Vindicators 2: Last Stand Between Earth and Doom (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Rick Can Handle It

Vindicators 2:
Last Stand Between Earth and Doom
And while Doom-Nomitron is distracted,
Lady Katana will
travel up its nasal passage
and sever its neural centers
Veins are pure titanium
my katanas won't make a dent.
- But they're extra strength katanas
- They're regular katanas.
- Really
- I'm a cyborg.
I'm extra good with regular katanas.
That's my whole deal.
Why is this news?
Because we're just here for the optics
Hey now
The vindicators have always
been a meritocracy,
if we're diverse it's coincidence.
All right, what's my role
in this fight?
- Your zombification spell will
- Spell only works on the dead.
But, hey, maybe Doom-Nomitron
will be so impressed
there are two women of color
on the team he'll just float away.
- Can't you crack open a moon like an egg?
- That's not on the table
Supernova is pregnant.
Which doesn't affect my ability
to do my job in any way,
except for the fact that I'm unable
to access my full gravity powers.
- What can you do?
- I can still manipulate matter,
on a smaller scale,
look I'm floating right now.
So because you got knocked out
Muscle duff
You expect me to die punching
that thing in the eye?
- If you use your grand incendio fist
- Oh my god
- Oh I got an idea
- Doom-Nomitron will reach Earth
in a matter of weeks.
It's up to us
- As always Rick Sanchez
- Alan we talked about this
And You said the vindicator's a rally,
You hear any damn rallying?
So what?
We leave billions of people's lives
in the hands of a narcissistic drunk,
who might just portal away as Doom-Nomitron
- bites through the Earth's crust?
- Let's take a step back,
what's so special about
that little blue dot?
Other than it's where my old man
knocked me around?
- When my parents got hit by ghosts
- We have to go around
and say what we hate about
earth or can we just vote?
All in favor of letting
Rick handle this one?
Babe, if we're not heroes, who are we?
Earth isn't the only planet
that needs heroes.
My estimations: 4,893 planets
are currently in distress
I'm not a reptile computer, but that
sounds like a billion billion lives to me
Earth is the birthplace
of the Vindicators.
It's where we first came
together as a team and
Babe, are You okay?
I'm fine, totally fine
So where were we?
Abdicating our duty to a planet
we swore to protect?
Oh yes, side quests
F.B. Cavalcante
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