Virgin River (2019) s03e08 Episode Script

Life and Death

What do you want from me?
What are you doing here?
I was just out on a hike.
Which trail?
Uh, Blue Creek.
All right. I know that you're
not gonna wanna talk to me
about Brady, but
Do you really think he shot you?
Yeah, I do.
You remember him pulling the trigger?
No, but he was there.
Listen, Brie, he's not a good guy, okay?
In what way?
For one, he worked
for an illegal grower,
and it turns out his boss was
also in the fentanyl business.
The only reason he's
not in jail right now
is because somebody tipped
his boss off about a raid.
I sure know how to pick 'em.
To be fair, Brady's good at showing
people what he wants them to see.
Still, I'm an attorney.
It's my job to read people.
Hey, look, I'm I'm sorry that
I haven't been there for you.
To pick out the men I date?
I'm serious.
Thanks, Jack.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Hey, I was thinking,
when Mel gets back from LA,
how about I make us all dinner?
Come on. My cooking's not that bad.
I, uh, ended things with Mel.
Why? What happened?
She wants a baby,
and I don't feel I can support
two families right now.
- You're in love with her.
- Yeah, that's why I did it.
I don't wanna hurt her.
But what if you could make it work?
Think about what you'd
be missing out on!
That's the thing.
I can't think about that.
If I wanna do right by her,
I gotta be practical.
Jack, relationships
are built on emotions.
If you go through life closed off,
then, you know, you're
not really living at all.
If you need an example, think about Dad.
I'm not being closed off.
I told Mel exactly how I felt.
This is tearing me up, but
I'm doing the right thing.
I don't want you to spend your
life regretting your decision.
Oh, yeah, these eggs are delicious.
It's the only thing I know how to make
that doesn't involve a microwave.
You know, really, cooking is not
so hard if you follow a recipe.
My mother always used to say,
"If you can read, you can cook."
Well, that's never been true for me.
Oh, darn, I forgot the cream cheese.
I will be right back.
Oh! Doc
Oh, my.
Hi, Hope!
I'm sorry, I was trying to reach Vernon.
I must've dialed wrong.
No, you have the right number.
He's in the kitchen.
- I didn't want him to miss your call.
- How noble of you.
Thank you.
And by the way, everyone is
doing fine, including Lilly.
What do you mean, "including Lilly"?
Uh Hey there, Hope!
Don't "hey there" me. What's going on?
Well, I just invited Muriel over
for breakfast as a thank you.
She's just been so helpful
these past few weeks.
I bet she has.
So what did Muriel mean by "even Lilly"?
Well Let me call you
back after breakfast.
I won't be able to talk.
I'm taking my aunt to her
cardiologist appointment.
Okay, well, you call me
when you get back. Okay?
- No
- Love you.
- Love you!
- Vernon!
I am so sorry. I thought she knew.
I never in a million years would've
said a thing if I had known.
Oh, well, Lilly wanted
to tell her in person.
Oh Oh!
I just feel awful about this.
How am I gonna fix it?
Well, it was an honest mistake.
Don't worry about it.
I'll I'll deal with Hope.
Thank you for being so understanding.
You have such a lovely way about you,
and I am glad that we
have remained friends.
Me too.
That judge screwed me.
What am I gonna do?
We're gonna figure it out.
I'm not gonna be able to keep the house.
Home owner's insurance, utility bills.
Well, it's five o'clock
somewhere. Let's drink.
- I mean, can you believe that judge?
- I know.
It's gonna be okay.
Well, that's easy for you to
say. You still have a career.
I'm sorry. That sounded bitchy.
No, you're fine, you're fine.
It's just, you know,
when I first got pregnant,
Bill gave me a choice.
He said we'd hire a nanny,
and I could keep working,
or I could be a full-time mom.
And now he wants a divorce,
and I feel like I am being punished
for choosing my children over my career.
- How is that fair?
- That is not fair. It's not fair.
What am I supposed to tell the kids?
This is the only home
they've ever known.
You're gonna have to be strong for them.
I love this house as much as they do.
I know, but it's not
the house that matters.
It's about what's inside.
The important thing is
that you have each other.
- Right?
- Yeah. You're right.
I just
I feel like a failure.
You're not a failure.
You are an incredible
mother with a big heart.
Who has no idea what she's doing.
Most people have no
idea what they're doing.
- Jack and I broke up last night.
- Oh, honey, what? What happened?
Telling him that I want a
baby was too much for him.
Oh, he'll come around.
No, I don't think he will.
He's He was really overwhelmed.
- What about you? How do you feel?
- I
I'm I'm heartbroken.
I knew bringing it up
might scare him off.
And it did.
You know,
you don't need Jack to have a baby.
I'm just I'm too exhausted
to start over with someone else.
I just wanna be with Jack.
I don't mean that.
I mean, you and Mark, you
have two embryos left, right?
- Yeah.
- So use them.
Those those were for Mark
and I to start a family.
You still can.
I can't raise a baby on my own.
You wouldn't have to be by yourself.
You could move back here.
We could help each other.
I mean, the kids would love
to have a baby cousin.
What if I have Mark's baby, and it
makes me miss him all over again?
Or what if it ends up being a
beautiful way for him to live on?
- Hey, Lizzie.
- Hey!
- Connie said you needed help today?
- Yeah, thanks for coming in.
One of my servers called in sick,
and Ricky's out of town, but
I guess you already knew that.
So, how about a hundred bucks?
- Connie said it'd be a favor.
- No, I got you covered.
So, what is all this?
This is a Texas-style
all-you-can-eat barbecue buffet.
Inside, you'll be taking drink
orders. Outside, follow me.
With the smoker, just make sure
the temperature stays at 225.
If it starts to drop,
just take a handful of these woodchips,
and you sprinkle them in the firebox.
You know I've never used
a smoker before, right?
Oh, there is nothing to it.
Although you might
wanna put your hair up.
- How do you think I lost mine?
- Really?
Just messing with you.
So Brady admitted to being in the
bar the night of the shooting?
Well, yeah, but only
after I'd remembered it.
Anything else?
He was wearing a black hoodie.
We were fighting about something.
Do you remember a gun?
That's all I got.
Okay. It's a good start.
So what happens now?
Well, been trying to get a warrant
to search Brady's property.
This might be enough to do it.
All right. If I remember
anything else, I'll let you know.
Can I ask you something that's
not to do with the case?
Yeah, sure.
I don't know if it's cool or not.
It's about Brie.
What about her?
How would you feel if I asked her out?
Don't you have a fiancée?
Yeah, the long-distance thing
wasn't working for her, so
Oh, dude, I keep telling you,
you don't have to stick
around here on my account.
It was for the best.
Yeah. She wasn't the one.
What makes you say that?
Because she never looked at
me the way Mel looks at you.
God, it feels so good
to be riding again.
You know, I've been thinking lately.
- I never should've left.
- Left where?
- Home.
- Why would you say that?
Because if I had gone to Humboldt
State instead of San Francisco,
I could've spent more
time with you and Dad.
Sweetie, your dad and
I were so proud of you
when you decided to go to San Francisco.
In fact, your father bragged
to anyone who would listen
that his little Tara had
become a big city girl.
I should've come home after Dad died
instead of leaving you
to handle the farm.
I never wanted you to
give up your life for me.
- And I still don't.
- I could've done more.
Listen, I'm so grateful that
you're going to adopt Chloe.
Well, that's without a question.
She's my sister.
But you're taking on
a huge responsibility
that's not of your own making,
so I hope that when
I'm no longer here
- Mom, don't talk like that.
- Just Let me finish, please.
When I'm gone, I don't want you to think
that you have to stay in Virgin River
because you feel obligated
to raise Chloe here, okay?
I want you to live
wherever makes you happy.
Let's go, buddy.
You have five minutes.
I didn't shoot Jack.
He told me you're a drug dealer.
So is it true?
I, uh
I knew the grow-op wasn't legit,
but I didn't know about the
fentanyl until later.
All I was trying to do was make a
bunch of cash to get out of here.
Well, if it was just about the money,
I guess that makes it okay.
I know.
I made a bad choice,
but I didn't shoot Jack.
I'm telling the truth.
I did go to see him.
That night, at the bar.
We got into an argument, and I left.
That's the last time I saw him, I swear.
- Why didn't you tell Mike that?
- He wouldn't have believed me.
Why not?
I have a history with Jack and
Mike that goes back to Iraq.
So tell the sheriff.
I have a record.
After I got back from my last
tour, I was drinking a lot,
and I got into a bar
fight and was arrested,
and because I had a loaded gun
on me, I did a year at county.
You make it sound like it's no big deal.
Listen, I deserved every
day of that sentence.
I could've killed those guys.
But I didn't shoot anyone.
And as far as the drugs
go, that's that's over.
The lumber company is totally legit.
I know I made a lot of bad choices,
but I'm not the villain here.
Do you believe me?
I believe that's what you think,
but in my career, I've learned
that people are capable
of justifying their actions
no matter how reprehensible.
- What?
- They double-booked themselves
for babysitting,
and I didn't have the heart to say no.
Now go, have fun with your
friends. I'll watch Chloe.
Love you.
Love you too.
Come on.
- Guys!
- Of course we brought the knitting!
- I love you! Thank you.
- That's why we came.
- Thank you so much for being here.
- Thank you.
- You want some tea?
- Yeah.
Hi, this is Ricky.
Please leave a message.
Now, today you'll be tested
on math, verbal skills,
and technical proficiency.
Your results will determine
if you are qualified to enlist
in the greatest military
force in the world.
You have three hours and 45
minutes to complete the exam.
Once it begins,
you will not be permitted
to leave the room.
Good luck.
You may begin.
Santa Monica Care & Fertility,
how may I help?
Need a little help with that?
I got it.
Why are you not doing
this at the nail place?
my feet are too sensitive right now.
I don't want anyone touching them.
Let me do it for you. With as
little touching as possible.
Oh, yeah, you can do pedicures?
I know how to use a paintbrush.
- Really Oh, it's very different paint.
- Yeah.
That's a lot of polish. You need
to wipe the brush on the bottle
Please let me focus on my art.
Don't drip it on the carpet
'cause then we can't get it off.
- Could you
- We just bought the ca
You've got me nervous now.
That's actually pretty good.
Thank you.
Quite welcome.
See? Good things happen
when you have a little faith.
Miss Monroe?
Dr. Benson's ready to see you.
I'm retired now. There's no
way I should be this worn out.
Well, your blood work shows
a deficiency in vitamin D,
which is likely responsible
for your fatigue and
your muscle soreness.
Well, that's a relief.
I am going to write you a prescription
for vitamin D3 supplement.
We'll do a 30-day follow-up appointment
to track how you're doing.
That all sounds fine.
Now, tell me
how is retirement?
Well, it's an adjustment.
Oh. Give her my best.
I'll call you later to
schedule that follow-up.
Thank you.
- Hello.
- So, what aren't you telling me?
Whoa, now! Slow down.
Don't I even get a hello?
Hello, Vernon. What
aren't you telling me?
Well, first, Kathleen says hello.
And second, how was Aunt
Nancy's appointment?
Tell Kathleen hello back,
and the cardiologist said
Aunt Nancy's got the
heart of a 50-year-old.
So, of course, she needled
me about my heart attack
the entire ride home.
Now, what's wrong with Lilly?
Well, everything is fine right now,
but Lilly has some news she wants
to share with you in person,
but nothing that can't wait
till next week when you're back.
Vernon! You're infuriating.
Why won't you tell me?
Lilly specifically asked me not to.
Hope, patience is a virtue for a reason.
Finish your stay with Aunt Nancy,
and you can visit Lilly
as soon as you're home.
What was that?
Aunt Nancy refused to wait for me
to help her with the dishwasher.
I better go before I have
to drink out of paper cups.
- No
- We're not done talking about this.
I think
She won't tell you because she
doesn't want us to know her age!
Oh! Connie, where have you been?
Oh, I was helping Preacher out.
Are you sure you're up
for this many visitors?
- Oh, yes! Of course! Have a seat!
- Oh. Okay.
So, what have I missed?
Well, Muriel was just
telling us about the time
she tried to seduce Buck.
Come again?
Okay, this was a very long time ago,
and I was new in town,
and I ran into Buck at Jack's.
How was I supposed to
know he was married?
- Well, Buck always wore a wedding ring.
- I'm not a detective.
I can't believe he never told me.
I'm sure he thought Muriel
was just being friendly.
Well, I always thought he was very sexy.
- Lydie?
- What? I did.
I'm a sucker for a ten-gallon
hat and a pair of cowboy boots.
Well, who knew?
Wow. I am so, so grateful
y'all cleared your schedules
to come here today.
I've had such a beautiful life.
You have a beautiful life.
I've been truly blessed.
I I had a loving husband,
and beautiful, healthy children.
Loyal friends, and the fortune to live
in one of the most beautiful
places on earth.
My only regret is leaving
Tara and Chloe behind.
Oh, Lilly.
When I'm gone, no matter
where they're living,
I need each of you to watch
over Tara and Chloe for me
because she's not gonna ask for help.
And Chloe, would you
please tell her our stories
and remind her over and over again
how much her mama loved her?
- Please?
- Oh, sweetheart.
I just love all of you so much.
We love you too.
Thank you for being my friends.
Dude, that barbecue
was a great idea, man.
Thanks to you, we'll
triple our receipts.
Yeah, I'm glad it all worked out.
Well, speaking of that, um,
we still need to discuss
the partnership.
You sure? I don't want you
to feel pressured into it.
No, no. Look, uh, I admit
when you first brought it up,
I didn't really see it
from your point of view.
Ah, well, no offense, but,
you know, you do that a lot.
Not just with me.
Right. Um I'm sorry about that.
But, hey, if you're still interested,
the bottom line is the profits
aren't always consistent,
so there's gonna be months where
you'll earn less than you do now,
but if you're okay with that,
I mean, consider this an official offer.
Wow. Um
It's not what I thought
you were gonna say,
and I'd like some time to think
about it, if that's okay with you?
Please, no, take whatever time you need.
- Hey.
- Hey there.
Are you sure you can't stay?
Oh. I wish I could, but I told Doc
I would be back by tomorrow.
Okay. Well, maybe the kids
and I can come visit you.
I would love that.
Okay. Yeah.
So, hey, um, are you really
considering moving back?
I'm thinking about it.
Well, I don't mean to sound selfish,
but having you here would make me happy.
I know. I have to finish
out my contract first.
Oh, of course. Of course.
I just wanted to say thank
you so much for coming.
I couldn't have gotten
through this without you.
Oh, sweetheart.
I just
- I'm sorry. I can't help it.
- It's okay.
Just don't start crying
because if you start
to cry, then I'll cry,
and I don't have waterproof mascara
on, and it's gonna be a mess.
I just I don't know how to do this.
I don't know how to be alone.
- Honey, you're not alone. You have me.
- You're really far away.
I know, but anytime you
need me, you just call me,
and I will hop on a plane,
and I'll be here. Okay?
Okay. Okay.
- I love you.
- Oh, I miss you already.
Kinda slow around here, huh?
Everyone came early for
the barbecue, I think.
Preach left to pick up Christopher,
so I'm gonna close up soon.
- All right, I'm finishing up.
- All right, no worries.
Well, well, well.
Look who it is.
Detective Mike Valenzuela.
Brady, you're drunk. Go home.
You gotta be proud of yourself, huh?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Once again, I'm the bad guy,
and you you're the hero.
If the shoe fits.
Well, that's the thing.
It doesn't.
You see, I've paid for the
crimes I've committed.
Can you say the same?
Don't go there.
Why not, Mike?
You afraid everyone's gonna find out
you're not such a hero after all?
You know what? I'm not the
criminal around here. You are.
Well, I know what you did in Iraq, Mike.
You got blood on your hands
just like everyone else.
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey!
Come on! Get out!
Get off me!
Get out of here!
What was that about?
Classic Brady. Nothing's ever his fault.
I hope they lock him up
and throw away the key.
It's gorgeous.
And huge.
Hey, honey. Sorry to interrupt.
Mind if I steal her for a moment?
Charmaine, I'd love for you
to meet Thomas Blair,
one of the largest
real estate developers.
Oh, wow!
And, Thomas, this is
my fiancée, Charmaine.
Lovely to finally meet you.
It's nice to meet you too.
Would you keep her company for a minute?
- I gotta catch up with someone.
- Okay.
So, I hear we're going to be neighbors.
Todd says you two are moving to Eureka.
He did? Um, sorry
Hey, so, we're moving to Eureka?
Oh. Excuse us.
Would you keep your voice down?
What about your house in Clear River?
I thought we'd agreed to live there.
The house in Eureka is twice the size.
But my life is in Clear River.
I mean, my friends, the salon
So? You'll make new friends,
and we'll find you another salon to run
if that's still what you wanna do.
I just don't understand why
you changed your mind.
Well, I have a feeling Jack's gonna try
to make our lives complicated.
I figured once we moved to Eureka,
it'll be out of sight, out of mind.
Jack's not gonna give up the twins
just because we moved to Eureka.
Maybe, not at first.
But if we make things difficult for him,
I believe, eventually, he'll back down,
and then we'll have the freedom
to raise our family in
whatever way we see fit.
Love you.
Gotta catch up with them. I'll be back.
Hi, Charmaine.
120 over 70. Very good.
You're doing great.
- How are things with you and Mel?
- That's not so great.
- What happened?
- I broke it off.
She wants to have a baby of her own,
and I'm not 100% sure
I can give her that.
But you love her.
Of course I do.
You know what, um,
unsolicited advice is usually
Hope's arena, but, uh
for you, I'm gonna make an exception.
Mel is a self-sufficient, strong-willed,
extremely capable woman
who happens to have a very big heart
right in the center of her
her tough exterior.
She's not someone who's fragile.
She's not someone who has been
shielded from life's hardships.
And if you have been
transparent with her
I have.
She knows exactly what
she's getting into.
She would not go forward if she
didn't think she could handle it.
And you think you might
need to protect her?
That's not what she needs.
That's not what she wants.
I think it would be a tragedy for
you to go through your life alone
because of a misguided perception
of the woman you love.
You know, I don't ever recall you
stringing that many words together.
I do say my piece
when it's absolutely necessary.
Come in!
Connie let me in, and she didn't
even give me a hard time,
which is weird.
So, what'd you do today?
I, uh, hung out with my grandma.
That's nice. Did you go anywhere?
We went to Clear River. Walked around.
I tried to call you.
Uh, my phone died.
So, what did you do today?
I washed my hair three times.
Do you know why I had to
wash my hair three times?
Because I covered your shift at the bar,
and my hair reeked of smoke and brisket.
You, uh, covered my shift?
Preacher said you were out
of town visiting a friend,
so he asked Connie if I could fill in.
Can I ask you something?
Which one of us are you lying to?
That's what I thought.
Just go.
- Here you go.
- Oh, thank you, darling.
You're welcome.
- How long's Chloe been asleep?
- Over an hour.
- Wow.
- The ladies must've wiped her out.
Oh, yeah.
I'll get it.
- Doc!
- Hello there!
Hey, I'm sorry to drop in unannounced.
Not a problem. Always happy to see you.
Do you want a cup of coffee or tea?
I would love a cup of
coffee. Black, please.
- Great, sure, I'll be right back!
- Yeah.
What did Hope say?
How did you know that's why I was here?
Because I've had half a dozen messages
demanding that I call her back.
And? Did you?
Not yet.
Well, she has gotten wind that
something is amiss with you.
Does she know about my cancer?
No, but she knows something's wrong.
I did my best to hold her off,
but next week when she
steps off that plane,
I suspect she's gonna show
up here asking questions,
and I just wanna give you a heads-up,
and I want you to know that
I kept your confidence.
Yeah, thank you.
I've been driving myself crazy trying
to figure out how to tell her.
If I call her back,
you know, she's gonna drop
everything and come home,
and if I keep waiting,
I'm afraid she's gonna be angry
at me for keeping her in the dark.
Well, so what if she's upset?
How can you say that?
- Lilly.
- What?
You are the one who is sick.
You don't owe Hope or anybody
else a medical report.
You cannot sap your energy worrying
about what other people think.
She's not "other people."
She's my best friend.
That's exactly why she'll understand.
She loves you.
She wants the best for you.
She's been so good to me.
Listen, if you want me to,
I could talk to her first.
- I'm gonna think about it. Okay?
- Okay.
Thank you. Hey!
- Oh!
- Coffee.
Thank you. I'll just drink this
and get out of your hair.
Oh, no, nonsense! I'd like
you to stay for dinner.
- No, I don't wanna put you out.
- No, Doc, we want you to stay.
Okay, you don't have to twist my arm.
Well, then it's settled. Okay.
I think I'm gonna just
have a little catnap.
Why don't you take your coffee,
go sit out on the porch?
- Beautiful out there.
- I'll take you up on that.
- It smells delicious.
- Mm.
Is it wishful thinking, or
does she seem better to you?
She looks good.
- That's what I think.
- Yeah.
You know, I've been praying for a
miracle, and maybe it's working.
- What are you doing here?
- Look, I had to
Mel, we need to talk.
There's nothing to talk about.
All right, please just
Hear me out,
and if you don't like what I
have to say, then I'll leave.
Okay, fine.
Look, I underestimated you.
The only reason that I broke things off
was because I was afraid you'd get hurt.
I've told you I don't need protecting.
I know. I understand that now.
I should've had more
faith in you. I get that.
I just got overwhelmed.
I let anxiety get the best of me.
That wasn't my decision
to make, and I'm sorry.
Look, I never should've ended things.
What do you want from me?
I want you back.
Jack. No!
No, don't. You you broke
things off for a reason.
The twins, the custody battle
Forget all that! Look,
I realize I acted out of fear.
That is not who I am.
Yeah, but, Jack, things are only
gonna get harder, you know?
How are you gonna react then?
I truly believe anything worth
having is worth fighting for.
Okay? That's who I am.
And you, Mel Monroe,
- are the love of my life.
- Jack.
I know you love me too.
I swear I will spend the rest of my
life fighting to make you happy.
Jack, you walked away from me.
No, Mel, please. Look.
I am begging you, okay?
I screwed up.
I made a huge mistake,
but I'm begging you.
Please give me another chance.
- I
- If you do, I promise,
I'm never gonna walk
away from you again.
I promise you.
Ooh, that smells good.
Sorry dinner's so late.
The enchiladas took a
bit longer than expected.
No problem. Anything I can do to help?
Yeah. Would you mind finishing setting
the table while I wake up Mom?
The silverware's in the top drawer.
- Gotcha.
- Thank you.
Mom, dinner's ready.
Wake up.
She she's not waking up!
Oh, my God.
We have to call an ambulance.
- Hurry!
- She is gone.
No, no, no! No!
Mom, I need you.
open your eyes.
She's cold.
Her blood has stopped circulating.
I don't understand.
She was having the best day.
I know.
I'm so sorry.
We were supposed to have more time.
I know.
I thought we would
have more time.
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