Virgin River (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Under Fire

Get in the truck.
I got a better idea.
Why don't you get in the truck and drive away? Not without her, I don't.
That a LS 9mm Taggart? Yeah.
So, what? You'd be better off throwin' that thing at me.
- Why don't you shut up? - Or what? You gonna shoot me? Yeah.
That's far enough.
You're gonna need more than one bullet to stop me.
Put my mind to it, I don't need a gun to stop you.
Let's everybody just calm down, okay? If somebody's sick, I wanna go and help.
- Mel, we're not - No, I'm only going with Jack.
Boss doesn't like visitors.
Yeah, well, I don't like guns being waved in my face.
We can stand around threatening each other, or we can go.
Get in the truck.
Hell's bells, what's going on in here? Only me and Brady are working the front of the house tonight.
Nobody answering the phone? Yeah, sorry.
We're kind of slammed right now.
Well, I was calling to get the specials.
No specials.
Well, then I'll take the meatloaf.
To go.
Where's Jack? Uh, he and Mel blew a tire on the way to Myrtle Farms.
They don't have a spare.
Good God, I'll drive out and pick 'em up.
You just got out of the hospital.
I passed my stress test.
I am free to resume my regular activities.
Well, meddlin' in other people's business is not an activity.
It is an annoyance.
I'll drive that spare up there myself.
Not necessary.
Jack already ordered a tow truck.
Oh, well, then I guess we don't have a problem.
- He said it'd take a while.
- Where's Preacher? Uh, he's, uh, in West Virginia.
His parents' basement flooded or something.
He's gonna be back in a couple days.
What are you doing? Pitching in.
But don't worry, you can still take your meatloaf to go.
I figure I'll I'll eat it here.
There's a table for one in the corner.
Has anyone heard from Jack? My calls are going straight to voice mail.
He and Mel got a flat on the way to Myrtle Farms.
What what are they doing out there? Who knows? But the tow truck's on its way.
I'll just wait here, then.
Might be a while.
I don't mind.
Can I have a white Zinfandel? You can, but why would you want to? Because it's delicious.
Jimmy's back.
All right.
Stay here.
Where are we? This is an illegal growers' camp.
Where's the pot? They grow it underground in shipping containers.
The police don't do anything? Well, they would, but most grows like this one are actually inside state parks.
Falls under the Department of Fish and Wildlife.
There's just not enough wardens to patrol all the land.
We just try to stay clear of 'em.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to get you into this.
Well, the other option was to watch you drive away with a gun-toting maniac, so Listen, we're just gonna go in there, you'll take care of whoever needs help, and then we'll be on our way, okay? - All right.
- Just breathe.
Oh, I thought I was breathing.
Look, I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
Come on.
- Let's go.
- No, not you.
Where she goes, I go.
Who are you? I'm Mel.
I'm a nurse.
I told you idiots to bring Doc.
It wasn't me.
It was Jimmy.
Come on, Jimmy.
What the hell? - I went to get Doc.
I got her instead.
- Ow.
Ow! - What's he doing here? - She wouldn't come without him.
Get them out of here.
The bullet went through, and there's a clear exit wound.
- It looks like a .
22 hollow point.
- You know your guns.
No, I know my bullets.
I need a tourniquet.
- Oh - Here.
Listen, you lost a lot of blood.
You need to go to a hospital.
Gunshot wounds get reported to the police.
- Well, you need a surgeon.
- Won't this stop the bleeding? This is a temporary fix.
Look, just fix me up, then you can leave.
I don't have any supplies.
I don't have any equipment.
I can't.
- Take them to the provisions shack.
- Yep.
Let's go.
Follow me.
You need to push pressure on this.
Hurry up.
Make it snappy.
Where do they get all this stuff? Well, I think Doc leaves whatever he can behind.
How often is he here? Once or twice a month.
Look, that bullet could have nicked an artery.
You're just gonna do whatever you can, and then we're gonna go, okay? I can't guarantee he's not gonna die.
- Clear? - Okay.
Whoa, I need those menus.
- Uh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Hey, this goes to that lady right there.
- Which one? - That one, right there.
- Excuse me.
- Excuse me! - Yes! Mm-hm.
We ordered our food an hour ago.
- What did you order? - Elk stew and two beers.
Oh, I'm sorry, folks.
We're out of stew.
How did that happen? An hour ago we had stew.
How about a burger? I don't want a burger.
I want what I ordered.
How'd you like that burger cooked? I'd suggest, uh, medium well.
These are on the house.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
And I'll go check on that stew for you.
Honey, this is a business.
There are no freebies.
Well, there are when it comes to making the customers happy.
This isn't one of your bad haircuts.
Getting a burger instead of stew isn't gonna ruin anyone's day.
I'm considered one of Clear River's most sought-after stylists.
Anyway, we're out of stew.
Well, Preacher keeps a stash in the walk-in - for emergencies.
- Whoa! - Oh, Brady.
- I'm sorry.
I'll - clean it up in a bit, okay? - What? Preacher keeps a stash in the walk-in for emergencies.
Then go and get it.
Yeah, that's what I was just doing.
Sure looks like you could use some help.
You focus on getting our divorce finalized.
Yeah, number one on my to-do list.
I found the stew.
I'm gonna get that right out for you guys, okay? It'll be just five minutes.
What is your beef with Charmaine? She's fine in small doses, but I've seen too much of her in the last two days, I've had my fill.
Can you just stop meddling in other people's business? She's wrong for Jack.
That is not for you to say.
Says who? Well, I'm guessin' Charmaine and Jack.
Ughh! Okay.
- Okay? - Oh, damn it.
Damn it.
Damn it.
So, what's the move? We can't leave the tourniquet on more than two hours.
It'll cut off circulation to the rest of his leg.
Sew him up.
I can't sew him up.
We don't have the equipment.
Even if we did, he could end up with a massive infection that could kill him.
If he loses much more blood, he's not gonna survive.
Once he passes out, I think I can get the other guys to get him to the hospital.
It's too late for that.
He'll bleed out on the way.
What are you two whispering about there? I need a knife.
- We're almost there.
- Okay, great.
- You good? - Yep.
I'm good.
Okay, I need him to stay still.
He can't move his leg until I'm finished.
When I'm done, I need you to pour saline and then alcohol to sterilize the wound, okay? - Yep.
- Got it? Saline and then alcohol.
- Yeah, I got it.
- What are you doin' now? - I need to stop the bleeding.
- By burnin' him? - Do you want him to die? - No.
Okay, then do what I say.
Okay, great.
Can you hold down his legs? - Ready? - Yep.
Hold him down.
Jack? Jack? Jack's Bar.
Is Jack there? What's that? I can't hear you.
I found Jack's truck but not Jack.
- We need three more burgers right now.
- Yeah.
Man, Jack's not here, okay? Hello? Oww! - Oof.
- You need to keep this clean and dry, otherwise the wound could open up and start bleeding again, okay? We'll send Doc back up as soon as we get to town.
What happened, man? Between the blood loss and the pain, he probably just passed out.
Look, if you care about him at all, you need to take him to a hospital.
Come on.
Just drop us at the main road, and we can flag down a car.
Like you said, he might keep bleeding.
Then there'll be nobody to look after him.
I've done all I can do.
Well, let's just wait until tomorrow morning, - see how he's doing.
- That's not part of the deal.
Okay, no, she came to fix him, and that's what she's gonna do.
And then if anything happens, it's on you two.
There's a decent chance he's not gonna make it through the night.
Here you go.
Nighty night.
What do you think they're gonna do to us if he dies? Well, he's alive now.
Let's just focus on that.
I thought somebody had the flu, or food poisoning, or something.
I'm so sorry I dragged you into this.
Come on.
What, did you think I was gonna let you just run off and have all the fun on your own? Here.
Here, you take this.
But what about you? You're shivering.
My mother raised me right.
I thought I was leaving gunshot wounds and stabbings back in LA.
Well, even Virgin River isn't perfect.
Yeah, see, but it was supposed to be.
Come on.
What is, though? You okay? Yeah, I just I have a little shrapnel in there.
When it's cold like this, it hurts like hell.
You know, you can get that removed.
Well, it's funny.
You know, all the scars and the the bullet fragments, they're like a map.
Kind of tells a story.
Plus, it makes it so I don't ever forget just how lucky I am to still be alive.
You know, some of the guys I served with aren't so lucky.
Where did it happen? Uh, it was Kandahar.
This little guy Check it out.
- Oof.
- Mm.
That was Baghdad.
- Ouch.
- Grenade.
What about the one on your back? It's a really big scar.
It was, um Mosul, uh Mosul.
Two screws and a plate.
Let me guess.
You were skiing? Snowboarding? Surfin', huh? Mm-hm.
Oh, just a 300-pound schizophrenic high on PCP.
- Oh, that was my next guess, yeah.
- Yeah.
It took two guards and 50 ccs of Haldol to pry him off of me.
Wow, look at us, huh? Just two vets sittin' around a campfire swappin' war stories.
Hm! You should get some sleep.
What about you? I'm gonna keep watch.
Nightcap? Yeah.
Now all I need is a mint on my pillow.
And a pillow.
You're not gonna have any? I'm on duty, ma'am.
You're gonna freeze.
Has anyone heard from Jack or Mel? Nothing here.
They would have had to drop the truck off at the auto shop.
I'm sure they'll be back shortly.
You guys can close up without me, right? Huh! Look what the cat dragged in.
- Thought you might need help closin'.
- That's sweet of you.
Well, thanks.
Looks like you inherited your mother's soft spot for Doc.
There's probably something I should do in the kitchen.
I know I said I'd stay and wait for Jack, but, um, it's getting late, so Tell him I was here? - I will.
- Thanks.
- Good night.
- Good night.
What? I didn't say anything that isn't true.
Is your attitude about Charmaine, is it really from that night 20 years ago? Charmaine is not the one who hurt you.
You're right.
Technically, it was her mother who destroyed our marriage.
Hope we've gone over this and over this.
The night that young boy died I was devastated, I was I was not myself.
Hell, I was thinkin' about going back to the hospital in Seattle.
You think that wasn't a devastating time for me? I never said it wasn't.
But you didn't see me falling into bed with some floozy or trying to run away.
I didn't run away.
I didn't leave.
Seattle is where I was from.
Virgin River is my home.
You gave me that.
And I love this place, and I I love you.
And I know I made a terrible mistake.
And I've apologized.
Why can't you just let it go? You just don't get it.
I don't.
I don't.
Can you just explain it? If you haven't gotten it by now, you never will.
You snore.
- I don't snore.
- Mm-hm.
Like a lumberjack.
Don't exaggerate.
No, I'm talking Bose stereo surround sound.
For a minute, I thought there were two of you.
Calvin's awake.
Come take a look.
- Hello? - Hi.
Is this Hope McCrea? Not if you're trying to sell me something, it isn't.
No, please don't hang up.
I'm looking for Mel.
- Mel Monroe.
- Who is this? It's her sister, Joey Barnes.
Oh, hello.
I'm just wondering if you know where Mel is.
Not right this minute, I don't.
Is everything all right? I've been trying to call since last night.
I haven't been able to reach her.
It is just not like her to be out of touch for so long.
Well, there's no obvious signs of an infection, but it could take a few days to present.
So? So, considering everything, you're lucky to be alive.
So, I'm in the clear.
You're not in the clear.
You don't have a fever now, but you need to stay on top of this.
You need to change the dressing two or three times a day.
If there's any redness or swelling, or you see any discharge, you need to go to the hospital.
So, I guess we can go now.
Take them to their truck, Jimmy.
All right, boss.
You're welcome.
Hey! Hey, stop.
You can't go in there.
Uh Help her.
Okay? Just Hi, there.
- What's your name? - Maxine.
Maxine, my name is Mel.
I'm a nurse and a midwife.
Okay? How long have you been in labor? I don't know.
Um a few hours.
She's, uh, been pushing, but nothing's happening.
It's okay.
Try to breathe, okay? I'm gonna help you deliver the baby, okay? It's not time yet.
It's gonna be okay.
I'm just gonna check you out.
Your water has broken, and you're fully dilated.
That means that it's time.
Okay? That's good.
That's good.
That's good.
That's good, okay? Damn it.
What? What is it? Okay, listen.
Your baby's in a breech position.
Do you know what that means? Okay, it means that the baby is coming out backwards, feet first.
It's gonna be fine.
I just need you not to push during your next contraction.
Do you understand? Okay? Just keep breathing deep breaths and don't push until I tell you to.
Okay? It's okay.
Just don't push, okay? You got this.
Okay, I'm gonna need lots of clean towels hot water scissors, and alcohol.
Calvin says you guys gotta go.
You gotta go.
Are you kidding me? We are 50 miles from the nearest hospital.
She's having a breech delivery.
I am the only one here who knows how to deliver this baby, so you need to back off.
You really want a dead baby on your conscience? If you don't have a job here, you don't belong here.
You're gonna be okay.
Lead the way.
Show me where the stuff is.
- You got it.
- Come on, it's all right.
We've got it.
I've got her.
I've got her.
Hey, look at me.
It's okay.
Just try to take deep breaths, okay? That's better.
Yeah, you too.
But, listen, you call me.
Call me if you hear anything, right? Okay.
Thanks, Bert.
Have you heard from Mel or Jack? No.
Bert found Jack's truck abandoned on the side of the road.
No sign of Mel or Jack.
Bert, he left me a message last night, and hell, I didn't get it until this morning.
Mel's sister called me.
She hasn't heard from Mel since yesterday.
And Jo Ellen told me Mel never came home last night.
- Maybe we should call the sheriff.
- Already did.
He's in Fortuna.
Won't be back here for a few hours.
I'm gonna go look for them.
There's only one road that leads to Myrtle Farms.
- I'm coming with you.
- Oh, no.
You're staying here.
We Someone has to help Brady at the bar.
And as I recall, only one of us recently had a heart attack.
I will call you if I find them.
You mean when you find them.
- You're doing great.
- Hey.
Oh! Just in time.
Okay, just keep breathing.
- Is she okay? - Yeah, she's doing great.
Hey, how you doing? Hey, hey.
We're back, okay? Baby's leg is wrapped around.
She should be having a C-section.
So, what's Plan B? The same as Plan A.
Deliver the baby.
Maxine, I'm gonna need you to get on all fours.
- Okay? - I don't think I can do that.
Uh, does she have to? We need gravity to help us here.
I feel like I can't move.
I know, it's it's totally normal.
Your body's going through a lot right now, okay? - It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
- Okay.
- All right, on my count.
- Okay.
One, two, three.
You got it.
There you go.
Hey, Spencer, why don't you come over here - and support her from the front? - Yeah, sure.
Hey, hey.
I'm gonna come up here, okay? It's okay.
See? - Okay.
- There you go.
Good girl.
Listen, listen.
There you go.
Look at you.
Look at you.
All right.
You got it.
Damn it.
Damn it.
- All right.
- It's okay.
All right.
With this next contraction, you can go ahead and start pushing, okay? Okay.
You're doing great.
- You got this.
- Take a deep breath in.
- You got it.
- You got it.
All right, here we go.
Here we go.
- You're doing great.
- Okay, the legs are out.
Good job.
Okay? Okay? - Oh, it's a boy.
- It's a boy.
Did you hear that, babe? It's it's a boy.
It's a boy.
Now I have to get the head out.
I'm gonna have to I'm gonna have to put my hand up in there, and you're gonna feel some pressure, okay? Oh, boy.
You all right there, cowboy? Yeah.
With this next contraction, I want you to push like hell, okay? - You can do it.
- Come on.
You got one more time.
- Take a deep breath.
- You got it, baby.
- You got it.
- One more.
One more.
You got it.
He's out.
- You did good.
- Yeah.
There we go.
Oh, hi.
Hey, there, little man.
Welcome to the world.
I want to see him.
I want to see my son.
He's okay.
Here, here, here.
Slow, slow, slow.
- Hold that.
- Here you go.
- Gonna put him in a blanket.
- Yes! Hey.
Oh, hey.
- Hi.
- Little guy! I'm your dad.
Doc called.
Said, uh Mel and Jack are missing.
I'm just gonna stick around here until we hear something.
Well, uh, since you're here, uh, Brady could use your help at the bar.
Yeah, of course.
- Hm.
- Uh I think first, though I think you and I need to have a little talk.
I know about my mother and Doc.
Not surprised.
Everybody in town knew before I did.
That must have been horrible.
Wasn't great.
Especially since the two of you were such good friends.
Some friend.
You look just like her.
I know but I'm not her.
I am so sorry she came between you and Doc, I really am.
But I can't change my family tree.
I suppose everyone has someone in their family they wish had sprung from another orchard.
Um I'm gonna get back to it.
And thank you.
For what? For hearing me out.
You're welcome.
Hey! Where are you going with them? I'm taking Maxine and the baby to the hospital.
Spencer, you're not going anywhere.
He's coming with his family.
Not gonna happen.
Maxine, you wanna see him again, you know where he is.
I don't want to go alone.
Enough with this insanity.
Uh Calvin is a grown man who can make his own dumb decisions, but Maxine and this baby are my patients, and I am taking them to the hospital.
All right, we're leaving.
Jimmy! Maxine.
Sorry we lied.
Calvin didn't want you to know she was here.
She had a breech birth.
Mom and baby seem to be doing well, but we need to get them to the hospital.
Well, let's go get in my truck.
Hey! They can't leave.
Well, then, I'll just have to send the sheriff later.
- We had an understanding, Doc.
- Yeah, we do, Calvin.
I turn a blind eye to your drug business and in exchange, you let me treat all the people who live here in this camp.
No one's leavin' here.
Calvin, you don't hold up your end of the bargain, I won't hold up mine.
Are you threatenin' me, Doc? I'm just statin' facts.
Now, just let us all go down to the hospital, and I give you my word this will not lead back to you.
You've always been a smart man, Calvin.
Don't go dumb on me now.
You take the woman and the child.
Spencer you're stayin' here.
It's okay.
Take care of Maxine and my son.
It's okay.
Jack? I'll be seeing you two.
Come on.
Where'd everybody go? I called Hope from the hospital.
I just told her to close up and send everybody home.
I've completely lost track of time and space.
Well I think this will help.
You know, you're safe here.
Yeah, I know.
I need to just make my body catch up to my head.
You know, I think you perform better under pressure than some Special Forces guys I know.
Really? Mm.
Did you call your sister? Yeah, when you were on with Hope.
You must be exhausted.
You know, actually, I'm starved.
Me too.
There's only one thing I know how to make.
That's steak.
I will take mine medium rare.
- All right.
- Now I just need a vodka martini with a twist.
Or that.
What should we toast to? Being home.
- You're back.
- Yeah.
- Told you you'd find 'em.
- Yeah.
Come on in.
I found another attorney.
I scheduled a call with him for tomorrow morning.
- Okay, then.
- No, you were right.
Twenty years of separation.
That's enough.
It's time for both of us just to go our own way.
Hey, if I tell you I'm freaked out, am I gonna lose my Special Forces standing? Oh, come on.
Look, Calvin keeps to his side of the river, - we keep to ours.
- Mmm.
Don't worry.
Just try to get some sleep.
I still think we should tell the sheriff what's going on.
Doc asked me not to.
He wants to keep the peace.
I'm inclined to agree with him.
Right now, all the violence is contained to the camps.
I'd like to keep it that way.
Hey, look.
Tell you what.
I will sleep in my truck outside.
How about that? You can't do that.
- I can.
I do it all the time.
- Uh That way, if you need me, I'll be right here.
I can't let you do that.
Look, there's a chair in my room.
Can you just stay there until I pass out? Okay? Okay.
Morgan! Lonergan! Don't! Come on! Let's go! Let's get out of here.
- Can't leave.
- Why not? Gotta go, Jack! Jack.
- Preach! - Jack! We gotta move outta here! Hey! Jack.
You left me behind.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.

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