allergic.
Fair enough.
The printer's not working.
I think we changed the password.
- What is it now?
- ALL: Abbie.
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