Valor (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Soldier Ready

1 Previously on Valor - Go, go, go, go, go! - They have the package.
(SCREAMS) (PANTING) I'm an American citizen.
- Don't let him do this! - Move.
Or I will shoot through you.
He's dead.
PORTER: CIA has their eye on you.
- Any idea why? - MADANI: They told us we were targeting a Somali national that night.
GALLO: Instead we get an American soldier.
His name is Davis Goundry.
He's listed as killed in action in 2014.
PORTER: You think I don't notice you taking those pills? The doctor said "as needed," and I would never take them when I'm flying.
HASKINS: Jimmy Kam's been captured along with Sergeant Hendrix.
The Delta Force team leader for your bird will be Sergeant Coogan.
My name is Khalid Samatar.
I'm the man who has your soldiers.
I will release them in exchange for 50 ISIS prisoners.
You have ten days to meet my demands.
Goundry had a domino, too.
We'll be flying a load of antibiotics into a refugee camp.
Now, a successful drop will not only save lives, but it will be the next step in bringing back Sergeants Kam and Hendrix.
The Puntland government is permitting us two Black Hawks for the mission, along with one Reaper drone to give us an eye in the sky.
HASKINS: You'll take the C-17 to a forward operating base the day after tomorrow and stage out of there.
The antibiotic delivery will be split between the helos.
You'll each fly to a different entrance of the refugee camp.
Better odds that way.
The bandits in the area are heavily armed.
You should be prepared to engage.
A successful delivery means Puntland reopens its airspace.
It's our first step in finding and exfiling our POWs.
MADANI: Once we've opened the airspace, what's step two? We're working on that.
For those who are about to deploy, I want to remind you to complete your Soldier Readiness packets.
Take the time to get your affairs in order.
Check in with mental health, the chaplain, tie up loose ends.
As always, we treat each deployment like it could be our last while praying it's not.
All right? Let's go.
I want you to get working on a scenario for step two.
We need to get ahead of this.
Roger that, sir.
Here we go.
First time back out since we went down in a ball of fire.
Not funny yet.
Wasn't trying to be.
I keep thinking about the dominoes.
So, first Davis Goundry has one, and then Khalid in the video.
But didn't it seem like he wanted somebody to see it? Maybe it was a message or a threat they're connected somehow.
We can't talk about this here.
Not anymore.
All right? The CIA has eyes on us.
I heard that hit you took.
You okay? Jimmy! (GASPS) I hear you.
I'm okay.
How long do you think we traveled? Half hour? Maybe more? I don't know.
I think it was more.
Damn it.
We have no idea where we are.
- They don't know where we are.
- They? Home.
If they're even looking.
They're looking.
You have to believe they're looking.
Earth to Nora.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What were you saying? I have to go sign a bunch of paperwork for Jimmy's benefits on Thursday, and I thought maybe you'd come with me.
I can't Thursday.
What about one of the other army wives? You're starting to connect, right? Yeah.
They're sweet.
You know, there's a lot of really innovative slow-cooker recipes.
I would rather have you there.
I'm deploying, Jess.
Day after tomorrow.
For Jimmy? Jess, you know I can't talk about that.
Come on.
Sergeant Darzi tells me you're planning on flying this mission on 3/4 of a tank.
That's right.
You want to explain that? (EXHALES) We're gonna be landing inside the camp gates, between these two buildings.
Anything goes wrong, we need to be fast and furious and precise to get out.
Now, with the weight of your team's gear, I'm concerned we're not gonna have enough torque.
We got to lose pounds someplace.
- Fuel's the answer.
- Wrong.
We need contingency in case we got to reroute.
- We'll have 20%.
- That is not enough.
Well, I'm flight lead.
Fuel load's my call.
What, are you spooked about going back out there? That's what this is? You forget you're talking to a commissioned officer? I don't get spooked, Sergeant.
Anything goes wrong on the ground, Captain, my team's gonna handle that.
We'll get you the time you'll need for a safe takeoff with a full tank, trust me.
Well, that's just it, Coogan, With you, trust is hard.
You wake up someday and you realize All right, roger that.
Like you said, your call, sir.
JIMMY (SPEAKING ARABIC): Allahumma innaka afuwwun kareemun, tuhibbul afwa fa'fu annaa - waghfir lana warhamna - Hey, what are you doing? Have you lost your damn mind? anta mawlana fansurna - alal qawmil kafireen - Jimmy! Rabbana aatina fiddunya hasatan, wa fil akhirati hasanatan, wa qina athabannar.
- - We've heard the helos, so we know they're looking for us.
But we are all out of flares.
And this is the one place the army knows we were.
I'm fine.
The prisoner was living here.
MADANI: There's a bedroll in the corner.
This wasn't just a pick-up site.
Maybe there are some supplies.
Madani I'm fine.
- I'm fine! - Rest.
It doesn't matter how tough you are if you end up dead.
GALLO: What is that? I think it's a coaster.
There's no sign of a struggle in here.
Prisoner didn't resist.
Maybe he was expecting them.
That's why they put a bag over his head? There's bullet holes in the ceiling.
And nowhere else.
The night of the mission, they weren't shooting to kill in here.
They were putting on a show.
Trying to make us think it was an insurgent when, really, it was an American.
It must have been bad for the CIA to work this hard to cover it up.
And even worse for them if we found out.
Thought you did your checklist already.
So I'm doing it again.
You finish your readiness packet? The paperwork, yeah.
If we're talking about tying up loose ends before we go I tracked down Davis Goundry's sister.
I'm gonna go talk to her.
Look, we have to be more careful now.
How, exactly, did you find her? Just basic online stuff.
Could have been looking for a camp friend.
(CHUCKLES) You don't strike me as a color wars kind of girl.
She lives 45 minutes away.
Maybe she can tell us something about Davis Goundry.
Like who he was or why he was over there.
Well, if the CIA finds out we're looking into Goundry, we are off this mission.
- Or worse, Madani - I'm careful.
But I'm gonna go talk to her before we deploy.
If we die out there, which we might (SIGHS) Well, I'm not gonna have another chance, am I? Stop saying the word "die.
" You feel it, too? First time back out there? I'm your supervisor.
Talking with you about my feelings isn't part of my job description.
Yes, sir.
Things have to be different.
We're home now, and they are watching us.
You know that.
I used to watch you from the van It was your band IAN (SIGHS): How long you been up? A while.
Couldn't sleep.
I need to be ready for this mission, stop thinking about the last one, but I can't.
Me neither.
Have you checked in with mental health? No.
I got to ask why not? I love you, babe, but you can't really understand this.
Because I have not been in combat? 'Cause I'm just a chairborne ranger? I didn't say that.
No, but you were thinking it.
You're not wrong.
Look, maybe just think of psych as something on the checklist, you know? Get in that cockpit without any doubts.
- All right.
- All right.
That is not a thing to joke about.
You speak English.
I work to learn, yes.
I am Muslim.
Not the same kind as you, not even close, but I do not believe you.
What's your name? Dauud.
Dauud will you please let me wash? I will see.
CRANK: I get it now.
You're doing this so they'll give you better treatment.
Where's your damn pride? You're wrong.
I am Muslim.
Raised that way, at least.
Never said so before.
Yeah, well, what are you? (SCOFFS LIGHTLY) I haven't practiced for years.
Being here, now asking God for help is starting to make sense.
Do you know how many people have died because of your God? What these people are doing here, it's not what Islam teaches.
There's two billion Muslims in the world who are nothing like this.
I thought we were on the same side.
We are.
I been praying for the both of us.
It's been awhile.
Hey, Ryan.
Hudson said Max has been talking about his dad a lot.
I heard around school, some of the other parents He's MIA? Yeah.
That's right.
If you need anything, if Max wants to come hang with Hudson, they've been talking about that.
Something about Mario cards or I don't even know what that is.
Yeah, I don't know.
(BOTH LAUGH) We're here for you.
Come over.
Dinner, if it'll help.
Yeah? It would be nice to talk.
MAX: Mom.
I called this meeting to discuss next steps for the rescue mission.
It's a bit of a catch-22, gentlemen.
Until we get the airspace reopened, it'll be hard to gather the intel we need for planning the rescue of our POWs.
Maybe we need to consider what Khalid is asking.
The prisoner exchange.
The only response I'm gonna dignify that with - is a simple "no.
" - Will all due respect, ma'am Full stop.
It is not the policy of the U.
government U.
traded five prisoners for Bowe Bergdahl.
Would you like to review the backlash on that, Captain? Totally different situation.
He was a deserter.
Sergeants Kam and Hendrix are anything but.
THEA: The political cost of a prisoner exchange, if it ever got leaked, are unacceptable.
And 50 of them? Not a chance.
What's your goal here, ma'am? Getting them back or having your agency look good? HASKINS: Lieutenant Porter did some research on the list of prisoners Khalid is asking for.
Turns out they're connected.
They were all detained on the same day as part of a sweep of a Somali ISIS cell in 2015.
And the question is, how is Khalid connected to these guys? The answer is through his brother.
I don't follow.
Khalid's older brother was caught up in that sweep.
His name is on the list.
Mustaf Issa.
He uses his clan name as his last name, unlike his brother, Khalid, so no one caught on.
You continue to impress me, Lieutenant.
Khalid's video gives instructions on how to contact his middleman.
We could negotiate.
Talk him from 50 maybe even down to one.
I'm betting his brother is who he really cares about.
And I think you could agree, ma'am, that releasing one prisoner is a lot more doable.
Depends how dangerous the one is.
All of the other options on the table are long shots.
This is, by far, the best one we've got.
We'll explore it.
Of course, this is all for nothing unless you guys can get the antibiotics in.
We will.
Don't worry about that.
It's my job to worry.
(LINE RINGING) - Go for Gallo.
- (VOICE MAIL BEEPS) Hey, just wanted to let you know I'm running that errand we talked about.
The sister.
I'll circle back when I'm done.
MALE GPS VOICE: In 100 feet, turn left.
MADANI: Are you following me? Turn left.
MALE GPS VOICE: Your destination, Thumbs Up Diner on your right.
Bathroom? CLERK: Right over there.
Sorry for the mess.
My kid.
That is not your kid.
You don't seem old enough.
Someone tell you that'll get you free waffles? (LAUGHING): 'Cause it will.
First time here? Yeah.
I I feel like I recognize him.
I'm also in the service.
Was he based at Fort Dabney? My brother, yeah.
Uh, but he passed away three years ago.
I'm sorry.
He basically raised Christopher with me since I had him so young.
These days I'm kind of lost without him.
Most days.
Where was his last deployment? I'm sorry.
I'm just trying to place him.
All I know about his last deployment is-is he didn't come back.
They didn't give you a report? Were you going to order something? Deidre, I have a friend out there, a good one, who has gone missing and I can't help but think that it has something to do with your brother.
Whatever kind of conversation you're trying to have, it's not happening in front of Christopher.
He's been scarred enough by losing his uncle.
This is my number.
In case you decide you do want to talk.
Oh Oh, oh (LINE RINGING) Go for Gallo.
(VOICE MAIL BEEPS) And tempting All the steps to follow closer right behind Is it only when you feel - (KNOCK AT DOOR) - Come in.
What's this? Max has been obsessed with maps lately, so Jimmy and I had this bright idea.
I am just trying to finish it for when he comes back.
Came over to say I'm sorry you found about the deployment the way you did.
Oh, I'm used to it.
My marriage, with all the things he can't tell me.
Oh, oh, oh It's like this.
Half of a thing.
But that doesn't excuse it.
Excuse what? How lost I would get when he deployed.
What do you do to prepare? Do you talk to Ian or? Yeah, he and I just have such different jobs.
So Captain Gallo then? He's not much for talking these days.
Oh, oh The person I would talk to is Ryan.
Who's that? He's the father of one of, um, Max's friends.
He is a single dad, a reporter, soccer coach.
He slices oranges.
So I started talking to him.
And then I started confusing what I needed with what I wanted.
I will come to you blind And we crossed a line.
We stopped.
Jess, look, you really don't have to explain yourself to me.
Yes, I do.
Because all I want to do is call him or see him or laugh or cry or scream or be human for a few seconds, and I know it is wrong.
(QUIETLY): Jess.
It's gonna be okay.
Hold me now I told Jimmy about it before you deployed the last time.
And he said he needed time.
And he wasn't sure if he could trust me again.
Hold me Hold me When the helo was going down, the only thing that Jimmy took with him was that picture of you and Max.
Hold That is all that matters.
Okay? You know, what I just told you was classified, right? Wow.
You have got problems.
I know.
I'm actually gonna go see someone about it.
You got a fever, Madani.
MADANI: I think the wound's infected.
Nah, you're gonna be all right.
You know that letter they make us write? Part of our package, in case we don't come back home? I never wrote one.
I wish I had.
I got the same letter in my packet the last five years.
To who? My mom.
She makes a big to-do every time I deploy.
Sends me a meal, and it's all boxed up.
I FaceTime her and the rest of my fam, and they watch me eat, and I watch them.
You know, it's like we're all together.
(CHUCKLES) My mom gives the same speech.
- Tell me the speech.
- (CHUCKLES) We're a military family, so you can imagine.
Faith, honor, all that crap.
How does that crap go? You know, that used to keep me going, thinking I was some kind of hero.
But these covert ops Damn, half the time, we don't even know what we're doing.
Just fly, don't ask questions.
(SCOFFS) Look where it got us.
I don't know what I have faith in anymore.
I have faith in you.
That's sweet.
You stay with me.
Okay? (WEAKLY): Okay.
(HELICOPTER RUMBLING) That's a Black Hawk.
Coming this way! Oh, thank God.
They they are gonna separate us as soon as we're rescued.
You remember the story we agreed on? - Yeah.
- You stick to that.
Until we can prove it's an illegal mission.
After seeing this place, no no, no, no, no.
The plan's got to change.
The CIA worked hard to cover this up.
They're they're gonna cover up the proof, too.
We get caught looking for answers, it's only gonna make things worse.
I killed a man, Gallo.
I need those answers.
We are not heroes, Madani, we're soldiers.
The best thing we can do right now we keep our mouth shut, we forget.
Shadow Raiders here's to one of our grandest traditions, the pre-deployment throwdown! ALL: Hooah! (WOLF WHISTLE) MAN: Whoa.
Nothing can stop Well, hooah, everyone.
Watch me walk Yeah, I came to support.
I am running the mission, after all.
Well, you certainly have been noticed, by Delta Force, in particular.
Oh, lucky me.
I actually have some good news.
Khalid's brother is in poor health.
They logged him with heart problems when he got captured.
- Seems captivity's only made it worse.
- How is that good news? It means he's not a threat it makes him a lot easier to give up.
We'll open negotiations with Khalid, see if he'll take the deal his brother for our guys.
If he will, we run it by D.
, get the exchange approved.
I'm glad to hear that.
You know, I really enjoy working with you, Lieutenant.
Have you ever thought about coming over to the civilian side of things? No.
You should think about it.
Better opportunity for advancement, especially for a congresswoman's son.
I went to see Goundry's sister, and I was followed.
It sure looked like CIA.
Don't worry, I lost 'em.
I told you to be careful.
Well, the sister tell you anything useful? Nope.
I think you better ease off, then.
What? No.
You wanted me to back off in Somalia.
Then the CIA took over the rescue mission, and you changed your mind.
Don't change it back on me again.
- (PHONE VIBRATING) - - You ignoring your mom? - Yeah.
She's trying to set up the FaceTime dinner.
Just can't handle that right now.
You want to talk about it? We've been over that.
Let me ask you something.
Half the guys in there want to buy CIA chick a drink, so why's she wasting time talking to that girl? That woman is Sergeant Zoe Cho.
One of the only other female Shadow Raiders.
You two on the, uh, same cycle yet? No.
But by the end of this mission, you and I probably will be.
(LAUGHING) HASKINS: For those who are about to deploy, we toast you.
Look to your left, and look to your right.
Your brothers and sisters might not be here when next we meet.
Be strong.
Go with God and come home to us.
Hooah! ALL: Hooah! So, uh, you want to get a drink somewhere else? Might be your last chance.
I could die out there.
Ooh, yeah, no, I like to live on the edge, Sergeant.
(BOTH SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Come on, let's go home.
Let's go home.
It's gonna be okay.
Just like every other time.
I'm gonna come back.
(SOLDIERS CHANTING) Are you thirsty? (SIGHS) I'm not ready to move.
(GROANS) I hope this doesn't affect you at work.
I, uh I assume some people saw us leave together.
I don't give a crap about them.
Which is what it takes to be one of the guys.
That can't be easy.
Do you help each other through it, you and Ms.
Madani? We don't share shampoo and secrets, if that's what you mean.
Is information what this little experiment was about? No.
And I'm way past experimenting.
I know exactly what I'm doing.
(LAUGHTER) ANNA: Oh, my God! GALLO: Look at this.
Door-to-door service.
Don't you ever say I didn't treat you right.
(LAUGHTER) This I know Oh, yeah.
What's in the box? No, wait.
Let me guess.
(GASPS) You got us new handcuffs.
(CHUCKLES): Yeah, you wish.
No, no.
Something from my mama.
I love me a mama's boy.
- Yeah? - (LAUGHS) I mean, I could stay.
I could make you breakfast.
(GIGGLES) Sorry, I, uh, got plans.
What kind of plans? More secrets? Just keep me out of it this time, all right? It's got nothing to do with that, all right? Just another day on the job.
I don't want to run around I don't want to run around, no, I don't Don't, don't This I know.
AIRMAN (OVER RADIO): Landing in six mikes.
GALLO: Seat belts.
Shoulder harness.
MADANI: Check.
GALLO: Avionics.
MADANI: On and set.
3/4, as requested.
We ready to rock? COOGAN: You know what I think, Captain Gallo? A full tank would have been a lot safer.
Not your call, Sergeant Coogan.
Clear on one.
You've heard it all before, but, baby We're just to die for Just to die for Just to die for Just to die for.
They're approaching the refugee camp.
I'm seeing movement on the ground.
Can you zoom in? Two vehicles.
Looks like trucks.
Can you get that any clearer? HASKINS: What do you think? I think it's trouble.
There's not a lot of people in this area that can afford a truck most who can are criminals.
There's a tarp on the back of that one.
From the shape of it, I'd say that's covering a mounted machine gun.
Didn't get where I am by being an idiot, Colonel.
Renegade One-Two.
Renegade One-Two, we've got two vehicles on the Reaper feed.
Looks like one could be a technical.
Three klicks to your south.
Looks like they may be headed toward the camp.
90 seconds till they're under the flight path, sir.
What if it's a hostile, sir? We got an alt route, other side of the mountain.
Let's take it.
We're past the pivot point.
We'd have to backtrack.
Ah, we can't.
We do that, we might not have fuel to get back to base.
You got us in this situation, sir.
You'd better get us out of it.
Need to find another alt.
Madani, you on that? Madani.
(DISTANTLY): Madani.
(MADANI SCREAMS) Hey, you got this, okay? I have faith in you.
Remember when you told me that? Goes both ways.
You got this.
Sir, yes, I do.
There's a mountain pass one klick north.
Weather conditions look good.
I think we can make it.
You think? I say we find out.
Rock and roll.
Where we at? Nearly out of the pass and on track for time.
Watch out.
Two o'clock.
MADANI: There's the camp.
And one narrow-ass landing zone.
You have the controls.
I have the controls.
I don't know how they're going to land there.
HASKINS: Well done.
Now let's get that medicine unloaded.
Let's go! Move! COOGAN: All clear.
Let's move it.
They beat the trucks there, but not by much.
HASKINS: Renegade, heads up.
Vehicles approaching.
Technical! Seven o'clock! Renegade, those are hostiles.
If they fire, you are authorized to engage.
- (GUNSHOTS) - (PEOPLE SCREAMING) GALLO: We got tangos, seven o'clock! How many tangos down? Five! Three to go! They're hiding! I can't see 'em! All right.
Four more bags to go.
Let's give them cover fire! Roger that.
I got your six.
You sure about that, sir? It didn't seem that way before.
Yeah, yeah, you're right.
Should've trusted you.
You got no idea how much I hate admitting that.
You think we got 'em all, sir? I don't know.
Delta guys are coming back! Let's do it! - Up with five.
- (GUNFIRE) Eight o'clock.
I don't have a shot! Ah, better on your side, Madani.
I have the controls.
That was your second kill.
You okay? (GROANS) You did good, Nora.
I almost didn't, though.
Froze up when we needed to reroute.
You worked through it.
I should've worked through it before the mission.
Was gonna go to Mental Health.
But what was I gonna tell them? The only person who understands, the only person I can actually talk to is you.
And I wasn't listening.
I didn't want to admit that I was spooked.
That's why I wouldn't listen to Coogan, either.
Is that an apology I hear? Take it how you will.
Did it feel different? Like we were doing something good.
Getting one step closer to Jimmy.
Did it feel heroic? (CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) Yeah.
I guess so.
CRANK: This whole thing smelled bad from the start.
What do you mean? Night of the mission, the prisoner wasn't what I expected.
That CIA officer had us shoot at the ceiling.
Something seemed off.
It's easier to think it was all for something, something honorable.
If it wasn't Yeah, it's a tough pill to swallow.
You have anybody at home? All this time, you never said.
I had a wife.
She took off about a year ago.
I'm sorry.
It ain't easy being married to someone who does what I do, what we do.
It isn't.
We're not gonna die here, man.
Yeah, let's just hope that God of yours is listening.
Mom, look.
It's the jet, the big one that brings Dad home.
Is it him? Not this time, honey.
I miss him.
I miss him, too.
But he would want us to be strong.
Strong for what? The waiting.
I thought we were going to Hudson's - for dinner with him and his dad.
- We were.
But you made me remember something very important.
We need a pizza and movie night.
Just us.
Do you want to go grab us some menus? Okay.
(CLEARS THROAT) You've reached Ryan.
Please leave a message.
(VOICE MAIL BEEPS) Ryan, it's Jess.
We were just about to leave, but I, um, I shouldn't have let you think that this is something that I could do.
Even talking.
I'm sorry.
I need to do this on my own.
When you came at night They were walking by Know we tried When the news spread 'round We could hear the voices I made it back.
As we walked in town There were eyes above us Know we tried I have some news.
Looks like the prisoner exchange is in play.
- That's good news, right? - Yeah.
Yeah, but it does mean that you'll be going back soon.
Well, hello, stranger.
Yeah, I just got home.
Am I in time for dinner? You sure are.
We were just sitting down.
(LAUGHS) I hope you're hungry.
(CHUCKLES) (PHONE VIBRATING) Hello? DEIDRE: Nora? It's Deidre Goundry, from the diner.
Did you really know my brother? I tried to.
Because you aren't the first to ask about him.
Some people came to my house last week, people in suits who didn't give names.
You can probably guess what that means.
What did they want? They asked about his loyalty to his country, if he had sympathy to radical causes.
Crazy stuff.
In front of my son.
I'm so sorry, Deidre.
The last time he deployed, Davis said some things, how he was questioning everything he'd ever believed in.
He was haunted.
The way you talked in the diner, I can tell you are, too.
If you know something, I want you to tell me.
Was my brother a traitor? (KNOCK ON DOOR) Davis Goundry's sister just called me.
What she said and the fact that he and Khalid were both holding a domino, I think they may have been working together.
- Gallo.
- No way.
What if we made a mistake that night in Somalia? What if we let a terrorist go free?