Van Der Valk (2020) s03e03 Episode Script

Magic in Amsterdam

MAN: I invoke and conjure thee,
O, ye infernal spirit,
by the mighty and holy names
of the most high and supreme God.
I order and direct thee
to appear now.
Bound and constrained by my will
and the will of the most
high and supreme God.
Show thyself visibly unto me
within the triangle
that stands before the circle.
Come out forthwith and without
Nik, do you see that?
Did you see that?
I say, thou art welcome unto me.
Nik? Nik, what are you doing?
Nik, what are you doing?
Get back inside the circle now!
Argh! (BANGS ON DOOR) Valentijn!
We can't do this. We have to stop.
Help me!
I agree. I don't like it.
We can't. You heard what Isaak said.
Under no circumstances
are we to go in.
Let me out!
This is our test.
Let me out, please.
(GRUNTS) Hans!
I, made in the image of God
(SCREAMS) Let me out, please!
..inflamed with the power of God
Valentijn! Let me out!
Come now forthwith.
This is getting out of hand.
I'm gonna put an end
to this madness.
We do what we agreed to do.
We can't leave him in there.
You heard Nik.
I'm not being held responsible
for this. It's stupid.
Rejoin hands now.
We have to do something.
Stay strong.
Nik is freaking out
and my grandad's in there.
Your grandfather knows what to do.
Let me out!
Hans?! Hans?!
It's Katya. I'm here.
Let me out!
I'm trying! It's not moving.
Help me!
Where's the key?
Where's the key?
Help me!
..inflamed by the power of God.
Argh! Argh!
Right, somebody want to tell us
what's going on?
We were told there's been a murder.
Don't be ridiculous.
I'm sorry. Are we missing
something here?
Yeah, I made the call.
They're upstairs.
You want to check upstairs?
They're locked in.
Let's go.
I'll take it from here.
Don't move.
Stay down.
Oh! Oh, Grandad.
Are you OK?
Belphegor did it.
Nobody gets to walk away.
He's still here.
A goat, demon. Prince of hell.
The angel that illuminates
my darkness.
According to the guys downstairs,
the door was locked
from the outside.
And there are no other
entrances or exits.
Let's check that.
Windows are nailed shut. Not even
Santa's coming down that chimney.
And Hans Lansing was the only person
with a key,
but he was with the others
the entire time.
All of which means
Death by demon?
That's gotta be a first.
Nah. No, no, no. No way.
This is clearly about as open
and shut as they get, right?
This guy - stabbed and killed.
And that Isaak guy
had blood on his hands.
Case closed, right?
I'm not sure.
But where's the grey area?
Do you not like the occult, Eddie?
Not a big fan. No.
Oh. Talking of creatures
from the beyond.
It takes one to know one, Piet.
Right. Cause of death.
Was it dagger or eyes?
Dagger. Eyes are just an added
extra bonus on the plus side.
Along with a liver
that was shot to pieces.
How would you know that?
Dear Mr Delacorte, we drank at
the same watering hole, didn't we?
(WHISPERS) He always got a bit
tricky after one too many whiskies.
Eyes are a problem, though.
Gouged out, right.
See, the thing is, Eddie,
if Mr Engelhart stabbed him
and was the only other person
in the room,
he also gouged out the eyes,
It works for me. Definitely. In one.
Well, eyes are funny things.
Windows to the soul.
Gelatinous, jellylike.
Squidgy in texture.
If you dig in and (POPS TONGUE)
..pull out an eye,
your hands are covered in sclera
Right. Do you mind
if I cut to the chase?
Isaak Engelhart
had none of that, did he?
Exactly. He did not
and therefore he didn't do it.
Maybe the victim
gouged his own eyes out
before he was stabbed.
That's what I thought.
If thine eyes offend thee,
pluck 'em out, huh?
Matthew 5:29.
But whoever gouged out the eyes
would have, for sure,
at least some bloodstains
on the fingers themselves.
Impossible not to.
But he doesn't.
Whoever gouged out these eyes,
it was neither of them.
But no-one else was in the room.
I take it we're ruling out
anything supernatural?
I mean, we're not really saying
some demon is in the frame?
Well, I don't see why not.
Christianity, Islam, Judaism.
They all believe in the existence
of spirits.
And demons don't like humans.
Gives them motive.
She's joking this time, right?
Yeah, she is.
But I'm not.
And he's right not to.
There's something else.
You see those indentations
in the sand, Eddie?
Hardly fingerprints,
but hardly footprints either.
Why do I think
I'm not gonna like this?
What are they?
Hooves, Eddie.
There are hoofprints in the sand.
HANS: "Magic is the art and science
"of causing change to occur
in conformity with will."
Who's Will Crowley?
No. THE will.
And Aleister Crowley, the occultist.
Is he here?
Back from the dead?
A spirit, perhaps.
We've set up a group in his memory.
I take it you don't mean like ABBA?
Are you mocking me?
No, no, no. I'm, ah
No, I'm pretty open
to most of these things,
but I'm also pretty
familiar with the fact
that most murders tend to be
terrestrial in origin.
So what's the name of the order?
The name of the order
is the Sanguis Lunae.
It's the order of the blood moon.
We're a a secret society
..that's devoted to the study
and practice of the occult.
And you invoke demons, why?
To see if it can be done.
To punch through the veil
between the worlds.
It's all quite benign, really.
Oh, come on. It didn't look
that way to me.
Oh, I agree now.
We shouldn't have done it.
We should not have locked them
in there.
So if you were outside
when the murder happened,
did you see or hear anyone?
No, I was spooked by the noise
and that's why I had
to get out and call you.
OK. We'll need a list of members.
Oh, I'm sorry. I can't do that.
There's still an awful lot of people
that disapprove of magic.
The list of members,
it's strictly confidential.
Like I said
..we'll need a list of members.
PIET: So let me get this right,
from what I'm hearing,
you stop people from going to help.
That was the agreement.
Even with someone inside
screaming for their life?
Isaak insisted.
The deal was we'd leave them until
morning, no matter what we heard.
So one man's dead and another is
a gibbering wreck because of you?
Nik is dead because
he left the ritual circle.
No other reason.
And how do you know that?
The circle is there
to protect a magician.
Demons can't enter it.
But if you leave it
..the demon has free rein
to do as it sees fit.
Or maybe there's
a more earthbound explanation.
EDDIE: Have you been interviewed?
Everything alright?
(STAMMERS) Well, what do you think?
Nik's dead and, um grandad's been taken
to a psychiatric clinic.
I wish I'd had nothing to do with it.
Are you a member of the order?
No. No.
My, um, grandad
talked me into coming.
I wish I hadn't.
I'm so not into what they do.
Nor me, right?
They're all freaking me out,
to be honest.
I spoke to Lena, by the way.
Said I'd at least see her.
Face to face.
That's good.
We all make mistakes, you know?
I mean, there's gotta be
another way in, right?
Oh, has to be. There's no way
this is supernatural, right?
I don't know.
What do I know?
I mean, those hooves,
they did look pretty hoofy.
OK, let's get a hold of the plans
for the building.
So what else do we know?
Engelhart's a brain surgeon
and the victim, Nik Delacorte,
is a psychiatrist.
Well both very sensible careers.
I got an address for Delacorte's
office and a home address.
(SIGHS) He's married with kids.
Alright, I'll do the office.
You do the next-of-kin bit.
How's that fair?
Why should you get out
of the bad news bit?
Toss you for it.
I haven't got a coin.
See you later.
What's with the bike?
Oh, you know what they say.
Four wheels work for the body,
but it's two that drives the soul.
Take it easy out there.
When did you last see your husband?
Uh, we, uh
We had lunch together yesterday
..and then he went out.
Did he say where he was going?
He said he was giving a talk
on trauma.
What happened to your hand?
One of the kids smashed a glass
and I cut myself clearing it up.
So when you say he got stabbed,
where did it happen?
In the street. Was he attacked?
We're not entirely sure
what happened yet.
It was at a castle
on the edge of town.
What was he doing there?
Your husband was in the middle
of performing a magical ritual.
I don't understand.
An affair, maybe.
I sort of expected that, but
..a ritual?
Do these names mean anything to you?
Isaak Engelhart?
Valentijn Meijer?
Hans Lansing?
No. Never heard of any of them.
Why? Should I have?
Well, they're all members
of the same club
that your husband belonged to.
You had no idea.
No, no.
Uh none whatsoever.
It would seem my husband
was good at keeping secrets.
Enjoy your coffee, sir.
Thank you.
PIET: Hey.
Sorry, I'm late.
You alright? What do you want?
Latte? The usual? Extra hot?
OK. Did you get me one?
Uh wasn't sure we were
back in the 'buying each other
a cup of coffee' kind of vibe.
What do you wanna do? Walk?
Uh, yeah.
Let's walk.
I guess me turning up at
the Scheltema was a bit of a shock.
It takes more than that to shock me.
It did get me thinking, though.
Do you wanna get back together?
Uh, no. About seeing you.
No going back, right?
I don't think so.
I can't go back.
Oh, maybe we can go forward?
I don't think so.
Um, I'm
..I'm sorry.
You need to go, right?
Work always gets in the way.
I've got a date.
With the devil.
Hmm. They say it's better
the one you know.
I've still got the key to the boat.
I'll I'll drop it back, yeah?
That'd be good.
"O Captain! My Captain."
Ah, glad you could make the party.
I've managed to fast-track the tox.
God, the stimulants in his system.
Alcohol, cocaine, MDMA,
peyote with a little bit
of Bolivian torch cactus -
nice touch, that - and psilocybin.
Magic mushrooms to you.
Quite a cocktail.
Yeah, I think even I'd struggle
to see things
with that lot inside me.
I don't know. Sounds like
a normal night out for you.
(CHUCKLES) Now, now.
So let's have a look
at this, shall we?
Go on, Piet, give us a hand.
(STRAINS) Go on, go on.
He's not gonna bite.
"Sator. Arepo. Tenet. Opera. Rotas."
It's a Well, it's a magical
square. A perfect palindrome.
The words read the same
up and down and left to right.
It's It's clever, isn't it?
Not really.
It's just like one of those puzzles
you used to do as a kid.
Well, the origin of this one
is in Hebrew,
but the text is in Latin.
Now, it's impossible to translate,
but, yeah, knock yourself out.
And talking of tattoos,
have I ever shown you my ostrich?
Can't say I've had the pleasure.
Right, the fingerprints,
they give us anything?
Er, afraid not.
Lots of the members
of the order's prints are there.
That's not surprising,
since it's used on a regular basis.
Of the ones fingerprinted,
have any of them got any of
that eye stuff you mentioned?
No. Checked.
But the dagger that killed him
did have Isaak Engelhart's prints
all over it but
You'd expect that.
Presumably he was waving it
and wielding it
for all he was worth
during the ritual.
But someone else or something else
has been in contact with that dagger
but impossible to tell what.
A cloth wiping it?
Or the hand of a demon.
What about those hooves?
Yeah. Still working on that.
I thought I'd start
in this dimensional universe
and then, you know, progress.
Might have another base
for you to look at. Dead cat.
Hmm. Busy, busy, busy.
That could, of course,
be a sacrifice, couldn't it?
From the Latin 'sacrifici',
which means 'to make sacred'.
Oh, yeah.
You alright?
You look like you seen a demon.
Yeah, I feel like it too.
Citra has just been giving me
a crash course in the occult.
Yeah, while you guys were busy
at the crime scene,
I've been doing some research.
Belphegor, known for his laziness,
got his own prime number
and is our prime suspect.
He's not as dark
as everyone thinks, really.
The Sanguis Lunae,
the blood moon lot,
just a glorified study group,
Delacorte's wife
claims to know nothing
about his involvement
with the order or magic.
Yeah, which seems odd,
given her husband has a magical
square tattooed on his back.
Clearly, intimacy
isn't top of their list.
Where we at at membership
of the order - anything?
I'm working through a list.
Includes three judges,
two politicians and a rockstar.
What about former members?
Anyone left recently?
Um, seven in the last year.
OK, let's find out why.
Alright, let's check previous clients
for Delacorte and Engelhart
and get someone over
to Delacorte's office.
It's been trashed.
What you got there?
Uh, plans for the building
from a recent survey.
No sign of any hidden entrances.
Right, go back further.
Get the originals.
Hans Lansing. What we got on him?
Um, runs a nightclub
called Orphesque
and owns a tattoo parlour
in the south.
OK, let's check it out.
See what it knows
about those tattoos.
Right. I think it's time for us
to talk to Isaak Engelhart.
MAN: He is sedated.
Clearly delusional.
But we need to keep him in
for further observations.
Is it alright to ask some questions?
Has he said anything about
what happened?
Just gibberish, really.
Um, some stuff in Latin.
Not "sator, arepo, tenet,
opera, rotas" by any chance?
Does he have that
tattooed on his back?
Um, all the main members do.
Yeah. I invite you into my circle.
Fire. I invite you
He's, um, trying to protect us.
How did your grandfather
get on with Nik Delacorte?
They've known each other
for a while.
Shared the same interests.
What, like psychiatry, workings
of the brain, all that stuff?
..invite you into my circle.
He once explained to me how
..invite to my circle.
..rituals are all about psychology.
How it's all in the mind.
But no less real for that.
He's a good man.
He's a liar.
A cheat.
Oh, yeah? Who's that then? Belphegor?
The wine started to vibrate.
I saw it
and I saw his face in the incense.
Barbarous. Infernal.
O K.
You want to tell us about it?
We know Nik left the circle.
Then what?
I called him back.
Then I don't know.
(STAMMERS) I blacked out.
Next thing I know you came in.
No, no, no, no, no.
There was something
Wrong in what way?
I sensed someone else.
Who was there?
She was.
She? OK.
Who's she?
I think it was
Angelique attacking us.
Angelique who?
Hecate's agent on Earth.
You haven't got an address
by any chance?
93 Baskin Park.
93 Baskin Park
is the address of Karma Rousa,
whatever that is,
run by an Angelique Rousa.
So when Engelhart says he's sensed
someone's presence during a ritual,
do you think he means actually
in the room or in his imagination?
I dunno. Why you asking me?
Well, you're the expert
in all things demonic.
Well, it comes with the job.
Any word on Isaak?
He's under surveillance.
Recognise this, by any chance?
It belonged to Nik Delacorte.
It's a magical square, right?
It looks like you got one too.
It's a Sator Square.
It's for protection.
Protection from what?
The theory is
they can't read palindromes,
like words the same back to front.
It's a bit like 'abracadabra'.
It didn't exactly protect
Mr Delacorte, did it?
I guess not.
Someone's been trashing
his offices as well.
Dead cats. 666.
Know anything about that?
It sounds like in the Cold War.
Which is what exactly?
Two practitioners try and attack
each other supernaturally.
You serious?
Follow me.
Oh. I used to have one of these.
Angelique Rousa, Inspector Hassell
and Commissaris Van der Valk.
We're here about the murder
of Nik Delacorte.
Please take a seat.
He died during a ritual he was
performing with Isaak Engelhart.
Does that make any sense to you?
Not really, no.
Well, me neither.
Engelhart reckons it was something
to do with you.
He seems to think you were
attacking him in some way.
Where were you last night?
With my lover.
Perhaps we can get that verified.
So what is it you do here exactly?
I guide clients on how to bring
the sacred into the modern world.
Oh, right. How'd you do that, then?
A variety of things.
Meditation, divination,
dream readings, soul retrieval.
What about Hecate,
Queen of the Witches?
She come into any of that?
If relevant.
Hecate is a much maligned
but very potent female goddess.
Is she?
You wouldn't happen to be
her agent on Earth, would you?
Oh, I'd be honoured to be.
We all love a bit
of goddess worship, don't we?
Oh, 100%.
No, I mean, I couldn't agree more.
So what do you call yourself?
I mean, what's your job description?
Seer? Shaman?
What about a magician?
Do you call yourself one of those?
You bet.
Um, I'm gonna go.
I'll come back tomorrow.
Isaak Engelhart and Nik Delacorte,
you knew them, right?
Of course.
Old-school dinosaurs,
the pair of them.
You disapprove of them, then?
I wouldn't say 'disapprove'.
More disappointed, really.
They're both dead to me.
A bit like you and your siblings.
Excuse me?
Do you remember them chasing you
down across the garden?
No, no. What was it?
It was a It was a farm yard.
A stifling summer's day
and you're all playing tag.
I'm sorry. What has this
got to do with anything?
They're chasing you down.
But you're good.
Faster than them, really.
Only they're older and stronger.
So there's no way
they're gonna let you escape.
So they're catching up.
What's going on?
You run into a barn full of sacks.
You jump on them
and run like crazy across the top.
Only they're getting nearer.
But you didn't see the hook
hanging down from the ceiling.
You run straight into it.
And do you remember
what they did next?
They tagged you.
They said, "You're it."
And they ran off laughing.
You want to talk?
How we doing with Hecate's, mate?
If you mean Angelique Rousa,
um everything checks out.
And she's confirmed as
a magician, shaman, seer,
you name it.
She run a secret order as well?
No, no. Very much a modern magician.
Nothing at all secret
about her activities.
This website
is absolutely full of stuff.
Rituals organised on social media.
Thousands of followers.
Quite the player.
You sound almost impressed.
Something bothers me
about Delacorte's wife.
She claims not to know anything
about her husband's activities.
Implied he was having an affair.
There's a but coming.
But I'm not sure.
Is this you being intuitive
like Angelique?
No. It's called experience.
I've asked Tech
to check her phone messages.
What about you?
You practising magic?
Yeah. Trying to.
Invisible cause, visible effect.
Like God.
Did you mess with the summoning?
Oh, that's funny?
Something went wrong in there.
Anything to do with you?
Look, I'm really flattered
that you think that I could affect
one of your little boys' outings,
but quite frankly,
I've got bigger fish to fry.
Let go of me.
Thank you.
Plus you must be delighted, eh?
Nik dead.
Isaak incapacitated.
Who's gonna take over now?
Good luck with that.
Alright, listen up.
Listen up and look sharp.
I've got good news, Eddie.
Good news.
Hooves are hooves.
Why is that good news?
Because they're terrestrial. Ha ha!
Goat hooves, to be exact.
Hang on. Someone had a goat up there?
Yeah, and while we're on animals,
that dead cat you found in Nik
Delacorte's office died elsewhere.
Old age, probably.
The maggots were added later.
You see, their stage of development
makes them older than the cat's time
of death, so whole thing's staged.
So the blood wasn't the cat's?
Oh, no. Very much human.
Isabelle Delacorte
has a cut on her hand.
She's got a cat in her hand?
A cut.
Oh, cut.
Plans for the building
when it was built.
There's a doorway that doesn't
make sense of what we saw.
Maybe an outsider breaks in,
but who?
Where are we at on the seven
who left the order?
Three moved away,
two became disillusioned,
and one took up martial arts.
We're still checking them out.
Means one left.
Mila Manderfeld.
Used to work at
Hans Lansing's nightclub
and former patient of Nik Delacorte.
Any connection to Isaak Engelhart?
Left her address
unannounced nine months ago.
Not gone abroad.
Bank accounts active
but not been used.
Could be dead?
Not registered as deceased.
Right, check for family,
background, everything, anything.
And guess what.
She's on Isaak Engelhart's
client list as well.
She's a patient of both
a brain surgeon and a shrink.
Let's get hold of client notes.
Yeah, I'll talk to Engelhart.
Right, you go to the nightclub,
talk to Hans Lansing.
What was it called again? Orphesque?
It's a fine establishment.
I'm a lifetime member.
Alright, you go too.
Talk to the others.
Right, Eddie.
Time to face your demons.
You gotta be having a laugh.
Oh, yeah.
You gotta face 'em at some point.
Better now than later.
Even if they tear you limb from limb.
Great. Thanks. Can't wait.
And we need to find Mila Manderfeld
to figure out why
..she disappeared.
Listen, I'll just blend in
with the scenery, right?
You, uh, you lead.
You're the pro.
Hi there.
Um we should be
Hey, how you doing? Where's Tony?
He's still in jail, right?
Yeah! (LAUGHS)
What? This is blending in.
Nothing immediately visible.
To the untrained eye.
MAN: Hendrik!
There. He's over there.
Well that explains our hooves.
And the other stuff -
a disguise, right?
Well, what's that?
Maybe a sound machine.
Make liquid vibrate.
I mean, the killer
had to make it seem real.
Let's keep going.
SONG: Make it bounce ♪
Hey. This private
or can anyone join you?
We need to ask some questions
about someone that used to work here
and was one of the members
of your order - Mila Manderfeld?
She was nice
but didn't really fit in.
Is that why she left the order?
No idea.
She didn't explain. She just left.
No surprise, really.
People come and go.
Yeah, but they tend not to disappear
without a trace, huh?
So no idea where she is now?
I never met her.
Only started working here
a couple of months ago.
Mila left well before then.
She was lovely but mixed up,
you know?
Aren't we all?! (CHUCKLES)
How close was she with Nik Delacorte
and Isaak Engelhart?
Very. Especially to Nik.
Were they in a relationship?
No judgement, but, um, he was married
and she was a client of his, right?
Was she?
That I didn't know.
Nor did I.
No, no.
I know you. (GROANS)
Well, what do you know!
Let's get Forensics back down here.
What's that?
Uh Uh
Well, my guess would be eyeball.
Very crafty.
So anyone could have used
this entrance, right?
Including any of the lot
that were downstairs.
And if someone used that entrance,
they'd enter the room here,
presumably behind
Delacorte and Engelhart.
Engelhart was focused
on what he thought
was manifesting in the triangle
but collapsed.
And we know Nik Delacorte
was over by the door
trying to get out.
Meaning our killer
could take the ceremonial dagger
..sneak up behind him
Delacorte turns.
And gets stabbed in the heart.
Risky, though front of Engelhart.
Why didn't he see what happened?
Because he was off his face.
And because our killer was disguised.
Well, there's no point
in going back to the office now, eh?
Keep an eye on this lot.
Any excuse.
None needed.
I didn't leave anything
in here, did I?
Orphesque is calling.
Help me!
(SCREAMS) Help me!
Help me, please.
It's OK. It's OK. I got you.
(CALLS OUT) Can we get some help
in here, please?
What happened?
Was it Isaak?
Did he say anything?
That Orphesque was calling.
(CALLS OUT) Can we get some help?
Thank you. (DIALS)
PIET: Yep?
Engelhart's gone.
Maybe to the nightclub.
OK, we're on our way to Orphesque.
I'll meet you there.
I'll call the others.
Hans! Hans!
Hendrik! Hendrik!
Grandad! Grandad! Say something.
Move. Move. Move!
OK. Step back. Step back.
Stop the music.
OK. Call a paramedic.
And find Hendrik.
OK, let's lock the place down.
Stay with me.
Hey, look at me.
He's going. He's going.
Stay with me.
He's going.
Stay where you are. No-one leaves.
More officers are on their way.
OK. Get someone on the door.
Already done it.
All doors locked, firmly secured.
Great. Let's get statements
from everyone here.
All of them?
Yeah. All of them.
You alright?
(CHUCKLES) Not really.
At least I'm still warm.
(SNIFFS) It's been a while
since I attempted resuscitation,
alas to no avail.
So what can you tell me?
Well, I won't know much
until I get him back to the mortuary
and open him up properly,
but the head wound's from before.
He's got a fresh, gaping cut
to the upper right quadrant
of his abdomen,
which, if it was a fatal wound,
was deep
and probably went
straight through his liver,
causing massive
haemorrhaging and death.
Meaning it was done with?
Hmm. Something long, thin and sharp.
My money would be on a blade
of a stiletto knife
or, um, a sharpened wand, maybe.
Who has a sharpened wand?
That's for you to figure out.
ANGELIQUE: I came to pay
my respects to Nik.
You called him a dinosaur earlier.
Even if they are extinct, you can
still feel sorry for dinosaurs.
Did you see Isaak Engelhart?
Yes, and I was surprised to see him.
Are you OK?
Look, what I said earlier,
I hope it didn't unsettle you.
Did it?
Not at all.
And I'll ask the questions, thanks.
As you wish.
..I think I've already told you
what this is all about.
You haven't told me anything.
You sure?
Because my spirits
tell me that I have.
And if you're so clairvoyant,
why don't you tell me who killed
Nik Delacorte and Isaak Engelhart?
Saves a lot of time and trouble.
I'm no psychic.
I don't know who killed Nik,
let alone Isaak.
But my sense is
that, somehow,
I've absolutely told you
what this is all about.
Here you are. Care to explain?
He wanted to speak in private.
About what?
I don't know.
We didn't get that far.
You know what I'm wondering?
I mean, in light of the deaths of Nik
Delacorte and now Isaak Engelhart,
I mean, who takes over
your group now?
Come on, don't be shy.
Although I think we all know the
answer to that one, don't we, Hans?
I mean, that's you, innit?
Looks like you. Recognise the shirt.
That's definitely him.
What's he whispering to you there?
Sweet nothings?
He was agitated
and speaking nonsense
and said we needed
to go somewhere private.
See? He walks off.
And that's the last I saw of him.
OK, so if that's
the last you saw of him,
what's he saying to you?
I mean, what's he saying
to you right there?
Like I said,
he was rambling, incoherent.
The man had lost it.
What's he saying?
You wouldn't get it.
Try me.
The terror poet rapes
and atones for rats.
How are you doing?
I'm fine. You?
Apart from the "Terror poet rapes
and atones for rats".
Pretty much Isaak Englehart's
last words to Hans Lansing.
That make any sense to you?
What are your thoughts
on Hans Lansing?
I don't trust him.
He's got motive.
He's got opportunity.
Let's keep digging on him.
Why did you bring her in?
Her and Valentijn Meijer.
She was at the club with him.
And we checked her phone.
In the 24 hours before
her husband was killed,
she phoned or messaged Valentijn
73 times.
So not exactly strangers.
How was Miss Rousa?
Or rather, claimed her spirits did.
..she'd already told me
what all this is about.
What, at the club or earlier?
Earlier, I think.
Isabelle Delacorte.
What were you doing
at Club Orphesque?
I mean, no offence, but
I wouldn't put you down as a clubber.
And especially not on the day
your husband was killed.
You're gonna have to
do better than that.
You lied to us.
You and Valentijn Meijer
were in a relationship.
Why lie?
I mean, it's no big deal.
It was a mistake.
I was a client of Nik's.
Valentijn came to the house
a few times.
We got on.
She was clearly lonely.
I knew that Nik
wasn't exactly a saint.
We fell in love.
At least I did.
He ended it and I wanted him back.
So that's why I went to the club.
Does the name Mila Manderfeld
mean anything to you?
I'll take that as a yes, shall I?
Nik and her had an affair.
Why is she relevant now?
Uh, she's a person of interest,
that's all.
But also, if you and
Valentijn Meijer were lovers
and you knew your husband
had past infidelities,
I mean, that gives you
pretty good motive to
..kill him.
Must have made you angry?
Is that why you trashed his office?
Dead cat. 666.
It's a bit retro, don't you think?
Presumably explains
the cut on your hand
so you could write in blood.
That's different.
I hate magic.
I hated Nik doing it.
And he was scared of it.
So you thought if you scared him
some more, he might stop?
Yes, exactly.
Our marriage was fine until
he got involved in all this.
That's quite extreme, though,
isn't it?
And if you can fake
one magical attack
..who's to say
you didn't fake another?
Like the summoning.
What, you think that we did it?
No way!
No, look, I mean, I don't
feel great about the affair.
The truth is
..Isabelle just doesn't mean
that much to me.
I'd broken it off.
Why would I kill her husband?
Also, I tried to save Nik.
I tried to get into the room.
It was me that called you guys.
PIET: Oh! Say when.
How we doing?
You know, had better nights.
Yeah, I'm not sure this was,
uh, his idea of fun either.
You gotta admire the young ones'
stamina, though, right?
Don't know, but it's Dominic.
I never said Dominic.
I've been thinking.
Why kill Isaak Engelhart
in the nightclub?
When you could have done
it during the summoning?
Exactly. Seems odd, doesn't it?
Unless the plan was to pin
the first murder on him.
Plan goes to perfection
until Engelhart escapes
from the psych unit.
Then he's a risk.
Who benefits most from the deaths?
Hans Lansing.
He gets to take over the order.
Morning, lovely.
I've brought in
some different music today.
I reckon we've both had enough
of that classical stuff.
Am I right or am I right?
It's so annoying!
The terror poet rapes
and atones for rats.
It's just an anagram of
the magical square.
Meaning what, exactly?
Meaning nothing.
Meaning Engelhart is deranged,
end of.
Well, that doesn't help at all.
Where are we at on Mila Manderfeld?
We're chasing medical records
but couldn't access them at night.
Citra, you got something,
didn't you?
Um Uh, yeah.
Her financials had a link to
a medical facility in Arizona.
I emailed them
to see what it was about.
What's it say?
I fell asleep before
they got back to me.
They're sorry that they're
no longer able to help.
They're not in contact
with Mila Manderfeld.
But they have left
a contact address, though.
Right next to Wertheimpark.
Breakfast will have to wait.
Go round the back just in case.
Police! Open up! (RINGS DOORBELL)
Someone's there. How do we get in?
Over to you.
(CALLS) Hello?
Check upstairs.
There's an open window.
Clearly didn't want to see us.
Check up and down the street.
We think someone just left.
I think we just found Mila.
She's got a scar on her head.
From brain surgery?
You know Engelhart was
a brain surgeon, right?
That would fit.
And she belongs to the group.
She's a client of Nik Delacorte's,
who she was also dating.
Maybe she gets ill.
Would make sense to contact
her brain surgeon friend.
Let's get Forensics down here.
With the patient lying here?
Mila Manderfeld?
I reckon so.
Let's find out who rents
or owns this place.
And who the family is.
Don't move.
I wasn't planning on it.
What happened to her?
No-one's ever told me.
I'm just her carer.
We need to get her
independently assessed.
Get a doctor in here
to check her out.
Do you not need to know what happened
to her in order to look after her?
(SOFTLY) Not really.
It doesn't affect her treatment.
Why are you talking so quietly?
I don't want Mila to hear.
She's got what's called
locked-in syndrome.
She can probably hear everything,
it's just her body
is permanently paralysed.
Someone else was here.
Who might that be?
I don't know.
Ahh I'm under strict orders
to come at a certain time
and leave at a certain time.
I don't speak to anyone.
I don't ask.
I never see anyone.
So, how did you get the job?
A facility in Arizona.
I work for them.
They recommended me.
We're gonna need the bank details
of whoever pays you.
It's a company.
I can get you that.
What is this all about?
Do the names Isaak Engelhart and
Nik Delacorte mean anything to you?
No. Sorry.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have to get back to Mila.
Oh, one more thing.
The flowers?
I bring them.
It's part of my instruction.
Has to be the same flower,
I always make sure
there's a fresh bunch.
Come on. Up!
Where are we at
on the Manderfeld family?
Um, used to live in Eindhoven.
Parents deceased.
Mila. Troubled childhood.
Some minor drug offences.
No record of marriage.
She got any brothers or sisters,
by any chance?
One of each. Catherine and Levi.
Born in So now would be, uh
Catherine, 30. Levi, 32.
Find them. Find where they are,
and if they've changed their names.
How do these ages compare
with our suspects?
Um, Katya Alsteen,
late 20s, maybe 30.
But she's Isaak's granddaughter.
Valentijn Meijer's
about the right age.
But he's one that rang
the original incident in.
He called us.
Angelique Rousa. How old's she?
Oh, eternal, probably.
She's about 30.
Right, I'm gonna have a word.
You wanna join?
Love to.
Always got time for a bit of
blood moon activity, me.
Looks like something's going on.
Do we wait?
Do we hell? inflame our hearts
with the spirit of your power.
Sorry to interrupt
whatever it is we're interrupting.
An invocation of the goddess Hecate.
Oh, right. Online?
Coordinated online, yes.
There are over 73 groups
in 27 countries
across the whole world.
Yeah. Every continent
is represented.
And we estimate that
over 10,000 people
are at this very second
sharing in this invocation.
Or at least hmm were.
Well, that's a shame.
Although, maybe they can answer
my question about invocation.
I guess I could ask Hecate.
If she turns up.
What time you expecting her?
I mean, I could wait,
but it is kind of important.
You're annoyed at me because of
what I said to Lucienne, aren't you?
Inspector Hassell, thanks.
My words are never meant to harm,
Inspector Hassell.
We'll be the judge of that.
What's so important that
you needed to interrupt me, then?
It's about Mila. Do you miss her?
Mila. Who's Mila?
That's you trying to catch me out.
Very bold.
That's the determination again.
The youngest sibling fighting back.
You said you had a question for me
about magic.
Yeah, the blood moon brigade
trying to summon Belphegor.
I mean, would there be
a specific time to do that?
Absolutely, astrologically.
That's why they were doing it
two nights ago.
What about the time of night?
Even more so.
So when would the summoning happen?
The ideal time for manifestation
is 666 minutes after
the conjunction of
Saturn and Uranus.
Well, 60 minutes in an hour.
Carry the six
You might need to help me out
on that.
You just worked that out?
I make it my business to know
what they're up to. And when.
Why were you asking about the time?
Hendrik gave the time of death
between 5:00 and 5:30.
So? 5:15 fits within that.
I wanna check when Valentijn Meijer
called the police. The exact time.
I mean, that's his only real alibi.
And I wanna get changed.
You remember she said she'd already
told you what this was all about?
Maybe she meant the siblings.
You OK?
I'm kind of used to finality,
not this.
I'm OK when the life force
is spent, but
..different kettle of fish
when people are suffering.
Know what I mean?
In that case
Mighty fine selection.
Citra. Yep?
They're sure about that?
OK, good.
What about the flowers?
OK, laters.
Watch out, Piet!
I was on the phone to him
a while ago.
He wanted to check the call-out time
of the murder.
Which was?
Oh, that's odd. That's 25 minutes
after the actual incident.
Mila's brother Levi is in the army.
Or was. We're just checking
then they're sending a photo.
Sister's proving harder to pin down.
Something of a traveller.
But we're working on it.
Yeah, however, Mila's medical
case notes were revealing.
Engelhart and Delacorte
went out on a limb
trying a new technique -
controversial surgery that burns
sections of the cerebral cortex.
Clearly, that didn't work.
HENDRIK: Where's Piet?
Um, getting changed.
Well, he's gonna wanna hear this.
You can tell us, you know, Hendrik.
It's not all about Piet.
Alright, I suppose.
God, I'm kicking myself
for not figuring it out sooner.
Guess what one of our
magic mob had on his hands.
Goat hooves.
Cleaning fluid!
To wash the eye stuff
off his hands.
Or not see if you're Nik Delacorte.
Anyway, that same person,
no obvious prints at
Mila Manderfeld's apartment,
but they did leave a wand behind.
And the prints on that match
The photo of the brother's
coming through.
One and the same person.
She don't need to be here.
That's too bad.
She's here.
You're Mila's brother, right?
That's right.
Big bro.
Piet, ring me now.
We need to find Valentijn Meijer.
Check his address. Check
everyone involved in the group.
Lot of missed calls. Shame.
It's all going to plan, is it?
It's like the ritual, isn't it?
You storm out,
sneak upstairs, kill Nik,
and only then call us.
That's clever.
Joining the order.
Getting close to everyone, getting
especially close to Delacorte's wife.
Was that thorough or is it
Not sure that helps, Piet.
Don't worry,
I've done this before.
Well, so have I.
Oi. Valentijn Meijer here?
Does it look like he's here?
He's your mate.
I haven't seen him all day.
I want Mila to know
the lengths to which I've gone.
So every night
..I tell her the plan.
It's a sort of penance.
For what?
I mean, it was Delacorte
and Engelhart who messed up.
Oh, yeah?
Messed with her heart romantically.
Corrupted her soul magically.
And then tried
a groundbreaking procedure
part-science, part-psychology
..all screw-up
..on my baby sister.
So why give yourself a hard time?
..I went away.
Every time I went away,
my sister got in trouble.
Through her teenage years, beyond.
She did it on purpose.
She was trying to keep you close.
And yet I still went away.
That was a nice touch
with the flowers, by the way.
A variety of floribundas
called My Sister.
I used to send them to her
wherever in the world I was.
She was my baby sister.
And she was a party girl.
Life and soul.
She loved life.
But it left her open to jerks.
Like Delacorte.
The last of many.
She just needed to be loved.
And now look at her.
She would hate what she's become.
She would hate it.
I get it.
I do.
You want to pull the plug, right?
Only when there's justice.
I wanna be able to tell her
that it's over so she can rest.
So what's stopping you?
You tipping up at her house.
Because of you, she's still trapped,
locked in that nightmare
of an existence.
I'm I'm a doctor.
You don't know
Shut up! You doctors know nothing!
OK, so now what? Hey.
How does this help?
I've got a plan.
You're gonna call off the dogs
so I can go home
and do what I need to do.
I can do that.
I mean, it's tricky.
There's rules. There's laws.
And there are bullets.
I'll kill your girlfriend
unless you call them off.
Well, the thing is, um
..she's not my girlfriend.
I mean, we're not actually
that close.
It's a long story.
I mean, now's probably
not the best time.
But, um, I mean, if you must know
..she broke my heart.
So you won't mind if I kill her?
Is that what you're saying?
Yeah, that would be
the implication I'm getting at.
Don't don't do that again.
So you do like her?
Not her! My boat.
I like my boat.
You just put a hole in it.
You do that again,
we'll all be down with the fish.
You alright?
No, I'm not alright.
Good work getting him to shoot.
Yeah, I was trying to bluff him.
Oh! Didn't work.
Well, I was winging it.
I got a bit nervous.
I'm sorry.
There's a drawer in front of you.
Turn around.
Stick your leg out.
See if you can reach it.
Go on.
Pull it.
(WHISPERS) Quietly, quietly.
Pull it out more.
Yes, I'm trying.
Alright, get in there.
There's a phone in there.
A phone, a phone
That the best you've got?
Yeah, it's an old one.
Well, actually, it's vintage.
(PANTS) Like you, right?
Well, maybe.
But you can still turn it on.
Battery will be dead.
Oh, don't worry about that.
The battery goes forever.
Can you just turn it on?
Will you please turn
the phone on, Lena?
Really haven't got time for this.
Alright, scroll down to Lucienne.
Scroll? You want me to scroll?
You wanna stop moaning
and get scrolling.
I got Andy.
No, don't call him.
Cliff. Get to Cliff.
You got it?
Alright, ring that.
He'll pick up. 100%.
Pick up, Cliff.
Pick it up, pick it up,
pick it up, pick it up.
Oh, great.
OK, plan B.
Ah, me mum.
She worries about me.
That was vintage.
Well, it won't matter
when you're dead.
Piet rang from his old phone.
He never does that.
Did you ring back?
Yes. No answer.
That's not right.
Something's wrong.
He's sending a sign.
Tell the others to meet me
at 'Spartacus'.
Piet's gone. So has 'Spartacus'.
We'll get the helicopter out.
Hey, guys.
We're gonna take it from here.
You're relieved.
Got official security
and a medical expert.
You can go too.
We'll be in touch.
I can't go. I'm paid to be here.
That's OK.
Your employers want you to go.
I won't leave Mila.
Believe me, they want you to go.
I don't care what
my employers think.
I've grown fond of Mila.
We like a chat.
I'm not going anywhere.
Listen to me.
Do what he says.
Right. Close the door.
The boat's gone.
His car's here.
We should check on Mila. Logically,
that's where Valentijn will go.
It's where he wants to be.
We should have got
the nurse's number.
(CHUCKLES) What can I say?
Jazz was playing and we got riffing.
OK, well, ring her now.
Well, what do you think
I'm doing, Hassell?
Come on.
Hi, Rikki. Hi.
Yeah, it's Hendrik.
Jazz Master Flash.
Inspector Hassell.
Is van der Valk there?
Hey, babe.
It's me.
It's time.
It's not time.
You don't know
Shut up!
Just shut up.
For once, we agree.
It's time to go, babe.
Go blaze. (CHUCKLES)
Cause some trouble.
I love you.
I'll see you on the other side.
What if there is no other side?
Don't even try.
Just go.
Well, I mean, I'd love to,
but, um you won't let me.
What did Mila believe in?
Life, you said.
This isn't living.
Well, maybe it's all she's got.
I mean
..maybe it's all
any of us have got.
I don't believe that.
You don't know what advances
might come in medical science.
Things things can change.
Progress happens.
You know, there's always hope.
There's always a future.
No, there isn't.
There's only heartbreak.
And pain.
And suffering.
Well, there's definitely
plenty of that.
But she's right.
I mean, nothing is ever ever over.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You get behind here.
You see, usually I do this,
but I've got a bit of a gammy elbow,
and I can't quite get my aim right.
But they've got it. They've got it.
Valentijn, please.
No! You stop!
Never mess with my boat.
Is she gone?
Mila will choose what happens now.
What will be will be.
Need a hand, cowboy?
How rude.
I can do this in my sleep.
With the gammy elbow?
Well, it's not going to interfere
with the sax playing
or the drinking,
and that's the main thing, hey?
Up yours.
OTHERS: Up yours.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You OK?
Piet told me what Angelique said.
Lucky guess?
Who knows?
I don't mind.
Got all I need right here.
So is this my second chance?
Do you want it to be?
I do.
Well, I do too.
What if the bullet had hit me?
I'd have done everything
within my power to save you.
Like what?
I don't know.
Kiss of life?
You know how to do that?
HENDRIK: Alright, get round Sniffer.
Alright, ladies and gents.
Get in the middle there.
I'm gonna
I'm gonna capture the moment.
Alright. Go on, then.
Let's get a bit closer.
Get a bit closer.
Have you set the timer?
That's it.
Sniffer! You're ruining the
Alright, say cheese.
ALL: Cheese.
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