V-Wars (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

The Junkie Run of the Predator Gene

1 Dr.
Swann, perhaps you could begin by telling us a bit of your background.
Uh Of course.
My name is Dr Luther Swann.
I am a research physician at Bremerton University.
I was seconded by the DNS in the beginning of the crisis, and, uh Um Doctor, we're on a schedule.
If you're not prepared to offer testimony, - we'll proceed to the next witness.
- Mr.
Chairman, if I may.
- Senator - Dr.
Swann, your testimony today will challenge General May's claim that there are no internment camps for the afflicted.
Is that correct? Dr.
Swann, is that correct? Senator, you are prompting the witness.
- Dr.
Swann, you are excused.
- Dr.
Swann! If there is no further testimony, you are free to go, Dr.
Are they all infected? This isn't just quarantine? I mean, this is one step away from mass executions.
Chairman, I will not be threatened, and I will not be silenced.
Who is threatening you, Dr.
Swann? What do you mean? The Department of National Security has been lying to the American people since day one.
- Why is a high-ranking DNS official - I'm not gonna let him speak.
- in this gallery, holding my ex-wife - Please pay no attention.
against her will, and threatening to kill her if I tell the truth? His name is Dr.
Calix Niklos.
- Dr.
Swann, you have been excused.
- He used me to identify the predator gene, but not to find a cure, but rather, to find out who will turn.
Now the DNS is just rounding people up, grabbing them off of the streets, and putting them in an internment camp or just shooting them.
- Dr.
Swann, I will have you removed - Sit down.
- from these proceedings.
- Let him finish.
Niklos tried to have me murdered twice.
- Dr.
Swann? - And he killed - Order! Order! - DNS secretary Claire O'Hagan for having an open mind on the Bloods.
- Cut his mic.
Cut it.
- She believed, as I do Doctor! - that - Dr.
Swann! that these are simply human beings with a disease, - no existential threat to our species - Out of order! if managed properly.
- These proceedings are adjourned! - But we have to find a cure.
Niklos and his allies are using terror to create an authoritarian state, starting with the mass slaughter of Bloods and innocent people! - We need to get you out of here.
- No.
Send your guys to get my ex-wife before the DNS does.
- Why? - Right now! Just do it! Please.
Go left.
Grab her.
- Where's Niklos? - Settle down! - Where is Niklos? - I don't know.
Swann, please There it is.
We need to take action, Michael.
Contact the other chapters, organize strikes.
Government buildings.
We know their cards, we need to show them ours.
Not yet.
Let's let's wait a bit.
For what? We need to show them strength.
We need to hit them while they're scrambling.
- Ava - No, we need to scare them.
- We wait, we die.
- This is a win for us, Ava.
The public will be on our side after this.
Let's not blow that.
Michael, what are you talking about? You ca The time will come, okay? Trust me.
Just just be patient.
Hey, you check C-SPAN? Here's a shocker.
I did not.
My boy Luther tore up the DNS in a Senate hearing.
I was right about those fuckers.
And now every Blood knows you have friends in high places.
That's great.
Thank you, Luther.
I've got something really cool.
- Ugh.
- There's a lab tech at Walter Green Medical Center in Washington.
He turned, full Blood, and he's been telling me that all the biggest people in DC are getting checked to see if they carry the predator gene.
- Does he have access to the results? - Check it out.
Wait, is is that who I think it is? The president's daughter.
Notorious party girl.
Kicked out of college twice.
I saw her at a club once.
Totally out of control.
This is getting better.
It was no ordinary club.
Powerful people, off the books, very twisted.
Men gotta wear masks and shit.
You were there? Some of us had a life before all this.
- Hm.
- I know people.
She's the president's girl.
She practically lives there.
So do you think you can get us in? Absolutely no doubt.
No way.
You can't be seen in public.
Gotta spread the love, baby.
With the president's daughter and the fried genetics just waiting to be turned on, this is an opportunity to infect someone dear to them.
I'm gonna need a new dress.
- Hi.
- Luther! Oh! - Dez's gone.
I don't know what happened - I know - but if Niklos can find me - I know where Dez is.
He's at Senator's Giroux's house.
It's a very secure place.
He's safe there.
- Yeah.
- Thank God.
The fucking Department of Justice just arrested me.
That's just so that DNS can't get to you.
You're safe.
You're safe here.
But they're saying it's for murder.
Well, you killed a DNS agent, Rach.
- That was self-defense.
- I know it was.
You were protecting our son.
Thank you.
I want to see him.
- Will you take me to him? - I will.
I promise.
I promise.
I believe you.
I'm so sorry about all this.
What happens now? When you said you think there's something downstairs uh are we talking, like, ghosts or Maybe but more like growling sounds, or something's in pain.
You heard it.
It started a week ago late.
Haven't been sleeping that well lately.
- Me either.
- Yeah.
Crazy nightmares.
It's down here.
What? The basement.
Really? A basement? At night? It's just a room.
Then you go down.
You've never even been down there, have you? Well it's a basement.
There's two of us now.
Yeah, and that makes all the difference.
Yeah, that's so much better.
Dez? Dez? I'm okay, I just stepped on something.
- Dez? - I'm okay.
N-No Dez? Shit.
It lives down here.
Go ahead.
Let me see your eyes, folks.
- I don't give a fuck about ID.
- This is new.
They're checking irises, looking for Bloods.
You think it works? We'll soon find out.
You're good.
Let me see your eyes, sir.
Remove the mask.
Is she with you? Actually, he's with me.
Hey, I remember you.
- How could you know? - Enjoy your evening.
How could you know - Thank you.
- That those were my eyes? Peepin' through the floor It's like they know Now they comin' Yeah, now they comin' Out from the shadows To take me to the court Because they know Gotta shut this down 'Cause they been watchin' all my windows They gathered up the warrant 'Cause they You understand, I got a plan for us I bet you didn't know That I was dangerous It must be fate I found a place for us I bet you didn't know Someone could love you this much How could they know? How could they know What I've been thinkin'? But they're right inside my head Because they know Because they know What I've been hidin' They're right under my bed They're in control Here they come Yeah, here they come Out of the shadows To take me to the court Because they know Gotta shut this down 'Cause they've been Watchin' all my windows They gathered up the warrant 'Cause they I've Gotta get outta here Said I've Gotta get outta here Keep on runnin' Sink down Into the dark You understand, I got a plan for us I bet you didn't know That I was dangerous It must be fate I found a place for us I bet you didn't know Someone could love you this much No one is listenin', we're alone No one is listenin' There's nobody listenin' No one can hear us when Whoo! Oh, you do show a lady a good time.
- Mike? - No, no, it's cool.
I want 'em to know.
When she turns, I want 'em to know.
Jesus! Open the door.
Do you have my fentanyl? It's carfentanyl, actually.
- Mm.
- Only about a thousand times stronger.
What do you think this would do to a Blood? Should attack their nervous system.
Probably feel like they're getting sick.
Does anybody else know about this? No.
No, of course not.
Oh, my God.
We've got 48 hours before the government takes preemptive action.
Meaning? Boots on the ground.
We've got to use the little time that we have left to negotiate with the Bloods directly.
What can we offer them? The Blood product I told you about.
We've branded it BludSub.
We've already set up supply chains.
So we trade food for safety? Okay.
There's been some debate about who to negotiate with.
The Bloods have factions all over the state.
No, you negotiate directly with Michael Fayne.
Only Fayne.
Not only is he Patient Zero, but he he's the face of the entire movement.
Yeah, that was my position as well.
- So you'll reach out? - I already have.
- Back channels.
- And? Nothing yet.
We've got a message.
It's legit.
You never learned to knock, back on the farm? You're gonna wanna hear this.
While you two were out, this senator, Giroux, she wants to negotiate with you, totally secret.
I won't negotiate with politicians trying to murder my people.
You tell her that.
Well, that's pretty clear now.
Senator, we got a message from Michael Fayne.
On your laptop, ma'am.
Just tell me, Charlie.
It's a no, ma'am.
Fayne says he won't negotiate with politicians.
That doesn't surprise me.
He didn't trust politicians when he was a normal guy.
There's no way in hell he'll trust you now he's a Blood.
He has no choice if he wants to survive.
Tell him I'll negotiate with him.
Excuse me? No.
You are not a trained negotiator.
You do not hold office.
No, but what is the hardest guarantee either side can make right now in this situation? To trust each other.
Wait, listen to me.
Mike and I were brothers.
I I understand it's a different world now, but one thing has not changed.
We will never betray a promise to each other.
- Never.
- I read the transcripts.
On some level, Michael Fayne must have felt like you betrayed him.
I was keeping him alive! I will commit to this, but we will set the terms my way.
There's gonna be a total information blackout.
- So you can maintain deniability.
- Yes.
That way, if it all goes south, it'll look like it never even happened.
We'll make this work.
That much I can tell you.
If Fayne says yes, you've got 48 hours, and then we have to see if we've got enough to delay the start of the killing.
I'll make it work.
It's happening.
What, this meeting? We got Luther.
No better shot.
I'm coming with you.
The fuck you are.
He needs balls backing him up.
Actually, you can both step back.
I'm going with Kaylee.
I'm sorry, who? I get an exclusive.
You're bringing a human to represent Bloods? No, I'm taking her to keep humans honest.
- That's crazy.
- Is it? Think it through, both of you.
If this is a trap, neither one of you functions very well as a hostage.
She does.
If you're calling to ask for protection, I'm afraid it's just not possible after yesterday's events.
That goes without saying.
Swann's tactic was brilliant.
He's all over the news.
While I stay in the shadows.
That has uses too.
Is there anything else I can offer? Yes.
When you go looking for the inevitable scapegoat, find someone less obvious than me.
Niklos, are you asking me for a favor? Hardly.
My best to the others.
You look like shit.
You goin' grey? Been through enough to have earned it.
Miss you, man.
I'm gonna do a sweep.
Who's he? His name's Jimmy.
Saved my life once or twice.
So he's the new me, huh? Yeah, except he doesn't like me very much.
Just like me.
I'm Kaylee Vo.
Oh, I know who you are.
You caused a lot of shit with me and my ex-wife.
Get in line.
She turned? I'm standing right here.
You can ask me.
Except he'll tell me the truth.
She turned? She's too mean to turn.
Your guy a killer? Yeah, but he won't kill you.
You're asking for a lot of trust.
I'm worth it.
- You ready? - No.
Good, me either.
How do you get ready for this shit? You don't.
When was the last time you fed? Don't worry about it.
I got 72 hours in me.
I don't wanna be breakfast.
You're too bony.
Wonder how many treaties were signed here.
Treaties mean shit, trust me.
The house is clear.
I'll check the perimeter.
Thanks, Jimmy.
Kaylee, set up in there.
Well guess this is the end of the easy part.
So who am I talking to? - What do you mean? - I mean, I'm here as a Blood.
I have the authority to speak for all of us.
What do you have? I'm here because you won't talk to anyone else, Mike.
So use me.
But do you have the authority to say yes or no to my proposals? I mean, I'm the one pushing them to say yes.
I don't make the deals.
The deal you offer will either work or it won't.
It's in your hands.
That's fair.
The internment camps have got to go.
Internment camps will be shut down.
Killing of Bloods is murder one.
But so is killing humans.
For feeding or not.
- Okay, so how do we eat? - We have a plan that could solve everything.
I I'll get to that, I promise.
But first, is there anything else you want? A stand-your-ground law, protecting any Blood from killing a human in self-defense.
Okay, as long as the same applies for us against you.
Sure, of course.
Fuckin' vampire! The Bill of Rights needs to be amended to include Bloods, with special recognition that we are a distinct human species.
Um I think that's gonna be a hard sell, Mike.
The senator's side says cure them all, uh, the other side says kill them all.
Nobody's saying diversity is our strength here.
I I think what you want is you want a definition that favors a human view of you.
Personally speaking, I just want my friend back.
Help! Help! Guys, he's hurt! His leg is bleeding.
It's bad.
Who did this to you? Some survivalist maniac.
- I've got him tied up back there.
- Location's close to the femoral.
If it's cut or nicked, that's not good.
We have to get you to a hospital fast.
There's one on Highway 30 near Exton.
You drive him.
What? No! We can't afford to be seen here, so you drive.
We gotta get him out of here.
Let's go.
Get him up.
All right.
Go, go, go, go! - Aah - What's wrong? Nothin', man.
You know what this reminds me of? Guatemala 2012.
Remember that? Oh, yeah, earthquake relief.
Dude was bleeding out.
Carried him to my chopper.
That dude didn't make it.
Yeah, I remember that too.
- Ma'am? - Mm-hm? Perio at NSA says that Calix Niklos has been bleached from all systems.
There's no way to tell if he did that or if it was done to him, but it's like he never existed, right back to childhood.
So the chances of finding him are just I'm sorry, ma'am.
Okay, thank you, I suppose.
Hey, guys.
What's up? You tell her.
She's your mom.
- But it's your theory! - Come on in.
Um We think there's something living in the basement.
It was there, but now it isn't.
It Dez thinks this thing might be It's a vampire.
Really? There was a chewed-up rat and everything.
You know what? These are really frightening times, and they're especially frightening for children.
I've been patronized before.
It always starts like this.
Oh, sweetheart, I don't mean to do that to you.
But, given the level of security that we have here, the situation that you're describing is impossible.
Come and look.
Outside events that we can't control are scary, and they seep into our imaginations, and they become even bigger, but there is nothing out there that is so scary that it makes us powerless.
We only become powerless if we allow it.
If you don't let it in, it can't hurt you.
I mean, how long am I supposed to grieve for the guy? 'Cause they say there's, like, 12 steps or something for grieving, right? Denial, screaming, swearing, crying, drinking blogging, feeling shitty, shopping, bargaining then revenge.
That means I am gonna destroy the bastard that killed Jer-gen, and then Are you awake? Sadly, yes.
Are you praying? I'm asking the creator to take me as soon as possible.
I mean, Mike, can we can we defer this new species thing, please? I just I just don't think there's gonna be consensus on this round.
I I don't think it's gonna happen.
And who decides that? If it's Giroux, that means you're asking me to trust a politician.
No, no, no, I'm asking you to trust me.
- All right.
- Great.
Now, on to how you feed.
Every fuckin' thing is gonna be about how we feed.
You said you got a proposal.
Let me hear it.
Yeah, so check this out.
It's a blood substitute with a modified blood enzyme.
It completely takes away your urge to feed, and it's government funded, and it's distributed for free.
But what if I can't guarantee that every Blood's going to agree to take it? You are their leader, Mike, and we are aware that you can't control everybody.
So, those who continue to feed on people, that's their choice, but they have to deal with the consequences of that.
That's close to fair.
All right, I think I could sell that.
All right, man.
We're almost home.
Yeah, for tonight.
What happened to you earlier? - What do you mean? - What do you mean, what do I mean? Out by the truck, I saw you stumble.
- You looked weak, Mike.
- Yeah, so what? Do you know what it is to be me? To be Patient Zero? Hm? - No.
- Every second a decision, a challenge, a death.
Three hours of sleep, four if I'm lucky, and never at night.
And the faces screams It's not easy, Luther.
None of us were born to this, but it's what I got.
I'm sorry, Mike.
That's just That sounds awful.
But I don't think you're accepting the truth that something's really wrong with you.
Fuck the truth, man! Fuck the truth! Okay, I'll tell you what.
Let's just, um - let's be done for tonight - Maybe we're done for good, man.
Maybe we're done for fucking good.
This is bigger than the both of us.
It's like we're trying to hold back the fucking ocean! And there's nothin' wrong with me.
Uh I'm sorry.
Hey, Mike.
Mike, I just Dr.
Swann, everything under control? Uh yeah.
How's my Dez? He's good.
He he's hearing bumps in the night, but he's fine.
He's a good boy.
I wish I could hear his voice.
Yeah, his phone isn't secure, but I'll have him give you a call on this line tomorrow.
I'm sorry, I should have thought about that.
No, don't worry.
I had a good day with Mike.
Progress? Uh, yeah, I thought so.
Till he lost his shit a little bit, but In what way? I don't know yet, but I'll get him back tomorrow.
Wh what specifically happened? We're running out of time, Swann.
I understand that.
I said I'd get him back, and I will.
I'll keep you updated, Senator.
Okay, good night.
Good night.
How is he? I'm sorry.
Saint didn't make it.
The blood loss was too extreme.
I'm very sorry.
Let's go.
You've been crying.
Why? Y You aren't dead? You were crying because you thought I was dead? You're improving.
This is the real version, right? You're not dead? I'm not dead.
Now, come on.
Oh, thank you.
Did something happen? Is Dez okay? No, Dez is fine.
I thought a show of support would be helpful.
Did you find the prion sample? Not yet.
It's very concerning.
Good morning, Mr.
I'm Senator Sasha Giroux.
- I'm sick.
- What? That wraps things up for this morning, gentlemen.
I apologize for the early hour, but I have a lengthy procedure to get to today, after which I will be ready to go nationwide in a few days.
And it's it's heartening to have you all by my side in this.
Thank you.
I'll touch base again tomorrow.
If Fayne is weakening, it's going to risk his standing with his people, and that is going to undercut our deal.
You don't know him.
He's a bull.
He'll pull it off.
Yes, I will.
I will pull this off.
Do you know what's wrong with you? No.
It's been a few days.
It started with my hearing.
Well, maybe it's, uh I don't know, is it the body just going through these incredible changes? Or maybe this thing's just fatal.
Don't say that.
All the more reason for us to implement whatever it is the two of you have come up with as quickly as possible.
There will still be problems, obviously, but your instinct can't be to just go full Blood to deal with this shit.
It can't be.
I speak for everybody, and I speak directly.
You are killing people, and it is not acceptable.
Gentlemen, this isn't going to be perfect yet, but we have to announce a truce.
Do we have a deal, Mr.
Fayne? Come on, Mikey.
Announce your deal, Luther.
Be a hero.
But I gotta tell you Mike.
the devil's in the details.
You know, even if this doesn't kill you, and there is some chance that it will, there's no going back from it.
You sure you wanna do something quite so drastic? Absolutely.
Well, your funeral.
Okay, this should hit you in seconds.
But it's totally new.
I mean, I have no idea where you think you're going with it.
To the right side of history, Doctor.
Where we all want to be.