Victoria (2016) s02e07 Episode Script

The King Over The Water

1 I find myself in a difficult position.
To be a queen I must rule, yet to be a wife, it seems I must submit.
May I present my husband? Harriet, nothing has changed.
Why are you dancing with me? Because I cannot forget.
- Have you heard the news? - What news? Sutherland's dead, a hunting accident.
Poor Harriet.
- Women are so damn emotional! - Women like your fiancee? How can I continue if there is no punishment for a man who tries to kill me? I will keep you safe.
I promise.
How lovely it is to be out, just us.
- Get down! - Ah! Albert, what on earth? There was a man, a boy perhaps, he was pointing a gun.
Ride on! Ride on! Scour the crowds! Get back! Move, move! My policemen have searched the area, sir, but there is no sign of any man matching the description you gave.
We should go out again at once.
If he is still out there, he will try again and this time he can be caught.
This is not without risks, Ma'am, but I will place a man at every step of the route.
Surely you are not in agreement? This is madness! The Queen is right, sir.
We should flush the creature out.
Victoria I want you to take this.
Never inside, Sir.
Please, Baroness, that is a foolish superstition.
This, on the other hand, is an armoured parasol.
- I have designed it myself.
- An armoured parasol? The chainmail runs all the way along the lining, which means if you are fired at, you are protected! I also had it designed in your favourite colour, purple.
Of course, your Royal Highness, the Queen will be surrounded by the Household Cavalry.
Thank you, Lehzen.
Oi, you gimp-faced boozer! Lazy ratbag.
God bless you, Ma'am! Look, there she is! Arrest that man! I will have my day in court! Move back! Move back! We've found the assassin.
Is this really necessary? Sir Robert is concerned that there may be others.
I wanted to go for a walk, not to inspect the troops.
Yes, I know but er .
safety must come before our inclinations.
"Another diabolical attempt on the life of our gracious Queen.
" I'm not sure it's right to call them assassination attempts if none of their pistols were loaded.
What do these boys want if it isn't to kill the Queen? To be famous, of course.
All these soldiers It's like we're in Prussia.
Our home has become like a fortress.
What choice do we have? My wife must be protected.
She is not just your wife.
She is also Queen.
Yes, thank you, Ernest.
I'm well aware of that.
Duchess, I am glad to find you alone.
I wanted to express my condolences.
What an ugly word.
Then I Can I tell you how sorry I am? I don't think that's right, either.
Is there anything I can do to comfort you, Harriet? You are the last person in the world who could do that.
I'd forgotten how good it is.
I used to love Bonnie Prince Charlie.
Remember how I used to beg you to take me to Scotland when I was little? I thought I would be happy there.
If only I could have granted your wish.
Well, there's nothing to stop me now.
- Sir Robert - Ma'am.
Since I cannot bear to live in a military garrison here in London, I've decided to go somewhere else.
Are we travelling to the continent, Ma'am? No.
Not Ireland? No, Duchess.
We are going somewhere that even you might approve of.
You will return in time to open Parliament, Ma'am? I'm aware of my duties, Prime Minister.
I am so looking forward to hearing the celebrated bagpipes.
But surely you to do not intend to leave your post, Baroness? Maybe next time, Lehzen, when the children are a little bigger.
As you wish, Majesty.
Isn't the air wonderful? I did not know there was so much wilderness in England.
But this is Scotland, Albert.
I must congratulate you on your engagement, Mr Drummond.
Florence and I are old friends.
She's such a lovely girl, and so accomplished.
She has many virtues.
My felicitations.
I hope she is as pretty as she is talented.
I believe she is considered quite, er, personable.
Oh, you English, I think if you were to see Cleopatra bathing in asses' milk you would blush and say, "Oh, I believe she is considered quite personable.
" Your Majesty.
Your Royal Highness.
What a pleasant surprise! These are the Atholl Highlanders, Ma'am, my personal army.
- They are at your command, Ma'am.
- Thank you, Duke, but tell me, do you think I'm in danger here in Scotland? Not while you have the Atholl Highlanders, Ma'am.
That soup.
What is it called again, Duchess? Sock a leekie? It's Cock-a-leekie, Sir.
Or as I like to call it, 'the nectar of the glens'.
Where are they all going? Ever been to a ceilidh before? And now, Ma'am, we have a special treat in store.
As part of our midsummer celebrations, the renowned physician poet William Beattie has agreed to give us a rendition of his epic, The Heliotrope, A Paean To Health.
Your Majesty.
What is life? Like a flower with the bane in its bosom.
Today full of promise.
Tomorrow it dies.
- Dance? - No.
- Please don't make me do this.
- Ready? Here we go.
To the left.
And spin.
But with the dawn dark signs in sea and ocean .
announce impending dangers to our crew.
Marshalled on the horizon clouds in motion .
gathered, condensed and into blackness grew.
Thank you, Mr Beattie.
Tha-That was most enlightening.
I think I'd rather be hung, drawn and quartered than listen to another minute of that! You really don't have to stand guard all night.
His Grace's orders, Your Majesty.
Oh, well Well, I think we will be safe in here.
Do you think? Oh! Not again! Beastly instrument! It sounds like the noise a deer makes when it is being slaughtered.
It's not bad.
In fact, I find it rather rousing.
Good morning, Ma'am.
Your Royal Highness.
- I trust you slept well.
- Indeed, Duke.
I thought today you might like to inspect the alms houses at Crathie, and to visit the new smokery.
You'll be pleased to hear Dr Beattie has a new poem for us tonight.
I wonder, Duke, if we might postpone the alms houses for another day? The Prince and I would very much like to see something of the countryside.
Of course, Ma'am.
It's the River Garry, Sir.
Best fly fishing in the country.
Oh, thank you.
Will you join me? - You'll have to teach me.
- Are you safe? - Yes.
- Bend down.
Hold tight.
Your hand with my hand.
Oh, Lord Alfred, isn't the scenery sublime? Heavenly.
- That was very eager.
- I think we nearly caught Drummond! Albert, why don't we ride back? Duke? Ma'am.
The Prince and I would like to ride back.
Are, are you sure, Ma'am? It's er It's not a side saddle.
Quite sure.
I have a very good sense of direction, Duke.
- We will not get lost.
- Excellent! Don't let them out of your sight.
Alone at last.
Indeed we are.
Stop the carriage! Stop! - Where's Her Majesty? - I thought she was with you, Sir.
The Queen and Prince have gone astray.
They can't be that far behind.
I don't understand how it happened.
I took every precaution.
The mist coming in, I shouldn't have let the Queen out of my sight.
We should waste no time in looking for them.
Lord Alfred? You men come with me.
Quicken yourselves up.
You head up the hill there.
Where are we? I thought we were headed back to the road.
Well, we have come a little further than perhaps we intended, but I'm sure if we just continue in this direction, we'll find our way.
If we fell, it could be months till we were found.
You seem very calm at the prospect.
I'm more afraid of going back to London.
Really? I noticed you were reading The Iliad on the boat.
Not in the original, I'm afraid.
I find the death of Patroclus most affecting.
Yes, the lengths Achilles went to to honour his friend.
You believe they were friends? I wouldn't know what else to call them.
Look at this mist.
I do hope Lord Alfred and Mr Drummond don't get lost, too.
Don't worry.
Lord Alfred is very resourceful.
- Have you known him long? - All my life.
We had the same dancing master.
I don't know that I am a very good judge of men.
Who is, Miss Coke? Even if I disliked Florence, my family wouldn't consider that an obstacle.
And do you, dislike her? No.
In fact, I care for her deeply but .
I don't think I'll ever erm Love her? Hm.
We should be heading back.
Do you think we're lost? I don't remember any of this.
Come on.
Albert, are you sure? We crossed a river earlier so it's only logical that we must cross again to get back.
Do not worry, Liebes.
- Are you all right? - Yes.
Right, so let's, let's keep going.
Such incompetence! How can anyone lose a queen? It would never have happened if I'd been there.
I should've stopped the Queen and Prince going off.
- Indeed, you should! - You're not to blame, Drummond.
Nobody, not even you, Duchess, can stop the Queen when she puts her mind to something.
I would have told her to be sensible! God knows where they are now! Probably at the bottom of Glen something or other, with their necks broken.
I am sure they will be found soon.
How can you know that? Oh I am an optimist.
Or deluded.
What is it that I am deluded about? I thought I could go back to my marriage and everything would be just as it had been.
My husband knew that horse hadn't been broken in, the day he rode out.
I killed him.
You cannot think like that.
It was a tragic accident, not your fault.
Not my fault? God, you really are deluded! Harriet A charming smile won't change anything this time .
Your Serene Highness.
Perhaps I will ask here.
Excuse me for disturbing you, but erm, we have lost our way.
Ye'd better come in then.
Aye, make yourself at home, why don't you(?) Oh erm, my, my wife has been rather agitated since we were separated from our friends.
She does not mean any offence.
We wondered if perhaps you would be able to help us find our way back to Blair Atholl.
Staying with His Grace, are ye? Well, you won't be going back there tonight .
unless you want to arrive in a coffin.
Looking for someone, Mrs Skerrett? If you know where the Queen is, I think it's time you confessed.
No, I'm more interested in another woman's whereabouts.
- I feel so useless.
- Useless? Idling the time away while the Queen is in danger.
Perhaps you need a distraction.
Thank you.
Mm! This trout is erm It's delicious.
The manner in which it is cooked is erm Well, no word.
Oh, would you object if-if I stoked the fire? Object? I can tell you're not from these parts.
We are from London.
What are yeh doing here? Oh erm Well, we had to er, take some time away from our, our work.
- What is it that you do then? - What is it that WE do? Oh - I am the owner of a factory.
- Actually, it's my factory.
He helps me with the paperwork.
No sign of them anywhere.
Duke .
I feel it is my duty to inform the Prime Minister.
Perhaps we should wait till daybreak.
Not too tight.
There we are! Albert.
Albert, look! - I've learned how to darn a sock.
- Oh Well, you've made a start! It's marvellous.
We would like to retire.
You what? - Do you have a bed we could use? - Oh, aye.
- But where will you sleep? - Dinnae fash yourself.
Morag and me will bed down with the horses.
But we'll be needing a wee dram first.
There you go.
Thank you.
- Slainte mhath! - Slainte mhath.
- Slainte mhath? - What does this mean? "I wish you well.
" "Good health.
" Slainte mhath.
Why do I have to go next to the wall? (When I had to sleep in the same room as Mama,) (I would think of being Queen.
) I was so sure it meant freedom.
(Imagine if they never find us.
) Would you like that? There's no point even thinking about it.
You looked so happy tonight.
I was.
Is that wrong? Nothing that makes you happy could ever be wrong.
Are they er? Well, good morning, husband.
You know, erm, I have some socks for you to darn.
Perhaps we do not need to be found just yet.
Get your hands off me! Please, let him be! He's a good man.
And who are you? I'm Victoria.
You may wait outside.
Thank you both for your hospitality.
We slept so well.
I am sorry you had to be found, Your Majesty.
If I'd known you were coming, I'd have made my oat cakes.
We've had such a lovely time.
We don't want to leave, do we, Albert? No.
Will you take this? You'll be wanting to practise your darning.
Thank you.
They're safe! Good.
They have been found.
Harriet, about last night I am sorry for the way I spoke to you.
Your kindness reminded me You cannot torment yourself forever.
Enjoy the book.
Your Majesty.
Your Royal Highness.
I am so ashamed this has happened while you were in my care.
- If anything had happened to you - But nothing did happen, Duke! The Prince and I, we erm, we had a most entertaining evening.
Oh! Victoria.
I am very pleased to see you, Albert.
Only to me.
Your Majesty.
How splendid.
You know, Drummond, I believe we may have more fun if we join the servants.
After you! After you! I'll have a wee dram of that whisky.
The midsummer evenings are so enchanting, don't you think? A night like this makes me wish I didn't have to go back.
You ARE Queen of Scots, Ma'am.
Yes, I am always a queen.
If you'd come here a hundred years ago, you would have found things very different.
The Highlanders back then were for The King Over The Water, until Culloden that is.
I used to love the story of Bonnie Prince Charlie escaping to Skye with Flora MacDonald.
I remember telling my governess I wanted to be a Jacobite.
- She told me that wasn't possible.
- Not really, Ma'am.
I have Stuart blood too, you know.
You know what James II, the last Stuart king did, when he was leaving England for ever? He threw the great Seal of State into the River Thames.
James was selfish and weak.
If the country wouldn't accept a Catholic king, he didn't want them to have a king at all.
He didn't understand that monarchy is about more than just symbols.
A real monarch puts the good of his, or her, country, before their own inclination.
My grandfather would turn in his grave to hear me say this, but since I have met you, Ma'am, I am glad that the Jacobites failed.
I hope your faith in me is justified.
There's no doubt in my mind, Ma'am.
Slainte mhath! Slainte mhath! Can I write to you? I don't think so.
You may be married to your job but you're still a woman.
And that's why you can't write to me.
Oh you've, er, you've got a sweetheart in London? Something like that.
Well erm, he's not here now, is he? Back to London.
Back to London.
Would either of you care to learn the bagpipes with me? I want to treasure these last moments here in Scotland.
So do I, Miss Coke.
After you.
Oh! Ohh, how I have missed you all! It's a ball.
This is for you.
Why, you're quite the little Highlander! Oh, Lehzen, if only you could have seen the Highlands, it was it was just what we imagined.
Lehzen, Vickie's looking rather thin.
We have missed you.
My heart's in the Highlands My heart is not here My heart's in the Highlands Chasing the deer Ahh, chasing the wild deer And following the roe My heart's in the Highlands Wherever I go I was just coming to find you.
The Queen would like dinner in her rooms tonight, when she and the Prince return from opening Parliament.
- This is what she wants.
- Hm.
It would appear the Queen has left her reason behind in Scotland.
I think she was happy there.
How did you like Scotland, Mrs Skerrett? Did you dance a reel? I-I did my best but erm I've never had much sense of rhythm.
You must have had quite a holiday here.
I missed cooking for the Queen.
It was foolish to think there was any job better than this.
Victoria? Will you do the cooking? I have some sewing to do.