V-Wars (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Blood Brothers

Wait, I heard something.
Life's not a slasher movie, Donna.
Take me home.
- For fuck's sake, it's raccoons! - Well, go look! Oh, come on.
- [SIGHS.]
There's absolutely nothing out here.
No! - [GASPS.]
Oh, my [SNARLING.]
Swann, I'm Police Chief MacErlane.
- Where's my son? - That's the least of your worries.
Where is my son? - He's fine.
- Not after what he saw.
- Where is he? - He's with Child Protection Services.
Well, I want to see him.
It's our duty to keep him safe.
- No, that is my duty! - Safe from you, Dr.
None of us are safe, Chief.
Am I supposed to be scared? Uh I I had a deal with Detective Yanov.
Your friend Fayne killed one of my cops.
And any deal you made was nullified when you slaughtered your wife, wouldn't you say? [GROANS.]
She she didn't know it was me.
Uh, she wasn't she wasn't human.
She was something else.
- Yeah, I've read your statement.
- Look.
All right.
All right.
It sounds like I'm raving.
I know that.
All I know is the law.
And it says nothing about people turning into beasts.
So you're being charged with the murder of your wife.
I was defending my son.
That's in the law too! If there was any other way, any other way I had no choice.
- Talk to Dez! Talk to my son! He'll tell you what happened! Help me! [WOMAN.]
Dez please say something.
You have to talk eventually.
You must be hungry.
I can get you some food.
What would you like? Dez I've been working this job a long time.
I've taken care of boys like you.
Boys who've gone through terrible things.
I know this is hard, but I've helped quite a few kids who've seen one parent I can help no matter what you saw.
What do the authorities know that they're not telling? The public has the right to know.
The right to be safe from this murderous evil.
Okay, play that back through filter seven.
No one is talking.
What do the authorities know that they're not telling? The public has the right to know.
The right to be safe from this murderous evil.
Splice that on the tail of the narration.
Let me see the video again.
Freeze it there.
That's the frame.
- That goes on every platform we have.
- All linked to the home page, right? With "Vampire Killer Video" in the biggest font you got.
This story's getting bigger, Kay.
You still want to ride that vampire tag? I saw the guy drink blood, okay? [DISTANT SIREN WAILING.]
You are not getting my point.
What I - Chief MacErlane? - I'm gonna have to call you back.
- Yes? - Department of National Security.
We've been authorized to take Dr.
Luther Swann into our custody immediately.
Where are you holding him? We have an order to stop this autopsy.
- This is our body.
We own it now.
- What is this? - You're coming with us.
So, I have a little bit of good news.
I've tracked down your mother.
My mother Yeah.
I don't think we should bring her into this.
Well, she has the right to know where you are.
She's not stable.
You must have her history.
Yes, but she still has certain rights.
Dez, your father's being charged with a very serious crime.
My father saved my life.
I want to be with him.
You can't.
Not right now.
And you have another parent.
Please don't call her.
What's the latest on Michael Fayne? You're asking the wrong guy.
Come on, Les.
I'll double the fee.
They got me guarding an empty house.
What kind of house? Normal.
A woman was murdered.
It was pretty brutal.
There's nothing about it on the scanners.
Hey, text me the address.
Believe me, there's nothin' to see.
Now, Les.
Okay, fine.
Let's go.
If you're trying to intimidate me, I had to kill my wife yesterday.
And they've taken my son, so nothing is gonna feel too important.
Swann? Yeah.
Who are you? Department of National Security.
We're taking over the investigation.
National Security? I'm Claire O'Hagan.
Region Two Secretary.
I need you to answer a few questions.
- Not until you answer one for me.
- No, that is not your position here.
Where's my son? I tell you what.
You help me with what I want, and I'll help you.
Hey! What's up? I saw your shit online.
You're gonna be radioactive.
So tell me what happened.
Domestic last night.
Woman got killed.
So they mount a guard? That's not standard.
I'll tell you what, Les.
- Willie Nelson, Friday.
- I'll get you tickets.
- Legit? Hell, yeah! - If - Oh, God, not "if.
" If you give me five minutes alone in that house.
- Do I need a key? - Uniforms broke the lock last night.
Holy shit! [GASPING.]
I don't give a shit about your kid's dumbass birthday party.
You got a job to do.
How about this? Now.
I'm gonna let you off the hook if you can solve a little riddle.
When there is more of me, the less you see.
What am I? It's a sneaky one, isn't it? [SNIFFS.]
I'm gonna give you a minute.
Oh, when the saints Go marching in Oh, when the saints go march That's a big one.
Now! You wanna know what the answer is? The answer is I'm darkness.
And I'm gonna come after you if this deal goes south, understand? [SNIFFS.]
Hey, Monster.
Did you collect from Lewis County? 'Cause they moved a ton of crank last month, and I want my fucking money.
Hey, just relax.
I'm going tonight, all right? [MAN ON TV.]
nature of his alleged attacks has created widespread fear.
- Check this shit out.
- Local authorities are calling for calm, pointing out that this is an isolated case and assuring the public that all efforts are underway to apprehend Fayne - I know that dude.
- Really? Yeah, I worked on his bike just last week.
It's this '95 Evo right here.
I've been ridin' this thing all week.
Guy didn't even come to pick it up yet.
I wouldn't count on him comin' to pick it up.
Man, buddy's a serial killer.
Offed a piggy.
will continue to follow this story Some kind of freak predator or something.
disturbing image of Michael Fayne.
Police remind the public that he is considered extremely dangerous.
When you do the full autopsy, you'll find that her digestive system has been modified.
What for? Seemingly to ingest and digest blood.
Possibly or particularly human.
You don't believe that.
It's been a big morning.
Look, you already know enough to make you nervous.
- What makes you say that? - You showed up in hours, not days.
But you don't know what this thing is, and you don't know how it spreads.
We don't know if it spreads.
Michael Fayne, his dentist my wife.
It spreads.
with a high of 63.
Clouds moving in late in the afternoon with a chance of thunderstorms - [MAN.]
I know exactly where - [WOMAN.]
The map's telling me you missed the turnoff to the I-9 just .
Hey, Chuck.
You see who was driving [LIGHT SWITCH CLICKS.]
Chuck? You down there? - [SNARLING.]
- Where've you been? I brought you "phow.
" It's called pho.
You don't speak Vietnamese.
I don't speak Vietnamese? Hey! Why didn't you tell me? Nothing in it for me, I guess.
Post this, will ya? Read later.
Post now.
What did you find? Swann and his wife moved upstate three years ago.
He's supervising research physician at Bremerton University.
Yawning already.
I know, right? I looked up his articles, and I can't even understand the titles.
But - His friend is Michael Fayne.
- And his wife is missing.
And there was a murder in the home yesterday.
He killed his wife.
Bonus material.
- They have a kid.
- Oh, God.
That's amazing.
Right, posting now.
More on the so-called "vampire killings" now, from the anonymous website Reveleaks.
An acquaintance of the suspected killer, Michael Fayne, may have murdered his wife in their home.
Luther Swann, a research physician at Bremerton University What are you telling them? - believed to be in custody - Nothing.
after the brutal killing of his 33-year-old wife - As is my habit.
- Jessica Palmer Swann.
The images There are several new murders in Mohawk Valley.
Anything we can learn from them? Were all the killings alike? See for yourself.
In all the killings, up to two-thirds of the victim's blood is missing.
At least one multiple killing, an elderly couple, as they slept.
Quarantine cleared us, but unfortunately, we were spreading the infection from the glacier.
So why aren't you killing people the way Fayne is? Well, I didn't turn physically like them.
I don't have what they have.
I mean, my guess is Mike and Jess have some sort of cofactor that I don't.
- Okay, so what determines that? - I don't know.
But I think, with proper research, I can figure it out.
What do you want? I want my kid back.
And I want the charges to go away so I know that I can keep him.
I'm sending you to Dr.
He's my undersecretary for science.
If he approves you, you can work with us.
Otherwise, no deal.
Do you think that's a threat? Do you understand that you're facing life? I'm facing a wave of slaughter coming down the road, just like you.
Maybe an epidemic.
And I'm the only one who knows a goddamn thing about it.
Make him believe you.
Oh, for God's sakes, throw those things away.
Please, have a seat.
I've enjoyed your transcripts very much.
My my what? Your audio files.
Oh, we record everything you've said.
The secretary didn't inform you of that? No.
No, she she didn't mention that one.
Uh Well, they do it to all of us.
My name's Calix Niklos.
I'm the science guy around here, and I'm very, very glad to see you.
Are you? You must be in a terrible place.
My sympathies on your wife.
No one's actually said that to me yet.
That's because nobody can absorb what's happening.
I could've I could've done something.
I could've quarantined Fayne again.
- I could've just called someone.
- Don't blame yourself.
There's no way anybody could've known what was going on.
What do you think is going on? Really, I defer to you.
Uh I I'm not going first.
No way.
Of course.
You need us to need you.
Otherwise, you're just a guy with a murder charge.
No, it I'm not I'm not political uh, in that way.
- It's not like that.
- Everyone's political, Dr.
But I'll go first, if you'd like.
Until this morning, the department was, of course, aware that there were serial killings happening here in the Mohawk Valley.
Murders aren't usually a matter of national security.
But when we saw the pictures of the victims, we knew were dealing with something else entirely, so we autopsied the bodies.
Swann, there are pathologies here that I have never encountered.
No one has.
My working theory is an ancient form of prion, isolated in biomass, got into me, and Michael Fayne and my uh, wife.
It it seems uh I think I'm saying too much.
And you say you're not political.
Let's not beat around the bush here, Doctor.
We need you.
And I daresay you need us.
Not to mention the common good.
These creatures are existential threats.
They're not creatures.
They they're people.
Well, then, they are insanely murderous people.
Infected people.
There's a difference.
They have a disease.
Well, we can define terms as we go.
The main issue here is, can you help us? Yes.
Absolutely, I can help you.
But I want to secure my son right now.
- Right now.
Not later.
- Of course.
I, uh I apologize that he was ever used as leverage in the first place.
The people here are, shall we say under pressure.
I had him transferred here when we moved you.
Dad! Welcome aboard, Dr.
[growling[ [GLASS BREAKING.]
sd Hey, it's Dr.
Leave a message, thanks.
You need anything else? Yeah.
I need to live in our house.
Yeah, well it's considered a, you know crime scene.
I wanna go home.
Me too, bud.
More than anything.
You've been through some really bad bad stuff.
Dez, look at me.
We saw things last night.
Things we'll we'll never forget.
But there is something bigger going on here, okay? Not just for us, but for everyone.
I don't care about everyone right now.
Just us.
Uh Yeah.
Try this.
If I don't do something here right now, then what happened to Jess can happen to other moms, and dads, and brothers, and sisters, and daughters and sons.
Can't somebody else do it? Not without me.
And I can't do anything without you.
Somebody there? Hello? I can hear you breathing.
Are you my ride? No.
No, I'm not.
You sure it's safe to be sitting here like this? Safe enough.
Oh, hang on.
If you're Blind.
The word is blind.
How can you use a gun? I don't know.
Never had to.
The idea of a blind woman spraying 9-mil slugs around just scares people off, I guess.
I admire that.
So where's that damn car? Could you look on the app for me? [BLOOD RUSHING.]
Says he's a couple miles off.
I have to get to Troy.
My brother died.
He died? Sorry for your loss.
Nature of the beast.
We all lose people.
Yeah, I lost a brother too.
I'm sorry.
Life can be cruel sometimes.
Long time ago? No.
No, I'm kind of in the middle of it.
Now I'm really sorry.
Was it sudden? Oh, yeah.
One minute life is, you know what you've always had.
And the next, the person you trusted you can rely on You loved Yeah.
Can't ever rely on them again.
Well, there's no cure, right? For what? The human condition.
There's no cure.
It's the same for everyone.
Well, almost everyone.
Here comes your car.
About time.
Oh, thank you.
No, thank you.
Hope everything works out as well as it can.
- You too.
- Need a hand? No.
But thanks.
[car door opens[ [CAR DOOR CLOSES.]
What about Uncle Mike? Well he's another reason I have to be here.
You're gonna hear some terrible things about what he did.
But you have to remember, it's not Mike.
It's this uh this sickness.
- Jess and Mike are victims, just like anyone else.
And that's why I have to stay here and do this.
As long as we're together.
Right? - Yeah.
- Okay.
It's like anything else, sir.
There's some good things, some bad.
Swann is very intelligent, and he has the vast advantage of having been on the scene when it first broke out.
He was infected, but there was no result.
Yes, his friend, on the other hand, seems to be patient zero.
Pure killer.
The bad news is Swann considers these creatures to be victims.
He wants to cure them.
Yes, sir.
And my concern is that if he pursues this line too passionately, well, he could become a liability.
Well, we have an area set up for him to work, and we'll get everything out of him we can, which could be a great deal, and then I'm sure he could be - disposed of.
Ah, yes, he has a son.
A minor.
But, there again, I'm sure that arrangements can be made for him should events warrant.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
You too.
We'll speak soon.