Violet Evergarden (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Loved Ones Will Always Watch Over You

1 What do you want to do today? I don't know.
Playing house got a little boring.
I wonder when Mommy's visitors are going to leave.
They should go home already.
I know.
What's that? I saw a doll walking down the path.
A really big doll.
She seemed like bad news for some reason.
Mommy, Mommy! Miss Ann! -I see what you're saying, but -It's important to do.
-Yes, but -Mommy! Ann! Don't I always tell you that you have to knock first? Also, a proper greeting.
Welcome to our home.
-Pardon me, Mother.
Very good.
Now, what is it? Did you find another strange bug? -I don't want to see it though, okay? -It's not a bug! I saw a doll walking over! A doll? Madam.
She's arrived.
Oh, that Doll! That was today, wasn't it? Please show her in.
-Yes, madam.
-Wait a second! I'm very sorry, but we'll have to do this another time.
Wait, what are you going to do with this mansion? She can't live here on her own.
That's why we offered-- Please come back another time.
Wait! Ann.
Be a good girl, okay? I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
Thank you for coming all this way.
It's not a problem.
She talks! I will travel anywhere to meet your request.
Auto Memory Doll-- I knew you were a doll! Ann! -I'm sorry.
-No apology necessary.
Violet Evergarden at your service.
Please, have a seat.
Would you like some tea? I hope it's to your liking.
-Please help yourself.
-Thank you.
She's drinking! -What happens to the tea you drink? -Ann.
It will eventually be expelled from my body and return to earth.
Ann, you're being rude.
Shall we begin? I understand that I have been hired for a seven-day period.
Yes, I'd like to get started right away.
Where shall we work? Well, how about we do it in the sunroom where it's bright? -What are you going to do? -She's helping me write a letter.
I can write a letter for you! You don't know how to spell the hard words yet, Ann.
I can do it! Besides, Ms.
Violet is very famous for being a very good letter writer.
Who is the letter to? Well Someone very far away.
-Far away? -Yes.
It's an important letter.
You're not allowed in the sunroom, okay? Shall we, Miss Violet? Understood.
This is the typewriter I brought.
That is fine with me.
I knew she was bad news.
She really is a doll.
Madam! Are you okay, Mommy? I'm okay.
I'll get better in no time.
Really? Really.
I know! I'll sing you a lullaby! Thank you.
But grownups don't need lullabies.
Then can I sleep here with you? Oh.
But I thought you outgrew naps.
I want to take one today.
More importantly, Ann, would you go entertain our visitor? I hate visitors.
They all try to take you away from me.
I'm sorry, Ann.
But please, it's just for seven days.
Be a good girl for me, okay? My mother said she'll be resting for a while.
I see.
She's just a little sleepy.
I'll entertain you in the meantime.
I hate visitors, but you're a doll.
What are we going to do? Well, we could talk, or play, or something.
That is outside my expertise.
However, if it is only for a little while -Then let's play with my doll! -Very well.
A doll playing with a doll, that's too funny! What shall I do with this? Talk to her, or take care of her, obviously! First, you need to say hello.
Hello! Hello.
Oh, hello.
The doll was the one who said that! I see.
I understand.
Oh, right! You're a doll, so, you've never played with one of your own! No, I-- I'll teach you how! Next, let's play house then.
I have a table out in the yard.
Excuse me, your room is ready.
I shall show you to it.
Thank you.
You will have to excuse me.
Your room is on the second floor.
I wonder what they're talking about.
Ellis! -I'll go take that over! -Oh! You certainly may not! This is my job.
Please don't take it from me.
Why is life so unfair? Yes? It's Ann.
Please come in.
Is something the matter? What are you doing? I was adjusting my arm.
Adjusting? Yes, so it would move properly.
Then are you writing letters again tomorrow? -Yes.
-And the next day? -Yes.
-Seven days, so -The next day and the next? -Yes.
Who are you writing it to? That, I cannot say.
Why not? -I have a duty to confidentiality.
-Confi Stop using hard words! I apologize.
It can't be my father.
Because my father's gone.
You know that big war? He died a hero.
So, who are you writing this letter to? Miss Ann.
Did you come to see me for something? What do you mean? Ellis went home, and mommy already went to bed.
Then, Miss Ann, you should go to bed as well.
Why!? Staying up late is not good for a lady.
That is what Ms.
Cattleya said.
Who's that? Another Doll at my company.
-Another one? -Yes.
There are also other Dolls named Miss Erica and Miss Iris.
Wow! There's that many living dolls? Yes.
-Miss Ann.
-Fine! I'll go to bed! You'd better get to bed, too, or my mommy will be mad! And if you stay up too late, a ghost will come out to haunt you! Good night, Miss Ann.
Good night! What a weird doll! "The thief was surprised.
He yelled, 'Ah!' And ran away.
" You are quite good at reading.
Violet! What kind of bread is really hard and can't be eaten? You could put it in soup to soften it.
Violet! Violet! Until my mom comes, let's do riddles and dance together and play house and catch bugs! Miss Ann.
Please tell me the order of priority.
Violet, read me a book.
Violet! Violet! What are your thoughts? -Yes, it's very good.
-Then I shall continue in this style.
Thank you.
-Ann! -Oh, it's not what you think! I was hoping Violet could tie a ribbon in my hair.
I see, but later, okay? Madam, would you allow me a short break? Huh? I believe Miss Ann would like it now.
There you are, Miss Ann.
I didn't want you to put the ribbon in my hair.
-I really wanted my mommy to do it.
-And she's the one I want to read with and do riddles and play house Although Mommy doesn't like bugs.
Stop taking away my time with my mommy, Violet! It's only for a few more days.
Then tell my mommy I can be there when you're writing your letter! I just want to be near her! All I want is to be close and squeeze her hand.
Please! I am terribly sorry, I cannot do that.
Why not!? I'm sorry, Miss Ann.
I must be getting back.
-Do you think we could finish by today? -Yes, if we continue at this pace.
Madam, if you would.
Madam? I'm okay.
Madam! -I'm okay.
-But Please, continue.
-Stop! That's enough! Mommy! -Miss Ann! -That's enough! -Ann.
I'm okay.
So, please go play in the other room.
Why are you writing this letter? Who is it for? Daddy isn't even with us anymore! -It's an important letter.
-It's for someone I don't know, isn't it? Someone who won't even come visit you! No one really cares about you anyway! Is the letter more important than me? There's nothing more important than you.
You're such a liar.
I'm not lying.
But you're not getting better at all! You said you were going to get better! That's right.
I already know! I I'll be all alone once you're gone! How much longer will I be able to be with you? If I'm going to be all alone anyway, then stop writing some letter and spend time with me now! Please, Mom! Please! -Mommy! -Miss Ann.
Mommy! Miss Ann! Miss Ann.
I want to reassure you that the time I am spending with your mother is for a good cause.
Please, I ask you not to be angry with your mother.
But But It is only natural that this is painful for you.
You had to accept your mother's illness at such a young age.
You are so strong.
I'm not! I'm not I I made my mommy cry! No.
You are a very kind person.
-I'm not.
-You are.
I'm not! I'm not! I'm not! -My mommy got sick because I'm a bad girl! -Her illness is unrelated.
It is! It is! There is nothing There is nothing that can be done.
You're wrong.
Just as my arms can never be soft and warm like yours are.
There is nothing that can be done.
Mommy Mommy Why is she writing a letter? People have feelings they want to express to others.
Who cares? They don't need to.
There is no such thing as a letter that doesn't deserve to be delivered, Miss Ann.
Then the day came when the doll who embraced me finished writing the letters and it was time to say goodbye.
Violet! -Miss Ann.
-Huh? You're warm.
Wait, are you? Then what about the tea you drank? As I said, I will eventually expel it from my body and it will return to the earth.
She wasn't a doll after all.
And she wasn't bad news either.
She was very kind.
I really wish I could have read the letters she wrote.
I wonder who they were for.
Let's have some tea.
Let's play with my doll, Mommy.
-Then we can read books and play house Ann.
My Ann.
Happy eighth birthday.
There might be many sad things happening, and you might be feeling really overwhelmed right now.
But don't give up hope.
You might be sad and feel like crying, but don't forget: Your mother loves you very much.
Ann, happy tenth birthday.
I'm sure you've grown quite a lot.
But I'm sure you still love reading and dancing.
Have you graduated from riddles and bugs? Happy 18th birthday.
You're a grown woman now.
Are you in love? I can't give you love advice, but I'm sure whoever you choose is a wonderful person.
Happy birthday, Ann.
You've lived for 20 years now.
That's amazing.
But remember that even adults are allowed to complain sometimes.
Whenever you're feeling down, remember that I am with you.
I will always, always be watching over you.
Great work, Violet.
You did so many! These letters are to be delivered to Ann Magnolia for the next fifty years.
You wrote 50 letters?! It was your first long trip in a while.
Were you okay? -It was not a problem.
-But this is so great.
She's going to look forward to these coming every year.
Yes, but by the time they arrive her mother will She's still so little.
She gets so lonely.
And Ann's mother has to leave her precious daughter behind.
She'll be left all alone in that mansion.
I I I had to hold back my tears the whole time I was at the mansion.
But, Violet they will reach her.
The letters you wrote.
No matter how far away she is.
A LOVED ONE WILL ALWAYS WATCH OVER YOU Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto