Vanderpump Villa (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

An Unforgettable Night in Carcassonne

[Upbeat music playing]
[Lisa Vanderpump] Previously, on
Vanderpump Villa
It's Lauren's bachelorette.
- Wow.
- [Lauren] This is incredible.
I'm gonna go [bleep] ham.
Late night room service.
- Mm-hmm.
- Lip service.
[Marciano] "Who do
you think does not
deserve to be here?"
- Ooh, I [bleep] hate him.
- Okay, it's okay.
Your comment was disgusting.
- [Marciano] You don't know [bleep].
- [Grace] [bleep] you.
You arrogant [bleep] asshole!
Just say it.
What the [bleep]?
Making out with somebody else?
He's a piece of shit.
Apologizing isn't enough.
You have to have a consequence.
Chef, you've got
a new helper tonight.
Sweet revenge.
Need to put that on your hair.
- [both laugh]
- [Marciano] This is bullshit.
- Your toes are crusty-dusty.
- [laughs]
Dre's on the roster.
We'll see how things go.
[Lisa] We have five single men
coming to have a good time.
You're welcome, ladies.
Take it off.
Dan, he's so cute.
Like, I know this is
gonna fall apart.
[laughs] Like,
I'm just so scared.
Oh, my God.
[Tense sting]
[Intriguing theme
music playing]
[Curious music playing]
I think it's very [bleep] weird.
Like, it was easy
to see the moment
Hannah took that
body shot off of Dan.
Like, "Oh, he's feeling her
and she's feeling him."
She said, "Eh!" X.
She did not want him.
Dan is flirting with me
and an then, "Eh!"
X, from me. I'm not
feeling that.
What the actual [bleep],
You literally saw
two "X's" happen.
What made you give the
- "Ding, ding, ding, ding," green box?
- [bell dinging]
It's just a [bleep] kiss.
I'm always pick number one.
How the [bleep] is it a flex
being the third pick?
What is it varsity,
junior varsity?
Like, that's just C-squad.
I feel like it was a good kiss,
but now I'm thinking about it.
I do regret it, surprisingly.
Normally I don't have regrets,
but I think I do,
because I'm thinking,
"[bleep], now I'm gonna
have to tell Andre
and have that conversation."
I feel like if it comes from me,
that was my thing.
Like, I did that.
That was my action.
And you and I are not
really anything yet,
but I just felt like, based on
the connection we have now,
I wanted to tell you
before everyone else did
and make it sound like shit.
[Tense music playing]
Gabriella kisses Dan.
I might be a little
disappointed in her.
I don't know,
how long have we been here?
And I haven't got a kiss,
and the first day he comes,
he gets a kiss?!
I know what you're
trying to do Gabriella.
You just trying to
cover your ass.
She likes to have her
cake and eat it too.
But she forgets who
makes the cake mix.
[Andre chuckles]
Oh, Gabriella.
Gabriella, Gabriella.
Two can play that game.
[Upbeat music playing]
If I was out here with
no phone, no nothing,
I kind of would take
a step back for myself
and try to look at,
like, "Okay, um"
"Why am I flirting
with a guy that
my friend just
told me she liked?"
What frustrates me
about Gabriella is
the fact that she
isn't a girl's girl.
When you watch her, just, like,
with the whole Dan situation
and the fact that she was
trying to get with Dre,
even though, like,
Grace is interested in him,
it makes me weary of
having a friend like that.
Like, at the end of the day,
it's what you're doing.
- I'm, [chuckles] not about that.
- I'm shocked.
I would've gone off
on that girl.
- [Christian] Hello little donkeys.
- [Luzi] Oh, my God,
they're so adorable.
[Eric] Watch out,
that's an electric fence.
[donkey brays]
- Hi!
- [overlapping chatter]
[Gabe] Christian, that's what
you sound like sometimes.
- [donkeys bray]
- [Luzi] There you go, buddy.
[Christian] Oh yeah,
get your greens.
- [electric fence zaps]
- [Dan] [yelps] Ow!
- It actually is an electric fence.
- [Eric] Yeah, be careful.
- [donkey brays]
- [Eric] Oh, he's laughing at you!
[Dan] Oh, that's a good way
to start the morning.
[Gabe] Right?
[Upbeat music playing]
[Gabriella] Stephen and I,
we have to set up,
'cause tonight, we're doing
a Moulin Rouge event.
It's gonna be so sexy.
It's darker.
There's feathers
on the table with florals.
Lots of candles.
But the one thing that
could create a hot mess
is the whole Dan
and Andre situation.
Not cute.
- How's it going, everybody?
- Hi.
It's-It's going.
Me and Dre already
had a conversation
about me kissing Dan,
but I want to check
in with him again,
and see how he's feeling
because I just need to
nip shit in the bud.
I don't like sitting on it.
Oh, my Lord.
No staying in bed.
I wanted to stay in bed.
[Gabriella clears throat]
[Tense music playing]
[Emily/Stephen chuckle]
Morning Andre.
Good morning.
I wasn't jealous of
Gabriella kissing a guest.
But, you know, I felt
some type of way a little bit.
Uh, you know, I felt like,
"Hey, you know, I have been,
"you know, spending
some time with you.
I felt like I needed
to get that kiss first."
Okay, okay, okay.
Let me stop the bull.
I was a little jealous.
You didn't close the door.
I didn't close what door?
[Intense classical
music playing]
- Okay.
- [kicks cabinet door]
There you go.
Please don't start with
me this morning.
[Intense music continues]
[Emily] The tension
on this room
[Andre sighs]
Is so high.
Can brother gets some
help around here?
- You need help?
- No-no, no.
[Emily laughs]
Andre's definitely getting
on my nerves right now.
I thought Dre and I were good,
but now he's a tad avoidant.
There's a guard up
and I see it and I feel it.
- Who rolled your
- [Andre] Me.
Yeah, that looks terrible.
[Gabriella chuckles]
One day, I'll have a lady
that can roll it for me.
Until then, it's gonna have
to look like a man did it.
Don't be a hater, bro.
[Andre] Yeah, okay.
The thought of Andre
taking a step back from me after
the whole Dan situation,
that would hurt me.
And now at this point,
I'm trying to figure out
what to do.
I'm just I'm nervous.
[soft, upbeat music playing]
Tonight, we're having this
Moulin Rouge party.
I'm a little worried
because Marciano is
the Chateau lead server
with a big presence,
and he's gonna be
washing dishes with Chef
in the kitchen tonight.
Is he contrite?
Is he sorry?
Those are all the things
that I need to see
before he comes out
of the dish pit.
- [plucky music playing]
- [Anthony] He's doing very great.
Very polite.
He bring me my coffee.
[Anthony] [laughs]
I don't mind about that.
What do you mean? Like, I'm stuck.
Like, that's terrible.
Marciano, how are you doing?
Just keeping my head down.
Thankfully I have a
good good company
and good mentor
to keep me in line.
[Lisa] Marciano,
he screwed up twice.
So what exactly I'm going
to do with him?
I'm not sure,
the jury's still out.
Keep doing what you're doing.
Well, let's, um,
talk this time tomorrow.
Alright. Sounds good.
You look lovely by the way.
Do not sweet talk me.
That doesn't work with me.
- [Marciano] Okay.
- Unless you're doing it.
Nice try, Marciano.
Yeah, it's worth a shot.
[Thrilling music playing]
- [Andre] Man, it's hot!
- [Eric] Right?
Everybody okay?
- [Dan] Amazing.
- [Gabe] Phenomenal.
[Andre] The guests are
eating right now
and tonight we have
the Moulin Rouge event.
It's gonna be huge.
Everybody is definitely
feeling the pressure.
But Gabriella and I
have a little break
and we have tension brewing
because I still have Dan
in the back of my mind.
When I woke up to that I was like,
"What? Whoa, wait a minute."
My head was hurting.
I was so confused.
- [Tense music playing]
- You kind of pissed me off.
[Gabriella] You're not gonna
act like you don't care
and then suddenly make these
comments. We're not doing that.
Oh, I care about the kiss.
- Oh, did you see my face?
- Yeah, but you didn't tell me that.
Yes, me and Gabriella
have had our times
and whatnot,
and she's a great girl.
But when Gabriella kissed Dan,
I'm gonna hang on that
for a while.
Say a "Dan" comes in later
[plucky music playing]
And you kiss him.
Would you expect me to be upset?
[Gabriella] Yes.
Okay, so she would expect
me to be upset.
Would you do it?
- [Andre gasps]
- Are you [bleep] crazy?
Why would I do that?
You know how I felt
about you since day one
and you did it.
- [Gabriella] Shut up.
- [both laugh]
I'm so done with you.
I'm happy that we got to talk.
I felt so tense before,
especially around the idea of us
because it is
escalating so quickly.
So, it's just better
that him and I are
very open and honest
with each other.
I wasn't trippin'.
I wasn't mad.
- Yeah?
- Okay?
I didn't felt any type of way.
- Shut up.
- Mm.
[chuckles] Oh
[upbeat music playing]
[Emily] Ooh.
Oh, it looks gorgeous.
- [Stephen chuckles]
- [Lisa] I love it.
So tonight for this last dinner,
we're having this
Moulin Rouge party
and we have got some dancers.
A spectacular performance.
You all look so beautiful.
Put your tongue back
in your mouth
and let's get this job done.
Pink feathers and red roses
and velvets and crystals,
some boobs.
It's just everything.
[Marciano] I'm gonna
go start those dishes
and then take a [bleep].
- [Gabriella] Welcome.
- Hello.
[kiss smack]
This is gonna be so awkward
with Andre and Dan.
I'm pretty stressed about it,
but main priority is
making the guests happy.
So, I hope I can just
get it done.
Chízi, I hope you enjoy
your evening
as we celebrate you,
our guest of honor.
I will. Thank you so much.
I know Chízi has been through
so much since his accident.
[guest] Alright.
[Lisa] I want Chízi
and his friends
to enjoy the experience,
to have fun and to be indulged.
I want this to be a
unique and special night.
[guests exclaim]
And I think they deserve it.
Wow, this is so good.
[Lisa] Ladies.
- [Jazz music playing]
- [group cheering]
- [Jazz music continues]
- [group whooping]
[cheering and applause]
[Music finishes]
- [group cheer and holler]
- It's time to have fun
and hang out with the guests.
Let's get it going!
[Upbeat music playing]
[party ambiance]
It's just really good vibes.
- [guests cheering]
- [glasses clink]
- [Telly] Cheers to you all.
- [Hannah] Cheers, cheers.
But Priscila, she's just
kind of to herself.
It's just weird to me.
[party ambiance]
But, it is what it is.
And I'm having the best
time of my life right now.
It feels like I'm back in Vegas
or, like, college.
Not that I went to college,
but I'm just saying. [laughs]
[Upbeat music playing]
Marciano's in the dish pit.
So it's nice to just feel free
and when my light's not dimmed,
that's who I am.
[water sloshing]
- [Plucky music playing]
- [Marciano] Being in the dish pit,
I hear all the music.
The guests and the staff are
having fun, singing songs,
dancing away, not giving a shit
while I'm stuck down here.
It is what it is. It sucks.
Really sucks.
[all] [chanting]
Chízi, Chízi, Chízi.
[group whooping]
- [Chízi] Thank you.
- [Hannah] You're welcome.
[Upbeat music playing]
[Andre] Yeah, she's gonna come back
when I'm finished with her.
Dre is definitely someone
that I would picture myself,
you know, dating
in the outside life.
We have so much in common.
I just don't know
how this is gonna go.
However, Lord knows
I'm [bleep] horny.
I am.
But like, I'll ride it out.
Yeah, I'll ride it out.
I'm dead. [laughs]
[Jazzy piano music playing]
You know, been some days,
and here we are,
me and Gabriella,
and that skin is looking
real good.
Oh boy.
All she gotta do is say the word
and I might budge, just might.
I might.
Alright, of course I'ma budge.
[Jazzy music intensifies]
Physically, we connect,
um, very well.
[Jazzy musical finish]
Thank God for my Ambien.
Good luck in that twin bed, Dre.
[Vibrant music playing]
[Lisa] Come on,
you can do it, Andre.
Last night, the Moulin Rouge
dinner was such a success
and before my guest leave
they are having their final toast.
[Eric] This is, uh,
our comment card.
Each category, front of house,
back of house, servers,
- um, all have their own.
- Okay.
- And then it's up to you to fill it out.
- Okay, will do. Thank you.
Alright. Really
appreciate that, thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
"Andre and Telly,
"did you sip a bit of heaven
or were you thirsty for more?"
[guest 1]
I was a bit thirsty sometimes.
[guest 2] I mean,
they ran outta cham
They ran outta champagne.
"Service staff.
"One, two, three, four, five.
Did we serve up smiles
or did you leave with frowns?"
[Hannah] Marciano's not really
the lead server anymore.
And hopefully I kind
of proved to Lisa
that I do have a fun side
and that's how I really am.
And I don't wanna, you know,
be in the shadows anymore.
I'm freezing, dude.
I'm here!
[Upbeat music playing]
[overlapping goodbyes]
[Chízi] This weekend was
beyond my wildest dreams.
We will forever cherish
these moments.
- We really appreciate it.
- [Lisa] Thank you. Lovely.
From the bottom of our hearts.
What is so crazy
is that I [bleep] forgot
Marciano was even here
at the Chateau.
There was a [bleep] tick stuck
on the back of our
[bleep] shoulders
and it was Marciano.
I think the dish pit's
a good look on him.
Outta sight, outta mind.
- [Lisa] Hannah?
- [Hannah] Yes.
- Could I see you?
- Yes.
[Curious music playing]
So, I've read the comment card
and I need to talk with Hannah.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How'd I do?
How do you think you did?
- [Hannah] I think I did great.
- And why was that?
'Cause I had fun.
- Okay.
- And I was more myself.
And why was that?
M Marciano wasn't around.
- So you have all the answers.
- Mm-hmm.
They said so many
lovely things about you.
[Dan] Hannah was just one of
the top staff in terms of,
- we have high energy.
- Mm-hmm.
We love to keep the party alive.
She was right there matching
or exceeding our energy,
making sure we always had drinks
and we were just having
the best time of our lives.
Now, we haven't had any
comments about you until now.
- Right.
- And the common denominator
- is Marciano isn't around.
- Yes.
Now I'm seeing the Hannah
that I want to see
because Marciano was
in the dish pit.
She's perky and she is brighter
and she's present,
she's engaged.
As long as it's not to Marciano.
You are upbeat.
You've got a smile on your face,
you're full of life.
Which is exactly what I wanted.
[Hannah] Right.
I feel like I can be
more myself now.
I really can.
I'm feeling pretty confident.
I feel like I've brought a
lot of memories to this group
and made their time fun.
And I'm happy to show Lisa,
this is what I do,
and this is why she hired me.
I want this young woman,
which is the best version
of yourself.
I'll continue to do it.
[Bright, upbeat music playing]
Another group in the books.
[Priscila] Oh Jesus.
[Telly] Now look at me.
- Zoolander.
- Open up that tree.
She's Now,
this is a little stripper.
- [Telly] That's a little weird.
- [laughs]
That was weird,
that was a weird one.
[Pensive music playing]
[Priscila] I'm happy we have
the rest of the day off
because it's just been a lot
and I'm getting homesick.
I love to travel.
I've been to many places,
but I never lived with
coworkers before
so that's already a challenge.
I feel like the energy
in the house
is a little bit awkward.
This is a once in a lifetime
So I'm trying as my hardest,
but, like, it's very exhausting.
I feel like nobody knew this,
how hard this could be.
This is not who I am.
And it's just like, I don't feel
this bond with these people.
Like can I trust them?
I don't wanna live in a
uncomfortable situation.
[Pensive music continues]
- [sniffles]
- [birds chirping]
[Upbeat music playing]
- Marciano.
- [Marciano] Yeah.
[Hannah] Come here.
[exhales sharply] [bleep]!
It's time to talk to Marciano.
When I look at the comment card,
for the first time,
it doesn't talk about
any debacle in the background
that was spilling over to
the front of the house.
And why was that?
Because Marciano was
in the dish pit.
Hi Lisa.
- Hello.
- [door shuts]
[Marciano] I was told
I was to come see you.
So, I'm in a quandary,
because when Marciano's good,
he's really, really good.
But when he's bad,
he's a [bleep] pain in the ass.
If I keep him,
he could potentially be
a threat to my business.
- How you doing?
- Oh, I'm just fine.
[Dramatic music playing]
- Good.
- Just had a great experience.
How are you?
- Uh, I'm nervous right now.
- You should be nervous.
I've been punished.
But for what I did,
I feel like I deserve more.
I feel like I'm not coming
back from this.
If I send you home,
how does that make you feel?
[Dramatic crescendo]
If I send you home
how does that make you feel?
[Tense sting]
I would be very humiliated
and more than that,
I think I would be generally
more upset that I let you down.
- I keep
- Would you feel then
that you've learned something?
[Solemn music playing]
I personally think
I'm learning as I go.
But if that's what you think
would really get me to learn,
[shaky voice] uh, um
it would hurt.
But [sighs]
- Yeah.
- ♪♪
I-I wanna I wanna prove to you
I can do the job.
You're so good when you're good.
I'm not in the business
of giving third chances,
I feel that maybe
a third chance is
worth it for me
- [softly] Oh, thank God.
- and for you.
Thank you. [soft chuckle]
I wanna see change
from here on in.
Don't make me look stupid.
[Marciano] I promise.
Thank you. I will I will
I will make it right.
I promise.
For her to give me
a third chance,
it means everything.
Thank you so much, Lisa.
I really appreciate it.
Going forward, you are gonna
see a different Marciano.
His ego is [bleep] checked.
That old Marciano is gone.
[Vibrant music playing]
Ow! [laughs]
- Oh.
- [curious music playing]
[Gabriella] just feel this weird
energy from Hannah
about the whole Dre situation
because apparently,
this has been
a whole conversation
in the house,
saying that I only like Dre
because Grace told me
she had a crush on him.
So that's annoying.
But I feel like Telly and Hannah
are the poster children
for misery wants company.
[Hannah] Beat his ass, dude,
beat his ass.
They're just two sad girls
and they're not gonna
rain on my parade.
[Lisa] Priscila, I'd like to
have a moment with you.
I'm somebody that always
monitors my staff closely,
but this is a
different experience.
These are young people that
are away from their home,
and I've seen Priscila
starting to kind of withdraw.
She's putting a
brave face on it,
but I feel that she's got
an underlying sadness.
I really want to understand
exactly how she's feeling.
I'm wondering how you
are really doing,
because I'm going back to
the girl that I interviewed.
- Mm-hmm.
- The girl that was so full of life
and how you like to
connect with everybody.
But I don't see you
connecting to anyone.
You're not thriving here.
- [Solemn music playing]
- What I'm seeing is you pulling back,
becoming more insular,
and it's breaking my heart.
Even when I saw you by the pool,
you were cuddled up on your own.
"Why is she on her own?
Why is she all, kind of,
retreating like that?"
And then, I've been
watching you closely since,
and I'm wondering if
you are homesick.
- I do. I do.
- Tell me then.
- What? What's the matter?
- I do, I do feel like,
I just haven't, like,
be able to trust anybody.
Just Emily and Grace,
- but they have each other, you know?
- [Lisa] Yeah.
And it's just like I feel
like I'm floating around.
- I haven't found my partner.
- It looks like that.
I don't want anybody to
feel like that, Priscila.
[crying] I don't wanna
feel like that, Lisa.
- I don't I know. You don't
- I'm trying.
I'm trying 'cause I don't
wanna disappoint you
- 'cause you picked me.
- No, no you're
Darling, you are not
disappointing me.
You're a very special
young woman, you know?
Like, I feel like now
I like, I can see clear
who, like, actually,
like, likes me and
don't judge me and
don't dismiss me.
Everybody should
treat you right.
[Priscila] I know
after Marciano episode,
I feel like there's a lot of
negativity in the quarters
and it's just, like, sometimes
that makes me shut down.
I think I have a struggle
with the girls.
And when Hannah came at me
when she felt uncomfortable
the way I sat next to Marciano.
- [Hannah] That was weird.
- [Marciano] Hannah!
It was not
- Let me talk, let me talk.
- No. Han
You been talking
the entire time.
Shut the [bleep] up.
Shut up, no.
- You come in here and yell at me
- I said, shut up. Shut up.
It hurt me.
Like, I don't want to live
in a uncomfortable situation.
Hannah and Telly just
think about themselves.
They don't care about me.
[crying] Just, like,
I'm not used to this
They're so mean.
I don't need to be friends
with everybody. I don't
- No, you don't.
- Exactly.
But you need to be the
best you can be.
[sighs] I'm trying.
It is just a lot. [sighs]
Your happiness,
your mental health
to me is paramount.
So, let me think about this
for a second, okay?
- Okay.
- Alright, darling.
- Yes, thank you, Lisa.
- Okay.
I take it very seriously.
Somebody's mental health,
how they're doing.
I'm worried because
I don't believe right now
that Priscila is living
her best life.
I need them to come
together as a group
and actually get along
because this is the job.
But I think I know exactly
what to do.
[Upbeat music playing]
All the fun is over.
We need to be ready for the
next guest that we have in.
It's like Super Bowl
Sunday once again.
It's go time.
It's game time, baby.
The wind's blowing in my hair.
I'm speakin' French.
Let's get this rodeo
on the road.
[Lisa] Hello.
[staff] Good morning.
- [Marciano/Hanna] Morning.
- [Andre] Morning.
[Lisa] Let me look at you all.
Happy faces?
- [Energetic music playing]
- [staff] Yes.
[Lisa] Yes.
you all did such a good job.
Chízi went home
absolutely ecstatic.
So, give yourself a
round of applause.
[staff applauds]
[Lisa] So, we have
another group of guests,
but not today.
[group cheering]
I have a little surprise
for you.
[Eric] Woo!
You're all going to be going
to Carcassone for dinner.
- [staff cheering]
- [excited chatter]
I want my staff members
to get out,
get away from the Chateau.
And so, they have a kind
of renewed appreciation,
and maybe a better
kind of attitude.
I think this is exactly what
the staff needs right now.
Chef, you could experience
somebody else's food
[group laughs]
Well, you're all gonna
have a lovely moment.
I hope.
- [Upbeat music playing]
- And I don't know why, but I love you all.
[group laughs, claps]
I am very excited that
we get to go
Out on the town ♪
Let's run it up.
Cacas Cakeas
Whatever we're going.
I don't care if it's
Cacastan, Siberia,
the Sahara Desert.
I'm just excited to finally
be out of the Chateau.
[overlapping excited chatter]
[Anthony] That shirt's a
little tight, bro.
Yeah, that's the point.
What, you're gonna eat
one piece of bread,
you're gonna explode, you know?
- [laughter]
- It's stretchy.
It's stretchy.
[Emily] That's cute.
I have nothing
long now that I wore
my long dress.
So I have like a tiny outfit
but I'm gonna be freezing.
[Telly] I have clothes
you could wear.
You want to borrow something?
[Emily] Perfect.
From the moment that
we started getting ready,
I knew Priscila was being weird.
I was trying on outfits.
Everyone else was trying
on outfits.
Priscila is sitting
in the living room.
It was nothing but,
like, a stank face.
So I'm like, okay, you're
obviously mad.
Don't care.
My outfit's still cute
regardless of your
hype up or not.
I was talking to Lisa,
she thinks I'm not happy here.
So, are you happy?
I had bumps in the road.
I feel like we all did.
I feel like I'm a energy person,
and sometimes it has a lot
of negativity in the air
- and that shuts me down.
- [Anthony] Mm-hmm.
And that's where she's
And I was telling her,
now I'm finding the
people that makes me happy
and I don't feel that way.
What do you mean?
Oh, just my
conversation with like,
you know, who I get along more,
- who I feel comfortable with.
- Okay.
You need to speak up
for yourself if you're upset.
We all live in a house together.
We're all gonna
piss each other off.
But how can you resolve
a situation
if you don't wanna talk to me?
But you wanna tell Lisa
you're being bullied.
That's not cool.
[Dramatic music playing]
[Anthony] At the end
of the day, like yeah,
that's for your own good,
you know?
She wanna make sure you are
happy and everything is okay.
I know Priscila's not weak.
be yourself,
and speak for what
you believe in.
[Anthony] We're good, we'll have
a good time tonight, you know?
[Priscila] The energy in the house
is a little bit awkward.
Just like I haven't been
stuck in a place for so long.
So hopefully getting
out of the Chateau,
I think it's gonna be great.
I hope,
with no drama.
[curious music playing]
[Hannah] So, she told
Lisa Vanderpump like,
"I know who I'm friends with"?
Yeah, she I heard her say it.
She was sitting there, she's like,
"I feel like there's so
much negativity in the air.
- And, like, now I know like, who "
- What is she talking about?
Listen, listen, listen. She's like,
"Now I know who I get along with."
And I'm like, I'm not
about to sit here and
let you li-like, low-key dog me.
You are feeling some
type of way.
[bleep] Speak on it.
Tell me, pull me aside.
If not, then shut
the [bleep] up.
Yeah, I think I might
say, like, at the dinner,
I do feel like some
people in the house
should start speaking up
about how they truly feel
and stop, like,
acting like nothing happens.
But you know, Priscila,
she might she'll be like,
"You guys are bullies."
There's no way that girl
has the balls
to call anyone a bully.
- [Telly laughs]
- [dramatic music playing]
I'm shocked how Priscila
didn't say one [bleep] word
to Telly and I's face,
but actually talked
shit to Lisa,
throwing us under the bus.
Like, who does that to somebody?
[bleep] off.
- [Gabriella] Oh, my God, sparkly.
- I don't have
I don't have anything
warm though.
[Telly] You literally said, "I don't care
if she likes this guy."
I've known her for 10 days.
That's so [bleep] disrespectful.
Gabriella and Andre, that's probably,
like, the weirdest thing.
And I know she did it because
Grace said that she liked Andre.
She goes after anybody
She won't look at Marciano.
She knows I'll kill her.
But I'm saying like,
she's doing it for attention
and to prove that she's, like,
the hottest in the house,
which she's not. So
Gabriella has a mustache.
Her nose is like this. [scoffs]
She looks like Toucan Sam.
Like, I don't, I don't get it,
I don't know. She's just [bleep] weird.
Oh, my God.
I've never met such a ugly,
self-absorbed person.
It makes me very upset
that Telly and Hannah
are hating on Gabriella.
It's so "mean girl high school."
How [bleep] old are we?
You're a [bleep] idiot.
On the outside, I might look
all sweet and innocent
but if you push me to a point,
I am not afraid to
stick up for my friends
and to put a bitch in her place.
[Plucky music playing]
I'm a girl's girl.
You don't insult other women
for their looks or if, like
You just don't do that.
I'm not feeding into
this bullshit.
I don't have time
for this drama.
[Groovy music playing]
[Stephen] Cocktails?
Is it too early for
a little cocktail grenny?
[Vocalist singing in French]
We are going to Carcassone.
It's the best news
I've ever gotten.
I'm so happy.
This is literally me living
my Disney fantasies right now.
I'm walking up to this castle,
and I just feel like
absolute royalty.
[Singing in French]
[Eric] Caroline,
lady of the castle.
- Oh, my God.
- [Priscila] Oh God.
Will you be my queen?
And she said
[group] [chant] Kiss, kiss,
kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss.
[Eric] [indistinct]
[group scream, laugh]
We had what?
No, I mean I do.
Eric and I had a kiss.
Um, I'll say a peck.
Not really a kiss. Um,
more like a, a little peck.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, the view.
- [Majestic music playing]
- [Priscila] Oh, my God,
this is insane.
Oh, my God.
Welcome to France, everybody.
[group cheering]
[indistinct chatter]
Guys, the first course is here.
Oh, we have truffle, guys.
- Yeah, baby.
- [Gabriella] Wow. [giggles]
It's the best reward 'cause
I'm always in the kitchen.
I see the staff being dressed.
They have fun together.
So it's my moment, like my
family moment altogether
to really do something special.
[Eric] Regardless of all the bullshit
that we've went through.
I [bleep] love every
single one of you guys,
no matter your faults.
- [laughter]
- 'Cause I'm [bleep] up.
I'm not perfect.
No, you're not.
But I love every single
one of you
till the day I [bleep] die.
- [Gabriella] Why is he like this?
- [laughing]
Like, why is he like that?
[Hannah] I can't really
enjoy myself
at this dinner because
I just can't believe Priscila
was talking shit to Lisa
without speaking to me first.
I think I have to say something.
I have a question.
Does anyone feel bullied
or upset in this group
or have an issue?
- [Plucky music playing]
- [sipping/slurping]
[Andre] Hannah,
what are we doing right now?
Here we are at this
huge-ass castle
for our very special
dinner tonight,
and you wanna say this.
Like, what is wrong with you?
[Hannah] I mean, I think it's better
to have a conversation
than have awkward tension
in the Chateau.
[softly] Oh, my God!
Does anyone have an issue?
[Gabriella] I'm just confused
why the bully,
is asking who feels bullied
in the house?
So, I'm gonna speak just so
other people have the courage
and they see that we're not
allowing this just to pass by.
I mean,
the whole issue just
between, like,
Dre and I, like, getting closer
and everyone kind of, like,
discussing it amongst themselves
- and not with me.
- Wait, what you mean,
an issue of you and
Andre being closer?
Why would it be an issue?
I think everyone just
had an issue
'cause Grace said
that sh-she liked Dre
and then it just was weird
for a lot of the girls in the house.
- [Downbeat music playing]
- Shut up.
[Gabriella] I mean, it's-it's really
not a big deal. It's fine.
No, it's not. And that's why I never said
anything to Gabriella.
Oh, my God.
I can see why Gabriella thought
that question was about her,
but talk about misdirected fire.
She caught a stray
because it had nothing
to do with her.
I mean, I guess it always
ends up better when we
- [Hannah] Talk it out.
- Yeah, yeah.
If they wanna ruin dinner,
I can definitely help with that.
[Gabriella] Yes?
Hannah and Telly,
I have heard them say
the nastiest shit.
Like what?
[Plucky music playing]
- [Gabriella] That's so awkward.
- [Emily] Yeah, that's why I
Does that mean I'm prettier
than both of them?
- That's-That's why I'm
- I know I at least I know I am.
[Emily] Just know, they're not your
[bleep] friends.
Telly and Hannah were
calling me ugly
and Toucan Sam,
and talking about my nose.
And now I don't even
know what to do.
I'm, like, lost for words.
That's fine.
Don't worry.
I'm just gonna give a toast too.
I hope everyone sees
and realizes who
their true friends are
and who is not
because there's
a lot of bullshit
when you're making fun
of appearances and shit.
I don't [bleep] with that.
Hannah, just got me
'cause don't ask a question
you don't want the answer to.
If you have an issue
with someone, just say it.
And I hope at the
end of the day,
- we can all just move past
- [Marciano] Who are you talking about?
Emily, who's making
fun of appearances?
[Tense music playing]
[Tense music playing]
[Hannah] Emily made a
passive aggressive toast
on our one night out.
Just say my name.
If there's an issue,
why are you in Telly
and I's room,
asking to borrow
Telly's clothes?
You want to borrow something?
[Hannah] Making that toast.
I think she was a pussy.
You and Telly were speaking
so negatively about me.
What did we say?
Calling her ugly.
- [Grace] I'm sorry?
- [Emily] You used the word ugly!
You said Toucan Sam,
you said beak.
Toucan Sam? Wait, wait, I don't
even know what Toucan Sam is.
Any kind of Cognac
for me and him
and then two tequilas
for her and her.
You and Telly say the words
"ugly," "beak," yeah.
[Hannah] Wait, Telly and I
talk shit about Gabriella?
- I specifically heard it myself.
- Where's Telly?
You're being mean.
[Eric] Emily, you finally
are letting loose,
frickin' bang your chest.
I'm happy for you speaking up.
I see that hot, fire, sexy side.
What's wrong?
[Stephen] I'm gonna ask you
just to your face.
Did you say Gabriella is ugly
and looks like Toucan Sam?
Who cares?
[Tense, dramatic
music playing]
I know I'm not ugly, Telly.
[scoffs] Come on.
I'm absolutely done with Telly.
I'm beautiful. I know that
I'm [bleep], like, look at me.
But it's mean.
It was wrong for me to
make fun of her looks, 100%.
I should never called
her Toucan Sam.
I throw low blows.
I just need to do better
with expressing my frustrations.
[Hannah] What?
Did you say I'm insecure?
- I-I said nothing right now.
- Oh, I thought you said that.
[Emily] I respect you
for literally just saying yes
instead of saying no
and storming off.
Wow. Wow.
Find your pace, honey.
We've had your [bleep] back,
You two never speak up.
You guys are fake-ass bitches.
I've lost my appetite,
have my steak.
I'm with you, I support you.
- I support you, okay?
- I Hey, I don't care.
I don't know why you're looking at me
like I have 10 heads right now,
but, like, it gets annoying.
- It does get annoying.
- Okay, fine.
- That's how I feel.
- Okay, I get it.
- It gets annoying.
- Okay.
What the [bleep]? Like, wha
I was watching the most
beautiful sunset,
eating this most beautiful meal.
And having this bullshit
happening around me,
it's just too wild for me.
[Hannah] You've already
pissed me off a couple times.
The night was perfect,
but now people are screaming,
people are yelling,
people are cursing.
I think we're gonna agree
to disagree right now.
Acting like animals.
I will, I will, I will, I will.
I don't know how everyone's
gonna work together after this.
Fake-ass bitches.
- What?
- I said, okay.
Really? Because you're
a little mouse
and don't speak up for yourself.
- You're a dumb bitch.
- I'll speak up for myself
when it's necessary.
- [Hannah] Oh, now you do.
- And this was not. So, alright.
- [Hannah] Now you do, baby girl.
- Alright.
You're a [bleep] idiot.
- [chair rattles]
- Oh, my God!
[Intense music playing]
[Hannah] I feel like
it's me and Telly
against the whole
entire house right now.
But to be honest,
I don't give a [bleep].
Thank God we're strong.
I think it's an
insecurity problem, honestly.
If you're insecure.
I mean, I'm not like that.
[Dramatic crescendo]
She's so disrespectful, bruh.
I'm sorry.
She's so disrespectful.
Imagine, if Hannah
was my daughter,
I would look at myself
and say I'm a failure.
She is so rude.
- [Hannah] Emily, take her pants off.
- [Telly] Take my pants off.
[Gabriella] And she does not
take accountability for her actions.
And I'm over all this drama.
I'm not dealing with it anymore.
[Hannah] Oh, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah.
So you guys wanna throw
Telly and I under the bus
- when we've been so
- [Grace] Excuse me. Excuse me.
[Hannah] You didn't say shit at dinner
when me and Telly had your back.
I want to sleep because we
have guests arriving tomorrow
and there is so much
that I have to do
to get the Chateau ready
before they arrive.
But yet again, Hannah
is yelling and screaming.
[Hannah] You look like
an idiot doing that.
I look like an idiot but
you're the one screaming
[Hannah] [screaming]
Because you're the one that has
curated all of this drama
between Gabriella.
[door slams]
This is all over me?
Here I am,
the most eligible bachelor.
That's you, bro.
Good job.
And I've always wanted to be
a eligible bachelor, by the way.
Ooh! [barks]
Like, "Hey,
"you get a rose.
"You don't get a rose.
Here's the last rose."
I'm ready.
I think that's how
the story goes
or the show goes, I don't know.
I'm [bleep] done with Grace.
Uh, we had her [bleep] back.
Emily, we've been nothing
but [bleep] nice to her.
[Grace] Being here makes me feel
like I'm in high school again.
- This is [bleep] ridiculous.
- This is [bleep] ridiculous.
Just I'm just wondering,
why the [bleep] this is
all getting flipped on us.
Everyone's shutting their doors,
like pussy-ass bitches.
[Intense music playing]
I'm a beautiful person.
The world is my oyster.
The last thing I'm gonna do
is worry about that.
Come out. Come [bleep]
confront me.
[echoing] Come!
Next, on Vanderpump Villa
I'm happy to commemorate
the end of my marriage.
- [guest] Throw it in.
- [guests cheering]
[Eric] You know,
divorce just sucks.
It's the dumbest thing
I've ever seen in my life.
- [bottle pops]
- [Marciano] Dude!
[Eric] [laughs] Here, ladies,
this is for you.
[Lisa] We don't offer
a massage service here. [gasps]
Oh, my God. [moans]
- [Dramatic music playing]
- Have I a right to be concerned?
You have.
[crying] You picked me
and I'm disappointing you.
It's between her and me.
I don't care.
Neither do I.
[Quirky music playing]
We have all the equipment
[Marciano] Yeah, we're ready.
- [Eric] to satisfy your needs.
- [Marciano] Yeah.
Okay, we need a bucket
of hot water.
I will get that damn
thing unclogged.
- [toilet flushing]
- Now let's see if it works.
- Come on, glorious.
- [water gurgles]
- Son of a [bleep].
- [Marciano] No! [bleep].
Why is there oysters in here?
- Hey!
- Did you stick oysters back here?
- Give me that shit! Let's see.
- [Marciano laughs]
- Hey, why are there oysters in the toilet?
- Who stuck oysters back here?!
[Intriguing theme
music playing]
[Music fades out]
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