Van Helsing (2016) s02e10 Episode Script

Base Pair

Previously on Van Helsing Are they breeding vampires? Why would the military do that? I've been here before.
Your abilities aren't natural.
Maybe you were created.
I've seen that mural before.
- The key.
- You remember I told you about the key? Nobody can have it but a Van Helsing.
The mural, the key.
You led us here.
Your sister.
Guard this with your life.
It's a helicopter.
- [WHIRRING] - Hey! Go! Vanessa Van Helsing.
We've been looking for you for a long time.
You gotta be kidding me.
[KNOCKING] [KNOCKING] - [OPENS DOOR] - Oh, you're awake, finally.
I was afraid - Where the hell am I? - [STAMMERS] Uh uh - And where are my friends? - [STAMMERING] [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] [LOW GROWLING] [GROWLING] [GROWLING] [GROANS] [GROANS] - [COCKS GUN] - You got me.
Ok? I'm not gonna fight back.
I just can you please tell me what's going on? [GROANS] [GROANING] [THUD] [GROANS] [GUN SHOTS] [GROANS] [GROANS] Stop! This is totally unnecessary.
Who the hell are you? My name is Dr.
Bruce Harrison.
I run this facility.
So you're the one who abducted me? You're perfectly safe.
You're with the good guys, believe me.
So where are my friends? You were our only priority.
My men couldn't risk the extra cargo.
So you left them behind? Yes.
[GROANS] Get out.
I brought a sandwich.
A bit risky, I know.
If you remember, the last meal delivery didn't go so well.
[SETS TRAY DOWN] I'm Abigail and I'm very pleased to meet you.
That I know.
- What? - [LAUGHS] I'm sorry.
It's just that we've been looking for you since the rising began so it's a little strange that here you are.
I feel the same way.
Is it true? Can you really change people back? I need to get back to my friends and make sure they're ok.
And until that happens, I'm not answering any questions.
I have to say, I admire your courage.
Your feistiness.
Between you and me, Bruce's bedside manner sucks.
Harrison? His gassing of your colleagues is an excellent example of his poor judgement.
He's on the spectrum, I swear to god.
Yeah, well hopefully the concussion I gave him helps with that.
[CHUCKLES] But honestly the work he's doing here could save us from all this.
But only with your help.
[SIGHS] Should I call the guard? It didn't help much last time.
So I hear you're planning on saving the world.
Why don't you fill me in on that? Years before the rising the government hired me to try and find a cure for vampirism.
At the farm? No, that was before my time.
My father did some work there.
I thought that his constant talk about the coming of the vampire apocalypse was bullshit, frankly.
But now you believe.
The evidence became irrefutable, yes.
What? [WHOOSHING] [STARTLED MURMUR] There's something familiar about you.
I get that a lot.
Or I used to, back when there was a real world.
So the government hired you to find a cure? I guess that didn't really turn out for you.
We've gotten close.
Sure doesn't look like it, judging by the number of vampires running around.
So what do you want with me? I'm not sure we want anything.
[LAUGHS] So you just gassed me and kidnapped me for kicks? Can you turn vampires or not? Come with me.
I wanna show you something.
[GROWLING] His name's Martin.
Or at least it was.
[GROWLING] You knew him before? He was a volunteer test subject.
You did that to him on purpose? No.
We injected him with the newest trial inoculate using a dead version of what we believed was the vampiric virus.
I guess the virus wasn't so dead after all, was it? The serum turned him instead of protected him.
So basically a total fail.
We're working in the dark here, trying anything we can think of, but with your help we could [SCOFFS] You want me to try and turn him back.
We could study his blood before, during, and after the transformation.
We'd have a real chance of zeroing in on the cure.
I have to think about it.
I don't know if I can trust you, any of you.
You can't just walk away from this.
You have a duty to do whatever you can with your god-given gift.
You think this is a gift? Every vampire out there is after me because of it.
My own daughter I know you've had losses.
- We all have.
- Have you? You seem pretty above it all to me.
Up here all cozy on your little mountain top.
You don't know what I've been through.
No, I don't.
I don't think I care.
Vanessa! Wait a second! Essa! What'd you just call me? I knew your mother back at the farm.
She used to call you that when you were a little girl.
Wait, you knew my mother? A little bit.
Well, why are you just saying this now? There's a lot to tell.
- Your mother was a complicated person.
- (BRUCE): Abigail.
But now is not the time.
I hope you decide to help despite everything that's happened to you.
But I will understand if you don't.
- [CRYING OUT] - [GROWLING] [THUD] [SCREAMING] [DRIPPING] [EVIL LAUGHTER] No! (MAN'S VOICE): Are you there? Hello? Who are you? What do you want? Are you alright? I heard screaming.
It was just a nightmare.
Being locked up your mind does things.
Plays tricks.
What're you doing here? I don't know.
I I've been here for years, I think.
Why? What for? They think I have answers.
They think I know things.
Do you? Bits and pieces.
Be careful who you trust here.
What's that mean? Most of the people have no idea what's really going on.
What is really going on? Hello? Wait.
Someone's coming.
[KEYS JANGLE, DOOR OPENS] [LOW GROWLING] [BEEP] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACH] Can I join you? Your mother, she worked at the farm long before the rising, looking for a cure.
She had been raised to believe that vampires were real and that they were plotting to take over.
No one else really believed the way she did.
She never really talked to anyone about it, but your mom grew more and more desperate.
She was terrified she wouldn't be prepared in time.
She accidentally infected herself with an experimental serum developed from the DNA of a very special vampire.
Special vampire? Yes, something Harrison was working on.
It was only after that that she discovered that she had been pregnant at the time.
With twins.
You have to understand.
When the military found out that you and your sister were special, your mother had to run.
Had to hide you.
[BALL BOUNCES] Is she alive? Is my mother alive? Uh, I have to go.
I have work to do.
Can I return that book for you? [LAUGHS] No.
I'm not done with it yet.
[FOOTSTEPS FADE] Abigail! Abigail, wait! The inscription in the book, A.
Your name's Abigail Van Helsing, isn't it? I really need to get back.
I can't You're my mother.
You were supposed to be safe.
I had to put you in hiding.
You have no idea what they would have done to the two of you.
Actually I have a pretty good idea.
I've been to the farm.
[SIPS] So was I just some experiment to you? No.
You can't think that.
I mean, we were both there.
We both saw the nursery.
The specimens.
You you both saw? Scarlett was with me.
I I didn't even remember having a sister.
Those early years are mainly just gone.
Scarlett is alive? She can't be.
She died in a fire years ago.
No, no, no.
It's not true.
Her parents the people who raised her, they staged that fire to keep her safe.
So she was with your friends? Our people left her behind? I guess they didn't know.
But she's fine.
She can take care of herself.
No, I have to get them looking for her! Hey.
It's ok.
None of this is your fault.
I'll talk to Harrison.
I'll try and help turn the vampire.
I'm so glad.
Martin worked in the warehouse.
He was a lovely man.
We let him down.
Well, I'll try.
I'll go tell Harrison.
(MAN'S VOICE): So, you going to help? It's good that you're helping, but there's so much more you can do.
What do you mean? Your nightmares, the visions.
You need to follow them.
You need to let him out.
Who the hell are you? I was at the farm, too.
I saw everything.
You and your sister, how they tricked your mom.
Tricked her? Tell her what you see.
Only she can help you.
They're here.
- Who's here? - [JANGLING, DOOR OPENS] [GROWLING] Did they find anything? Not yet.
- But they are tracking them, right? - Mmmhmm.
[GROWLING CONTINUES] What is it? I had a daughter.
I tried to change her.
I had a granddaughter? And she's gone? There'll be time to grieve properly one day when this is all over.
[GROWLING] Time to begin.
Administer the sedative.
[GROWLING] It's alright.
Whatever happens, we have to do this.
[SCREAMS] [ALARM SOUNDING] Vanessa! Vanessa! Vanessa! Vanessa! Vanessa, are you ok? [VOMITING] [ALARM CONTINUES] Are you in pain? No, I'm fine.
- The technician - That wasn't you.
You understand? You went above and beyond to help.
You should be very proud of yourself.
I wanna see how the tests are going.
Do you mind staying with him for a bit? Sure.
You changed me.
You're the one everyone's been looking for.
Why'd you volunteer to be a test subject? You knew there were risks.
I mean, you could have died.
I was a fourth grade teacher before all of this.
On the day of the rising a woman walked into class in the middle of the day.
I had never seen her before.
She looked so so strange.
I ran.
The moment she started to attack, I ran.
You know, I used to imagine how brave I would be if a gunman ever walked in.
How I would sacrifice myself for any one of them.
I had to make up for that.
[SNIFFS] But you.
You could save everyone.
You could save the world.
[ARGUING] We had an agreement on this You need to listen to what I'm saying! Abigail.
What just happened? What was that about? Harrison didn't get the answers he expected from the tests.
Why are you so pissed at him? He wants me to convince you to find the elder.
He wants you to harvest his DNA to find recessive genes that he thought maybe you it's too complicated to explain right here.
Wait, the elder? Harrison thinks you would be able to fight him.
That it's the only way.
But the elder is more dangerous than all other vampires put together.
He's ancient.
He's evil.
What's wrong? I've been having these visions.
He's calling to you? Read about him in the book.
He's the beginning of everything.
Harrison thinks this is just a virus but it's more than that.
He wants me to go to him.
Maybe I should.
- Maybe I should kill him.
- No.
Listen to me.
Where is the key? Do you have it? No, Scarlett has it.
And has she been having these visions, too? Mmmhmm.
Don't mention these visions to anyone.
Or the key.
You mean to Harrison.
To anyone.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] [BEEPING] [BANG] Your father worked there, huh? Abigail.
I ran the blood work again and it doesn't show that she carries Look again.
She does not carry the gene.
I ran it through twice, new sample, sterile protocols.
- Synthesize the control.
- I've already done that.
Listen to what I am saying right now.
Her DNA does not have the answers, period.
We need to move forward.
Have you talked to her about the elder? - Yes, we've talked, but - Good.
- What else? - Nothing.
What is it that you're not telling me? That I would rather be anywhere but here with you.
That's what.
I should get back.
I have work to do with Martin.
You're a fool if you underestimate her.
[BEEP] [GROANS] I knew we've met before.
It was back at the farm, wasn't it? When I was a little girl? But you, you haven't aged a bit, have you? - That's my father.
- [LAUGHS] Is it? You know, I've read some of your files.
They make a lot more sense when you know what you're looking for.
Tests on vampire DNA to isolate the longevity gene? Tests to find out what triggers their sun sensitivities? [GROANS] You're not working on a cure at all, are you? You're trying to isolate different vampire traits.
Why? To inject them into humans? Of course we're looking for a cure! You know that.
You're delusional.
Delusional, huh? [GROANS] I wonder what an overdose would do to you.
Have you ever tried? Look, I developed the longevity drug back on the farm by accident.
I'll die if I don't continue to take it.
Or you'll just get old, like the rest of us.
That's the real reason that you want me to go to the elder, isn't it? You need his DNA to perfect the serum, and you'd do anything, you'd use anyone.
[LAUGHS] You wanted me to find that book, didn't you? And you left that key card behind on - You're talking nonsense! - You wanted me to find the book because you wanted me to find the inscription.
You wanted me to know that Abigail was my mother because you knew, you knew that she was the only one that could convince me to help you.
[WINCES] Ok! Ok.
Your mom thought you'd never forgive her for abandoning you.
She insisted that we never tell you who she was but I knew that you would never listen to me.
You were right about that.
Listen to me now.
[CHOKING] You have to go to the elder for the sake of humanity.
Where's my mother now? [CHOKING] She's with Martin.
[GROANS] Specimen's heart shows unusual size.
Thickening of the arterial walls.
Increased capacity.
Sorry you had to find out this way.
He was fine and then he crashed about an hour after you turned him.
I was gonna break it to you in the morning.
You shouldn't blame yourself.
Were you here when it happened? Did you see him die? No.
Harrison sent someone to tell me.
Why? Ok, look.
You must have known he was taking the longevity drug.
- How could you not? - He has no choice now.
He'd die without it.
How do you know that? From the experiments he's done.
Animal experiments That he's done, not you.
You're trusting him.
How do you know Martin crashed? He's a flawed man, Essa, I've I've told you that.
But he is not capable of killing Martin in cold blood.
Are you sure about that? Even if it meant creating more serum? He's a liar and he only cares about himself.
You haven't changed.
Even as a girl you were quick to judge, slow to trust.
That doesn't mean I'm wrong.
Listen, do you know anything about the man in the room next to me? What man? There's no room next to you He says he's been to the farm.
He said they tricked you.
They tricked me? Well, you have to talk to him.
Find out what he means by that.
Ok, we'll take him with us.
- With us? - Yes.
We're getting out of here.
Do you know a way? Yes, but we'd never survive.
We won't survive if we stay here.
You with me? I where you go, I go.
I think this is it.
[CLANG] [DOOR OPENS] Maybe I got it wrong.
What did he want? Come on.
They're gonna be looking for us.
[ALARM SOUNDING] The storm door is on the far side of the facility through this warehouse.
[ANNOUNCEMENT] This is an emergency.
There has been a breech in security.
Patient on the loose.
She may be armed and is considered dangerous.
Proceed with caution.
[ANNOUNCEMENT] A hostage has been taken.
Disarm patient, but do not kill.
I repeat, non-lethal engagement.
Put down the weapons! - [BANG] - [ELECTRICITY SURGES] [GUNFIRE] Argh! [GROWLS] [GUN CLATTERS] [ANNOUNCEMENT] This is an emergency.
There has been a breech in security.
A patient is on the loose.
She may be armed and is considered dangerous.
Approach with caution.
[GROWLING] This way.
Food, water, and anything to keep us warm.
- We're getting out of here.
- This is crazy! We'll both be killed! Vanessa, stop! You need to grow up for once.
Grow up? You're acting like a child.
Ok, we don't have time to argue, ok? We need to get out of here before they get in.
We need to stay here and work with Harrison! What are you talking about? We can't trust that man, you know that.
Open the door! Open the door or we'll break it down.
- [BANGING ON DOOR] - I was never gonna leave here! I knew they'd catch us! What, so you were just playing along? Until you came to your senses.
- What?! - You need to stay here, Essa.
We need to find Scarlett, get the key, and you two can follow your visions and lead us to the crypt.
It's the only way.
[ALARM CONTINUES] Vanessa! [BANGING] Vanessa! Open the door! You want Scarlett and I to lead you there? You have to! It's the only chance of finding a cure! Open the door! Vanessa! Did you know about the voice in the vent? - That's ridiculous.
- Is it? He said the same thing, to follow the visions.
Free the elder.
The elder is the answer to the cure.
Harrison and I agree on that, I just don't agree with his methods.
[POUNDING] Vanessa! Subterfuge and deceit never work.
Vanessa! Where did you hide the key to the crypt? Where did Scarlett and I find it? - At the farm.
- Ok, but where exactly? I don't know! I don't remember! Harrison wanted me to find that book so that I'd see the initials and think you were my mom.
- I don't know what you're - But you're not my mom! She said to never forget where that key was hidden and she'd remember, too.
Who are you? [GUN SHOT] We'll have your sister within the day, so we really don't need you anymore.
She has the same visions.
She can lead us to the elder.
Your mother did call you "Essa", you know.
She loved you with all her heart.