Violet Evergarden (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

1 Most of the anti-peace forces that had invaded Ctrigall have been suppressed.
However, a number of rebels have escaped.
It's believed that they're looking to converge with other units.
And, so, I would like your unit's help, Navy Captain Diethard Bougainvillea.
Why come to the navy and not the army? As you may know, this peace signing is an important ceremony that will affect the future of the entire continent.
I would like to be prepared for any unexpected situations.
And now that the army special forces have disbanded, we will be shorthanded in an emergency.
But fortunately, your unit is still fully operational.
What's more, the navy is perfectly suited for this plan.
With Gilbert gone, you want to push the trouble on his older brother instead, huh? There is no doubt that the opposition will come to disrupt the peace negotiations.
Do you have any ideas about what they're planning to do? In three days, the completed transcontinental railroad will carry envoys and civilian Dolls from Distery to Gardarik as a symbol of peace.
I sense potential risks here.
We must avoid another war at all costs.
You are free to use any units in the vicinity.
You have to stop them.
Peace, huh? Young lady, are you sure you want me to drop you off in Distery? If I can resupply, I could take you all the way to Leiden, you know.
Considering what you've just been through Well, let me know if you change your mind.
They're all on edge.
It shows just how important this mission must be.
So, our job will be to accompany this special envoy to Gardarik, and take part in the public peace treaty exchange? Yes.
Once that's over that will finally put an end to the war.
E-- Excuse me! You must be with CH Postal Company.
Please allow me to announce our upcoming schedule.
Our ship departed the Port of Leiden at 1100 hours.
We will travel north up the Rentler River via Nahahar, using the canals from Machtig, which schedules us to arrive at Distery in Eckstreme at 1200 hours tomorrow.
We will have you and the special envoy board a special train which will be waiting for you there.
We are taking you part of the way by ship for your safety.
Thank you.
Didn't the president of your company come here with you? Retiring from service as soon as the war ended.
What a disgrace.
And just who are you? C-- Captain Bougainvillea! Bougainvillea? Isn't that the name of Violet's major? I am his older brother.
What do you want? Leave us.
Yes, sir! My mission is to protect you until we reach our destination and ensure the signing ceremony is a success.
Are you the only civilian Doll? Yes.
If you're asking about Violet, she won't be coming this time.
That is for the best.
In any case, is she still working as a Doll? That sorry excuse for a human being.
Just hold on-- Yes, she might be flawed, but she's still trying her best.
There are even people she's saved with her letters.
What? Violet writes wonderful letters.
They slip right into a person's heart.
Her letters allow people to be true to themselves.
Did you make it in time? The 1,041 Gardarik soldiers who escaped from the POW camp have arrived.
Thank you for traveling all this way.
I'm grateful to you, Brigadier General Merkulov, not only for saving me in Intense, but also for rescuing me from the POW camp.
Intense, huh? I'll never forget that humiliation.
Furthermore, our diversionary tactics were a success.
The southern fools likely believe we were wiped out in Ctrigall.
Very good.
We will take this opportunity to destroy transportation between the north and south, and use the confusion to retake Intense.
That's the railroad.
You can follow this all the way to Leidenschaftlich.
This railroad also allows food and resources to enter my country.
It brings peace to the north and south.
We won't have to fight anymore.
Then I'll be busy with all the extra work coming in! I might get to deliver one of your letters again.
Dad! You're back! I'm home.
I hope she'll be back soon.
Fires broke out along the railway yesterday.
Do you know where? I'll have them check.
So, they've made their move.
The Grandezza Bridge.
This was the final piece to complete the connection between the north and south.
What the hell? Is it a fire? No! Those are signs of an explosion! Send a message to the brigadier general that our infiltration was successful.
Why aren't we moving? Apparently, there was a fire nearby.
Vandal, please let me down near that train! Don't be crazy! My coworkers are on that train! Please! Fine! Hang on! They've confirmed at least seven fires since yesterday.
They are all near the railroad, and only getting closer.
-Do you think it's the anti-peace faction? -Yes.
They will be targeting our train next.
Send out an advanced recon unit to scout out the enemy along the tracks.
I will send them out right away.
Violet! What are you doing here? Cattleya, where are you headed? What? We're going to the peace signing ceremony with Gardarik.
There were signs of explosions nearby.
I will go with you! No.
You have to get back to the office.
-But--! -What the hell are you doing here? I happened to see you on my way back from my mission in Ctrigall.
Did you say Ctrigall? During my mission, I saw remnants of the Gardarik Army.
Are you sure? Yes.
-Tell me everything you know.
-Violet! From the air, I visually confirmed traces of explosions and nine smoke pillars.
As I thought, their plan is to delay our train and attack us directly.
Once we confirm it is safe up ahead, we will depart as soon as possible.
-You should get off this train, too.
-I can help if there's danger ahead! Captain, please give me your orders! You're still a tool who can only follow orders, huh? No.
I'm not.
Not anymore.
Get out of my sight! We have received a report from Navy Captain Bougainvillea.
There have been explosions around the railroad believed to be the work of the anti-peace faction.
They seem to be targeting the train carrying the special envoy.
Tell him he must protect the envoy at all costs.
Prepare all forces to deploy! And contact the surrounding nations.
We cannot allow this to turn into another war! Brigadier General Merkulov! I have a message from the advanced forces.
A peace envoy is aboard a special train that left from Distery, and Isidor succeeded in infiltrating it.
We will attack the train and set back these peace talks! There was an explosion at Distery Station after our departure.
No casualties.
Just as I thought.
We managed to make it out this time, but keep a strict watch on our surroundings.
Do not let anyone close.
Where do you think they will attack? Somewhere where we slow down.
And somewhere where it will be hard to restore if it is destroyed.
The Grandezza Bridge! It took ten years to build that tunnel.
The transcontinental railroad will be out of commission for some time if it is destroyed.
Currently, there are only passengers in the first and second compartments of the third train car.
There is one young male in the first compartment, and one middle-aged man in the second.
We believe that he is the special envoy.
All of the soldiers are stationed from the fourth car and beyond.
We will begin our operation now.
-Go! -Yes, sir! What are you doing here? Enemy attack! They're at the back of the fourth car! Hurry! Separate them! Stop wasting time! So, their plan was to separate our forces! What was that jolt? -Violet? -I will bring the special envoy.
The two of you please remain here.
There are a few of them towards the back.
I also heard noises coming from the front.
Our remaining forces are close to zero.
I will go stop this train.
You stay and protect the people inside.
Just as I thought.
You only want orders.
You do.
You're just a tool.
If I ordered you to slaughter the enemy, you wouldn't hesitate to kill them, right? I will not kill anyone.
I do not need a weapon.
If you're not a tool, then what are you? You! The soldier maiden of Leidenschaftlich.
We meet again! What happened to that kid in Ctrigall after that? Did he die a disgrace? There's no reason for you to get mad.
No one would mourn his death.
A woman? Go.
I remember now.
I've seen that doll on the battlefield before.
The Battle Doll of Leidenschaftlich.
Why are you doing this? In order to get back the people and things you've taken from us.
Are you planning on starting another war? Do you think the war is over? It seems like you know what I'm talking about.
You and I, we both have the memories of violence burned into us like scars, and it will never be over.
-But the war has ended in the real world.
-It has not! We fought dreaming for the war to end, waiting for the glory that was promised to both the living and the dead.
But what happened in reality? Our leaders do whatever they're told by the south, and the soldiers who risked their lives to protect the people were scorned, and had stones cast against them.
We were betrayed and abandoned by everything.
Then what's wrong with wanting to destroy everything? I do not want to kill anyone anymore.
Get her.
Is this important to you? Hey.
Are you all right? What the hell is going on? Major.
I Die! Major? What are you doing? Brigadier general! You bastard! Captain Diethard.
You cannot even protect yourself, so, how did you expect to do this without killing? My brother Gil gave his life to protect someone like you? I do not want to kill anymore.
The major's orders were to live, not kill! What use is a battle doll that will no longer kill? That's why you weren't able to protect Gilbert! You killed Gil! That's why you should die, too! Hurry up and die! Even so, the major ordered me to live.
I wanted to protect him! I I wanted to protect him, too! Brigadier general! Isidor!