Vienna Blood (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

The Queen Of The Night

Christ be my salvation.
They say that a man is never so weak, so defenceless against suffering as when he is in love.
Love is still an enigma to science.
Perhaps it is just a state of madness.
I was told this legend as a child.
Human beings were once double-headed creatures.
The Gods resolved that we should all be humbled.
They devised a punishment - cutting each body in half.
Now, every person is looking for their missing counterpart.
Every one of us has a perfect pre-ordained love.
The other self that the Gods took from us.
Josefine! What? He's here again.
He's waiting.
Thank you for inviting me.
Well, it wouldn't be a proper party without you.
For you.
Oh, thank you.
You're welcome.
Two years, four months and one week.
Max doesn't believe in making snap decisions.
No, he does not.
You are a lucky fellow.
Yes, I know.
Clara keeps reminding me.
We're thinking June, most likely.
June? Gives you time to get used to the idea.
Gives her time to purchase several different dresses.
Speech time, I'm afraid.
My dear friends, it gives us great pleasure to welcome you here to this ceremony.
Clara, I know that your father would have been filled with immense joy to see you betrothed here today.
I'm only sorry we couldn't find you a better husband than my son to marry.
Still, there are enough mad people in the city to keep him gainfully employed.
And now, eat, drink, enjoy.
Music, please.
My Max.
My nephew is growing so fast.
No wonder, when you see how much he eats.
Inspector! Inspector.
I'm sorry.
There's been an incident.
What is it? A murder in Spittelberg.
Everyone's looking for you.
Is something wrong, Max? Er, yes, the Inspector has to leave.
Forgive me, Herr Liebermann.
Good evening.
He might have taken his hat off.
You want to go with him.
The party was over anyway.
Thank you.
Inspector! You don't mind my joining you? Thank you.
I was just inches from a clean getaway.
Are you coming? Rheinhardt! What the hell are you doing here? I'm taking charge.
It's my case.
Nobody could find you.
So they called me at home.
Now, excuse me, I'm very busy.
Looks like a wild animal got hold of them.
Look, in here - there is another one.
Different from the others.
All killed by the same weapon - a long blade.
Something with a very distinct curve.
Herr Doctor.
Make your report to me.
Maybe a butchering tool, or a tanner's instrument.
What about her? Just as brutal.
But he cleaned up the mess.
Washed her body.
Dr Liebermann? The attack was frenzied.
But then, the way he laid out the final victim, he became almost .
I don't know - almost loving.
These other women are incidental, but her She was the one he wanted.
Almost a shrine he built to her.
I think he would have come here before.
Visited her when she was alive.
Have you interviewed any clients? Obviously.
Any clients who came in regularly? One name keeps cropping up.
Don't worry, son! They've made a mistake! I don't need both of you on the case.
Sir, if I may remind you that Ah, I see Dr Liebermann is consulting again.
Well, I suppose after your success together in Leopoldstadt Your lucky charm, Rheinhardt.
Very well.
Do you understand why you are here? This is a murder investigation.
Four women were killed near here - at Borek's brothel, in the old town.
You've been there a dozen times in the last few weeks alone.
And always the same woman - Josefine.
You remember her? Easy to become attached.
All that time you spent in her company.
Easy, when you've paid a fee to feel a sense of possession.
Sir? There's someone here to see you.
You've got no business keeping him here! Your son is a suspect in a murder investigation.
You don't know him! He wouldn't hurt a fly.
Hard to establish his innocence if he won't say anything.
He is not right in his head - never has been.
Got the brain of a little child.
You know he visits Borek's.
The brothel.
What else is he going to do? No respectable woman would ever look at him twice! It's about that girl, isn't it? She was kind to him once.
Kind? He was injured in the street.
Set upon by a gang.
She stepped in and rescued him.
After that he kept wanting to go and meet her.
She bled him dry, all his money is spent there! They never do anything! He just sits there and admires her.
Oh? Are you telling me he never laid a finger on her? Your son, he was baptised a Catholic? What's that got to do with anything? He keeps grabbing at his neck.
Did he wear a chain? The girl Something was found in her fingers.
Oh! Sweet Jesus.
You're late back.
She insisted on waiting.
Poor girl.
She's too sweet-natured.
I'll order her carriage around.
Where have you been all evening? Actually, I've been to a brothel.
Maybe don't mention that when your mother asks.
Hello, Doctor.
Congratulations, Reinhardt.
The killer in custody already! This calls for a little celebration.
Cheers! Thank you.
Inspector, do you think we'll find the weapon? I'll instigate a search.
We go to his home at dawn.
Well done, my friend.
Where did your friend go, the Jew-Doctor? I thought you couldn't function without him? It must be embarrassing.
The Commissioner won't let you take charge unless Liebermann's holding your hand.
What was that you said? All these people congratulating me.
I can't hear you.
Thank you.
What he did to those women I've got two daughters.
Just give me half an hour alone in a room with him.
You're completely safe here.
We missed you this evening, Max.
Yes, er, sorry.
Why are you up so late? I wanted to tell you about my evening.
Rather an unconventional party, as it turned out.
Yes, look I mean, with the groom running out on his future bride.
If you wanted to create an impression, you certainly succeeded.
What was so important? The murder in Spittelberg.
And you just had to be there? Yes - the police needed me.
The nature of the crime, it was unusual.
Pathological obsessive.
Obsessive is certainly the right word here.
Leah You're a doctor, Max.
A junior doctor.
Whatever ambitions you may entertain Your impression of Mother is really getting sharp now.
Keep working on it.
Oh, just shut up and listen to me! Clara is my friend.
I care about her.
I wish you'd look at yourself for a change instead of those damned patients! Look at your own behaviour.
What do you think it says? This is not how a man in love behaves.
Are you planning to follow me around every time I have a murder case? Yes, that's my current plan.
Lucky me.
My son is innocent! You have no right to be here.
We need to find the weapon.
Are you going to help me look? Or did you just come for a fun day out? Hmm? Something's troubling me.
His mother said he spent all his money on going to see that girl.
So, what of it? Well, she was his addiction.
Why would he destroy the thing he loved? We need an explanation.
Sir! You need to see this! No, my son works in an abattoir! A break-in at the city zoo.
A reptile was stolen - butchered.
Found it draped by a statue of Mozart.
So, somebody doesn't like music.
Inspector? Sort this out, von Bulow.
It's a damned snake! Did he try to explain the blood? His mother says he works in an abattoir.
This is it.
This is the evidence we needed.
Well done, Rheinhardt.
And what about motive? The man's clearly insane! Insane is not a catch-all, Inspector.
Even the most disturbed mind has its own kind of logic.
Anything else to add before we charge him, Doctor? The killer exhibited what I can only describe as two opposing personalities.
Extreme brutality, yes, but also a kind of love.
The way he cleansed the corpse of the youngest victim.
He visited the brothel every day.
Exactly - love, obsession.
But the other half is missing.
What are you saying? I'm not convinced he's the killer.
I've got a suspect in custody downstairs with blood sprayed around his damned apartment! We know he was on the scene.
Why are you so keen to let him go? Why are you so keen to charge him? God, you're still insufferable.
People are scared.
We needed to make an arrest.
Look, I admit, he's gruesome.
He's unprepossessing, he's slow.
He plays into all our prejudices.
It doesn't make him a killer, though.
Doctor, this is my domain.
Thank you, but I didn't invite you.
Gentlemen, settle down, please.
Gentlemen, please, please.
I'm proud to say that we have charged someone for the brutal killings in Spittelberg.
What about a name? Can you give us a name? Oskar Rheinhardt was the arresting officer.
Can you tell us? Can you give us some details? Is there something you can tell us about? The name of the accused is Viktor Krull.
Patient admitted yesterday.
49-year-old male, suffering from a most unusual disorder.
What I can only describe as a sort of erotic paranoia.
He believes the Emperor's daughter, the Archduchess Marie, that they are betrothed.
That they are lovers, in fact.
He was arrested yesterday trying to scale the gate of the palace.
Bieber, his name is.
A book-keeper.
Who wants to do the preliminary examination? Er, I will, Professor.
Liebermann, are you sure you're not too busy with your other engagements? Herr Bieber? My name is Dr Liebermann.
I know what goes on here.
I know your barbaric methods.
Well, I only want to talk to you.
"Talk"?! Sunday afternoon, I was walking to the tram station, just beyond the palace.
Something caught my attention.
I saw something behind the window.
I I knew it was her.
I knew she was signalling to me.
How did you know the signal was meant for you? When you meet your true love, Doctor, the power of this attraction is just irresistible.
So you believe you and the Duchess were pre-ordained as lovers? Everyone has a true love, Doctor.
Surely you believe that? It would be easier for you to try to stop the sun from crossing the heavens than to prevent our union.
We are simply meant to be together.
Well, I'm glad I suggested we come here.
It's been a real treat.
Particularly the conversation.
Sorry, Clara.
My friends told me not to marry you.
Which friends? Your sister has been pretty damning.
Yes, well, she's never forgiven me for the time I cut her doll's hair.
You see? You do know how to smile.
Do you think obsession is the same as love? What are you trying to tell me? I want to be with you, you want to be with me - surely that's enough.
I wasn't talking about us, Clara.
I was just thinking about a case.
I'm sorry.
No I want you to talk about it.
We're going to be married.
I want to be a part of everything.
Wait for me.
Miss Lydgate.
Dr Liebermann.
Er, yes, of course.
You work here, I forgot, sorry.
So, you decided to stay in Vienna? Apparently.
Oh, yes I thought you might have left.
Well, how could I, after your city's extraordinary hospitality? I'm sorry, er, I must go.
I have thought about you Actually, I had wondered Hello.
Er, er, you remember Miss Lydgate? No, I don't I don't think we've met.
Miss Clara Weiss.
My, er, fiancee.
Please, don't let me interrupt.
Enjoy your visit.
Crazy woman.
She doesn't remember me.
She doesn't remember any of it.
You're going to be a very wealthy man.
I'm grateful for your investment.
I have an eye for a successful venture, Herr Liebermann.
These new premises will be magnificent.
I'm going to start interviews for staff immediately.
What sort of people will you be employing? I'm sorry? Hungarians? Czechs? You seem to have quite a few already.
So many citizens of the Empire, flocking to make their home here.
Will you take a little advice from a friend? I found this.
The mood of the city is changing.
There you are, sir.
Splendid! Inspector? I don't think I could've survived another minute without your presence You charged him? Yes, I charged him.
We had all the material evidence.
And then you plastered his name all over the newspapers! People need reassurance.
They need to know the city's safe.
Please do have a seat.
I know this man, Inspector.
He's been met with rejection his whole life.
And then, finally, when someone showed him kindness I think he went over there and found her, her body bathed in blood, her throat cut, and he was distraught.
So, he washed the corpse and he placed the crucifix in her hands, but he didn't kill her.
You want to convince me? I need proof.
What do you think we'll find here? First piece of the puzzle.
All right.
Thank you.
Madame Borek.
The owner? Something about her state of mind doesn't make sense.
See .
she kept the door locked up and bolted tight.
Had more than her fair share of trouble.
Yes, that's exactly my point.
Yet she let a killer waltz in here with a weapon in his hand.
Max, my officers already searched the place.
Yes, but .
they didn't know what they were looking for.
A-ha! See? Why didn't she reach down here and draw this gun? Why didn't she try to stop him from entering? Oh, you want me to guess what you're thinking? Good, because I love playing your games.
Customer walks in here, flourishing three feet of hardened steel.
And she simply curtsies and welcomes him in? The gun is untouched.
Explain that to me.
Somehow he didn't seem threatening.
Why? Somehow .
she expected him to be holding the weapon.
Why? Oh, for God's sake, just tell me! I was at the museum today .
strolling through the crowds.
Two soldiers walked straight past me, armed with regimental swords.
No-one was alarmed.
No-one commented.
It didn't seem out of the ordinary.
So, you think he was a soldier? It would have made his weapon practically invisible.
It's dated same day as the murder.
It's an IOU from a lieutenant.
Well? Don't say it.
Welcome to the case, Inspector.
We know you were in that room.
That you washed her body.
You put the cross in between her hands.
I know you're afraid of admitting to have been there.
For God's sake, they'll hang you! I need you to tell me what you saw! We're getting nowhere, Doctor.
Could you show me? Show me what you saw.
Get some paper.
It's not conclusive.
But All right, it's worth investigating.
I'll visit the barracks.
And the blood - if what his mother said is true, it may not even be human, but we have no proof it belonged to those girls.
A test? To determine if it's human or animal blood.
Does such a test exist? Yes - precipitin, it's a simple chemical reaction.
You can leave the samples with me, Doctor.
I'm no longer your doctor.
Thank you.
Our regiment lives by a code.
A strict code of honour before God and our country.
What you are suggesting is preposterous, Inspector.
The officers of the Dragoons are not grubby murderers.
Colonel These men are my sons.
If one of them truly was a killer, as you suggest, then I would hold myself responsible.
I would take out my pistol, hold it to my head and blow my brains out.
That won't be necessary.
I just need a list of officers garrisoned in Vienna.
Soul of Christ, sanctify me.
Body of Christ, save me.
Got some friends for you, Viktor-boy.
Keep you company.
It's you.
You're the sick bastard who bled those women.
Not human.
Animal blood.
Forgive me, what is the area of your expertise, Miss? .
I'm a scientist.
A researcher at the museum.
I asked Miss Lydgate to consult on the case, Inspector.
We need to release him.
And you need to tell the press.
Excuse me, sir.
Down in the cell block.
Something's happened.
Sick bastard! He got what he deserved! May he burn in hell! Enough! Just vagrants.
We had nowhere else to put them.
Busy night.
Still It's a kind of justice.
Tell me you didn't put them in here deliberately.
I told you It was very busy down here.
You are not the damned judge and jury! He got what was coming to him.
I'm responsible.
I did this.
Oskar, listen.
Whoever butchered these women, he's still out there.
The only way to atone for this mess is to find him.
Oskar, please, wait! Don't blame yourself.
Oskar! Oskar! Oskar, don't go! Dr Liebermann! May I speak with you a moment? I'm interested in your opinion.
What sort of man would do that? You have a particular insight.
You've been very helpful to Rheinhardt and I was hoping you could be as helpful to me? We speak the same language, Doctor.
Surely we can work together.
It's not a random act.
The snake is a symbol.
A symbol of what? Well, find the significance, you'll find the perpetrator.
Your father's found new premises.
Four floors - prime site.
Oh? Sounds interesting.
Twice the size of the offices by the Prater.
Something wrong, Max? Where did you get this? A friend came across it.
Have you been rooting through my things? I was looking for some cufflinks.
Have you read it? Rachel, perhaps if you're finished, you might? Yes, of course.
I'll leave you two alone for a moment.
Leah? Do you know me at all, my son? Is this who you think I am? It's a call to arms! Merge with the German Reich before our Aryan blood is tainted! Oh, don't concern yourself.
Don't concern myself?! You can't fight every battle, Max! This city is sick, Father.
Beneath all this ornament, there is an ingrained sickness and we can no longer turn our backs.
What sort of band shall we hire? Band? Our wedding.
Remember? Sorry.
Max, where are you? You've been drifting.
Yes, I know.
I'm sorry, Clara, it's this damned case.
You're restless every time we meet.
Bored, even.
I feel like I'm just an interruption in your day.
Just tell me what's wrong! Clara, I No! Please don't follow me.
A poultry seller.
Look at the pattern of wounds.
It's the same.
It's exactly the same.
Krull wasn't the killer.
Now we have proof.
Oskar! Oskar, wait! The marking on the wall.
It's a signature.
It tells us something crucial.
What? What does it tell us? He wants us to find him.
We're a part of his plan.
You and I.
Max? Krull must have moved the bed to make his shrine.
I know this symbol.
"Purify our blood"? Max, who's responsible for this? Gustav von Triebenbach.
I told you, he's a friend.
He's honourable, a decent man.
He found it and he thought I should see it.
The Brotherhood of Primal Fire.
No name.
No address of a printer.
No artist leaves his work unsigned.
On the leg.
"A Olbricht".
Andreas Olbricht? Inspector Rheinhardt, Leopoldstadt Police.
This is my colleague, Dr Liebermann.
This is your work? What is this about, exactly? Is this your design? For the opera, The Magic Flute.
Ah, yes, I'm taking Clara.
Hasn't been on in Vienna for years.
Tell me about the pamphlet.
A private commissioner.
Paid in cash.
Wanted something with a classical theme.
And the symbol on the shield? Specifically asked for it.
Look at the content.
Have you read it? A job is a job.
Politics do not interest me.
"Consecrate our Earth"? It's a call to arms.
"Rid Vienna of the inferior races"? Commissions are hard to come by.
That's why I'm doing this.
It is paying for my meals.
Five people have been murdered.
Whoever commissioned this work, there's a chance he inspired the killer.
We just need to know who paid for it.
And if I tell you .
then I could lose business.
Damn it, we're talking about murder! You get in my way, I'll drag you to trial for obstructing justice! Andreas? What's What's happening? What's going on? Just some visitors.
Nothing to worry about.
Go back to sleep, Mother.
Oskar All right, all right! There's an exhibition of my work.
The men you want .
the men who commissioned this .
they will all be there.
"All"? The Brotherhood of Primal Fire.
He died in custody.
I saw the newspapers.
Well, you tried to help us.
Thank you.
I, er I wanted to ask you something.
Before you say anything, I need to make a little speech.
You and I have had a strange beginning.
Most people when they meet, they stand behind a veil of politeness.
They dance around each other, never saying what they mean.
You and I have never done that, just .
force of circumstance.
So .
I hope you'll forgive me for being blunt.
But then, blunt is the only language we have ever spoken, Doctor.
My life has been more settled of late.
Yes, I'm glad to hear it.
I was I was grateful to have the opportunity to work with you on your case.
But I think that's where our acquaintance should end.
I don't think we should see each other again.
If I've offended you in some No, Max.
I am trying to rebuild my life here in Vienna.
Don't you see? After my illness and the article in the paper, the scandal that surrounded it.
I didn't intend You and I have only ever spoken the truth.
Good luck with your engagement.
I was wrong.
And I'm sorry.
I never thought I'd bury my own child! You don't know how that feels! Yes Yes, I do.
Ah, good evening.
Good evening.
My pleasure.
I would be grateful if you could be discreet, Doctor.
Keep a muzzle on your inspector.
Good evening, sir.
Good evening.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What for? For this.
For taking me out.
For reminding me.
Reminding you of what? That we do know how to be happy.
Like something from a chocolate box.
Oh, of course.
They're not the modern taste.
You can't just make somebody look pretty and desirable.
Don't tell me, you like them.
Well, let me see if I can find one to hang above the mantelpiece in our new home.
Max? Isn't that your inspector? Inspector Rheinhardt.
Oh, you remember my fiancee, Clara.
You came to our engagement party.
Yes, thank you.
What are you doing here? I thought Max was taking me out.
Er I didn't realise there were three of us.
That's going to make it awfully difficult when we choose dance partners.
Clara You forgot to mention he was coming.
Well, never mind.
You forget so many things these days.
I'd be surprised if he shows up to the wedding.
Let me leave you boys alone.
Beautiful girl.
Wonderful humour.
I wonder what attracts her to you.
Yes, I've been starting to think the same thing.
Olbricht said they'd all be here.
The Brotherhood.
Let's get to work, Doctor.
Looks like it ought to be stuck inside a book of fairy tales.
You're not an admirer? My uncle has no eye for art.
I come for the champagne.
Your uncle? Yes.
Gustav von Triebenbach.
It's his champagne you're drinking.
So, that's von Triebenbach? Yes.
He's our host.
Which rather begs the question - how did you get in here? I'm a friend of the artist.
Me, too.
I don't know your name.
Er, Max.
Max Liebermann.
Er, I didn't catch yours.
I didn't give it.
Now .
that's art.
Sorry? Her.
In gold.
Excuse me.
But I prefer "Thou art fairer than the evening air "Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars.
" How many times? I beg your pardon? Every gentleman in Vienna knows two lines of poetry by heart.
How many times have you used it this week? How many girls are fairer than the evening air? Ruprecht Hafner.
Clara Weiss.
Clad in the beauty of? What was it? A thousand stars.
Is everything all right? Of course.
It's von Triebenbach.
You know your history? History? No, I thought it was just a folk tale.
The, er, tribesmen rise up, rid the land of the invaders.
No, no, no, no.
You're an author.
I beg your pardon? Isn't this your work? I'm sorry.
You are mistaken.
Thank you.
One of them is responsible.
Max? How was your evening? Your friend, von Triebenbach Mm-hm.
What about him? He may not be as honourable as you imagine.
What on Earth are you talking about? That pamphlet he gave you He didn't find it by accident.
The Brotherhood of Primal Fire, I think he may be one of them.
I'm in a bedroom.
My parents' room.
The wardrobe looks like a mausoleum - dark, frightening.
The door begins to creak open.
A terrifying beast jumps out of it, like a wolf from a children's story.
And then another one jumps out right beside it.
Two wolves coming towards me, threatening to tear me to pieces.
Two ravenous beasts, writhing, trying to kill me.
The patient has a primal fear of sex, no doubt from something he witnessed as a child.
Two beasts.
The creatures in the wardrobe represent the bodies of his parents.
He saw them together.
And now he finds sex repulsive.
He's chosen to give his heart to a woman with whom he has no hope of ever becoming intimate.
Freud recommends a talking cure.
Ah! Freud again! The patient must re-live the memory.
Expressed emotions do not merely sink without a trace, Professor.
They bubble up to the surface.
I don't like your methods, Liebermann.
I've warned you, this is science, not fashion.
I'll take his case.
But, sir, I'm just making progress.
Max, you're way too early.
You don't know how many doors I've knocked on in Vienna.
May I? Yes, of course.
There's something wrong.
Things will have to change, Rachel.
What things? My new investment.
I may not be able to rely on it, after all.
Oh, no, what a pity! That new outfit you had your eye on for winter, our spring holiday, those things may have to wait another year.
What's happened? What's the matter? Someone I've been courting as a friend .
I no longer wish to be associated with.
We have everything we need .
and we're strong as a family.
We don't need anyone.
All dressed up for someone.
We're going to the opera.
"We"? So .
I'll have to wait my turn, then.
"Turn" doesn't exactly sound respectful to a lady.
Whoever he is, he's become a bore, I can tell.
If you ever need cheering up, then I would be happy to entertain you .
These are all political acts.
It's not the work of some lunatic.
Those women at the brothel were immigrants.
The poultry seller was Czech.
You see? You're telling me that, from this moment, any immigrant in this city is under threat? If we announce that fact, we will have public panic.
What is it? There's some other connection, beside the runes.
I just can't see it yet.
I'm sorry.
Please .
forgive me.
Are you going to be angry all evening? I think I should at least be permitted a pout, don't you? Excuse me.
Is your inspector joining us again? Max, what's the matter? Max? Come with me.
It begins like this.
The first image on stage is a snake.
The giant serpent, striking to kill the prince.
So? What are you telling me? Von Bulow's case.
The city zoo.
Someone broke into the reptile house and a snake was butchered, found hanging near Mozart's statue.
Next on stage, three women appear.
Mozart calls them the "servants of the Queen of the Night".
Max, what are you talking about? The women meet with Papageno, the bird-catcher.
The poultry seller! Dear Christ! Monostatos is the next character on stage.
The Moor.
The African who died.
It's not random.
He's re-enacting the opera? You wanted to share my world, Clara.
The killer is preaching a political message, killing Africans and Czechs.
And it's all connected to the opera somehow.
That's absurd, young man.
Incredible! Your emblem written in blood .
beside these mutilated bodies.
"Consecrate our Earth, "purify our blood.
" I'm not responsible.
You are part of this Brotherhood.
Sir? I found this.
These men are all patriots, Inspector.
They've done nothing illegal.
You can't lock a man up just for waving a banner.
Where were you last night? Can you account for your movements? I was with a lady.
Now, leave me alone.
You asked to see me again? Our contract.
I'm cancelling it.
I'm sorry? I've decided I don't want your investment.
What the hell are you talking about? These people who you say are polluting the city, the workers from the East I have a responsibility to them.
They are my friends, as well as my colleagues.
Ah Er You're a Jew.
You're going to need people to support you.
I have just as many friends as I need.
Nobody throws me out, Herr Liebermann.
Well, then, this has been a new experience for you.
What happened? With the opera killer? Yes.
We didn't make an arrest.
Don't concern yourself.
I want to concern myself.
Max, I knew what I was getting when I agreed to marry you.
I know the world you inhabit is dark and frightening.
And, still, I want to be a part of it.
So? I know who's responsible for these murders, Clara.
But I just can't prove it.
Well, tell me, who is it? Hafner.
He's a soldier.
You met him, actually, at the salon.
I have to go to the hospital.
Thank you for listening to me.
Would you see that this is delivered to the barracks? Thank you.
Herr Bieber? Doctor.
You're leaving.
Yes, they say I'm well again.
Did he Professor Gruner I mean, did he? He made me forget.
Please, come in.
I suppose you've got some more lines of poetry memorised.
Spent the whole afternoon in the library.
What do I get for my efforts? What about some conversation? What about none at all? I was very delighted to get your letter.
I want to talk.
I want to get to know you better.
We're all alone.
I want to know all your secrets.
Max? No.
Please, don't.
I just want to talk.
That's not what you really mean.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to do that.
Little girls shouldn't tease if they're not going to play.
Shh, shh, shh Don't struggle Get off! .
or it'll hurt more.
Trust me, you'll like it, once you get past the shame! Clara! Clara! Clara! Well This must be a scene I recognise.
The impotent boyfriend, jealous that I got to touch what he didn't.
Seems you can't get enough of my company, Doctor.
Apparently, you want to make love to me more than to your little girlfriend.
No, you're not going anywhere! God save us.
You're all the same.
Woman sits at home ignored.
As soon as a man comes sniffing round, suddenly you're flourishing.
Vienna Woods.
I'm so sorry, Clara.
You have to arrest him.
Arrest him? He assaulted her! Then it's his word against hers.
What, you don't believe me? It doesn't matter what I believe.
She invited him into her home, Max.
We'll arrest him for putting his hands on her and he'll just walk out of here.
Her reputation will be tarnished forever and he will have a story to boast about to his comrades.
I have to get him to confess.
What are you talking about now? Vienna Woods, dawn.
Meet me there.
You're going to fight a duel with him? Well, that's ridiculous! I'm not going to fight him! I'll get him to admit the truth.
If he thinks I'm going to die, perhaps he'll confess to being the killer.
I'll need a second, of course.
It can't be you.
He knows you're a police officer.
No! You want me to? What? Be a witness.
Hear his confession.
This is absurd.
Inspector Rheinhardt will be on hand.
But you can make the arrest.
You can have all the glory.
I, er, don't trust von Bulow.
You should be there to step in.
I spend my life saving your skin.
Why should today be different? Do nothing until I say.
Where is Rheinhardt? Nearby.
Shut up and keep walking.
I want to be the one to make the arrest.
You will.
Just wait for the confession.
Who is the offended party? He struck me.
For unlacing the top two rows of a woman's corset.
In accordance with the established code, it is for you to confirm before these witnesses the terms of engagement.
Take your positions.
Stand back-to-back.
March 20 paces from the moment I raise my kerchief.
After 20 paces, you turn .
and fire.
Gentlemen? Anything to say before I blow your brains out? Yes, I just wanted to congratulate you.
What? The blood on the walls - you left a trail for us.
What? Three women, the Czech, Papageno, Monostatos.
It's all very clever.
I don't understand.
I'm talking about Spittelberg.
You think I'm responsible for that? Begin! Don't be so modest.
Enjoy the adulation.
You wanted an audience.
Well, here I am.
Why not confess to me now?! I'll never be able to tell a soul! I'm not a murderer! I'm an officer in the Dragoons! Gentlemen, stop! The rules are quite clear.
You are accusing me? Begin again! We know a Dragoon visited the brothel the day they died.
So? So what? Gentlemen! We know a soldier was in that room.
We all go there.
I've been there many times.
A friend took me.
Doesn't make me a killer.
"A friend"? What friend? Tell me his name.
What friend?! I'm a friend of the artist.
Me, too.
What are you doing? Stop! Pick it up! Dr Liebermann! What did he say? Pick it up! Inspector! Can I make my arrest now? Oskar! Oskar! Oskar! I haven't seem him.
He didn't come in this morning.
What? The character in the opera, the one who brings him to trial.
Oskar is Sarastro! That's why he left the runes.
He wanted us to follow him.
He needed a policeman to be the next victim.
He was casting the villain! Is anybody out there? Can you hear? Olbricht! Olbricht! Andreas? Is that you? We're the police.
Where is he? Where is your son? It's you.
You're the woman in the paintings.
Olbricht! Get out of here! I will maim him.
I will kill him.
What? It's all right, leave.
I'm not with the police.
I'm a doctor.
Get out.
Out! This music The opera Tell me what happened.
What happened? Your mother.
She's the one in the paintings.
Something happened to her when you were a boy.
You saw it.
Something happened in your family home.
Who was he? A soldier.
He attacked her.
You witnessed it.
You were so young.
I hid my eyes.
You could still hear it, the music.
The opera - this opera.
The Magic Flute.
It was playing whilst he raped your mother.
He was a monster.
Held a sabre to her face.
You think if you can kill the characters in that opera, kill the characters from your childhood, then the screaming will stop.
I always have it in my head.
I know.
Every day, I have the voices .
the hell in that room.
I have to be a hero, a soldier.
But you're just a boy trying to kill his nightmares.
It is me! It is me! I am Tamino! I am the prince.
It's all over now.
I thought you were going to die.
I just wanted to help you.
You were brave.
Clara, thank you I can be even braver.
Who is she, Max? I know there's someone.
You think I'm not clever enough.
You always have.
Don't Clara, please.
But I'm clever enough to know that we're deceiving ourselves .
and I'm brave enough to end this marriage.
Certainly braver than you are.
Just tell me who she is.
Do you love her?! I don't even know myself.
So, I know more than the doctor? Please, Clara I'd prefer it if you go now.
Get out! If love is just a state of madness, then perhaps it can be cured.
But where does the madness begin and end? Where does the border lie between love and obsession?