Van Helsing (2016) s02e13 Episode Script

Black Days

Previously on Van Helsing - Give it to me.
- [CHOKING] And I will grant you a quick death.
I will free the elder.
We have to get to the elder before Dmitri can release it from the crypt.
- I've been having these visions.
- No.
He's calling to you? I don't know where the crypt is.
I told you and your sister all those years ago.
You're my mother? We'll have your sister within the day so we really don't need you anymore.
[GUN SHOT] She can lead us to the elder.
You're wasting my time.
Kneel! I kneel only to my betters.
This is her.
The oracle who will lead me to the lair of the elder.
This is nothing more than an old crone who can barely stand on her own two feet.
She's tired from the long walk all the way to me.
Kneel! Perhaps I wasn't clear.
I kneel only in the presence of my [CRIES OUT] [SNAP] [SNARLING] He seeks the elder, does he? But why? I tire of fighting.
I wish only to enslave all of mankind now and forever.
I wasn't asking you, was I? The key will show him, won't it? Now, it doesn't want me, does it? No, not me.
It only wants blood.
Must have blood to reveal the truth.
You'll follow it now where it leads you, won't you? How does it work? [CRIES OUT IN PAIN] You follow the light.
To him.
But how? Questions.
Useless now, yes? Only three may go, correct? I didn't know.
Yet, now you do, don't you? And what of the others? Stay here.
Stay with me.
Isn't that right? I will return for you.
Go, now.
Or else.
Or else what? This.
I'm good.
You have to stay hydrated at this altitude.
You're a little late on the mothering thing.
I said I'm good.
By the way, I'm not the one that said we needed to stop.
I'm waiting on you.
We need to rest.
We're gonna get there soon enough.
Do you even know what's happening when we get up there? You know what we're getting into? With the elder, the crypt Bits and pieces.
Information that's been handed down, but no, I've never been there.
But hopefully we can get there before Dmitri opens the gate.
That's a big hope.
What is that? On your neck? Blood.
I've been wearing this since I was a kid.
That's creepy.
Who's is it? It's blood from the dark one.
The first.
- The dark one? - Don't say his name.
Don't I can't say his name? Legend has it he can hear it.
You don't really think that he's - .
- Yes.
I do.
I was given this just after my mother was killed by the elders.
Yours now, sweetie.
Take it.
So my great-grandmother gave that to you? Why? What for? I don't know.
It's supposed to have some kind of special powers but they haven't I was experimenting on this when I was pregnant with the two of you.
I was trying to find a cure.
So that's why we're a couple of freaks.
Because you decided to expose us to that before we were even born? I did not expose you.
Oh, ok.
It got inside us somehow.
I want you to have it.
- I don't want that.
- But I think it's important I don't want it, ok? That thing has brought nothing but pain to our family.
When we find Vanessa you can give that to her.
Vanessa? I thought you said you couldn't feel her anymore.
I didn't say that, I said that I could barely feel her.
I don't know.
You know what? I've been wrong with a lot of shit lately.
Sometimes I think that I can feel her.
I don't know.
Can we go? Please? There's no way that Dmitri's resting right now.
We are here.
He has lead us to him.
To my destiny.
[CLICK] His crypt must be deep within the cave.
Our journey is far from over.
I'm coming to you, my master.
Is this it? Are we here? I think so.
It looks like two people have been here before us, at least.
Three I think, including Dmitri.
They beat us here.
It's the key.
It's so strange to see it again.
I can't believe you had to go back to the farm.
I know it's strange, 'cause I don't actually remember ever being there as a kid.
It wasn't until I saw where the key was What? It wasn't until I saw where the key was hidden.
You remember though, right? - Of course.
- Yeah.
Where? Is this a test? - 'Cause if it is I understand.
- Good.
Then answer the question.
Scarlett, I am so sorry for everything that's happened.
So am I.
- Tell me where it was.
- Scarlett, please Tell me.
Where I showed you.
Behind the mural.
The key.
It won't budge.
We're not gonna need it where we're going.
Where are we going? What's next? Well, he got here first, opened the gateway, but that doesn't mean he'll make it to the crypt before us.
It's a long and torturous journey towards the elder.
Torturous how? They say that depends on you.
On your mind and on your soul.
Well, lack of one in Dmitri's case.
That's all I know.
Yeah? You sure about that? At some point you're gonna have to trust me.
[LAUGHS] I wouldn't count on it.
Either way, we have to get to them before they open that crypt.
Lead the way.
[LABOURED BREATHING] There's so many crazy stories about this place.
It's hard to know what to believe.
What? Just things handed down.
You know, they made these places to keep things in.
Great and horrible creatures that we couldn't kill.
You don't think we can kill the elder? I don't think that I can.
But you? I think you've got a chance.
That's great.
These passageways, they weren't made for people to be in for very long.
I heard stories about hallucinations and traps so we need to be strong.
We need to get in and get out as soon as possible.
You're not gonna get any complaints from me, I hate this shit.
I know, I was raised to be strong and everything, but I cannot stand being trapped.
And you know what? Since we're here, what happened to you? And us? What made you run? That's a long story.
Well, it's a long tunnel.
[GIGGLING] Did you just see that? Was that me? Yeah.
When you were five.
Shit's gonna get real weird, huh? It's obviously not a power of attorney, Abby.
Obviously not.
But it would allow me to look after your children should something happen to you.
As their guardian I'd be taking the proper precautions because these two are so very special, aren't they? I remember this.
Watch out.
Ugh! That was the moment I knew the two of you would never be safe as long as we were at the farm.
Master, where are you? [GROANS] [CRIES OUT] You look well, my friend.
The travel suits you.
My dear marquis.
So nice to see you again.
Ambassador, please.
Just call me De Sade.
Who is he? His name was Harrison.
We were working together developing a cure.
At least I thought we were.
But he had other plans.
He used me.
But I wasn't gonna let him use the two of you.
I can't imagine what he would have done to you.
Well, are you sure he didn't? I mean, is it possible that he did something to us without you knowing it? And clearly something else was going on with you two.
Another time, ok? I promise.
It's a dead end.
Keep looking for an opening.
There's gotta be a way through.
We're gonna leave half of our gear here, too.
Oh, good.
This gets better and better.
And use these.
We only have a few so you gotta make 'em last.
It's fine, I don't need it.
Don't worry about me.
Take it.
It'll help the fear.
You ready? No.
[STRUGGLING] Are you ok? I got stuck.
Just go.
Sorry, Scab.
My name's not Scab.
It's Scott.
Once a Scab, always a Scab.
- I'm not a - You crossed the picket line, bitch.
I needed a job.
And afterwards they hired me.
Just like you guys.
You'll never be like one of us.
You're shit at your job.
Father, please.
I beg you, please.
- Convert and you will be spared.
- No.
Give your soul to the Lord, Jesus.
I can't.
I will never.
[SPITS] Your ways will damn you to hell.
Join the sisters in their service to the Lord and you will be spared.
I have my own beliefs.
It's you that will be damned! No, please.
Save me, please, save me! [SCREAMING] Stop! Please! Please save me! Please! Save me No! No! No! No! Please, no! Please, no! No! No! [SCREAMING] Nooooooo!!!!!!!! No! So, one of my favourite pupils returns for more.
I cannot get enough.
I think of nothing else while I am gone.
Only the thought of my sister is more enticing.
Then you should make her your own, this Antanasia.
In time.
For now she is too young, too pure.
Even I cannot do such a thing.
So I come to you instead.
I've tried everything, and everyone, on you.
Still you desire more.
No leash, no whip, no poker of iron seems to satisfy you.
Alas, perhaps my thirst cannot be quenched.
Or perhaps so this time.
I've brought someone very special here to meet you.
Who is this new someone? It is my master.
No! No! [SCREAMING] Come on.
We made it.
Yeah, I was about to lose it if I was gonna be in there one more minute.
I wanna tell you some things.
I wanna tell you why I left.
I realized that once Harrison knew about your abilities that he would stop at nothing.
That he was even planning on experimenting on the two of you.
Yeah, like lab rats.
That's what Vanessa said.
So that's when I made my plan.
To escape and then to hide the two of you with a family I could trust.
Yeah, and they split us up right afterwards.
- Why? - I don't know.
I never expected that.
Your only chance was if I walked away and never looked back.
So you ran and hid for 30 years.
And Harrison would still track me down.
I had to keep running.
But I thought of you two constantly.
And I was comforted in knowing that the two of you were together and safe.
Safe? Vanessa was put in the foster system.
I had to fake my own death.
I didn't know.
I never meant to hurt you.
Mommy, no.
Don't leave me.
I have to go.
Mommy, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
No! Mommy, I'll be good.
Is that really what happened? That must have been hard for you to do.
Let's end this.
[SCREAMING] No! No! No! [SCREAMING] No! No! No! [SCREAMING] What is an elder, even? I mean, my dad was insane about this stuff.
Always talking about the coming of vampires, but he never mentioned that name once.
- There's more than one.
- More? Oh, that's great.
The elders lie in wait to bring about the final darkness.
The Van Helsings captured this one.
Buried it here ages ago.
We locked him in here? Why? Why wouldn't we just kill it? Well, this guy's gonna be pumped to see us then, huh? What happens when Dmitri gets there before us and releases him? All I know is that if the elders are ever able to re-join again What? - Then what? - Then the coffin to the dark one can be re-opened.
We can never let the elders create the proper pathway for him to return.
Do you understand? We all die if that happens.
Every last one of us.
[SCREAMING] Please [SOBBING] Help me! [SOBBING] I I'm very claustrophobic.
This door is locked.
[SOBBING] My my doctor says that I had it It's gonna be the weekend and I'm not gonna make it 'til Monday! Please! [SCREAMS] Calm yourself! Calm yourself.
We are together again.
The elder has tested us by preying on our fears but we we have survived.
Not one, but all of us.
The rest we shall do together.
Holy shit.
This must be it.
God, how do you open this thing? Woah.
What does all this mean? Wait! There's something I have to tell you.
Ah, there you are.
Like clockwork.
I knew I could count on you.
It seems we are destined to meet again and again.
Perhaps this will be the last time, yes? Perhaps.
I do hope the mountain was kind to you.
Not too many troubling tales from the past.
Hmm? And where is the other daughter? Vanessa is not here.
What a shame.
I do hope something horrible has happened to her.
It would be better for you to walk away right now, Dmitri.
Of course you know I cannot.
Let's just kill him and get it over with.
Why are we even discussing this? [LAUGHS] Your children, Abigail, they're so brash and full of fury.
It makes me smile.
They are so like you.
Except they are creatures bred under glass.
You try to do this, Dmitri, try to waken the elder It was your daughter who awoke the elder.
And now he calls to me to give him his freedom.
I must now obey.
Then this is where we make our stand.
Good and evil.
Take them.
[SCREECHES] [SCREAMS] [GRUNTS] [GUN SHOTS] [GUN SHOTS] [FIGHTING GRUNTS] [FIGHTING GRUNTS] [SNAP] You're finished! Just getting started, you little bitch.
She's mine.
Why don't you relax? There's more than enough of me to go around.
[FIGHTING GRUNTS] [FIGHTING GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [CRIES OUT] Ahhhh! No! No! This nonsense is finished.
Now! Leave her, Dmitri! I think not.
The door.
Open it.
No! Don't you can't Of course she can.
Only a Van Helsing can undo what has been done.
Isn't that right, Abigail? Or did you fail to tell your daughter the truth? What truth? That only the blood of a Van Helsing can open the crypt.
But at what cost? Yes, life.
[CHOKING] Ah, spirit.
A Van Helsing to the bitter end.
And the end is coming soon to one of you.
But which one? I always knew there was a price, Scarlett.
It's alright.
Find Vanessa.
No no don't Don't! Don't! Don't! [SCREAMING] Ahhhhhhh!!!!! No! Ah.
Freedom at last.
You have called to me.
And I have obeyed you.
Come on, just lean against here.
You knew? You knew that opening the door would do this to you? They are Van Helsing.
But something else I know it.
The one that called out, the one who awoke me.
She is no more.
No, she's alive.
If I don't kill you here, she will.
Take them both, master.
You need to regain your strength.
It is their kind that has imprisoned you.
So beautiful.
And yet something else is there, too.
Something inside.
[SNARLS] The blood of the first flows through the sister's veins.
This cannot be.
And yet it is true.
Then take the mother, master.
- Huh? - No.
She is already dying and her blood is ready for you.
Yes, I will.
- I will! - No, I won't let you! [SWORD CLATTERS] Stop! I command you! What's going on? What's happening? The legend, it's true.
What? There were rumours when this one was captured he was given a choice.
Fealty or death.
He must have been hoping though he didn't know the truth.
Your blood is Van Helsing blood.
I'm sworn to protect it.
What's that what's that mean? You have to do what we say? [GRUNTS] Until the dark one is released from his prison, or destroyed, I am your servant.
If you are truly bound to me [GRUNTS] Then go kill Dmitri.
The time has come, my favourite.
This is not my destiny.
You have lead me to you.
To serve by your side as we rule mankind.
Yes, dear one.
I remember the moment you turned.
The same fear in your eyes.
You will be with me, my most loyal servant.
I am Dmitri the warrior! [MOANING] I'm coming to you, Antanasia! [SCREAMING] [CRACKING] [SQUISHING] [GROWLING] I will never forgive you for this.
I'm ok with that.
You do what you have to do.
- You.
- [GRUNTS] Go find my sister.
The one called Vanessa? Yes.
To me she is no more.
She is gone.
Maybe this will help.
[GROANS] How about now? Ah, yes.
The first one's blood makes it clear.
There she is.
Go to her.
Go find her.
Stay with me.
What else haven't you told me? Please, you gotta tell me.
Take take take I don't know what to do with that.
I don't know what that is.
I don't know.
I don't know what to do.
I need you.
Don't leave me again.
Work, please.