Vera s10e03 Episode Script


WHISPERS: Boss wants to see you.
Get in.
There you go, Nadya.
Oh, hi! Nadya, hurry up, love! Yeah.
What's up, freak? [THEY TAUNT HIM.]
- Freak! - Freak! Oi! Leave him alone! Unless you lads want to get off and walk? [PHONE RINGS.]
Come on, mate, wake up! Hey, get over here, have you seen this? Boss is here.
SIRENS WAIL Luke Sumner.
27 years old.
Had his wallet and keys on him.
Yeah, and good morning to you, too.
Morning, Ma'am.
So, money and card in his wallet? Yeah, had a debit card and 25 quid.
So, likely not a mugging.
- Phone? - Not on him.
He was found by the binmen.
He'd been punched in the face.
I've secured the flat, it's over at Stannersby House - which is just - Ah, I know it.
Yeah, that's not far.
Well, let's have a look at him.
So, what can you tell us, Malcolm? Well, he's been dead six or seven hours.
Sometime between midnight and 1:00AM.
I couldn't swear on a cause yet But what? Well, he's received multiple blows, including one to the face with an associated head injury.
Oh, something interesting, there are no defensive wounds on his hands.
So someone attacks him and he just stands there and lets them? Possibly.
I'd say it's highly likely that he died as a result of an assault.
Did he die here? I don't know that yet.
Well, if they were trying to hide the body, they did a terrible job.
Unzip his jacket.
"ECS"? What's that? I have no idea.
Mark, can you find out what ECS stands for? It's a company logo on his T-shirt.
Look, I'm afraid that's your lot for the time being.
Yeah, OK, Malcolm.
I know the drill.
Glad to hear it.
I look forward to sharing my findings with you ASAP.
Anything? Er, ECS.
Eldon Cleaning Services.
They're a corporate cleaning company based down by the quayside.
That's the old oil distribution place, hmm? Er, yeah, looks like it.
Right, so, get hold of them, Mark.
And see if they can tell us the lad's whereabouts last night.
And collect any CCTV between here and Stannersby House.
- Ma'am.
- Jac, we're going over to Stannersby.
Grab some uniforms, and talk to everyone who lives there.
Yes, Ma'am.
You got the key? Uniform will have it.
Lift's out of order.
What floor's it on? Seven.
You're not even breaking a sweat! I'm in training for the Great North Run.
Training? What, on top of your hours? I bet the missus is pleased with that.
I don't know.
She likes me fit.
Oh, that's too much information.
Either our lad's been cleaning, or someone else has.
Well, he could've been working till past midnight, if these are his shifts.
There's a phone here.
"Nadya", three missed calls.
Yeah, well, who's Nadya? - [HE SIGHS.]
- Phone's locked.
I'll get onto the mobile provider.
Well, kept himself tidy.
Very tidy.
And it looks like someone's kicked the door in here.
Looks recent.
Now, was that Luke, or somebody else? You were right about the bleach.
There's gallons of the stuff in here.
Get forensics up here.
See if they can pull up anything interesting.
Had he just moved in? Neighbours told uniform he'd been living here for over four years.
: You'd never know it, would you? No telly, no radio, no laptop, nothing.
Living like a monk.
Ah, thanks, Kenny.
Ma'am, ECS have confirmed that Luke worked for them.
- There's sugar in that! - Yeah.
Now, have we found next of kin? Er, Carmel Sumner.
Lives in Lingford, near Rothbury.
She doesn't know yet.
How do I know that name? Seth Sumner, Ma'am.
The boy's dad.
Seth Sumner! Of course, killed in his home by a burglar, right? Yeah, must be 12, 13 year ago? - The burglar got life.
- Kayle?! Terence Kayle.
Had a failed parole hearing three weeks ago.
And didn't Kayle's brother have some history with us? Rings a bell.
Get your shovel out, Kenny, do some digging.
Yes, Ma'am.
Mark, find me anything you can, and piece together his last 24 hours.
Now, how on Earth are we going to tell that lad's mam? Mrs Sumner? Aye.
How did he die? Oh, well, we're not sure yet, love.
But we'll know very soon.
But you think someone else was involved? I mean, you must do, a DCI coming round.
Well, we're keeping all lines of enquiry open, pet.
This is like some sort of a sick joke.
His dad, he was murdered here, protecting us.
I know he was.
Now I've lost them both.
Oh, God.
- I'll get you a drink of water.
- I'll get it.
Here you go.
Aye, than thank you.
Mrs Sumner, when did you last have contact with your son? Erm, he came to see me about a month ago.
You hadn't spoken since? No.
He was always busy working.
Can you think of anyone who would have wanted to harm him? No.
Did he have a partner? I don't know.
I don't know.
This can wait, love.
We'll go.
Is there someone we can call for you? I just want to see me son.
We'll let you know as soon as you can.
Luke Sumner, aged 27, his body was found this morning by binmen in the underpass, off Ayrton Road.
He's thought to have been the victim of an assault.
Now, he was wearing a T-shirt with an ECS logo on it.
And that's a cleaning firm in Newcastle.
And DC Edwards is interviewing staff as we speak.
Now, er, is he on the system? He got a caution for possession of half a gram of cannabis in 2008.
2008, nothing more recent? OK.
Run a check on his medical history as a matter of priority.
- Yep.
- Now, Kenny, phone records? Oh, I've put a request into his mobile service provider.
No response yet.
Yeah, well, put a rocket under them, Kenny! We need to know who this Nadya is.
- Ma'am.
- Bank records? Well, apart from rent and bills, he withdrew money every Friday.
For the last two weeks, it's been £150.
But for the seven months before that, it was £250.
- Yeah, how much in the account? - Erm nearly £5,000.
So he was a saver.
I want to know what that extra hundred quid a week was for.
And why it stopped.
I mean, his flat was hardly flash, was it? More the opposite.
He had a credit card as well, which wasn't in his wallet, and forensics haven't found it yet.
Oh, right, well, let's keep an eye out for that, hmm? Er, what about his neighbours, Jac? Oh, they last saw him yesterday morning.
They only know if he's in if his light's on, and it wasn't last night.
Oh, well, that's helpful Kenny, what about the burglar's brother? Name's Raymond Kayle, Ma'am.
Er, he's been inside for GBH a couple of years ago.
Has he? He now runs the Wayside Gym.
It's a not-for-profit gym.
Oh, and the lad's mother, Carmel Sumner, sent a letter that was read at Terence's most recent parole hearing.
Did she? It was pretty damning, it's one of the reasons he wasn't released.
Well, there could be a grudge there, it's a possible link.
- Good work, Kenny! Mark? Er, Luke walked off his shift yesterday.
Any idea why? Had an argument with one of their minibus drivers.
Did he indeed?! Poor lad.
He'd worked with us two-and-a-half years.
Longer than anyone.
Two-and-a-half years? Well, that's not very long.
Oh, that's a lifetime here.
We have a high staff turnover.
It's hard work, night shifts.
It's not for everyone.
Oh, this is Clive, my husband.
This is DCI Stanhope and DS Healy.
I couldn't believe it when I heard.
- It's such a shame.
We only saw him yesterday.
Oh, what time was that? About half 12, when he went off to a shift.
One of our drivers was bringing him back here for his next one, when he got really upset on the minibus.
Yeah, we heard they'd argued? Wait, Luke argued.
Jojo just wanted him to stay calm.
He was scaring folk.
Had Luke kicked off like that before? Oh, never.
He was our most reliable cleaner.
- He was a team leader.
- Aye, but Oh, come on But what? He hadn't been quite as reliable recently.
He was turning up late.
Had an attitude.
Jojo told him I wanted a word with him, and that's when he kicked off.
So what was going on with him last week? Why the attitude? That's what I wanted to ask him about.
Hey, it's a big set-up you've got here.
Aye, one of the biggest in the region.
250 cleaners.
Ooh, that must take some organising.
Staff clock in here every shift, collect their equipment.
Then our minibuses take them to work and bring them back.
We give them a structure.
Strict timekeeping, you know, the discipline of clocking in.
We also give them housing and transport.
You provide accommodation? Oh [VERA EXHALES.]
But Luke wasn't in one of your places, was he? No, no, he already had his own place when he came to us.
But we do provide accommodation for the others.
Make sure they've got somewhere safe and decent to put their heads down.
Well Impressive.
Right, I'm gonna need everything you've got on Luke for the last three months.
Time sheets, who he was working with, where.
I'll get straight on it.
Thanks, love.
And, er do you have a Nadya working here? Erm got a Nadya Dinev? She and Luke worked together a lot.
Made a good team.
Oh, well, where will I find Nadya? And Jojo? I'll just check.
Yeah, they are both at Towfield Shopping Centre.
Ah, thanks, love.
He totally overreacted.
All I said was Mr Brock wanted to see him.
- Did it get physical? - Only on his side.
He kept booting the door.
I just told him to stop damaging the bus.
Hey! Moz! Not on my time! Surprised me, going off like that.
Usually good as gold.
It's always the quiet ones, though, in't it? Oh, is that what he was, quiet? Yeah.
Bit of a pushover.
Why was he worried about seeing Mr Brock? I don't know.
- I just let him out, and he ran off.
- Right.
- Well, can you tell us where, love? - Yeah.
- Have you got an address? - Er, yeah Nadya Dinev? Erm.
Unit number five.
Thanks, love.
I'm sorry, pet.
Nadya Dinev? DCI Vera Stanhope.
Er, I need to talk to you about Luke Sumner.
Well, I'm guessing you've heard what's happened to him.
Why'd you call him last night? I mean, what was that? Work, or? It wasn't like him to miss a shift.
So it was nothing to do with the argument he had with Jojo? What argument? Well, on the minibus between shifts.
You don't know what that was about? But you called him three times, love, so it must have been something important.
Please, we're not supposed to make phone calls at work.
We get into trouble.
Well, what sort of trouble? Nadya.
You finished in here? We need to go.
If that's all right? Yep.
I'm done.
For now.
Do you think she's involved? She's something.
Definitely scared.
We need to keep our eye on her.
He died from an extradural haematoma.
Now, as I suspected, he didn't die immediately.
The impact damaged a blood vessel.
The bleed got trapped inside his skull cavity, started coning, compressed the brain.
Specifically, the area controlling his respiratory system.
He would've become increasingly confused.
And then stopped breathing.
So, when did the trauma happen? Up to five hours before he died.
He was a dead man walking, as soon as he received the head injury.
- So between 7:00PM and 1:00AM? - Yeah.
Well, I presume he wasn't standing there for five hours where we found him, waiting to die.
So the crime scene was somewhere else.
Now, we did find some alcohol in his system, not a significant amount.
About three units.
But whatever caused the impact was completely smooth.
Because his skin remained unbroken.
Or maybe someone punched him, and he fell and hit his head? Or they hit Luke with something.
Well, look at that.
That's some punch! - Yes.
I want to show you that.
- Are these linked? Er, possibly.
Now, there's something interesting going on in the centre of that abrasion.
- Can you see? - Mm-hm.
I'd like to get in a specialist infrared photographer to take a closer look at that.
Is that your way of asking if I'll pay for it? Yes.
Oh, go on, then.
Will you pay for it? - Yes.
- Good.
Now there are multiple bruises on Luke's shins.
And then, further up, we have these.
They are small areas of burn scarring and patches of linear abrasion.
You said he was a cleaner? Commercial cleaner.
Right, well, looking at the shape of these, they could well be chemical.
- Could it be bleach? - Quite possibly.
And has he done this himself, or has someone done it to him? Either.
They're all in places which are easy to hide.
But they're definitely deliberate, not accidental.
So, just to recap, it was a blow to Luke's temple which led directly to his death.
Now, was there anything else in his system other than the alcohol? No traces of drugs, prescribed or otherwise.
- Right, thanks, Malcolm.
- Thank you.
Jojo Walters, minibus driver for ECS, thank you, he confirmed that he dropped Luke off at 6:15PM on the corner of Romer Street and Hargreaves Road.
Now, that was about an hour before Malcolm estimates Luke got this head injury.
So what happened to him after he got off that minibus? We need to find the crime scene.
Jac, check CCTV, see if you can trace his journey.
- Ma'am.
- His co-worker didn't say much.
The bosses seemed nice enough, didn't they? Caring.
I wasn't keen on Jojo Walters.
You can check him out, Kenny, see if he's on the system.
- Ma'am.
- And, Mark run a background check on the company.
- Might as well touch all bases.
- Ma'am.
Now, where are we with the lad's phone records? Er, they're just in, Ma'am.
Er, used it mainly for work, apart from four calls over four weeks.
The number's registered to Jasmine Ashers.
Er, the last call he made to her was for over an hour.
- Hour?! - Aye, that was seven days ago.
Well, our lad wasn't that quiet, - then, was he? - No.
- You got an address? - Er, they're sending it over.
Right, Jasmine Ashers.
See if she's at ECS.
Will do, Ma'am.
Oh, I checked Luke's medical records.
There's nothing recent.
I mean, he didn't register with a GP once he left Lingford, and that was nine years ago.
Yeah, well, what about hospital records? Nothing.
There weren't any.
Ma'am, Luke's mother is on her way to ID his body.
- Shall I go? Mm.
No No, I'll do it.
Oh, I know this isn't the right time to tell you, Mrs Sumner, but we now know Luke was assaulted.
There was someone else involved in your son's death.
Do you know who it was? Not yet.
So I am gonna have to ask you some tricky questions.
But that's only because I need to Look, I know how this works.
I've done it before.
Aye, I know you have, love.
And I'm sorry.
But are there any issues I should be made aware of? What kind of issues? Well Luke's mental health? No, I don't know.
I mean, he always kept his business very private.
Deep waters, that was Luke.
Ah, well, it must've been hard on him when his dad died the way he did.
Yeah, course.
He was heartbroken.
It was a very difficult time for us Yeah, I can imagine, and I'm sorry to have to ask, but did Luke ever harm himself deliberately, hmm? I'm sorry, what do you mean? Well, we found some unexplained scarring on his body.
Did he ever talk to you about that? No.
No, I never knew anything.
Luke hardly talked to me.
He always had some excuse not to come home.
Why was that, do you think? I wasn't in a good place after Seth died, and I took it out on Luke.
I drove him away.
I thought he'd be better off away from me.
I got that wrong.
Well, here's another one you probably won't be able to answer, love.
Er, Jasmine Ashers Mean anything? She lives in Lingford with her mam.
So, was she and Luke mates? No, I don't think so.
I mean, they saw each other for a couple of months when they were kids.
She was getting married soon.
He he wasn't invited.
So you heard Terence Kayle applied for parole? - Day for celebration, - that was, when he didn't get it.
- Aye.
Do you know that his brother came round to see me? He wanted me to help him! That was a mistake.
Raymond Kayle came to your house? Aye, I slammed the door in his face.
The police came round later, I think one of my neighbours must have called them.
Listen to this.
Raymond Kayle paid a visit to Luke's mam four weeks ago.
Someone called the police, and I wanna know who that was.
Er, Ma'am, I checked out Jojo Walters.
Clean as a whistle.
Not even a parking ticket.
Well, tell Mark to carry on sniffing about.
- He's talking to someone now.
- Yeah, good.
Boss, about Jasmine Ashers Yeah, well, if you're gonna tell me she lives in Lingford, I already know.
She's a geography teacher at The Woodrow Academy.
Yeah, right.
Well, that's local.
- Go fetch her in.
- A bit tricky.
She went on a school trip yesterday at 5:00AM with 30 year 12s.
But she's back tomorrow.
Right, the second she's back, I want to see her.
Which neighbour called uniform? So, what's the name again? Jason Hay, he called the evening of the 17th.
Come on in.
I'll have to sit.
It's my back.
I can't stand too long, I can't sit too long.
So, is this about Raymond Kayle? Er, partly.
Yes, we wondered why you called the police four weeks ago.
Haven't you read the report? Oh, aye, but it's always good to hear it direct.
- Can I? - Yeah, er, right.
OK, well, er, Kayle had no right coming round.
I'm protective of Carmel.
She's been through enough, and I told him so, too! - Told him to leave her alone! - How did that go? - He started on me.
- He threatened you? He didn't actually threaten me.
- But I know his type.
It would've escalated if I hadn't said I'd call the police.
- Why are you asking about him? - [DOOR OPENS.]
Hiya, Dad.
Georgia, love, it's the police, they've come round about Raymond Kayle.
That was weeks ago Did he come back? Dad was dead shaken up after.
What's Raymond done now? Well, we're also here about Carmel's son, Luke.
What about him? He's dead, love.
His body was found in Newcastle.
I'm sorry.
Sit down, love.
How did it happen? Well, he'd been assaulted.
Head injury.
Where was it? Where did it happen? We don't know.
Well, his body was found near to his flat.
But Oh, that's awful.
He was like a brother to Georgia when she was younger.
He was a lovely young man.
- So you were in touch? - Not really.
Saw him when he came back a few weeks ago to see Carmel, but only through the window.
Haven't talked to him in years.
I'm sorry.
I've got to take this.
Now, do you know Jasmine Ashers? She lives round the corner.
We're both going to her wedding.
I'm told she used to go out with Luke, is that right? Yeah.
For about two minutes when they were younger.
- She looked down her nose at him.
- You don't know that.
Oh, come on, of course she did.
Ma'am Right.
Now, if you do think of anything else, could you just give us a ring, love? Mark's sent a copy of Luke's shifts and a client list.
There's one client you need to look at.
He was a cleaner at Raymond Kayle's gym! Try telling me that's a coincidence! Decent gym, this.
Is it? It's full of posers and sweat! Well, I'll give you the sweat.
But the mirrors, that's not for posing.
That's about good form, technique There's Kayle.
What Terry did was wrong, I'm not excusing it.
But Seth used undue force.
And not for the first time.
I wanted Carmel to go on the record, say he could be aggressive.
So who said he'd used force before? I thought it was common knowledge.
When did you last see Luke Sumner? Why are you asking about him? Oh, because he's dead, love.
Victim of an assault.
Now, we know he worked here six weeks ago.
He requested it.
And then a week later, you ring his bosses and say you don't want him here.
I haven't seen him since he left.
He wanted to talk about Terry.
I said I wouldn't.
Where were you two nights ago? - Why? - Where were you? Here.
Painting a changing room till midnight.
Then I went home.
Anyone confirm that? It was midnight.
The gym was closed.
What do you think? Do you believe what he said about Seth Sumner having a temper? There was nothing in the police report.
He seemed shocked about Luke.
Well, he would be, wouldn't he? If it was him who assaulted him five hours before he died.
I need you to check out Raymond Kayle's alibi.
Reckons he was sprucing up his changing rooms in the middle of the night.
Will do.
Oh, Ma'am, I tried to get hold of Nadya Dinev to take a statement, but she didn't show up for work.
Did you try calling her? She didn't answer.
Hmm That doesn't sound right.
Have you got an address for her? Oh, yeah.
She's in one of the properties owned by ECS.
Apparently, they've got loads.
They house most of their staff.
Aye, the Brocks mentioned that.
Thanks, Jac.
Right, Aiden.
- See you later.
- Yeah, see you in a bit.
They've got two people sharing in here.
Size of it! I thought that Sonia said she looked after her staff What you doing? Northumberland and City Police.
I'm DS Healy, this is DCI Stanhope.
Is this your room, love? Yeah.
I'm gonna go and get a residents list.
We're looking for Nadya.
Why, what's she done? Where's all her stuff? Well, we were hoping you could tell us that.
I've only just finished work.
I've been on since yesterday afternoon.
Can I ask you a couple of questions? [DOOR CREAKS.]
Can I help you? Look, we need to have a chat, love.
I've got nothing to say.
What's your name? Daisy.
Daisy, I'm going to be in the Wexford Cafe that's just around the corner, and I'd very much like it if you'd come and have a chat, if you change your mind.
Hmm? Please.
For Nadya.
Cos I'm worried about her.
Have you got any idea at all where she might have gone? You sure about that, love? Or what do you think happened to her? We won't say that you talked to us.
Look, if nobody says anything, nothing's gonna change, is it, pet? Hmm? Stuff happens to people the bosses don't like.
Rooms get cleared out, people disappear.
So what sort of people do the bosses not like? Anyone that doesn't do what they say, complains, talks back.
Oh, was that what she did? Talk back? I don't know.
We're never really on the same shifts.
And when you talk about "the bosses", does that include Jojo, the driver? Jojo just does what he's told.
I'm on about Mr and Mrs Brock.
The Brocks punish us.
Dock our wages, cut our shifts.
They charge for everything.
Rent, electricity, transport.
How much is your rent? £200 a week.
- It's a zero-hour contract.
You've got to get there an hour before, get your equipment, get on the minibus They don't pay you for travelling, only when you're cleaning.
- They call travel time break time.
- [SIGHS.]
I did 60 hours straight once.
Minibus to shift to minibus to shift.
I only got paid for 40 hours.
What about Luke Sumner? Their golden boy? Didn't trust him.
Must be a reason he'd been there so long, right? Well, thanks for coming over, love.
Did the Brocks do something to him? Well, we'll be exploring every avenue.
But if I were you, pet I'd start looking for another job.
Nadya Dinev's missing.
She's a person of interest.
So get in touch with airport, train stations, and the port authority.
Get her ID out there.
She might be trying to get back home to Bulgaria.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Er, has anyone tried contacting the family? - Oh, I've been trying, but no answer.
- Yeah, well, keep trying, Jac.
Er, I did some more background work on ECS.
Me and Kenny spoke with some of the ex-staff.
The Brocks are bad news.
Intimidation, threats, you name it.
Hmm, right, did any of the staff mention Luke? Weren't sure about him.
Thought he was too quiet.
Never knew if he was reporting back on them.
Yeah, they didn't trust him.
They thought he was stand-offish.
Yeah, but that could be because he was quiet - and had his own place.
- Well, I also spoke with all the companies that Luke cleaned for, and there was something Clive and Sonia held back.
What? Well, last month at Hazelwoods, it's an office in town, they caught Luke stealing.
They reported it to Sonia Brock.
Well, well, well Well, yes, I've been so worried.
Haven't seen her since yesterday.
Do you think she might have something to do with Luke's death? You were worried? Of course.
But not enough to report it? Well, I didn't know until first thing, when she missed her shift.
She's not a child.
Yeah, but you knew we'd been asking after her.
Her co-worker has been murdered.
When you put it like that And why didn't you tell us he'd been caught stealing from Hazelwoods? You told them you were gonna deal with it in-house.
Why didn't you tell us that? He never did anything like it before.
I didn't think it was important.
I decide what's important, love.
So what did he steal? £60 of petty cash.
Someone left it open on a desk.
And this theft wasn't reported to the police, at your request.
He didn't lose any shifts.
And it's not on record.
So how did you deal with it? I'm admin, Clive's more HR.
You'll have to talk to him.
I'll call him.
Don't bother, pet! I gave him a verbal warning and the benefit of the doubt.
It was a one-off.
Well, isn't that generous of you? Come on.
He'd been with us for years, he was a hard worker.
I kept a closer eye on him, of course.
Oh, I bet you did.
So why did he get so worked up when Jojo said you wanted to see him? I don't know.
All I was gonna do was give him a written warning.
I'd given him a verbal one over the theft.
Whatever was going on with Luke was nothing to do with me.
I don't believe a word that they said.
Acting like they care about their staff Nonsense.
60 quid out of petty cash? I mean, why would he do that? Temptation? Saw the money and grabbed it? But the fella lived like a monk! Plus he'd got five grand in his bank.
No, there's something else going on here.
I reckon those two are as dirty as they come.
Will someone please give me some news on Nadya's whereabouts? Sorry, Ma'am.
We've got nothing yet.
- Well, any luck with her family? - Er, yeah.
Yes? Yeah.
I've just heard from her grandma in Bulgaria.
- But she hasn't heard anything.
- Do you believe her? Well, yeah.
She sounded worried.
And she looks after Nadya's two daughters.
Oh Also, Nadya sends money home each week.
Only up until recently, she was sending more than she was earning.
How much more? A hundred quid a week.
That'll be that extra hundred quid a week Luke was drawing out! He was giving it to her.
Why? Ma'am, that was Luke's neighbour on the phone, they said they heard an argument on the first and again on the 10th.
- Both times with a woman.
- The same woman? They didn't know.
Ma'am, Jasmine Ashers is downstairs.
Just back, came straight here.
At last! Kenny, have someone bring her up! - Thanks for coming in, love.
- It's all right, yeah.
I couldn't believe it when I heard.
His mam'll be devastated.
- Erm - Why did you want to see me? Er, because you had a phone call with Luke a week before he died.
Erm, what did you talk about? Why is that relevant? Because this is a murder enquiry, love.
Everything's relevant.
In fact, you had four calls, and this last one was for over an hour.
So what did you talk about? Just stuff.
Catching up.
- My wedding.
- Your wedding.
Which Luke wasn't invited to, is that right? Well, I hadn't seen him for ages.
Was he upset he wasn't invited? Yeah Yeah, but you didn't talk for an hour about a wedding he wasn't invited to.
So what did you talk about? You asked if he was upset he wasn't invited to my wedding.
He was upset, full stop.
We went out when we were 16.
He said he was still in love with me.
He said I couldn't get married because I was meant to marry him.
He was in love with you? That's what he said.
He started turning up near work, trying to talk to me, and watching me.
Well, why didn't you report that? Because what good would that do? Oh You want to know the truth? I was terrified of what Luke might do to me.
If Luke was obsessed with Jasmine, maybe he was obsessed with Nadya too.
I mean, they've got to be connected, his murder and her leaving.
Well, maybe he got too full-on and Nadya attacked him? Yeah, but then we've checked, haven't we? She was working a shift for ECS at the hospital.
I couldn't believe it when I heard Luke was dead.
Same age as my Jas.
Did you know him? A bit.
He was a quiet boy deep.
Obviously hard for him after his father was killed.
We heard that he used to see Jasmine.
Well, she told us that she was scared of him.
To be honest, I had issues.
What sort of issues? I didn't trust him.
He took advantage of her when she was vulnerable.
Found his way in.
What do you mean, "took advantage"? Well after Thea died.
Thea? Who's Thea? Jason Hay's daughter.
Jas and Thea had been best mates since they were little.
So, were they all friends together, then, this Thea, Luke and Jasmine? Oh, no.
Thea and Jas were at the girls' school, Luke at the boys', they were very different.
So, what happened with Thea? She killed herself.
She was just 16.
She'd told Jas she was depressed.
Jas didn't realise how serious it was, well you don't at that age, do you? One night Thea jumped off Jackson's Crag.
Jason never recovered.
How was Jasmine afterwards? Devastated.
Felt guilty that she hadn't helped Thea, hadn't stopped her.
Then, Luke started coming round.
Said he knew what she was going through, cos of his dad.
At first, I thought he was just being kind.
He was using her grief to get to her.
And once they were together, he wouldn't leave her alone.
He was here day and night.
In the end, Jas had to tell him to back off.
He left Lingford a year or so later.
So, when did you last hear from him? He called Jas a week or so ago.
On the phone for an hour, she said he'd called before.
Jas was terrified he was getting all intense again.
So, where were you and your daughter on the night of the 15th? The night before Jas' school trip? Hm.
I was here with her.
She had to nip back to school, forgotten something or other.
She'd been on her phone half the night, stressing.
Why? Er, just routine, love.
Er, thanks very much for your time.
We'll leave you to it.
So, what are they saying, that he's some kind of a stalker? No, they didn't actually use that word.
No, that's what they meant, though! Did Luke spend time at Jasmine's when they were younger? No! Look, I don't know.
I-I can't remember.
Luke, he told me that he was there because Jasmine said she was having panic attacks.
- So, you remember that? - [SHE SIGHS.]
Luke was not a bad lad.
He was just troubled.
He broke up with her, he knew I needed him.
It wasn't all about Jasmine! Hang on, he broke it off with her? That is what he said, yes.
She's a pretty girl, but not on the inside.
Were Luke, Jasmine and Thea close? No! They hardly gave him the time of day.
Thea, she just did whatever Jasmine told her.
Look, Jasmine was popular she didn't want to be seen with someone like Luke.
You know what teenage girls are like.
My Luke he was a good boy.
He would never have hurt Jasmine.
JAC ON RADIO: 'Ma'am, we've got Nadya.
Port authority just rang.
' Thanks, Jac, we're on our way, and can you pull up - the police report on a Thea Hay? - 'Yes, Ma'am.
TANNOY: 'Please ensure that all unchecked baggage' Nadya Well we've been worried about you.
Why did you up and leave, Nadya? I was scared.
Right, sit yourself down.
Go on.
OK, so let's talk about Luke.
Now, I believe he'd been giving you money to send home.
So, were you together, you and Luke? We saw each other for a few months.
We split up two weeks ago.
So, why'd you split up? We were arguing about work, at his flat, and he started shouting and kicked a hole in the wardrobe.
I ended it the next day.
So, did he get heavy with you? No, said he didn't blame me.
Not after how he behaved.
So, why did you leave? [NADYA SNIFFLES.]
SOBS: Mr Brock forced me to go.
He said I was bringing too much unwanted attention to the company.
Mr Brock did that? It was you who stole that cash, wasn't it? When Luke found out I was stealing, he he tried to put it back, and then they thought he'd done it.
He took the blame, but Mr Brock knew it wasn't him, knew it was me.
Well, that didn't give him any right to assault you, love.
Hm? Mind your head.
There must be some kind of misunderstanding, we had nothing to do with Luke's death.
Oh, we'll get to Luke in a minute, love.
Look, I've been doing some research into your company.
All the paperwork's present and correct.
Oh, you're right there, you've been very careful.
You've got certificates for everything.
But I'm willing to bet some of them are bought.
Of course they're not! 'Ey, that was a good act you put on there, love the caring boss.
Hey, you had me fooled the first time we met, but not any more, love, not now I've seen how you run your business.
Threats, intimidation, blackmail - We look after our staff! - No, you don't.
You do the bare minimum.
Apart from your houses, when you do even less.
I doubt they meet occupancy standard.
There's a couple that are a little busy, but we're buying more houses.
I can't put staff out on the street! Er, none of your rooms are registered for multi-occupancy.
Yet, all 12 of your houses are crammed to the gills.
We had a cash flow problem, but we were working on it, - I've had electricians in.
- Yeah, cos you knew you were on our radar, you knew we'd be checking.
Now, then [VERA SIGHS.]
your husband did this two days ago, removing someone from your property.
He did this? Oh, I didn't know This has got nothing to do with me.
Are you sure about that, love? [SHE SIGHS.]
Now, there is one way you could help yourself here, pet.
And that's if you help us with Luke.
So, what else is it you're not telling us, hmm? [SHE SIGHS.]
Something did happen with Luke, but he wouldn't tell me what.
You'll have to talk to Clive.
I brought Luke in for the stealing, I-I knew it wasn't him, he was covering for his girlfriend.
But when I got him in, he insisted it was him.
Got arsey, threatened us.
Threatened you with what? Nah, Luke had worked for you long enough to know all the ins and outs, all the shortcuts.
That's why he had his own flat, for a start.
You were scared how much he knew.
These are completely unsubstantiated claims.
So, what happened, did he offer to turn a blind eye if you did the same? We agreed not to pursue the matter, because the cash had been returned and no-one was hurt.
But recently, he'd got cocky.
Turning up late, talking back.
- Sets the wrong example.
- The wrong example?! I wasn't having him make a mug out of me.
Oh, is that what he did, made a mug out of you? Well, you wouldn't have liked that.
So, what did he do, push you too far, you had to shut him up? Because I believe you are capable of it! I had nothing to do with Luke's murder.
So YOU say.
Do you have any evidence my client was involved? Not yet.
In that case, as Mr Brock has assisted fully in your enquiries, he now has work to do.
Ah, no, your client's going nowhere, love.
Sit down, pet.
Because I have a witness making a formal complaint - at this very moment.
- What about? Assault.
This is totally ridiculous.
Just keep calm, we'll sort it out.
I hate to say it, but I don't think either of 'em had anything to do with Luke's death.
And they wouldn't do anything to bring us to their doorstep.
But we can't rule them out! I'm not ruling anybody out! [HE SIGHS.]
Now, Luke suddenly started fighting back, after two years of towing the line.
So, something happened recently to make him start.
Hm? That's what we need to find out.
Good lass.
Please! It wasn't fair, what I said about Luke.
He was ashamed for losing his temper.
Well, you thought if he'd done it the once No, he-he wasn't like that.
He was kind and gentle.
I don't think he'd had a happy life.
A couple of weeks before we split up, he had a day off and the next day, he was different.
In what way different? He'd changed, he avoided me, made excuses.
Went to the pub and got drunk after every shift.
I just gave him some space.
Now, during our examinations, we found scars on Luke's legs, old scars, did you ever notice them? Yeah.
I saw him in the shower once, scrubbing himself with a brush until it bled.
It hurt him.
The bathroom smelled of bleach after that.
Did he do that often? I only saw him do it once.
I really liked him, you know? I looked into Jasmine Ashers' fiance, a Richard Sarenden, he was the keynote speaker in Belfast on the 15th.
So, with a room full of witnesses? Yeah, 300 of them.
You know, Nadya's Luke couldn't be more different from Jasmine's.
Doesn't sound like he preyed on the vulnerable.
Hm See if you can find out when his day off was.
That part of your training, is it? Ma'am Luke's bank card was handed in by a Phil Annerly yesterday lunchtime, but he found it on the evening of the 15th.
That's the night Luke died.
Where did they find it? At his pub, The Brickmakers Arms, he's the landlord.
Luke went there after walking off his shift.
I found his card in the toilet, the other night.
I thought I'd hold onto it in case he came back, but he never showed.
And you're sure it was the 15th? Oh, aye, we had the football on.
Place was busy.
He came in about, what, 20 minutes beforehand.
It'll be on CCTV, if you want to come through.
He should be on it.
There we go.
There he is, there's our lad.
That's Raymond Kayle! You've gotta be kidding me! Is Raymond a regular? This is his local, he's in here most nights.
I've not seen him this week, though.
- That through to the gents'? - Aye.
Is there an exit through the back there? Aye.
Er, you need to come out, love.
He could've got out this way.
Aye, or been taken out.
Er, can I get you a coffee? Hey, don't come in here, pet, it's a possible crime scene.
Well, shall I close the pub up? Aye, you better had, love.
This lock's broken.
Anybody could have come in and gone out.
Ma'am, look, fibres.
- That could be from Luke's T-shirt.
- Hm.
Maybe Raymond assaulted him here, then dragged him out? Or Luke could've just left by himself.
And if so, where'd he go? Right, get it sealed off and get forensics in.
Jac, now, listen Luke left the pub after 7:45PM, but we don't know where he went.
So, I'm gonna need uniform to canvas the area.
'He could have gone anywhere.
'Have you got that?' I-I'm on it, Ma'am.
Raymond you should've told us you saw Luke on the night he died.
You knew Luke would be in your local, you knew everyone'd be watching the football, - and you went there to hurt him.
- No Take it out on him for your brother not being released! - No! No, I didn't.
- You've told us a pack of lies! You told us you hadn't spoken to Luke.
I avoided him at work, I got him moved.
But he door-stepped me.
He wanted to talk.
He knew Terry's parole was coming up.
Luke actually believed it WAS self-defence.
- Are you buying this? - [SHE CHUCKLES.]
Are you expecting us to believe he wanted to help your brother, who'd killed his dad? Luke was terrified of his dad.
Seth made his life a misery.
He-he used to knocked him about, and his mam.
That's why Luke wanted to help me.
It was his idea that I talk to Carmel.
He made me think that she might actually listen.
Yeah, yeah, we know all about that.
I wanna know what happened on the night he died! CCTV from The Brickmakers Arms shows you arguing with him that night.
You went to that pub to find Luke and to attack him! No, he was waiting for me.
He knew it was me regular, he wanted to talk.
Yeah, well, that doesn't look much like talking to me, pet.
He said he was sorry about Terry.
Me talking to his mam had only made it worse.
I told him to go away, just leave us alone.
No, you went to the gents', where it's a bit more private, - cos you knew he'd follow you.
- I didn't know he'd come after me! And once you'd got him in there, you attacked him.
No, I didn't! That's not how it happened.
Look, he said he blamed me for Terry not getting his parole, that it was my fault, that I hadn't tried hard enough.
He was goading me, so I hit him! I lost control! [HE EXHALES.]
I never should have, but at least I only hit him the once.
- And the rest! - Once.
I didn't kill him.
I know how it looks, but, I mean, why do you think I lied? [HE EXHALES.]
Right, so, just let me get this straight.
You're telling us, for the tape, that you only threw one punch? Yeah.
Where'd you hit him? Ribs.
I lost control, but only for a second.
I was so disappointed in myself, I left him and went back to the gym.
It was weird after I hit him he seemed pleased.
Said he deserved it.
Were you wearing those that night? Your rings? Yeah I always wear 'em when I'm not working out, - they were me dad's.
- Mm.
Right, well, take 'em off.
What? Take 'em off.
That's it.
God help you if you're lying to me, love.
Take him back down.
Raymond has admitted to the assault, but not the head injury.
Aye, but he claims he only punched the lad once, so we need evidence.
Now the rings have gone over to Malcolm to see if they match this blow to Luke's torso.
Right, now, has anybody got anything else? Uh, the forensic report is just in, Ma'am.
Uh, Luke's fingerprints were found on the emergency exit door and on the back gate.
The rest of it's just a mess of DNA and prints.
Which means he got himself out of that pub? Looks like it.
Which means, the crime scene is somewhere else.
Any ideas, anyone, where he might've gone? I haven't seen him on CCTV.
But then again, there's not much out there.
Oh, there are some bus stops nearby though.
He could've had his pick of 15 buses after leaving the pub.
Aye, well that makes sense.
He would've wanted to get away from there.
And if he's on a bus, that would explain why he's not on any CCTV.
Good thinking, Jac.
Go talk to the drivers, get their CCTV and take uniform with you.
I'm gonna go and chivvy Malcolm on.
Right, come on, everyone, I want some news when I get back! I would say that these abrasions on Luke's torso are related to ring A.
- That's the right hand.
- That's correct.
But there is no evidence that he caused any of the other injuries, including the one to the head.
There's no sign of any more ring abrasions at all.
What, none?! None.
I had expected to see some, but there's nothing.
So you're saying, Luke was assaulted twice? First by Raymond, and then by somebody else.
Looking at the evidence, I can't link him to the fatal blow.
The head injury was within the next five hours.
Thanks, Malcolm.
Oh, there was one more thing.
I did re-examine the historical scars on Luke's body, and they do match what you were told.
It's very likely that he was alternating between using a nail brush and bleach on himself.
He'd done it twice in the last year, the others were older.
- Yes, I know Raymond has, previous.
- And he lied to us True, but I can't link him to that fatal blow to the head.
You can't believe him? Look, Luke was deep waters like his mam said.
Hmm? He was troubled, intense, and if what Raymond said is true, his dad was a brute and that messes with your head.
Luke wanted to be punished, felt guilty.
For what? Right, now, how we doing with these bus drivers? Anyone see him? I'll go check.
- And you're sure this is the fella? - Yeah.
How did he seem? Some lads were hassling him and I warned them off.
He looked in a state.
Got off at the Walton Crossroads.
It's a stop in the middle of nowhere, about 18 miles from here.
That's two miles from Lingford! We suspect that Luke was in Lingford the night he died.
He got a bus to Walton Crossroads.
Well, he didn't want to see me.
Last time that I saw Luke we argued.
I argued.
I was angry that he'd brought Raymond to my door, to my home.
Well, we do know there was something going on with Luke.
Something he blamed himself for, felt guilty about.
Have you got any idea what that could've been? Terence Kayle.
Luke wanted me to say that his dad was violent.
That Terence could've been defending himself.
Well, we had heard that your husband was violent towards Luke and to yourself.
Seth never meant to hurt us.
I tried to stop him, but it just made it worse.
So it was better to say nothing.
Luke and me would both learn that.
I know I should've protected Luke.
His dad was not all bad.
He was always sorry afterwards.
And you loved him, hmm? But you've got to be honest, pet.
Especially to yourself.
Luke said that.
Said that we had to tell the truth.
If we didn't, neither of us would be able to move on.
Wise words, pet.
Er, hold on.
When Luke last came to see you, is that when he found out about Jasmine's wedding? Yeah.
I asked him to come with me.
I thought he'd like it.
And what did he say? No.
He was really upset.
He left soon afterwards.
Told me to think about what he said.
Well, thank you for your help.
Do you reckon that Luke was attacked in Lingford? Aye, it'd mean he would've had four hours to get back home.
Wouldn't he? And you heard what Malcolm said, he was a dead man walking.
And another thing Didn't Nadya say Luke changed four weeks ago, completely changed? Yeah, I checked on that.
That was the day after he came to see his mum.
Aye, but the big thing that happened that day wasn't about Raymond, it was finding out Jasmine was getting married.
Well, maybe he came to see Jasmine.
Could still have been obsessed with her? - Aye.
What you doing? - What? Come on, I thought you was in training.
It's only around the corner.
Mrs Ashers.
Let's talk again about the night of the 15th.
Did you see Luke? Of course not.
Why would I? Cos he got off a bus, not two miles from here, and that's the night he died.
Now, you say Jasmine went to work.
Well, it's a bit of a coincidence, she went out round about the same time as he arrived in the area.
Hmm? I think she went to meet him Why would she do that? She was scared of him! - She, she wouldn't.
- What time did she get back? - I don't know, I went to bed.
- Well, what time did you go to bed? Ten? Jas couldn't have been much later.
She had an early start.
She can't have seen him, she'd have said.
Ah, and kids tell their parents everything, do they? I don't know about other parents, but we do! I didn't want Luke anywhere near Jas.
He was dangerous.
We couldn't have a repeat of last time.
And that gives her, and you, a motive to hurt him.
Doesn't it? Yeah, Jac, listen.
I want you to run an ANPR on Jasmine Ashers' car, and her mam's, too.
On it.
Oh, Ma'am, I've just heard back from Woodrow Academy.
Er, Jasmine's pass card wasn't used on the night of the 15th.
And no printers were used.
And CCTV shows nobody entering or leaving.
So she lied.
Thanks, Jac! Right, this is starting to make sense.
Jasmine Ashers, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Luke Sumner.
- You do not have to say anything - What? But I haven't done anything.
if you do not mention something you later rely on in court.
- What? - Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
Do you understand? - Now why did you lie - about seeing Luke? - I didn't.
Oh, stop playing the innocent, love, it won't wash.
We know you saw him.
And when we run your fingerprints through our system, I'm pretty sure they're gonna match those we found at his flat.
ANPR shows five days before Luke died, your car passed 200 metres from his home.
And then, 30 minutes later, it passed in the opposite direction.
Plus, we have a statement from a neighbour, saying she heard an argument in Luke's flat at the time between these two readings.
Now, you say he was obsessed with you, well, we never found any photos or anything in his flat.
And four phone calls in four weeks, that's hardly evidence of stalking.
And the last time you saw him, you went to his! So will you stop lying and start telling us the truth! You didn't know him like I did.
He was intense and scary.
Well, from what we can gather he was a hard-working, troubled young man who helped those who were vulnerable! So It wasn't like that.
So what was it like? After Thea, he said he understood how I felt cos of his dad.
Said the grief bonded us.
I was upset, all over the place.
Next thing I know, we're going out, but he wanted to be with me all the time.
I could hardly breathe.
I had panic attacks.
Well, that could be guilt about Thea.
What, what d'you mean? Well, weren't you the only one she told she was depressed? Well, yeah, and I did try to help her.
But she'd started smoking weed heavily, only it made her worse.
I told her to stop, but she wouldn't listen.
So why is there no mention of that in the report? I didn't want to upset her dad and sister.
Well, that wasn't your decision to make, love.
Now, I think Luke got back in touch with you, came to Lingford Well, maybe he was jealous you were getting married, I don't know.
and you arranged to meet him, to warn him off.
So what happened, love, hey? Did he say something wrong? Things escalate and you lashed out.
I didn't.
I didn't! So where were you then, on the night he died? And don't tell us you went into school, love, because we know you didn't.
Where were you, Jasmine? Hmm? I was with someone.
He's married.
Luke was blackmailing me.
That's why I went to see him.
He'd followed me, and saw us together.
Oh, first obsession, now blackmail? He said if I didn't meet him, he'd tell my fiance.
Right, a married man.
Come on, details, name and address, please? I can see why she wanted to keep it quiet.
He's Chair of the Governors at her Academy.
They've been together for six months.
He's married with three kids, all under five.
Now, the CCTV on his road shows Jasmine arriving at 9:10PM and leaving at 10:36PM.
His wife and kids were away.
He's paranoid his missus is gonna find out.
Well, if she's got an alibi, we're gonna have to let her go.
But the girl is a liar.
Luke was way too busy to go stalking her.
But it was her wedding that unsettled him.
Hmm? We know that much.
And then he goes back to work, shuts himself off, and starts to unravel.
Where's Thea Hay's toxicology report? We need to see Malcolm.
Er, Malcolm! I'm in the middle of a supervision.
Yeah, and I'm in the middle of a murder enquiry.
Take a look at that.
It's about Luke Sumner.
Well, why have you given me this? It says Thea Hay on it.
Yes, I know it does.
Now, she grew up in the same village as Luke, - killed herself.
- Right.
Take a look at the toxicology report.
Now her best friend has just told us, that Thea was a heavy cannabis user before she died, hmm? There's no mention of that in there.
Well, why would there be, if that wasn't the case? Well, is it possible she just didn't use on day she died? Traces of THC stay in the body for 30 days.
I would say, that this girl had, at most, one joint in her system.
And they only found the one butt at the scene.
Her father said that she never smoked, rarely drank.
There was no alcohol found in her body either.
And no suicide note.
- Anytime - Thank you, Malcolm.
Sorry about that.
Now, when was Luke cautioned for cannabis possession? Six weeks before Thea died.
Right, now listen See, I think all of Luke's self-harming and all the rest of it, was because of Thea's death and I don't think that lass was alone when she died! It was Thea's death that bonded Luke and Jasmine.
Because they were both with her when she died! And whilst Luke spent his life tormented by the memory, there's Jasmine gaily making wedding plans as if nothing had happened.
ANPR have confirmed Jason Hay's vehicle was sighted at Ayrton Road, at 23:45 on the 15th.
Right See, Luke needed the truth to come out and I think he gave Jasmine an ultimatum.
Tell the truth with me or I do it alone? Aye.
He went to Lingford to confess to Thea's dad! - Police are here for you, Dad.
- Oh, what now? Er, look can we have a word with your dad, in private, love? I told you about Kayle.
Should've arrested him by now! We're not here to talk about Raymond Kayle, pet.
We want to talk about Thea.
- Thea? - Aye.
Well, what do you want to know? Well, can you tell us a bit more about the night your daughter died.
Hmm? Just so as we're clear.
She seemed really happy the day she died.
I thought we'd had a nice day.
We watched a film we went to bed then, in the middle of the night, she just crept out walked to Jackson's Crag.
It was depression.
I had no idea.
I play it over and over, about how I could've stopped her.
About why I didn't spot it.
Working out why she didn't tell me.
Was it because she was too proud? Was it because she was too ashamed? Was it because her mam left when she was little? I'll never forgive myself for missing it.
Mr Hay we know Luke Sumner came to Lingford on the night he died.
Did he? - Why? - Well, we're hoping you could tell us that cos we believe he came to see you.
Well, I I wouldn't know if he did.
I'd been in the pub.
Doesn't mix with my meds.
The landlord sent me home, I was in bed asleep by half seven.
Can anyone verify that? - What? - Could Georgia? She was doing a double shift at her care home.
She slept over.
How does she get to and from work? She uses my car.
I can't drive it.
I lost my license.
Will you excuse us, love? Georgia! Georgia! I know what you did.
Luke told me everything.
- Is she here? - Yeah.
- You need to admit it.
- Call for back up.
- Let's talk about this later.
- Oh yeah, that would suit you, right.
Away from your mam? Why won't you let me speak? - Because it's private.
Please? - Jas, love? Please? You don't deserve pity.
How could you do it? How? Georgia, you need to calm down.
She had nothing to do with Luke.
Well she's not talking about Luke, pet.
Please don't say anything.
You are nothing but a coward! You ruined my life, my dad's life! - Georgia, let's take this outside.
- No! No.
You're not letting her get away with it.
Not any more.
Tell the truth.
Admit it! Look, I know the truth, Georgia.
I know.
So come with me, and we can talk this through.
Come on, pet.
- Jas, what's this all about? - Look at you.
This is your last chance to do it yourself.
Look, she doesn't have to.
We'll re-open the inquest into your sister's death.
You will? [SHE SOBS.]
- What's this got to do with Thea? - Nothing, Mum, nothing.
- Jasmine? - I'll tell you.
She was with Thea that night.
Her and Luke.
She dared Thea to stand on the edge of the crag.
And when Thea fell she let us think it was all our fault! They both did.
It's not true, Mam.
I'd never.
I wouldn't do that.
I wouldn't! Come on, pet.
You look hollowed out.
I haven't slept in days.
Look, I know the truth was important to Luke.
Did he come to see your dad? I was so happy to see him.
But he was upset, he wouldn't look at us.
Kept saying he wanted to speak to me dad, but I told Luke I wouldn't wake him.
Luke looks in a bad way.
Whatever it was, was hurting him.
I begged him to tell us what it was and eventually, he did.
Luke could see Thea was wasted when Jasmine dared her.
He tried to stop her.
But Jasmine just kept pushing her on and on, and so Afterwards, Luke wanted to go to the police, but Jasmine said that they'd end up in prison, that she'd kill herself, that it would destroy his mam.
She's just a kid, love.
Just a stupid scared kid.
Yeah, well, that KID made up that Thea had depression.
Said people'd believe it was suicide and Luke just went along with it.
I wanted to hurt him, like he'd hurt us.
I kicked him, hit him, punched him.
He just let me.
Until he fell, and he banged his head, hard.
Straight away, I came to my senses.
I was sorry.
I wanted to help him, but it it wasn't bleeding, he was OK.
He just wanted to go home.
And you drove him back, did you? SOFTLY: Yeah.
And how did he seem? Bit drunk.
Was that because of his head? [SHE SOBS.]
I'm sorry.
What'll happen to Jasmine? She's got to admit the truth.
Oh, she will.
She's got no choice, love.

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