Virgin River (2019) s02e01 Episode Script

New Beginnings

It's a little bit funny ♪
This feelin' inside ♪
I'm not one of those ♪
Who can easily hide ♪
I don't have much money ♪
But boy, if I did ♪
I'd buy a big house where ♪
We both could live ♪
So I finally made a decision.
You know, as long as I can remember,
whenever things got rough,
my instinct was to head home
because that's where I felt safe.
But I realized that
the idea of home doesn't
really exist for me anymore
because you were my home.
Whenever there was a storm,
you were my shelter.
Without you, I've
I just feel lost.
You know, no matter how hard I try
I just can't believe
you're not coming back.
I mean, everybody keeps saying
"I know Mark would
want you to move on,"
and I know that that's true.
But I will never stop loving you.
Kiss our baby girl for me.
You are sweeter than stolen honey.
My hands are all wet.
- Yeah?
And we can sleep in tomorrow.
Gary is coming tomorrow at, um,
eight to fix the garbage disposal.
Well, that's okay. I can
sleep through anything.
He doesn't know about us.
Remind me why we we're sneaking
around like a couple of teenagers?
It's fun! Puts a little
spice into things.
I don't need spice.
I want to walk down the street
and be able to hold your hand.
Yeah, I hate all that "coupley" crap.
[SIGHS] Hope.
I don't want the whole
town talking about us,
dissecting everything we say or do.
Well, since you are the
biggest gossip in town,
if you can keep quiet,
I'm sure we'll be safe.
What about Connie?
You don't have to worry.
We are gonna get it right this time.
You have my word.
I don't wanna rush things.
Okay. Okay.
You're the boss. I'll be gone by 7:30.
- Seven would be better.
Gary's famous for his punctuality.
You do know we can't hide
our relationship forever.
Just a little longer.
- The doctor said this was normal?
- Yeah.
Morning sickness doesn't just
happen in the mornings, Jack.
I know, but you should at least
be able to get some food down.
Why don't we go see Doc,
get a second opinion?
I wish I knew you were
coming over. I look awful.
No, you look fine.
Next time, you call me
instead of Jackie, okay?
Yeah, remind me to fire her.
Everyone at the salon is
just worried about you.
- Are you worried about me?
Of course I am. That's why
I want you to go see Doc.
How's Mel?
It's Preacher.
He's slammed. Another
server's called in sick.
You haven't found a
replacement for Brady yet?
No, haven't had time.
So if you're okay, I really
gotta get back to the bar.
Yeah, thanks for coming over.
[CHARMAINE] By the way
how is Mel?
I don't know.
- What do you mean you don't know?
- I haven't heard from her.
So you haven't spoken
to her since she left?
Look, I gotta get going, so if
you can't get any food down,
at least try to drink some water. Yeah?
Hey, could
Could you actually get me some
more before you go, please?
Any idea when she's coming back?
Maybe she decided to move back home.
Maybe she did.
So she just left without
any explanation?
You know, Charmaine,
you really need to focus
on getting yourself well.
I'm gonna call Doc and
set up an appointment.
I'm just surprised.
Kind of a crappy thing to do
to someone, don't you think?
Call me if you need anything.
Okay, thanks.
Hey, Doc, it's me! I
Hi, Jack.
I think I'm gonna need a
little more than, "Hi, Jack."
I'm sorry that I didn't call you back.
I just didn't really know what to say.
Yeah, that was obvious when
you didn't return my calls.
Jack, I just needed a couple
weeks to sort things out.
I changed my mind. You don't
need to explain anything to me.
What are you doing here?
- What is she doing here?
- [JACK] Don't ask me.
It doesn't matter.
I'm glad to have you back, Mel.
- I can wait in the kitchen.
- Nope, you're fine right where you are.
Charmaine, I want you
to drink plenty of fluids.
Come back tomorrow
so I can see if that medication
is doing its job.
- Okay.
- I appreciate it, Doc.
- I'll bring her back in the morning.
- I can drive myself.
No. You are dizzy and lightheaded.
And until I can get you
back to 100 percent,
your driving privileges
are hereby suspended.
[SIGHS] Okay, well
Isn't this turning out
to be a banner day?
I mean
You're early.
There's no escaping the fact
that Charmaine, Jack, and I
are all going to have to deal
with an awkward situation
while I finish out my year.
But I mean, I don't know why it
has to be awkward, you know?
It's not like Jack and I are together.
All I said was, "You're early."
Right, I'm sorry.
I just was caught off-guard
seeing them both here.
She fired her OBGYN and hired me.
You know what? Next time she comes in,
I would be happy to just clear out
and take over any house calls or
That's not gonna work.
Why not?
Because I have the feeling
that Charmaine is experiencing
something a little more complicated
than morning sickness.
Okay. Well, just so you know,
she is not going to
want me to treat her.
Well, you may not be who she wants,
but I'm pretty damn sure you
are gonna be who she needs.
That's just not something I can do.
I'm sorry.
- Preacher, look!
- [PREACHER] Whoa!
- Did you get attacked by a bear?
- No!
Well, that is one very manly scar.
I didn't even cry when
they took out the stitches.
- Is that right?
- Yeah, but I did.
- Hey there.
- Okay, you. Back to math.
- Mom!
- Come on. Go on.
See you later, Preach.
- He hates math.
- Really?
Yeah, but who doesn't?
Well, I don't know what I'm gonna do
when he gets to the really hard stuff
because these fractions
are kicking my butt.
Well, you know, I
I mean, I could help him.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
That's very sweet, thank you.
Listen, I still feel really bad
about the night
Christopher cut his hand.
Hey, you don't need to apologize.
I know, it's just that
you were so worried.
I'm just glad you two are safe.
Last one.
I gotta ask.
Why'd you go all the way to Clear River?
Oh. Well, he was bleeding, and when
I couldn't reach Doc, I panicked.
So, um
You know, we never did finish
talking about this whole
you know, Michelle thing.
I could manage lunch day after tomorrow.
Yeah, okay.
I will pick you up after the,
uh, lunch rush is over.
Okay, great. I'll call Connie,
ask her to look after Christopher.
She loves spending time with him.
I'm looking forward to it.
Yeah, me too.
See you later.
I just got to stop by the bank, okay?
If I don't make a deposit today,
I won't make payroll.
Are you sick again?
I thought you said Mel left.
She did.
And you didn't know she was back?
Found out same as you at Doc's.
I don't believe you.
Well, believe what you want, but
I haven't spoken to her since she left.
But you're happy she's back.
See you in a sec.
[MAN] Look at those there.
They're silicon pads.
- They're great. After an hour
- [WOMAN] Yeah. And that's helpful?
Hey, Jack. Oh, you must
be pleased as punch.
Nice to see you, Connie.
Hope told me Mel's
gonna return after all.
Any idea when she'll be back?
I'm sorry, I need to get back to work.
We're a little short-handed right now.
Uh, I heard about your
run-in with Brady too.
Goodbye, Connie.
Can I get you something?
Jack's forgiveness.
I meant, something like a drink?
Hey, Ricky, booth three needs
refills, and they want their check.
Yes, sir.
That better not be that
soy Frankenstein pie
you build out of flavorless paste.
No, ma'am. Apple Cinnamon,
straight from Paige's truck.
All right. Ah!
- Ah?
- Mm. Yeah!
- [PREACHER] Right. Hey!
- Very nice.
Well, look what the cat dragged in! Hi!
- [PREACHER] Good to see you.
- Hi. You too!
Cop a squat. Preacher,
let's get this lady some pie.
Doc said you weren't
arriving until tonight.
Oh yeah, I was gonna stop in
San Francisco for the afternoon,
but I just decided to
drive straight through.
- Thanks.
- I'm glad you did.
Jack's had his hackles
up ever since you left.
Maybe once he sees you, he'll
lighten up. [CHUCKLES]
Well, I actually came
to talk to him, so
Hey, Preach. Is Jack around?
Yeah, he's in the office.
Um I'll go get him.
[MEL] Thanks.
[HOPE] How'd you like being home?
Uh, It was great.
You know, I ate sushi every
night and did some shopping.
Acquired another pair
of impractical boots?
Oh, no, I actually didn't
end up buying anything.
And, I will say, I did miss
Preacher's grilled catfish.
- You know what that means, don't you?
- What?
It means that country-living
is seeping into those
city bones of yours.
Now, I think it was that I
overdid the salmon eggs,
and Barney's was between seasons.
Well, you can tell yourself that,
but one of these days you're
gonna call Virgin River home.
Mark my words.
Consider them marked.
So, um, Jack is in the
middle of something.
- He said it might be a while.
- Oh, okay.
I've got some unpacking to
do anyways, so I'll just
Okay, I will make this to go.
Uh, how much do I owe you?
Hey! No, you don't.
- Preach, you can't keep doing this.
- I can.
Thank you.
See you later.
Oh, those two have more sparks
than a Fourth of July parade.
It's a damn shame they aren't together.
- [PREACHER] Yeah.
- Oh.
Speaking of shame
Preacher! Be a dear and
bring me an iced tea.
- Sweet but no refined sugar.
- You bet.
Good Lord Almighty, how much
perfume do you have on?
I'll have you know that a
famous actor once told me
that every woman should
have a signature scent.
Was that Valentino or Fairbanks?
Actually, it was the beautiful
singer-thespian, Neva Small.
You know, I was her understudy
in the Broadway musical
Henry, Sweet Henry.
Well, you probably don't know that
since you're not the type of person
who is inquisitive about the arts.
Muriel, what do you want?
I heard a rumor that you and Doc
are finally getting divorced,
so I wanted to know if you would
mind if I asked Doc out on a date?
I mean, given your history,
it just seems the right thing to do.
Ooh. Unless, of course,
the rumor is just a rumor.
No, you heard correctly.
Doc is fair game.
Oh! That is wonderful news!
I mean, condolences on the divorce. Aw.
Yeah, I'll take that, thanks.
Come in!
- Hi.
- Hey.
I didn't expect to see you.
- Preacher said you came by the bar.
- Yeah.
I wanted to talk to you
about, uh, why I left.
Like I said this morning [SIGHS]
you don't need to
explain yourself to me.
Well, I want to.
Look, I didn't call you
when I was in LA because
This is too hard.
Charmaine wants to be with you.
What does that have
to do with you and me?
She's gonna be the mother of your child.
You have the chance
to have a real family,
and I just I can't be the person
to stand in the way of that.
Well, here's the problem
I'm not in love with her.
I know you don't want to hurt her.
- Does she know that we went out?
- No.
Because you know if she found
out, she would be hurt.
Jack, she's never gonna be
okay with us being together.
And it's only gonna get more
complicated once the baby comes.
Okay, what about what I want?
Look me in the eye and tell
me you don't care about me
the same way I care about you,
and I will leave you alone.
I can't.
I do. I care about you
which is why I'm gonna finish my
contract and go somewhere else.
Well, I didn't take you
for someone who'd just
walk away when things got tough.
I guess you don't know me
as well as you think you do.
Well, I know enough to
know I'm right about us.
You'll see.
I have a pregnant patient who
can't keep anything down,
and the usual treatment
and drugs are not working.
- Extreme fatigue?
- Yup.
- Low blood pressure?
- Check.
- Dehydration
- And weight loss.
It sounds like hyperemesis.
Exactly what I was thinking.
Do you have experience with that?
Yes, quite a bit.
Mine is limited.
Damn it, Doc, I already said no.
I just want you to weigh
in on the treatment plan.
- One consult, that's it.
- Just one. Come on.
[SIGHING] Why is she here?
Given Mel's specialty in this area,
I've asked her to participate.
Any objections?
So, Doc has filled me
in on your symptoms,
and I believe you might have
hyperemesis gravidarum.
- All right. What's that?
- It is a severe form of morning sickness
that sometimes can last
an entire pregnancy.
Are you serious?
I've only had a couple
of patients with HG,
but Mel has treated many back in LA.
The weight loss and
dehydration left untreated
can cause serious complications
for both you and your baby.
Unfortunately, HG pushes your pregnancy
into the high-risk category.
Why is this happening to me?
Now, this is treatable.
We just need to get your
symptoms under control.
Now you're gonna be okay.
I think it would be best if you
were to stay here in Virgin River
so we can monitor you more closely,
and then get you back on your
feet as quickly as possible.
I'm so sorry.
I know how upset you must be feeling.
- How would you know how I feel?
- Char
Don't "Char" me. I just found out
that my pregnancy is high risk,
and you don't have any kids,
you've never been pregnant,
so please just don't pretend
like you know how I feel.
- Mel is an expert in this
- Charmaine
I have spent my entire
professional career
helping mothers bring healthy
babies into the world.
I'm not here to treat you.
I simply agreed to assist
Doc with a consult,
and unfortunately,
my professional opinion
is that you have HG,
and should be under supervision
until you can get rehydrated
and maintain your weight.
It's not just for your health
but for the health of your baby.
Hey, it's okay.
If you'll excuse me,
I have some work to do.
Thank you.
First things first,
we need to find Charmaine
a place to stay locally.
I'm I'm so sorry.
I can't talk about this
right now. I'm sorry.
All right, what happens next?
Well, I have to admit. This is
gonna be trickier than I thought.
Please, "tricky" is the
understatement of the year.
I'm so sorry. It's it's
the hormones. [SNIFFLES]
But you owe Mel an apology.
Yeah yeah, I know.
And enough of this.
Enough of what?
You're sick, and you can't
keep ignoring that.
This isn't just about you.
I'm taking over.
Got it?
You're gonna allow Mel and
Doc to take care of you,
and you're going to
stop pushing me away.
You hear me?
Mel is good at what she does.
And what she does is take
care of pregnant women.
If Doc trusts her, then so should you.
Listen, I wanted to apologize
for Charmaine's behavior.
She hasn't been herself lately.
- It's fine.
- No, it isn't.
You're right, it's not fine.
- Well, at least we agree on something.
Also, um, there's something that I need.
Look, I have no right to ask this,
so if the answer is no,
I'll totally understand.
Oh, what is it?
I'd like you to take
Charmaine on as a patient.
No, I spoke to her, she's willing
to do whatever you tell her.
I know it's a big ask,
but if anything were to happen
to Charmaine or that baby,
I would never forgive myself.
And this has nothing
to do with us, okay?
Whatever that ends up being.
Okay, I'll think about it.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
It means a lot to me.
Could you switch to the other foot?
Not quite so hard.
Well, that's too light.
- There you go.
So glad I could be of service.
Yeah, I
Well, I Yeah, I guess I
can carve some time out
about lunch tomorrow.
[WHISPERING] Who is it?
Good, I will see you tomorrow.
- Who is it?
- Good night.
Was that Muriel?
No, it was Mel.
She wanted to talk, whatever that means.
Why would you think
Muriel was calling me?
- No reason.
- Oh?
She asked me if you were
single, and I said yes.
Why on Earth would you do that?
To throw people off our scent.
What scent?
The scent that alerts people to the
fact that we're together again.
First of all, that is insane.
Secondly, I'm not going out with Muriel.
- No, no, no.
- You have to go out with her.
Otherwise, she's going to be suspicious,
and I don't want to give her ammunition
that she could use against us.
We are not at war,
we're in a relationship.
Yeah, leave it to a man to
not know the difference.
Okay, I surrender.
Thank you.
you do know you're nuts, right?
I happen to know you like nuts
on just about everything.
Lucky for you, that's true.
I know what you would
say if you were here.
You would tell me to put away my
feelings and put the patient first.
It's what made you such a great doctor.
Good night, babe.
[MEL] Hey, Nick.
Hey, Mel.
Is Jo Ellen around?
Uh, no, she won't be back till tomorrow.
Her sister had to have surgery
and needed some help.
No. Well, tell her if she
needs anything, I'm here.
Okay, will do.
I was wondering if you have
any downstairs rooms available
for the next couple weeks?
It's not for me, it's for
one of Doc's patients.
Oh. No, sorry.
We're booked solid for the next
month. When the fish are biting
- Yeah.
- Oh, but you know,
I think Lily might have a
couple of spare rooms.
Yeah, she's a little too far out.
How about Connie or Preacher?
They're both clear across town.
I can't think of anybody
who has space available
close to Doc's, sorry.
- Thanks.
- Okay!
Absolutely not!
Well, you have a spare room,
and your house is right down
the street from the clinic.
- It just makes sense.
- Makes sense for who?
In case you've forgotten,
Charmaine and I have a healthy
dislike for one another.
I'm not asking you to throw her a party,
I'm asking you to open your
home to a pregnant woman
who needs a place to heal.
I've lived alone for 20 years!
I keep odd hours and occasionally
vacuum in the nude!
- No, you don't.
- You're right, half-nude.
Think of me as Melanie
Griffith in Working Girl.
- I'd rather not.
- Fine.
But I enjoy staying up
late and watching TV,
and I'm not about to miss my standing
date with Mr. Kimmel for her.
Doc and I will deal with Charmaine.
You won't even notice that she's here.
What about Jack?
He's still not talking to me.
Well, maybe taking in Charmaine
will have a healing effect
on your relationship.
Okay, make you a deal.
If you could convince Jack to
have Charmaine stay with me,
then I'll allow it.
Great! Thank you.
I wouldn't get too excited.
Jack can barely look me in the eye.
He's not gonna want to
have Charmaine here!
Where he's guaranteed to
see the one person in town
he doesn't want to have
anything to do with.
Can I ask you a question?
How'd you get mixed up
with a guy like Wes?
Well, uh
When I met him, he was
so sweet and gentle.
Didn't even hold my hand
till the third date.
So what happened?
After we got married, his temper flared.
My friends and family tried to warn me.
When he gave me my first black eye,
they begged me to leave him.
Eventually, he drove everyone
away, isolating me completely.
I'm so sorry.
You know, he would always
cry after he hit me.
And I would always comfort him.
Looking back, I see
how wrong it all was,
but at the time when I was
in it, it just felt so normal.
So what does Christopher know?
I think we did a pretty good
job of hiding it from him.
I didn't want him to be afraid
of his own father, and
Wes didn't want his own son hating him.
When you left
I told him that Daddy had to go
far away for his police work,
and that's why we had to change
our names and how we looked.
Well, you know, I do have
a couple extra rooms.
Oh, God, no, Preacher,
you've already done so
much for us already. I
I would feel like we're imposing.
It's not an imposition
if I asked.
All right, just turn around and leave.
Just hear me out.
I came to make things right between us.
You made your choice that night.
Well, I got another job offer,
but I'm willing to turn it down if
I can manage the bar.
Well, Brady, in what world
would I make you a manager?
I got the smarts, the talent.
Scrubbing toilets, washing
dishes, you were wasting me.
You should take that offer.
You you don't think
I can handle the bar?
[JACK] As a matter of fact,
I don't.
Look, I've been making excuses for you
and bailing you out since Iraq.
Now, as long as I keep fixing
everything, you never will.
You need to grow up and
get your life together!
What happened to "blood brothers," huh?
Oh, I'm being a brother to you.
Because as a brother, it is my
duty to look out for you, okay?
That includes making sure that you
can stand on your own two feet.
You're making a mistake.
No, I'm finally doing the right thing.
[DOC] You are not gonna
change your mind though now.
[MEL] No, no. But, uh
the irony is not lost on me.
[DOC] Which is?
Which is I was trying to help Jack
by staying out of their business.
Is that irony?
- Yes, unfortunately.
Can I get a Reuben? And some water.
Uh, I'll just have a
caprese salad and water.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
what was it made you come around?
I just feel like it's my duty
as a medical professional,
and Jack asked me to, and he's
He's done a lot since I've been here,
and treating Charmaine is
something that I can do for him.
But the reason I wanted to talk
to you outside of the office is
that I have a personal issue
with this situation. Thank you.
And I need your advice.
Charmaine blames me for
her and Jack breaking up.
Look, you sure you don't just
want to talk to Hope about this?
I mean, personal relations
aren't exactly my forte.
Yeah, well, I need this conversation
to remain confidential.
Oh, well [LAUGHS]
Fair enough.
But you've known Jack a long time.
Do you think that if I hadn't
come to Virgin River,
he would still be with Charmaine?
You wanna know if you're
the reason they split up?
It's hard to say, but
you know, I never
got the sense that Jack was
that serious about Charmaine.
Right, that's what he told me.
And I don't know what he would have done
when he found out she was pregnant,
if you want my perspective
I do, yeah.
I think meeting you made
Jack realize what is possible.
And even if you left Virgin River today,
I don't know if he'd be able
to go back to a relationship
where he wasn't fulfilled.
You know, I just can't help but feel
like I'm ruining his
chance at having a family.
This is on Jack.
He is a man who makes his own
decisions. He is not easily swayed.
You didn't steal anything.
Your coming to town
illuminated his perspective
because he wanted it to.
Yeah, I guess so.
You didn't do anything wrong.
In fact, helping Charmaine,
knowing how she feels about you,
is a very honorable thing to do.
I mean, I don't know about honorable.
Well, you take your time.
You may just change your tune.
I mean, she's She is not gonna
make it easy on you, you know that?
Yeah, I know.
[MICHELLE] Thank you.
For being so good to me and my son.
See you guys tomorrow.
Hey, Preacher?
If you're really okay with it,
we'll move in with you.
I am better than okay with it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I guess I better go relieve Connie.
Mom, Dad's here!
Hello, Michelle.
[MAN 1] They've been
trying to restore this thing
for, well, over 12 years now.
[MAN 2] Did he finally get it working?
[MAN 1] No. He sure hasn't.
He's still working
You're still here.
Needed to go over these applications
and run through our inventory.
I could have handled
the inventory for you.
It's cool. It's all under control.
[WOMAN] Okay, good night!
I'm gonna say something
you're not gonna like.
All right, then why say it?
Because I'm your friend,
and I care about you.
You got to let her go.
This whole thing between you and
Mel, maybe it's not meant to be.
- See, sometimes
- Preach
I'm in love with her, man.
Today is gonna be the day ♪
That they're gonna
throw it back to you ♪
I hear you.
By now you should've somehow ♪
Realized what you gotta do ♪
Thanks again for closing up.
I don't believe that anybody ♪
Feels the way I do, about you now ♪
Because maybe ♪
You're gonna be
the one that saves me ♪
And after all ♪
You're my wonderwall ♪
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