Vera s08e01 Episode Script

Blood and Bone

- OK, lads.
- Cheers, mate.
Where on earth have they got to? They'll be here.
"The number you have dialled is currently unavailable.
" All right, shut it down.
Get that kiln open! Ma'am.
They found the body in one of the incinerators.
No idea who it is.
Who's in charge? Abattoir Manager.
Iain Hobswain.
Let's see what we're dealing with.
Where is he? Other end of the plant.
Just follow your nose.
What time do you call this? Stone the crows.
He's back from his secondment.
- Bet you've been counting the days.
- Yeah, don't flatter yourself.
What can you tell us, Marcus? Male.
Average build.
Got flexion of the elbows, knees and neck typical of severely burned bodies.
I'd put his height at around 175.
Age? Rough guess.
It's amalgam fillings so suggests he was middle-aged.
And there's this.
A wedding ring.
And that's about all I can tell you for now.
So no chance of an ID? Well, we might get a profile from the marrow in one of these long bones.
But I wouldn't hold out much hope.
Heat does bad things to DNA.
What about injuries other than High temperature thermal incineration makes it difficult to determine the cause of death.
Postmortem might give us some more answers.
Meantime, I want your team all over this.
Prints, bloodstains, the lot.
Uh ma'am, it IS an abattoir.
Yeah, well, think of it as a challenge, Marcus.
Mr Hobswain? I'm DCI Stanhope.
I'm running the investigation.
That must have knocked you for six when you found him.
If we hadn't had that power outage, he would've been bonemeal.
- Body's unrecognisable.
- Aye, I saw it.
So we're gonna have to rule him out as one of your employees.
He's not.
Well, he wasn't.
Well, how can you be sure? He's not one of ours.
And how did he end up in one of your kilns? I've no idea.
Look, I run a reputable business.
And right now, it's losing money.
Well, the sooner you show us around the premises, the sooner you'll be back up and running.
Stunning, bleeding and hoisting.
Any waste we can use gets rendered down.
The rest is burned.
Slaughter halls are run to FSA regulations.
Clean and dirty areas to avoid contamination.
So it would be hard to hide a body.
- He didn't come through here.
- Mm.
What about deliveries? Around half our ABPs come in from outside.
Incinerated on site.
- ABPs? - Animal By-Products.
Factory waste, fallen livestock.
If they've got the right paperwork, we'll burn it.
Leading edge facility.
Automated handling.
So it would be possible for a body to come through undetected? All our deliveries are stringently checked.
Industry standard for best working practice.
I'm going to need names and addresses of everyone who works here.
Porters, butchers, the lot.
And a list of your current suppliers.
Well, that's gonna take a while.
Well, you'd better get on with it, then.
It's got to be an inside job.
Somebody who knows the set-up.
Well, he's got deliveries coming in from all over.
That body could have come in from anywhere.
Right, get the team in for a briefing.
I'm gasping for a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich.
Male, adult.
We're guessing middle-aged.
Burned to a crisp in an abattoir incinerator.
No ID, no established time of death.
We think the body went into the furnace at 6pm yesterday evening.
They're inspected at the start of every shift.
Yeah, but we've only got their word for that.
The shift workers are all accounted for.
So either he was killed on a visit to the premises or the body was brought in from outside.
I've been on to Missing Persons.
No-one flagged up as reported missing.
Well, this fella's wearing a wedding ring So let's assume he was married.
The only camera on site was in the incinerator loading bay.
What, no surveillance anywhere else? No.
Hm! Anyone would think they'd got something to hide.
Yeah, well, Brenkley was fined five years ago by Trading Standards.
Iain Hobswain was found guilty of illegal horse meat sales and failure to keep proper records.
- Was he? - Yeah.
Four months suspended.
Well, maybe he still hasn't cleaned up his act.
Kenny, I want to know what's on that footage.
- Pick-ups, deliveries.
- Ma'am.
What's he really been up to on those night shifts? Fractures in both legs.
Probably post mortem.
The muscles and tendons are charred, resulting in the exposure of the underlying bones to heat.
He was definitely dead before he went in.
Well, that's something.
- And you know that because? - No soot in the airway.
And you're still none the wiser, cause of death? Ante mortem gunshot wound.
One shot, close range, back of the head.
- He was shot? - Mm-hm.
65mm ammunition.
It was a lucky find considering the state of the body.
Marcus, get that bullet over to ballistics as quick as you can for testing.
Time of death? The gut and intestines are still reasonably intact.
I'd say they were shielded from the worst of the heat.
I'd say he was cremated, at most, a few hours after he died.
And is DNA out of the question? We still don't know who he is.
Give us a chance.
I'm getting to the good bit.
Burnt bodies adopt what's known as a pugilistic attitude.
So their arms go into a boxing stance.
Now, if you look at his hands, they're balled into fists.
So his fingertips were protected.
We're running a trace for the match.
Marcus, I think you just made my day.
Now tell me you didn't miss me.
Well, don't let it go to your head.
It's big enough as it is.
Shot by a bullet to the back of the head.
A few hours at most before he was found.
Must have made some noise.
Someone would have heard it.
Not necessarily, the din in that place.
Now the question is, was he shot at the abattoir, and his body hidden on site? - Or was he killed elsewhere -- - Ma'am.
- -- and then brought in.
What? - Forensics ran the victim's prints.
Now we're talking! - He must have got a record.
- Yeah.
Police Elimination Database.
Our dead man was a copper.
So could we just rewind to yesterday morning? Erm Your husband left for work as usual, did he? Must have been about 8:30.
It's a 20-minute drive.
And you were expecting him home at what time? He promised me he wouldn't be late.
For once in his life.
- We had his send-off to get to.
- Send-off? Retirement bash over at the club.
Sawton Social and Welfare.
Your husband was due to retire, was he? It was his last day at work.
38 years he'd been a copper.
This was meant to be our time.
And you've no idea where he might have got to? I I tried calling Hayley, my daughter.
Her phone was switched off.
I was working.
Double shift.
- Drink this.
- I'm all right.
It'll make you feel better, Mam.
Why would anyone want to kill him? Well, that's what we're trying to find out, pet.
So was there anything? Any recent behaviour of your husband, or your dad, that might've given you cause for concern? He he was tired, that's all.
Tired of the grind.
Well, what about work? Anything giving him any problems? Harry never talked about his cases.
He didn't bring it home with him.
Well, any fall-outs at all? Friends, family? Surely this can wait? I'm just trying to get a fix on your dad's state of mind, love.
She's still in shock.
Look at her.
She's barely slept.
Well, we'll contact a Police Liaison Officer and they will talk you through what happens next.
I'll stay here with her.
Make sure she's OK.
Copper goes missing.
Why wasn't it flagged up to neighbouring stations? Well, I'll find out what time she called it in.
Killed on the day he's due to retire, after 38 years on the job.
Never turns up for his send-off.
Can't say I blame him.
Hm! Well, that might not be much to look at.
But here's where we'll get the measure of the man.
DCI Vera Stanhope, Northumberland and City Police.
Is this about Harry? He was due here last night.
Retirement bash.
Yeah, just wanted to give him a good send-off.
Regular was he? Oh, him and Rita.
Every Friday, Rain or shine.
So were you concerned when they never turned up? Well, Rita called.
Told us he hadn't come home.
Jesse would've gone over, if we hadn't been so pushed.
- Jesse? - Other half.
Pair of them went way back.
Right, so could you give DS Healy a statement, love? Have you got a minute? Just a few questions I need to ask you.
Good mates, then, you and Harry? Hm? Well I knew him better than anybody.
What, catch up in here, did you? Friday nights? We both joined this club.
Cards handed over by our dads.
I did the same with my own lad.
Friendship even survived him becoming a copper.
Oh, give it a rest, lads! - A bit of respect! - Sorry, mate.
Ah, they're just lads.
When did you speak to him last? We spoke on the phone.
Must have been yesterday lunchtime.
Wanted to give him a heads-up -- this leaving do they were planning.
And how did he seem on the phone? Preoccupied.
Not quite himself, you know? What do you mean by that? Well, I put it down to this impending retirement.
He'd never have told Rita but Harry was dreading it.
All that time on his hands? Nah! - DI Chandra? - Yeah.
- DS Healey.
- Hi.
Good to meet you.
- DCI Stanhope.
- Hello.
Good to meet you.
Please take a seat.
I'm not sure it's really sunk in yet.
Ah, well, when it's one of your own.
Any leads you can work with? No, we're still trying to build a picture of his final movements.
We know he left for work as usual, day he died.
Well, that doesn't stack up.
Why do you say that? He rang in sick.
Think he spoke to DC Williams.
So nobody saw him at all, yesterday? He hadn't been himself all week.
Any recent cases might ring alarm bells? You think it might have been work-related? Well, I can't rule it out, the manner of his death.
If Harry had concerns, he would have brought them to me.
- You said he wasn't himself.
- He seemed out of sorts, that's all.
Well, I'll need to talk to DC Williams.
There should be a briefing.
Some kind of pep talk.
Plenty of time for that.
Is this his desk? - We'd all had a whip-round.
- DC Jacqueline Williams.
Friends call us Jac, ma'am.
You spoke to him on the phone yesterday.
Said he wasn't coming in.
He said if anyone asked, he was under the weather.
What sort of a copper was he? Safe pair of hands.
Solid, reliable.
Though sometimes he skimped on the paperwork.
Harry was one of the old school.
Now, Brenkley Abattoir, where we found him.
They were fined a few years back.
We referred the case to the CPS.
DC Fenton get involved? Not directly.
The leg work was done by Local Trading Standards.
DS Healey, I'm going to need all his recent case loads, laptop I'll make sure you get everything.
DC Williams can you give a hand? We all want to nail whoever did this.
We'll keep you up to speed, any developments.
So pulls a sickie.
Lies to his wife, lies to his colleagues.
That's somewhat at odds with all those glowing testimonials.
And the SIO says he's out of sorts.
What do we make of DI Chandra? A rising star, by all accounts.
Ambitious young copper.
What was it she called him, old school? Ah, well, that could make for a dysfunctional relationship.
I wouldn't know anything about that.
Meaning? Harry Fenton's recent caseload, wrested from Fraud.
Now, I want you to look at every single case.
Potential ties to organised crime, identity theft, online hacking.
People you wouldn't wanna mess with.
You saying this might be gang related? Well, we can't rule it out, Kenny.
Now, we know he left home round about 8:30, morning of the day he was murdered.
Now, if he's not at work, we need to trace his whereabouts in those missing hours.
We've got Harry Fenton's phone log here.
Now, that was a police issue mobile, wasn't it? One contact flags up.
Five calls from a Pay As You Go in the past two days.
One on Friday afternoon.
Call lasted less than a minute.
So the day he died, who's he talking to? Yeah, we're still getting a fix on the GPS data.
So any other theories while we're waiting? - I ran a check on Harry's finances, ma'am.
- Hm? Well, he's fully signed up into the police pension scheme.
But if Harry was killed in the line of duty Well, we're a long way from proving that, Kenny.
Well, his wife would be due a substantial pay-out.
- It may not be anything, ma'am - Well, go on, spit it out.
Well, I did some follow-up into those horsemeat sales.
The foreman that was fined at Brenkley.
Yeah, Hobswain? Yeah, reportedly threatened the abattoir inspectors.
- Uniform were called in as backup.
- Hm! He's also the go-to Northumberland knacker man.
So a man who handles guns for a living.
- Doesn't make him a murderer.
- No.
But it makes him a person of interest.
Mr Hobswain.
What is it this time? That fella you found in your furnace, we've got an ID.
- Copper.
- Never seen him before.
Where were you, Friday afternoon? Hexham races.
Eyeing up some more horseflesh? See, we know you were done for malpractice.
Horsemeat ready meals.
I paid the fine.
Took on board their recommendations.
Ah, now, here's the thing.
I'm not sure you did.
Maybe that's how this body got in undetected.
Look, sometimes we cut corners.
We need to, to survive in this business.
I've just had a chat with the CSI team.
They tell me you've been uncooperative.
Oh, bit of a pattern forming here.
Threaten them too, did you? Look, this place is on its arse as it is.
Once word gets out they've found a body, it'll finish us.
We'll need to see your gun permits.
Any firearms you're licensed to hold.
Going to tell us why? Well, this copper had been shot through the back of the head.
And youse think I done it? Well, I'm sure you won't mind us ruling you out.
Yes, Kenny? You might want to get over to Low Palton, ma'am.
- We've found Harry's car.
- Is it definitely his? Definitely.
Registration matches.
Low Palton? What's he doing parked up there? All this clutter on the front seat rules out any passenger.
Drove here alone.
Marcus found a second set of tyre tracks.
So meeting someone? Shoes here.
Petrol receipt.
Sawton Burn Services.
Friday's date, 16:03.
Well, get over to the garage.
Ma'am, we've just checked the SIM card intel on Harry's missing phone.
Mast gives a reading top of that hill.
Ma'am? You should take a look at this, ma'am.
I think we might have found something.
It looks like someone has tried to clean this place up.
Is that blood? Ma'am.
It's definitely blood.
Right, get forensics up here.
I think we've just found our murder scene.
What have you got? We've got some partial shoe treads.
It's a heavy walking boot.
Size 10s.
It's a public footpath.
That could belong to anyone.
I know.
There's a distinctive gouge mark worn into the tread.
Oh, right.
Have you got anything else for us to work with? Yeah.
Over here.
See this drag mark? I'd say the body was brought through here.
Because the ground was wet, it's left a decent imprint.
You're saying he was dragged from those outbuildings, all the way down to the lane? Just about sums it up.
Well, that would have taken some doing.
Right, get that blood checked.
With any luck, we'll have a match.
I'll keep you posted, ma'am.
Rained Friday, late afternoon, didn't it? That barn's the nearest place you can take shelter.
Well, they could have just sat in the car.
This must've been planned.
Whoever killed him led him off the beaten track.
Away from any witnesses.
Where's this lane lead to? Couple of villages.
Bolam and Hartbridge.
Farming country both sides of the river.
- That direction -- - That leads to the B road we came in on.
So Harry comes up here to meet his killer.
How does he end up in that abattoir 20 miles away? Ma'am, Iain Hobswain's alibi checked out.
What? The head groundsman at Hexham Races can confirm he worked at the meet.
The last race was at 4:45.
So that gives him a couple of hours, tops.
Well, it's tight, but it's still possible.
No, ballistics have ran a check on Hobswain's pistol.
They've ruled it out as the murder weapon.
His only other firearm was a bolt gun.
So what sort of weapon are we looking for? An Italian Beretta M, 1935.
- It's World War II standard issue.
- Oh, great (!) Means any Tom, Dick or Harry could have one gathering dust in the attic.
Well, I think we can rule out Harry, ma'am.
- Unless he shot himself.
- Very funny.
They checked the footage at the petrol station.
- Confirms Harry was alone in the car.
- Right.
So what HAVE we got? He's alive and well at 4:00.
It rains around 5:00 up at Low Palton.
And Brenkley is, what, 20 miles away.
So that body had to have been taken into that abattoir about an hour later.
Which narrows down our list of suppliers, ma'am.
Only two vehicles are recorded on camera after 6pm last Friday.
One was picking up butchered meat - What's the other one? - It's a delivery lorry.
At 18:13.
Pause it, Kenny.
Acreman's Haulage.
The yard's over in Morpeth, ma'am.
Well, you know what they're like.
I've got to get this stuff out on time.
I'm not taking the flack for youse, all right? Hiya.
I'm looking for the foreman.
- You've just found her.
- I'm DS Healy from Northumberland and City Police.
This is DCI Stanhope.
Is there somewhere quiet we can talk, love? - We can go in the office.
- Yeah, grand.
Aye, we deliver to Brenkley.
We've had a contract with the abattoir for for years now.
Hm! Well, one of your trucks was there on Friday afternoon.
We'd like a word with the driver.
Right, well, that would have been Naz.
- Naz? - He's due out on a job.
Well, could you catch him, love, please? Give Naz a poke, would you? I need a word in the office.
You gonna tell us what this is about? Ah, well, we're here in connection with a murder, pet.
Police detective.
The body was discovered in the abattoir incinerator.
What's that got to do with us? Well, we think it was delivered there in that truck.
No way.
The loads are always checked by the drivers.
- You wanted to see me? - Police are here.
Now what? If you could just step in for a second.
We're trying to trace the last known whereabouts of this fella.
- Recognise him? - Should I? Detective Constable Harry Fenton.
Body was found over at Brenkley Abattoir.
You delivered to Brenkley, day he died.
Friday afternoon.
So what? Well, I'd like an account of your movements.
I collected some crates from Bowmead Foods.
Catering unit over at Haydon Bridge.
It's all in the logs.
And what time was that? Must have been about 4:30, end of their shift.
And this waste you pick up, that's all set for the incinerator, is it? Aye.
That's right.
Right, we're going to need a forensics team to examine the vehicle.
Hang on.
What for? They're suggesting this body was delivered in the lorry.
And you thought you'd point the finger at me? I never said that, love.
Just making enquiries, that's all.
Do you think I would have missed a body? Well, it didn't walk there, I know that much.
You're welcome to check any vehicles you want to.
But they'll have all been cleaned and disinfected.
Health and Safety.
I'm late for a job so if there's nothing else? No, we know where we can find you.
He's a decent driver.
Bit of a chip, that's all.
Get Kenny over to Bowmead Foods.
Do a check on his movements.
The factory set-up.
And do a background check on the pair of them.
Just give me a minute.
Jesse Hennings' lad, isn't it? - Gareth.
- Oh, I didn't know you worked here.
Must be a nearly a year now.
What, you're one of the drivers? Only the forklift.
Warehouse stuff, mainly.
'Ey, I bet you don't miss much.
All the comings and goings.
I keep a log of every consignment.
Pick-ups, deliveries.
Are you here about Harry? Why do you say that? - I just wondered, that's all.
- Hm.
I know he'd been here asking questions.
Has he? When was that? Few weeks ago.
Something to do with an audit.
Did he tell you that down the club? Said he couldn't talk about it.
I should get back to work.
Aye, don't let me stop you.
Acreman's Haulage.
What can you tell us? The yard's currently under investigation.
I'm the SIO.
What? Suspected fraud? Anonymous source rang Crimestoppers.
Claimed some of the drivers were laundering dirty money.
Did this source give you names? - No.
- But you followed it up? Harry went to the yard with some initial enquiries.
Did that throw up anything we should know about? Nothing incriminating.
The case is ongoing.
As we're all sharing, why the sudden interest in Acreman's? Oh, it might not be relevant at this stage, love.
If you've got a lead I should know about Harry was family.
This is personal.
Yeah, which is why I think it's best if you took a step back.
This might not be relevant either but Harry asked to be taken off the case.
Cited a conflict of interest.
Didn't tell you what that was? I didn't ask.
He was all set to retire.
Exemplary record.
I wasn't going to compromise that.
Well, I'm glad we've got that straight.
It's a pity you didn't think to mention that before.
So our victim's investigating a possible fraud.
Best mate's son works at that yard.
Plenty of people in Sawton do.
Aye, that might explain his conflict of interest.
Harry wants out.
DI Chandra would have kept that little nugget to herself.
What if Gareth tipped off Harry? Either that, or Gareth was in on this scam.
- And Harry found out? - It's a possibility.
Let's see if his wife can tell us anything.
Your daughter not here? - Had to go into work.
- Uh, Mrs Fenton We found your husband's car.
It was parked in woodland, edge of the moor, a few miles outside Morpeth.
Any idea what he was doing there? He'd He'd take himself off whenever it suited him.
Erm Used to walk for for miles.
We think he'd arranged to meet someone.
I can't think who.
Well, they're going to be releasing your husband's body in a few days.
So you'll need to make arrangements.
He'll need something to wear.
Best jacket's laid out on the bed.
I'll go and fetch it.
Well, he must have been well-liked, all these tributes.
Eileen came round, from the club.
Sat for a while.
Now, her son, Gareth, works over at Acreman's yard? Jesse got him a job there.
Did you know the yard was under investigation? No.
No, I didn't.
- Oh.
Harry never mentioned it? - No.
Sent flowers, Acreman's.
Courier dropped 'em off yesterday.
Handwritten card.
Dale Acreman, company director.
So did Harry know him personally? He grew up in Sawton.
Ah, and they kept in touch.
Oh! Dale Acreman didn't have time for the likes of us.
He hasn't set foot here in 20-odd years.
Pockets are clean.
Shoes are a size 12.
Same as those shoes in his car.
There's nothing else we can work with.
Give us ten minutes.
And we'll head back to the station.
You'd best be careful.
This beach has pockets of quicksand.
Aye, all the way over to the holiday park.
I know these sands well enough, love.
I'll watch my step.
Is it razors? Aye.
Plenty out here if you know where to look.
- Aye, just follow the dimples.
- Aye.
Something you wanted? Acreman's Haulage Yard.
You must have known there was a fraud enquiry.
Must I? Well, your Gareth works there.
Harry warned us to keep an eye on him.
Said some of the drivers were stealing money.
So it wasn't Gareth tipped off the police? No, it wasn't.
Did you put in a word in with Dale Acreman? I know he grew up in Sawton, back before he made his money.
Spoke to his secretary.
Asked if he might help us out.
Offers him a job? Dale's never forgotten where he came from.
Even donated some money to the club.
What did Harry say to that? I'm not sure he ever ventured an opinion.
Well he must have said something, with the drivers on the take.
Idle talk.
Probably meant nothing.
Tide's on the turn.
Best go back.
You said Harry hadn't been feeling himself lately.
He was feeling his age, that's all.
Well, I think it was more than this retirement.
I think he wanted to get something off his chest.
He'd given his life to the job.
All those years of hard graft taken for granted.
Put out to grass.
That can make a man bitter.
Even the best of them.
I'll do it.
I'll do that.
Cheers, thanks.
Ma'am, I've just spoken to forensics.
They found a blood trace on the boot tread.
Blood's confirmed as matching Harry's.
And have we ruled these boots out as being his? Wrong size feet, ma'am.
So they must have been worn by whoever killed him.
I think we've been sidelined by this possible link to the abattoir.
We should be concentrating on this fraud enquiry.
Acreman's Haulage.
Drivers laundering dirty money.
There's no record of Gareth Hennings being questioned, ma'am.
But Harry did take a statement from Naz Ahmed.
So Ahmed lied when he said he didn't recognise him.
There's a good reason why he hasn't been straight with us.
Naz Ahmed's got previous for violent affray.
A six-month stretch in Durham.
Well, that'll explain the crust on him.
Listen, I spoke to the suppliers, erm Bowmead Food.
The statement he gave checks out.
He left the factory at 4:37.
It was recorded and verified by the factory foreman.
Yeah, but the He didn't get to that abattoir till after 6:00.
- So what was keeping him? - Well, there was a bit of a detour.
According to the job sheets we got from the haulage company, he stopped off to pick up some fallen livestock.
Yeah, where? Where's the pick-up point? Near the village of Hartbridge, ma'am.
Hartbridge? That's less than a mile from our murder scene.
"Officers proceed with caution.
Suspect could be armed and dangerous.
" Armed Police! Out of the vehicle now! Out of the vehicle now! Move! We're at the haulage yard now, ma'am.
No sign of the boss.
She went home lunchtime.
Looks like she's cleared the office.
Well, she won't get in your way, then.
Now, you'll need a warrant to confiscate what's left.
Computers, CCTV.
And get her home address.
- You've arrested Naz Ahmed? - Aye.
Just about to question him.
When were you planning on telling me? Well, you're here now, aren't you? This could compromise my fraud investigation.
- I'm afraid that can't be helped, love.
- I want to sit in on this.
Well, you can watch from the viewing room.
And just remember who you're talking to.
30 grand in used notes.
Took us a while to count it.
Now, we know this is dirty money.
I pick it up and I drop it where I'm told to.
Nah, I think it's more than that.
I think you're running this scam with your forewoman.
I barely know her.
Well, she's disappeared with the rest of the dosh.
Know where she's gone? Hm? Well, we've checked the books.
There's plenty of money missing.
Now, then, you collected some fallen livestock .
from Broadwick Farm, the day the deceased was murdered.
Farmer needed some stillborn lambs collecting.
Set me back an hour or so.
Why didn't you mention this before? I didn't think it was important.
Check inside the bags, did you? Why would I? They're always clearly labelled.
Now, the road from that farm takes you right past our murder scene.
I don't know anything about that.
Now, here's something else you don't know nothing about.
DC Harry Fenton.
He interviewed you four weeks ago down at the depot.
He talked to a few drivers.
Aye, but none of them have previous for violent assault.
I think he was onto this scam of yours.
Threatened to land you back inside.
I'd like this interview adjourned immediately for the purpose of conferring with my client.
For the benefit of the tape, William Brackley, Naz Ahmed's solicitor, has entered the room.
I only hope he's been apprised of his rights.
This man as been arrested in connection with a murder.
I'm entitled to ask him a few preliminary questions.
Well, if you had any evidence, you would have charged him by now.
What I do have is a suspect with form who was interviewed by the deceased in connection with a theft.
We have proof of his involvement in criminal activity.
And a body retrieved from an abattoir furnace.
The abattoir your client delivered to on the day the deceased was killed.
Believe me, sunshine, you're not going anywhere any time soon.
Who told that brief we'd arrested Naz Ahmed? He just turned up at the front desk and demanded to see him.
He's hardly your typical solicitor, is he? Well, he didn't buy that suit on a legal aid salary.
Wouldn't cover his dry cleaning.
- Ma'am.
- So who's picking up the tab? Forensics have had a breakthrough.
Yeah, go on, I'm listening.
They lifted fibres from the haulage truck that match those found at the crime scene.
Proof that the body was in that truck? Kenny, get a forensic team up to Broadwick Farm, where Naz made that pick-up.
And get up there yourself.
Keep an eye on them.
- First thing tomorrow morning.
- Ma'am.
Mark, run a search on this Slick Willie.
See where he's crawled out from.
- There's nothing to tie him to Harry's murder.
- If he's guilty, we'll find it.
OK, maybe I came on too strong.
Try telling that to the boss.
I just want to find out who killed him.
How about a drink after work? There might be something I can add to the mix.
Aiden! Get yourself over to Naz Ahmed's flat.
Looking for a murder weapon.
Looks like I'm working late.
We've got a visitor.
- Can I help you? - Ah, Mr Acreman? - Aye.
- Ah I'm DCI Vera Stanhope.
I'm sorry for the intrusion, sir.
I assume this is about the fraud enquiry? Ah, no, I'm from Major Crime.
Investigating a murder.
But we've reason to believe the two cases could be connected.
I heard you'd made an arrest at the yard.
Aye, on suspicion of money laundering.
One of the drivers at the moment, working in collusion with the forewoman, Gill Crowley.
No, No.
You've got that wrong.
Gill's been on the payroll for years.
Well, that's as may be, sir.
But she's absconded.
Whereabouts unknown.
Surely you must have known the police were questioning the drivers.
I've taken a step back in recent years.
More hands-off, these days.
So you wouldn't have come across this driver, Naz Ahmed? No? He has a record for violent assault.
The running of the yard is all down to Gill.
Now, this is the fella who was murdered.
A copper.
Name of Harry Fenton.
I heard.
Ah, course.
You sent his widow flowers.
That would be my PA.
A charitable gesture on behalf of the company.
You didn't know him personally, then? Well, why would I? He grew up in Sawton.
It's been a while since I've been back there.
Well, he'd been investigating these allegations of fraud, weeks leading up to his death.
What, so you think he was killed in relation to this? - Aye, that's a possibility.
- Grandad! You'll have to excuse me.
- Family get-together.
- Well, don't let me keep you.
Now, let me give you my card.
Private number.
Any developments - We'll cooperate fully with the police.
- Ah, thanks.
That always makes my job just a little bit easier.
And I'll give my condolences to the Assistant Chief Constable.
- I've been known to play golf with him on occasion.
- Hm! - Just wait there a minute.
- All right.
The farmer claims he was here when the dead livestock were collected.
He said it was bagged and labelled so he let the driver get on with it.
Did he confirm the driver was Naz Ahmed? Yeah.
Yeah, he's met him a few times.
Regular pick-ups.
Well, ask him if he saw anyone else, day of the murder.
On his land, in the lane.
Anything out of the ordinary.
Will do, ma'am.
Ma'am, we've probably lost vital evidence.
All that rain won't have helped.
Well, we're just gonna have to work with what we've got.
Friday afternoon.
- Spot anything unusual on the land or in the lane? - No.
Bit out of the way, these containers, aren't they? They've got to be kept away from the rest of the livestock.
Bio-security guidelines.
Well, anyone could have had access.
I want a trace on these bins and all these tyre tracks checked.
Fenton's DNA has got to be here somewhere.
I'm on it.
- Kenny? - Ma'am.
Dale Acreman, what have you got on him? Erm CEO of Acreman's Holdings.
Made his money in haulage back in the '80s.
I've heard his name whispered from time to time.
Contracts for kickbacks.
Slippery fish.
Nothing ever sticks.
What if this money laundering went right to the top? High profile businessman? No, too much to lose.
Yeah, precisely.
I mean, how far would you go? Murder? I ran a check on Naz Ahmed's brief, William Brackley.
Practising barrister, criminal law.
He's also done some work for the Police Federation.
Sounds like another conflict of interest.
Can we tie Slick Willie to Acreman? Well, he argued the defence case on a Class Action Lawsuit.
The defendant in question Acreman's Holdings.
He wasn't here for Naz Ahmed.
Acreman sent him.
Eyes and ears.
Wanted to know what we had on him.
And we gave him the lot! Ma'am, we've got a lead on the whereabouts of Gill Crowley.
She used her cashpoint card at a village convenience store.
It's over in The Park.
Yeah, I know where Fulburn is.
Kenny, do some more digging on Acreman.
Competitors, contacts.
Where he's putting his money.
And what about Naz Ahmed? Nothing's come back from the search of his flat.
Yeah, well, he's still in the frame for murder.
- Anyone wants us, we'll be over in Fulburn.
- Ma'am.
Unless there's somewhere else you'd rather be.
Ready when you are.
That's right, just up ahead.
Thanks, love.
No worries.
Mark sent through some intel on Harry Fenton's finances.
Might not be important but recently he paid for a cruise.
Six weeks in the Caribbean, first class cabin.
That would have taken a bite out of his pension.
- Not the red ones.
- Any joy with Gill Crowley? Right, cashier said she bought food and firewood.
Didn't mention where we might find her? Mm.
Branton Burn Cottage.
Top of the hill.
Find out who owns this cottage.
You going somewhere, pet? Fraudulent claims for VAT repayments.
All these vehicles on your books.
What makes you so sure they're not legit? We checked the registrations.
Those lorries you purchased, they don't exist.
Easy way to make money disappear.
And don't insult me by denying it, love.
That driver you covered for, he's already dropped you in it.
Naz wouldn't do that.
He's -- Ooh! You two an item, are you?! So that's why she took him on without checking his references.
I was told to hire Naz.
Who by? Dale Acreman? We know this cottage is owned by Acreman's Holdings.
Which makes me suspect he's involved in this scam right up to his eyeballs.
Who else is involved in the scam? Gareth Hennings? - Gareth?! - Yeah.
He wouldn't have a clue.
Well, he keeps a record of all the deliveries.
Yeah, but he knows when to keep his mouth shut.
So you don't know who it was tipped off the police? I'd put money on Danny Welch.
One of the packers.
I sacked him for being drunk on the job.
You must have known you were pushing your luck.
Then along comes some nosy copper asking awkward questions.
I had nothing to do with what happened to him.
So was it Naz killed Harry Fenton? - No! - Well, I'll tell you this much for nothing.
He's been playing you like a fish.
Just a quick chat with your mam.
She told us you'd found his car.
Aye, that's right.
Is that where it happened, then? Up there on the moor? We believe so, love.
She just sits there.
Hasn't moved all day.
More questions? Just a few more things, Mrs Fenton.
Well, we know your husband had booked you both on a cruise.
- He said we should go on a holiday.
- First class cabin.
We'd scrimped and saved for years.
IF we went out, we went to the bloody club.
He promised all that was going to change.
Ah, now see, here's the thing that's been troubling me.
The profile we've been building of your husband doesn't quite stack up with the version you've been giving us.
I don't know what you mean.
He lied about his whereabouts so is there something you haven't told us? What kind of question's that? It's one I'm asking your mam.
I thought he was playing away.
Dad?! - Don't make me laugh! - What would YOU know? You've barely shown your face in weeks.
Now, what makes you think your husband was being unfaithful? He wasn't.
Phone calls.
These last two months.
I'd answer.
She'd always hang up.
Well, if they hung up, how'd you know it was a woman? - A wife can always tell.
- I can't listen to this.
I put the holiday down to a guilty conscience.
Did you confront him with your suspicions? Didn't have the guts.
Didn't want to know.
He loved you.
You know that much.
He'd changed, love, these past couple of months.
Then Friday when he didn't come home I thought he was with her.
- Night.
See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
Have you got a minute, love? A bit cloak and dagger.
I just wanted a chat.
A chat about Harry.
You must have worked closely him.
Hm? We all did.
Tight-knit team.
So you might know why he wanted off the Acreman case.
Look, I just want to find out who killed him, love.
I think it might be relevant.
- Off the record? - If that's what it takes.
It was me and Harry doing the leg work.
We only had this tip-off to go on.
Anonymous call? Once we started asking questions, I knew we were on to something.
Just when things were starting to get a case together, it started to slide.
Harry started losing interest and He told me that it's not worth pursuing.
It made no sense.
Did you share your concerns with the SIO? I told her there were leads needed following up.
She closes it down.
Cited a lack of evidence.
I thought maybe she was covering for Harry.
Well, that's a bit of an assumption.
Unless you know something I don't? You must have looked at Acreman's Holdings.
Aye, I've thrown a couple of heads at it.
Pull out the case file on the NUS Strikes.
- Picket line arrests, 1989.
- 1989?! That's nearly 30 years ago.
Way before your time.
But not before Harry's.
You're after some dirt? You need to start doing some digging.
So what have you got on Gill Crowley? She's admitted to her part in the money laundering and we'll take a full statement tomorrow.
Did she implicate anybody else? Oh, come on, Aiden.
It's my case.
We think Harry had a hunch that Dale Acreman was in on it.
The CEO!? - He's practically retired.
- You know a bit about him, then? Only by reputation.
Captain of Industry, local lad made good.
If we can tie him to this fraud rap, you know what that means? Another promotion? We can put him away for ten years.
What if we can tie him to Harry's murder? You're seriously saying he's in the frame? He's got the means, he's got the motive.
We just need to nail him.
Ever considered a job in Fraud? Are you making me an offer? I could certainly put a word in for you.
Not sure the DCI appreciates your talents.
Got to take this.
Don't keep her waiting on my account.
Ma'am? Give us ten minutes, yeah? - I was on my way home.
- What, via the pub? - So what couldn't wait? - NUS Picket line dispute, 1989.
- What?! - I know, that's going back.
Now, Dale Acreman was charged in connection with an assault.
Union shop steward, who later retracted his statement.
Guess who the arresting officer was? - DC Harry Fenton.
- Mm.
Now, we've been assuming Fenton was out to nail Acreman.
What if he was trying to protect him? - You know what you're suggesting? - Mm! I'm suggesting DC Fenton was bent.
The strike was called over new working agreements.
The Seamen's Union blockaded the ports.
Acreman gave his drivers an ultimatum.
If they didn't cross the picket line they were out of a job.
Harry and Acreman had history.
Ties that go way back.
Oh, there's your conflict of interest.
Acreman was paying him for information.
So why shoot the messenger? Maybe he got greedy, Kenny.
I don't know.
So I want Fenton's case files examined again.
We're looking for phone logs, emails, anything that implicates Acreman.
Now, come on, let's move it.
And in the meantime, let's keep a lid on this.
And no contact with other departments.
Our priority is finding Harry's killer.
The rest'll come out in the wash.
Ma'am, that list of club members that you asked for.
Couple of names flagged up.
Gareth Hennings was cautioned a few months ago.
Got into a fight outside of a club.
Only one other member with previous that we know of.
Danny Welch? Yeah, drunk and disorderly.
That's our whistle-blower down at the yard.
He used to be a member.
Spent most of his time and his money in here.
Especially after he lost his job.
- That'd be at the haulage Yard.
- Aye, that's right.
So your Gareth would have spent a lot of time with him.
Danny Welch was bad news.
Couple of drinks inside him, he'd usually kick off.
So can you tell us where we can find him, love? Danny's dead.
He drowned six months ago.
But why would Harry review a case that's already closed? Hm? Wasn't even his department.
We're looking for Gaynor Wyer.
- Is this about Danny? - Can we come in, love? He was on his way home.
He was drunk.
The police found his body washed up in Barrowridge Bay.
They said he fell off the cliff path.
The coroner concluded it was an accident.
Oh, yeah, easier for everyone.
- Meaning? - Oh, Danny Welch had it coming (!) No great loss.
Never even got to see this one.
Now, Harry Fenton, local copper.
You must have heard what happened to him.
Yeah, I heard.
Well, he'd been taking an interest in Danny's death.
Going to tell us why? I went to see Harry at the club.
I asked him to look at the case again.
- And what did he say to that? - He said he'd look into it.
He warned me not to get my hopes up.
Even stopped taking the calls.
This your number? That a Pay As You Go? Yeah, his daughter warned us off in the end.
Hayley? She warned you off? Harry must have told her I'd been giving him grief.
I just needed to know.
So was Danny drinking in the club, the night he died? He would have been with his mates from work.
And did those mates know he'd tipped off the police about the money laundering? He was angry that they'd sacked him.
I told him not to make that call.
Well, that wouldn't have played out too well, would it? Danny was the whistle blower over at the yard.
Murdered for tipping off the police.
Harry was on to it.
Ended up dead himself.
Hang on.
If this fella's drinking at the club night he died, headed home to Gaynor .
he was walking in the wrong direction.
HE certainly gets around.
Doesn't he just? - We're just friends.
- Oh, none of my business, love.
- What was it you wanted? - Oh, just a little chat, love.
About Danny Welch.
We know your dad was looking into his death.
You knew it was Gaynor making those phone calls to the house, didn't you? I had a fair idea.
Well, if she's the 'other woman', why not put your mam's mind at rest? I didn't know she suspected.
That was the first I've heard of it.
Nah, I think there's more to it than that.
My dad should never have been looking into the case.
He said it was best if we kept it between us.
Did the pair of you fall out over it? He found out I'd been round to see Gaynor.
Blew up in my face.
Ma'am, Dale Acreman's here for you.
Said he's not used to waiting.
Needs to speak to you personally.
Well, it saves us having to bring him in.
Mr Acreman.
I'd like a few minutes alone with Gill Crowley.
Oh, I'm sorry, sir, she's still being questioned.
I've decided not to press charges.
Wouldn't look good for the business.
I'll be the one to decide which charges to press.
But since I've got you here, there's a few more questions I'd like to ask you.
- I've got nothing to hide.
- Hm! Good.
Where were you Friday afternoon? I was at the Charity do.
My company's one of the sponsors.
Danny Welch.
He was sacked from your haulage yard.
Now, he tipped the police off about the money laundering.
Ended up dead two weeks later.
Well, as I said, Gill did all the hiring and firing.
Well, this driver she hired, currently in custody, Naz Ahmed.
It was you who put her up to hiring him.
- Now, that'd make me a liar.
- Wouldn't it just? Harry Fenton's phone logs.
Evidence he called your mobile two weeks ago.
The day before the fraud squad drops in at the depot.
Aye, a detective rang me.
Wanted to ask a few questions.
A meeting was set up.
It'll all be in the diary.
Didn't say what he wanted to talk about? I assume it was the ongoing enquiry.
Ah, nah, nah.
No, that won't wash.
DC Fenton had taken himself off the case.
Conflict of interest.
Might explain why he never turned up.
Now, here's a face you ought to recognise.
Despite the cuts and bruises.
Pressed charges against you for assault.
- That was years ago.
- After one of your heavies beat him up.
Charges that were dropped.
Now, why WAS that, do you reckon, hm? Because one of the officers working the case convinced him it was in his best interests? And in return, DC Fenton -- who you've never met -- gets hold of a list of known agitators, - several of whom are banged up.
- That's all conjecture.
And you've been greasing his palm ever since, haven't you? Backhanders, bribes, Call it what you will.
Libellous speculation.
You're up to your eyeballs in this money laundering scam! Harry tips you the wink.
Two weeks later he's murdered and his body delivered to that abattoir in one of your trucks.
You don't know who you're dealing with here.
I'd like to make a phone call.
William Brackley? Oh, expect you've got your brief on speed dial.
You're gonna need him, pet.
His alibi stacks up.
He was definitely at the charity lunch.
Well, a man like Acreman, he's not gonna get his hands dirty, is he? - Ma'am? - What? William Brackley's demanding to see you.
Is he indeed?! Get on to that charity website.
See if you can find out what time Acreman left that do.
Ah, Mr Brackley.
YOU have no right to question HIM without a legal representative.
Ah, no, your client agreed to a voluntary interview.
And I won't be taking a lecture on ethics from you.
What's that supposed to mean? I know you passed on details of Naz Ahmed's interview and that's a clear breach of client confidentiality.
- Yes, but you can't prove anything.
- Maybe not.
But I will be passing on my concerns to the Bar Council.
So you'd better watch your step, sunshine.
I could have come down to the station.
I wanted to keep it between us.
There you go.
I'm all ears.
You said you'd never met Dale Acreman.
I think I'd have remembered.
That charity lunch you attended last week, his company was one of the sponsors.
Been checking up on me? Saw your name on the guest list, that's all.
Well, if Acreman was there, I certainly didn't speak to him.
You dragged me down here just to ask me that? Something's come to light in the course of our enquiries.
Concerning DC Fenton.
Is this about his conflict of interest? No.
I think he might have been corrupt.
- Harry? No.
No way.
- You seem pretty sure about that.
Yeah, I worked alongside him 24/7.
He might have had his faults but bent? No chance.
Not in a million years.
We know that he made contact with Dale Acreman weeks before he died.
I think he deliberately misled the fraud investigation.
I take it you can back this up? That warrant that you applied for to audit the haulage yard, someone else saw fit to make a copy.
All warrants are tagged and recorded, you know that.
Harry wouldn't be that stupid.
I'm guessing he took it to Dale Acreman.
But you don't have any proof.
Redacted phone logs.
Missing transcripts of witness statements.
He was trying to hide the evidence.
Covering his tracks.
Who else knows about this? Right now, just the two of us.
Do us a favour and keep it that way.
I'm going to have to share this with the boss.
Just let me do some digging.
A couple of hours.
If one of my team was on the take, I'm best placed to bring it to light.
Anyone else, the whole unit's tarnished.
Couple of hours, then I'm taking it to the DCI.
I'll let you know what I come up with.
- How did that go? - I think she took the bait.
You see, the thing about modern policing, love, is that there's always a trail when you look for it.
Like these phone calls you've been making to a man you've never met.
Deleting these emails might buy you some time, love.
But I know a rotten apple when I smell one.
I'll talk.
But not here.
Harry didn't ask to be taken off the case.
It was you wanted him out of the loop.
You were afraid this fraud case was gonna blow up in your face.
Now here you are obstructing a murder investigation.
I did nothing to compromise your case.
Nothing?! You tipped off Acreman! Told him we'd made an arrest.
20 minutes later, that lawyer turns up.
So what was it Acreman offered you, eh? Hm? A leg up the ladder? Dinner with the ACC? We'd been investigating a private security firm.
They had a contract with Acreman.
Construction sites, door work.
The manager had form for tax evasion.
And in the course of our investigation, this manager and I we got a bit too close.
So Acreman was blackmailing you.
Let's just say he used his leverage.
So why didn't you take it upstairs, love? Hm? - Fess up to your mistake.
- He's got friends in high places.
I hardly think they'd have given me the benefit of the doubt.
Well, you'll never find that out now, will you? Tell me something.
Do you think Acreman killed Harry Fenton? I've been asking myself the same question.
They're gonna want your warrant card, love.
I never meant to lie to you.
You played me.
You're no better than he is.
There's enough on there to implicate Acreman in serious fraud.
If I'm going down, I'm taking him with me.
Harry and me were born within weeks of each other.
Even then I was a few pounds heavier.
I remember us as kids.
We'd comb the beach together.
Wagging school for some crabbing.
Growing up, married Kids.
We'd allus look out for our own.
Allus look out for each other.
Well, the people at the club, they were like family.
You ask anyone sitting here.
They'll all tell you, Harry was one of the good guys.
Hear, hear! One of the best.
Something going on we should know about? Ah, not for me to say.
You'll find out soon enough.
If people here knew I'd been talking Off the record, wasn't it? I'd be finished in this nick.
Well, they'll not hear it from me.
Danny Welch.
That name mean anything to you? He was found on a beach a few months ago.
Death by Misadventure.
- Barrowridge Bay, right? - Yeah.
Did you know DC Fenton was looking into that case? Come on, love.
It's important.
He said it was personal.
Something to do with a mate.
That's still off the record! We've got something.
Kenny, I need these tyres checked.
We're looking for a match to the treads found at the murder scene.
Are you sure you wanna do this now? What? Wouldn't be a proper wake without an arrest or two.
I thought maybe I could take you out one night.
Just the two of us.
This really isn't the time, Gareth.
Why not? After everything that's happened.
Gareth Hennings! We need to question you in connection with the death of DC Harry Fenton.
- What? - We're in the middle of a wake! - Come on.
I didn't do it! - Everyone just stay calm.
Thank you.
- You're not taking him anywhere! Well, you'd better find us somewhere we can talk, love.
Before this lot decide to lynch him.
Upstairs! What's going on? Stay there.
Now, then, Gareth, pet.
You were cautioned by the police a few months ago.
Bit of a kick-off, down in the club.
Couple of punters had a pop at each other.
Aye, but then you got stuck in.
- I was only trying to break it up.
- Mm.
Danny Welch ever give you any grief? Hm? Your mam said he was trouble, After he'd had a few.
Danny had a dirty mouth.
Liked to throw his weight about.
Now, night Danny was found dead, you'd been drinking in the bar together.
He might have popped in.
I cannot remember.
Oh, I think you remember, love.
Cos you followed him out of the club at closing time, didn't you? Parked up on the prom.
And we've got proof.
That the club van? So? I went for a drive.
What with a skinful of beer? He was headed over to Hayley's.
Try his luck, he said.
Ah, well, I can see you'd have to put a stop to that.
- Mm.
Lost your temper.
- No! It was his fault! He called me a loser.
Said Hayley wouldn't look at me twice.
Is that when you punched him? I'm saying nothing! My mam told us not to.
Well, that's cos she's trying to protect you.
Gareth, I think it's time you told us the truth, don't you? It was an accident, I swear.
If he hadn't have been pissed, he'd never have fallen.
So when did Harry find out what had really happened? Hm? He didn't.
We didn't tell anyone.
Because I think you killed him to cover your tracks.
Dumped his body in with a pile of dead sheep up at Broadwick Farm.
They found his body at Brenkley! The abattoir.
Ah, because that's where you knew he'd end up.
In Naz Ahmed's lorry.
You wrote it all down on your job sheets.
I was here, at the club, all evening.
Ask my mam.
She'll tell you.
We had Harry's send-off to organise.
So you're telling us you were here all evening with your mam and dad? My dad got back around seven.
Got back? Back from where, love? Cash and carry.
These job sheets.
You ever take them home with you? Aye.
Why do you do that? My dad needs to check 'em for us.
Make sure I've got things right.
You're not doing this without backup.
I'll call you if I need you.
Your son's just confessed to his part in the death of Danny Welch.
Our lad gets confused.
Is that why you covered for him? Look, it's all gonna come out, so you might as well tell me.
I didn't have a choice.
Yes, you did.
You chose to cover it up.
Came home in a state.
Told us what had happened.
I swear I was all set to ring the police.
It was Eileen stopped us.
Said if I did, it was prison.
Well, I'm not sure I fancy his chances now.
Been living with it for months.
Nothing mentioned.
Nothing said.
And then Harry finds your number plates caught on camera.
If that lass of Danny's had just left it alone I told him no good would come of it.
Ah, Harry knew you were hiding something.
His murder took some planning.
I don't think your Gareth has got the nous for it.
So why don't you help me to clear your son's name? Hm? Harry told me I had to turn Gareth in.
24 hours, he said.
If I didn't, he was going to arrest him.
So you arranged to meet him up on the moor.
- Nothing a walk couldn't solve.
- Ah, not this time, eh? Just wanted to talk to him.
Try and get him to see sense.
You took a gun with you.
Every intention of killing him.
- He brought it on himself.
- Your best mate.
He should never have made me choose.
Just dumped his body and left it to burn.
I couldn't turn Gareth in.
My own flesh and blood.
All those years -- me and Harry.
Should have counted for something.
He could have just let it go.
Oh, well, the trouble was, Harry couldn't just let it go, could he? And you knew that better than anyone.
Copper to the core.
One day you might learn to trust me.
What's that supposed to mean? He could have had that gun in his pocket.
Well, he didn't luckily.
Still bowled on in there, not so much as a second thought.
Sounds like DI Chandra talking.
- Go on, say it.
- Say what? I'm a bad judge of character.
Well, that'd be judging after the fact, wouldn't it? Besides, I got DC Fenton all wrong, didn't I? Turns out to be the fella they all said he was.
You know she offered us a job? Did she? Well, at least she had good taste.
Tempted were you? I was flattered.
Thought about it.
And then I thought Nah, better off with old-school.
Do you want a lift? You gonna let me drive for once? Pff! Over my dead body.
Are you coming?