Virgin River (2019) s03e01 Episode Script

Where There's Smoke...

[MAN] GSW to the left lower quadrant.
Lost a lot of blood at the scene.
He's tachycardic.
One large-bore IV. Start into right ACF.
Heart rate 140.
- BP 110 over 65.
- [WOMAN] You find an exit wound?
- [MAN] Clean through, left flank.
- On three.
One, two, three.
[MAN] Three. We have a
liter of saline running.
Line up O-neg for the rapid
infuser and pump in the saline.
- Where's that O-neg?
- Hypotensive. Who's on-call in OR?
- Thompson.
- Give her a heads-up.
- She's about to have company.
- BP 85 over 60, and he's still tachy.
Check the intestines. Find the
wound and put pressure on it.
- V-fib. Start chest compressions.
- Got it.
- Was that sterilized?
- Where's that O-neg?
- We need more pressure on the wound.
- Still in V-fib.
Paddles. Charge to 200.
- Clear!
Don't worry ♪
- About a thing ♪
- Again.
- Clear!
Every little thing ♪
Is gonna be all right ♪
This is my message to you ♪
Don't worry ♪
About a thing ♪
Every little thing ♪
Is gonna be all right ♪
Every little thing ♪
Is gonna be all right ♪
Don't worry ♪
About a thing ♪
Don't worry about a thing, no ♪
Every little thing ♪
Is gonna be all right ♪
Everything is gonna be all right ♪
Everything is gonna be all right ♪
Everything is gonna be all right ♪
All right ♪
- All right ♪
We got the vodka, but waiting
on the scotch and bourbon.
- [GUESTS] Surprise!
Said I'm free ♪
Ricky, congratulations
on graduating with honors.
We are all mighty proud of you.
Wow. Thank you, guys. [CHUCKLES]
Oh, Ricky. [KISSES]
I only wish your mother
could have been here.
[EMOTIONALLY] She'd be overjoyed.
You didn't have to throw this party.
The truck was already too much.
Oh, you earned that car.
I I couldn't have asked
for a better grandson.
But the party, that's all Jack's doing.
- Preacher.
- Hey!
- I'm out of mozzarella sticks.
- Oh, I see that.
Ask one of the servers
to load you up again.
Copy that.
[SIGHS] He is so cute. I
could eat him with a spoon.
Yeah, he's a good kid.
Any idea when Paige is coming back?
That's none of our business.
Why? Is there something going on?
No, no. She'll be back as
soon as her dad recovers.
Do you think I could ask her to make
Hope's wedding cake? I could call her.
[WOMAN] Oh, that's a wonderful idea.
Don't you think we're jumping
the gun? They just got engaged.
Absolutely not!
When it comes to event
planning, every second counts!
Ladies, if you'll excuse me.
I need to check the kitchen.
- Hey!
- [RICKY] Hi!
- Hey!
- Congratulations, son.
[RICKY] Thanks.
Hope is sorry she
couldn't be here today.
Her flight got grounded
by thunderstorms.
- It's okay.
- This is from the three of us.
Yeah. Uh, Mel didn't approve
of Hope's original gift.
That's because it was
a homemade coupon book.
So all you get now is this check,
but let me tell you, it's a real doozy.
Cool. Thank you.
- You're welcome. Congratulations.
- Thanks.
Um, I'm gonna go check on
Jack. Are you okay here?
Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't I be?
Uh, it's just
- Oh, oh.
- May
- Hope told you to keep an eye on me?
- No, sh
Okay, fine. Yes, but I
swore I wouldn't tell you.
- Please, don't rat me out.
- That woman is unbelievable.
She's on the other side of the country
and still trying to run my life.
She loves you.
Or she thinks I'm just not
capable of living without her.
Well, knowing Hope, it's probably both.
- [MAN 2] Hey.
- Hey!
You wanna take a break? Preacher
said he could work the grill.
Is this a nurse thing, or are
you trying to get me alone?
- Hm?
Well, listen, it's only been three
weeks. You need to take it easy.
That is not the answer
I was looking for.
[SIGHS] Well, I mean, I don't
not want to get you alone,
if that makes you feel any better?
Yeah, it does. Thanks.
- You know what I'm looking forward to?
- Hmm?
- Celebrating your birthday with you.
- No.
We can do whatever you want, okay?
Just tell me. Sky's the limit.
[LAUGHS] That's very sweet
of you, but I have to work.
Okay, if you really want, you can
draw me a bubble bath after dinner
and bring me a coconut cupcake.
Coconut and cupcake should
never be in the same sentence,
and no one should have
to work on their birthday.
Well, I disagree.
I like working. It brings me joy.
Yeah, but it's the one
day to do what you want.
So, I take it you don't
work on your birthday?
Well, only when I was in the service,
and that's 'cause I was fighting a war.
Ever since I've owned this
bar, absolutely not. No.
Okay. So, what do you do?
Well, spend the day fishing,
and then I cap it off with
a perfectly cooked steak
and a bottle of JD.
Wow. I would rather
work than go fishing.
You're so misguided.
Promise me you won't tell
anyone about my birthday.
Come on. You can't
hold me to that promise.
- I can't?
- No.
You sure?
Well, maybe you can. Mm. Okay.
Hey! Your buns are burning!
- Oh.
- Oh!
[SCOFFS] FYI, my brother
sucks at multitasking.
- Ah, thanks for the heads-up.
- Speaking of FYIs, Mom called.
She wants to know why you're
not returning her messages.
She wants to know if you need
a ride home from the airport.
She knows I don't have a return ticket.
She's just trying to keep tabs on me.
You don't have to hang around. I'm fine.
Yeah, I can see that.
There's something going on with her.
- What do you mean?
- Ever since she graduated law school,
she's worked, like,
80-hour weeks nonstop.
Now she's acting like
she's on spring break.
Well, when you were in the hospital,
she was really worried about you.
I I think she just needs time
to make sure that you're okay.
- Hm. Maybe you're right.
- Yeah.
Can we get back to what we were doing?
What do you mean? You mean this?
- Yeah, I mean that.
- Yeah? Yes.
Connie, have you spoken to Hope?
Yes, we chatted briefly last night.
There's a hurricane headed for Miami.
The weather is so bad,
they've had to cancel all
flights south of Virginia.
Where exactly is she?
Visiting her aunt in Port
Royal Island, South Carolina.
She was supposed to fly back last night.
Oh, that's too bad she was delayed.
What? I care about what happens to Hope.
Especially when it concerns Doc.
[GROANS] Doc and I
are very good friends,
and I'm quite happy to take
care of him until she gets back.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
[SCOFFS] Muriel taking care
of Doc while Hope's away
is like the fox guarding the henhouse.
Muriel's all talk.
- She'd never try anything.
[CONNIE] Oh, if you say so.
I'm sure Nick is just being polite.
- Hey, Jack.
- Mike, you don't have to stick around.
Still plenty of work to do,
man. The raid was a total bust.
Calvin's out of business.
Since he was under surveillance
at the time of the shooting,
whoever did this is out there.
Still no trace of Jimmy?
No, that's why I'm sticking around.
Hey, Jack, you got a second?
- Take your time. I'll grab some food.
- All right.
You know you got the day off, right?
- I feel like a jerk.
- Why?
Everything I said to you about
getting Charmaine pregnant
and being in love with Mel
And you throw me a party?
I'm an idiot.
You're family to me. You know that.
And sometimes family say things they
don't mean. Don't worry about it.
Well, I'm glad you didn't die.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, me too.
I'm proud of you.
Go enjoy your party.
Well, Jack looks like he's feeling okay.
Yeah, it's amazing, considering.
He still can't remember what happened?
No, no. He remembers
being at Mel's cabin
and then waking up in the
hospital a couple days later.
Isn't that something?
Well, if I ever get shot and
can't remember who did it,
track down my wife.
Thanks, man.
- [GIRL] Hey, congrats.
- Thanks.
- I'm so proud of you.
- Hey! Whoa!
- What are you doing? Connie is here.
- I don't see her.
Yeah, that's 'cause she sneaks
up on you like a tiny ninja.
- You're so paranoid.
- Okay, I'm not being paranoid.
She did the "I'm watching you"
thing to me five minutes ago.
Now, wasn't that better
than worrying about Connie?
Hell yeah.
Since summer is our busy
time, if you wait too long,
I won't be able to guarantee
the garden or the sitting area,
which would be such a shame
because they are both beautiful
settings for a ceremony.
Jo Ellen, I I think you're
boring this poor man to death.
I don't think that Doc finds planning
one of the happiest
days in his life boring.
- Do you?
- Oh!
- Would anyone like some pie?
- Yes! I would.
Jo Ellen, would you be a
doll and grab us a slice?
I suppose.
Oh, and two forks?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
You looked like you
needed a bit of saving.
I was trying to wait
till she took a breath,
but she's got the lung
power of a Navy Seal.
You okay?
Oh, yeah. Uh, yeah,
just a minor headache.
Well, you have been under a
tremendous amount of stress.
I mean, first with Jack and
then Hope abandoning you.
- It's
- She is visiting her octogenarian aunt.
- Yes, and that is exactly what I meant.
- [LAUGHS] Yes.
Anyway, you should go home.
- Ricky will understand.
- No, no, no. I'm fine.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Well, if you need
anything, you just call.
- Oh, hi, Mel.
- Hey.
- You know the party's over there.
- I know. [CHUCKLES]
I'm I'm just waiting
for the sun to set.
It's my favorite time of day.
Yeah, I can see why.
Sometimes I think we take it for granted
that we live in such
a magnificent place.
Um, would you hold Chloe for just a
bit while I get something to drink?
Of course.
- I'll be quick.
[MEL] Take your time.
- Hey!
- Happy birthday, baby.
- Aw. Oh!
- Oh!
Thank you.
Last one before you become a mom.
Oh, that's right.
Why don't I light it?
You can make a wish.
Oh, no, you don't need to do that.
- Why not?
- Because I don't need to make a wish.
I have everything I ever wanted.
[WOMAN] Jack.
You look good.
Sorry I didn't come
to the hospital. I
I wasn't sure that you'd want me there.
Don't worry about it.
Lydie invited me.
That was nice of her.
And sorry we're late.
Todd had a work emergency,
so, um
My apologies.
When business is booming,
the work never stops.
Todd is a highly-regarded
personal injury lawyer.
Todd Masry.
Jack Sheridan.
Jack. It's nice to
meet you face-to-face.
- [CHARMAINE] Hiya, Mel.
- Hi.
[TODD] Mel. Hey, FYI, I am taken.
[LAUGHS] You are so bad!
Did you just say that? [LAUGHS]
Uh, okay.
So, how did you guys meet?
- It was about a month ago.
- It's more like three weeks.
Right. And he came into the salon
for a haircut and sat in my chair.
- Isn't that wild?
- Well, not if you need a haircut.
I've got a personal barber in Eureka,
but I bought a property in Clear River,
and I decided to check out Char's salon.
Yeah. It's fate. I wasn't
supposed to be working that day.
It was meant to be.
It is, and actually,
I wasn't gonna say anything
because it's Ricky's party, but
- We're engaged! [LAUGHS]
- Ta-da!
Oh wow.
Happy birthday.
Aw, thank you.
And thank you for these beautiful
flowers. It was very sweet of you.
You're welcome.
What are you and Jack
doing for your birthday?
- Well, I'm gonna go to work.
- What?
Why aren't you taking the day off?
Come on, Joe. You know that
birthdays aren't my thing.
Just because Dad didn't care about
them doesn't mean that we shouldn't.
Last year I went to Paris for
my birthday and broke my AmEx.
Literally. A card with no limit.
[LAUGHS] Well, I don't really wanna
make a big deal about it, you know?
I just want my bubble
bath and my cupcake.
Oh, come on.
It is a chance to
celebrate yourself. How
often do you take the time to do that?
[MEL] Um, you know what?
Jack just pulled up.
- Can I talk to you later?
- Yes. Good for him. Go have fun.
Okay, I love you.
I love you too.
- Hi.
- [JACK] There's my birthday girl!
Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
- I thought you'd still be in bed.
I have work. Remember?
- You're really going to the clinic?
- Yeah, I told you that yesterday.
- Oh, I didn't think you were serious.
- To me, it's just another day.
Why don't you wanna celebrate?
I'd I'd rather not
get into it right now.
Sure. Whatever. It's your day.
I'm sorry. I don't mean
to be difficult. I
- Oh, I know. It's fine.
- Are you mad?
No, of course not. I
just want you to be happy.
I am.
Who's that?
- The masseuse.
- The masseuse?
It's fine. Forget it. Don't worry.
I'll tell her to leave. It's fine.
No. No, no.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- Who am I to say no to a massage?
- That's what I'm talking about.
I'll call Doc, tell him
you're not coming in today.
- No, no, it's okay. I'll do that.
- Whatever you want.
Thank you.
- It's your day.
- It's my day
You're gonna get pampered.
You ready?
[PREACHER] All right.
I gotcha. Come on.
[GROANS] There.
There you go.
- Got it?
- Why can't I stay with you?
Because you are gonna have
way more fun here at camp.
Can't you come with me?
No, sorry, buddy. This
one's just for kids.
- I could stay with Connie at the store.
- You'll make a ton of new friends here.
Yeah. I don't really
know how to do that.
- You got me to be your friend.
- That's not the same.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- [CAMP COUNSELOR] Checking in?
- Yeah, this is Christopher.
- [CAMP COUNSELOR] Hello, Christopher.
- Hi.
He's a little nervous.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, don't worry.
It's everyone's first day.
I will be right here
when they drop you off.
Pinky promise?
So, you require ID at pick up, right?
Only two people are authorized
to take Christopher home.
Oh, yeah. Absolutely. We check
IDs before signing the kids out.
I was only wondering ♪
Hour on the phone like ♪
Feel your reason start to shift ♪
You really think you could ♪
Give yourself away? ♪
Half a moment ♪
Living in the sunsets of our youth ♪
I killed a world ♪
Was it enough to turn us loose ♪
- What do you think of my new swimsuit?
- Yeah, it's nice. [CHUCKLES]
Hey, are you looking for someone?
I'm making sure Connie isn't here.
Are you insane? Connie in a kayak?
Last time she went
swimming was in the 1900s.
- But what if
- I thought we agreed to forget about her?
- I don't want her to call your parents.
- So what if she does?
- So, what if they send you back to LA?
- Trust me.
They'd rather have me here
than deal with me at home.
- Really?
- Yeah.
When I'm not there, they
can do whatever they want.
Like what?
Hang out with their country
club friends. Everyone's so fake.
- All they do is one-up each other.
- You mean like spending money?
I mean everything.
Do you miss it?
Home, I mean.
So, uh, does that mean
you'll stay in Virgin River?
Depends. You're going to
community college, right?
So, if you're staying, then
I'm in no hurry to leave.
So, it definitely is wet
age-related macular degeneration?
I'm afraid so.
[DOC] And, uh,
the likelihood of, uh,
permanent blindness?
Depends on the course of treatment
you take, but guess it's possible.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
You might want to consider adding
another physician to your
practice to give you some cover.
Actually, I'm meeting with a
headhunter in just a couple of minutes.
So just, uh,
let me know how you wanna proceed.
Yeah, will do, will do.
And, uh, thank you, Alex.
[WOMAN] Dr. Mullins?
Ah, Julia? Nice to meet you in person.
- Please, sit down.
- Thank you.
[DOC] Yeah.
So, you're looking to retire?
Well, right now, I'm just
exploring all my options.
And what's your timeline
for the new hire?
As soon as possible,
and I need to keep this
search confidential.
I will let the patients know as
soon as I lock down a replacement.
So, you're not willing to
create a digital profile?
That is correct.
Well, if that's the case, we
have our work cut out for us.
Why is that?
Medicine is a very
competitive market right now.
This is a thriving practice,
and you get to treat
a variety of ailments
without any of the bureaucracy.
Well, most doctors aren't looking
to practice country medicine.
And why not? We got no traffic.
People are as friendly as all get-out.
Big cities have more to offer.
Such as?
Competitive salaries, perks
What kind of perks are we talking about?
Signing bonuses and
country club memberships.
[LAUGHS] That's ridiculous.
It's the market.
Well, I believe this
place just sells itself.
[JACK] Okay. Keep your eyes
closed. I'm not kidding.
No peeking.
Open your eyes.
- What? You got me sushi?
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you!
You're welcome.
I didn't know there was
a sushi restaurant nearby.
Well, there's not. The closest
place is in Grace Valley.
That's two hours away.
Hm, not if you have a
friend who's a bush pilot.
- He flew it in while you had your massage.
Oh my gosh. I This is so incredible.
I don't even know what to say.
I had Joey send me a list
of your favorite rolls, so
It's perfect and amazing. Thank you.
You went overboard. [LAUGHS]
Well, us Sheridans
believe that birthdays
are the greatest day of the year.
Why is that?
'Cause holidays you gotta
share with everybody else,
but your birthday is just for you.
Birthdays were never
a thing in my house.
Is that why you don't celebrate them?
Mr. Sheridan, I did not take you
for someone who digs for information.
I believe that that
is Hope's department.
I've never dated anybody who hasn't
wanted to celebrate their birthday.
Usually, there's a ton of
pressure to do something big.
I guess I'm unique.
That you are.
I'm constantly pleasantly
surprised by you.
I like to keep you on your toes.
Try this.
- Mmm.
- Oh, that's pretty good.
Mm-hmm? It's delicious.
So, um,
that was a pretty big
bombshell Charmaine dropped.
You know, I can't figure out
whether she's serious about the guy,
or trying to get a rise out of me.
Either way, he's not her type.
Well, he seems to really
like her, and he's successful.
No, Charmaine doesn't care about money.
I'm gonna talk to her. I don't want
some bozo hanging around the twins.
I think that's a little
premature, don't you?
Right now, they can't see
him, but they can hear him.
That doesn't work for me.
Anyway, what do you wanna do for dinner?
I don't know. Just meet back here.
Maybe bring something from the bar?
- Sure you don't want to go out?
- I'm positive.
As long as I get my cupcake and
my bubble bath, I will be happy.
Can I have another piece?
Try this.
- The hell you doing here?
- Come to deliver a message.
Nobody likes a snitch.
I had nothing to do with the raid.
So, you're not responsible
for flipping Spencer?
You know, if not for a loyal
employee, I'd be in jail right now.
[CHUCKLES] Were you surprised
when your police friend showed up,
and there was no drugs, no money?
'Cause they were.
Look, if you're gonna
kill me, just do it.
In time. My time.
And when I do, unlike
Spencer, you'll stay dead.
On the plus side, I guess you
did try to make up for everything,
considering what happened to Jack.
I want you to remember something.
Someday soon, these law enforcement
types are gonna go back home,
and I'll still be here.
[LILLY] Here we go, girl.
Come on. One more. There we go.
Hey, Lilly.
Hey, how are you?
Happy birthday!
Oh, yeah, thank you.
I just keep forgetting that Brie
told the whole town it's my birthday.
Hard to keep a secret in Virgin River.
So true.
- So, how are you? Is everything okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah. Tara's great. Chloe
is growing like a weed.
So, do you and Jack have
any big plans for tonight?
Oh, no. I told him I didn't want
to do anything big for my birthday.
You know, that's how I was
until Buck and I got married.
Buck believed that every birthday
was a day to celebrate
the gift of being born
and give thanks for
another year well-lived.
Grateful we had a lot of
wonderful celebrations together.
Whatever it is you do tonight with
Jack, I hope you enjoy yourself.
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Come on, little one. Here we go.
[JOEY] You did such a
beautiful job in here.
- Do you think she's gonna like it?
- Yeah.
I mean, you know, until she's 12,
and then she'll want to paint it black.
Hm. I can't wait to meet her.
See who she is, who she'll become.
That is the thing about becoming a mom.
You get the privilege of
watching your child grow up.
It changes your outlook on life.
Hm. For the better?
You can't even imagine.
Uh, headaches?
A few, but they ain't that bad.
- Dizziness?
- No.
- Sleeping?
- Yeah, pretty good.
Let's take a look.
That surgeon did a very nice job.
Looking good. Can you sit up?
[SIGHS] How much longer will I
have to keep getting these checkups?
Well, you have been cleared
by the doctors in Grace Valley,
but, with your memory issues,
I just wanna keep an eye on you.
Yeah, whoever shot me,
it's right here. You know, it's
- But I can't recall.
- Our brains protect us
by wiping out memories
of traumatic events.
Well, I'm gonna keep trying.
Mike is here. Sheriff's on it.
You just need to be patient
and focus on your recovery.
Anyway, what have you got
planned for Mel's big night?
Dinner from the bar.
- On her birthday?
- Mm-hmm.
[LAUGHS] Oh, you are a gambling man!
She said she didn't want
to do anything, so
- What?
[HESITATES] In my experience,
when a woman tells you not
to bother doing something,
that means you had absolutely
better do something,
or there's gonna be hell to pay.
I honestly don't think Mel's like that.
Yeah, I'll give you that, but
you have had a few rough weeks.
- So?
- Maybe it's not about what she wants.
Maybe she doesn't want
you to have to do anything.
I honestly don't care
what you do with my stuff.
Look, throw everything in the trash,
or don't. Just stop calling me.
[CLEARS THROAT] You meeting someone?
Uh, no, just looking for Jack.
He owns the place.
Yeah, I know who Jack is.
You do, do you?
Yeah. We actually used to live together.
I don't remember Jack ever
living with a woman before.
- Well, I guess I'm the exception.
So, what's your secret?
[BRIE] Hmm, well, some
say I'm irresistible.
[BRADY] You know, I'm getting that.
Can I buy you a drink?
[JACK] That'd be a no.
Hey, speak for yourself.
You can leave.
Give me a minute.
- You look good.
- Calvin send you?
No. Calvin and I are done.
Well, that's convenient, now
that he's out of business.
Look, I, uh I just came
by to see how you're doing.
I'm doing fine, thanks.
You can go now.
I heard you lost your memory.
That's a bummer.
Must be frustrating not
remembering what happened.
Brady, what are you after?
It's just You know, it's been
a while since we've seen each other.
What's your point?
Look, I'm just
I'm glad you're back on your feet.
All right. I'll get out of your way.
- [CAMP COUNSELOR] You're good.
- Thanks.
Hey! Looks like someone had a good day.
So, what was your favorite
thing? Archery? Swimming?
Who'd you have lunch with?
No one. I hate it. I'm never going back.
- Maybe I should pull around the corner?
- Nuh-uh.
It's just really bright out
There's no way Connie didn't hear that.
- We gotta get out of here.
- Stop! Stop.
- Listen to me.
You are literally driving me insane.
Your obsession with Connie
is ruining everything.
I'm sorry, but I'm the one
who was caught in my underwear!
[GROANS] You need to let that go.
- It's not like it went viral.
- Connie is viral enough!
Taking risks is what
makes life interesting.
If you don't know that
by now, I can't help you.
Where are you going?
Home. So you don't have to
worry about Connie anymore.
[CHUCKLES] What's going on?
A little change of plans.
I have two tickets to a
moonlight dinner cruise in Eureka.
Ticket lady says you're
gonna need a jacket,
and you might want to ditch the PJs.
I don't understand what's happening.
We're going on a
moonlight dinner cruise.
No, I understand the
concept of a dinner cruise.
What I don't understand
is why we are going on one.
Jack, you've already done way too much.
I'm just trying to make you happy.
Well, I don't need to go out.
Being with you makes me happy.
I'm being serious.
All right. So say we stay in, then
next year we do the same thing,
you're gonna start thinking
that I'm taking you for granted,
and I don't care enough
to plan something.
Jack, you
You're having a fake argument
with someone who isn't me.
Look, if I want
something, I will tell you.
That's what you're saying right now.
No, that's what I'm saying, period.
- I will take you at your word.
- Thank you.
- But there's one more thing I gotta do.
- What?
- Meet me at my house in an hour.
- Jack
- Shh.
Trust me.
- [OPERATOR] All circuits are busy.
Please try your call again later.
- Hey, you.
- Hey.
I made you vegetable lasagna.
- Oh.
- Already baked.
All you have to do is
warm it for ten minutes,
and it'll be ready to go.
You shouldn't have gone
to all that trouble.
What's that you're having?
Oh, now that, that's a frozen TV dinner.
- And I rest my case. [LAUGHS]
Well, thank you. This
this looks so much better.
Well, you're welcome. See you tomorrow.
[DOC] Uh, do you wanna join me?
No. No, you enjoy your alone time.
[PREACHER] "The Captain
had risen earlier than usual
and set out down the
beach, his cutlass swinging
under the broad skirts
of the old blue coat,
his brass telescope under his
arm, his hat tilted upon his head."
We can save the rest for later.
You don't have to go
back tomorrow, okay?
know how to play Fortnite.
They all laughed at me.
That wasn't very nice.
I miss my mom.
Yeah, I know you do.
I'm so sorry that she's not here.
But, you know, I don't know
how to play Fortnite either,
so, uh Okay, so maybe
we could teach each other?
You don't have an Xbox or PlayStation.
Well, maybe we should get one.
That would be awesome.
Yeah? Okay, then.
You know,
sometimes when you feel alone,
you find someone else
who feels the same way
and, well, you end
up being best friends.
Did that ever happen to you?
Yeah, I met Jack, when
I joined the Marines.
But Marines are tough.
Well, you can be tough and feel alone.
So, if I go back to camp tomorrow,
I might make a best friend like you did?
I'll try that. Night, Preach.
Yeah. Night, little man.
Lying in my bed ♪
I hear the clock, and I think of you ♪
Caught up in circles ♪
Against the laws of
nature, I present you
with a coconut cupcake.
If you tried it, you'd like it.
Oh, you know, at this point
in my life, I know what I like.
Well, what if I put the
frosting someplace
- Oh, that's not fair.
- Uh-huh.
[JACK] Mmm.
- That's pretty good.
- Told you.
Happy birthday.
I'm sorry about today. I thought
I was doing the right thing.
Oh, that's okay.
Everything you did was really sweet.
But it didn't make you change your mind.
[SIGHS] That's not on you.
My mom died a week
before my 11th birthday.
And when I turned 12,
my dad was so depressed, he
couldn't even get out of bed.
So, ever since, it's not really
a day I feel like celebrating.
Baby, I'm so sorry.
It's okay. It is what it is.
No, it's not.
I just hate the idea of you hurting.
I wish there was something I could do.
You've already done so much for me.
You don't even know.
And the drum beats out of time ♪
If you're lost, you can look ♪
And you will find me ♪
Time after time ♪
If you fall, I will catch you ♪
I'll be waiting ♪
Time after time ♪
If you're lost, you can look ♪
And you will find me ♪
Time after time ♪
If you fall, I will catch you ♪
I will be waiting ♪
- Something's burning.
- What?
Something's burning.
I think something's burning!
Oh shit!
Okay. Okay, come on.
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