Veronica Mars s04e07 Episode Script

Gods of War

1 VERONICA: Previously on Veronica Mars Three spring breaks ago, a Hearst Pi Sig dies on the beach.
Written off as an accident.
What can you tell me about the night Patrick Hatcher died? Get out! Now! How are Murderheads at deep background checks? Deep background is where we excel.
Find out everything you can about these three frat guys.
Consider it done.
I saw Eli's blonde crush at the motel today.
Pretty sure she was snooping around Alonzo's room.
I'm gonna pay her a visit at some point.
KEITH: I've been thinking a lot lately.
I'm afraid that I'm just gonna end up doing something s-stupid.
Or worse, get one of us hurt.
This is Logan.
Yes, sir.
I've been called back to active duty.
I need to leave immediately.
LEO: is flippity-flap.
KEITH: Have you noticed that each of the bombs killed someone with a sex offense in his history? It's a pattern.
But I was missing a perp.
- What about Nicole? - You ready? It's your lucky day, Congressman.
You get to meet Allah.
- Daniel! - Neptune Grand, eighth floor.
Say that again? Those two, Dodie Mendoza and Alonzo Lozano, were paid 30 Bitcoin, which is $100,000 more or less, by Congressman Maloof.
KEITH: And a source of ours spotted driver's licenses for Tayler and Tyler Carr in those boys' motel room.
It's that that page right there.
All right.
Here's how this went down.
Tyler Carr shot Daniel Maloof over a missing ring.
Hell, I witnessed them nearly come to blows over it in the coroner's office.
You were there.
Are you forgetting this? King Pagursky's mom is on line two.
- MARCIA: Mrs.
- MRS.
PAGURSKY: Are you avoiding my calls? No, ma'am.
Ma'am, we are invested in making sure that you get a positive result to this case.
Well, it doesn't seem like things are moving fast enough [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING.]
- Ohh! Drool on the dirty laundry, not the clean laundry! [LAPTOP CHIMING.]
Oh, shit! Hi, babe! Here, talk to Pony.
I need one sec.
Hi, Pony! [PONY GROANS.]
Good talk.
Veronica! Hi! Did you move the car for street cleaning? Shit.
DODIE: She's gonna get a ticket if she doesn't move her car soon.
ALONZO: Maybe you should knock on her door and let her know.
You notice all the fast food places here use paper straws? You know, because of the sea turtles.
DODIE: We should have followed the father.
So you could bitch about how we should have followed the daughter? Just be where you are.
We should kill 'em and be done with it.
We can do that, keep tryin' to find the bomber on our own.
Or we could wait for the professional private investigators to track down the bomber for us.
And then kill 'em.
SINGER: A long time ago We used to be friends But I haven't thought of you lately at all Bring it on, bring it on, yeah Just remember me when We used to be friends A long time ago We used to be friends A long time ago We used to be friends Hey VERONICA: I'm glad you called, but I'm leaving soon.
Uh, Wallace should be here in [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
five minutes early, like a dick.
How's, uh, parts unknown? Well, I had to wait 45 minutes for this Skype session, but other than that, it's all lollipops and rainbows.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I just need two secs.
Talk to Wallace.
What's up, Logan? LOGAN: [LAUGHS.]
What's up, Wallace? Well, the district offered me the varsity coaching job.
LOGAN: That's great! - It's at Kane High.
- LOGAN: Sheesh.
Does Veronica know? - I'm afraid to tell her.
- LOGAN: Yeah, I don't blame you.
Turn it towards me.
Sorry, we're just running late.
Well, movie's not for half an hour.
- Actually - Oh, Veronica.
I was hoping you could come do a thing with me before the movie.
Before the movie or in place of the movie? Uh, in place of the 8:00 movie, but before the 10:00 movie I was hoping we could go to instead.
It's just a quick Murderheads meeting.
You'll barely know we're there.
You seem busy.
I'll try you tomorrow.
I'm sorry.
If I knew you were calling, I Not exactly on a set schedule here, Veronica.
Doesn't mean I don't have one.
I know that.
I can't just wait in front of the computer, hoping.
LOGAN: I wouldn't expect you to.
But have a good night.
- Logan - [SIGN-OFF SOUND.]
So what is a Murderhead? Hearst student and Pi Sig president Campbell Davis got a DUI last month.
He's on academic probation, and his pledge name was "Jizz Mop.
" DON: God, I miss Hearst.
Anything that relates to the beach party where his fellow Pi Sig pledge Patrick Hatcher died three spring breaks ago? He posted an "R.
" shout-out to him on Facebook, but that's it.
What about Darren Silva? He was pretty active on social media The standard stuff Until the night Hatcher died.
After that, radio silence.
Not even one tweet saying, "What happened that night makes me want to murder future spring breakers"? DON: [LAUGHS.]
Hey, if the desire to murder spring breakers is wrong, I don't wanna be right.
Don! Oh, lighten up.
Everyone who's ever lived in Neptune has thought it.
Yeah, I've thought it.
Damn, did I say that out loud? For the record, I'm not the murderer.
I'm PENN: Okay.
Moving on to Blake Long, which we didn't find much.
He changed his major sophomore year and then started a band called Suit Slayer.
" PENN: Soothsayer, that's right.
Both equally unhelpful.
DON: Sorry, guys, I gotta jump.
I'm briefing Pelosi in 20.
Looking like that? Well, when you're the guy on international debt relief, you dress how you like.
Peace out, murder scouts.
Um, does anybody have anything else? Yeah.
Blake Long tried to kill himself a month after Hatcher died in that fire.
Long did? I thought you were doing Darren Silva.
I can go all night.
We're out of sugar.
God, I love having you around the office.
That contagious smile, that youthful enthusiasm.
How many people get to work with an actual ray of sunshine? I've been listening to the bug I planted in Nicole's office, and I hate myself.
So stop listening.
Stop listening? Is that possible? If you're sure about her, the next time you're at the bar just take back the bug and just go on having your, uh, whatever the female version of a bromance is.
A friendship? A friendship.
That's it.
It's your call, honey.
: He's a nice kid.
NICOLE: Who breaks a glass in the ice every 15 minutes.
- He needs to get himself a retail job.
- [BEEP.]
I only need three cases this week.
- Business is slow, man.
- [BEEP.]
Just open the box and pour the pizza directly down my throat.
PENN: I know it's a bad day when you order extra cheese.
NICOLE: And when you're here more than once a week.
PENN: Must be nice, getting to relax.
NICOLE: If I didn't care about making money.
PENN: Hey, if he woulda left Quacks alone, I might have started a Neptune Bomber fan club.
They're heathens.
I won't miss 'em.
Sounds like Nicole orders pizza from Penn all the time.
Oh, you've done it, Veronica.
You've cracked this thing wide open.
I'm spitballin' here! No bad ideas.
I'm throwin' stuff at the wall, seein' what sticks.
What if Penn delivered a pizza to Quacks on the day of the bombing, he's got one of those pizza delivery bags, he slides into the men's room okay [SIGHS.]
I'm getting carried away.
Maybe not.
I mean, it's thin, but Chattanooga Charlie's, where they had the explosion last spring break, Cho's delivers there, too.
Maybe the squirrely cuss made a mistake with the first bomb.
He delivered the pizza to the Sea Sprite and didn't get out in time.
What's his motive? Uh he calls spring breakers "heathens" on the recording.
They are heathens.
We've called them worse.
Much worse.
So I should find out from Nicole if Penn delivered her a pizza at Comrade Quacks the day of the bombing.
How ya gonna do that without giving up that you had a bug in her office? Lie.
VERONICA: Do character flaws count less if you're self-aware about them? I went out with a guy for a while at Columbia who was up front about his jealousy.
He knew it was wrong, apologized for it.
But he was still the asshole who wanted the gory details about every guy I'd ever touched.
His self-awareness didn't stop me from dropping him.
NICOLE: Greg said you were up here.
I've been thinking about you.
- VERONICA: Yeah? - Uh-huh.
You and Leo the other night seemed very friendly.
And then he walked you home.
I mean, look, I've done some bad shit, so no judgment, okay? - I get it.
- Leo is just a friend.
- Well, we're friends, right? - Yeah.
I hope so.
Yeah, well, the beauty of being friends with me is that whatever you've done, I've done something worse.
- Scout's honor, nothing happened.
- Hm.
Um strange question.
The day the bomb went off here, did you order pizza from Cho's? That is a strange question.
It's probably nothing, but I'm just wondering if the bomber is someone who gets in and out of places like a pizza guy, someone who no one thinks about.
Well, I do order from Cho's more than I should, but I don't remember if I did the day the bomb went off.
It's kind of a blur.
- Maybe you could check the receipts? - Yeah.
Okay, random question for you.
How do you feel about mud baths? Uh support them for pigs.
So I just heard about this new spa in Ojai, and I was thinking we should maybe check it out after spring break.
You know, we'll just, like, get all the alcohol out of our pores and reset our fine selves.
I planted a bug in your office.
What? In every bomb, at least one of the victims had some sort of sexual offense on his record, and came through Quacks.
I saw you knock that kid Jimmy Hatfield out in the surveillance video, and the horse collar bomber was in here trying to roofie girls.
I mean, you own sap gloves.
For Chrissakes.
The sex crime element gave you motive.
When a bomb went off in here, I figured you'd never bomb your own place, but then I learned you sold out to Big Dick Stop! You've been listening to me.
Where did you put it? The bug.
Um there.
So I shared my deepest, darkest personal secret, and your response was to bug my office.
I mean I mean, you really think I'm capable of randomly killing a bunch of college kids.
But yet you still consider me a friend.
I mean Shit, Veronica, how low is the bar for you? I didn't really think you did it It it's just part of the job.
And I'm telling you because I don't want this between us anymore.
Oh, so you feel better now, yeah? You good? Um, no.
Well, you've gotten close to me.
You know me.
How do you think I feel about giving people second chances? You've always done something worse, right? No.
Not in this case.
Is the bug still here? Then what are you waitin' for? Go.
This is Veronica.
I don't know why she's not calling you back.
Yes, she is staying with me.
She's just not here right now.
Look, I'll have her call you, okay? - It learns.
- Sometimes.
- Next up is phone etiquette.
- Did you call? I did.
So did your mom.
I've been turning my phone off to conserve battery.
But you have internet? I steal Wi-Fi from a café across the street.
I'm just sending her a text.
So what does one do in a motel room with no electricity? Eat.
Entertain revenge fantasies.
What? This nail from Comrade Quacks, this nail removed from Penn's back, and this string art nail are all the same.
Does that strike you as strange? No.
It should.
Answer your phone.
This nail.
It's the same as the ones we looked for at the hardware store.
It's the same as the one I found in Comrade Quacks after the bombing.
Was the "hello" implied, or we're just, we're not doin' that anymore? Were they in every bomb? No.
Just the last three.
The beach, the horse collar, and Quacks.
So the bomb at the Sea Sprite and the bomb that killed Perry Walsh were not packed with nails? Right.
Veronica, um what's up? I'm working on something.
If it amounts to anything, I'll let you know.
That's a cinnamon roll, by the way.
- Aw.
- Enjoy.
Hey, uh so as luck would have it, they're playing The Big Lebowski at the Orpheus tonight.
I'm ready to right this wrong if you are.
Why would I watch it at that moldy dump when I have the director's cut and the ingredients for White Russians at home? Sold.
What time should I be there? That wasn't an invitation.
Sounded like one.
You are not coming over to Lebowski and chill.
You're turning this into something tawdry.
Ah, what's wrong with a couple of cinephiles watching what you conside to be a classic movie? Unless unless you were thinking it was something more.
I wasn't.
You afraid of being alone with me? I'm leaving now.
Okay, so, is that Is that a yes or a no on me comin' over? It was a "no invitation has ever been issued.
" You sure? Uh, can the court reporter please play back the transcript starting with the part about owning the movie in question and having the cocktail ingredients at home? Goodbye.
BIG DICK: Hey, Clyde.
Have you seen these bikes? This one has 4,000 cycling classes on it.
It's incredible! TRAINER [ON VIDEO.]
: Nice work! I just got the countersigned contracts for Comrade Quacks.
- Mmhm.
- You're leasin' it to Rick Deefenbock? Damn right.
The dumb son of a bitch overpaid.
That was supposed to be my property, Dick.
- TRAINER: Thirty seconds to go! - We talked about this.
At length.
Oh, right.
Your "classic car" dealership? Comrade Quacks, that's where you wanted to put it? You sure? - Positive.
- TRAINER: Go strong here! Oh, I'm sorry, buddy.
It must have slipped my mind.
But don't worry, we'll find you another lot.
A better lot.
If that's still what you want.
Why would that not be what I want? Well, owning a business, especially one that trades in a rarified secondary market with little practical demand and a shrinking consumer base not exactly the venture to cut your teeth on.
Yeah, well, that was our deal.
And what was our deal exactly? What was the language? - TRAINER: You've got this! - You gave me your word.
You're still learning.
What's the rush? Spent a decade of my life in prison, I'd kinda like to not waste any more time.
Well, won't be long.
We'll find you something.
- TRAINER: Another 15! - Hey.
What's a dream car for a teenage girl? You know what? I don't ever care.
Just pick one and find out where the girl from the Sea Sprite is.
Will ya? But it's gotta be red.
Girls love red.
- Sure thing.
- TRAINER: Just up the hill! My man.
Shit, another hill.
TRAINER: You can do it! Let's go! I know why we've been having such a tough time with this case.
These nails [SNIFFS.]
Where is it? Where's what? Personal space! Personal space! [GASPS.]
A milkshake, a Lumberjack Timber-gur, and waffle fries.
Well, well, well.
When this cat's away, the mouse that's you will consume 2,000 calories.
But, Veronica, I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay.
Don't be cute with me.
You were gonna tell me something about nails? Fine.
I'll try to fill you in before your inevitable heart attack.
This nail.
It's the same type of nail that was removed from Penn's back.
It's also the type of nail that was used as shrapnel in the beach bomb, the Quacks bomb, and the horse collar bomb.
And the Sea Sprite bomb.
What makes you say that? Because it was pulled out of Penn's back.
Yeah, but the only person hit with this type of nail was Penn.
Leo confirmed that the first two bombs weren't packed with these nails.
This is also the same kind of nail that's used in string art.
I saw the piece in Matty's room.
It was hanging on the wall inside the office just a few feet from where Penn was outside.
So you're saying Penn gets a few of these nails in his back and makes the incorrect assumption that the bombs are loaded with these nails as shrapnel.
Then when his theory that the Maloofs were trying to kill their future in-law is shot out of the water and he becomes a laughingstock He takes over for Perry Walsh, using what he believes is Walsh's M.
Then he stands up at a City Council meeting and blames Big Dick because he knows we think it's Big Dick.
But Penn wasn't the only one who knew about the nails.
The Murderheads knew.
The police know.
If there are two bombers, everything we thought about Big Dick works out.
Big Dick gets his prison library buddy Perry Walsh to bomb the Sea Sprite.
It's a location he wants to buy, and the owner is starting to organize merchants against him.
He then eliminates Walsh, making it look like he killed himself, even provides a "I hate girls in bikinis" manifesto.
And then Penn takes over.
Let's call the chief of police, see what she says.
She's not gonna listen.
Probably not.
I'm gonna let you enjoy this experience on your own.
Good night.
Oh, and if you feel a tightness in your chest and break out in a cold sweat, just remember: Put.
The burger.
It's Keith Mars, says he has a theory he wants to run by you.
Tell him to piss up a rope.
FEMALE SINGER: What do you want from me? Why don't you run from me? What are you wondering? What do you know? MALE SINGER: Come here FEMALE SINGER: Say it, spit it out What is it exactly you're payin'? Is the amount cleaning you out, am I satisfactory? Today I'm thinkin' about the things that are deadly The way I'm drinkin' you down, like I wanna drown Like I wanna end me Step on the glass Staple your tongue, ahh Bury a friend Try to wake up, ahh Cannibal class, killin' the son, ahh Bury a friend - I wanna end me - [PANTING.]
BIG DICK: Matty Ross.
You're like Rapunzel! I love it! What are you doing? Dropping off your signing bonus.
Why don'tcha come down? Take her for a spin? I already said no.
BIG DICK: Well, that was to my first offer.
You were smart to turn that down.
You'll find a much-improved offer in the glove box.
Think you're gonna like it.
Perry Walsh get one of these? You know, I'd suggest you move on with your life, Matty.
What I'm doing now this is the easy way.
You don't want to do this the hard way, I promise.
You know, a year from now I'm gonna have eight luxury beachfront units on this spot.
That's something you can take to the bank.
I don't care what you say.
It's Big Dick.
- VERONICA: Matty - He bought me a car.
Matty I know that you're working off some theory about nails Matty! - You're right.
- KEITH: Yeah.
We think Big Dick had Perry Walsh plant the Sea Sprite bomb, too.
And Penn Epner is responsible for the other ones.
We think.
I-I know he's a little obnoxious, but he's nice enough.
Why would he want to kill all those people? Pfft.
Feel important? I We're still drilling down on motive.
Which is why Big Dick is easier to prove.
We just need something that connects him to Perry Walsh.
- VERONICA: Financial payments, phone records [BEEP.]
Mars Investigations.
Hold on.
What was What was that last part? 'Kay.
Okay, got it.
We'll be right there.
All right.
The bomber sent a limerick to the police promising bomb number six in the next 72 hours.
Now Marcia wants to hear our Penn theory.
A limerick? KEITH: Hold on.
"Three laps 'round the sun, I'll be gloating About more beautiful bodies exploding Their flesh we will squeegee At midday 'round Fiji Plus the heroes upon whom we're doting" Well, what about Big Dick? We'll get to him, I promise.
But there's a ticking clock on this one.
Is it okay if I hang out and charge my cell? I can just answer the phone and whatnot.
Yeah, just don't do anything I wouldn't do.
And most of the things that she would do.
Well, the shit has officially hit the fan.
Well, if Marcia's calling us down, it certainly has.
My boss is joining.
KEITH: All the way in from Virginia? Not exactly.
: The pizza guy?! You're tellin' me the schmo popping up on the news with the crazy theories is our guy? We're saying we have a theory that supports the idea of Mr.
Epner as the bomber.
- The nails that we found - MAN: I heard you the first time.
Does pizza guy have a criminal record? No.
MAN: Any explosives background? Military? Mining? None that we know of.
MAN: Booker, D'Amato, you there? - Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
MAN: This is nothing.
I want you to go pick up Lassiter in L.
He's gotta be the guy.
Okay, sir.
MAN: Thanks, everyone.
This has been entertaining if nothing else.
Okay, uh, I guess we're hittin' the road to go pick up the guy that nobody in this room believes is guilty.
Let's go, honey.
About that limerick.
Fiji Sandwich World on the boardwalk, it's a couple of blocks from my place.
I think that might be the target.
"Heroes" are sometimes sandwiches Yeah, no shit.
We're way ahead of you.
We've already notified the shop, and we will be evacuating a two-block radius.
We've also got bomb-sniffing dogs on the way.
- KEITH: All right.
Uh, hey, Mars.
I think there's something to your nail theory.
Plus, I really wanna show up the FBI.
: All righty! It's fun time, America.
Put the cares of the day behind you.
It's time for fun! Neptune spring break is honestly worse than Fyre Festival.
One thousand percent.
At least the shrooms are starting to kick in.
- Yeah.
- Are you seeing these lights? So, what's going on, Zorak? They're so c Huh?! OFFICER 1: Freeze! Police! Let's see your hands! OFFICER 2: Hands up! - OFFICER 3: Don't move! - MARCIA: Where's Penn Epner? - GUY: Who? - He owns this place.
Well, he's got an apartment in the basement.
Go! This is what I need you to do.
I need you to call Carl, I need you to check the perimeter.
The guys upstairs said they saw him leaving, carrying a bag, last night.
OFFICER 4: Chief, look at this.
Printouts from the internet.
How-to's for every kind of explosive our bomber has used.
Put out an APB for Penn Epner.
- So, like, eggs are zero points - Uh-huh.
beans, chicken But you gotta take the skin off Are you kidding me with this shit? This is basically just you callin' me fat.
I'm just sayin', my ma eats all day Like, all day And she's down 15 pounds.
Good for her.
My man.
I saw on the news That Mexican kid who died at the Sea Sprite, guess who his uncle is.
Guillermo del Toro.
El Despiadado.
That's who your sister's boyfriend is working for, right? - Yeah.
- Makes you think, doesn't it? What do you suppose he's doing here? - [VERONICA TAPPING ON KEYBOARD.]
KEITH: All right, thanks.
Thanks for the heads-up.
- Who you been talkin' to? - KEITH: Cliff.
He was at the police station.
There's an APB for our pizza guy.
Cliff heard that he wasn't at his place and word is, he asked for time off at Cho's.
The guy's in the wind.
But with a $250,000 reward for his capture, someone's gonna find him.
And that someone's gonna be us.
Pardon? When I want to their meeting, I got the impression that Penn was more than friends with one of his Murderheads.
I only knew her first name, Carol, but she's a librarian at Hearst.
Your old employer.
Long story short, Carol called in sick yesterday, and Carol owns a cabin just outside Mesa Grande.
Hot damn! Get strapped, old timer.
We are gonna go capture one of America's most wanted.
Are you kidding me with this car, man? '66.
Mint condition, original leather, original wood grain on the dash.
Bought this from a little old lady who kept it covered in a garage.
- Ahh.
- It's got 23,000 miles on it.
Hey, Clyde, you know anything about these two guys up from Mexico? They work for a cartel boss.
He lost his nephew in the Sea Sprite bombing? No.
But I don't really have my finger on the pulse of the Mexican underworld.
I thought you knew everyone who's ever served time, Clyde.
It could mean trouble for whoever's responsible for that Sea Sprite bomb.
I heard that was Perry Walsh, and that guy's already blown himself up, so Hm.
I wonder what those two guys are still doin' up here, then.
My guys have been on my ass all week about gettin' paid.
Well, that's the last of it, so, uh, you might want to remind them about rainy days.
Job's done? Yeah.
Spring break's over.
Not for four days, it isn't.
Clyde, look, there's gotta be more you need, right? I mean, I got a lot of people countin' on this.
On me.
Good thing you're an enterprising kinda guy.
I'm sure you'll find other ways to make money.
- This guy's been blowing up your phone.
I think he's got tires for you or some thing.
What's wrong with you? Veronica Mars.
The "I told you so" I'm gonna be hearin' from her.
Well, you don't have to worry about her much longer.
What's that supposed to mean? Nothing.
I'm just agreeing with you.
She's annoying.
Do not lie to me.
Why am I not gonna have to worry about Veronica? [MUSIC PLAYING.]
SINGER: You're tall, dark and handsome I'll be right back.
Don't go anywhere.
- Oh, I got no plans.
SINGER: Know how to romance 'em - I see through it all - I'm-I'm just getting some wood.
Some firewood for the fireplace.
SINGER: You move like a whiplash [GUNS COCK.]
Jesus! What the hell! There's an APB out for you.
Haven't you heard? You're the bomber everyone's looking for.
I-I was almost killed in the Sea Sprite bombing! I got hit with shrapnel! You got hit with a nail from a piece of string art in the lobby.
What? But since you thought it was bomb shrapnel, you put the same nails in all your copycat bombs, - didn't you, Penn? - I-I'm going to call I I am calling my attorney! Oh Oh, God.
- Oh, Jesus! KEITH: Inside! Get inside! Get inside! [GUNFIRE CONTINUES.]
How'd you miss that shot? Shut up.
Who's shooting?! VERONICA: Get in there and don't come out! [GUNFIRE.]
DODIE: Send him out! I've got nine bullets left.
How 'bout you? - DODIE: Let's split up! - Dad? I forgot.
I left my ammo in the glove box.
I forgot to load my gun.
DODIE: Go around back! Okay.
Uh, take this.
I'll run and get it.
No, goddamnit, Veronica.
That's That's suicide.
- I will be quick.
- DODIE: Cover me! Okay.
No, no.
You stupid shit.
- DODIE: He's in the car! - Three.
VERONICA: Hurry, Dad.
Hurry! [GUNSHOT.]
DODIE: Over there! [PANTING.]
WEEVIL: Head on out, boys! No one's touchin' her! Head home! [MOTORCYCLES DEPARTING.]
This is a flagrant waste of taxpayer dollars.
- I am not a bomber! - Save it for the cameras.
Hey, Mars.
Don't go anywhere.
I'll get a statement from you and your dad when I'm through with him.
C'mon, let's go.
How ya doin'? Okay.
I'm still pretty jacked up on adrenaline.
LEO: Yeah.
I heard.
Learned a lot about Mr.
Epner since yesterday.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
At 18, he lands in Neptune to go to Hearst, starts playin' "Assassination" Remember that bein' the thing? Yeah, a bunch of dildo college boys shooting each other with paint pellets until only one dildo survives.
Only Penn took the game a little bit too far.
Always had to be number one on the kill list.
Shot a classmate while he was taking an exam.
- Kid lost his eye.
- Damn, Penn.
So he gets kicked out of Hearst, and at his expulsion hearing they ask him was it worth it, you know, gettin' kicked out, failing all your classes, taking out a friend's eye.
He answers, "Well, I won, didn't I?" Spends the last two decades deliverin' pizzas and living with his grandmother.
She left him the house after she passed.
Phone records show he's been talkin' to publicists.
Thinks he's gettin' a book deal.
When do you head back? Tomorrow morning.
Oh, wow.
That's fast.
Uh, FBI will send out an interrogator to work on Penn in the morning.
We still gotta figure out if this bomb's gonna go off 36 hours from now.
I'll head back to Virginia for a couple days, and then, you know, on to the next.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have invited myself over the other day.
That was wrong of me.
Oh, that? It didn't even cross my mind.
It's been good seeing you, Leo.
You too, Ms.
VERONICA: You all right? Not really.
I screwed up.
My screwed-up brain almost got us killed.
But it didn't.
I could have gotten you killed.
Dad, I forget shit all the time.
Veronica, no, we're not gonna pretend that this was a one-off or no big deal.
- Dad - I'm sorry, honey.
I'm done.
C-Can you give me a minute here? I'm just gonna dull my pain with a fried fruit pie, and you watching me eat it is gonna take all the joy out of it.
- You're not done.
It was one bad - KEITH: Veronica.
Hey there, Pony.
Notice any international hot spots back to room temperature? That was me.
- You're home.
- LOGAN: Yeah.
Are you okay? I am now.
You still have that ring? LOGAN: I do.
Well, look at that.
You already know your lines.
LOGAN: Why now? I had a moment of clarity.
VERONICA: When I woke up after my Leo sex dream, all I felt was relief.
Relief that I hadn't done anything to hurt Logan.
And a few hours later, when I thought, "I'm going to die tonight," the only person I thought about was Logan.
There's the man of the hour.
Heard the news, thought it called for a ten-year rye.
You caught the bad guy made 250 large doin' it and it's that little shit Penn Epner.
What's it like up there on cloud nine? You think I'm on cloud nine? This case almost got my daughter killed.
Almost got me killed.
If not for your employee Weevil, we would be dead.
I'm I'm sorry, what's a Weevil? Stop.
This game we've been playing is over.
I'm sorry, Keith.
I thought you'd be on top of the world.
You got your guy.
I mean, let's take our happiness where we find it.
Penn Epner didn't bomb the Sea Sprite.
He didn't bomb Perry Walsh's house, either.
I'm 99% sure Big Dick was responsible for the Sea Sprite, and when we get him on this, my final case, I suspect we'll find out what your involvement, if any, was.
How well do you suppose Big Dick will stand up to interrogation? The over-under must be three minutes before he starts naming names.
Here's to you, Keith.
You're a good man.
Consider me in your corner.
That is unless you're goin' against me.
To the good times.
What's up? You got more work for me? Need you to arrange a meeting.
I have a little gift.
I understand you're interested in finding the scumbag responsible for bombing the Sea Sprite.
CLYDE: Enjoy.
: Set up a trust fund for P.
's kid.
Use a Cayman account.
Enough to cover college.
Hey, if you woulda supported the plan in the first place it wouldn't have gone off the rails, and I never would have had to ask Perry Walsh to do what he does.
Or you could've offered Ross another million.
He woulda sold you the Sea Sprite.
And those four people would still be alive.
Yeah, well, that would have been overpaying, and I never overpay.
MARCIA: We found stacks of bomb-making materials at your home.
PENN: Marcia Chief Langdon, asshole.
How many times do I have to tell you? I am part of a group that researches unsolved crimes! What you found was research! You are not climbing out of this hole.
This is your grave.
So you tell me right now where that bomb is, or I will start packing the earth in so thick over your head, you will forget the taste of air! Oh, there he is! I kept your card.
Oh, goody.
Chief Langdon.
Can I speak with my client alone, please? [SIGHS.]
She is gonna regret all this bad cop posturing when she reads my memoir.
I would keep those and any other thoughts you have to yourself.
You're gonna get out tomorrow if they don't have enough to arrest you with, and I don't think they do.
Yeah, you know why? I don't bomb people.
If, however, you do know where that bomb is, and you don't tell them, I will run you over in the parking lot after your acquittal.
Now, how can I help you? I do have a request, actually.
I have been thinking about it.
Tell Harold that I do want to be considered for the position.
I look forward to it.
Thank you.
All right.
Bye now.
And what position is this? Chief of Police.
Really?! Where? - Leisureville.
- Jesus H.
, Keith.
You can't work at a retirement community.
We're contemporaries.
Can I help you with something? Where's Veronica? Amalia Maloof requested a visit.
Well, aren't you two popular today.
Are we? Mm.
My new client wants me to arrange a meeting between the two of you.
It's bizarre, but let's face it, the world stopped making sense when Prince died.
Who's the client? [SIGHS.]
I deserve this is all.
I did bad things Ignore him.
He's on morphine.
Thank you again for catching the man who maimed my son.
You should know we don't believe Penn Epner is responsible for the first two bombs.
Of course he is.
And at this point, I say good enough.
: Dr.
Harriet Lowe to Physical Therapy.
- MAN: How's we doing, Mrs.
Maloof? - AMALIA: He's stable.
MAN: His ratings are up 26%.
The shooting plays as a racially motivated political assassination attempt.
His minimum wage and assault weapon votes play to the moderates.
The Senate is his if he wants it.
He wants it.
Uh, can you make this out to Mars Investigations rather than Mars Detectives? [HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYING.]
Son of a bitch.
SINGER: You can get anything you want Know what I'm sayin'? You want that over there? You want that over there? I got you I was up late night ballin' Ingrate little shit.
- I was up late night ballin' - [SIGHS.]
SINGER: Countin' up hundreds by the thousand I was up late night ballin' Countin' up hundreds by the thousand I was up late night ballin' Countin' up hundreds by the thousand I was up late night ballin' So far from my past misfortune - No sleepin', late nights no eatin' - [PHONE BEEPING.]
- - Gun squeezin', I'm a real Artesian Ramona, I was round that corner Still down, I'm a Norf Norf soldier [HORN HONKS.]
MAN: Asshole! [ENGINE REVS.]
Why does he want to see us? He'll explain it to you.
Uh, because we're awesome, and he wants to give up where he planted the bomb to the crime-fighting duo brilliant enough to catch him.
What's up with you? The smiling.
The warmth? I don't get it.
All in due time.
Keith, Veronica, thank you guys for coming.
What do you want? Well, isn't it obvious? I wanna hire you two to prove my innocence! Penn.
You're here because of us.
- And I forgive you.
Wait, wait, wait! Guys, guys! I am not the bomber.
And it doesn't matter how this accusation makes me feel personally, the fact is, there's still a bomb out there set to go off in 24 hours.
And when it does, and more innocent people get killed, you're gonna wish you had listened to me.