Virgin River (2019) s04e07 Episode Script

Otherwise Engaged

[pensive music playing]
[ultrasound whirring]
Oh, the heartbeat.
Strong and steady, just like I like them.
I'll send your blood samples over
to the lab just to make sure,
but heartbeats don't lie.
- That's great.
- [Vernon] It certainly is.
And now that we're settled,
congratulations on the baby.
Thank you.
- [Jack] But we're not telling
- No, I won't say a word.
- Thanks.
- Now, you just take it easy today.
- Cameron and I will cover the clinic.
- [Mel] No, I'm fine. I can work.
You can, but you're not going to.
And I'll give you two a minute,
then just meet up with me in my office.
See? Everything's okay.
- You need anything?
- No.
- No, I'll meet you in there. Okay?
- Okay.
You hungry? I'll make you some eggs.
No, no. I'm not hungry.
Are you still in pain?
No, I'm just tired.
[Jack] At least everything's okay now.
You think everything's okay?
That's what Doc just said.
He was talking about the baby.
And you're talking about?
You were passed out.
No, I was asleep.
Jack, I thought I was having a miscarriage
and that I would have
to drive myself to the clinic.
Come on, I was 20 feet away from you.
Physically being someplace
and actually being available
are two different things.
I'm sorry.
Come on, it was an isolated incident.
It's not like it happens every night.
Yeah, I see you.
Whenever you get stressed out, you drink.
Okay. I admit, last night
I went overboard, and I'm sorry.
I'm just worried about you.
Well, you don't need to worry about me.
Okay? I'm fine.
The only thing you need to focus on
is you and our baby.
Jack, can you please stop telling me
you're fine and just talk to me?
You think hearing about things that
stress me out is gonna be good for you?
It's better than you isolating yourself
and drinking until you're unconscious.
Jack, what I'm trying to tell you is that
what you did really scared me.
And it made me feel alone.
I'm really sorry.
That's not how I want you to feel, ever.
I know. I know.
[car horn honking]
- Who is that?
- I don't know.
Is that your sister?
Yeah. Hi.
What are you doing here?
I'm engaged.
[theme music playing]
[phone chimes, buzzes]
[phone chimes, buzzes]
Hey. Someone's trying to get ahold of you.
[Brady] Let them wait!
[phone ringing]
That was fast.
Did I use all the hot water?
Nope, just not as much fun in there
without you.
So I was thinking more
about what happened yesterday.
Calvin called you
all the way to Emerald Lumber,
but he didn't tell you anything
about the drugs?
No, he Just throwing his weight around.
That just does not track.
- Aren't you gonna check your voicemail?
- Oh, no. Saw who it was. It's nothing.
Mike wanting you to come down
to the sheriff's office is not nothing.
I'm sorry, did you?
Did you go through my phone?
No, but I saw the lock screen
and I thought it might be important.
Yeah, well, it's not.
How do you know?
Because it's Mike.
If he wants to talk, he can come to me.
What if what he has to talk about
can help you with your case?
[Joey] Everything's okay with the baby?
Yeah. Everything is fine. It's fine.
They were just cramps,
but that's not how it felt.
- I had those with James. They're scary.
- Yeah.
- I'm still trying to shake it off.
- Yeah, I don't blame you.
Anyway, can you finish
telling me about you and Nate, please?
Okay. All right. You might not remember
because you were, like, 10
- Mm-hm.
- but we dated in high school.
Yeah, he was captain of the football team,
class valedictorian.
And the reason we broke up was
we were going to different colleges.
Did you keep in touch?
No, but he heard through a mutual friend
that I got divorced,
and he messaged me on Instagram,
and it turns out
he is divorced and living in L.A.
Okay, so how did that turn into
you getting engaged?
Well, it just felt right.
The first time we went out
was like zero time had passed.
How long ago was that?
A month ago.
- Oh.
- I know, and that's not even the big news.
Um, okay, so the big news is that
we are getting married tomorrow
in Clear River,
and I want you to be my maid of honor.
- You're getting married tomorrow?
- Mm-hm. At city hall.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Yeah.
- Hey, ladies.
- Hi.
- Joey, can I steal you away for a bit?
- Yeah.
I wanna check in on the rental.
- I'll text you so we can meet up.
- Okay.
- Well, Joey's getting married tomorrow.
- Tell her I say congratulations.
What? They've been dating for a month.
Can you believe it?
Yeah. That's called a shotgun wedding.
No, a shotgun wedding
is when the bride is pregnant.
Oh, so if you and I got married?
- Can we focus here, please?
- Okay.
Yes. Well, when I proposed,
we hadn't known each other that long.
Yeah, but we weren't gonna get married
two days later.
She's just not thinking straight.
- What?
- I don't know if you wanna get involved.
- You seem upset.
- Of course I'm upset. She's my sister.
I don't want her
making a decision she'll regret.
Try to remember what Doc said, okay?
Don't get too riled up. The baby.
Right. I know, I'm sorry. I'm trying.
What is this? What's with the map?
I'm figuring out what to do with the land.
It'll take a year
to get a permit to rebuild.
What are you thinking?
I don't know, but if I can monetize it,
I can take that cash
and I can build us something new.
- Really? Oh, I like that plan.
- Mm.
- Ah, kiss?
- All right.
- All right. I love you.
- I love you too.
- Go easy!
- I will.
Hey! Mel's sure in a hurry.
- Yeah, don't ask.
- Copy that.
I'll be cutting out at lunch time.
Is that cool?
- Yeah, sure. Something special going on?
- A private aikido lesson from Julia.
Private? Things getting interesting?
Right now, it's just about aikido.
Don't sell yourself short.
I got faith in you.
The remote slipped out of my hand.
[Hope sighs]
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Are you gonna watch something?
- I was going to tape one of my shows.
Do you mind if I try?
Unless you have a Ph.D. in engineering,
I doubt you'll get it to work.
[woman] What day is it, Molly?
- Show-off.
- [man] I'm not Molly.
- This one turns the power on.
- I've had this TV for ten years.
Sometimes I need a minute
to get my bearings.
Vernon's at work.
He suggested we have dinner together.
Only if you let me cook.
You sure you're related to Vernon?
You're letting me stay here.
I'd like to contribute.
Do you have soba noodles?
No, but if you come to the bar with me,
Preacher might help you out.
Sounds good. When do you plan on leaving?
As soon as I remember how to tape my show.
- What's it called?
- Jeopardy!
Comes on at 5, Channel 11. Or is it 13?
Channel 13.
Done and done.
All right, Einstein. Let's go.
- [Mel] Nate didn't wanna come?
- He wanted to. He's just wiped out.
- Oh.
- He did all the driving last night
so I could sleep.
- That's very thoughtful.
- Yeah.
I'm telling you,
he is the opposite of Bill.
He always puts my needs first.
- That's great. Yeah.
- It is.
So why haven't you congratulated me
on my engagement?
- Well Oh, hold on a second.
- [phone ringing]
- It's Doc. I'm sorry. Just one second.
- Okay.
Hey, Doc. If this isn't an emergency,
can I call you back?
[Vernon] Mel, there has been an accident
out at the Northpoint Deer Stand.
What happened?
I'm not sure. Bert called,
but the cell reception's bad up there.
Okay. What do I need to do?
Hope won't answer the phone,
and I can't reach Denny.
So would you just let them know
that I don't know when I'll be home?
Okay, did you call Emergency Services?
I need to make sure it's warranted.
But if it turns out we need an ambulance,
I'll hike out and call one.
Okay. What about the clinic?
Nothing on the schedule,
so if you could just be on call
Of course, no problem.
All right.
I'll do my best to stay in touch.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm sorry about that. Um
Doc and Cameron
are dealing with an emergency,
so I have to be on call.
- It's okay.
- Yeah.
Why are you so negative about me and Nate?
I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be.
I'm trying to be practical.
Look, I know it's sudden.
Right! So all I'm saying is, you know,
maybe just slow it down a little bit.
Why are you so adamant about us waiting?
Because marriage is a really big deal,
and I just don't want you to regret it.
And I don't wanna go through life
being afraid things aren't gonna work out.
I just I think you're getting married
because you're afraid of being alone.
Wow. Uh
Come on. You've been in relationships
since you were 15.
And I didn't go looking for someone.
Okay? Nate just popped back into my life.
I'm not gonna pass on a great guy
just to prove that I can be alone.
I know. I just think there's a difference
between passing and taking things slow.
What does that mean? Taking things slow?
I mean, six months? A year? Five years?
Okay, Joey, will you just ask yourself
why you're in such a hurry?
I already know the answer.
Love doesn't scare me.
- Hey!
- Oh, there she is.
[Muriel] Aw. I'm so glad you made it.
Me too.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Sorry I didn't text you back last night.
I was with Hope.
Oh, no worries.
So, what are you doing tonight?
Maybe we could hang out again?
I can't.
I offered to cook Doc and Hope dinner.
- Oh, okay. Yeah.
- Wait, do you wanna join us?
- I'm sure they wouldn't mind.
- That'd be nice.
Great. Oh, is Preacher around?
- He's in the kitchen.
- I'll see you tonight, then.
- That's Doc's grandson?
- Yeah.
- He's hot.
- He's okay.
I don't get him.
Sometimes he's super cool,
other times he acts like we're strangers.
Ah, the classic commitment-phobe.
Men all over the world suffer
from this debilitating condition.
- Do you think that's his problem?
- That, or he's hiding something.
Okay, wait.
So Mel's sister
has only been dating this guy for a month?
That's what she told Shirley
on their way in.
How exciting for her.
You have to go through seasons
with someone before you can know them.
Oh, really? Which ones?
- Tax season.
- [all laughing]
The holidays. Winter.
Ladies, let's get back to why we're here.
The community garden space for Lilly.
Whatever you wanna do is fine.
Oh, good, because we're gonna
line the entrance pathway
with miniature purple roses.
The succulent garden should go
in the northwest corner of the lot.
Only hard succulents
can survive our winters.
How about petunias?
Petunias are just as bad.
Why don't we just go with
wintergreen boxwoods and call it a day?
You obviously can't do this without me.
Let's start with the soil.
We'll need mulch, wood chips, fertilizer.
And, oh, the four of us,
we'll be meeting up with the contractor
in an hour to discuss the gazebo.
I'd go, but Nick has my car.
I'll drive you.
- You can drive?
- Of course I can.
So I think we should go with stone pavers
rather than brick for the walkway.
Yes. I like that.
- Somebody have paper?
- [Tara] I'll write it down on my phone.
Now, Brie, why are you here?
- She's the only reason I'm here.
- What's the deal?
Okay, the DA is
charging Jimmy with aggravated mayhem.
He beat some rival pot grower with a hose
until the guy lost an eye.
Hold on. Why is he out of jail?
All pending charges against Emerald Lumber
employees have been dropped.
That's great.
I stick out my neck for you,
you can't even put a case together?
- We had a case, Brady, until you just
- Me?
- Don't touch me!
- Listen
Hey, hey, hey,
can we just focus on why we're here?
[Brie] Aggravated mayhem, that's a felony.
Jimmy's already got two strikes.
So he's facing life in prison.
Mm-hm. So we're offering Jimmy a deal.
In exchange for a new identity,
- he testifies against Calvin.
- Come on. He's never gonna go for that.
Jimmy's a psycho,
yeah, but he's loyal as hell.
Yeah, that's what he told the DA,
which is why I want you to talk to him.
You'd know which buttons to push
to get him to roll.
It's your call.
[Cameron] How much further?
About four miles. The rest of the way
is pretty rough terrain.
Are we lost?
No, no, but we better get a move on
if we're gonna make it out by nightfall.
And if we don't?
Oh, that'll be a long, long night.
- Malty. Good body. Not bad.
- Yeah?
- Oh, hey!
- [Mel] Hey.
Nice surprise.
I was on my way to Hope's.
I thought I'd stop by and say hi.
Oh, hang on. Give me a minute.
- Ready for your check?
- [woman] Yes, please.
You guys staying in town
or passing through?
Passing through. On our way to Washington.
Oh. If you're looking for a place
to crash, we got a great B&B here.
Actually, we're glamping
outside of Portland.
Glamping, huh?
Yeah, we booked this Airstream.
It's pretty cool.
The inside's all art deco.
All our friends swear it's the best.
What's the appeal?
It's cheaper than a hotel
and way more original.
Just plan ahead. They book up fast.
Sounds cool. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
- You want me to get you something to eat?
- No, I gotta get over to Hope's.
Something you wanna talk about?
I wanted your advice, actually,
'cause I went to see Joey,
and I told her that
I think she's afraid of being alone
- Ooh.
- which she did not love hearing.
- I bet.
- Yeah.
If I tell her what she wants to hear,
I'd be lying.
Well, as long as you tell her
you're coming from a place of love,
there's not much more you can do.
Yeah. Right.
Oh, hey. If you're heading to Hope's,
do you wanna take that?
- Sure. See you later.
- Thanks.
Hey, Nick.
- Hey, you all set?
- Yep. There you go.
[Jack] Oh, hey! Wait, wait.
- I wanna ask you something.
- Yeah?
- What do you know about Airstreams?
- Ah, the Silver Bullet.
Say I wanted to set one up on my property.
- How much would it take to get a permit?
- You don't need one.
- I don't?
- No. You'd need sewage disposal,
water supply, an electrical hook-up.
I got everything but the electrical.
But that'd be easy.
Why? You in need of a man cave?
- No, I'm in need of income.
- Ah.
Maybe if I rented one or two out,
it could help offset the mortgage.
You could put four or five on there.
- You think I could make money?
- Yeah.
Enough that I'd be willing
to kick in some capital.
- You being for real?
- [chuckles] Sure am.
That'd be amazing.
We could do guided tours, you know,
like fishing, kayaking.
I know Preacher would be into that.
Why don't you draw up a business plan,
and we'll hash out the details?
All right, I'll get that to you
as soon as I can.
All right, I'll be waiting for it.
Your turn, big guy. Let's go.
All right.
Like this?
This, down you go.
- Perfect. That was perfect.
- Uh-huh.
- Well, I got a great teacher.
- Hmm.
So are you gonna help me up, or?
Yeah, right.
All right. So are we good to go?
Yeah. Um
Can I ask you a question first?
- Yeah, sure.
- On our picnic,
there was a drawing
at the bottom of the basket
of you and a little boy and a woman.
Yeah, that was Christopher,
and his mom, Paige.
And how do you know them?
Oh, it's complicated.
Complicated, as in a relationship?
Well, they are no longer in town.
- Are they coming back?
- Honestly, um
I don't know.
And I'm not really in the position
to discuss it.
Okay. That's cool, I get it.
- I think that's it for our session today.
- Okay.
If you don't mind,
I'd like to take a rain check on lunch.
Yeah, okay. Sure.
Text me if you want to schedule
another session, okay?
Yeah, yeah. Sure.
[knocking on door]
- Hi!
- Hi.
So the pie is from Jack.
And since you're not answering your phone,
Doc wanted me to let you know
that he and Cameron
are on their way to Northpoint.
- Okay.
- There's been an accident,
and he doesn't know
what time he'll be home.
- He just doesn't want you to worry.
- I appreciate you letting me know.
Hope. I'm sorry.
Can I come in for a second?
- Of course.
- Thanks.
I just wanted to see how you're doing.
I'm fine.
Okay, so no more headaches or memory loss?
- Depends on the day.
- Okay. Well, that's good.
So there has been some progress.
I suppose you could call it that.
I was just about to take a shower,
and I'm sure you must have stuff to do
with your sister.
Wait, how do you know
that my sister's here?
Oh, right. [chuckles]
It's quite the story.
Oh, I'm sure it is.
Yeah, I've been trying to talk her into
holding off on the wedding,
but she's just not listening to me.
So you don't approve.
You know what? It's not that.
Um, Nate seems like
a really nice guy and
I think he makes Joey happy.
So, what's the problem?
Well, it's I'm just worried
why she's jumping into something
that's such a huge commitment.
I feel like she's just being reckless.
Is she reckless?
I mean, if you're asking if her life
is a mess, no, it's not.
So even though she's more likely
to jump into something,
for the most part,
things have worked out okay?
Yes, but I think jumping into something
as big as marriage is
I don't know, it's just crazy to me.
Yeah, I just want to protect her.
I know you do, dear.
But think about this:
Even though you and Joey
don't see the world the same way,
she still managed to build a life
for herself.
You probably don't know this,
but I'd known Vernon
for about five minutes
when I decided I wanted to marry him.
Mm. But did you act on it?
Married within a month.
Wow, I didn't know that.
So that's why you're on her side.
Honey, I'm on your side.
You've been honest with Joey,
and she's still set on
getting married, right?
So unless you're willing to risk
your relationship on this
it's time to be supportive.
Right. Yeah, yeah.
That makes sense.
You're right.
- Um, well, thank you for listening.
- You're very welcome.
Now, go have fun with your sister.
- [Bert] Doc! Cameron! Over here!
- [Vernon] Got here as quick as we could.
We were scouting pronghorn.
I climbed down first, by the time
I hit the ground, the floor gave way.
[Cameron] That looks like 12 feet.
I suspect you fractured your tibia.
Hey, Bert, I need you to find me
two thick branches
about the length of Charlie's leg.
[Cameron] Charlie, did you hit your head
when you fell?
Yeah, I saw stars.
Ears are ringing,
my head's just killing me.
- Okay.
- Charlie.
I think you also have a concussion.
Ah. Hey, look what the cat dragged in.
A big, fat rat.
- [Brady] Where's your lawyer?
- Fired him.
Don't wanna let no one speak for me.
You still don't get it, do you?
Get what?
All those times he got you to leave
the room so we could talk business
what do you think we were talking about?
That's a load of crap.
Calvin wanted to get rid of you.
Said you were a liability.
So you understand why he put
Emerald Lumber in my name.
And not yours.
Man, I'm not cutting a deal,
if that's what you're getting at.
You think I care?
I don't care, Jimmy.
The only reason I'm here
is to look you in the eye
and tell you I am walking free.
And you?
You're just a dog in a cage.
You know, I wonder,
if Calvin doesn't need you anymore
how long do you think he waits
until he puts you down?
[door opens]
[door closes]
Hey, tough day?
Yeah, my enlistment contract came in.
Oh. Didn't get what you want?
Actually, I did.
Why are you so bummed?
Well, till today, nothing was real.
What if I'm not tough enough
to be a Marine?
I think you're tough enough.
Jack, look at me.
Do I look like I can fight?
Well, that's what basic's for.
They're gonna teach you combat skills
and the booters are gonna lift you up.
- It's how it works.
- I've heard a lot of people drop out.
What if I just can't hack it?
You'll come back here.
You'll figure something else out.
But you never, never know
if you never, never go.
- Am I right?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm right.
Now, you deserve to give yourself a shot.
- All right. Thanks, Jack.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You're back early. How'd it go with Julia?
Yeah, it was It was good.
We just had to cut it short.
- Are you gonna hang here a while?
- Mm-hm.
Good. I wanna head up to Baker's Grove
and check out an Airstream.
- Oh.
- Yeah, I'm gonna buy a few.
I'm gonna rent them out,
- and it's gonna cover my mortgage.
- Ah. Hey. I like that.
- Right?
- Yeah.
- Take your time.
- Thanks.
BP's 120 over 90 and heart rate is 118.
Charlie, your blood pressure is normal.
But your heart rate's slightly elevated,
likely due to the pain.
Grab the IM morphine.
Charlie, to stabilize your leg,
we're gonna have to splint it.
I'm not gonna lie to you,
even with morphine,
it's gonna hurt a little bit.
- Yeah.
- [Vernon] All right.
Okay, Charlie.
There we go.
- All right, give me a hand here.
- Yep.
- Stabilize.
- Right.
Ready, Charlie?
Here comes the first one. Now.
- Hey!
- Hey.
- Is Joey around?
- No. She went out for a run.
- Oh, okay. I'll just come back later.
- Did you try calling her?
I did, it just went straight to voicemail.
Is there something
you want me to tell her?
Um, I just owe her an apology.
Yeah. Yeah, and I hope you know that
this has nothing to do with you at all.
It's just she hasn't been divorced
that long and
I just thought she wasn't
thinking things through and
And that we're rushing
into the whole thing.
- Yeah. Yeah, exactly.
- Right.
But I realized that it's not my place
at all.
So, you know, I support Joey,
no matter what.
- Right.
- Yeah.
- Well, I will tell her you stopped by.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Hey, it's me. Uh
Your sister just stopped by.
Why didn't you tell me
you were fighting about the wedding?
[knocking on door]
Hey. Just wanted to tell you in person.
Jimmy's taking the deal.
Well, you're welcome.
Yeah, he also gave us a lead
on Calvin's possible location,
a boat called Starkissed.
You ever hear him talk about it?
- No.
- No?
So we done here?
I know that Brie's plan
was for you to play possum
while Calvin got the pipeline
back up and running,
but make no mistake.
If any drugs pass through Emerald Lumber
and you're involved,
- you're going straight back to county.
- Relax. Okay?
Brie's smarter than that.
But Brie has a hell of a lot more to lose
than you do.
So if you really do love her
you gotta cut her loose.
Yeah, well, thanks for stopping by, huh?
[Brie] Hey.
Don't you dare cut me loose.
He's right.
Brie, it's
It's too dangerous.
This is my call.
Come here.
So, what's this called again?
Chicken yakisoba.
It's a Japanese stir fry.
- Is it complicated?
- No. Super easy.
My dad taught me how to make it
when I was like 11.
- I never made anything until I moved here.
- Really?
- No one showed you how to cook?
- No, we ordered in a lot or went out.
Well, my parents went out
and I ate cereal in front of the TV.
- That's terrible.
- Not really.
I was obsessed with Captain Crunch.
Well, I hope my yakisoba
can impress your sophisticated palate.
[laughs] I'm sure I'll love it.
So do you know when Doc and Hope
are coming home?
Uh, Hope said Doc's on a work emergency,
and she's been at the hardware store
for a while.
So I figured I'd prep now
and throw it in the wok
when she gets here.
What do you wanna do
when you're done cooking?
Actually, my phone's dead,
and I wanna check in with Hope.
Do you mind grabbing my charger for me?
It's on the desk in the guest room.
[Jo Ellen] So, what'd you say to Mel?
That people have the right
to make their own choices.
That's true.
Plus, Joey's the only family she has left.
That's too important
a relationship to risk.
That's a good point.
- I'm very intuitive about these things.
- Mm.
Um, Hope, it's a left here, remember?
- No, it's not.
- I'm pretty sure it is.
Do you know how many times
I've been to Bruce's Hardware?
I can get us there with a blindfold on.
Ooh. [shouts]
[truck horn honking]
Jo Ellen? Are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I think so. How are you?
Please don't tell anybody about this,
especially Vernon.
You weren't really cleared to drive,
were you?
You were right. We never would have
made it back to the trailhead before dark.
Yeah, unfortunately, I have a lot
of experience in this area.
These deer stands are just death traps.
So, what's your prognosis?
Well, the good news
is that he's not displaying
vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath,
and his blood pressure is stable.
So we can likely rule out
internal bleeding
- or any severe head injury.
- It appears so.
Now, he is on a low dose
of blood thinners,
so we have to keep a close watch
in case there's any drop in blood pressure
or change in the LOC.
Yeah. Are you sure
we can't get a medevac in here?
No. Trees are too dense.
So I will hike out, get help,
you and Bert take turns
monitoring Charlie's concussion,
and at dawn, me and the rescue EMTs
will hike back in, we'll carry him out.
But are you sure you have
enough daylight to get back safely?
Well, I sure hope so.
Well, you hang in there.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Okay, I got this. Thanks, Doc.
[car approaches]
[car door closes]
What's going on? You look happy.
I think I figured out
a second income source.
I'm gonna take Airstreams,
I'm gonna put them on my property,
turn it into a glamping site.
I just got a killer deal on my first one.
If I can keep up the momentum,
you and I are gonna be able
to start building a new house
by the end of the year.
Oh, wow.
Oh, that's great.
Really? You don't sound that into it.
I am. I'm I am. Sorry.
Are you upset about something?
[pensive music playing]
Why are you drinking?
Because I'm stoked about the Airstream.
No. When I came to the bar earlier today,
you were drinking a beer.
Oh, okay.
So, what are we We're keeping track now?
Is that what we're doing?
No, I'm not keeping track, okay?
Last night was absolutely awful,
and you swore it wouldn't happen again,
but then I come home and you're drinking.
I honestly didn't think having
one or two drinks was a problem.
You know, I spend every waking moment
worried about what I'm eating,
what I'm drinking,
how I'm working out
just so that I can protect our baby,
but I feel like you're being
completely careless with yourself.
I'm not being careless. I'm doing
what I need to do to support you, okay?
And Lonergan, Charmaine, the house,
these are my issues. Okay? But
Well, I hope you're happy.
You got what you wanted.
- What happened?
- You talked to Nate?
- Yeah.
- Thanks to you, he called off the wedding.
- Oh, no.
- Yeah.
Oh, Joey.
[theme music playing]
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