Van Der Valk (2020) s03e01 Episode Script

Freedom in Amsterdam

Alright, boy.
Let's get this over and done with.
Once this is done, we'll be free.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on!
Are you OK?
Where the hell is Casper?
The party's for him
and he's disappeared.
He was with Milton.
Where'd they go?
Absolutely no idea.
Have you tried Milton?
Yeah, loads. He's not answering.
Come on!
Free-running finals to get to!
Oh, Casper.
What's up, guys?
Where'd you go?
Oh, babe, don't worry.
I just, uh,
had a couple of things to wrap up.
Is Milton with you?
Yeah, he was.
We, um
separated, but he'll be here.
Don't worry.
Ready to go?
Cool. Let's bounce.
OK, people! Let's see him off!
OK, Cas.
Say hello to Paris for me.
And don't even think about coming
back without that trophy, yeah?
WOMAN: So come on.
What's going on, Cas?
I've made it all go away.
Everything's OK.
I couldn't leave
without clearing it all up.
Milton helped, you know.
And it's done.
We're free.
Missing us already?
Have you heard from Milton?
I still can't get through.
What the hell?
What? Watch out!
Casper, no!
No! No!
Watch and weep, Eddie.
Mate in four.
What you on about?
Morning, skivers.
Wiping the floor with him, Eddie?
That's gotta be a first.
Ah. Business calls.
Want to shake my hand,
we'll call it a draw?
Quit while you're ahead,
if I were you.
Nice one.
LUCIENNE: What's this, then?
Thought that you were
mentoring Eddie, not hanging out.
Oh, you can tell a lot about someone
from how they play chess.
He's either very good
or he's very lucky.
They're both good qualities.
You two really are bonding,
aren't you?
You know me.
A new day, a new dawn.
Right. What have we got?
Gunshot heard out at Kraaiennest.
Vehicle crash, two youths.
Casper Yuliani, dead at the scene.
Marian Segers,
injuries not life-threatening.
Armed Response
have secured the scene.
Well, make sure
there's an officer at the hospital,
in case the survivor's
still a target.
Yep. The windows go up AND down.
Nice wheels.
Standard 4-litre, 6-cylinder,
I take it?
Jaded interior.
Slightly shabby exterior.
We are still talking
about the Jeep here, right?
You can tell a lot about someone
from the vehicle they drive.
What do you think I've got?
Oh no idea.
Go on. Take a guess.
It's what you do, isn't it?
Predict stuff?
Not really.
But, uh
I don't know.
A knackered bike?
Probably something you picked up
at Lost Property.
Yeah, actually.
There you go.
What is it about me
that said 'knackered bike'?
I don't know.
Just a lucky guess, I think.
Let's check for cameras.
Will do.
No need.
None covering the actual crash site.
The nearest cameras
are down the road
about 85, maybe 90 metres away max.
There might be some in the station,
I guess.
No-one's come forward yet.
Sorry. Sergeant Citra Li.
First responder.
I was on my way in
when I heard the call-out.
The old man
can probably tell you more.
Oi! Less of "the old man".
It's good to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
Oh, right. All good, I take it?
I told her Lucienne was a saint,
you were probably the most
antisocial human being I ever met.
Yeah, I love you too.
Coming from a man
who spends his time with dead people,
that's that's some compliment.
You know,
we've crossed paths in the lab.
She's bright as a button,
twice as smart.
Used to work in Tech, didn't she?
Yeah. Just passed the sergeant's
exam and made it official.
Do a lot worse
than take HER under your wing.
Yeah, well.
I'm a detective, not a hen.
Let's focus on the body.
Yes, the corpus delicti.
So, not wishing to label anyone
here, but which one are you?
Jack the Lad or stat man?
She says, labelling.
And neither, actually.
I'm the new team member.
Eddie Suleman.
That means "man of peace".
Oh. That's quite fitting
for a police officer, I guess.
Gunshot entry wound, anterior
of head. That's front to you.
There's no muzzle mark,
powder tattooing or smoke soiling.
Not close range, then?
What, fired from over there?
CITRA: Could be.
It depends on the gun.
Or ground level, maybe.
Another bullet casing scattered,
so clearly several shots, one
of which came through the windscreen
and ferried HIM
across the River Styx.
Death pretty much immediate.
Wouldn't have known what hit him,
Now, follow me, pilgrims.
Got something to show you.
Look at that. Fresh blood.
It's not dry yet, so it's
most likely
from the same time as the crash.
Might get a hit if we run it
by the DNA database.
Could be our gunman.
Could indeed.
Either way,
the gunman didn't hang around.
Why would he?
Victim shot in the head, job done.
EDDIE: He's clearly a decent shot.
(SIGHS) This was definitely
not random.
I could make that shot.
Yeah, right. (LAUGHS)
We'll just pull up seats, shall we?
MAN: Ma'am.
WOMAN: Please. Please.
MAN: Hey, hey! Ma'am!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa. Stop there.
I I'm their friend.
Um, where's Casper? Where's Marian?
Marian's been taken to hospital.
And Casper?
OK. How did you know to come here?
we were video-messaging
and then
something, someone
I I I don't know.
(PANTS) I I've
got to be with them. Please.
OK. OK. Listen. OK.
Look. Come on. We'll give you a lift.
Get in that car over there.
We'll head over to the
victim's family, break the news.
Um I'll send my notes over, yeah?
Uh so I just head
back to the station, right?
PIET: OK. Great.
I'm with the traffic department,
by the way, just
in case you were wondering.
Well, the city definitely needs
sorting on that front.
And I have every faith
you'll crack it.
WOMAN: All I know is that
Casper left the party
and I have no idea where he went,
nor did Marian.
Had you known 'em long?
Um, no, not really.
Knew of them,
in the free-running scene, at first,
and then we got chatting
and we really hit it off.
You need to take that?
Uh I don't know who it is.
MILTON: Sanne.
Oh, my God. Thank God.
Where have you been?
MILTON: Sanne, listen.
We need to get out of here. OK?
Listen. Where are you now?
I'm at the hospital with the police.
(PANTS) Don't say anything, OK?
Don't say a word.
Everything alright?
Oh, yeah, yeah. We just got cut off.
PIET: From?
A friend. She'd just heard
what happened. She was worried.
Must have changed her number
or something.
Here to see Marian Segers.
Just a moment.
Ah. Her doctor's right there.
Marian has broken ribs
and a lot of bruising.
But, all things considered,
she's lucky to be alive.
Can I talk to her?
Not right now. She's still in shock.
PIET: Is there an officer
on her door?
Just arrived.
is in the best place right now, OK?
So I need you to stay calm,
for her sake.
Did she say anything when she was
brought in or when you examined her?
LENA: Mainly where it hurt.
And, uh, why would somebody
shoot her boyfriend?
Did she see the gunman?
Are you interviewing me?
Are you ignoring me?
I'm doing my job.
I'm trying to do mine.
So, uh, how soon can I speak to her?
I will let you know when
she's well enough to be interviewed.
Sooner the better would be great.
Still impatient.
Still evasive.
As soon as it's right
for my patient, I will let you know.
Thoughts so far?
Uh, could be
just wrong place, wrong time.
More likely,
someone targeted the victim.
Oh, we don't know that
for sure, though, do we?
No, but
if someone WAS targeting him,
maybe they knew he was headed
for the station, went to intercept.
Which would imply what?
That they knew of his movements.
Someone connected to free running.
Possibly. Mmm.
A lot of money in it now.
Officially a sport.
Competition he just won? 10K.
Social media's popping off.
First time?
Thank you.
We'll need you
to identify your son's body.
Is there anyone else we can call?
Casper's mum?
A friend?
We have to ask,
was Casper in any kind of trouble?
It's all about free running
with Casper.
He'd just got through to
to the European finals.
Was turning pro.
I got him a sponsorship deal
and everything, and then
Sounds like you're very involved
in your son's career.
I'm also some kind of
promoter for him.
Did he have any rivals?
Yeah, Milton, I guess.
Milton Paul.
But they were really more mates.
EDDIE: Is this him?
And did Milton take part in
the same competition Casper was in?
Yeah. He came second.
Oh, into the European finals
as well?
Uh, no.
Casper had a friend with him.
Marian Segers.
Not a fan?
I don't know.
It was all
quite new and complicated.
Complicated, uh, in in what way?
Well, Marian used to be with Lenny.
This guy.
Until Casper came along.
I'm sorry, but can I
go and see Casper now, please?
Of course.
You said you could do it.
Do it, man!
Do it, dude.
Come on, Finn. Do it.
WOMAN: Finn, let's go.
You said you can do it.
MAN: Finn! Finn! Finn! Finn!
Come on!
MAN 2: Come on.
MAN: Nope. Didn't happen.
Oh, man! This is never gonna happen!
Don't lose faith. You'll get it.
By tonight?
Well, you'll have to.
Come here.
Take another look.
Gert, what is it?
Marian's been injured, and
Casper's been killed.
MAN: What?!
Do you really think
losing a free-running competition
could be motive?
I don't see why not. First is first
and second is nowhere.
Got a couple of witness statements.
Check 'em out.
Right. What have you got?
LUCIENNE: Old friend of ours.
PIET: Finn Jonker.
Troubled soul.
Well, thug, I think,
is the word you're looking for.
And last year done
for possession of a firearm.
What's the link to Casper Yuliani?
Casper used to run with this lot.
The main guy is Lenny Holst,
the godfather of free running.
Took Casper under his wing,
mentored him in the early days.
And get this.
Used to go out with Marian Segers.
Did he?
Let's check 'em out.
Excellent. Autopsy report.
Oh, patience, Piet.
Even I have to wait
until the body's been identified
before I can cut it up.
But I did take the liberty
of liberating the bullet
from the crash scene.
Standard fare. Fired from a handgun.
Pretty accurate.
Bit of a sharpshooter,
in my humble opinion.
But the good news is, the blood
on the ground at the crash scene
got a hit on the database.
It belongs to a Milton Paul.
Casper's friend
and rival free runner.
What's he doing at the crash scene?
HENDRIK: That's for YOU
to figure out. (LAUGHS)
Pleasure's all mine.
There you go. Something else for you.
I know Sniffer's bright, but chess?
Usually it's as much as she can do
to eat, sleep
and occasionally urinate
in the corridor.
Well, we've all been there.
Incident report
from the first responder, Citra Li.
Detailed, accurate
and best yet, prompt.
You'd do well to take note.
I'll have a look later.
We don't need anyone else.
We're good.
No cheating.
I'll know.
What's with the chess?
Eddie claims
he was thinking four moves ahead.
Trying to figure out
if he was lying or not.
Does it matter?
PIET: Oh, yeah. It matters.
Come on, Finn.
Lenny Holst.
Orphaned as a teenager.
Brings up his younger brother
and essentially invents
free running.
All-round good guy, apparently.
So, what's he doing
hanging around with Finn, then?
MAN: Whoa, yes!
Well done, Finn. Well done.
What's going on?
Is this about Casper?
You know what happened to him yet?
We're trying to find out.
GERT: Well, what about Marian?
She's in hospital.
So we gather you knew Casper.
Nice kid.
He used to be one of the family,
didn't he?
One of the best.
Both of them were.
You seen him recently?
Why is that, then?
You had a falling-out, lovers' tiff?
LENNY: Difference of opinion
on free running mainly.
His head got turned
by all the glitz.
Free running's not an entertainment.
What is it, then?
If it's not an entertainment?
It's an individual
using his or her urban environment,
whatever it is, wherever it is,
to express themselves with freedom.
Whereas Casper and co
treat it like a business.
That lot
they took an art form
and they ripped the soul out of it.
Very righteous.
Whilst in the meantime, you're
hanging out with thugs like Finn.
What you doing,
training them to break into things?
Not that you need much training,
right, Finn?
You're cynical.
Yeah. Thanks.
We, uh we do our best.
I'm a changed man.
Lenny gave me a chance.
He sorted me out.
If you must know,
companies hire us
to break in at their premises,
so we can point out the weak points
in the security.
That's a new one on me.
Do you know what?
We've actually
got an appointment, so
unless there's anything else.
there's a couple of things, actually.
Where were you
first thing this morning?
At home with me.
And Finn? Was he there too?
He was, actually.
He crashed out after working late.
PIET: Which you know because?
Because I was up all night gaming.
Mark of Cain 3.
Anything else?
PIET: Yeah.
How did you feel about Casper Yuliani
being in a relationship with your ex?
You didn't mention that.
Because it's not important.
Easy come, easy go. Don't you think?
Not always.
MAN: We should just leave
MAN 2: Yeah, let's go.
What happened to your leg?
Misjudged a roof jump
five floors up.
It's why I no longer free-run.
Ego clouded my judgement.
Not anymore.
Buy that stuff about Finn?
Mmm. No.
No more than I buy the stuff
about Marian Segers.
In the name of anything
that means anything, stop!
I'm all for dissonance,
but even free form has syntax.
(SIGHS) It's harder than it looks,
isn't it?
I just wanted to try it.
Yeah, well, now you have.
Look, what are you doing in here
I'm curious about the case.
Any news?
What am I, a news service? No!
Now, let's just put her down
and walk away.
Are saxophones female?
My saxophone identifies as female,
Not that she is mine.
She belongs to no man.
Quite right too.
Citra, isn't it?
Yes, ma'am.
Have you got a minute?
Yes, ma'am.
What's up with you? You look worried.
Yeah. Well
there's no sign of life
at Milton Paul's address.
Neighbours say
no-one's been there all day.
But we've sent a uniform
to keep an eye.
Alright, Lenny Holst
claims his posse work in security.
Let's check that out.
You didn't mention seeing Lena
at the hospital.
Didn't I?
She's just text to say
it's OK to see Marian now.
Obviously avoiding you.
Better go, then.
Avoidance only creates stress.
Look at you adulting. Who knew?
There you go.
EDDIE: Yeah, OK.
That was Tech.
They've sent footage from the metro.
If I can figure out
how to open the file.
Here. I'll show you.
Do you mind?
Why do I not like the look of this?
I've spoke to her department
and they agree
it would be good experience for her
to join us on the Yuliani case.
Yeah, but I did say that we
JULIA: Too late.
Decision made.
CITRA: This file.
Brilliant. Here we go.
I'll leave you to it.
That's Milton Paul alright.
But no gun.
He's not the killer.
Yep. Let's get footage
from the station.
I want tunnels, escalators,
platforms, the lot.
We're here to see Marian Segers.
Uh, don't mind me.
I'm just a plus one.
Marian's very fragile.
Go easy on her.
We're dealing
with a murder investigation.
We'll ask what we need to ask.
What happened? I don't understand.
Do you know what's going on?
Have you heard from Milton?
Erm, yeah. He's pretty scared.
It's all my fault.
I better go.
Hospitals weird me out.
It's the hope in people's eyes
that gets me.
You got family?
Yeah. Hundreds of them.
No, none.
EDDIE: We're on.
Milton Paul was at the scene
of the crash when it happened. Why?
I don't know.
That doesn't make sense.
We don't think
he was the gunman, though, so
who was?
LUCIENNE: Marian. It's important.
We need you to think.
Where did the shots come from?
Did you see anyone?
Could this be anything to do
with your ex?
Lenny Holst?
I mean,
how did it end between you two?
Could he have taken revenge on
Oh, he
Marian, we know this isn't easy,
but we really need your help.
(BREATHES SHAKILY) I don't know.
I'm sorry. I think that's enough.
Hey, we're just getting somewhere.
She's my patient.
I said that's enough.
If Milton Paul
didn't shoot Casper Yuliani,
what was he doing there?
An accomplice, maybe?
Or he was trying to warn them.
But about what?
So you and Lena are getting on well.
You want to explain?
Not really.
EDDIE: What do you want us to do?
Uh nothing.
Just watch her till we get there.
Alright. Let's go.
Milt, are you here?
Oh, my God!
What the hell is going on?
How's Marian?
Devastated, scared, like me.
What's going on there?
We we just need
to get out of here, OK?
They took out Casper
because of something that we did,
and and they're gonna
come after me next.
So tell the police.
We can't.
Because of Marian.
OK. So we've got our man.
What do we do now?
MILTON: Let's go. Explain later.
What we're told. Wait.
EDDIE: He's our main lead.
Our only lead.
We do what we're told.
We need to go.
EDDIE: Wait!
What are you doing?
They're free runners!
EDDIE: Yeah. I forgot about that.
Great. Now what?
Going somewhere?
Said just to follow them.
Sorry, I know. Erm, s
Uh, he's covering for me.
Erm it's it's my fault.
I went off like Forrest Gump.
I just
I'm new to all this stuff, I guess.
Oh, right.
They teach you to lie in Traffic,
do they?
Yeah, I wanted to say goodbye
and wish Cas good luck
on the European finals.
Do we look stupid?
Actually, don't answer that.
We've seen footage of you
at the station, clearly agitated.
I wanted to give Casper this.
My dad gave it to me.
It means a lot.
You're lying.
I really don't like people who lie.
And why run? I mean,
your friends are in a car crash.
They're dead or dying.
And you leg it.
I was scared.
Of what?
But you heard the gunshot, right?
Several shots fired. Are you saying
you didn't hear anything?
No, I'm saying I don't know
what the hell was going down. OK?
I don't know if the van had hit
something or the tyres had burst.
Like, I don't I don't know.
Did you see anyone?
Casper Yuliani.
No, I have no idea.
Just tell us what you know.
I don't know anything!
She doesn't know a thing.
Unlike Milton. He's scared.
As was Marian Segers.
What do you want to do?
Let's keep him in.
Let him sweat a bit.
See if we can find something
to apply pressure.
What about our two?
PIET: Since when were they "our two"?
They work well together.
Says who?
Hendrik likes her.
Well, Hendrik likes
Cliff and Homeless Frank.
It don't mean
we have 'em in the team.
Near as damn it.
We don't know anything about her.
So? Still waters run deep.
It's your kind of vibe.
Is it?
What did Marian Segers say to you
at the hospital?
If you want us to find out
who did this,
you tell us what you know.
Oh, she said it was her fault.
What was?
I don't know.
Casper's dead
and Marian is in the hospital.
You tell me.
Aren't you guys the ones
who are supposed
to know these things, not me?
You're pretty on it
for someone from Traffic.
(LAUGHS) Yeah. Got to be.
It's quite a step up,
even if it's just a day or two.
EDDIE: Look, don't overthink it.
Van der Valk and Lucienne
they're pretty chill.
Well, Lucienne is.
Yeah, but I'm not.
Why is that?
That, Mr Suleman,
is none of your business.
Thank you.
So, what's the deal with Citra?
She lost both her parents
within a fortnight of each other.
Friends of mine.
Mother to cancer.
Father to a broken heart.
You OK?
(SNIFFS) Sure.
(SNIFFS) Um it's just
they were really sweet together.
Where we at on the gun?
It's identified
as a Colt 1911 handgun.
Uh, my Tech mates
have contacted the manufacturers
to trace
where they were distributed.
Alright. Anything else?
Uh, we're working on it.
But Tech have come back
on Milton Paul's phone.
Basic prepaid phone,
activated today.
Calls made to Sanne van Arle
this morning.
But other than that,
no call history.
Which is strange,
because he's tagged in
on some of Casper Yuliani's
social media.
Yeah, which means he must have
a smartphone. So where is it?
Tech should be able to track down
if he has
a mobile phone cloud platform.
Alright. Push 'em on it.
Let's keep digging.
Listen, you two. You're probably
best off at the Scheltema.
It'll help you think.
The where?
Uh, it's where they go.
Oh, and, erm
form sheets
for Lenny Holst's posse.
Pretty much every one of them
has form for drugs.
Lenny must be running
some kind of rehabilitation scheme.
Or not, as the case may be.
Right, let's get down there.
Good work. Good work.
CITRA: Eddie.
Look. Marian's phone.
Marian Segers's phone
and this message.
Alright. Get in.
LENA: Hey.
How are you doing?
Your family have been in touch
to see how you are.
(SIGHS) My my what?
My family are not around.
I need to get out of here.
Are you gun-trained?
Of course. Not that I'm wearing one.
I didn't realise
today would be quite so lively.
Right. Check around the building.
This time, feel free to chase.
Please. You don't understand.
I feel fine.
As soon as you're well enough,
not before.
Hey. Sorry.
We're concerned about Marian.
Well, it's probably nothing, but
Hey, come here! Get down!
You alright?
Look at me. Alert security.
Isolate the ward.
Stay down. Don't let anyone in.
WOMAN: Sir? Are you OK?
Yeah. Hurry up. Hurry up!
WOMAN: Can someone help me, please?
I'll be fine.
Go. Do what you need to do.
We're sitting ducks, right?
When your time comes,
your time comes.
Pleasure knowing you.
Were you about to shoot,
without seeing who it was?
PIET: Right.
You know,
you can tell a lot about someone
if they blow your head off
with a gun.
It's a bit of a habit of yours,
(SIGHS) Today's gone well.
Get your wrist seen to.
Oh, it's nothing.
No arguments.
There's a problem.
Where is she?
Where's she gone?
Don't know.
You're lucky
you didn't catch an artery or vein.
I get that you're cross with me
about Piet.
Wouldn't you be?
You misled him. And you hurt him.
I didn't mean to.
It it just
Oh, come on.
Nothing just happens.
She went down the back stairs.
Where was the guy on the door?
He, um,
went to cover the front desk.
Look, we checked
all the security cameras.
She was on her own
when she left the hospital.
We've alerted all patrol cars
in the area.
Nothing so far.
Get Forensics onto the bullets.
How was Marian Segers earlier?
Wanted out of here.
Oh, bullet through her window
probably didn't help.
It's just a warning, though, right?
Shooter wasn't trying to kill her,
just scare her.
Or flush her out.
Well, it worked.
Said he wanted her.
How'd they know where she was?
Somebody rang,
claiming to be family.
Asked which room she was in.
You OK?
Yeah. It's just a scratch.
LENA: No, it's a wound.
And it will need looking after.
We'll cope. It's what we do.
I'm, um sorry.
It's been quite a day.
Normal for you, presumably?
I never wear my rings to work,
if you're wondering.
In case I have to go into theatre.
None of my business.
I also don't wear them
because I didn't get married.
Because of Piet?
Don't know.
Don't know if he's the cause
or the symptom.
You know that's not enough for him?
Unlike me, you can't just
patch him up on the outside.
Help! Help!
This is Sergeant Li.
She come to do some work.
It's Cliff.
EDDIE: Frank.
Make yourself at home.
Can I get you something?
Um, triple-venti half-sweet
non-fat caramel macchiato, please.
Whatever you've got's fine.
Where's your bro?
Out on a job. I'm not sure where.
Still covering for him?
I guess I would for MY brother,
if I had one.
You do know you're
about the only person round here
without a criminal record?
Just well brought up, I guess.
He's been good to me.
The best.
So how come you're not out with them?
Do you not free-run?
(SIGHS) Heights
scare me.
PIET: Very sensible.
Especially after Lenny's accident.
Then him breaking up with Marian.
Can't have been easy for him.
Well, like he said,
it didn't bother him.
He's a popular guy.
If Casper was one of the family,
I mean, you must have been
pretty close too.
Mmm not really.
I didn't exactly hang with the gang,
you know.
Who do you think killed Casper?
I don't know.
But I do know it wasn't Lenny.
He just wouldn't.
LENNY: Wouldn't what?
The old knee's playing you up?
That's gotta be a pain, innit?
Can't be easy,
new generation taking over.
All fame and fortune.
All that glory.
Whilst you lot do
whatever it is you do.
I get by.
Where you been?
Doctor's appointment.
Not the hospital, by any chance?
Did all of you go?
Was it a block booking, was it?
What was the name of the doctor?
Did you kill Casper?
(LAUGHS) Why would I do that?
What about Marian? You seen her?
In hospital, last I heard.
Do I need to get a lawyer here?
I'll let you know
when you need to call a lawyer.
Bullets found at the hospital
match the ones at the metro station.
And we might have something
on the gun itself.
Purchased at a rifle range
across town.
You want to meet me there?
Tech accessed Milton Paul's phone
footage. I'm going through it now.
Any word on Marian?
Nothing. Not at home.
Not seen on the metro.
She must be somewhere.
As for our gunman, I'm gonna
go through the station footage now.
CITRA: Good luck.
Alright. Thanks.
Lenny Holst's doctor's appointment
checks out.
Unless Lenny paid his doctor
to cover for him.
Oh, it's not exactly relaxing, is it?
I said, not exactly relaxing.
You get used to it.
Don't you?
Oh. Don't look so surprised.
You have your boat.
The rest of us have to find
other ways of letting off steam.
Don't we, Titus?
Better not. On duty.
Don't mind me.
You got a list of members?
Apart from this one?
That list is kind of private.
Well, this is a murder investigation.
You sell ammunition as well,
don't you?
If members need it
for use on the range, yeah. Why?
We need to identify
some bullet casings.
So I'll need a list
of your sales too, please.
Alright, boy.
Let's get this over and done with.
Many thanks.
You see these guys down there?
Lenny Holst.
Finn Jonker.
Citra. Hi.
What have you got?
I'm gonna need to borrow these.
Let's get this over and done with.
Once this is done, we'll be free.
MAN: Whoo!
What is it? A dare? A challenge?
You got that?
Let's get the hell out of here.
Casper doesn't exactly look happy
to have done it, though, does he?
Do we know where that is?
CITRA: It's nothing specific
to identify the location.
I can enlarge it, I guess.
But it looks like the port, right?
CITRA: It does, but the port
has over 600 acres of waterways
and nearly 2,000 of land.
I mean, that's if you include
port estates, quays, roads,
railway tracks,
ditches and green space.
Please tell me
you just looked that up.
No, I read it once.
Well just do what you can.
Find out where that is.
Time we had another chat
with Milton Paul, I think.
CASPER: (IN VIDEO) You got that?
Alright. Let's get the hell out
You recognise it?
That whoop,
is that not you behind the camera?
No, it's not.
There's a time code that was taken
in the early hours of this morning
on your phone, which
you're not using for some reason.
Yeah, I've lost it.
PIET: Really?
Presumably, this was taken
when Casper left the party.
Did you go with him?
LUCIENNE: Not what your friends say.
Couple of hours after this,
Casper was dead.
Marian in hospital, right?
Wrong. She's done a runner.
But, then, she was under attack.
PIET: Well, someone fired a gun
through a hospital window.
Well, where is she now?
LUCIENNE: We don't know.
We have officers searching
and a press release going live.
PIET: It'd help
if you told us what you know.
I mean, you're wasting our time.
You're putting your friend in danger.
Who you protecting?
Is it Lenny? Sanne?
Sanne's got nothing to do with this.
She might be in danger, though.
We went climbing.
We go climbing.
I don't know what else to tell you.
That's what we do.
Yeah, but you're
not just climbing, though, are you?
You're filming.
Who for?
Those containers are very like some
that Lenny Holst's crew
were practising on earlier.
Containers like that,
they often contain shipments.
Is she OK?
Or drunk?
Honestly, I have no idea.
CLIFF: You'll hurt your eyes
if you keep doing that.
There's always something.
God is in the details.
Exactly, Frank. Exactly.
CLIFF: So? What does that mean?
It's a zone.
I think I have something.
Yes, I definitely have something.
Shall I tell you what I think?
Casper's the best free runner
in the race.
So he's showing someone
how to climb those containers.
So that maybe
they can do the same thing.
PIET: Like a first ascent.
He's the first one up the mountain,
so others can follow.
Plant a flag or, in this case,
access the containers.
What's in 'em?
Don't know
what you're talking about.
PIET: Really?
If I'm right and you're involved,
you're not gonna be free-running
any time soon.
You're gonna be in jail.
So tell us.
I can't.
For Marian's sake.
And because they'll kill me.
Get away from me!
MAN: Shh! Shh!
We've identified the location.
Well, Homeless Frank did, really.
And and there's something else.
Didn't you say
Lenny Holst had a limp?
Footage from the metro station.
Almost exactly the same time
as the crash.
That's a limp.
Think Lenny Holst
will be here in person?
Not sure.
You know what's bothering me?
If Lenny Holst is who we think he is,
basically a drug courier,
he's surrounded by muscle
who do what he tells them.
if he wanted Casper Yuliani dead,
why not just kill him?
I mean, he could have finished him
at any point.
Made it look like an accident.
Just got rid of him.
Why go to all the trouble
of the shooting?
How did you end up with this lot?
They were the only ones
who would take me.
(SCOFFS) Yeah, right.
And the real reason?
They were the only ones
who would take me.
What did you do? Kill somebody?
I don't want to talk about it.
What's in the glove compartment?
Do me a favour.
Every time I've been in a car
with a male officer,
the glove compartment's
always stuffed full of food.
Sweets, crisps, burgers,
you name it.
It's fine if it is. I'm starving.
I'm vegan.
So? Vegans eat, right?
(SIGHS) Wow.
This could be a long night.
You haven't mentioned Lena.
Neither have you.
Figured if you wanted to talk,
you would.
Besides, I have done enough asking
about your love-life.
It's none of my business.
Really? I hadn't noticed.
You can look after yourself.
PIET: Since when?
Since you and Lena split.
You've been
Almost upbeat.
"Head up.
"Keep on singing."
St Augustine.
Just don't let it drop.
She didn't get married, did she?
How's YOUR love-life?
I wish I hadn't asked.
So, you.
I mean, tell me about yourself.
Tell you what?
Oh, I don't know.
Anything at all.
Are you flirting with me?
(LAUGHS) No. No. God, no.
(LAUGHS) As if.
I wouldn't dream of that.
I mean, not that you're not
you know, attractive or anything.
So that's you being sexist now?
No, no, no. I I
PIET: (ON RADIO) You awake?
PIET: You seen anything?
No. No. N-nothing doing.
PIET: How's your partner?
She's fine.
PIET: Stand by.
"She's fine"?
How do you know that's
my preferred personal pronoun?
'She', 'her', 'woman'
or, worse, 'girl'?
You do know
that's making an assumption?
Sends a
potentially harmful message, right?
Yeah, totally.
Mmm. It's OK.
Just saying.
I mean, how do you identify?
Cis, non-binary,
gender fluid, LGBTQIA or what?
That is a very cool answer.
If you know what it means.
Yeah, I haven't a clue.
We have lift-off.
Stand by.
MAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You seen enough?
Yeah. I think so.
MAN: Come on.
MAN 2: Come on, let's go!
Go, go, go!
MAN 3: Alright. Go. Go.
All teams, go.
Wait, wait, wait.
MAN: Whoa! Whoa!
On your knees! On your knees!
Get down!
MAN: Get on your knees!
Get on the ground.
Get on the ground now!
Don't run!
PIET: Don't make her shoot.
I wouldn't risk it if I were you.
I've seen her in action.
PIET: Believe me, she is
trigger-happy at the best of times.
And she really doesn't like you.
Great. Well done.
Mr Holst?
Look what they've done to my Lenny.
Cause of death?
Oh, very funny.
It's not natural causes,
that's for sure.
What about the time?
hard to tell at this stage,
but, uh, recent.
Yeah. Last couple of hours.
There's bullet holes here
and here and here.
And then this
bullet goes in his head here
and then
comes out here
and then ends up here,
in the brickwork.
Hm. Pretty conclusive.
Very conclusive indeed.
Did you see or hear anything?
No, I was in the back room gaming.
I had my headphones on.
I didn't hear a thing.
I came out to get a drink
and, erm
Nothing at all?
You know your brother was involved
in criminal activity?
A bit.
didn't involve me.
There was a job last night.
A collection of some cocaine.
We found out and made arrests.
We were coming to see him
about that.
So this is YOUR fault?
You make some arrests
and now Lenny is dead?
No, we didn't kill your brother,
No, but as good as.
If he messed up, then the dealers,
the gang he was meant to be
delivering to,
then they came looking for him,
Do you know who they are?
Like I said
Lenny wouldn't tell me.
It was his way of protecting me.
It's what he always did.
(SOBS) Oh, God.
WOMAN: Here you go.
LUCIENNE: I mean, he could be right.
Dealers could be behind everything.
If Lenny Holst
didn't kill Casper Yuliani, who did?
What was Lenny doing
at the metro station?
Unless it's not him in the footage.
Well, dealers would explain
why Milton Paul's so scared.
I'm not sure I buy it.
Why would the dealers kill Casper?
Because he's a security risk.
He knew about the shipment.
Where, what, how,
when it was coming in.
Maybe they thought he'd talk.
He was about to leave the country.
Well, maybe they didn't know that.
Maybe they just wanted to silence
him before he had the chance.
Why kill Lenny?
Well, the job messed up.
According to Hendrik's time line,
Lenny was shot after the arrests
were made at the port, which fits.
Yeah, but how would they know
the collection went wrong?
Finn Jonker.
We know he's a member
of the shooting club too.
Maybe he turned Judas
and betrayed Lenny.
Why, though?
He wants in big. He wants
to take over the whole operation.
We know what he's like.
PIET: And Marian?
Where does she fit in all this?
Where the hell is she?
Right. Head back.
Put the squeeze on Finn.
Get him to talk.
Where are you going?
To see Sanne van Arle.
I want to find out
who Milton Paul's protecting.
Sorry about spoiling
your little courier job earlier.
It's becoming
a bit of a habit, isn't it?
Us arresting you.
You giving us the silent treatment.
It's a bit tiresome, don't you think?
Why don't you start by telling us
what you know about Lenny's death?
Lenny's dead?
Like you didn't know. (SIGHS)
Shot in the head.
No thought given.
Wasted no time.
Click. Gone.
Same type of bullet
that killed Casper Yuliani.
You know anything about that?
It's odd, that,
given that you're also a member
of the shooting club
where they use this type of bullet.
Lenny's dead?
PIET: Sorry.
I didn't mean to startle you.
It's just
with everything, you know.
Um, Marian?
Oh, nothing so far.
We're on it.
You've heard nothing, I take it?
You know
I'm not the enemy here.
I know.
We're holding a vigil tonight,
at the crash site where Casper died.
I said I'd bring photos.
Have you released Milton?
No, not yet.
You know, you can't
keep him in there forever.
He's done nothing wrong.
Maybe not.
The point is, he's hiding something.
He's protecting someone.
I need to know what and who.
I told you, I don't know.
Did Marian ever mention
her time with Lenny Holst?
No. Never.
It was a no-go area.
I assumed
it was 'cause it ended badly.
I know she felt bad
for the brother, though.
For Gert?
SANNE: Yeah.
She liked him.
She felt sorry for him.
Looked out for him in a way.
Casper and Milton.
Were they ever involved in drugs?
No way. Both massively against it.
You know, obsessive free runners.
Body is a temple and all that.
What about Marian? I mean,
she's not a free runner, is she?
She into drugs?
I think she's clean.
HENDRIK: I'm not a member.
Not really my sort of thing.
I tend to get 'em
after they've been shot,
which which is why I'm here.
Can I buy you a drink?
Any time.
The human skull, it's hard.
You can't crush it
with your bare hands.
Of course you can't. No-one can.
No, actually, it can withstand
6.5 GPa of pressure.
That's gigapascals.
Oak can withstand 11, concrete 12,
steel 200,
but, you know, sturdy stuff.
the handgun bullets you use here
and the damage they can do,
I mean, handgun, into skull, out
the other side, deep into brickwork?
Hm? Unlikely?
I'd say so.
Sounds like a rifle to me.
Although we know for sure
it WAS a handgun.
So that means
something very different.
Piet? (SIGHS) It's me.
Lenny Holst's death
I told Eddie and Citra to press
Milton Paul about Marian Segers.
I've got a feeling
this is all about her.
Wherever she is.
Well, we need to find her fast.
Hey, guys. Glad you could make it.
Now, have either of you ever seen
Crime Without, erm, uh
something, something,
classic film noir.
Jimmy Cagney, Gloria Grahame.
Or is it Edward G.
and that other, uh, femme fatale?
You been drinking?
But of course.
It's a day ending in a Y.
But this time in the line of duty.
So Cagney, or whoever it is,
they go to extraordinary lengths
to show, irrefutably,
that their rival was shot
in the lover's bedroom.
It having been her who did it
is the point.
So bullet through the head
into the bedpost.
Only it wasn't done there.
It was done in a shady wood
on the outskirts of town.
And it's the same here, I think.
Never mind YOUR thick skull,
let alone mine.
And even if Lenny Holst
had blancmange inside his,
if I was a gambling man,
which I am,
I don't think that bullet
would have gone through his head,
out the other side and made
that kind of a hole in that wall.
Well, maybe the gunman
used a different gun.
Checked with Forensics.
Should have spotted it sooner.
Sorry, Piet.
Never apologise.
Wait, though. What does that mean?
Why would someone do that?
(LAUGHS) That's for YOU to figure.
I just do the science here,
lob balls in the air
for you to smash away as winners.
If he's why you're protecting Marian,
you don't have to worry anymore.
Is this for real?
EDDIE: We're not faking that, are we?
Look, tell us what's going on.
What did Lenny have over Marian?
They had history.
She was involved.
Acted as his mule sometimes,
helped the deals, you know.
And why not just tell us that?
'Cause if you charge her,
she'll go to prison,
and she's suffered enough.
The footage, the climbing?
Lenny needed that deal,
but he didn't know
how to access the shipment, so
he said he'd let Marian off
if Casper showed him how.
And what happened
after you took the footage?
Casper went to meet Marian
and go to the station.
I took it to Lenny.
Everyone was there and just laughed.
Lenny took my phone.
Said he had no intention
of letting Marian go.
He said he'd kill both of them.
yeah, I believed him.
So you went to warn them?
I was just too late.
Why make it look like Lenny Holst
was killed in his bar if he wasn't?
So we'd assume he was killed there.
Yeah. But why does that matter?
Maybe because it's close.
I mean, we didn't really
do a search here, did we?
I mean, uh, Forensics combed
every inch of that bar and gym.
Yeah, but just that.
And why would we look any further?
Seem to be no need.
Do you think Marian's here?
No, no, no, no.
Mark of Cain.
Cain and Abel.
Jealous brothers.
PIET: This is where
he kept Marian, right?
I don't want to be alarmist.
There's, uh, some spots of blood
on the floor there.
Could be where Lenny Holst was shot
then moved.
Why no blood
on the trail to the bar?
Yeah. Could have wiped the trail
AND the bar.
But we'll check with luminol.
So Lenny discovers his brother here,
with Marian.
Gert takes him out
because he's been jealous all along?
He was already plotting against
his big bro.
HENDRIK: In what way?
The man with the limp at the metro.
That's Gert, pretending to be Lenny.
Gert tried to throw us off the scent
by pointing the finger
at the drug dealers.
And presumably joined
a shooting club under a fake name.
Spent his life
in the shadow of his big brother.
He's fallen in love with the only
woman who showed him any kindness.
And then Casper stole her away.
So where is he now? If he's
got Marian, where's he taking her?
The vigil.
Yeah. Don't mention it.
I'll be fine.
Why are you doing this?
You were leaving with with Casper,
and I I
I couldn't have that again.
What did I ever do wrong?
I'm sick of it
being about everyone else.
You you and me
we were good together.
We were happy.
We were never together.
We were friends.
We we
we were much more than that.
I was happy.
Everything was fine
until they ruined it!
Please, just
Oh, God. (GASPS)
MAN: Welcome.
It's great that you're here.
Thank you.
Nice to see you.
Thanks, mate.
We'll all miss him.
No! No!
Come on, Marian.
Come on!
I want everyone to see us.
Please. Please, Gert.
Don't do this. Don't.
It's all their fault.
It's the only way
for us to be together forever.
PIET: Stop!
Let her go.
Not again.
I shouldn't have let her go
in the first place.
Don't you get it?
None of this would have happened!
What did you think was gonna happen?
You kill Casper and Lenny, and Marian
just comes running back to you?
GERT: I don't know.
No. Maybe.
Why not?
You love her. Don't you?
I can see that.
PIET: She's the only person
that ever really cared.
Don't do this.
Maybe she still cares.
If only.
He's right.
I do care, Gert.
I do.
Don't do this.
It's too late.
We go together.
In front of them.
Gert. Gert. Look at me.
Look at me.
If you take one more step,
I'm gonna have no choice.
I will order one of my team
(ON RADIO)of sharpshooters
and they will bring you down.
You don't have any!
They aren't here.
Eddie, now.
They definitely don't teach you that
in Traffic.
Sorry about earlier.
What, shooting Gert Holst?
No, nearly taking you out.
look, I make mistakes.
I know. I read your file.
Brilliant marksman
but impulsive.
Bit like me when I was younger.
Well, the impulsive bit anyway.
Let's call it evens.
On the plus side,
the team could use someone
who can think four moves ahead.
CITRA: Alright, that's me done.
Citra Li, over and out.
You don't want to
go and have a drink?
No. Sorry. I've got to be somewhere.
just so you know,
we'll still be here.
You know. If you need us.
We're not going anywhere.
See yourself in him, do you?
Who knew?
Oh, sorry I had to dash.
Promised Frank I'd get a round in.
What you having?
Alright, Frank?
Cheers, mate.
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