Victoria (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

The Sins of the Father

1 The Queen is expecting again.
Don't think she's too happy about it.
It's so soon, it's so soon after Vicky.
She don't know what it means to be hungry.
They don't need balls, they need bread.
Do you want to feel ashamed of your birthplace? If you had not spent so much on your hobbies, then I wouldn't need to be.
It might be best if he does go back to Coburg.
I wanted to say goodbye.
I do not trust my father to behave without me.
How could he just walk in off the street? Your happiness means everything to me.
Everything changes.
Except us.
Gloriana Hallelujah Gloriana Hallelujah Gloriana Hallelujah Hallelujah Your Majesty! Your Majesty Is that really necessary? - No! No! - You'll be fine, you'll be fine Victoria.
Victoria, look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
It will be over soon, I promise.
- I promise.
- You're going to be fine.
You'll be fine.
Gentlemen .
we have a Prince of Wales.
Isn't he beautiful? All babies look like frogs to me.
Ah, guten Abend, mein Leiben.
Liebchen Du holde Kunst In wieviel grauen Stunden Wo mich des Lebens wilder Kreis umstrickt Hast du mein Herz Zu warmer Lieb' entzunden Hast mich in eine Bessere Welt Entruckt In eine bessere Welt Entruckt It's Her Majesty's senior dresser, as I live and breathe.
Welcome to our humble abode.
I came as soon as I could.
You said it was urgent.
It's not? No, she's better now.
The doctor gave her some medicine.
Thank God.
It's all right, Emily.
It's all right.
This is MY medicine.
Is that right? What is it that you want, Eliza? I wonder, when I have so much (!) The Prince has put up our wages.
So .
there's a bit more than usual.
Aren't I the lucky one (?) What a strong face you have, my little man.
You will be king one day, you know.
Albert As your dear father said about you, plump as a partridge.
The boy Jones.
It's in the Morning Chronicle.
Right there.
He didn't go to the papers himself did he, Mr Penge? No, but someone else did and whoever it was is a traitor to Queen and country.
The informant must be in the household.
Why would anyone be doing that? It does seem now it has been advertised to the entire world that the palace is not safe.
Not safe? He was just a little boy, Albert.
Our family is entitled to its privacy.
From Coburg, Your Royal Highness.
Albert Your father? I have to make the necessary arrangements.
What brings you to this corner of the palace? A dark day for the Prince.
I wonder if the Queen might accompany him to the funeral.
I think not.
The Queen has been out of sorts since the birth.
I would have thought she'd be happy to have secured an heir.
I suppose we shall never understand the fairer sex, will we? As I'm sure you know, I leave for Coburg this afternoon.
In my absence, I am relying on you to find out who informed the Morning Chronicle about the palace intruder.
But it could have been any of the palace staff.
There are hundreds of them.
How could I possibly find out -- I am relying on you, Baroness, to find the culprit.
Otherwise all of the staff here will have to be replaced.
You included.
The Royal household must be trustworthy.
Yes, Your Royal Highness.
One of you has sold this private information to the public.
I will find out who has betrayed the Queen's trust.
If you know anything about who did this, it is your obligation to tell me.
Where have you been? Nowhere in particular.
I've asked Lehzen to prepare my trunks for Coburg.
Oh, my love, I I think I should travel alone.
We've never spent a night apart since we married.
I fear it is too soon after your confinement.
But I want to be with you.
Victoria, you have not quite been yourself since the baby arrived.
I do not want you to make such a melancholy journey.
Stay here with the children.
Recover your strength.
I wish I could go with him.
He will manage without you, Majesty.
I know he will.
- Oh! - I am sorry.
No, no, no.
My fault.
You are looking prosperous these days.
Is that real gold? Well do I seem like the kind of man who'd wear pinchbeck? No.
I think you'd prefer the genuine article.
You're right there, Nancy.
I didn't know what to expect.
He looks so calm.
More than he ever did when he was alive.
I-I received a letter from him the day before.
Was he asking for money? He was asking me to name the baby after him.
But it was too late.
You chose the right name for your son, Albert.
I came as soon as I could.
We are orphans now, you and I.
Not quite orphans, my dear boys.
Uncle Leopold.
Vicky, why must you always be moving? Children of her age have little understanding, ma'am.
I know.
Look, ma'am, little Prince Albert is smiling.
Has the mail arrived from Coburg? Usually takes a week, ma'am.
Never mind, ma'am.
As my late husband used to say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
My son is a fine fellow.
Victoria, usually she wishes to be a part of everything, but now it is as if she does not care any more.
You miss the fighting? I miss her spirit.
That tree.
This seems familiar.
I dared you to climb up it.
Did I? You took some persuading.
Papa had forbidden it.
The last time I spoke with him, Ernest .
I was not kind.
For that to be the last time Did anyone tell you how he died? Seizure.
It was more interesting than that.
You see, he was in the arms of his dearest friend, Liesel.
You should be pleased, Albert.
He died doing what he loved.
Mr Brunel's tunnel has taken over 20 years to build.
When opened, it will make crossing the Thames infinitely quicker.
I expect you would like to attend an event of such national significance, ma'am? I I can't.
Perhaps you might take a look at this, ma'am? What are all those people doing down there? They are walking beneath the water, ma'am.
Well! I shall keep it.
Nonetheless, I I cannot attend.
So this is why you're always too busy to see me.
I'm surprised you're not in the nursery.
When you were a child, I could never bear to be apart from you.
Babies are so easy to love.
~ I told you in confidence, Eliza.
No such thing, Nancy.
No such thing.
I care more about putting shoes on her feet than keeping your secrets.
If this is traced back to me, I'll lose my place.
Then you should have kept your mouth shut, Nancy.
Your mother was so young.
So lovely.
And so unhappy.
Well, she would have to be, to leave her children behind.
My brother was not an easy man to live with.
And I did my best to be a friend to her.
A friend? What kind of friend? I had just lost my beloved Charlotte.
And your father left her all alone here with your brother and so .
we comforted one another.
C-Comforted? Poor Louise needed love so badly.
And then after you were born, my destiny took me to Belgium and your mother, she went in a different direction.
Good night.
Good night, Uncle.
Cousin Ferdinand has grown out of all recognition.
At least the pimples have abated, thank goodness.
Uncle Leopold is trying to marry him off to the Spanish Queen.
Well, I'm I'm surprised he's not tried to marry you off yet.
Oh, you underestimate him.
Princess Alda of Oldenburg arrived this very afternoon.
- Your Majesty.
- Welcome to the Rosenau.
I trust you had a pleasant journey? Not really.
The roads in Coburg are most uncivilised.
How do you find our Coburg wine, Princess? It is too strong for me.
Perhaps you would like to play cards after luncheon? I do not gamble.
Would you like to go riding tomorrow? I will be at church.
Prime Minister and Mr Drummond, Your Majesty.
- Sir Robert.
- Ma'am.
- I was not expecting you.
- Forgive the intrusion, Your Majesty.
I'm afraid this is an urgent matter.
There has been an explosion at the Tower in the armoury.
Five men have lost their lives.
Many others have been injured.
I will send my condolences.
Given the scale of the disaster, it would be better for you to attend the hospital in person.
In person? - I'm not sure that I -- - Ma'am.
I strongly advise you to attend.
I offer my sincere condolences.
Your Majesty, I called my daughter after you.
Then, she is lucky to have such a brave father.
May I escort you to your carriage, ma'am? That must have been distressing for you, ma'am, but I know your presence made all the difference to those poor souls.
Mr Francatelli, I wanted to talk to you.
Flattered, Baroness.
I've noticed that since you have returned to the palace, you have looked much smarter.
I'm glad you approve.
If that is all, I must return to my souffles.
They wait for no-one, not even the Queen herself.
I was wondering how you afford these new items.
Perhaps I have a fairy godmother, Baroness.
Albert? Can it really be you? I had to get out of the palace.
And you haven't even tried talking to Princess Alda.
- Ernest - Are you going to lecture me about the dangers of the demon drink? This is my tribute to Papa.
One that he would have appreciated.
You're right.
Let's drink to Papa now.
Before you retire, ma'am .
I would like to congratulate you on your conduct today.
You want to congratulate me on my conduct? I thought the whole occasion a great success.
It was time you showed yourself in public.
Yes, I suppose it was.
And in the circumstances, your display of emotion was entirely appropriate.
I was crying for them, of course.
But I was also crying for myself.
I know.
You're not the only woman who has felt herself in low spirits after the birth of a child.
I experienced something similar after the birth of my daughter, Mary.
And yet I only had an estate to oversee.
Not a country.
The birth The birth was very distressing.
Nothing has become easier since.
But it will.
I know how hard it was for you to go out today.
But I also know that tomorrow it will be easier.
I hope you are right, Duchess.
There can be no doubt about it, ma'am.
Such a shame no-one wanted to join us.
What are we going to talk about? Oh, I'm sorry.
I think I left my volume of Chopin in here.
No, Miss Coke.
Please, why don't you come and join us? - Any news from Coburg? - No.
I wonder how Prince Ernest is finding his new life as the Duke.
Hopefully better than his father.
I suppose he will have to find a bride.
But life is is all about balance.
- Balance? - That's correct.
You can achieve anything .
if you have .
perfect equilibrium.
I believe that you are drunk, Albert.
I believe I am.
It's the most peculiar sensation.
- Mm-hm.
- It feels as if I have elves around my person.
Elves or pixies? - One cannot be sure.
- It is important to be accurate, Albert.
- We must always tell the truth.
- Yes, we must.
No deception.
I will tell you the truth.
I am not going to marry Princess Alda .
cos she is not a woman, she is a thistle.
Uncle Leopold would not marry a thistle.
And I will not, either.
I think I need another drink.
So do I.
- Ernest.
- Ja? - Uncle Leopold told me -- - Nein.
This is not a moment for Uncle Leopold.
It's never a moment for Uncle Leopold.
Albert? What on earth is the matter? What are you doing with this armour? It's for my protection.
Albert, you are upset, I understand that, but behaving like Ernest is not going to help.
Ernest knows who his father is.
Albert, you must not speak like this.
You know, I-I-I always felt something.
Thank you for making it so clear to me.
I'm so proud of you, Albert, and now that you are a father you must understand my feeling.
Understand? Do you know what you have made me? - A sham.
- No.
No? My entire life a lie.
Victoria married to a bastard.
My children illegitimate! Ruined.
And everything I've done for the for the palace.
For the monarchy.
It all amounting to sheer hypocrisy because of your behaviour! YOUR BEHAVIOUR! The British press, they already draw me as a sausage.
Imagine what would happen if they found out -- No-one must find out.
Not even Victoria.
This stays between us.
And besides, it cannot be proven.
Then why tell me? I wanted to bring you comfort.
Oh Good morning, Your Majesty.
Good morning.
The Sultan of Muscat wanted to present you with a tiger cub, but I persuaded him that a puppy would be more appropriate.
Aw! So much more appropriate.
But, ma'am, the bed is no place for an animal.
Well, I know how much you care for tradition, Duchess, and so I will treat her just as I treated Dash.
But Dash, ma'am, was housetrained.
And this creature is not.
Were you going to leave without saying goodbye? Come to England soon, ja? Yah! Albert has left? Yes.
I thought he was going to stay longer, didn't you? I wonder what made him decide to leave.
I wonder.
Oh, Mrs Skerrett, thank goodness I found you.
- Whatever's the matter? - There is a terrible to-do in the kitchens.
They're saying that Mr Francatelli's the one that sold the story about the intruder to the newspaper.
Francatelli? Why would anyone accuse him? The Baroness was after noticing the ring and the pocket watch, so she told Mr Penge to search his room.
He he found £10 in sovereigns.
Do you really think he got all that money from selling the story? No, Miss Cleary.
I don't.
Ah, Drummond.
I didn't know you were a member.
I'm not.
I was meeting the Marquis of Lothian.
Is he a friend of yours? He's going to be my father-in-law.
You're engaged.
May I offer my congratulations? Excuse me.
Well, my cousin, she's called Eliza Skerrett.
Not me.
It was her who was at the Chiswick Institute.
It was her who was meant to be at this palace, but .
she fell pregnant, so I took her place, so I could support her and the baby.
And, erm .
well, Eliza has always felt she was .
hard done by, so when I told her about the boy Jones .
she sold the story to the papers.
I don't know what possessed her to do it.
How old is the child? - Just four, ma'am.
- This is unbelievable.
I am sorry for your cousin and for the child But, Majesty! .
but to deceive me like that when I thought I could We must be surrounded by people we can trust.
Perhaps I could forgive you.
The Prince, I fear, will not.
You look so tired.
I have been travelling for four days.
Oh, Eos! Good boy.
Good boy.
Who's-Who's this? Ah! Come on.
Come on! Isn't she adorable? Her name is Isla.
I'm so pleased you're back.
All this time, she's been an impostor.
Astonishing really, she could stand the guilt.
I had to dismiss her.
But you always said that she was the best dresser you have ever had.
She is.
I thought you of all people would understand.
You always talk about the importance of truth.
The carriage is ready, Your Majesty.
Albert, you must get ready.
I am sorry, Victoria.
I-I cannot attend.
But it's the opening of the tunnel.
The joining of one side of the Thames to the other.
I know.
It's a big day, Victoria.
Even so, I cannot attend.
What is it? I just feel as though I am not ready for people to look at me.
I-I feel as if I have a skin missing.
I thought that you did not need me.
Liebes, I have never needed you so much.
Mr Brunel is waiting for you, ma'am.
Skerrett? Your Royal Highness.
I believe it's time you were given a room which reflects your new position.
But I've been dismissed, sir.
I think the Queen would find it hard to manage without you.
Don't you? I mean, yes, you pretended to be someone you were not but you have served the Queen to the best of your ability.
So I don't deserve this, Your Royal Highness.
Everyone deserves a second chance, Mrs Skerrett.
Good day.
Fetch it, Isla! Come on Oh, a new dog and a new child? I wonder how you manage your time, Drina.
Very well.
I'd like to see my grandson.
- He has your eyes, Drina.
- No, he doesn't.
Perhaps there is some similarity.
Du bist die Ruh Der Friede mild Die Sehnsucht du Und was sie stillt Ich weihe dir Voll Lust und Schmerz Zur Wohnung hier I am too slow for you.
I expect you'll want the children to learn soon.
The children How was, er, Bertie while I was away? Has he learned how to smile yet? I wouldn't know.
- What do you mean? - He never smiles for me.
Liebes, I do not understand.
No, you don't understand what it's like to look at your child and feel as though you have nothing to offer it.
That's how worthless I felt.
Why did you not tell me? I shouldn't feel like that.
Sometimes I feel .
as though I'm just pretending to be a mother and be a queen, but really .
I'm an impostor.
I'm just a little girl wearing a crown.
No, I think you are honest.
Zur Wohnung hier Mein Aug und Herz Mein Aug und Herz Hallelujah Gloriana Hallelujah Gloriana Hallelujah Halle .