Vera s11e06 Episode Script

The Way the Wind Blows

- [Footsteps tapping.]
- [Apprehensive music.]
[Kiss smacks.]
[TV chatters indistinctly.]
[Door latch clicks.]
[Gate squeaks.]
[Pop music plays loudly.]
[People cheer.]
[People chattering indistinctly.]
[Apprehensive music continues.]
'Cause people talk.
People talk.
[Apprehensive music intensifies.]
[Taxi rumbles.]
You all right love? Shouldn't you be at the party? Duty calls.
I'll pop back when I'm done.
I still can't find my security pass.
Not a problem.
[Taxi rumbles.]
[Soft dramatic beat.]
[Footsteps clacking.]
[Mobile ringing.]
[Low tense music.]
[Door creaks and clatters.]
[Suspenseful tones.]
[Distant thud.]
[Water burbling.]
[Waves lapping.]
[Soft dramatic music.]
[Waves lapping.]
[Gulls cawing.]
[Dramatic music builds.]
[Dramatic music cuts.]
[Soft dramatic theme music.]
[Whimsical music.]
- [Vera grunting.]
- [Wheel nuts squeak.]
[Tools clatter.]
[Whimsical music continues.]
[Wheel thuds.]
[Vera puffing.]
[Door squeaks and thuds.]
[Engine purrs.]
[Sombre music.]
[Brakes squeal faintly.]
[DS Healy.]
What happened to you? [Vera.]
Had a flat.
[DS Healy.]
What, you fixed it yourself? What have we got? Unidentified female.
Washed ashore with no belongings.
And who found her? The canoeist, early this morning.
No link to the victim.
Said the beach was deserted at the time.
Well, let's take a look.
[Low dramatic music.]
[Gulls cawing.]
Dressed for a night on the town.
I checked the party cruises running last night.
No joy.
Well, my guess is she's in her early to mid 40s.
I could have told you that, Malcolm, what else have you got? She has a significant wound to the back of the skull.
And that's likely what killed her.
And these scratches on her legs? Yes.
All these brush marks, and cuts on her legs and her face, that indicates to me that she was swept downstream.
So didn't die here? I don't believe so.
Time of death? I'd say within a 12 hour window from when she was attacked.
How do you know she was attacked? Could have been an accident, she could have fallen overboard.
Well, if you'd let me finish.
If you look at her hands, there's bruising here, that looks like she's been fighting someone, and this shiner, based on that swelling, I'd say that the blow occurred anti mortem, which means- [Vera.]
Before death.
Very good.
Now I can't confirm anything until I get back to the lab, but rest assured, my technicians will be racing through their cornflakes, as we speak.
Anything Jac? Malcolm found a receipt in the victim's coat pocket, and we're just drying it off.
What was it for? Drink in a pub.
Paid for around 8:30 pm.
Which pub? The salmon leap.
- The one in town? - Yep.
Right, we'll get a copy of it, and we'll do ayton.
Come on, we're going to the pub.
[Soft dramatic music.]
I'm not sure how much help I'd be.
It was an open bar, a work party for the employees of Tuuletar.
Tuuletar, the turbine factory? You said it was an open bar, but we've got a receipt here for a cash purchase.
Do you remember serving anyone? I'm sorry.
It was chaos in here last night.
You should speak to the organiser, Joanne.
She had a guest list.
I'll grab her details.
Ah, thanks love.
What time did you shut last night? Everyone was out by midnight.
And we'll need to take a look at your CCTV.
Is there a problem? The ones we have up around the bar are just for show.
The only real one is pointed at the till to watch the staff.
Well, I bet your staff love you.
Well, we'll just take what you've got.
[Distant siren wails.]
Get onto your fancy phone, pull up Tuuletar's website.
So she was out of here by 12.
Then what? Where'd she go, hm? Could she have been attacked near here, and dumped in the water? [Tense music.]
Come on.
It would help if we had a name.
Hang on.
Take a look at this.
Our woman was definitely an employee.
Lisa Millworth.
[Solemn music.]
[Doors thud.]
[Solemn music swells.]
[Doorbell rings.]
[Soft tense music.]
William Millworth? Yeah.
DCI Stanhope.
You're here because of Lisa, aren't you? Aye, love.
But I think it's best if we come inside.
[Door thuds.]
She went out last night and never came back home.
I just thought she was staying at Joanne's.
When did you last speak to her? Um, a-about half nine? Said she had to pop into the office.
And was that normal? Her working late? Recently? Yeah.
Did she say she was meeting anyone at work? [Sam.]
Adam had something to do with it.
- [Melancholic music.]
- [Vera.]
Adam? Who's that, love? Sam's birth father, Adam Michaels.
He's not my dad.
My dad is sat right next to me.
He came back from abroad about a year ago.
Works with Tuuletar energy.
He and Lisa worked together? He chose that job just to push his way into our lives.
No it's okay.
- It's okay.
- [Door slams.]
I'll check on her in a bit.
[Sobs softly.]
[Emotional music.]
How'd you get on with this Adam? We stay out of each other's way.
I moved down here, married Lisa after he'd buggered off.
It was Lisa that wanted him to know Sam, so I supported that.
Do you know if this Adam went to this work's party last night? No.
I don't is he the reason you didn't go? No.
Not at all.
I knew they'd end up talking shop, so I stayed in and had a movie night with Sam.
Did Lisa mention any issues at work? She never brought her work problems home.
[DS Healy.]
But you both got along? Course we got along.
She was my wife.
Do you think I'd hurt her? I'm sorry, love, but we just have to ask these questions.
Look, I don't know what I'm going to do without her.
[Melancholic piano music.]
[Car purrs.]
I'm sorry.
It's just, she was my best friend.
We grew up together.
We did everything together.
I was supposed to have lunch with her today.
We work worked.
We worked together.
Who would do this to her? She was so loved by everyone.
Well clearly not everyone, love.
So the two of you work together at Tuuletar energy, is that right? Yes.
At our factory headquarters.
And when, exactly, did you last see her? Last night, at our work's party? Which you organised? It was really more Lisa's idea.
A lot of us who work there grew up together.
A night down memory Lane for us all.
We understand that you put together the guest list.
I can get you a copy.
And was there anyone at the party she had a problem with? [Low tense music.]
If there was someone, you really need to tell us, pet.
She had a tense moment with Damian.
Well who's he? [Joanne.]
Damian Richardson, he's our company ceo.
He was keeping a tight lead on her recently, always making her work late.
[DS Healy.]
And do you know why? That's just how he is.
He has his favourites.
Makes some work harder than others.
It led to a complaint being made against him.
A staff member leaving.
Was that a bone of contention for Lisa? No, it frustrated her a little.
She mentioned it once.
Could that be what they were arguing about at the party? It was old news, but maybe.
Did she ever talk about her ex, Adam Michaels? No? Was he at the party? No.
Do you know what time Lisa left the pub? No.
We shared a few drinks together.
I got blind drunk, so came home.
I just assumed Lisa went home too.
- I feel terrible.
- [Phone ringing.]
I should have stayed with her.
Excuse me.
How are Samantha and Lee going to take this? Have they been told? Aye, they've been told love.
Oh God.
I thought you were moving house? No, not any more.
My move fell through last minute.
- Ma'am.
- [Tense music.]
Well, thanks very much, love.
We'll be in touch.
[Tense music increases.]
[Door latch clicks.]
What? Oh, that was Kenny.
Lisa's office was broken into last night.
Was it? Well, let's get over there.
With any luck, we might've found our crime scene.
- [Alarm beeping steadily.]
- [Machinery whirring.]
[Dramatic music.]
[Brakes squeal.]
[Doors thud.]
You sure I can't get you one? It's the best cuppa in the north east.
No, I bet it is, love.
Now, is there anything you can tell us about the deceased? Her husband told us she came in to work last night.
Yeah, she did.
Poor girl.
She lost her key card, so I gave her a temp one.
She was all dressed up.
She looked lovely.
What time would you say that was? It was in the second half, before the daggers let in another two goals.
About 9:30-ish.
Anyway, she said she was gonna head back to the party, once she was done.
And did you see her leave? No, she didn't come past me love.
That's not unusual.
A lot of folk use the side exits, it's a big place.
How many other people entered the premises? Through the main gate.
Just her.
I walk the factory every few hours.
It was quiet, although, as I say, there are other entrances.
[DS Healy.]
So can we take a look at the CCTV? You can't.
What do you mean we can't? Well, we've been without security cameras for over a week.
Why? Damien.
Our CEO.
Decided to have the whole system upgraded.
The problem is, it's a lot of building to cover for just one person.
Besides, you'd need a tow truck to steal anything worthwhile.
Whoever did over her office knew what they were after.
Okay, love, if you could just give you details to DS Healy, here.
[Tense music.]
[Camera clicks.]
Any indication she was killed here, Kenny? [Sighs.]
Your guess is as good as mine, ma'am.
There's a lot of ground to cover.
This lock looks like it was attacked with an axe.
And a lot of anger.
And I want these prints on the door returned to me in my time, not yours, Kenny.
Yes ma'am.
Wouldn't have it any other way.
Lisa's boss has just shown up.
He's not too happy about us being here.
[Tense music.]
Could you help with this, love? [Damien.]
You must understand I've got a business to run.
I understand that.
DCI Stanhope.
I'm leading this investigation.
Damian Richardson, Tuuletar CEO.
Ah, just who I need to speak to.
I understand you need to carry out investigations, but I need to make sure that my production lines aren't interrupted.
Now, one of your employees, who I understand you worked very closely with, was killed last night.
I need to find out whether it happened on site or not.
Of course.
I'm just making sure that I can look after my other employees.
It's awful, what's happened.
Lisa's death puts a hole in this company.
She looked after so many departments.
I'll show you around the place.
Were you at the work party last night? [Scoffs.]
Had to pop by to make sure everything was going well.
And I paid for the open bar, anything to show the workers that they're appreciated.
And what time did you leave? Oh, I'd had enough by about 11-ish.
My wife was sat indoors on her own, so I went home to be with her.
How was your relationship with the deceased? We got on.
I valued her strong opinions, even if it led to disagreements about how I run my business.
Look, Lisa was instrumental in supporting the local community, with the jobs and the training programmes that she set up for them.
Oh, so that's how come her ex came to be working for you? Adam? No, he's an independent contractor.
His CV is as good as they come for a green energy engineer.
That's high praise indeed.
Do you not think hiring an employee's ex was a bit on the risky side? [Scoffs.]
It's no secret that they had a complicated past, but Adam, he works remotely, at the coastal and the inshore sites.
Their paths wouldn't have crossed much.
And where will I find him today? He runs his own schedule.
What was it made you overhaul the CCTV? We've had a few break-ins lately.
Lisa's laptop was the last thing to be stolen.
Did you file a police report? With a major business expansion on the horizon, rule one.
Don't attract negative press.
It's best to handle these things internally.
And did Lisa agree with that? Or is that why you were arguing at the party last night? Arguing? [Vera.]
So I'm told.
- [Tense music.]
- No.
Not at all.
[Mobile ringing.]
I'm going to have to take this.
Hi Simon.
How are you? They're here now.
I'm dealing with it.
Nothing to worry about.
[Tense music continues.]
[DS Healy.]
You don't look best pleased.
He's a slippery one.
Only cares about how much her death is going to affect his pocket.
Lisa Millworth, 39, human resource manager, at Tuuletar Energy.
Her body was found early this morning, washed up about couple of miles east of Tuuletar.
Now she'd been at her works party in town, and had left that to go back to her office, and according to the security guard, she had every intention of returning to the party.
Now the office was broken into overnight, so it could be that's where she met her killer.
Her husband, Lee, runs a facility for youth offenders, and neither he nor her daughter, Samantha were at the party.
Aiden, what have you got on the timeline? We know she left the Salmon Leap pub to go back to work at 9:00 pm, and she arrived back at Tuuletar just half an hour later, but she wasn't seen leaving.
Had been decommissioned the week before, pending an upgrade.
Now we do know that she'd been working closely with her boss, Damien Richardson, on an upcoming expansion, and that her work-life, of late, had been a little tense.
Now, Kenny, have you heard back from forensics, about those prints on her office door? Nothing yet, ma'am.
Will you tell 'em to get a wiggle on, please, or have they had an early night? I will do.
And Jac, how are we doing locating her belongings? Officer's are still combing the riverbank.
Of note, is that her laptop went missing recently, but there was no report made to the authorities, interestingly.
Okay, Mark.
I want all the photos of that party downloaded from social media.
And while you're at it, you can upload Lisa's phone records and credit card records.
Let's see if we can get a better picture of her final movements.
And now we come to Adam Michaels.
Aiden, have you got that? Got his driving licence, ma'am.
Now we're still yet to locate this fella.
He is our victim's ex, and he's the biological father of Samantha.
Now he came back on the scene about a year ago, but not welcomed by the daughter.
He also works at Tuuletar, freelance engineer.
And according to uniform, he's not been home since her body was found.
Kenny, has he logged in at any of the other Tuuletar sites? None yet, ma'am.
Okay, I want everyone looking for his whereabouts.
- Top priority.
- [Mobile alert beeps.]
And Jac, do a background check on him, will ya? Asap.
Will do.
Prince charming's ready for us.
Let's see if he's got any information to divulge.
I can confirm that the official time of death was around 11:00 pm.
The fracture on her skull is consistent with a fall backwards, but she also suffered a contrecoup injury, whereby on impact, the brain would have been propelled to the opposite side of the skull, causing a second injury.
And that's some bruise to her eye.
The blow she received the face, I believe knocked her back into the fatal fall.
Backing that up, there's a small meniscus tear in the right knee, which is consistent with a sudden shift in body weight.
But it was her head that took the majority of the impact.
[DS Healy.]
Poor thing.
I can confirm that there was no water in her lungs.
Oh? Meaning she died on land, entered the water post-mortem.
You're getting rather good at this, DCI Stanhope.
Sexual assault? No.
We can rule that out, thankfully, but if you'd like to get a close look at her finger, this faint line here suggests to me that she should have been wearing a wedding ring.
Well, could it have come off in the water? I wouldn't have thought so, no.
That Mark tells me it would have been too tight for that.
So she removed her wedding ring, prior to death.
Or someone did.
An affair, maybe? Hmm.
Well I'll leave that kind of speculation in your capable hands.
Well, thanks Malcolm.
Is there anything else, might be helpful? Yes.
Well, since you asked, there is.
I can safely say, that it is highly unlikely that she was killed anywhere at Tuuletar.
Well, how can you tell that? Well, we found traces in her hair of iron phosphate pretreatment.
What? The sort of stuff you'd find at a an industrial plant? How would you know that? Well is it? Yes, it is.
And it doesn't match any of the forensics samples that you took from Tuuletar.
I hope that's helpful to you.
It is.
[Tense music.]
Right, get Kenny to commission searches of all metal plants in the area.
[Mobile alert pings.]
We find a match for that iron phosphate, we find our crime scene.
We found Adam.
He's working on an inshore turbine site, just outside of Lingford, likely until early morning, and background check says that he left town 11 years ago, right after a domestic incident between Lisa and him was reported.
Really? Well when he's finished his shift tomorrow, we'll be his welcome party.
[Soft dramatic music.]
[Tools clank.]
[Engine purrs.]
[Door thuds.]
Adam Michaels? So what's this about? DCI Stanhope.
We're here about Lisa Millworth.
Why? What's wrong? I'm afraid her body was found on the beach yesterday morning.
[DS Healy.]
We have tried to reach you.
What? No.
I need to get to Sam, my daughter.
Steady on.
Steady on, sir.
Your daughter and Lee, have been informed.
We've just got a couple of questions for you.
What? When did you last speak to Lisa? About a few days ago.
She wanted me to go to the works do.
Oh, why didn't you go? I've had some issues with some turbines, I've been here since.
Are we done? Well can anyone corroborate that? No one was with me, if that's what you're asking.
So that bottle of whiskey in your bag was your only companion, was it? Sometimes you're on site for days.
It helps pass the time.
How was your relationship with Lisa? We have a daughter together.
That kept us on good terms.
Ah, but that's not the full story, is it, pet? Hm? That domestic incident? If your memory needs jogging.
That was years ago.
Ancient history.
So you're okay with your ex moving on, are you? I accepted it a long time ago.
Anyway, I've been with someone else for the past five months.
This someone else got a name? Joanne.
- Joanne Smith? - Lisa's best friend? [Soft dramatic music.]
Did she know about that? No.
Does this matter? Look, I want to help you, but I need to get to my kid.
She's all I'm worried about.
[Toolbox thuds.]
[Trunk slams.]
[Low dramatic music continues.]
I've been looking at the report, but there's limited information.
[Pump beeps.]
I'm listening.
He was brought in for questioning, but no charges were made.
That came out of left field, didn't it? About him and Joanne.
Thought Lisa was her best friend.
You couldn't get this for us, could ya? [Tense dramatic music.]
Well would you you look at that.
Thought he was rushing off to see his daughter? Right.
We'll speak later.
[Brakes squeaking.]
- [Tyres screech.]
- [Engine growls.]
Oh, did we interrupt something, love? Adam was only here for advice.
About what? His daughter.
Oh, I'm less concerned with how it looks for him, love.
Why did you fail to mention him, given his troubled past with Lisa? And now you, apparently? It wasn't the first thing on my mind.
My best friend is gone.
She is, love.
So I'll ask you again.
Why didn't you mention him yesterday, when we spoke? Because we were nervous about what our relationship would look like to everyone.
We've been keeping things just between us, until the right time.
And when would that have been? We were supposed to break the news to Lisa after the party.
But in any case, Adam changed his mind, said we should wait a bit.
So what was the problem in telling Lisa, your best mate, after all? Did she still have feelings for him? No, she was happy with Lee.
And this move that fell through.
You were moving in with Adam weren't you? Yes.
That was the plan.
Now this domestic dispute, he and Lisa had, back in the day.
What do you remember about that? I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm losing my patience here, love.
Adam used to be a piece of work back then.
They never could see eye to eye.
They got into an argument.
I don't even remember what it was about, but it got heated.
A neighbour heard the noise and called the police.
Adam up and left shortly after.
No warning.
Sam would would've been about seven or eight.
Anyway, that was in the past.
Did you see him the night of the party? No.
He was working on the turbines.
[Door squeaks.]
Oh, thanks Jac.
Now I want background checks on the pair of them, and take a look at their social media accounts.
Anything that can give us a better picture of their relationship.
Now they both maintain Lisa didn't know they were together, but we can't rule out the fact that she might have found out.
Now, Kenny, how are we doing with Lisa's phone records? Um, I should have them shortly, ma'am.
By the end of the day, Kenny.
Now have we identified any industrial plants, that gives us a match to this iron phosphate? Well, none of the metal plants in the area were a match, but a lot of the old plants were along the river.
Most of them are new developments now.
Well get them to check there.
And ask forensics to expand their search to include disused metal sites.
Anywhere, last five years.
Uh, ma'am.
They're ready for you now.
Here goes.
[Sombre music.]
[Lee sobs.]
There you are, love.
Thank you.
How are you bearing up? Hm? When mam went off to the party, she looked beautiful.
I just wish I could take back all the horrible things I said to her.
I didn't even say goodbye.
We got into a fight, I just ignored her.
What was your fight about? [Adam.]
Hey Sam.
- [Sam sighs.]
- [Tense music.]
What are you doing here? Lee told me you were coming to see your mam today? Look.
I'm here for you.
We're all we've got now.
Please, just give me a chance.
How could you invite him? He's hardly family.
It was the right thing to do.
Just give us a minute.
Sir, please.
Adam, another time, okay? [Tense music.]
Hold up.
How, love.
I'm not as young as I used to be.
He just cares about himself.
He left me and mam when we didn't have anything.
So I don't want his money.
What money's that, love? For my birthday, last month.
He turned up with a brand new car.
It was a better car than my mam's.
As if I would be impressed, and it would make everything okay.
Oh, a new car, eh? Well, I wouldn't have turned my nose up.
I didn't want it.
Mam sold it back to the showroom at a reduced price, in exchange for cash.
And when was this? A couple of weeks ago.
Why for cash? That's a lot of money to be carting about.
That's what Lee said.
He wasn't comfortable having it in the house.
So until mam decided what to do with it, she took it back to work for safekeeping.
Well if you ever need someone to talk to, love, - you just - Sam.
Now we're told Lisa was keeping the cash from the sale of the car at her office.
But there was certainly no cash there when we searched it.
So who knew it was there? Hm? Why would you want cash anyway? What do her bank statements tell us, Mark? Any large cash deposits? No, ma'am.
No transactions that seemed out of the ordinary.
I also spoke to Tuuletar accounts, and they confirmed that the money wasn't stored in their safe.
Well, if there was cash there, that'd be the reason for the break-in.
About that, ma'am.
I checked Tuuletar security system, which tracks the passes used to swipe in and out of the factory.
According to the security guard, Lisa entered the main entrance at 9:30 pm, when he made her a temporary pass.
However, 20 minutes earlier, Lisa's security pass swiped in at a side entrance.
Was it? Well whoever used that pass very likely broke into her office.
Had it away with the cash.
Ma'am, phone records are in.
Come and have a look.
This is Lee's number.
He made six unanswered calls to Lisa, just hours before she was killed.
Did he? Well, he kept that little nugget to himself.
What's that yellow one? Oh, well we had another incoming call, from an untraceable number.
The call lasted just under a minute.
What, and she took that call? Yep.
So Lee's unanswered calls, fell either side of that call? - Aye.
- [Suspicious music.]
It makes you wonder if she had someone else she didn't want Lee to know about.
Ah, well if you asked me Kenny, those nonstop calls suggest to me, he did know something.
But what? [Door thuds.]
You called your wife six times.
Now that seems like something you would have mentioned the first time we spoke.
It's not what you think.
Well why didn't she call you back? - Was she avoiding you? - What? No.
Why were you calling her? What is this? I told you already.
She called to say she was going into the office.
I called her back a bit later to see if she wanted to lift home when she was done.
I didn't get her.
I must've sat on the call button, we've all done it.
I didn't even notice until the morning.
Did your wife always wear her wedding ring? Yeah, always.
She'd never take it off.
Well, this may be hard to hear, love, but she wasn't wearing it when we found her.
What? Look, I know these are difficult questions.
No, no.
We were happy.
We loved each other.
Nothing got between that, not even Adam.
What'd you mean by that? I'd be lying if I said Adam wasn't a thorn in my side.
Sam was struggling and I didn't think encouraging a relationship to grow as quickly as Lisa wanted it to was the right way to do it.
I've got no problem with the fella, it was just too fast for Sam.
[Tense music.]
Her ex has really pinched a nerve there, wouldn't you say? Maybe there was more going on between Adam and Lisa than he thought.
Well I'm beginning to think things with Lisa weren't as rosy as they're making out.
This Adam fella must have a Bob or two.
[DS Healy.]
I'd say.
[Door buzzer bleeps.]
What now? Ooh, looks like a party for one in here.
It's been a rough day.
Now there's something I need to ask you, love.
Did you and Lisa ever talk about her relationship with Lee? What? Talk about lovable Lee? Mm.
Not really.
I knew they were very happy, and that he took good care of my daughter.
That's it.
And nothing was ever rekindled between you? No.
That was the past.
So money's not an issue for you? I've been fortunate.
Ah, but money can't always get you what you want.
Can it? I mean, you were upset when Lisa sold that car you bought for your daughter's birthday.
But what could I do? I got over it.
Maybe I rushed into it.
Now we hear there'd been a number of break-ins at Tuuletar besides Lisa's office.
Do you know anything about that? Yeah.
A few weeks ago, someone had themselves a lucky day with my van.
Oh? It was broken into at the warehouse.
Some expensive drills were taken.
And did you report it? Not with the police.
I reported it to Lisa.
See if she said she'd handle it.
Trusted her to find a way to cover the losses.
And how much was the total value of your loss? [Adam.]
15,000 pounds.
Oh, that's a lot of money.
What does it matter? I've lost a lot more than that in my life.
And how did Tuuletar deal with the issue? They didn't.
They refused to cover the cost, or file a claim with their insurance.
Who stole your equipment? I have my suspicions.
Who? Warren.
Warren Dyden.
And who's he? He works at Tuuletar on the manufacturing lines.
He's a welder.
I mean, I've got no evidence, but he didn't waste any time revelling in the news that my equipment was stolen, and that I was under threat of losing my job.
And what's this Warren Dyden got against you? Ask if anyone at Tuuletar has anything positive to say about him.
[Mobile alert pings.]
Look, I need to get back to work.
Thanks love.
Go on, have as much as you want.
No you're all right, love.
You're missing out.
What have you got to ask me today? I pride myself on being the eyes and ears of this place.
Oh, there's the boss.
Ma'am, I'll come and find you.
All right, love, uh, what can you tell us about an incident involving Adam Michaels' van being broken into? Ah.
That was before the old security system had been decommissioned.
So there'd be CCTV coverage? There would be.
Well can have a look at it? You can't.
Why not? All the files are handed to Lisa.
Well did you look at the files, before handing them over to Lisa? It's not normal practise.
Most of it's just for record keeping.
Every few days we take all the files, and send them over to Lisa to put on to a master file.
A master file? Where? On her computer, I believe.
Lisa's computer? Her laptop that was stolen from her office last week? Yeah, that'd be the one.
[Soft dramatic music.]
What can you tell us about a fella called Warren Dyden? Oh, him? He's a welder here.
He's a piece of work.
Really? Why d'you say that? Oh, he's a very intimidating lad.
He had a run-in with Lisa, come to think of it.
Warren Dyden did? When was this? A few days ago, it was.
They were arguing outside her office.
Now why didn't you tell us this before? It's just come to me, he had a go at everyone.
What was the argument about? I have no idea, he'd left before I got there.
It wasn't something that I wanted to log as an incident.
Lisa was playing it down.
Well, he's always speeding round the plant, and it's dangerous.
Maybe it was about that? So I followed up with our ceo, Damien.
And if you ask me, he's not only arrogant, he's a dinosaur too, especially when it comes to relating to women.
Get someone to do some digging into Tuuletar, I'm starting to think there's something rotten under the surface.
And get Mark to do a background check on this Warren Dyden, while you're at it.
[Phone ringing.]
[Car purring.]
Warren Dyden? Yeah, two secs.
[Trolley rattles.]
What do you want? You got time for little chat? [Dyden.]
What do you want to waste my time about? Oi.
Less of the attitude.
You work at Tuuletar, don't you? So? Well, we're investigating a break-in at Tuuletar, Lisa Millworth's office was broken into.
I mean, besides a few other thefts at the factory recently.
No, I don't know anything about any break-ins.
I heard about Lisa though.
That's tragic.
Oh, aye.
Now we understand you had an argument with her recently, and I'd just like to know what that was about.
You must be pulling at short straws if you think one tiny argument, a couple of days ago, means her death has anything to do with me.
Oh, we're pulling all sorts of straws, love.
And a little bit of cooperation goes a long way, doesn't it, DS Healy? I'm sure you know that we're familiar with your criminal record.
- Petty theft, robbery.
- Fine.
I went to confront her, because I wasn't getting my pay on time.
Talk nice to 'em, please.
I'm sorry.
He's had his fair share of run-ins with the police.
Everything that happens around here, they always come for him.
Yeah, you tell 'em.
Just help 'em out, as best as you can, love.
Well, despite your argument, you still went to the works party.
Well, it's an open tab, I wasn't gonna turn it down.
Why not ask ash? She was with me.
We stayed 'til the boss's, miserly bar tab dried up, and we got a cab home together.
Had a nightcap.
Went to bed.
Very detailed.
[Mobile rings.]
I mean, is that how you remember it, love? I'll be back in a minute, ma'am.
Follow him.
Make sure he's not snooping around.
Go on.
See, I've got a solid alibi.
I was with my girl.
What you have got, is an answer for everything, love.
I just know how to be, around you lot.
So why the hatred for Adam Michaels? Hm? Now the less said about him, the better.
Look, he's a user.
Trust me.
I know where he lives.
On the quayside, like a millionaire.
You think he got there playing it straight? Now someone with that opinion might want to bring him down to size, wouldn't they? Maybe break into his van, nick his equipment? Well, are we done here? For now.
[Low tense music.]
- [Metal clangs.]
- Bloody hell.
[Door clunks.]
We've found the crime scene.
What, with the metal pre-treatment stuff? Direct match and get this, it's only a mile and a half west of Tuuletar.
[Dramatic music swells.]
Ah, the very person.
What have you got? Well we have a wealth of physical evidence.
And despite the elements, I think we have enough to paint a pretty clear picture.
There's blood over there.
We've done a luminol test that came back as positive.
That's her blood? It could well be.
I've already sent a sample off to the laboratory, see if we get a match.
Meanwhile, I found the tip of a high heel over there, and that is a definite match to shoes that she was wearing.
So what was she doing here? Tyre tracks? There's shed loads, but none that are recent.
So she was pushed back with enough force.
Hit her head on the rail, and died on impact.
Is that what you're saying? That sounds about right.
And then the killer sent her body downstream.
Lisa's belongings.
The dive team retrieved them from the river.
Now there's water damage to her phone, but we're hoping forensics will be able to recover something.
Yeah, as fast as they can, Jac.
Getting somewhere.
Was her security pass in that bag? No ma'am.
[Soft tense music.]
[Phone rings.]
- [Receiver clunks.]
- DS Healy.
How are we doing with these other guests at the party? Well, all statements have been taken, and we've crosschecked them with their alibis, but so far everyone checks out.
And what about the CCTV in the surrounding area of that pub? There's nothing, ma'am.
She must have crossed paths with someone.
And why would they end up here, of all places- [DS Healy.]
Great thank you.
I mean, it's in the middle of nowhere.
Ma'am, we've had a hit on Lisa's credit card.
A clothes shop, just outside of town.
- [Mysterious music.]
- [Shop bell pings.]
And this is the girl who used the card? [Shop worker.]
Did your colleague give you a description of this customer? [Shop worker.]
It was too busy with the sale on.
What's that, she's just grabbed? It's an initial charm necklace.
They've been very popular.
What letter did she choose? [Mysterious music.]
[DS Healy.]
It looks like the letter s.
And that looks like the daughter's school badge.
[Dramatic music.]
[Car door thuds.]
[Gate squeaks.]
[Watering can clangs.]
My mam planted this garden when I was little.
Why are you here? [Vera.]
Do you know who that is, love? Now that hoodie has got your school crest on it, hasn't it? Is that you? No.
I-I don't have that hoodie anymore.
Now listen, love.
I need you to be completely honest with me, because whoever that is, stole your mam's credit card.
- [Sam exhales sharply.]
- [Soft suspenseful music.]
That's my ex-girlfriend, Jess.
Your ex girlfriend? So when did you last see her? She lived with us until my mam asked her to leave.
And when was that? [Sam.]
Last week.
Why did she want her to leave? She said it was all getting complicated.
It was too much, too soon.
Lee took mam's side, so Jess left.
Ah, so that's what the argument with your mam was about, on the night she died, wasn't it? Because she'd asked Jess to leave.
Yeah, it's what broke us up.
Now why did you say it was about Adam? I dunno.
I was just angry with him.
I wanted to blame him.
Well, look, I know where you're going with this.
Jess might have nicked the credit card, but she would not hurt my mam.
Jess was just angry when she changed her mind.
She threatened her, but she didn't, she didn't mean anything by it.
So Jess would have known about the car your dad bought for you, right? Did she also know about the cash, your mam was keeping at the office? Yeah? Do you know where Jess is now, pet? No.
We haven't spoken since she left.
[DS Healy.]
Is it possible that Jess could have killed Lisa, out of revenge for kicking her out? Or she could have still been ransacking her office, looking for that cash when Lisa walked in, things turned ugly, now that's definitely a possibility.
We got any background on her, Jac? Yeah, she's a youth offender.
That's how she found her way into Lee Millworth's outreach programme, she was a referral from CPS.
Ah, so that's how her and Sam met.
Well Lee would have known her, why didn't he say something? We need to talk to him.
Where's that outreach programme he's running? [Curious music.]
Whose idea was it to take her in, in the first place? Lisa and I made the decision together, we didn't think twice.
We had bright hopes for Jess's future, I mean, look, it's why I take kids in, who are at a crossroads.
Everyone makes mistakes, they just need support.
I took Jess into my work programme, in exchange for her avoiding a criminal record.
Most of my kids stay on the straight and narrow, some struggle.
I guess Jess was always up against it.
What do you mean by that? Have you met her parents? Lisa was getting threats from them.
Bin liners thrown in our front garden, it was full on.
Kept turning up to our front door, I mean the whole situation was getting out of hand.
So you're saying they're the reason she was asked to leave? Yeah.
They blamed Lisa for encouraging Jess to leave home.
Lisa so badly wanted to mend things.
She just hoped that Jess going home would help.
The situation was tearing her up inside.
What are you doing, questioning us? We have nothing to do with it.
Well, right now we want to talk about your daughter.
Has Jess been in contact? It's in all of our best interests that we find that her.
We haven't seen her in weeks.
Not even got text from her.
Oh, so is that why things were so tense between you and Lisa? We were in a disagreement.
Oh, you made that point loud and clear, love, on her front doorstep.
Ruth can be hotheaded at times.
What do you want me to say? Lisa was destroying my family, I had to fight back.
Jess is 18, but she's still a kid.
Where were you on Wednesday night.
Oh, come on.
You've lost it if you think I had anything to do with Lisa's murder.
I was working late shift here.
I got home about 1:00 am.
You can confirm that on shop security system.
If you don't mind, I've got an appointment with my hairdresser.
Your daughter's missing, a suspect in a murder case, and you want a shampoo n' set? I'm not going to be harassed, I'm not soft like Barry.
And I'm sorry about what happened to Lisa, I really am, but with people like that, well, what d'you expect? They bring these things on themselves, encouraging Jess to run away from home, and taking her in.
That crossed the line.
I never laid a hand on my daughter.
Lisa had no right, splitting up my family.
You're being asked a question about your whereabouts on the night of Lisa's murder.
I was working from home.
Doing all the accounting.
When we do find her, I hope you're going to be there to support her, because as things stand, she could be in a lot of trouble.
[Sombre music.]
If that's all, I've got to get to my hair appointment.
Can't afford to waste my day here.
No, neither can I, love.
[Low tense music.]
Get someone to triple check their alibis.
No wonder Jess ran away from home.
Well, let's hope we find the lass sooner rather than later.
[Pensive music.]
Jac, you listening? I want you to put out an AMPR search.
The area around Tuuletar, between 8:00 pm and midnight, on the night she died, and also the area surrounding our crime scene.
See if you can match any vehicles to those registered to our prime suspects.
Yes ma'am.
I just spoke to a former Tuuletar employee, who made the harassment complaint against Damien Richardson.
Now he told us that she quit, but this woman says that's rubbish.
That he fired her because she made the complaint.
And she recently contacted Lisa, about making an unfair dismissal claim.
Well maybe that's what they were arguing about, the night of the party.
You're gonna want to hear this.
Guess whose alibi didn't check out.
So how much would a cup of tea and a meal cost here then? Probably the same price as one of those Jackets of yours.
[Diners chatting quietly.]
I lied, but it had nothing to do with Lisa's death.
Now, we'd love to know your reason, for lying.
I was with, a friend.
Does this friend have a name? Or is friend a euphemism you use for female members of staff, who can't help but fall at your feet? Okay.
I left the pub with one of the interns, her name's Carla, I can give you her details.
Look, she likes me.
I like her.
It's completely consensual, but my wife doesn't know, so I would appreciate you being discreet.
Oh, I'd say cheating on your wife's the least of your worries, pet.
'Cause if this comes out, just imagine what that will do to your image.
Hm? Everyone knowing you like to cuddle up to the younger members of staff, especially those who complain about your unwanted advances.
Is that what Lisa had an issue with at the party? Mm.
That complaint was completely baseless.
Can anyone confirm you left the party with this intern? Fortunately, no one important.
Only that sad looking woman.
Who? Oh, what's her name? Her husband works at the company.
Warren Dyden's wife.
She nearly got into my cab by mistake.
Warren and Ashley Dyden saw you? No, no, just her.
She got into the cab alone.
[Soft tense music.]
So, Warren Dyden, he hadn't bargained on his missus being seen, when she left that party alone.
[DS Healy.]
And bang goes his alibi.
Well, let's get over there.
[Dramatic music.]
Get off.
I'll do you lot for this.
Not so clever now, are ya, love? Sleep well? Now let's talk about your personal history with our victim.
You never liked Lisa, did ya? And you hated her ex even more.
Not a single word of truth.
That's why you stole his equipment.
She put two and two together, and the pair of you had it out.
You're wasting your own time.
And I'm beginning to think you found out she'd sold her daughter's car, and that she was stashing the money in her office for safekeeping.
I don't know anything about any money.
Well try this for size.
While everyone's enjoying the party, at the Salmon Leap pub, you snuck out, broke into her office and stole that money.
Just like you had already stolen his equipment, and assumed nobody would notice.
You're deluded.
What about her laptop? Let's talk about that.
You're barking up the wrong tree.
What laptop? Petty theft, vandalism, robbery, assault.
Anything else you'd like to add? You were at Tuuletar, but what you didn't bargain for, is for Lisa turning up.
She confronted you, and you lost it.
Now we've checked the main routes, from Tuuletar, back into town.
And anpr confirms your van speeding from the scene.
So I nipped back to work, doesn't mean I killed her.
Then it's in your interest to tell us what really happened that night.
- [Door knocks.]
- Why were you there? Ma'am? Can I have a word? [Soft dramatic music.]
Interview suspended.
- [Door slams.]
- What? His wife's just called, said she wants to talk to you.
Well she can wait.
It's urgent.
[Garage door squeaks.]
Warren went all the way to the sunderland to get rid of the stuff he stole.
He might still have some of it.
He complained he wasn't getting good money for that big drill that was Adam's.
This is what he still kept hold of.
[Low tense music.]
It's that Lisa's laptop? Yeah.
He nicked it from her office.
He said he needs to wipe it first, before he can sell it.
When you lot showed up to arrest him, I hid it.
I'm sorry.
I was scared.
I'm not surprised you were scared, love, but you did the right thing in coming forward.
Now, what time did your husband come home, the night of the party? - Late.
- Yeah.
How late? After midnight.
He's always had a temper.
I just didn't think he could ever go this far.
[Dramatic pensive music.]
Zoom in on that.
Now when was that recorded? Two weeks ago, ma'am, from the Tuuletar car park, Lisa had it saved on her laptop.
Right, well get digital forensics to go through every file on that laptop.
We don't know what else she's got stored on there for safekeeping.
Run that through again, Mark.
[Dramatic tense music.]
Nothing wrong with that CCTV.
I don't know why it was decommissioned.
Now that footage was taken from Lisa's laptop.
A laptop we found in your lockup.
It's not looking good for you.
Lisa's dead, love, and evidence suggest it was you who killed her.
I stole from Adam Michaels' van, and aye, I stole the laptop from Lisa's office, but that was a week ago.
I didn't kill her.
You were there the night she died.
I was, but not in her office.
I was nowhere near it.
I came in the loading dock, that way you don't need to swipe in.
That's how I'd collect what I had stashed.
I was on the take, I had to be, we were all going to be laid off any minute.
What d'you mean by that? That's what's been going round work.
No one's job is safe.
Why did you target Adam's van? Look, I was just taking what I was owed.
Owed? My dad died and left me some money.
Adam, the lanky bastard, convinced me to go into business, a tyre shop, and it was all lies.
Instead he, he just took my money, and left the country.
And years later he just shows up.
No explanation, no apology.
Rich, off my money.
And I'm going to take it.
Well, unfortunately, love, that doesn't give you the right to break the law.
You know what it's like to be 40, and have no sensation in your fingers? Being a welder my whole life wasn't part of the plan.
Why does Adam get to cause so much damage, and just walk away? You've just lost money, love, you didn't lose your life.
You know who did? Lisa, so don't expect to be going home anytime soon.
- [Tense music.]
- Interview terminated, 11:35.
[Recorder beeps.]
[Vera sighs.]
Tuuletar just confirmed that you don't need a pass to enter through the loading dock.
Now this Warren Dyden, he's a piece of work, but I don't think he killed her.
Lisa's credit cards been flagged at a hotel.
- [Fast dramatic music.]
- Well.
When one door shuts.
Come on.
- [Hinge squeaks.]
- Jess Barnsby? Jess.
[Intense dramatic music.]
Jess! [Jess pants.]
She's making a run for it.
Well I'm not seeing her in the lobby.
[Intense dramatic music continues.]
Ignore that.
[Jess pants.]
[Steps clanking.]
[Dramatic music intensifies.]
[Dramatic music breaks.]
I think you've given my officers enough exercise for one day, don't you, pet? We've been trying to track you down for ages, love.
Even had a chat with your parents.
I don't care.
And we spoke to Sam.
Oh, aye, we know about your girlfriend, love.
Nice lass.
You been in contact with her? No.
We had a falling out, so I blocked her.
All because her mam asked her to move out.
We know about that too.
So what? You gonna give me a lesson on how to be the perfect teenager now? No, no, no, no, no one needs to be perfect, love, but honest.
So explain to me how you can be so brazen, as to use the stolen credit card of a woman who gave you a roof over your head.
This is serious.
Look where you are.
How did you get Lisa's credit card? Maybe I found it.
I dunno.
Well, clearly you have no problem being charged for murder either.
Wait, what are you talking about? Lisa Millworth is dead, love.
You had her credit card.
[Tense music sting.]
Did you confront her at Tuuletar? In her office? Maybe something got out of the hand, and an accident happened? Can we have a break please.
[Tense music swells.]
Kenny, what have you got for us? The key card we found on Jess, it's for a local youth hostel.
I called them.
She was under a fake name, stayed for a few nights, left early this morning.
So that's where she would have stayed, the night Lisa died.
About to check out CCTV.
What about the hotel where we found her, Jac? They finished the search of the room? We recovered Lisa's Tuuletar pass, the same one used to swipe in at the side entrance.
Yeah, and forensics match.
Jess's fingerprints to the sets on the office door lock.
Therefore, we can place her at the scene of the break in.
Was any money recovered from that hotel room? [Kenny.]
No ma'am.
If she had all that cash, why would she risk using a stolen credit card? It's possible she could have stashed it somewhere? Aye, that's true.
Anyway, I want that cash found.
We've had an update on Adam's phone records, ma'am, but there has been a bit of a complication, and we will have them shortly, both have been approved.
Both? What do you mean both? Well, he had a satellite phone registered unto his name.
And since it's not registered to any regular network, there's a few steps that we have to take, in order to pull the call logs down.
Well, he kept that to himself, didn't he? Ma'am.
The forensic report also confirms that the blood at the crime scene is a match to Lisa's.
And? Her phone? What's digital doing, over there? Well, they're still working to recover as much data as they can, ma'am.
There's a lot of water damage.
Yeah, well I'll give 'em water damage.
That's a long enough break.
Come on.
Let's get some answers from this lass.
So we can 100% place you in Lisa's office, on the night she was killed.
We just want to know what happened, love.
You do know how serious this is? I didn't kill Lisa.
Yeah? I was angry at her for throwing me out.
'Cause of my waste of space parents.
I was upset, so yeah, I made a plan to break into her office, to get the cash.
I wanted to use it to start new life with Sam.
How did you know the money was in her office? It's a big issue at the house.
Lee didn't want it there, so Lisa said she'd keep it at the office.
So when they threw me out, I took her pass.
Yeah, and her credit card.
[Low tense music.]
I nicked that from her purse.
When did you do that? When she caught me.
And what time was that? Um, around 9:30, maybe? I snuck round to a side entrance, swiped in, found her office, and just broke the lock.
So what happened, when she found you in her office? She was really angry.
She said she was going to call Lee, but I begged her not to.
[DS Healy.]
And why's that? Because if he knew, he'd have turned me in, he made that clear to all of us on his programme, that if we messed up, we'd be held accountable.
Lisa didn't want me to get in trouble.
She'd know that I was just being stupid.
[Poignant music.]
I loved Lisa.
I would never hurt her.
Ah, but you still nicked her cash.
I couldn't find it.
Lisa said I broke in for nothing.
So she didn't call Lee.
So what happened? - She called Adam.
- [Suspenseful music.]
She what? You're sure about that? What? Sam's biological father, Adam? Mm-hm, mm-hm.
She called him from her office phone, we met him out on the road, and then he dropped me back at the hostel.
Was Lisa still with you? [Jess.]
Can I go home now? Kenny.
Adam Michaels' phone records must be here by now.
Right here, ma'am.
These are for the satellite phone.
He had an incoming call from a landline, just after 10:00 pm.
Night she died.
So she's telling the truth.
Just double check that's a Tuuletar number, Kenny.
Yep, will do ma'am.
[Dramatic music.]
[Vera sighs.]
[Dramatic music.]
[Lock buzzes.]
Now, I did call your parents, love.
I thought if your mam didn't come to meet you, at least your dad would, but I got that wrong.
So I took the Liberty of asking someone else.
Is that all right? Digital forensics came by, with a full evaluation on Lisa's laptop.
Adam had caught on that Damian wanted to end his contract.
And for some reason, Adam was blaming Lisa.
Poor girl, she was getting it from all sides.
So Adam thought his ex was doing Damien's dirty work.
I want Adam Michaels found.
Ma'am? Finally, data activity from Lisa's phone.
Well, better late than never.
Yeah, she used a taxi app, to pick her up from the pub around 9:00 pm.
I reached out to the company, and the driver going to be in the office, on shift for the next hour.
Thanks Mark.
[Soft dramatic music.]
I just dropped her at the turbine place.
And how was she? What was her mood? Let's just say she was a little tense.
What'd you mean? Well before she even got into the car, she got into a fight with a woman, outside the pub.
Got into a fight? A big pushing match.
I've got it on dash cam, if you'd like to see it? Oh yeah, that would be great.
All our cameras store onto a cloud databank automatically.
Do you remember what this scrap was about? Not really.
I'm used to things like that.
I don't even report it.
People have a few drinks.
It happens.
[Foreboding music.]
[DS Healy.]
That's Joanne Smith.
Well, well, well.
Did you and Lisa have a disagreement at the party? It was just a silly fight.
Oh, only from the footage we saw, looked pretty tense.
Is that why you called your boyfriend? How many times was it? Six.
Six times.
Now you told us you had a skinful, and went straight home from that party, but that was a lie, wasn't it love? So where did you go after your punch up? Who are you protecting here, love? Adam or yourself? Your best friend has been murdered.
Does that not bother you? I didn't know what to do.
Lisa had already put two and two together.
She was upset that I hid the relationship from her, that's why we argued.
I want to know where you went after you argued.
I couldn't just stay at the party after that, pretending it was okay, so I went to see Adam.
And? I told him what happened, and then And then Lisa phoned, didn't she? [Tense music.]
Am I right? He just left us.
Said he had to go.
Were you upset that he chose Lisa over you? Yes.
I was angry.
Because you thought there was still something between them, didn't you? They always would have something that he and I didn't.
I waited for Adam to come back, but what was the point? I just decided to get a taxi home.
He came to see us that morning that you saw us arguing.
He said we should just keep quiet.
So I did.
So do you think Adam had something to do with Lisa's death? Is that where you're saying? I want to believe he didn't.
But you can't rule it out? [Low tense music.]
I can't.
Both Jess and Joanne can place Adam with Lisa that night.
And that meeting was pretty close to her time of death.
Here we go, ma'am.
We've found Adam, he's coming into port.
[Dramatic music.]
[DS Healy.]
Ma'am? Do you recognise this? Aye, I do.
That's Adam's ring.
It was taken on Lisa's phone, timestamped just 40 minutes before her death.
Right, I want you and Jac over to his flat.
Turn the place inside out if you have to, I want anything incriminating you can find, and you'll need to get a warrant.
- [Dramatic music continues.]
- [Cars purr.]
All right.
[Siren wails.]
[Door bashes.]
Jac, can you search upstairs please.
I want two on the balcony, someone follow Jac.
Can you check in there? [Ships horn blasts.]
[Engine chugs.]
[Brooding music.]
[Bedding ruffles.]
[Drawer clunks.]
[Tense brooding music.]
[Packet rustling.]
[Phone rings.]
I found the 10k.
[Police officer.]
Adam Richardson, I'm arresting you on suspicion of murder.
[Cuffs clink.]
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence [Brooding music swells.]
Well, let's just take a look at the facts.
She was killed near your home.
The cash stolen from her office - was in your possession.
- No, hang on a bit.
And a witness places you with her, on the night she died, not to mention the number of times you've lied to us, saying you didn't see her.
I didn't kill her.
And of course you're worried about your job, blaming Lisa, because the boss was going to terminate your contract.
Oh, these emails, love, they're not pleasant.
Because Damien is a lying crook.
He was just out to save himself.
And then there's your stolen equipment.
Were you cheesed off with her, because she didn't file a police report? 'Cause you couldn't claim insurance without that, could ya? No, no.
My faults with Lisa were none of that.
I didn't hurt her.
No? At least, not since I came back.
- What? - Look I knew that coming home, I'd have to face up to the past.
So I was just here to do right.
That's it.
Oh well, that's touching, isn't it, DS Healy? So is that why you were with her on the night she died, even though you say you weren't? Okay.
She called me, asking me to pick her and Jess up from Tuuletar.
So I did.
I dropped Jess back off at the hostel, and then Lisa came back to my apartment, and she was there about maybe 15 minutes, and then left.
Oh, right.
Well explain this to me, love.
That's your ring, isn't it? Of course it is.
You're wearing it.
Now this photo was taken on Lisa's phone, not 40 minutes before she died.
I was signing half my assets over to Sam, into a trust.
She must've snapped that photo by accident, when she was scanning the documents with her phone.
But you could've signed those anywhere.
Why take her back to your flat? We were supposed to do it at the party, but I didn't want to create any awkwardness for Joanne, so I changed my mind last minute, and I didn't go.
I wanted to sort things with Lisa alone, before involving Lee and Joanne.
Let's talk about the cash.
If you didn't break into her office, how did you come by it? It was never in her office.
She gave it back to me at work, as soon as she had sold the car.
It was thrust at me back, a wad of cash like that.
It cheapened my intentions, but I got it.
She told Lee the money was in the office, because she didn't want to say that she'd been to see me.
Oh, that annoy you? Yes.
It annoyed me.
But she said me throwing my money around was destabilising Sam.
That's when I decided to do things by the book, I wanted things to be civil and proper.
[DS Healy.]
We know that Joanne, she came to see you.
So what? She's my girlfriend.
And she was upset about the argument between her and Lisa.
It was more than an argument, love, we've seen the footage.
So were you upset that Lisa struck your girlfriend? Is that it? No.
I felt guilty.
I should've just told Lisa.
Joanne was over at mine, when I got the call from Lisa that she needed help, she wasn't best pleased that I dashed off, but we both knew I owed Lisa that.
I picked them both up.
I dropped Jess off at the hostel.
And that's when she came back to mine.
So, Lisa wasn't angry at you, about your secret liaison with her bestie? No.
She was just hurt.
And upset that we weren't honest with her.
We made plans the next day to have drinks, the three of us, to clear everything up.
[Dramatic music.]
I went to give her a hug and just to, you know No, I don't know, love.
Just to what? It was like nostalgia hit us.
We kissed.
After all we've put each other through, we were just there, supporting each other.
No, after everything you put her through love.
Now it sounds to me like you came on to her, - and she pushed you away, - [Dramatic tense music.]
And when she left, you followed her.
You wanted to get back with her didn't you? And she wasn't having any of it.
And you lost it.
I am no Saint, but that's not what happened.
Ma'am? [DS Healy.]
DCI Stanhope has left the interview room - at 10:51.
- [Door thuds.]
[Dramatic tense music.]
This just came in from digital.
Lisa's find my phone app was activated at around 10:30 pm, then logged into numerous times until 11:00 pm.
She was separated from her phone? Must've been, you can log in from any device.
[Latch clicks.]
[DS Healy.]
DCI Stanhope has entered into the room, 10:52.
[Pensive music.]
Did Lisa misplace her phone after she took this? No, she had it with her.
She was going to call a cab from the road.
She wouldn't accept a ride from me, after our moment together.
Look, please.
I didn't kill her.
The only thing that I broke that night was her trust.
What do you mean by that? I didn't tell Lisa that Sam had snuck out the house, and was waiting for Jess at the hostel.
- Sam was at the hostel? - [Dramatic music.]
How'd you know that? When I dropped Jess off at the hostel, I saw her texting Sam, asking was she still upstairs.
[Dramatic music swells.]
Come on Kenny.
Got it ma'am.
[Dramatic music.]
CCTV shows Adam dropping Jess off at the hostel.
He then leaves with Lisa.
So that's them going back to his flat.
Now, have you've got anything of Sam, either coming in or going out? [Kenny.]
Just let me fast forward it.
And there she is.
Now you told me you were home watching movies, the night your mam died.
I wanted to speak to Jess, I didn't want anyone to know.
Didn't want anyone to know what? Now you need to start talking to me, love, and there's no time for any more lies.
Jess texted me.
She was really angry, and I was worried she was going to hurt herself.
That's why I went to go and see her.
And she told me she was going to go and get the money from mam's office, but I refused to go along with her, so she left me there.
By the time she did come back, I was angry.
And so was she, because she hadn't found the money.
It just all hit me.
I couldn't believe that she would steal from my mam, after everything she'd done.
So I left before she could say anything to me.
And Lee was okay with you going to see Jess, was he? He just said as long as I got back before mam did.
So he covered for you? Well, when I got home, I told him everything, and I begged him not to tell the police on Jess.
When he came to question us the first time I lied to protect Jess.
I'm sorry.
And Lee lied to protect you? What time did you get back? [Sam.]
Late, after midnight.
And Lee was still up was he? Yeah.
He still had his coat on.
He'd been out looking for me.
But Lee knew where you were, he knew you were with Jess, at the hostel.
[Foreboding music.]
What's the password of your mam's computer? What? It's my birthday.
And did she use it for her phone, and for all of her apps, your birthday? And did Lee use that too? Where is Lee? [Tense music.]
Listen love, find me the location of Lee's phone, right now.
[Dramatic music.]
[Car purrs.]
Lee's always saying everyone makes mistakes, but he's only gone and made the biggest mistake of his life, hasn't he? You think he was searching Lisa's location? Paranoid about where she was? Well he was the only one, apart from Sam, who knew Lisa's password.
And he located her all right, at Adam's flat.
- [Gulls cawing.]
- [Car doors thud.]
Wait for backup.
[Brooding music.]
I proposed to Lisa here.
And a fine place it is too.
[Siren wails.]
- Talk to me, Lee.
- [Doors thudding.]
I didn't mean for it to happen, it was just Adam.
He was all Lisa talked about, since he came back.
He destroyed her life once, why was she trying to bring him back into ours? He'd just turn up and flash his money around, but I was the one who raised Sam.
I was the one who was there for her.
She loves music, you know.
I used all the money I had, to get her a guitar for her birthday.
Then he just turns up with a, with a brand new car.
So what happened, love? Hm? - What happened.
- [Melancholic music.]
I just wanted to know that we were okay.
That's all.
When she called to check in, she said she had to go to the office.
That often happened, but this time she seemed off.
So you, what? Got suspicious? Paranoia kick in? Tried calling her back, but there was no answer.
I needed to know where she was.
So I logged into the computer and I checked her location.
And she wasn't at work, was she? No.
She was at Adam's.
I felt sick.
I wanted to confront her.
So I went over there and I waited outside.
And when she came out, I saw her and him hugging.
So you followed her? Her face, when she saw me.
I asked her what she was doing at his place, and she just blanked me and started walking away.
Don't know how far we walked, she wouldn't even look at me.
I tried to explain myself, but she was furious.
Said the person she trusted most, was accusing her of cheating.
She snapped.
She went for me.
She started hitting me, I couldn't get her off.
She accused me of acting like I owned her.
She said I could learn something from Adam, that he'd never do that.
- I just saw red.
- [Tense music.]
I swung at her, I hit her, she hit the railing and fell.
But she didn't get up.
And then what? She was gone.
I didn't know what to do.
So I, I just I just pushed her into the water.
And what about her wedding ring? [Sorrowful music.]
It's the only thing I have to hold on to, of her.
I'm sorry, love.
[DS Healy.]
Lee Millworth.
I'm arresting you for the murder of Lisa Millworth.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you fail to mention, when questioned, something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be used in evidence.
[Police radio chatter.]
[Cuffs clink.]
[Melancholic music.]
Okay? [Door thuds.]
[Engine revs.]
You okay, ma'am? [Phone rings.]
Sam? It's DCI Stanhope.
[Door thuds.]
Come on love, it's only a cup of tea.
Only 'cause it's what mam would have wanted.
[Gentle poignant music.]
[Door thuds.]
[Gulls cawing.]
[Engine splutters.]
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