Vegas (2012) s01e05 Episode Script

Solid Citizens

For a man who's not used to dealing with bankers, you're a fast learner, Mr.
Well, for a banker who's not used to mingling with casino types, you're not so bad yourself, Mr.
As far as your partners are concerned That's what tomorrow night's dinner at the country club's about.
We Mormons, we're about relationships-- business, family, friends.
Your wife is still coming, correct? Oh, of course.
She's gonna be arriving in the next few hours.
I look forward to meeting her.
You know, the type of woman a man chooses speaks volumes about him.
I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
And one other thing.
A little bird told me that, uh, it's your birthday.
So I took the liberty of getting you something.
Oh, no Is that the Tumbleweed? Man, you really are into this project if the only thing you noticed is the cake.
Welcome to the Savoy, - Mrs.
- Laura.
Pretty as a picture.
Hello, Vincent.
How was your plane ride from Chicago? Eternal.
Not bad for the middle of the desert, eh? I'm impressed.
This is nothing.
Come on inside.
Welcome, Mrs.
Welcome to the Savoy, Mrs.
The royal treatment.
I wanted you to see it firsthand.
Hence the sudden invitation? It was long overdue.
I missed you.
Laura, this is our count room manager, Mia Rizzo.
A pleasure, though we've met.
Yes, at Maria Bianchi's christening.
How's your father? Same as always.
If you'd like, we could get lunch tomorrow.
I'd love to show you around town.
You're a tour guide as well? I thought you'd like the company while I work.
I'm looking forward to it.
Right this way.
Good morning, Sheriff.
Morning, Ralph.
Morning, John.
Uh I hope you don't mind.
What's going on in here? Remember Davey Cornaro? Milwaukee mobster, union thug.
He and Savino made a play for the Tumbleweed.
He's missing.
And you think that he's hiding in one of these boxes.
We know that Sheriff Clyde was in Savino's pocket, but he could've been on the take from Cornaro, too.
And if so, his arrest records will show it.
Your son is a natural.
Comes from good stock.
Don't take credit, Ralph.
Talent can skip a generation.
That's right.
Wait, who got skipped? Gentlemen.
Everybody out.
Well, Ralph, I'm very happy with what you've accomplished in such a short time.
You've taken the fight to the mobsters.
You're serving the people of this city as they deserve.
What do you need? For you to put your name on the ballot.
I'm not running for any office.
Clyde's term is up-- you'll be unopposed.
It's still running.
Well, you can call it whatever you like.
I don't see you clearing out any time soon.
I'm keeping my options open.
The Elks Lodge is having an election fund-raiser this morning.
Hold off on the paperwork, but do me the favor of standing by my side.
They still got those jelly omelettes? I believe so.
Where's my hula hoop? Mom, I'm starving! Can I have some peanut butter and crackers? Honey, sit down and I'll make you a snack.
There he is! How was school, son? Boring.
Guess what, Uncle Andy? I set a new record with my hula hoop.
Oh, yeah? How many spins? Shoot.
I did 622 just before you came in.
I'm gonna beat that right now.
All right, go get 'em, buddy.
Are these, uh are these lanes 11 feet wide? Oh, yeah.
Saves us eight percent on asphalt.
That's money in our pockets.
These are federal highways, fellas.
They got to be 12 feet wide.
Do this over.
I'll look at it again when I get back from Nelson.
Tim, your plate is ready! How long will you be in Nelson? I'm probably gonna miss supper.
Tim, come on inside! Tim Larsen, you mind your mother.
Tim? Tim! Tim? Tim! Tim! Tim! No! No! No! Nine-year-old boy, Tim Larsen, was taken not 20 minutes ago.
What do we know? Kidnappers are driving a brown Ford Galaxy.
Deputy spotted them on Elm but lost 'em in the subdivision.
You stay here.
There it is.
Ralph! Hey, hey.
This is Jones.
I'll be on the next plane.
Hey, Tommy.
I have good news.
I got to go to Vegas, so we're done here.
Except the lake's gonna be cold.
But maybe you won't be feeling it for too long.
House is clean.
Kidnappers never went inside.
Neighbors didn't see a switch.
There's no lead on the second car.
Got three pairs of boots.
Looks like it was a crew, not a random grab.
No, too smart.
Picked an empty house for sale to make the switch-- took planning.
Dixon, we need some manpower.
Will you call Don Simmons? See what you can find on this car? They torched it to hide some evidence.
We were lucky to come up here when we did.
Got it.
You know the kid's father is Milton Larsen, right? Yeah, contracted every inch of highway in the county last couple of years-- ripe target.
Yeah, but he's also the newest member of the Gaming Commission.
Casinos need his vote to get a gaming license.
He could've made some enemies there already.
We'll find out.
He and his wife, they're gonna be in a real bad way, so when you talk to 'em, use the boy's name, and not in the past tense.
They start losing hope we'll never get anything out of 'em.
That'll be all for now.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I've never seen buds like these.
They're exquisite.
You'll never find 'em anywhere else.
They're plucked from the cactuses in the desert.
I hope you didn't get that while picking them.
Uh broken champagne bottle.
The perils of running a casino.
So, tonight we'll have supper in the Candlelight Room at the Flamingo, then we'll take in Sammy's second show, and tomorrow we've been invited to the country club.
Country club? A banker friend of mine and his wife invited us.
A banker? To the country club? He's a business partner.
Trust me, Laura, you're gonna fall in love with this city.
Just like I did.
What's this about? I feel like I'm being courted.
Or there's an apology coming next.
I You've come and visited me at work before.
In Havana, Covington That was a different time.
Now it's strictly Miami at Christmas with the girls, and your weekend trips at home.
This doesn't feel the same.
I want you to move to Vegas.
Th-That's not our arrangement.
It's what I want.
With the girls at boarding school, there's nothing keeping you in Chicago any longer.
Why fix what's not broken? Things are working.
There are things you need to do, and things I don't want to see.
There's nothing to hide here.
I promised you the straight life so long ago you probably wrote it off, but I haven't.
It's not a dream anymore.
It's right in front of us.
Just promise me you'll think about it.
Did you find anything? We located the car the kidnappers used.
We believe they switched to another vehicle and make it through the roadblocks.
Can you tell us more about this, uh, gardener? I had never seen him before, but our lawn man uses a-a different person for different chores.
And can you describe him? He was wearing coveralls and a hat.
It's fine.
It's okay.
Please don't think the worst.
We just need to figure out who did this before they call, and they will call.
What makes you think they'll call? Because you have something that they want, and they don't have it yet, which means that Tim is alive.
Highway construction's hardly a strong-arm business, Sheriff.
Any conflicts we've had have been minor.
Certainly nothing to warrant this.
What about the Gaming Commission? Your vote can make or break an outfit.
I'll send you a copy of the upcoming agenda, Sheriff.
See who's got a stake in the decisions being made.
Whatever you need, Sheriff.
Please just get me my boy back.
I'll do everything I can.
You have my word.
Thank you.
Uh, these look like gardener's coveralls to me, but I can't make heads or tails out of the rest of this stuff.
I suspect that was the idea when they burned it.
You know, you really should be doing comedy at the Copa Room, Don.
Well, I do every other Thursday.
You never come.
They used gasoline for a faster burn.
And they started the fire with this puppy.
They tossed it in and hightailed it out of there.
Yeah, vehicle ID number's still here.
Let's see who owns this barbecue brick.
Hello, Sheriff.
I'd exchange pleasantries, but that's always a one-way street.
I'm not here to be pleasant.
Are you familiar with Milt Larsen? He's on the Gaming Commission.
His son was snatched from right in front of his mother.
That's a nasty business.
What can I do? You can tell me which one of your mob friends might be having trouble with the Gaming Commission.
In this case, if I knew, I might tell you, but I don't.
Nine year-old boy is missing.
He's running out of time.
Then I suggest you stop wasting yours here.
You know, I hear you want to walk down the aisle with Mert Hayes, own part of the Tumbleweed.
What does that have to do with anything? Well, you're gonna have to appear in front of the Gaming Commission, right, to get a license? You want my help, cowboy? This is all you need to know.
No one's gonna grab a commissioner's kid when all they have to do is give 'em a suitcase full of cash to get whatever they want.
You're welcome.
I'll be sure to tell Milt Larsen just how helpful you were.
Yeah? Something wrong? Jones from Milwaukee is here.
Hey, Jones, this is Las Vegas.
You're supposed to be having a good time.
Oh, I am, Vincent.
The casino is very festive.
Then let us take care of you.
Stay here, everything on the pencil.
I've imposed on your hospitality too much in the past.
When business takes me away from home, you've always been such a good friend.
As you've always been a great friend to me whenever I've needed a favor.
So anything you need, you just ask.
I'm looking for Davey Cornaro.
Have you seen him? No, not for at last a week, maybe more.
The guy just vanished.
And the sandwich never made it back to Milwaukee.
Oh, that's no good.
What do you think happened? You live here.
That's why I'm asking you.
Well, look, I don't like to start rumors, Jones, but, uh, it's been going around that this A.
has been bringing heat Cornaro's way over a union beef at the Tumbleweed.
Maybe he skipped town.
It's a troubling situation.
And the bosses in Milwaukee want me to resolve it, so I can't go home until I do.
I understand.
I'll see you around, Vince.
You didn't touch your drink.
Something was wrong with it? You want a new one? I don't drink.
I just like the smell.
I can't have Jones sniffing around while Laura's here.
Every time he shows up, bodies start dropping.
What do you want me to do? I told him, Cornaro might have skipped town.
Make it look that way.
Any word? Nothing yet.
I'm worried that Tim is gonna get himself hurt.
He's a willful boy.
Oh, but willful means brave, too, and that's good.
He ran off once.
Just last year.
He took his BB gun and walked out the back door, claimed he was going to live off the land.
He came home around supper time.
Decided that he'd been a frontiersman long enough.
Thought jet pilot was better.
And I didn't worry once for him that day because I knew he had sense.
I'm sure you gave it to him.
All I can think about is what I could have done different.
Hey there is no way you could have known this would happen.
Phone company's gonna trace this call.
All right, keep them talking.
Agree to whatever they say, and don't argue.
Oh, Lars-Larsen residence.
Hello? Hello? Anybody there? The price for your son's return is $80,000.
You have till tomorrow to raise the money.
I-I can do that.
We'll call again with further instructions.
Can you can you put my son on the phone, please? And keep the law out of this.
We will.
Please, put Tim on the phone.
Daddy? Tim, are you okay? We're gonna get you home, son.
Cross us, and that's the last time you'll hear his voice.
Hello? Tim? Hello? You did good.
Uh, it's okay.
Ralph? Thank you for your help, ma'am.
Thank you.
Operator traced the call to a switching station in Eastland Heights, but that's the best she can do.
Eastland? It's off Route 95.
- Uh-huh.
- They probably made the call from a phone booth and moved on from there.
They're too smart to keep that kid close by.
Where's Dixon? He's tracking down the registration of the burned car.
Pulled a VIN off the chassis.
The lighter they used to torch it.
I stripped it, found engravings.
It's a military insignia.
It's third cavalry.
Based out of Fayetteville, Georgia.
Military fits the picture.
These men-- they would have needed supplies for a job like this, and - they probably stuck to places that they know.
- Military surplus.
Gun stores.
Anyplace they could gear up and not be noticed.
We need to find them before they set up a drop.
Vincent and I met at an underground casino called the Villa Venice.
I never liked to gamble, but at 20, it was a fun place to go for music with friends.
And one night, a nice college boy was buying me cocktails until he became not so nice.
And the casino manager grabbed him by the neck, and had a conversation with him about manners.
And you married that casino manager.
I was surprised to discover that he was a man with many facets.
Charming, intelligent, tactical.
Like asking you to help sell me on moving to Las Vegas.
He didn't ask.
Well, you're smart.
He didn't have to, and he's the boss.
Best I've had.
What the hell.
You're Ruth? Mr.
Cornaro's secretary? I'm Jones.
I want the sandwich.
All right, Mac, time to hit the bricks.
Ruth, enough fooling around.
Where's the sandwich? The drawer.
It was Eddie's idea to take it.
Feels a little light.
I'll pay back what's missing, I swear.
Calm down, sweetheart.
Everything's going to be peachy.
Now, where's Davey Cornaro? I really don't know.
He just disappeared and left the cash, so I figure he's not coming back.
We can square this, right? Sure we can.
So, we found an Army surplus store out here on Riverside that carried the boots and the gardener's coveralls.
Owner said three men came in last week and purchased them.
Get any descriptions? Not good ones.
Youngest is maybe 30, oldest close to 50.
White, no particular accents.
And he didn't overhear any names.
But after a little, uh, convincing, he admitted he sold them For M2 rifles.
They're prepping for a fight.
Tracked down the reg and I talked to the guy who sold the car.
A, uh, Dave Cooper.
Said it was a cash deal, sold to a man who called himself Sarge.
Any phone number? Address? No, but.
, as they left, uh, he recalls that Sarge told his buddy he wanted to make a stop, and that they'd meet back at King's.
King's? Isn't that a bar, or restaurant? No, it's a motel.
King's Court.
It's out past Cyprus.
Let's go.
I'll get my gear.
Good work.
I'll get my gun.
You're staying here.
No, I'm coming.
This is not a discussion.
You know, Katherine thinks he's pretty good at playing detective.
So do I.
Playing's one thing.
Armed military men, that's another.
Then send him back to the ranch.
Since when did it become your place to meddle? Oh, is that what I was doing all those years you were an MP? I was running the ranch and raising your son.
You want to call that meddling? I'm his father.
You're his uncle.
It's different.
Clerk remembers three men that fit the bill and the Ford Galaxy.
Paid up front for the month.
Which room? See that bungalow on the end behind me? Says he's only seen one of them over the last few days, mostly using that, uh, pay phone.
Let's do it.
Halt! Hold your fire.
What are you doing? We don't know if the boy's in there.
And even if he's not, we've got to take this man alive.
You got a plan for doing that? I'm working on it.
I'm going around back.
Make sure no one sneaks out.
You hit? Let's go! See to him.
Where's Tim? Where is Tim? I'll call an ambulance.
He's dead.
Do you know this man? Why? Is he one of the kidnappers? Yes.
What the hell happened? We got a lead.
We found him at a motel.
And it went bad.
And Tim? Tim wasn't there, ma'am.
Bad? They said no police.
Do you realize what you've done? He had no choice.
He didn't have to go running rampant across the city.
That was a choice! His name is Wade Ullom.
He worked for my father when he was floor manager of The Dunes, but that was years ago.
When was the last time you saw him? What does any of this matter? You're done here, both of you.
This is not your business anymore.
Larsen, don't try to do this yourself.
These men are dangerous.
So are you.
Take your people and leave.
Did you see that briefcase Turley had? They just came from the bank.
If they walk into that drop alone, they're going to be way out of their league.
Phone company trace stays up.
I want to know when the next call comes in.
Maybe you didn't notice, but we just got kicked off the case.
There's what they want and there's what's good for them.
We're not done.
It's their boy's life at stake.
Jack, Tim is a bright kid.
He's going to make a great witness, and they're only going to keep him around until they get their money.
And then he's just going to be a liability.
So, far as I'm concerned, there's only one way this turns out right.
And that's us going after those bastards and taking Tim back.
Jones makes it look like a murder-suicide.
No holes to dig.
If Cornaro's trail leads back to our front door, there's going to be a war between Chicago and Milwaukee.
We'll all end up buried in a corn field.
Did you do what I asked? I'm trying.
We're going to put Cornaro's car at the airport to make Jones think he flew to L.
But what? We can't find the car.
What do you mean you can't find it? You had it when you took care of him, right? Yeah, we paid a guy to get rid of it.
He did a good job, then he skipped town.
I got dinner in one hour with my wife and this banker and you three clowns are running a circus act! I don't want to hear from any of you until I hear that this job is done.
Your car's coming right up, Mr.
You're nervous.
What makes you say that? You're quiet.
This Tumbleweed deal is going to change everything.
The numbers are going to line up.
Tonight's not about the numbers.
Make the banker believe in you.
Here we go.
Here you go, kid.
Keep the change.
What? What's the matter? I'm not feeling well.
Laura, whatever it is, please, not now.
You go ahead without me.
This isn't for me.
This is for us.
I need you.
Hey! Dangerous sneaking up on a fella when he's welding.
Did Little Mike bring you a Cadillac a few days back? I don't know any Little Mike.
We need that Cadillac back.
Sorry, I can't do it.
Is that so? Can't, not won't.
I already chopped it.
It's in pieces.
Then put it back together.
I don't do back together.
You do now.
Not a good time, Mayor.
I heard about Wade Ullom.
Any luck finding the rest of them? Not yet.
You have a son.
You can't wondering what it'd be like to lose him.
There's a nine-year-old boy that's missing.
Could be dead.
That's all I'm thinking about.
I chose you to be sheriff for a reason.
And not just because you were a damn fine MP.
It eats at you when somebody's doing somebody wrong.
Not all of us are built like that.
Most of us I don't know, turn in at night and put the bad stuff behind us.
Coming to a place like this every day, that's what changes a man.
And the people he brings with him.
Whether you sign the election papers or not, this won't be the last boy that trouble finds.
This city needs you.
My prayers are with the family.
Wade Ullom served in Korea then began working casino security.
Started at The Dunes, got fired, and then seemed to hit every rung as he fell down the ladder.
He knew who June was.
Saw the Larsens moving up the ladder, probably figured it'd be an easy score.
Thank you.
That was the manager at Wade's bank.
About two weeks ago, Wade cashed a check for $20,000 from a Gus Wilson.
Could be he bankrolled the kidnapping plan.
Invest 20 to get 80.
Sounds like old Gus was looking to hit the jackpot.
Why am I here? You gave Wade Ullom $20,000.
Is that a crime? Kidnapping is.
Wade took Milton Larsen's son and it looks to us like you bankrolled him.
Larsen's boy? I don't know anything about a kidnapping.
Then what was the money for? Here's the way it's going to work, Gus.
If I don't believe the next words that come out of your mouth, I'm going to reach up inside you and I'm going rip out the truth.
Now does your slots parlor have a gaming license? Not yet.
I've been having trouble getting approved.
The money was supposed to solve that problem.
Oh, and you think that kidnapping solves a problem? It was a bribe.
Wade said he had a friend who could deliver Milton's vote.
Claimed to be his right-hand man.
What was his name? Turley? No, it was Andy Meacham.
Milton's brother-in-law.
But he didn't come through.
So I told Andy if I didn't get my money back I'd blow the whistle on him.
Did he pay you? Said he'd have it in cash, tomorrow.
What gives you the right, huh? How can you sit there and accuse me of being involved in all this? We know about the bribe you took from Gus Wilson.
Two weeks ago the Gaming Commission denied Gus Wilson a license, and you, Mr.
Larsen, you voted against him.
Well, yeah, he didn't have the funds in escrow to cover the payouts.
What does that have to do with Tim? Nothing, Milton.
These guys are way off the mark.
Your nephew is out there alone and scared to death on account of you.
You stop trying to cover your ass and start thinking about saving his life.
You kept pushing me to vote in favor of Wilson.
I thought it was the right move.
You were adamant about it.
That doesn't mean anything.
You kept pestering me! No, no.
Whoa, enough.
You took my son! It wasn't supposed to happen like this! But you went sideways on the vote.
Gus wanted his money back and I-I-I'd already spent it.
Why didn't you ask?! We have always taken care of you, Andy.
Because this was supposed to be easy.
What was the plan? Tim would spend a day watching TV and eating ice cream.
With the ransom money, I could pay Gus back and the rest would go to Wade and his crew.
It didn't work out that way, did it? They double-crossed me and they want all the money now, and if I don't do the drop, then Tim's dead.
Who are those guys? They're Wade's people.
I've never even met them.
That's the first useful thing you've said.
Away from the car, Meacham, hands high.
I'm unarmed.
Where's my nephew? Where's my money? No money until I have Tim.
You're not giving orders here.
You didn't get stupid again, did you, and bring the law? In this canyon? You'd see anybody coming from a mile away, just like you saw me.
Check the car.
You sounded younger on the phone.
You sounded prettier.
Lookie here, Sarge.
Okay, you have your money.
Where's Tim? Sorry, Andy, terms of this deal just changed.
Is he alive? He'll live longer than you, but not by much.
Damn it.
Where is he?! Giving you a choice.
A limp or a wheelchair-- what is it? Go to hell.
Where is he? God, the shed! You move, my brother's going to use you for target practice.
Tim, are you all right? I'm Ralph.
I'm here to take you home, son.
And this ain't no place For the weary kind Mommy.
And this ain't no place to lose your mind This ain't no place to fall behind Pick up your crazy heart And give it one more try I'm so sorry I ever doubted you, Sheriff.
We owe you everything.
This ain't no place for the weary kind.
It's all yours.
You're nobody till somebody loves you Jones took the bait.
You're sure? Word was out he was looking for Cornaro.
Cota paid the lot guy to call Jones and tell him he saw Cornaro park his car last week.
And the airplane ticket? Jones found it.
Hour later he was on a plane to the City of Angels.
Nice work.
How'd it go last night? The dinner with Farwood went without a hitch.
All that's left is to write up the paperwork with Mert.
I got the Tumbleweed.
That's great, Vince.
I'll catch up with you two later.
You were so wonderful last night.
I'm gonna get you all packed up.
You're gonna love this city.
I know, but, Vincent, one thing.
Of course, anything.
For this to work, from now on you have to be completely honest with me.
Completely? Yes.
No more secrets.
Thank you.
Patrol found Cornaro's car in the airport lot, but the best I can tell, he's not in Vegas.
Milwaukee Police say he hasn't been home either.
One strange thing.
There was corn chaff in the undercarriage.
What do you think Cornaro was doing in a corn field? If Savino killed Cornaro, it could be that's where he dumped the body.
County's got a thousand acres.
Well, it's not for planting mobsters.
I should get back to my office.
Dixon, Ralph.
It was your idea to drag me in here.
Now you handcuff me to a desk? That's not right.
It is if I say so.
I understand you've got your reasons for wearing the star, but I've found my own.
Being a cop suits me.
I like my job and I'm good at it.
Couple of weeks ago a man had me dead to rights, and you shot him.
That proves my point.
Point is, you shouldn't have been there.
I don't want you in the line of fire, and I want you to stay out of this Savino business, too.
Heard the Larsen boy got home safe.
That's good.
It is.
I also heard a family member was behind the kidnapping, so I guess you invited me out here to apologize.
Thought we'd have a look around.
Never know what you might find out here.
What do you want, Sheriff? You crossed a line.
I'm a law-abiding man.
You got proof otherwise, you take me in.
The time will come.
Secrets don't stay buried.
Neither do bodies.
We all end up in the ground someday.
Yeah, but how we get there counts for something.
Chew on that.
I sure will.