Van Helsing (2016) s04e08 Episode Script

The Prism

1 Previously on "Van Helsing" Dad's one of them.
I think he always was.
We were created from eggs.
We came from you.
And that makes you Your mother.
Abraham Van Helsing.
Some pages, they're gone.
Find the pages, open the portal.
Only then you can kill the Dark One.
Run when you can.
Find the pages.
Take my hand.
Nobody [CENSORED.]
with my family! Run.
Find those pages and go! Go! Run! Come on, Jack! I need you to go! Now! Run, Violet.
What has become of you? So many years hiding amongst their kind.
You have taken on their weakness.
You've seen what I've seen.
I've sensed it.
Her betrayal.
Her failure.
All our plans just gone to the wind.
If you know where they are My children? If I did, don't you think I would have been there? You cannot waver now, Willem.
Our hope, our destiny, it is all still within our grasp.
How? We're back to where we began.
The portal is sealed, the Dark One with it, the fourth elder wasted, yes.
But we will create another one.
Or find a different way.
For hundreds of years I've waited for this chance and now it's lost.
Do not forget who you are and why you were made.
The Dark One chose you to be strong like us.
We must never lose faith in the darkness.
Only together now can we make right what has been done.
Together? She's betrayed you twice.
How do you know she won't do it again? Bathory.
She is a means to an end.
A blunt tool that I will use and then discard.
When she returns, the Dark One will know who has been faithful and who has not.
She will pluck the weak and disloyal from her breast and drown them in their own blood.
Bathory's fate is all but sealed.
But yours.
Yours rests in your own hands.
Whatever plan you and my father had, it's over.
Not over.
Never over.
How does it feel to know the truth? That the man who raised you only did so to sacrifice you? He's dead to me.
Such dark emotion.
That hatred could prove useful.
I'm never gonna help you find Violet.
You might as well just kill me now.
Why do something so reckless when you still have so much potential? Please.
If I cannot bend you to my will, perhaps your father can.
No, no! No! No! Van Helsing 4x08 The Prism What was it like? Hawaii? Mmm-hmm.
Everything people said.
Why'd you leave? Dad was in the air force.
If he got posted at a base for more than a few years, Philippines, Dakota, Germany happiest time of my life is when we were stationed at Hickam.
There was a beach half a mile from our billet.
Waves like I'd never seen.
My friends and I, we'd surf until the sun went down.
Burned skin, jellyfish stings.
It didn't matter.
The biggest worry I had was being late for dinner.
Then you ended up at Fort Collins.
Right before the rising.
The day the vampires happened mom was visiting family down south.
Dad couldn't reach her so he took a Jeep and went out after her.
That was the last time I ever saw him.
The guy who owned this place took me in.
Gave me a job, handed me the keys right before he passed.
There's a world out there that's still okay.
My dad keeps it all a secret but at the base people come and go from somewhere.
Maybe your dad found your mom and they got to where it's safe.
My sister, too.
You never know, right? Lee? Hey.
I didn't mean to upset you.
One day maybe you and me can sneak off.
What're you talking about? Well, I've heard there's a coyote that takes people out to some place safe.
Hell, maybe we can make it all the way back to my beach.
Teach you how to hang ten.
How do we find this coyote? Talk around the bar is that they pick people up from an old bus station out on Highway 12, near Pennington.
Could all be bullshit but if you don't have a dream Hey.
What's your rush? I've got work.
And you've got a dad that will kill me if he finds out about us.
And you still haven't settled your tab.
Maybe I settle up by buying our way to Hawaii? Yeah.
You keep dreaming, Vi.
While I quietly throw through the air All your little jokes "Mum and dad, Meagan and David Timmerman.
I've gone south, hoping to get to Tijuana.
If you find this I'm waiting for you.
I love you.
Did I mention I may forget Why I even came I'm addicted so I'm absolved of any cause of pain Here comes the wave It's higher than any one before My love be brave As it knocks our bodies back to shore Eyes closed We see Green blades dancing in the sun Maybe We've been Help! Anybody! Help! Lee! Lee! Lee! Take its head! Shit, where is it? You okay? Holy shit, Vi.
I found you.
You came here for me? What's happening to you? I figured out who I am.
They have no plan.
The Dark One lost.
Why return here? We have faith in our mother.
She'll lead us forward.
I seized an opportunity.
You wasted one.
There was no reason to delay.
I did as our beloved would have wanted.
And put her back into exile with the Van Helsing, her spawn now running free with the amulet.
Our hopes of another fourth elder gone with it.
We can still recover it, you know we can.
- You broke faith with our truce.
- No Went behind our backs only to fail yet again, and for what? Did you really think the Dark One would embrace only you? Jealousy and bitterness.
Those are the only things you possess.
Then and now.
I would watch your words, Bathory, before you choke on them.
At your hand? I'd like to see you try.
Enough! Like it or not, to set this right we need to work together.
And you have a plan? Mine? No.
And one I'm glad to see you've embraced.
I knew you'd find a way to survive.
I was counting on it.
Stay away from me.
Jacqueline Don't! I know what you are.
Vi told me.
All those years, you telling us what we needed to believe.
My sister and I thinking that you loved us.
I always have.
I still do.
Look at me.
How can you say that? It's because you only know half the picture.
I'm trying to save both your lives.
She marked you.
It should be healing, but I'm going to kill both of you for this.
You can't fight your way out of here.
But I have a plan.
I don't give a shit about your plans.
The three pages.
I know where they are.
I always have.
Why don't you just tell me? Because if I tell you they'll pull it out of you.
But there's still a chance.
You just have to play along with whatever they're going to do next.
That's all bullshit.
- Jack, come on.
- You're just one of them.
Jack, listen to me.
No! I'm done listening to you! Hey! No, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't do that.
- Hey! Hey! - Don't do that.
- Hey! - Shh! Hey! You wanna know the truth? Here it is.
He's a lying sack of shit that never loved us.
I'd rather die than give you anything.
One day my sister's gonna find you and I hope she doesn't flinch when she takes your head.
I just wish I could be there to see it.
You okay? I it's a lot to take in, you know? You and your sister being what you say you are.
Your dad.
This mother you never knew you had is gone? How do you think it is for me? I didn't seek this out.
Any of it.
Everything just landed on me.
All at once.
I'm sorry, Vi.
Not your fault.
No, I mean you wanted me to run away with you, to get away from Fort Collins.
I didn't know what you were up against.
Why'd you come after me? All we said about Hawaii? It wasn't just pillow talk.
I was afraid to take a risk.
To commit to something.
To us.
I don't wanna hide anymore.
This was my mother's.
I would give it to you but you're never gonna settle your tab, so this could pay for both of us to get to the coast.
Catch a boat to the big island.
Lee, I love that.
I do.
But shit got real for me There's no running away from it now.
Then what're we doing here? It's just for a while.
I needed to get some place safer than that in the wilderness.
Then I can figure out these three pages.
They could be anywhere.
Or they could be long gone.
No, they're out there.
I can feel it.
Well, from what I've heard that coyote shows up once every few weeks.
We hunker down here, maybe we get lucky and it's only a day or two.
No, I'm not sure I can wait that long.
Not safe.
Vi? What is it? What's wrong? I got I need to sit down.
I'll get you some water.
Vi? Vi? Vi? Vi? What the hell just happened to you?! Your eyes they were all white! We gotta leave.
Woah, woah, woah.
Slow down, Violet.
Talk to me.
Let's move.
Right now.
We should go back to that bus station and wait there.
- It's safer.
- No.
Something tells me that's a bad idea.
The answers I need aren't back there.
- Answers? You mean the three pages? - Yeah.
What're they for, exactly? Something to do with the portal between our world and the place where Vanessa and the Dark One are trapped.
A means of opening it? Yeah.
I think.
Seriously Violet, we should just go back to where we were.
We can talk it all through.
What else is there to talk about? Lee, you know I've gotta do this.
Uh, well, these three pages.
Have you ever seen them before? Maybe someone in your family? That's Van Helsing shit.
I told you, I grew up as Hansen's kid.
I never knew about any of this What is it? The weirdest thing.
I've seen this stuff before.
What stuff? Don't lose focus, Violet.
We have to get back to the station.
The pages.
You don't understand.
None of this stuff is supposed to be out here.
Listen to me.
Focus on my voice.
- We have to go back.
- No! Get the hell off me! I'm not going back.
Violet! Focus on my voice.
Wake up.
No, no, no.
It can't be.
I'm telling you, I had a dream.
More like a nightmare.
You tried to kill me.
What? That that doesn't make any sense.
Why would I do that? See? You imagined it.
Let me get you some water.
No, but I swear I saw this dream, okay? Look, you're upset.
We should just stay here and talk this through.
Maybe it has something to do with the pages.
I have to go find them.
That's the point.
But you don't know where they are or what they're for.
Or or do you? You think I'm lying to you? I'm trying to help, Violet.
Just try to remember for a second.
Maybe Vanessa told you where they were? Don't you think if I knew how to find them I'd just go and do that? Then we should stay here.
And what? Wait for the coyote? The coyote.
You told me this was the place to get to Hawaii.
Yeah well, of of course it is.
I need to keep moving.
Get this amulet away from danger while I figure out this three pages thing.
Why don't we just leave the amulet here? Hide it somewhere if it's so much trouble.
Lee, seriously, if you're gonna make stupid suggestions.
Violet, don't leave.
We should go back to that bus station and wait there.
Would you just give up on that? Something tells me Tells you what? Nothing.
You must know more about those three pages than you realize.
Like what? Vanessa must have known something about them.
Or her sister, Scarlett? Maybe the pages got passed to her.
That painting.
Something is very wrong with you, Violet.
We should go back.
Since when do you use my full name? You only ever call me Vi.
I made a mistake.
Not just one.
How did you know about Scarlett? I never told you about her.
Violet! Violet! Focus on my voice.
Wake up! You stay the hell away from me! Don't touch me! This should be working.
Why is she questioning it? Why is she seeing things we are not? Something's wrong.
Maybe she has an immunity to the enchantment.
Or a stronger mind than we realized.
Keep trying.
We must buy time for Ivory to catch her.
You're sister, Scarlett Violet.
Vi, talk to me.
Oh, shit! But why? And why here? What is it? Did you remember something? Using my full name? Forgetting what the coyote was all about? Scarlett? What're you saying? You wanna know so bad? Then answer me this.
I told you once how I was going to pay off my bar tab.
Remember? Of course.
Come on.
Then what is it? Huh? Tell me.
Uh This isn't actually happening.
And you're not really Lee.
You cannot escape your fate.
It's only a matter of time.
What happened? She saw through the illusion.
That's impossible.
And yet she did.
But not before she remembered something.
We will know soon enough.
They are almost upon her.
Come on, Vi.
Wake up.
Come on, come on.
Whoa, whoa! How did I say I'd settle my bar tab? Vi, what what're you doing? Answer the damn question! By paying our way to Hawaii! You know, the coyote you I was gonna teach you how to surf, remember? Yeah.
How long have I been out? I don't know.
Long enough to scare the shit out of me.
I think I know where those pages are.
But we gotta move.
Right now.
Grab your bag.
Stand behind me.
Don't let them get between us, got it? You frightened little rabbit that ran away? It's time to come back.
How about I kick your ass instead? We don't fear you, Van Helsing.
First mistake.
Maybe your last.
Stay back! Oh, don't be frightened.
I'll be real gentle.
Ahhhhhh!!! Lee! You know, your boyfriend's a real disappointment.
You should talk.
Where are you? Lights out, [CENSORED.]
! Let's go! The coyote! Run! Come on, let's go! Woah, are you sure that's the coyote? Unless there's still cabs in the vampire apocalypse.
Come on, man.
Let's get going.
Now or never.
For me, it's never.
What? Vi? I know where those pages are, Lee.
And you won't be safe if you come.
Vi, I'm not leaving your side.
I'm sorry.
His payment's in the bag.
Keep him safe.
I'll find you if you don't.
I don't need it.
Drink it.
You've been through enough.
Isn't that what you planned? None of this is what I wanted.
Yeah, well I'm still a prisoner here.
What if I could change that? How can I trust you? Because I just saved your sister.
I told her what she needed to know.
Couldn't you feel that? They used me to trap Violet.
You know they would have just caught her if it weren't Weren't for for what? The framed painting? The items from my office? How the hell do you think they got there in the first place? That was you? This might be difficult for you to accept but I'm trying to help you both.
That's all I've ever wanted.
Trust that if nothing else.
Why should I? Because the pages you've been looking for have been right in front of the both of you the whole time.
I don't know.
They locked us in Dad's building.
Jack, they're packing up all his shit.
Vi, it's chaos over here.
Everyone's attacking each other and the coach, she just went psycho and we're hiding in the hotel.
I don't know how much longer we can hide for.
Dad said he sent people to find you.
Stay put.
I don't think I can do that.
You have to hold on, okay? I don't know what's happening but I need you to be okay.
You hear me? Just tell me where you're going Just tell me where to find you.
I don't know.
Nobody's telling me anything.
- Please, just stay there.
- No Vi, please.
It's too late, they're here! Jack! Jack! Jack! No! You marked the child with a bond.
It should have given us control over her sister through her.
Access, not control.
- The illusion was your part and you failed.
- It cannot be.
My powers are still potent.
No mortal can resist them.
But a Van Helsing? One like Vanessa, or her spawn? They're different than the others, less vulnerable.
There's only one way that could be possible.
I raised them to be strong.
Perhaps we underestimated them both.
Or maybe they are not the ones we underestimated.
Have you been lying all along, Willem? Since the beginning.
Where on earth did you find this, Willem? An archive in the Ashmolean.
It is transcribed from Dashian by Benedictine monks in the seventh century.
The ancient language of Transylvania.
Earthly home of the Dark One.
This must be the key my brother Abraham was so inspired by.
I knew you showed great promise, Willem.
The very first time we met.
You remember, yes? Of course.
Your lecture at St.
John's College on arcane rituals.
You saw the value in it.
Even went so far as to question my methodology.
I was headstrong, sir.
I thought I knew more than I did.
You know a great deal, my boy.
The greatest acolyte that my brother and I could have ever hoped for.
It is as if you are Van Helsing, too, with all but birth.
You've shown such faith in me.
It's a debt I cannot fully repay.
Yet, someday.
But for now I must apologize, my boy.
I must conceal Abraham's theorem within all these hallowed pages.
The means by which I do so you cannot be privy to.
Of course.
But there is still one thing you can do that would be of great service to me.
There is an apothecary on State Street.
Where your morphine tablets are dispensed.
You know my vices very well.
You will be in my debt if you could retrieve them for me.
Of course, Master Van Helsing, at once.
One day, Willem, Abraham and I will share all we know with you.
Our sacred duty to destroy the Dark One and all the vampires and the means to do so.
One day.
You have my word.
Unto us, Van Helsings, and no other.
Young man.
May I be of service? Indeed.
I'm on an errand for my Master, Jacob Van Helsing.
Ah, yes.
The famous vampire hunter.
Don't you worry, my boy, it's a secret I can keep.
So many secrets reside in me you could not easily imagine.
His pills, as usual.
Such a frailty to need such things.
It is the human condition, I suppose, to be so flawed and yet so threatened by matters not fully understood.
Take your hand from me.
Such a loyal servant you have been to them.
Now you will embrace a new master.
Is that you? Not a moment too soon.
Did you bring what I request? My boy.
Are you unwell? What's wrong? No.
No! No! Ahhhhhh!!! Willem.
They took you.
They took you.
But don't let me turn.
I had no choice.
It's what they made me do.
The fate of the Dark One depends upon it.
You were seduced by the wrong side, Willem.
If you have one ounce of compassion left for us Van Helsings you'll make sure I'm not forced into your betrayal.
Kill me.
Kill me.
Kill me.
Finish me.
Finish me.
Finish me.
They want them.
They want them.
I'm sorry, Jacob.
I'm sorry.
Well? How fared the new hunter? You made me betray their trust.
I know.
Such dark intent.
You should embrace that.
It's everything you're destined to become.
Did you turn Jacob? Retrieve those mysterious pages? He has fallen to your wishes.
But the pages were already gone.
Come now, you wouldn't lie to me, would you? No.
They knew nothing.
Jacob is now lost to your bloodlust, and their desire to entrap the Dark One is nothing but empty hope.
Well done, my boy.
You have earned your place.
What place? Think of it as a reward.
A gift eternal from my beloved.
Sweet Willem, you were made one of us, were you not? I was made in order to betray all I held dear.
Not anymore.
What have you done?! You built your own trap! I just lead you into it.
What treachery is this? No.
No!!! No!!!!!!