Vera s12e05 Episode Script

The Rising Tide (Special)

You'd think one of you
would help me with the booze!
- You came!
And the best bit is,
she really wanted me.
Stop it!
And it was right here,
in the kitchen!
Annie? I'm sorry.
- I'm so, so sorry.
- Yeah. Go to bed, Rick.
Go to bed.
You knew exactly
what you were doing!
I was just joking around.
No, you weren't.
You were just trying to wind us up.
Has anyone seen Rick?
I'll go and wake him. Tea.
Rick? You awake?
Who's that from?
There's more for you, Mark.
Now, Kenny, you're Secret Santa.
Oh, why me?
Oh, cos I know how much you love it.
The names are all in there.
That's the spirit (!)
Kenny's Secret Santa, everyone.
It's still under ten quid,
- Aye.
- Better be.
Ho, ho, ho. Come on, come on.
Classic. I know exactly
what I'm going to get.
- Morning.
- Ah, Billy!
Now, you all know Billy
from the front desk, PC Billington.
He's on secondment to CID
for a month.
He's requested this department,
for some reason.
I wanted to learn from the best.
Oh, nobody likes a suck up, eh?
Boss? Boss, Superintendent Watkins
is on the phone. He wants a word.
Er, Super? What's he want?
Well, I'll take it in here.
- Your name's in the hat.
- Thanks.
That your dad's suit?
It's my brother's.
Er, Billy, I've got
a very important job for you, son.
It involves milk,
two sugars and a tea bag.
'There appears to have been
a fatality on your home turf.
'Holy Island.'
A fatality, Sir?
Cause of death, Sir?
'Suicide - hanging, and I need you
to get there as soon as you can.'
Oh, well, how do we know
it's a suicide, Sir?
'That's what the informant told us.
'And as yet, we have no reason
to think otherwise.
'The deceased, Rick Kelsall,
had a national profile.'
Ah, so there might be
press interest?
'Not yet, but there will be.
'We wouldn't want it to look like
we haven't done our jobs, would we?'
- Well, I always do
- 'Bye.'
All right, listen up, everyone.
There's been an unexplained death
on Holy Island, of all places,
possible suicide.
And Superintendent Watkins
wants us to take a look at it.
He said he's a celebrity - Rick
Kelsall? I've never heard of him.
Oh, yeah, no, he's definitely
famous. I grew up watching him.
Didn't he lose his job
a couple of weeks ago?
I used to watch
his travel programmes.
Aye, and that cooking one.
Yeah. Got it.
"Morning Sunrise's co-host
Rick Kelsall forced to leave
"over accusations
of sexual harassment."
That could be a motive for suicide?
Ah, now, first lesson, Billy -
don't jump to conclusions
before we've even seen him.
you might miss the obvious.
Now, the tide's in.
We'll have to go by boat.
Aiden, I'll need you
to drive me motor over,
- and get Paula to go with you.
- I'm honoured.
Don't scratch it, go easy on
the clutch, and don't get a ticket!
Morning, Jack.
Hi, I'm here about the fatality,
DCI Vera Stanhope.
Oh? I'm Annie Laidlore. Come in.
Erm, I was the one who found him.
Hey, that must've been a shock.
- Now, did you know the deceased?
- Yes. He was our friend.
Well, I'm sorry for your loss.
- If you could just show me?
- Yeah, he's in his bedroom.
Now, I'd like you all to wait here
while I take a look.
Now, have any of you
been into the room?
- ALL: No.
- It was clear he was dead.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- 'Aiden, you on your way?'
I should be with you shortly.
Paula's not far behind.
Have you seen him?
'Well, it looks like
he hanged himself.'
Right So, what's the but?
'Well, there's mud on the bed.
'It looks like
somebody stood on it.'
Well, that would've been him?
No. He's barefoot.
And his shoes are clean.
And I can't see a note.
This doesn't feel right.
Annie Laidlore.
Philip Robson.
- Louisa and Sam Hampton.
- SAM: Hampton.
Anyone else, er, staying here?
No, it was just the five of us.
And you're certain
none of you went into that room?
What do you think happened here?
Well, it's obvious.
He's he's killed himself.
No, he
he was different last night.
We should've picked up on it.
We've known him long enough.
Oh, we-we were all
at school together.
He was drunk! How were we to know?
Annie's right.
He wasn't quite himself. He
..he was trying so hard
to have a good time.
So, can you think of any reason
at all why he might have done this?
Did he mention losing his job?
If you mean those ludicrous things
he was accused of,
they were a pack of lies.
So, you all went to school together?
Kimmerston Grammar Sixth Form,
that's where we all became friends.
We all came here for the first time
in 1977.
No, not all.
All right.
Don't rewrite history.
You want to say something, Sam?
He's dead.
That f-fella in
Rick, love. Rick.
- Don't worry about it, Sam, it's fine.
Look, the thing is,
we all came here,
apart from Louisa, in 1977.
It was a sixth form residential.
Only Connect.
We knew of each other before,
but, you know, not really.
Coming here changed our lives.
We had a brilliant teacher.
Oh, she was amazing.
Miss Marshall, Judy.
She was young, passionate,
And sexy. Judy was very sexy.
Aye, she wanted the, er, weekend
to bond us,
you know, bring us together.
We've, er we've come back here
every five years since then.
Ah, well,
the bonding certainly worked.
So, if you could give me the name
of the deceased's next of kin?
That'll be Charlotte, his ex-wife.
Charlotte Thomas.
SAM: Yes, erm
She was here the, er
the first weekend,
until her dad came
and took her back home to Hescott.
Charlotte Thomas of Hescott?
Is her father Isaiah Thomas?
You know him?
Right, he's on the ground floor.
Straight through the kitchen.
- Great. Oh, you're not your normal,
- cheery self.
I'm meant to be going to
a Christmas market today,
but here I am.
Well, it's a few weeks yet.
I'm sure there'll be another one.
- Now, have you scratched me motor?
- What? Course not.
Right, come here.
Well, they all seem to think
it's suicide.
Well, did he mention losing his job
to them?
Well, only to say they thought
the allegation was false.
But listen to this.
His next of kin is his ex-wife,
Charlotte Thomas.
- Isaiah Thomas's daughter.
- You're joking? I'm not.
Rick Kelsall's related to
one of the biggest crime families
- in the north east?
- Hm.
Isn't that interesting, eh?
The rest of the party should've
vacated the building hours ago.
Ah, they all said
they didn't come in here,
but if you find evidence
that they did,
- well, that's something, isn't it?
- Hm.
Have you worked out
it's not suicide yet?
What makes you say that?
His phone's on charge.
And there's mud on the bed,
- presumably from someone standing on it.
- Hm.
I hadn't got to that yet.
And in answer to your question,
of course I have.
When we lifted him down,
I noticed a lack of V-shape bruising
around the ligature,
indicating he was hanged
after death.
I told ya.
So, what was the cause of death?
Suffocation. I found orange fibres
in both his nose and mouth.
Ah, the cushion
There are traces of what appear
to be saliva and mucus on it.
I'll be able to confirm it
in the lab.
So, time of death?
Rough estimate, between 1 and 4 AM?
Could they have got in
through any of these windows?
They're all locked shut.
The keys are in the bedside drawer.
We've dusted,
but it doesn't look disturbed.
Right, get on to the office,
get Kenny to inform the Super.
And I want everyone here
checked out.
- Ma'am.
- Hey, thanks, Paula.
You can't leave, I'm sorry.
You can't force us to stay!
- It's not our fault Rick did this.
- Hey, you're going nowhere, love.
None of you are.
Your friend didn't commit suicide
after all. He was murdered.
And you four are my lead suspects.
- Who got here first yesterday?
- I did.
I arrived here Thursday,
stayed with a friend on the island.
- Now, the friend's name?
- Sid Sinclair.
I, er I knew him through work.
I travelled up from Catford, and
I arrived here 2:30 PM on the dot.
- Yeah, and what work's that?
- I'm a vicar.
Was. Recently retired.
It's absurd to think
one of us could have done it.
We were his closest friends.
Who gave you the keys?
There was a set left in a safe place
out front,
and they're in the kitchen,
along with the spare set.
Just two sets?
And what time
did the deceased get here?
Around four?
He'd been staying at
his father's old house
since Tuesday, over in Cleeve.
Charlotte wanted to kill him.
- His ex?
- Aye, she told us. Do you remember?
No, darling. That was years ago
when they split up.
He broke her heart,
she didn't mean it, she was upset.
Er, because of his affairs.
This is ridiculous.
None of us would've killed Rick.
Well, someone did.
And since this is now
a murder enquiry,
you're all gonna have to stay here
until further notice. Is that clear?
Nobody leaves the island.
Jac, any information
about the deceased?
'Richard Kelsall, known as Rick.
'He owns a three-bed mews house
in Bloomsbury. Mortgage-free.'
And what's that worth?
'Two-and-a-half million,
plus the house in Cleeve.'
That'll be his dad's.
'I've called his agent,
but her phone's off.'
Er, Mark, what about bank records,
phone records?
'Er, the wheels are in motion,
Right, and Charlotte Thomas?
I've got her details.
She lives in an old pub.
It's a yoga studio downstairs,
flat above it.
It's in Hescott.
'Right, can you send
those details over, Kenny?'
I can't hear you nodding your head,
Er, yes, Ma'am. I'll send them now.
'Right. I'll see you all later.'
I'm so sorry, pet.
He died sometime last night.
He was found this morning
by one of his friends.
- He was only here yesterday.
- He was here?
He stayed on Thursday.
He couldn't bear
being at his dad's any longer.
Did he say why?
It wasn't a happy place for him.
Clearing through his dad's papers
was just too much.
Do you have the keys to his house?
- Aye.
- Could we have them, love?
Oh. All right.
So, were you still
in a relationship with Rick?
Sadly not.
But I'd have had him back
like a shot.
It was strange.
He kissed me on Friday morning
before he left.
He didn't normally do that.
- He was on edge.
- Thanks, love.
What time did he leave?
About 11.
He was going to see someone,
but he didn't say who.
Now, I've been with his friends,
you know, from the reunion
Well, I wouldn't have put them
Oh, they were very different
back then.
Apart from Rick. He never changed.
Philip was a punk, wanted to
tear down the establishment.
Sam and Louisa
were gonna have their own school.
Annie was gonna have
a dozen children with Daniel.
Who's Daniel?
Her boyfriend back then.
Daniel Rede.
As in Rede Holiday Parks?
He was at the first Only Connect.
I hated that weekend.
Everyone talking about
their feelings and little secrets.
You weren't close to the group,
Not once the marriage was over.
I never understood
why they keep going back.
It's so morbid
after what happened with Isobel.
Who's Isobel?
Isobel, Louisa's sister.
She died at the first reunion. 1982.
How'd she die?
She argued with Rick
and drove off along the causeway.
But the tide came in.
She got a mile across
and then got caught. She drowned.
Do you see much of your dad
these days?
He's in a home.
And before you start
insinuating anything,
I have nothing to do with
my father's line of work.
You know, she's right, it is morbid.
Why go back to a place
where someone drowned?
And why didn't her sister,
Louisa, mention it?
Well, it's over 40 years ago.
It's not relevant.
Everything's relevant,
until it isn't.
at least we know there was something
going on with him
on the day he died.
I mean, everyone close to him
said he was behaving differently,
a bit off.
We just gotta find out why.
Kenny, did you get anywhere
digging into this
sexual harassment claim?
Nothing on the system, Ma'am.
- JAC:
- Her name's Eliza Jones.
All I can find is this one article.
Says Rick got her alone
in his office,
hugged her and kissed her.
So, he's the presenter
and she's work experience?
That's an abuse of power.
She also mentioned she'd heard
that others hadn't gotten away
so lightly.
Have you spoken to this journalist?
Not yet. He's avoiding me.
Ah, well, when you do, find out why
it was never reported to the Met.
I also chased up the TV company,
but they won't talk
without the CEO's say-so,
and he's in New York.
- What about the agent?
- Phone's still off.
She's a one-woman show with
a handful of high-earning clients.
Ah, well, when you do contact her,
let me know.
Now, then, according to his ex,
Charlotte Thomas,
he was meeting someone
on Friday morning.
Any idea who or where?
Er, there's no ANPR. It's too rural.
Well, we know he was at
his dad's place in Cleeve
from Tuesday to Thursday,
so ask around,
talk to the neighbours.
Billy caught Annie and Philip
arguing, said it was heated.
- Wanted you to know.
- Did he?
I could just get back there
before the tide comes in.
Can I trust you
to hold the fort here?
You trusted me with your Land Rover.
They've gone to the chapel, Ma'am.
They said it's a rule
of staying here.
They get 20 minutes
of private reflection a day there.
Oh, is it now?
I thought it would be all right.
It's nowhere near
the deceased's room.
And you didn't think
to follow the murder suspects?
Er, well, I'll stay here, then,
shall I, Ma'am?
Er, Philip?
Louisa, I'm looking for Annie.
She's still inside.
Hey. I'm sorry to disturb you, pet.
Only, I've got a couple of questions
I need to ask you.
See, my young colleague said
he saw you arguing with Philip.
Could you tell me
what that was about?
He and Rick argued
after we'd gone to bed.
I didn't hear what about.
Rick was trying to calm Philip down.
Philip was angry.
I mean it wasn't unusual.
It happens a lot.
Hmm. So, why where you and Philip
I was asking him about it.
He got defensive.
I kept pushing him.
Well, I'll catch up with Philip
in the morning,
have a chat.
So, can I ask you about
you and Rick?
Cos I can see you were close.
..he was my first boyfriend.
Only lasted a month,
but we got something much better
from it -
Did you know
Rick stayed with Charlotte
on Thursday night?
- Did he?
- Hmm.
She said he was
on edge, not himself.
Well, I could tell
he was vulnerable last night.
He was masking -
drinking, being loud.
I'd thought that's why
he said sorry to me.
- He said he was celebrating.
- Celebrating what?
His name had been cleared,
and he was going back to his book.
He'd written the first chapter,
and he was keen to finish it.
What was it about?
It was autobiographical.
About us, when we were young,
what shaped us, our friendships.
He was calling it 1977, until
Until what?
He'd given it a different title.
So, what was the new title?
1982. The year of our first reunion.
And also the year Isobel drowned.
- You know?
- Aye, I know.
He said it would be about his,
um, secrets.
- What secrets?
- Later, I pushed him on it.
But all he'd say was
that Louisa would finally find out
why her sister drove away,
why Isobel drowned.
Billy, shake a leg.
- Sorry.
- Are you not up yet?!
Uniform's about to leave.
We need to get over to
Pilgrim's House.
And you need to find out
if there are any more keys.
I need to talk to Philip.
- So come on, would you get a move on?
- Yes, Ma'am.
Thanks for the breakfast,
I'll eat it on the way. That's
- You enjoying that?
- Yeah, thanks, Ma'am.
- Anything?
- They're not upstairs.
- But their things are up there.
He's left his phone.
The chapel. That's where they'll be.
There's no sign of them.
- Do you fancy a dip?
- What? No, thank you. I can't swim.
Hey, Philip, come on,
get your clothes on!
We need to talk up at the house!
We'll, erm
So, you do that every reunion,
do you?
Go for a dip?
No. First time.
Oh, celebrating your friend's death,
We were celebrating his life!
He used to do it.
Which is why Rick was so youthful,
despite his alcohol consumption.
He was like a brother.
Just less good at staying in touch.
So, is that why
you were arguing with him
after everyone had gone to bed?
Nah. That was nothing.
Anything to do with his book, 1982?
Yeah, not much gets past me, pet.
I thought it was exploitative.
Ah, it was obvious
he was gonna use Isobel's death
to make more sales.
Are you saying you think her death
might not have been an accident?
Well, of course it was an accident.
She drove straight out there.
It was tragic.
Who else was here in 1982?
Apart from Isobel, Me, er Rick,
Sam and Louisa, Annie and Daniel.
- Daniel Rede?
- Aye.
- You still in touch with him?
- No.
When he broke up with Annie,
er, we chose Annie.
- Rick was, uh, quite glad.
Excuse me, pet.
Go on.
AIDEN: 'I'm meeting Rick's agent,
Cecilia Bertrand.
'She was due to meet him
this morning.'
It seems that she didn't know
that he was dead,
and I didn't enlighten her.
'Well, make sure you go easy
on her.'
Will do, boss.
Oh, and Aiden?
Get her to give you
what she's got of the book.
- Are we finished?
For now.
I'm sorry. I've only packed
enough medication for two days,
and Sam's gonna miss his next dose.
It doesn't matter, pet. I'm fine.
It does, Sam.
Because in three hours,
you won't be fine.
No, you can go.
But I will need to talk to
all of you again.
I'll speak to you soon.
We'll drop you in the village.
Are you staying on the island?
Aye. At Sid's, my friend's house.
Well, that may be the case, Mark,
but Annie Laidlore said
the book's all about them
and that lass who died.
So we need to look into everyone
who was at that first reunion
in 1982.
- I'll send you over a list.
- 'Yes, Ma'am.'
And, Jac, how are we doing with
the production company?
They're claiming they can't
get hold of anyone over the weekend.
- 'Well, I don't care it's a Sunday.'
- I mind if it's Sunday.
Now, Kenny, I need you to check out
Charlotte Thomas's finances.
And, Jac, before I go,
I want you to ring around
all the pubs and hostels
on the island.
Get them and their bar staff
to compile a list
- of everyone who was in on Friday night.
- 'Ma'am.'
Oh. Oh, look,
find yourself a desk, Billy.
- Sorry. Yeah.
- Get out from under my feet.
- Any news, Jac?
- Erm, the pub was full of regulars.
- Yeah, but not there.
- Sorry.
A few tourists stayed over.
Just one woman at The Star
not accounted for.
I'm waiting to hear back from
the barmaid to get a description.
Yeah, good work, Jac.
Aiden, so, did this agent
give you what she's got of the book?
Aye, it's only the first chapter,
but she's sending it over.
She said he was eager
to finish writing it.
- "Driven" was the word she used.
- Hmm.
Had he mentioned
the lass who drowned?
Isobel Hall? No.
I got the impression it was about
something much closer to home.
Ma'am, that was Paula.
Post-mortem's done.
Ah, right, let's go.
Now, you tell me all about it
on the way.
Kenny, look after Billy.
Milk, two sugars. Yep, I know.
PAULA: He was asphyxiated to death,
and it was staged as a hanging.
There was considerable alcohol
in his system.
He was probably in a deep sleep
when it happened.
Well, obviously,
neither of the women
could've lifted him into position
on their own.
Or Sam. Realistically, only Philip
could've done it on his own.
But it could have been two of them.
- Or all of them.
- Hmm.
What about the mud on the bedcover?
No identifiable footprints,
I'm afraid.
They'd done a fairly good job
of clearing up after themselves.
But going by the penetration of soil
through the cotton,
we have proof that something
very heavy was on the bed.
Like someone standing,
holding him up? Exactly.
Can you be more accurate
with the time of death?
Between 1 AM and 3 AM.
And the island was accessible
from the mainland until two.
So, get uniform to talk to everyone
on that main road in,
see if anyone saw or heard anything.
- Thanks, Paula.
- I haven't finished.
There was no DNA
on the dressing gown cord,
apart from his.
Same with the cushion.
There is this.
It was in his room,
but it's not his fingerprints.
Along with this.
A single hair
found on Mr Kelsall's pyjamas.
It's a DNA match
with Louisa Hampton.
Right, I've got five minutes before
interviewing Louisa. Any news?
Er, yeah, Rick's phone records
are in.
We're running the numbers
he called in the last week.
- That's Louisa's.
- Thanks, Mark.
Kenny, what about the door-to-door
on the road leading onto
the causeway?
Someone heard a car leave the island
about one in the morning.
Another one arrived
about ten minutes later.
Well, either one of those
could be important.
See if you can track them.
And, Jac, what about
this mysterious woman at the pub?
Have you heard back from
the barmaid?
Not yet. Still chasing it, Ma'am.
Erm, report into
Isobel Hall's death.
There's nothing suspicious.
I spoke to the officer involved
at the time. He's retired now,
but remembered it well.
And what was his take on it?
He said it was an odd thing to do,
drive off.
But she left of her own free will.
Postmortem showed nothing
in her system.
So, what did Rick mean,
when he said he was telling
the truth about why she died?
Louisa Hampton's ready.
She's brought her husband with her.
Well, he'll have to wait outside.
Get someone to sit with him.
And what about this lass
he's accused of assaulting?
What's her name? Eliza Jones.
Like looking for a needle
in a haystack.
Still no response
from the journalist.
Ah, well, keep trying. And, Billy?
Keep an ear out for the phones.
Special job.
Yes, Ma'am. Thank you, Ma'am.
- I'm sorry.
I know I should have told you
I spoke to Rick privately.
- Aye, you should've done, pet.
- I didn't want Sam to know.
- Why not?
- It was about him.
I can't do it.
I can't look after Sam alone.
And we can't afford a carer.
So, on Friday, I asked Rick
if he'd pay for one.
And what did he say?
He'd transfer the money
the next day.
You know the first thing I thought
when Annie said he was dead?
That he wouldn't be able
to help us any more.
Your hair was found
on Rick's dressing gown.
I was upset.
He hugged me. That's all.
W-We were friends.
Did Sam know he hugged you?
He's not the man he was.
His dementia makes him insecure.
Now, let me ask you something else.
Why didn't you mention
your sister died
at that first reunion?
Cos it was decades ago.
Only, Rick told Annie
he was going to reveal the truth
about why she drowned.
What did he mean by that?
Annie said.
He was drunk
playing the big detective.
There was no secrets.
She drove off and drowned.
Now, we know she argued with Rick
before driving off.
What about?
I presumed she made a play for him.
She was a flirt.
She flirted with Sam,
Rick, Philip
Did Sam like her?
And she hated that.
He was the only one of my boyfriends
that didn't fall for her.
Sam wants to talk to you.
- About what?
- He said he'd only tell you.
He said he saw someone on Friday.
So, who was it you saw, pet?
You told Louisa you saw someone.
Outside the window.
Er just before ten.
She was watching us.
Charlotte Thomas?
Are you sure?
I know what Charlotte looks like.
She disappeared
when she saw me looking.
But I saw her.
Why didn't you tell us this before?
Well, I tried.
I told you it was Charlotte.
Charlotte killed him.
Sam Hampton has placed
Charlotte Thomas at the scene.
Now, if she was there,
we're looking at
a very dangerous family.
Her father, Isaiah Thomas,
was suspected of running drugs
and firearms across the North East.
He had a string of companies,
all very handy for laundering money.
His wife and two sons are deceased,
leaving Charlotte
and her younger sister, Ellie.
He was put into a care home
two years ago.
So, what else do we know about her?
Well, she's broke, Ma'am.
Her yoga studio's
been bleeding money.
Rick bailed her out in August.
She maxed out eight credit cards
and her overdraft.
Could she be the woman at The Star?
Jac, get her photo sent over
to the pub.
We can't rely on Sam's word.
And if we get a positive ID,
we'll pay Charlotte a visit.
Ma'am, GPS for Rick's car's back.
We know where he was Friday morning.
Rede Holiday Park.
What was he doing there?
I used to come here as a little kid.
It was all caravans, two-man tents,
leaky toilets.
Ah, well, it's won the top resort
in the North East
for the last four years running.
Well, that'll explain the price tag.
It's terrible.
He only came to see me on Friday.
What happened exactly?
Well, I can't divulge details,
but we are treating his death
as suspicious.
I had no idea.
Er do you wanna coffee?
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah, please.
Why did he come to see you?
It was a chance for two old friends
to catch up without, um
Without what?
Without Annie finding out.
He and Annie were close.
It made it complicated,
even after all these years.
You want sugar?
No, just milk for both of us,
You know, with real friends,
it can be years,
but it feels like yesterday
when you see them again.
- Mm-hm.
- That's what it was like with me and Rick.
What did you chat about?
This place. The old days.
Hitting 60.
You know, he had pains in places
he didn't even know he had.
We heard he was on edge on Friday.
Did you notice that?
Yeah, I suppose he was
a little on edge.
He said he had a new project.
His book?
Yeah, that's right. Although I
I can't imagine Rick writing
anything more than 400 words.
He hated English at school.
Daniel, we need to go.
This is my wife, Katherine.
Ah, there's no need to introduce us.
I know Ms Willmore.
I hope you don't mind,
but Daniel and I are late for lunch.
No, no, no, of course.
We'll leave.
Well, thanks for your time, Mr Rede.
Daniel, please.
Now, why did no one tell us
he's married to
the Police and Crime Commissioner?
I didn't recognise her.
She's only been in the job a month.
Heard she gets things done.
Ah, well,
she's not afraid of being unpopular.
Wouldn't do to get on
the wrong side of her.
Could get political.
He seemed nice enough.
Yes, Kenny.
Yeah, no, I'll let her know.
Kenny just talked to
Rick's solicitor. Hmm?
Apparently, Rick had just rewritten
his will. Had he?
Said he'll meet us at his office
in Cleeve.
There's a new will,
and it leaves a third to Charlotte,
a third to Annie Laidlore,
and a third to Angels Too Soon.
What's that?
It's a cot death charity.
Did he give a reason why?
Well, he didn't elaborate.
I really thought
he was finally moving on.
- From what?
- From his father's death.
He was supposed to have cleared
the house two years ago
when Dr Kelsall passed, but hadn't,
which was tricky.
Because it was a stipulation
of his father's will
that the contents of his office
be destroyed.
- Really?
- And Rick had to be the one to do it.
Rick? Why him?
Due to the nature of
his father's work as a GP
he sometimes took
his own private notes.
I guess Dr Kelsall
couldn't trust anyone else.
Ah, well, I'm sorry, love,
nothing can be destroyed
without my say-so.
Is that understood?
So, how much is
a third of the estate?
After tax
around £1.6 million each.
Maybe Rick and Charlotte
lost a child together,
and that's why he left money
to Angels Too Soon. Hmm.
Do we think either Annie
or Charlotte knew about the will?
If Charlotte did know,
she wouldn't have been best pleased
to have her inheritance cut
by two thirds.
But then, he did have to
bail her out in August, didn't he?
Maybe he thought
she'd had enough from him.
But still, £1.6 million.
Maybe that was enough incentive
for her to bump him off.
Her business is about to go bust,
she's losing everything.
Let's check out
Annie Laidlore's finances, too.
No cutting corners.
- From Billy
- Oh, now what?
The barmaid at The Star confirmed
Charlotte was there on Friday night.
Was she now?
This doesn't look right.
Was it an accident?
She was drunk
the last time we saw her.
There's a lot of empty bottles
She may have been drunk,
but I'm fairly sure
someone else was involved.
Look at these.
These are grips marks, which suggest
she was forced over the balcony.
Why was she killed?
And why was she at that pub
on Holy Island?
Did she meet someone?
- If I may, Ma'am.
- What?
She spent the night alone.
Arrived at seven,
went out between nine and ten.
Returned upset,
but didn't want to talk about it.
Left at 11,
and seen asleep in her car.
Why was she asleep?
Presumably because of
the four large wines she had.
And she was gone by one,
when the barmaid left.
Good work.
Gold star, that's really thorough.
Right, so you're saying
she left for one hour?
- Yes.
- And Sam saw her when?
Just before ten,
so that matches his account.
But why not knock on the door
and go inside and join them?
Well, because she was
out in the cold, wasn't she?
She'd been worried about Rick,
and there he was,
singing and laughing.
And Sam caught her watching?
What if she saw something else?
Someone else.
I want alibis for the time
of Charlotte's death
from all that circle of friends.
Now, is our punk vicar
still on the island?
- Punk vicar?
Oh, yes.
Erm Philip's at his friend's.
- I've got his address here.
- Yeah, so what's this friend's name?
And have you run him through
the system?
- No.
- Why not?
- I don't know how.
- Mark?
Yeah, look, I'll show you
what to do.
His name's Sid Sinclair.
And then let's look at
Annie Laidlore.
What are her finances like?
Well, she has around £4,000
in savings, no property.
She lives above a deli in Kimmerston
called Bread and Olives.
The inheritance may be a motive.
- Well, only if she knew about the will.
- Hmm.
Where are we with Eliza Jones?
Working through a really long list.
Well, what's the journalist said?
He's stonewalling, refuses to reveal
any of his sources.
Same thing with
the production company.
Well, get a warrant!
Arrest him for withholding,
if needs be.
Cos Rick said that
sexual harassment claim against him
had been dropped,
but how do we know that? We don't!
And we won't know
till we find Eliza Jones.
Rick's agent has sent through the
first chapter of his book, Ma'am.
You're joking!
- What?
- Philip's friend, it's saying he's deceased.
He died two years ago.
So who's he staying with?
Yeah, we'll look into it.
Ma'am, Superintendent Watkins.
Doesn't sound very happy.
Oh, when does he ever?
Now, I need to inform
Charlotte's next of kin.
Find me Isaiah Thomas's address.
Yes, Ma'am.
Putting you through now, Sir.
'Why have I had reports
you turned up at the PCC's house?'
I'm sorry, Sir, I need to inform
Isaiah Thomas his daughter is dead.
- Sir?
- 'Is Isaiah Thomas connected?'
Oh, his daughter was an ex-wife
of Rick Kelsall's, Sir.
'Don't trouble the PCC
at home again.
'Is that understood?'
Well, no-one has
a get out of jail free card, Sir.
'That wasn't what I meant.
Just be discreet, Stanhope.'
'I'm afraid we have some bad news
for you, sir.
'It's about your daughter,
'She died last night, and we believe
in suspicious circumstances.'
I signed over
the Hescott pub to her.
Never heard from her again.
Charlotte got what she wanted.
Well, her ex-husband, Rick,
also died recently
in suspicious circumstances.
He left a third of his estate
to Charlotte
and a third to a cot death charity.
Now, did Charlotte lose a baby?
A baby?
She never had a baby.
Wouldn't want it to ruin her figure.
Rick's dead, eh?
Gets better and better.
That inheritance'll come to us now,
won't it?
Depends if she left a will.
She had to,
after I gave her the pub.
There's always a bright side, eh?
Thank you.
Hot dog.
Oh, thanks.
I just spoke to Mark,
and no news about Phil
or his whereabouts.
I can't help but feel sorry for
Well, she didn't stand a chance.
Didn't want to be part of
the family business,
so they cut her out.
You do know, if we're looking at
who's got the most to gain,
it's Annie.
Aye, well, let's visit her next.
I got the feeling
she was holding something back.
How was the manuscript?
Well, actually, it's quite moving.
"On Thursday evening
I planned to run away that weekend,
"escape the misery,
but then Miss Marshall arrived,
"my form teacher,
barely older than me.
"A conversation was had
behind closed doors.
"When they came out,
it had been agreed
"I would go to Holy Island
with Only Connect.
"Part of a collection
of misfits and loners.
"And that
"that changed everything."
He's talking about Only Connect.
Yeah, so, why change the title, hmm?
What happened in 1982?
Isobel died.
Yeah, well, we know that,
but Annie said "secrets", plural.
So what else is it
they're not telling us, hmm?
I'm OK. It's just such a shock.
Look, why don't you come
and sit down inside, love?
Come on.
She asked me
to go to the pub with her.
She always wanted someone
to go with,
it didn't really matter who.
We were never very close.
Well, we paid a visit
to Rick's solicitor yesterday
about his will.
You and Charlotte
are two of his main beneficiaries.
- I am?
- Mm-hm.
He's left you £1.6 million.
That's ridiculous!
And the other third of the estate
is going to a cot death charity.
Angels Too Soon.
Do you know why?
Well, did he know someone
who'd suffered a loss?
My daughter, Freya, died.
5th of November, 1982.
I am so sorry, love.
And that must've been, what,
about a month before
your first reunion?
I didn't want to go, but Rick said
I needed friends round me.
And he said the same to Daniel.
That was miserable.
All I wanted to do
was disappear and hide,
and I did for most of the weekend.
But then Isobel
How old was your daughter?
Freya was three months.
She wasn't planned,
but Daniel and I were so excited.
We were living in an old caravan
at Rede Holiday Park
and Daniel was working all hours,
day and night.
And his dad was on the verge
of bankruptcy.
What, you were all alone
with a wee bairn in a caravan?
Hey, that must've been hard.
It was so exhausting.
I was tired all the time.
What happened?
I went to sleep,
I hadn't set the alarm
for the night feed,
I thought she'd wake me.
But she didn't.
She died in the night.
I could have stopped it.
Hey, love.
Rick's dad said
it was just one of those things.
That's what they said back then.
No reason.
I blamed myself for years.
I still do.
I'm so sorry.
It's all I saw,
it was burned into my retinas.
But we couldn't cope with the grief.
We separated the next year.
And I wouldn't have coped
without Rick.
He was such a good friend.
We are so sorry, love.
..did anything else happen in 1982?
Apart from Freya and Isobel dying?
- Mm-hm.
- Why? Isn't that traumatic enough?
So, Annie Laidlore had a baby
with Daniel Rede in 1982,
but tragically, the bairn died,
just a month before
that first reunion.
And, of course, their grief was
compounded by the death of Isobel.
- Ma'am.
- What?
I've just found out
who Philip's been staying with.
- Who?
- Judith Sinclair.
- Mark.
- Ma'am.
Maiden name, Marshall.
- Judith Marshall?
- Yeah.
Wasn't that the name of the teacher
who took them on that first
Only Connect weekend?
Why didn't he tell us that?
Right, I've got a journalist
to meet.
- He thinks I've got a story.
- Yeah, right.
Hang on, Ma'am.
I think I've got something here.
Judith Sinclair's number appears on
our ex-vicar's phone records.
He made a call to her
just before midnight on Friday.
Did he?
Charlotte's post-mortem's in.
Very little alcohol in the system.
Presumably from the night before.
No prints.
Everything had been wiped.
Oh, please tell me there's a "but".
But she did find DNA
under Charlotte's fingernails.
- Yes!
- She's gonna run it through the system.
Hello, love. DCI Stanhope,
Northumberland and City Police.
- Oh.
- I'd like to talk to Philip.
Yes, of course.
And DS Healey
would like to talk to you.
Right. Come in.
Now, I'll ask you again,
why were you and Rick arguing
on Friday night?
Because he told everyone
Judith begged him to sleep with her
during Only Connect,
but it wasn't true!
He said he was gonna write it
in his book, and I lost it.
He'd guessed I was seeing Judy.
He just wanted to wind me up.
That first weekend, Rick attempted
some terribly embarrassing
schoolboy flirting.
I sent him to bed. Alone.
So nothing happened?
Of course not.
I was their teacher.
We shared some wine,
but that was it.
I wasn't interested in him.
But you were interested in Philip?
Not when he was a student.
We began to see each other
two years later.
Judy wanted to educate the world,
I wanted to burn it down.
So she she finished with me.
Only got back in touch
two years ago, after Sid died.
Sid, her husband,
the alibi you lied about.
I know, I'm sorry.
We wanted to be discreet.
Judy's got two children,
they've lost their dad.
I was gonna come round on Saturday.
We were gonna tell them
all together,
in the place it started.
But then Philip phoned at midnight,
and called it off?
I didn't want Judy to be
the butt of some joke.
I was angry with Rick,
but I didn't wanna kill him!
I loved him.
Tell me about Isobel Hall.
Now, I heard she was a flirt.
Was she?
She flirted with all of us.
And if you were taken,
she flirted even more.
So, I take it you weren't a fan?
Hmm! That's putting it mildly.
I don't even know why she was there.
I mean, I didn't see her much.
Everyone kept themselves
to themselves.
Annie stayed in her room
the whole time.
Was Isobel having an affair
with Rick?
Was that why they were arguing?
He wasn't interested in her.
He was happy with
with Charlotte back then.
No, all he said about the argument
was that he wasn't happy
with Isobel.
He never said why.
You know he lost his job
because of the lies you wrote?
- Don't even think about moving.
Ma'am. I'm with the journalist.
He said he targeted Eliza
because of her mother.
He thought she'd give the story
more traction.
- Until she got an injunction on him.
- So who is this Eliza?
The Police and Crime Commissioner's
Katherine Willmore's daughter?
Now, why didn't she say anything?
I'd had a bad day on set.
I'd messed things up,
I'd been shouted at.
And Rick saw me crying,
so he took me into his office
for some privacy.
And is that when
he overstepped the line?
Erm he just hugged me
and tried to cheer me up.
Only, Michael, this journalist,
and another intern saw us,
and they said it was creepy.
And I just didn't want them to think
that I had been getting
special treatment,
or that I'd only got the job
because Daniel knew Rick.
So, hold on
..instead of saying
Rick was your mate of your stepdad
and he was just being kind,
you chose to let people think
he was a predator
- abusing a position of power?
- No, no, no.
Michael had said that
Rick had done things to other girls.
Like, awful things, awful things.
He said that none of them
are brave enough to come forward
and that I would be
speaking on behalf of all of them.
He said that
it was the right thing to do.
So the accusation in the paper
about it happening before,
that's you repeating
what Michael said?
But he just needed the story.
My mum found out that he'd been told
that without one,
he would lose his job at his paper.
Why didn't you tell the truth?
My mum wanted to keep it quiet.
Yeah, because she didn't want
folk to know
her lass had lied to the press.
I didn't lie, it was Michael.
Nah, you went along with his lies
and did nothing.
You got Rick fired from his job,
My mum said that
she would sort it all out
and that she would
make it good again.
Is that why Rick came here
on Friday?
Yeah, I mean,
he called the week before,
but my mum shut him down
so he came in person.
She didn't want me to talk to him,
but I had to apologise.
He and Mum
wrote a statement together,
and he said he was going to
get a paper to cover it.
Excuse me. Excuse me, you can't
- We don't have a meeting.
- Oh, we have now, Ma'am.
Not to worry. We're fine. Thank you.
See, I know about the link between
your daughter and Rick Kelsall.
I've just spoken to her.
I know why he came to see you.
Detective Chief Inspector
You interfered with
an active murder investigation
and withheld vital information.
Now, why did you do that, Ma'am?
I needed time work out how to manage it.
Violence against women and girls -
sexual, physical, emotional -
something I have campaigned against
my entire working life.
Mmm. So, we know whenever a woman
makes a false accusation
to the police or the press,
it affects thousands of other women
who have legitimate claims.
So, how much harder does it make it
for all those real victims
of violence to come forward
and be believed?
And how much easier does it make it
for all those men
who like to abuse women?
You should have stamped on it
the minute you knew
your daughter had lied,
not hidden it away.
So, I would like a copy of
that press statement
you drafted with Rick.
Of course. It's on here.
I'll send it to you now.
And an alibi for the time
of both deaths, Ma'am.
Kenny, I need you to check out
Katherine Willmore's alibis,
- along with her daughter's.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- And her husband's, come to that.
- Ma'am.
Ma'am, I found this
on Charlotte's laptop.
It's a business proposal she sent
the day after Rick died.
It's about a yoga retreat
at Rede Park.
A business proposal?
Phone records are in, too.
She spoke to Daniel Rede twice
after Kelsall's death,
one call lasting six minutes,
and another 31 minutes.
It's a good job
we're checking his alibi.
Billy, did you find out
if there were any more keys
to Pilgrim's House?
No, I forgot.
You forgot? I asked you days ago.
Yeah, I know, but then
they all went off swimming.
Oh, and the sight of
over-60s' flesh
causes amnesia, does it?
This is not the standard I expect
from my officers.
When I ask for something to be done,
I expect it to be done.
- Is that understood?
- Yes, Ma'am. Sorry, Ma'am.
Now go and find out!
And don't let it happen again.
Ma'am, baby Freya Rede's
death certificate.
Dr Kelsall signed it.
There wasn't a post-mortem.
Is that odd?
Oh, they tended not to do autopsies
for cot deaths back then.
You would've thought
he would have requested one, though,
wouldn't you,
being a friend of the family?
Maybe he did.
Didn't that solicitor say
Dr Kelsall kept a journal
for his private notes?
He did say that, Ma'am.
What if Rick saw something
when he was sorting out
his dad's things?
Could still be there.
Jac and Mark,
get over to that house in Cleeve,
look through the doctor's papers,
- see if you can find something useful.
- Ma'am.
Detective Chief Inspector,
your office, now!
How dare you involve Ms Willmore!
Oh, Ms Willmore
involved herself, Sir.
And I wouldn't be doing my job
if I didn't investigate every lead,
- however uncomfortable that may be.
- I understand that.
There was a direct link
between the PCC and Rick Kelsall,
and in the last two days,
there's been another murder.
We wouldn't wanna look like
we weren't doing our job now,
would we, Sir?
You're playing a very dangerous
game, Chief Inspector.
Well, that makes two of us.
Michael, will you take over?
How can I help?
Well, we're here about
Charlotte Thomas's murder.
- Murder?!
- Mm-hm.
Katherine told me she'd died,
but I had no idea.
Ah, well, I've got
a couple of questions for you.
Can we go inside and talk?
Yeah, of course.
It's just we understand
Charlotte was in touch with you
this week,
about a business proposal.
Yeah, I I think she was hoping
I'd feel sorry for her
after Rick's death.
But it wasn't financially viable.
I was gonna meet her,
tell her that later this week.
And I need to ask you about Freya.
Now, I'm sorry you lost your bairn,
that must have been awful.
Yeah, it's worst worst thing
that's ever happened to me.
It was, erm
Annie's never really
forgiven herself.
Rick's father,
he signed the death certificate.
But he didn't request an inquest.
Did you?
No. Erm Richard Dr Kelsall,
he said we didn't need one.
He said it
it would have meant an autopsy,
cutting Freya up,
and and we couldn't.
I'm sorry.
Her coffin was so small.
Did you have any concerns at all
that maybe something wasn't right?
Annie and I were mad with grief.
Nothing felt right.
Richard was like a father to me.
I felt closer to him
than my own dad.
If it wasn't for him,
I would have ended it all.
Well, doesn't come tougher
than that, pet.
- It's not upstairs.
I've looked everywhere,
even pulled up the carpets.
- 'Jac?'
- Ma'am.
We've found all of
Dr Kelsall's journals
apart from one -
the one from 1982.
'What do you want us to do?'
Well, have you searched everywhere?
'It's not here, boss.'
Well, I reckon that journal is
exactly what Rick was looking for,
because he suspected
there was something in there
that he wanted to write about
needed to write about.
- That's why he's changed the title.
- So, where is it?
It can't be at Pilgrim's House,
otherwise Paula would have found it.
Yeah. Jac, get onto forensics
and tell them to take his car apart.
Yes, Ma'am.
I got the feeling Daniel Rede was
holding back, protecting someone.
- Annie? What if Rick
- wanted to tell her something,
something he knew would upset her?
That's why
he kept apologising to her.
Do you think he knew about
the baby's death?
Get Jac back on the line,
tell her to search Charlotte's flat,
cos that's the first place Rick went
after he left his dad's house.
We need to talk, pet.
Then you're talking
in front of me, too.
I'm not leaving.
Er it's about Freya's death.
Was there a reason you didn't want
a post-mortem for the bairn?
Well, Dr Kelsall and Daniel
said it wasn't needed.
I mean, I couldn't think straight,
I just did what they said.
Is this going anywhere?
You can see she's distressed.
Why did Rick keep apologising to you
on Friday?
You told me he kept saying
he was sorry.
What are you implying?
And he changes the name of his book,
says he's going to be
revealing secrets.
Now, was one of those secrets
about Freya's death?
- Are you saying I hurt my baby?
- No.
I'm saying no-one knows
why she actually died.
I did not kill my baby!
All right, go upstairs, Annie.
I'll deal with this.
- No, I haven't finished, yet.
- You have for now! Go on, Annie.
Do you enjoy making Annie suffer?
Sorry, but we have to ask
these awkward questions.
And this line of questioning is
irrelevant and deeply distressing.
Before I opened this place,
I had my own practice. Criminal law.
If you wanna talk to Annie again,
do it at the station
with a solicitor.
Heard and understood, pet.
Mark, it's here!
Oh, Ma'am,
I have those alibis you asked for.
Ms Wilmore and Eliza
were at a spa on Friday
and they were both at their work
on Monday.
Plenty of witnesses.
Daniel has only just sent through
his information where he was Monday,
but Friday, he was in Edinburgh,
said he stayed overnight in a hotel.
Well, check he was actually there.
Will do.
Oh, Ma'am, Charlotte's proposal,
I've put it on your desk.
Ah, thanks, Kenny.
Is Billy not back yet?
I haven't seen him
since this morning.
Talk of the devil.
- Billy, where are you?
- 'Pilgrim's House, Ma'am.'
The caretaker told us there was
a third set of keys for the house,
but they're missing.
I'm waiting for him to arrive.
He should be here soon.
Yeah, well, it would've been helpful
to have had that information
three days ago.
Yes, Ma'am. Sorry, Ma'am.
"Sorry, Ma'am. Sorry, Ma'am."
That should be your catchphrase.
Aiden, get in here!
This business proposal is rubbish.
It's back of a cereal packet stuff.
It's full of typos
and the figures don't add up.
So why would Daniel Rede
go to the trouble of meeting her
just to tell her that?
He's a busy man, right?
Yet he had two phone calls
with Charlotte
and arranged to meet her.
Like he said, Rick had just died.
Ma'am, Dr Kelsall's missing journal.
You were right,
it was at Charlotte's.
Read the entry on November the 8th.
Daniel killed his baby.
Accidentally, apparently.
Yeah, well, he still killed her.
And good old Dr Kelsall
covered it up.
Because he was worried
Daniel would kill himself.
Those two cars that were heard
early hours of Saturday morning,
now, we know one of them was
Charlotte driving off the island.
What if she saw the car
coming the other way?
They'd have passed each other
on the causeway, right?
I think she saw Daniel Rede.
Billy. Now what?
- 'Ma'am What you doing?'
- Billy?
Billy's in trouble.
The caretaker's
just spoken to Kenny.
Billy wasn't there,
but his car is, though.
So where is the lad?
Try his number again!
- Any sign of them?
- No.
I checked inside, too.
The house was all locked up.
I checked the pub, like you asked.
He's not there.
Well, his motor's still here,
so he can't have gone far.
And what's all this about
a spare set of keys?
It's for the estate agent.
It's about to be sold.
They were hidden round the side.
They'd been missing,
only they're back now.
OK, everyone,
spread out and start looking.
I'll try and track his phone,
Ma'am, I called the hotel
that Daniel Rede stayed at
on Friday night. He checked in OK,
but he didn't actually use
his keycard until 4:45 AM.
Where are you, son? Where are you?
I've found his phone!
I've found his phone!
Is it his?
I should never have let the lad
come here on his own.
Ma'am, Kenny's on the phone,
says it's Daniel Rede
that's buying Pilgrim's House.
He knew about the other keys.
There's someone's in danger
on the causeway.
He told me he can't swim!
- Out the way!
- Move!
- Mark, get me a boat.
- Yes, Ma'am.
Is that where you lived
back in the day,
with Annie and your bairn?
Yeah. I kept it for old time's sake.
Hmm. Yeah. It's lovely here.
How can I help you, Inspector?
Oh, it's Detective Chief Inspector.
Oh, what a day.
It's hard to believe
you did it all on your own.
Ah, well, when you put your mind
to something.
Ah, no, I meant the body count.
Charlotte, Rick, Freya.
You killed them all.
And hanging in the balance
is PC Billington.
I did all that?
You got any proof?
See, I've heard people say
you're losing your touch,
getting sloppy.
Ah, but we did find DNA
under Charlotte's fingernails.
However, since you're not
on the system,
we can't identify you yet.
Er why would I kill Charlotte?
Because she saw you
coming onto the island
on the night Rick died.
And that business proposal
she made you,
that was just a feeble attempt
at blackmail.
And why would I wanna kill
my old mate Rick?
It's just Rick had found
his dad's journal.
So he knew
that you killed your bairn.
November the 8th,
you told Dr Kelsall
you gave the bairn medicine
to make her sleep,
so Annie could get some rest,
you said.
Yeah, it's all there.
It was an accident.
I was devastated.
Dr Kelsall could see that,
and said he'd deal with it.
And all these years, all that time,
you've let Annie think
it was her fault.
So when you saw Rick on Friday,
did he say he was going to tell her?
Nah, he wouldn't do that.
He'd be too worried
what it would do to her.
No, but he did say he was going to
write all about it in his book,
didn't he?
Even changed the title to 1982.
..after all I've done
building this place up,
I couldn't have that coming out,
could I?
He didn't leave me much choice.
And what about Charlotte?
I suppose you're going to tell me
she shouldn't have blackmailed you?
She was never as bright
as she thought.
Well, neither are you,
as it's turned out, pet.
So, let's talk about Isobel.
I mean, why was she even at
that first reunion, hmm?
Philip didn't know.
Annie was stuck in her room
all weekend, grieving.
Sam was with Louisa.
So that begs the question,
where were you?
See, I think you were with Isobel.
She pushed herself on me.
- Now, I tried saying no, but
- Ah, no, I get it.
You're a hot-blooded man,
you have needs.
Yeah, and she was beautiful.
I didn't know
she'd drive into the sea.
If you wanna blame someone for that,
blame Rick.
Oh, aye, he did have a go at her.
Told her to get off the island.
I didn't ask him to do that.
No, he did it for Annie.
Cos while you were cheating on her,
she was grieving the loss
of her bairn that you killed!
And what about my officer,
who even now might be breathing
his last breath?
Recognise you, did he,
while you were sneaking back
to return those keys?
He started asking questions.
I didn't plan to hurt him.
Oh, don't sell yourself short, pet.
There must've been some planning.
You left an injured man
on the causeway
with the tide coming in.
- Well
Well I think that's everything.
Not yet.
I'd like that journal, please.
Oh, this? Ah, no.
No, this is evidence, love.
That wasn't a request.
You shouldn't have come on your own.
What made you think
I came on my own, pet?
Drop the axe, Daniel.
Armed police. Drop your weapon!
Stay where you are!
Daniel Rede, I'm arresting you
for the murders of Richard Kelsall,
Charlotte Thomas, and the attempted
murder of PC Billington.
Daniel Rede has been processed.
Any news on young Billy?
I am so sorry, darling.
So sorry.
MUSIC: 'Last Christmas'
by Wham!
Richard, there we go, mate.
Oh, this one's Billy's.
Oh, don't.
I got him a bloody teaspoon,
didn't I? It was meant to be a joke.
You've spoiled the surprise now.
Hey, he's here!
Great to see you.
Good to see you.
Billy, son, you OK?
Yeah, good.
Billy, what are you doing here?
You're supposed to be on leave,
Well, I couldn't miss Secret Santa.
Merry Christmas, Ma'am.
The clue's in the title, Billy.
Oh. Sorry, Ma'am.
Are you gonna open it?
Aw, thank you, Billy.
Haway then, Billy,
you've got to open yours now.
- Yeah.
It is what it is.
I hope it's a good one.
Kenny, make us a brew, pet.
And get one for Billy.
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