Virgin River (2019) s04e10 Episode Script

Fire and Rain

Crap. He knows we're here.
Howard, where the hell is backup?
- Got eyes on Calvin.
- He's getting
Are you hurt?
My ears are ringing.
Doesn't look like
you were hit by the debris.
It's fine. Today's still gonna be great.
No. Not if Todd's not there. I can't
believe he's gonna miss our baby shower.
I'll be there. Come on, I'll fill in.
I'll do whatever you need.
- Really?
- Yeah.
We're supposed to get there early
so we can make sure
everything is set up correctly.
Just tell me what time.
Todd was gonna take notes
for the thank-you cards
and load everything into the car.
Consider it done.
Thank you. I mean Honestly, I can barely
even get in and out of a chair anymore.
Whatever you need, I'm gonna be there.
Thank you.
Oh, hey, you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Todd had to go off on a business trip,
so Jack's offered
to help with the baby shower.
Oh. I'm sorry that Todd can't be there.
But we're gonna make it work.
Yeah, thanks for talking me off the ledge.
- You're welcome.
- I should go.
I bought two dresses for today,
and I have to figure out
which one I can squeeze into. So
- All right. Bye.
- Bye.
So to what do I owe the honor?
I'm on my way
to meet Mark's mom in Grace Valley.
Oh. Sorry, I didn't realize
Cassandra was today.
- It's the only time she had available.
- What's she up here for?
She's got appointments in San Francisco.
She flew in this morning.
So between that and work, I'm gonna end up
being late for the shower.
Don't worry about that. Just remember
what Doc said about limiting your stress.
- Cassandra is not gonna make that easy.
- Why don't we talk in my office?
Well, would it help if I go with you?
Oh, no, no, that's fine.
If she saw me with somebody else,
it would make things worse.
What I still don't understand
is how you as the surviving parent
wouldn't have full custody of the embryos.
No, I do. That doesn't mean
she can't file a lawsuit.
- You think she'd do that?
- She might.
And if it's Mark's,
then she'll have rights.
I feel like
I have to be prepared for the worst.
We just gotta stay strong and have faith.
Isn't that what you tell me?
- Yeah.
- Hey, look at me.
This therapy thing is doing something.
- Seriously, I'm proud of you for going.
- Thanks.
- When's your next appointment?
- Supposed to be this afternoon.
I have to change it.
I gotta get Charmaine to the shower.
Are you sure
that's a good idea to reschedule?
I'm not trying to get out of it.
Gotta find a new time to do it.
I'm not saying that.
What I meant is consistency is important,
especially in the beginning.
- Yeah, I'm giving it a go. Okay?
- I know. Which means a lot to me.
- Good.
- It does.
And as far as Charmaine goes,
if I can show her that things between her
and I don't have to be so contentious,
we'll have one less custody issue
on our hands.
- I'll be stealing your recipe.
- By all means.
Hey, Denny made pancakes.
- Oh. That's mighty nice. Thank you.
- I wanna make sure I'm earning my keep.
Keep making these pancakes
and you can stay as long as you want.
I'm gonna start cleaning up. I'm meeting
up with Lizzie to play Frisbee golf.
Don't know what that is,
but enjoy yourself.
I wanna talk to you
about that center that I found.
- Uh, could we talk about it later?
- Okay,
- but let's not put it off for too long.
- Okay.
- Look what I have.
- Oh, my.
I was thinking
we should do something together.
- Wanna play some cards?
- We should try something new.
We have been down that road,
it hasn't worked.
So let's get creative.
We could go antiquing this weekend.
Why don't you come fishing with me
and Bert? We're going to Maple River.
- You
- Please. Anything but that.
Um, there's a craft fair in Eureka.
I was thinking of taking up bird-watching.
Why is this so difficult?
Honey, a lot of couples
don't have anything in common,
but if it's that important to you,
we'll figure it out.
Hi, Barry. It's Jack Sheridan.
Sorry for the short notice, but we're
gonna have to reschedule today's session.
I know. I'm sorry about that.
Yeah, that'll work.
Okay, thanks for being flexible.
I'll see you tonight.
Okay. Come in.
Okay, um, you're in trouble.
- Oh, what did I do?
- I got off the phone with Mom,
I may have mentioned
Charmaine's baby shower is today.
Why would you do that?
I'm sorry.
She caught me before I had my coffee.
- What's the damage?
- She wants me to host a shower
for the twins in Sacramento.
- You don't have to do that.
- That's not gonna fly with her.
Well, I'll tell her we'll do a reception
at the house after the twins are born.
I will happily
let you deliver that message.
- No problem.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Oh, and in a couple of weeks,
Brady and I are gonna help her move.
You and Brady
seem to be taking a step forward.
- Well, introducing him to Mom?
- Oh, no. I didn't plan that.
- He He just offered to help.
- Why didn't you ask me instead?
- If this is you being anti-Brady
- It's not.
This is me
having an open mind like you requested.
- Okay, thank you.
- Welcome.
I might take you up on that.
If you're there,
she'll be less focused on everything
- I'm doing wrong with my life.
- She's not that bad.
Last time I saw her,
she told me I looked well-fed.
Oh, yeah. Laugh it up.
Dad was just telling me that he's thinking
about coming up here for Thanksgiving.
I'm gonna leave you with that.
- Gotta go. Sorry. See you at the shower.
- No. Call him back.
How did you?
- What are you doing here?
- I came to pay my condolences.
Calvin is no longer with us.
- I don't care about Calvin.
- Good.
The shipment is almost here.
Now that Calvin's gone, I'll need you
to play an active role in distribution.
Look, I already told you
I don't handle the drugs.
Well, if you're smart,
you'll fall in line.
wasn't smart.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How you holding up?
I'm okay.
- I was just talking to Jack.
- You didn't say anything about Calvin.
Of course not.
He would freak out if he knew.
The news never mentioned his name.
- They still haven't found his body?
- You didn't tell Brady either.
No. I'm worried if he knows,
he'll go into fight mode,
and that feels more dangerous
than playing along.
I agree.
- Okay.
- You any closer to finding Melissa?
Uh, no. San Diego address was a dead end,
so we'll keep on digging.
Okay. I appreciate
everything you're doing.
- I've put a lot of pressure on you.
- Don't worry about it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- See you.
- See you.
- Thanks for coming.
- Your timing was fortuitous.
I'm only in San Francisco
four days out of the year.
Oh, well, that is lucky.
But I do have to get back to the city
by 2:00 for a cosmetic procedure.
Dr. Foster demands punctuality.
But he's worth it.
Well, this shouldn't take very long.
When I saw Stacie last week, she told me
something I can't really imagine is true.
She said that you wanted
custody of Mark and my embryos?
That's right.
I just I don't understand.
Melinda, Mark's passing
left an unbearable void in my life,
and I had no idea how I would ever fill it
until I remembered those embryos.
And for the first time since the accident,
I felt this glimmer
of hope for the future.
I could hire a surrogate
and Mark's legacy would live on.
- You think that I would let that happen?
- No, which is why I've hired an attorney,
who discovered through
a private investigator
that you utilized the embryos.
Wow. That is completely out of line,
even for you.
And I'm right to assume
you're pregnant. Yes?
Look, Cassandra
When Mark and I
started our fertility process,
we signed over the rights
to each other in case something
were to happen to one of us.
So in our will it clearly states
that in the event of one of our deaths,
the surviving spouse
would have full custody of the embryos
and any subsequent child.
You obviously
don't understand my situation.
The pain of losing my only son
has been excruciating.
Just because you're in pain
does not give you the right to come
and try to take something
that is not yours.
Mark's heir is my flesh and blood,
I believe that child should be raised
at least half the time by me.
I know that you miss him.
Okay, I miss him too.
I know that you're angry.
Of course I'm angry.
Mark was my angel
and his death was a needless tragedy.
I agree, and I was angry too.
But at some point you have to decide
whether or not you're gonna let
that anger eat away at you
for the rest of your life or let it go.
You need to accept that he's gone. Okay?
And fighting me over this child,
it's not gonna bring him back.
If you are pregnant, that's my grandchild.
And I have rights.
We're trying to get a warrant to trace
the phone that Christopher used.
- But it's taking some time.
- Damn it.
It's not all bad. A contact of mine
did some digging and found Sally.
- Wow. Okay.
- Yeah.
Well, did he say why she drugged me?
She claims that Vince threatened
to kill her if she didn't help him.
He thinks she knows where Vince is.
- She's too scared to say anything.
- Now what?
We could arrest her
for accessory to kidnapping, drugging you,
try to get her to testify against Vince
in exchange for protection.
- But that'll take time.
- Yeah, which we don't have.
Better play is to let me make contact.
Get her to a safe house,
have her lead us to Vince. Trust me.
Oh, my God.
- Man, this is torture.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
No. No, you know, it's not your fault.
Just Just let me know
if anything turns up.
I'll let you know.
So, how's it going with your grandson?
Bet that was a shocker, huh?
You could say that.
Actually, it's been
a bit of a roller coaster.
He's still a kid.
- He's been through some rough stuff.
- Glad he found you.
- And how's Shirley feeling?
- Oh, she's okay.
She's tough, you know?
What about you?
Her lupus diagnosis
must have affected both of you.
The thing that gets me is
there's no cure.
What are we even looking forward to?
I think all we can do is live for today.
There's so much we wanna do.
You know, like, rent an RV
and go to the Grand Canyon.
Well, do that.
No sense in waiting.
Lupus is not a death sentence.
I guess we could.
The truth is, none of us knows
what tomorrow is gonna bring.
I mean, maybe things will be better.
Maybe they'll be worse.
So, it's just up to us
to focus on the now.
And be thankful.
I'm no wire on a white horse ♪
But I'm wondering if I'm good enough ♪
Your struggle is a sleek grief
Sold out front ♪
So don't admit holding on ♪
And moving against these years ♪
Give it hell
Don't just sell on signs ♪
By the way, thanks for inviting me today.
Thought you might ghost me.
- Why would I do that?
- I told Doc about the Klonopin.
It's sweet you're protective of him.
- Things are good between you guys?
- He's been super great. So understanding.
Can I ask, if you use
that stuff for anxiety,
why don't you go to the doctor
and get your own prescription?
Don't tell Doc this,
but I hate going to the doctor's.
And it's not like I need it all the time.
Just sometimes, when I think about my dad.
I'm so sorry. It's gotta be terrible.
You know, if you ever want to vent,
I'm a really great listener.
Look, it's your disc. You're up.
- So close.
- So close.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- What are you doing all the way over here?
- Uh, I was meeting with my mother-in-law.
Mark's mother. What are you doing?
I have a client meeting,
and this is the nicest place in town.
Let's get back to you.
- You guys keep in touch?
- Oh, no.
No, she's not a big fan of mine.
Why'd you guys get together?
She wants something from me,
and she's threatening
to take legal action to get it.
Do you have any paperwork
specifying ownership?
Oh, yeah. Yeah, and she knows that.
- I take it she plans to sue.
- Yeah.
It's amazing to me
that somebody can come in
and try to take something
that doesn't belong to them.
- In the legal world, happens all the time.
- What she wants is non-negotiable.
Okay. Well, before you hire an attorney,
I would be happy to vet them for you.
That would be great.
- Thanks.
- Of course.
- I got to get back to the clinic.
- Okay. Well, I will see you at the shower.
- Yeah, it'll be great. Bye.
- See you.
You're saying the house
in Eureka is even bigger?
It's like twice the size.
You should come see it.
- Oh, my God.
- What?
What if the caterer forgot
to pick up the cake?
Didn't you say there's
a whole dessert bar?
Yeah. I just
I want everything to be perfect.
I get that, but it's a party.
Try to enjoy it.
Thanks for coming early.
I hope I didn't mess up your schedule.
I said I would be there for you,
and I meant it.
You're gonna be a great dad.
- That's nice of you to say.
- Well, I can be nice.
What about you and Mel?
Have you guys talked about having kids?
- What?
- You're gonna get married at some point,
and she does seem like the mom type.
Uh, you know, I haven't really
given it much thought.
You're lying.
- Hmm?
- Your nostrils, they flare when you lie.
- No, they don't.
- Yeah, they do. It's happening.
Okay, fine. It's crossed my mind.
- That's all I'm gonna say on the matter.
- Hey, was that so hard to share?
I don't know why you keep
everything bottled up.
It's the way I'm wired, I guess.
You should be shouting from the rooftops
because you found the woman
you want to spend
the rest of your life with. It's a gift.
I didn't think I'd get married again,
let alone have a bunch of kids.
Yeah, my aunt says that the universe
has a really twisted sense of humor.
Oh, I think she was right.
- Thank you for coming over.
- You said it was an emergency.
I'm working with a deadline.
I was wondering if you would teach me
how to play before Vernon
gets home from fishing.
You want me to teach you
how to play backgammon?
You're right.
When you say it out loud,
it sounds ridiculous.
- You're free to go.
- No, no!
No, seriously, wait. I
It would be a privilege
for me to teach you.
But it really isn't an emergency.
Hi, my name is Mel Monroe.
I'd like to schedule a consultation.
Mornings are fine.
Uh, I'm about eight weeks pregnant,
and there might be an issue
with the grandmother.
Sorry, I did not hear you come in.
I just came here to tell you that
Mrs. Douglas is here for her appointment.
All right, great. Um
You did just walk in, right?
- You weren't
- I should have knocked. Sorry.
Oh, no problem. Thanks.
Thanks, buddy.
Yeah, I got you.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Oh, it's a long way down. Okay.
- Oh, it's so nice.
- Nice. Fancy.
Hey, I gotta take this.
- Okay, don't take too long.
- I'll be back.
Mike. What's up?
Forensics came back on the knife
that Preacher found wedged
under the sink at the bar.
Okay. Um
He didn't mention a knife.
Yeah. I told him not to say anything
in case it was a dud.
And it's not?
DNA matches Vince.
All right, well, that makes the DA's case
against Brady pretty weak.
It's not a lock, but the DA's
not gonna give up just yet.
Come on! There's proof that Vince
was there and my memory was accurate.
But Brady was there too,
and he was the one with the gun.
- Jack, I need a hand with the flowers.
- Uh, yeah.
Listen, Mike. I gotta go,
but I'll call you later. All right.
That's illegal.
- So is that.
- So what can I do?
In backgammon, all the pieces
have to go in one direction.
So you would start in the opponent,
which is me the opponent's inner table.
Go through the opponent's outer table.
Then you'll come through
the player's outer table
and finish in the player's inner table.
Even before the accident,
I wouldn't have remembered all that.
It just takes practice and some patience.
Patience and me don't get along.
Vernon and I will just
have to lead separate lives.
What's really going on here?
- If I tell you, you'll make fun of me.
- I would never do that.
Fine, I will promise you that in
this instance, I will not make fun of you.
I was in the community garden
and it was like
Lilly was there talking to me.
Anyway, I'm obviously missing her,
and I thought if Vernon and I
could find more things to do together,
- I'd feel less lonely.
- Hence the backgammon?
Correct. However, the experiment failed,
but I appreciate you trying.
No, I'll tell you what.
I'm gonna make you a cheat sheet. Okay?
And that way, you don't have
to remember everything all at once.
Why are you being so helpful?
Because you are my friend.
And I wanna see my friends happy.
Catch something?
Just rub it in.
But I feel like something's changed ♪
There's a storm outside ♪
My walls are raging ♪
They're coming back down ♪
In the hardest way ♪
No one really knows ♪
Which way they're facing ♪
Till they're coming back down ♪
When I think of you ♪
I feel the warmth of springtime ♪
On a cold winter's day ♪
- Hey.
- Hey. Oh.
- Nice.
- Are we really playing "Baby Bingo"?
I don't know.
I'm not in charge. I just work here.
- Hey, Brie.
- Hey.
Jack, there's a bunch of presents
out front. Can you bring them in for me?
- Sure.
- Thanks. And where's your drink?
Oh, I just got here.
Oh, well, I don't mean to brag,
but the champagne is Dom,
so I can't have any.
- You should indulge.
- Okay.
Okay. Hi!
She's a lot.
She's just excited. I'll be back.
Yes. Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- So, what do you think about all this?
- It's a lot.
- That's what I just said.
- Yeah, I bet.
How much do you think
she paid for those centerpieces?
I don't know, but they are gorgeous.
Oh, come on,
don't be so nice. Dish with me.
Okay. I mean, the oysters
- are way over the top for a baby shower.
- Yeah.
But, to be honest, I can't wait
to get my hands on that cake.
Oh, yeah, that's happening.
Oh, sorry, this might be work.
- Yeah. Hold on one sec.
- Sure.
- Hello?
- Hey, beautiful.
So I've got good news. I'm up for partner,
but I need you to vouch for me.
Stella told HR that I washarassingher,
which is a flat-outlie.
You want me to do what?
Just call Phil
and tell him I wasn't the reason you left.
I I did leave because of you.
Whatever you think
happened between us didn't.
There's some rumors going aroundaboutme
that I can't seem to shake,
so I need you to set the record straight.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey, what's wrong?
That was Don.
What? Oh, my God, honey. Let's go outside.
- See, you're getting it.
- I'm losing.
The game isn't over yet.
- Must you debate everything I say?
- That is not what I'm doing here.
- Case in point!
- Fine.
No more bickering. And that reminds me.
Have you noticed anything off
between Nick and Jo Ellen?
- Huh. I'm not one to gossip.
- Uh-huh.
Do you wanna hear this or not?
Yes, spit it out.
Apparently, they got into some kind
of an argument at Joey's wedding.
- You didn't see them?
- No, but it's probably nothing.
Married couples fight all the time.
Just ask Vernon.
That's true.
You know, this
This has been really nice.
You and I aren't the best of friends,
but if you are ever feeling lonely,
please know
you're so welcome to come over.
That's kind of you to offer.
I know what loneliness feels like.
And it's not the being alone that hurts.
It's feeling like no one cares.
And I'm here to tell you that I care.
I care too.
I cannot believe I beat you.
By one stroke.
- And I let you cheat multiple times.
- You have no idea what you're up against.
I can be persistent when I wanna be.
Think I should order a taxi?
No, Jack's driving us
to the bus station. Remember?
Yes, yes. That's right.
It's hard to believe
that you'll be leaving in a few days.
Seems like just yesterday
you were running around in diapers.
You were so cute.
You had these little curls,
your mother never cut your hair.
So truth be told,
most people thought you were a girl.
Ricky, is your food okay?
Oh, um, yeah, sorry.
I know how hard it is
to lose someone you love.
Are you talking about Pop-Pop?
I meant your Lizzie.
But, yes, he was the love of my life.
We were about your age when we met.
You remind me of him.
- Really?
- Oh, yes, and that's quite the compliment.
I wish he had lived to see you
grow into the person that you've become.
Just like me, he would be so proud of you.
Thanks, Grandma.
I owe everything to you,
everything you've done for me.
If it wasn't for you, I I don't know
what would've happened to me.
You have family in Virgin River.
There's Jack and Preacher.
Doc and Hope and Mel.
They all care about you.
So, remember,
if you ever find yourself in need,
you'll always have a home here.
Not a nibble.
Aw. Sad.
What is this?
- Did you set up this board?
- Yep.
Hope, you've never ever played backgammon.
I asked Muriel to teach me.
I wanted to surprise you.
Well, the surprising thing
is that you asked Muriel for anything.
Well, I lost my best friend,
and I've been feeling untethered.
Of course.
Someone who made a huge impact
on your life is gone.
And that kind of loss is profound.
It has been.
But you've been so supportive,
and I guess I'm hoping you and I
can find more things to do together.
I would like that too.
I love you so much, Vernon.
I hope you know that.
Oh, I do.
I love you.
And you did a good job
setting up the board.
Good. Oh, I had to use
the cheat sheet Muriel made for me.
You did all right.
No, I'll answer that.
You decide which color you wanna be.
I've decided.
This is he.
Oh, I understand.
Um, I'm in the middle
of something right now.
I'll have to call you back. Bye.
Who was that?
That was our insurance agent,
and we are being sued by the man
Mrs. McCrea hit with her vehicle.
Looks like you're gonna get it all to fit.
Oh, when it comes to packing a truck,
I have never failed.
If only it could just
magically unpack itself.
When we get to the house, I'll
bring it in. You can put your feet up.
Did you hear from Todd?
I'm sure he's in a meeting or something.
You were great today.
Thank you for taking notes while
I opened gifts and emceeing Baby Bingo.
Yeah, it was outside my comfort zone,
- that one, but
- Yeah, it was. Yeah.
- Glad you got to enjoy it.
- I did. Yeah.
I just I feel bad.
- Because
- You're such a good guy.
And I want you to know that I will never
get in the way of you seeing the twins.
You can spend
as much time with them as you want.
Wow. Um
- Thank you. I'm glad to hear that.
- Yeah. Of course.
- But what about Todd?
- He's not going to fight me on it.
I don't think Todd cares
as much as he says he does.
- That's pretty sad.
- Well
Like he said, you're the dad.
That's right.
Hey, they took out Calvin.
What's wrong?
Did something happen?
Are you hurt?
- Did someone threaten you?
- No, not like that.
I wanna help,
but I can't if I don't know what's wrong.
But if you don't wanna tell me,
that's okay.
We can
It's okay. We can just sit here.
I can't say it out loud.
Hey. Hey, I understand.
When I first got back from Iraq,
there were some nights
where I was in my head, and it was
It was bad.
I couldn't talk about it.
So I just
started writing stuff down.
Did it work?
I mean, you can have someone read it,
you can throw it away.
Whatever you decide.
And you still get the poison out.
- Will you stay with me tonight?
- I'm not going anywhere.
Hey, took one of these for you.
Aw. That's sweet. Thank you.
Hey, it was really nice
what you did today for Charmaine.
Oh, she was pretty bummed about Todd,
so did what I could.
Well, I could tell
she really appreciated it.
Come and sit with me.
My pleasure.
- Hey.
- Oh, come here.
Come here, you.
What you thinking about?
I'm just wondering
how much more of this we can take.
You mean Cassandra?
When I think about all the time and energy
it's gonna take for us to fight her
with a newborn and twins and our jobs
I mean, God, it's just so overwhelming.
I don't know how
we're gonna juggle it all, honestly.
we can just take it one day at a time.
That's all we can do, right?
And I will do anything I can
to make things easier for you.
Including the NIPP.
- What?
- I wanna put your mind at ease, okay?
And if it gets Cassandra out of our lives,
then all the better.
- I don't wanna guilt you into this.
- It's got nothing to do with guilt.
What if you regret it?
I won't.
No, this is my decision. I'm a big boy.
I take full responsibility
for any repercussions.
Hey, I'm gonna love our baby
no matter what.
You sure?
Yeah, it's gonna be half you.
How could I not?
Well, okay.
I love you.
I love you.
'Cause in the end
No one can love you like I do ♪
And the world had me bound ♪
Hanging under a cloud ♪
But with you ♪
There's not a shadow of doubt ♪
'Cause after all
Who can love you like I do? ♪
And after all
Of the storms we made it through ♪
The sky could fall ♪
I'd be powerless to move ♪
'Cause I know when I'm with you ♪
Who can love you like I do? ♪
And after all ♪
Who can love you like I do? ♪
- How did you feel after the last session?
- Felt fine.
And today was a good day.
So I don't really feel
like there's much to talk about.
- How was the shower?
- It was good.
Yeah, Charmaine's husband wasn't there,
so it was the first time
I actually felt
like I was part of the pregnancy.
Sounds like you and Charmaine
are starting to make some strides.
It's important that our relationship
is civil for the sake of the twins.
I never want the boys to feel
like they gotta choose a side, you know?
I'm still pretty freaked out
about having twins,
so I'm just grateful
that they'll have each other's backs.
On your intake form,
you said you have an older brother.
What's your relationship like with him?
Well, he, um
He died
when we were kids.
I could get used to this.
- What?
- You are so beautiful.
How many glasses have you had?
No, really. I thought the same thing
the first time I saw you
at the aikido dojo.
Well, I thought you were taken. I still
can't figure out why you're single.
Well, I guess
it's just not easy for me to open up.
Well, what about
with that other woman, Paige?
How were you with her?
I'd say that
I was guarded.
She has a son, and I just wanted
to make sure I wasn't messing anything up.
And why did you decide
to spend time with me?
in addition to you being smart
easy on the eyes
Thank you.
You know, when Paige left,
I realized what I was missing.
Someone to share my life with.
And I saw you,
and something told me to take a shot.
Well, I am glad that you did.
So am I.
We're closed.
Come back tomorrow.
Yeah. Sorry.
All right.
Yep. I said that we are
Hi, Preacher.
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