Valor (2017) s01e01 Episode Script


1 ("Electric" by Bass Drum of Death playing) When I destroy It's my own town electric Are you living? Yes.
- - Have you ever dated Taylor Swift? - - Uh, yes.
Though that doesn't narrow it down very much.
(LAUGHS) Okay Come on.
Help me out here, Madani.
He's Jake Gyllenhaal, sir.
Hey, he meant help with a question.
You hate fun, huh? And we just hit checkpoint seven.
- - That's two minutes to the LZ.
Jimbo, let the customers know.
I want you to die - - Two minutes.
Touchdown in two, gentlemen.
- Two minutes.
- MAN (OVER RADIO): Darkhorse Command's barking in my ear.
(MUSIC STOPS) - You have the controls.
- MADANI: I have the controls.
GALLO: Anchor Two, this is Darkhorse.
We are two minutes out from the LZ.
Everything looks clear.
MAN (OVER RADIO): Copy that.
RICHARD: Hey, pilot.
You're the first Special Ops chick I ever met, so I got to ask.
How do you control yourself around so many hot, sweaty men? (SOFT LAUGHTER) Only hard part's the smell, sir.
(SOFT LAUGHTER) - Visual on the LZ.
- I have the control.
MADANI: You have the controls.
RICHARD: Go, go, go, go, go! (HELICOPTER WHIRRING) RICHARD (OVER RADIO): Okay, gentlemen.
Let's move.
They've gone silent.
They went internal comms.
Shut us out.
Yeah, they can do what they want.
(EXPLOSION, GUNFIRE IN DISTANCE) We're just the taxi drivers.
Right, Jimmy? That's what Jess tells the kid when he asks what I do.
He just had a birthday, right? Yep, seven years old.
Big fan of 20 Questions, by the way.
I'll tell him to steer clear of you.
They have the package.
(VEHICLE APPROACHING) Technical, 11 o'clock! JIMMY: I don't have a shot! RICHARD: Keep moving, keep moving! Man down! You fly.
I'm on radio.
GALLO: This is Darkhorse, we're in a TIC.
One technical, six tangos, wounded CAG.
RICHARD: Go! (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) RICHARD: Go, go, go, go! Up with four and one! GALLO: Up with four and one.
(YELLS) (SCREAMS) Madani's been hit! I have the controls.
RPG at four o'clock! What? Everyone brace! (INHALES SHARPLY) (GRUNTS) (SOLDIERS SHOUTING IN DISTANCE) (EXHALES) MADANI: Hey, Lieutenant Porter.
You're up early.
Yeah, I've got a briefing at 0630.
Got to swing by my place first.
My other boyfriend always stays for breakfast.
Well, my other girlfriend always makes me breakfast, so Oh, is that right? - Oh, that's right, yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
First day back, huh? You okay? I'm good.
You know, you and Gallo, you did everything you could.
You followed procedure, you tried to find the others.
I said I'm good.
Okay? I will see you at formation.
Say it.
- GALLO: Hooah! - Say it again! Hooah! (PANTING) GALLO: Oh, dang.
I got PT in 15.
Hey, uncuff me.
- Come on.
- Uh-uh.
Come on.
(BOTH LAUGH) - Got to go.
- All right! You've been drinking all night, cowboy.
Anyone can run eight miles sober.
Real test is doing it drunk.
(GRUNTS) - (SNIFFLES) - (GRUNTS) Better Can you, uh, lock the door when you go? (CLICKS TONGUE) Hooah.
Oh Do a little better.
MAX: Hello, my baby Hello, my honey, hello, my ragtime girl Send me a kiss by wire - Baby, my heart's on fire.
- A little loud.
Maybe you could try singing something else today, huh? Or you could sing it with me like Dad does.
Let's go.
When does Dad get back from his trip? Soon, sweetie.
- MAN: One, two, three - PLATOON: One! - One, two, three - Two! - One, two, three - Three! - One, two, three - Four! Platoon, halt.
Carry on.
MAN: Platoon, exercise.
- One, two, three - One! - One, two, three - Two! Morning, Corporal.
(BEEPING) (LOCK BUZZES) (EXHALES) Last time I saw you, we both looked a lot worse.
That COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR: Shadow Raiders! Attention! Shadow Raiders company formed, sir.
Today we welcome back to duty Captain Leland Gallo and Warrant Officer Nora Madani.
I have the honor of presenting you both with the Distinguished Flying Cross for valor and perseverance in the face of extreme odds.
Congratulations, Captain Gallo, great job.
Of course, sir.
HASKINS: After your aircraft was damaged by enemy fire, you safely evac'd your team before performing a high-risk ditch maneuver.
- Congratulations there, Nora.
- When you were then unable to contact the others, you deployed your wilderness survival training until rescue was possible.
How's that leg doing? - Good, sir.
Thank you.
- Well done, soldiers.
Your actions are not only a testament to this unit, but the entire Special Ops community.
SHADOW RAIDERS: Hooah! Now, let's take a moment to honor those who remain unaccounted for.
Sergeants Hendrix, Balewa and Dallas of the Delta Force Combat Applications Group, OGA Operator Richard and our very own Sergeant Jimmy Kam.
Our thoughts and prayers are with them.
Sergeant Major, dismiss the company.
COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR: Shadow Raiders, dismissed! SHADOW RAIDERS: Hooah! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (QUIETLY): Send those two to my office.
Sir, I've been trying to reach you.
It's better you didn't.
As long as nothing's changed.
No, nothing's changed.
We got other things to think about, all right? They're, uh, plugging us into a training exercise this week.
course, below tree line.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Get stoked.
That decision we made was a mistake.
Ever since, it's all I can think about.
Captain Gallo, Chief Madani, the colonel would like to see you in his office.
Oh, and you're not in Somalia anymore.
Better shave that beard soon.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Captain Gallo.
Madani, reporting as requested.
At ease.
All right, look.
I'll get right to it.
Madani, you're being placed on administrative duty.
Gallo, you'll fly with someone else for the time being.
I don't understand.
You just gave me a medal.
I know.
But you've been through a lot.
A downed bird, then six days stuck in those mountains? I think a break from flying is warranted.
We both went through all that.
Captain Gallo has much more experience with combat stress.
With all due respect, she's squared away, sir.
Did I not pass my psych eval? You passed, yes.
But there were concerns.
Anxiety about getting back in the cockpit, and your injury.
Now, I understand you're still in some pain.
- I'm fine.
- My decision's made.
- Sir, if you would just please - Madani.
There are a lot of officers in command who think we shouldn't have opened combat positions to women.
Let's not give them any fodder, all right? Yes, sir.
GALLO: Hey, three months is nothing, all right? I've had leftovers I've kept longer than that.
Hey, what's going on? I'm grounded.
Three months.
- Are you okay? - Do you know how many times you've asked me that since I got back? (WHISTLES) Hey, where are you going? If I'm not flying today, there's something else I have to do.
Oh, Jess.
I would've come earlier, but I rehabbed in Germany.
- I just got back Saturday.
- It's okay.
I've been watching Max's cartoons.
Anything to distract me.
Jess, is there anything I can do? I need answers.
I mean, they won't even tell me what country it happened in.
(QUIETLY): Mission is classified.
It's always classified.
Do you have any idea what it's like being married to somebody who can't tell you where they are going or when they are coming back? - Jess.
I'm so sorry.
- It's not fair.
You and Gallo don't even have families.
Why are you the ones that get to c? Oh.
I don't mean that.
No, you're right.
It's not fair.
Will you be My cool companion? And I GALLO: You realize this is fraternizing, you coming here alone.
We need to talk, sir.
Will you be All right.
My cool companion? - You want something? - No.
I, uh, went back to the colonel about your desk duty situation.
He wasn't having it.
Should have Porter give it a try.
Colonel loves his Eagle Scout ass.
I'm not here about desk duty.
I thought you said nothing's changed.
We got medals today.
You don't feel any guilt about that? Yeah.
Yeah, I feel guilt.
But allow me to quote the great Justin Bieber.
"Too late now to say I'm sorry.
" I don't understand how you're so fine about everything.
We lied in our debriefs.
We made that decision together.
And if we get caught? Look, it's paranoia talking.
Mission review is closed.
We're good, as long as our stories matched.
I said everything we agreed on.
All right.
Richard bailed with the prisoner and that's the last we saw of them.
There's no problem then.
There is for me.
I want to come clean.
You're out of your mind.
There's something bigger going on here.
We've been over this.
Richard lied about the prisoner.
Why? Telling the truth won't help find Jimmy.
It's not gonna help anyone, least of all you.
I joined the Army to be one of the good guys.
That is not how this feels.
Well, people don't want boots on the ground, so this is what war is now.
Covert ops, blurred lines.
That's what you joined.
Nice speech.
Yeah, been giving that to myself a lot lately because we don't have a choice.
We need to keep our mouths shut.
(WHISPERING): You're right.
(TELEPHONE RINGS) JESS: Sweetie, can you get that? Hello? Daddy? When are you coming home? I-I miss you.
All right.
Come on, come on.
Get up.
Get up.
What happened up there? They shoved a sat phone in my hand, told me to dial my wife.
Said they'd shoot me if I didn't.
So you called their bluff.
I wanted to hear her voice.
Lieutenant Porter here is one of our best intel officers.
He'll be your primary liaison.
Anyone ever tell you you look like an action figure? No, ma'am.
You're adorable.
Follow me.
Last night, Jimmy Kam called home on a scrambled sat phone.
He's been captured, along with one of the CAG operators, Sergeant Hendrix.
This is Thea from OGA.
It's "Thay-a.
" Her team will be embedding with us for a while.
These are the first POWs since Bergdahl.
That is not a good thing, in case any of you are fuzzy on the situation.
Everyone from POTUS on down has been briefed and our orders here are to keep this quiet.
All right, play the video.
DEBRIEFER: All right, Mrs.
Kam, I need you to tell me what happened last night.
JESS: My son answered the phone.
Jimmy asked him to put me on.
He explained what happened.
There were four of them that bailed out of the Black Hawk together, him and three Delta Force guys.
They got surrounded.
Two got killed.
Jimmy and Sergeant Hendrix ran out of ammunition and they got captured.
DEBRIEFER: Did your husband mention a man named Richard or the prisoner they had in custody? JESS: He said that they were still in the Black Hawk when he bailed.
DEBRIEFER: What else did Jimmy tell you? JESS: There are demands.
50 ISIS prisoners in exchange for the two of them.
And then the line went dead.
THEA: We believe that they're in the Golis Mountains being held by one of the warlords that control that area.
Our best guess is this man.
- Khalid Samatar.
- Your best guess.
That's-that's all you got? It's Captain Gallo, right? And Ms.
The ones who made it back.
We did what we were trained to do.
Oh, I know.
I read your debriefs.
And I wouldn't be here if you hadn't crashed your helo.
Now, we expect that when Samatar's people make contact again, it'll be through an intermediary.
This first volley was more about theatrics than anything.
As for Richard and the prisoner, Mrs.
Kam's account corroborates the one that we already have.
They evac'd the Black Hawk after the others and continue to be MIA.
HASKINS: But our focus is on the ones we know are alive.
Now, we've been informed that a prisoner exchange is off the table.
So, that means the only way they get out is we break them out.
- Yeah.
- Good.
Now, we are assembling a team to plan and execute a rescue mission.
OGA on logistics, CAGs doing the door-kicking and us providing transpo.
Gallo, Suarez, Sood and Nilsson, you'll be flying.
Porter, DeWaal and Branch, TacOps.
Green and Madani, you'll handle flight planning.
THEA: We have to find them first, but make no mistake, we will bring them home.
Until then, you are stuck with us.
Sir, you have to let me fly this mission.
You're grounded, Madani.
I know those mountains.
I studied them like crazy before we went in.
Not only that, Captain Gallo and I have been paired up for a year.
Look, I already got this OGA kid up my ass.
I don't need you in there, too.
The psychologist said I'm fine to fly.
I don't understand why you won't accept that.
Because Lieutenant Porter asked me not to.
Why would he do that? He knows you better than anyone.
He doesn't think you're squared away.
Sir, we all know how you got your Silver Star.
Firefight in Fallujah.
You went back for an injured soldier who was left behind.
All I'm asking is that you let me do the same.
You will have to prove you're up to it.
However you want.
You will fly the Nap-of-the-Earth exercise on Thursday, but you will do it as pilot-in-command.
Captain Gallo won't touch the controls unless you choke.
Now, you've never done below tree line on your own, have you? No, sir.
Then I suggest you start practicing.
Thank you, sir.
I can explain, Nora.
You went behind my back.
No, I tried to talk to you and you wouldn't.
Because I'm fine.
Do you think I don't notice you taking those pills? The doctor said as needed and I would never take them when I'm flying.
Nora, I You know, when I joined this unit, I knew I would have to work twice as hard to prove myself to them, and I'm fine with that, but to you, too? That's messed up.
(WINCES) GALLO: I don't know how you changed the colonel's mind, but I'm impressed.
You ready for your practice run? Yes, sir.
We're taking Adele? Yup.
(GALLO LAUGHS) Let's do it.
Hey, whoa.
Hold up, hold up.
Before they can hear us, it isn't normal for OGA to sweep in like this.
There is something bigger going on here.
Now, if we're gonna get Jimmy out safe, we need to know what.
So, you agree with me now? First step is to ID the prisoner we had that night.
I got a friend who could help.
I'm on it.
Renegade One-Two.
Adele is ready to roll in the deep.
DISPATCHER: Renegade One-Two, hangar 02.
Clear for takeoff.
You nervous? No, sir.
("Ran" by Future Islands playing) Ingest Where it goes Nobody sees but me So perfect and so sweet But the rest Feels incomplete Oh, like the rabbit's foot I keep In the locket with no key I couldn't get us clearance for the actual course today, but this will do for practice.
How did you get permission for residential? It's empty.
Developer went belly-up, never finished it.
All right, bring her down below the roofs, then shoot down the line.
120 knots.
How it sings as it goes Flight of field, driving snow Right turn.
You're drifting.
Watch out.
(SCREAMS) Trees, Madani.
Everyone, brace! You need to pull up now! (PANTING) You almost killed us both.
I know.
Everyone brace! We lost engine two! JIMMY: Confirmed.
Fire on engine two! GALLO: She's shaking like crazy.
- We're gonna have to bring her down.
- MADANI: We need to get as far away from the tangos as possible.
We're not making it much farther.
Find me someplace safe.
All I see is rocks down there.
There's a lake.
West-southwest, two klicks.
We need to evac the others before we ditch.
It's too dangerous otherwise.
Listen up! We're gonna bring her to a hover over the water.
You all bail, then we'll get as far from you as we can.
30 seconds out.
He'll drown with that hood on.
It's not coming off.
JIMMY: Go, go, go, now! Out soldier, now! Go, go, go, go! I can't hold the hover.
We're moving.
(HYPERVENTILATING) I'm losing controls.
We're going down.
Hey! Hey! (MUFFLED): Help me.
This is it! Mm (SNIFFS) Morning.
Sorry I'm late.
- Slept like crap.
- Yeah, I bet.
All that guilt over nearly killing us yesterday.
I'm gonna hit the simulator hard between now and the flight test.
I'll be ready.
Here is the first batch.
- This is Anna.
- Nora.
She's getting us the personnel records for the 802.
Hope you find what you're looking for, cowboy.
(ANNA CHUCKLES) So how, exactly, do you know her? We go out now and then.
She's into some kinky stuff.
Loves handcuffs.
Yeah, I did not need to know that.
This is definitely the tattoo I saw.
They told us we were targeting a Somali national that night.
Instead we get an American soldier.
Let's find his face.
I'll keep looking.
If I get bored, I'll just take a handcuff break.
Yeah? What's OGA? "Other government agency.
" It's a euphemism we use for the CIA.
They made me sign something that said I can't tell anybody about Jimmy being captured not even my son.
Right now, Jimmy's a lot more valuable alive.
If this leaks, the situation gets less stable.
This is insane.
I can't talk to anyone, I can't know anything.
I'm just supposed to sit here and wait? I don't understand how you live like that.
It's how Jimmy lives, too.
And I've never been able to understand it.
I am going to get myself on the team that goes in, and we will get him back.
But you need to promise me something, too.
You won't give up.
Excuse me, ma'am, you asked to see me? Yes, I did.
Thanks for coming.
I understand you and Ms.
Madani are a couple.
That's right.
We met in the 101st.
When I put in a packet for Special Ops, she did, too.
It's, it's when they started taking female pilots.
And, tell me, what are your thoughts on Captain Gallo? I'm not sure what you mean.
They went through a lot together.
That can create intense feelings.
He's her commanding officer.
The rules around that are very clear.
One last thing.
Monday evening, she left base alone, stayed out several hours.
You're checking our exit logs? We're running a deep-black operation.
I'm just doing my due diligence.
Any idea where she went? I believe she went to a movie, ma'am.
I could ask her which one.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
No need.
Hey rotor-head.
You awake? I need you to think.
What'd you hear upstairs? - Men's voices.
- How many? Four or five.
Anything else? A call to prayer fr-from the outside.
We're near a village.
That's good.
What direction did the sound come from? From the right, maybe ten feet from the top of the stairs.
There was a breeze from that direction, too.
That's an exit.
We should do it here, before they move us again.
We're gonna get our hands free, okay, we'll have surprise on our side.
We're gonna overpower them, we're gonna take their weapons.
No, no.
- And we are gonna fight our way out.
- No, no! No way that'll work.
We'll get ourselves killed.
You want to wait here until they cut our heads off? I don't know.
We have a shot and we got to take it.
Okay, this empty neighborhood was creepy enough when we were flying through it, but this is next level.
Hey, it's secure.
We can't be too careful.
- It reminds me of a war - A war zone, yeah, I know.
So, what'd you find? (CLEARS THROAT) All right.
802nd Infantry, 4th Brigade.
His name is Davis Goundry.
He's listed as killed in action in 2014.
- That's impossible.
- Yeah, I know.
- We saw him alive a month ago.
- We stumbled onto something here.
No idea what it means.
- We need to take it to the colonel.
- And say what? "Hey, we saw a dead guy in Somalia"? "Oh, and by the way, we lied in our debriefs"? We can't do anything until we have a lot more.
I don't know how much longer I can keep this up.
I've told so many lies, I've lost count.
My flying's gone to hell, too.
I thought I was stronger than this.
You know what your problem is? I can't wait for you to tell me.
You're too hard on yourself.
Duty is not the opposite of weakness.
It's the cure for weakness.
That's bleak.
I like structure, okay? Rules.
There was a time when I didn't have it.
I told a lot of lies.
I hurt a lot of people.
It was bad.
You know you need to find a way to blow off steam.
What, like kinky sex with admins? - Hey.
- Yeah.
- Don't knock it till you try it.
- Yeah, no thanks.
I think I'll stick to drumming.
- Drumming? - Yeah.
Drums are a lot like flying helos.
Hands and feet moving separately.
So I bought a kit.
(LAUGHING) All right.
You like banging stuff, huh? I got just the thing.
Reason I started coming here in the first place.
Why not? Go wild, baby.
- Yeah! - (LAUGHING): Hooah! Show that wall.
Yeah! GALLO: Hooah! Let go! Yes! Yeah.
All right, whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
You're freaking me out.
Hey, Nora.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
(PANTING) You all right? You can holler, you can wail You can swing, you can flail You can thump like a broken sail But I'll never give you up If I ever give you up My heart will surely fail We could be court-martialed for this.
We already have secrets.
What's one more? No.
You can't tell me you don't want this, too.
Duty is the cure for weakness.
What are you doing here? Came by to talk to you about something.
Didn't expect you'd be out till 1:00.
Well, you should've called first.
Now, my other girlfriend, she likes it when I surprise her, so If I could be alone You're not gonna tell me where you were? Needed to clear my head.
The other night, too? Nee a space to be in Look, OGA has her eye on you.
That's what I came here to say.
You have any idea why? Flowing through space Look, Ian, I'm tired.
And I have my flight test tomorrow.
I-I work in intelligence.
It-it is my job to know when someone is hiding something.
And you are.
Threads flowing Ever since you got back.
Through space Everyone can breathe now You can tell me, Nora.
There's nothing to tell.
Everyone can breathe now.
- GALLO: Flight instruments? - MADANI: Set.
- GALLO: Fuel system? Direct.
Rock and roll.
Are we good? All squared away.
Give me a hand, give me a hand Give me a hand, give me a hand (HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING) I'd cut out my tongue for things to say Just to break the spell I'd trade all my luck for cards to play And I play them well I cool myself off to feel the heat You're accustomed to hell I think it's time you told me.
What is that thing? It was a gift from a little Afghan girl.
She said, until me, she didn't know women could be soldiers.
- Now it's your rabbit's foot? - It's kept me alive so far.
Let's hope that doesn't change today.
PILOT: This is Renegade One-Three, we've got the left course.
PILOT 2: Roger.
This is Renegade One-Four, I've got the right course.
MADANI: Roger that.
Renegade One-Two, we're down the middle.
I'll trade a window for a wall I have to rise for you to fall.
Hello, my baby Hello, my honey, hello, my ragtime gal Send me a kiss by wire Baby, my heart's on fire If you refuse me, I (SHOUTING) JIMMY: God, ugh Hello, my baby Hello, my honey, hello (GRUNTING) Give me a kiss by wire You're almost through.
Heads up! Branch at one o'clock Nice.
This is the end.
You got to pull up.
(WHOOPS) You did it, Madani.
(WHIRRING, RAPID BEEPING) Sounds like we lost an engine.
Engine two out.
(METAL SHRIEKING) We just lost them both.
(ALARM BEEPING) - COMPUTER: Low rotor, low rotor - Confirmed.
- Both engines are dead.
- How's that even possible? The crew chief checked everything this morning.
Main RPM is dropping.
Restart with A.
We got to initiate autorotation.
- We're losing altitude.
- Yes, sir.
MADANI: Reducing collective.
RPM rising.
80, 85.
Not enough.
You need to get the air speed up.
COMPUTER: Low rotor, low rotor MADANI: RPM is at a hundred percent.
We're 60 feet off deck.
Cyclic back, collective up, pedal in.
Now you passed my test, too.
What? I shut the engines off.
Why would you do that? I needed to be sure you could hold up under pressure.
Last time, you froze.
(RADIO CRACKLES) Don't you ever do anything like that to me again, you understand? It was a training exercise.
I need to be able to trust you, Gallo.
- Whoa, whoa.
- If we can't trust each other, we can't trust anyone.
(HELICOPTER WHIRRING) (RADIO CRACKLES) Renegade One-Two, returning to base.
MAN (OVER RADIO): Renegade One-Two, Anchor Zero-Two, RTB.
(GRUNTING) You got it? All right.
Now, your turn.
Come on.
You got it.
All right.
Hey, hey! Hey.
This is it, rotor-head.
Okay? We're all in now.
Sit up.
(HELICOPTER DOOR OPENS) Nice work, soldier.
Yeah, thank you, sir.
Yes, congratulations.
I look forward to working together, Ms.
Welcome to Operation Perseus.
I'm proud of you.
About last night We don't have to talk about it right now.
Let's go.
You killed it.
(MADANI AND GALLO PANTING) He's not breathing.
(COUGHING) You should've let him drown.
Step away, Captain.
Wait a minute.
I'm an American citizen! Don't let him do this! I gave you an order, Captain.
Move, or I will shoot through you.
Listen to me.
His name is Richard Lasky, and he's the one who sent me here! Your choice, soldier.
(PANTING) (GRUNTS) It's pitch black.
I lost him out there.
He's dead.