Virgin River (2019) s05e01 Episode Script

A Second Chance

- [Paige crying]
- [grave music playing]
[Preacher] You're okay.
You're okay.
He's alive.
Mike will be here any second. He's LAPD.
- Preacher, we can't trust the cops.
- Paige, he's a friend.
No, just take me to Connie's.
I could get Christopher and you can go.
[Mike] Preach?
We're okay. I knocked him out.
He tried to kill us both.
It's Valenzuela, we got Logan.
[dispatch on radio] Roger that.
Officer en route.
- [Mike] Vince Logan? You're under arrest.
- [Vince groaning]
Kidnapping and attempted murder.
You have the right to remain silent.
- [Vince] What about them?
- What about them?
She killed my brother! He hid the body!
[yelling] Ask him! Ask him!
[Paige crying]
[soft music playing]
[Mel] Hey.
Uh, are you okay?
[Jack] Yeah.
I just thought I'd get a head start.
Chopping wood isn't exactly gonna be
part of the glamping experience, you know?
It's not so glamporous.
So, you're not upset?
- [Jack] No.
- You tend to chop wood when you're upset.
I'm not upset. I just couldn't sleep.
Maybe 'cause you're upset?
[laughs] You're funny.
So this isn't about Charmaine?
Well, we should at least
talk about last night.
- Maybe without the axe?
- How about you talk and I'll chop?
- Babe, come on.
- Really, what is there to talk about?
I'm not the father of the twins.
End of story.
That's it?
That's it.
Are you upset?
Yeah, of course I'm upset.
She lied to you.
To us, for months.
I was so nice to her
despite all of her rude comments
and literal attempts to break us up.
I mean, who does that?
I get it.
I am truly sorry for dragging her
into our relationship, okay?
But it's done.
All right? It's over.
I don't want to dwell on it.
All right?
This is what I want to focus on.
I want to get this place up and running
for our family.
- You, me, her.
- Mmm.
- Right?
- Mmm-hmm.
We can do what we want now.
You can leave the clinic if you want.
I mean, I don't want to leave, you know.
- We can handle it. That's all I'm saying.
- Okay.
[Jack] It's good.
I still think
that you can't not talk to her.
[laughs] Yeah, I can.
You barely said anything last night.
- [Jack sighs]
- She's getting released from the hospital.
Why don't we pick her up,
you can tell her how you feel?
Ugh. Mel, please.
We're not picking her up, all right?
If karma's coming to get her,
like she said last night,
then karma can damn well pick her up.
As far as I'm concerned, we never
have to see that woman ever again.
[uplifting music playing]
[Mike] They're about to take him in.
I gotta follow for booking.
[Preacher] Thanks for your help, Mike.
Hey, by the way
about what Vince said.
What, about his brother? Well, look
[indistinct radio chatter]
It's no mystery,
the kind of guys Vince and Wes are.
The Sheriff's Department
has no reason to think that Wes is dead.
And as long as that's the case,
nobody is investigating
anything that Vince says.
Probably for the best.
So we have your statements.
Charges against Paige have been dropped.
So you two are free to go.
Thanks, buddy.
You don't have to run anymore.
- [sirens blaring]
- [country song playing on radio]
[on radio] You just move, baby ♪
Move any way you need ♪
How do you do it, darling? ♪
You got me on my knees ♪
- On my feet and take me to the left ♪
- [radio stops]
- [Bert] You need some help?
- Yeah.
Damn truck ain't got a spare.
[phone chimes]
- I can tow you into town if you want
- Eh, hold up.
[phone dialing and line ringing]
I gotta
Just gotta make a call, all right?
Yeah. No, it's all right.
No, just
[man continues indistinctly]
[tense music playing]
Ahh! Son of a biscuit box!
Hold on.
Hey, get away from there.
- [Bert] Your spare's right there.
- Yeah, uh, air up the flat.
I'll drive it into town,
get it fixed there.
[Joey on phone] I have been gone
for 12 days.
[Mel] I know.
[Joey] First the Charmaine drama,
and now you're leaving the clinic? Wow.
I guess it was always your plan
to take a break from nursing
once you had a baby.
Yeah, exactly.
I'm just doing it seven months early.
And Jack's on board?
Uh, well, you know,
it caught him by surprise at first,
but he's being supportive.
You know, you haven't not worked
since you were, like, 16.
What will you do with your time?
Honestly, I am figuring that out,
but I already have a to-do list.
Of course you do.
I mean, you do have a wedding to plan.
Yeah, and, uh, a baby to get ready for.
You know, one thing I was thinking,
do you remember how Mom
handmade some of our baby clothes?
Yeah, those little dresses
with the lace trim.
- You know, I think I still have mine.
- Aw! Me too.
Um, yeah, well, I was
I was thinking
I could do something like that.
Oh, she would really love it
if one of us carried on that tradition.
Well, the first thing I have to do is
go by the clinic and get my things,
and say goodbye to Doc.
- Oh, is he okay with you leaving?
- [Mel laughs]
No, he definitely is not.
That's not gonna be fun.
No, it is not.
- [Joey] Well, good luck.
- Yeah, thanks.
[gentle music playing]
- [phone chiming and vibrating]
- [grunts]
[footsteps approaching]
Hey, I'm heading out.
Here's something to remember me by.
[sighs] And what is the rush?
I'm pressing charges against Don.
- Today?
- This morning. I'm not wasting any time.
I'm proud of you
for standing up to that asshole.
Thanks, and I think I found
an incredible rental house online.
I'm gonna go look at it this morning.
Since said asshole found me at the bar,
I'd rather not cross paths with him again.
Huh. And, uh
you sure you still don't wanna
move in here?
- This I don't want to rush.
- [romantic music playing]
Everything feels so right.
I'm getting on with my life.
Your name is cleared.
We're in a great place.
Yeah, we are.
As much as I'd love to stay
and consummate this great place
- You gotta go. You gotta go.
- I gotta go.
[Brie exclaims]
- [Brie] Bye.
- Bye.
- [phone chiming and vibrating]
- [scoffs]
For the love of God.
- [keypad clicking]
- [phone chimes]
Denny, you don't have to make me pancakes.
Oh, I thought you liked my pancakes.
I do, but you don't have to do
all this work for me. Here.
Let me make you pancakes.
Um, you know what else you need?
Some fresh-squeezed orange juice.
It's full of vitamin C and lots of other
healthy things. Minerals, I think.
Oh, Vernon, get squeezing.
And protein. You need some protein.
Do you like, um, bacon? Do we
Do we have bacon?
[Denny] Oh, I know that Doc told you.
I told him I was okay.
And I appreciate the gesture, I do.
But Huntington's isn't keeping me
from making things like pancakes. Yet.
Vitamin C and protein won't stop
the disease from affecting me eventually.
But as with any neurodegenerative disease,
a healthy lifestyle, hydration,
and good nutrition can make things easier.
And I still think
that we should go to that center.
I I've been to centers.
They helped me accept that I'll eventually
experience a decline like my mom.
And I'm okay with that.
All I want is for everyone around me
to be okay too.
[Doc softly] Yeah.
So how, uh, did the conversation go
with Lizzie last night?
Kind of like I expected.
I think I overwhelmed her.
I'm sorry, Denny.
I know you really like Lizzie.
No, I'm the one who should be apologizing.
I screwed up
you getting the aide you wanted.
Please, there are plenty of people
who'd love to take care of me.
[Hope] We can ask Mel,
she still owes me seven months of work
after just up and leaving the clinic.
Well, I haven't given up on her yet.
[Hope] Is Cameron staying on?
That remains to be seen.
[knock on door]
- Morning.
- [Doc] Hey.
[Hope] Lizzie, good morning.
What are you doing here?
Well, Hope still needs an aide, right?
[woman on phone] Brie, I'm so sorry
to hear you're going through all this.
Thanks. Uh, I figure since we go way back,
it wouldn't hurt to give someone
in the DA's office a heads-up
that I am filing charges against him.
Who's the guy again?
Don Shepherd.
Donald Shepherd from your old firm?
- Morning, sis.
- Hey, uh, I'll be down in a sec.
[woman] Brie.
Is it Donald Shepherd?
Yeah, you know him?
We have multiple sexual assault charges
against him.
We're going to trial in two weeks.
That soon?
Yeah, he's been
forcing potential witnesses to sign NDAs.
Obviously, you should still press charges,
but the case we have right now
could really benefit
from more women willing to testify.
Yeah, well, I think I can help with that.
- [country music playing in background]
- Hey, sorry about that.
No worries.
Judging by the look on your face,
I assume you were talking to Mom?
[Brie laughs] Uh
That was a real estate agent.
[Jack] Oh.
I'm movin' out.
- Really?
- I'm a professional, Jack.
I can't live above a bar
the rest of my life.
I mean, no offense, but my clothes
are starting to smell like PBR
and roasted cauliflower with romesco.
- And that's a bad thing?
- [Brie laughs]
- [Preacher] Morning.
- [Brie] Hey.
Ooh. Looks like we both had a rough night.
Yeah, what happened?
Well, I helped Mike arrest Vince.
[pensive music playing]
[Brie] Jack,
they got the guy who shot you.
[Preacher] Attempted murder,
two counts of kidnapping.
- Wow.
- [Preacher] Mmm.
Thank you. How's Paige?
You really went through
hell and back for her, huh?
Yeah, well, I guess you'd
do the same thing for the right woman.
[Preacher chuckles]
So, tell us about your night.
Yeah, you said you had a rough one too.
Ah, nothing, doesn't matter.
- [Preacher] Hey, no way.
- Yeah, come on, spill it.
Well, I feel like I went through
hell and back for the wrong woman.
- You're not talking about Mel?
- No, of course not.
Charmaine kindly informed me
that I am not the father of the twins.
- Oh, Jack.
- [incredulous] What?
I never liked her.
Can you believe that?
- Like, what could we have to talk about?
- Uh, not a single thing.
- Exactly, thank you.
- Well, that's that.
[Jack] Right?
Bullet dodged.
[pensive music playing]
[Preacher] Huh.
Okay, so I have the list that Doc left.
Says here we need to take an hour walk
every day, then 30 minutes of Sudoku.
I'll Google whatever that is on our walk.
And then arts and crafts! Fun!
Oh, we're not doing any of that.
We're not?
Lizzie, one of the reasons
I wanted you to be my aide
is because I know you can be rebellious,
and irresponsible,
and won't force me to do some of
the ridiculous things I don't need to.
- But Doc said
- Doc
is a man of science.
I am a woman of faith.
And I have faith I'm going to be fine.
That's enough for me.
- Are you sure?
- Positive.
Right now I'm trying to set an agenda
for the town council meeting tomorrow.
I've been out of commission
since my accident,
and the community garden opening
is coming up.
Okay, but when you're done with that,
we're taking a walk.
Doc might know science, but I know cardio.
- Nothing bad comes from a little exercise.
- Fine.
Oh, oh, and, uh
It might not be my place,
but if you want to talk about Denny
- Do you want to do Sudoku?
- Fair enough.
- Should I do anything else right now?
- Yes! Nothing.
[quietly] Okay.
[gentle music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Doc] Don't fall into a trap.
Listen, don't even think about her.
[continues indistinctly]
- [Mel clears throat]
- Mel, uh
You can't resign.
I told her that last night.
This whole situation
has gotten completely out of hand.
This is all my fault,
so I should be the one to leave.
No, and you can't leave.
It's fine. I haven't been here that long.
It's my fault, so
- No, I quit.
- Enough! Enough.
Cameron, will you give us the room?
Of course.
- [Doc] Mel.
- [bittersweet music playing]
I don't want you to go.
I mean, Hayek told you last night,
he can go, we'll be just fine.
[laughs] Doc, I know you want me,
but you need him.
You brought him here
because of your eyesight.
My eyes are just fine.
I know, but God forbid
something happens with them,
and then I'm on bed rest, and
- I mean, what's the town gonna do then?
- I'll find another doctor.
You barely got Cameron here.
He is not right for this job.
You said the same thing about me
when I first started.
[Doc softly] Yeah.
And you made me realize
how much I needed you,
in more ways than I ever knew.
Well, you know, I am pretty great.
- [Doc] You are.
- [laughs]
Mel, we have gone through
so much together.
Oh, Doc.
Are you sure?
- [bittersweet music continues]
- [sighs]
I will miss you.
Come on. It's not like I'm leaving town.
We could even go fishing maybe?
You better watch out for Hope.
She's got a bone to pick with you
about leaving.
Aw. I'll go talk to her.
[loudly] Cameron?
You are staying.
- You want me to stay?
- It's best for the clinic.
Mel, how about you?
It's best for me too.
[door opens]
Doc? We need your help!
- [Doc] Hey, Cameron, get the door?
- Yup.
[Doc] Come on, Bert.
Let's get you into the exam room.
Just hold on now, hold on tight.
[Brady] I'm sorry, I didn't realize
I was supposed to be on call.
This was my first fentanyl delivery.
[Melissa] Well, it's not like I was
asking you to wait around for FedEx.
There was an issue,
and you were unavailable to manage it.
Yeah, if you don't like
how I'm doing my job, fire me.
Before we met,
I heard about you from Calvin.
He warned me that you were
too arrogant to be trusted.
So I did some digging
and came to my own conclusion.
- [pensive music playing]
- What's that supposed to mean?
One of five kids.
Father who was an abusive drunk.
Mother who left when you were eight.
You had an uncle who looked after you,
but he was a petty criminal
so it's no wonder
you followed in his footsteps.
You've been dealt a rough hand.
How do you know all that?
I can give you a better life, Daniel.
All you have to do is ask for it.
My business is expanding.
I found a new way to clean money.
I need smart people I can trust
in a venture like this.
It will only benefit the both of us.
I really see no downside.
Is that the shipment?
And plenty more are on the way.
[pensive music continues]
[Paige] Connie, I can't thank you enough
for keeping the truck going.
It's been fun. It even helped me
get a little closer to my niece.
You know, this truck is really good
at bringing people together.
Well, I'm glad.
And I'm so grateful.
no one should have to go through
what you've been through.
You're due for better days.
And, young Christopher,
have you tried
our new triple-chocolate-chip cookies?
[Christopher] Mom?
You can have one.
I make no promises.
[Connie laughing]
This all feels so surreal.
You know, this could be
a whole new start for you and Christopher.
You've both been through hell.
That I dragged you into.
Preacher, I'm really sorry.
I wanted to be there for you.
And Christopher.
I care about you both very much.
We care about you too.
I care about you.
I hope I didn't mess anything up with
the woman that you were with in the bar
No, not at all. She, uh
She's Julia.
I I just started seeing her.
Good. Uh, that's good.
[sweet music playing]
I guess I better go.
I got a life to start
over again. [laughs]
Paige, wait.
You know, we can start over too.
If you want.
- Well, hello there.
- [Nick] Hey, Jack.
Melissa and I figured we'd stop by,
see how you're doing.
You hurried out of there
pretty fast last night. Everything okay?
Yeah, it was, um
Turned out to be nothing.
- [Nick] Ah.
- [laughs] Good.
Nick's been telling me
so much about this operation
the two of you are cooking up,
I had to come and see for myself.
[Jack] Well, here it is.
I was just thinking about it, Nick.
I figure
we could put another
three or four Airstreams out here.
And then I'm thinking
off the budget I came up with
we could maybe set up seven or eight
of those tent cabins out here.
Well, we'd still have to do septic tanks
for the private bathrooms.
I wanna price the outdoor showers too,
but I think it's doable.
[Nick] All right, that sounds great.
What if you could
dream a little bigger, Jack?
What do you mean?
[Melissa] I happen to have
some capital of my own.
I mean, why have five trailers
if you could have 15?
You could even build
a separate clubhouse with amenities,
draw in even more people, more revenue.
Uh, yeah, I appreciate the offer,
but, you know,
it might be a little more dream
than I have in me.
I was just looking to make
a little extra money,
not become a glamping mogul.
[both laughing]
Well, think how good
it would be for the town
if this place really took off.
Don't you want to share
the beauty of Virgin River
with as many people as possible?
There'd be no better guide
than Jack Sheridan.
Oh, I brought a little something
for you and your expanding family.
I heard,
along with your most recent good news,
you're also expecting twin boys.
[bittersweet music playing]
I couldn't imagine a better place
than this to raise them.
[Hope] What the hell, Mel?
[Mel] Hope
Look, Doc and the clinic are covered,
which is what you hired me for
in the first place.
And I know that the cabin
is part of the deal,
so I'm more than happy
to start paying rent,
or I could even buy it
if you're willing to part with it.
This isn't about workload and lodging,
and you know it.
I know, it's personal.
And it was a really hard decision
for me to make, but Doc understands.
Now, I just feel like
at this point it makes sense
to prioritize my high-risk pregnancy
and my family over my job.
That's funny, 'cause I never thought
nursing was just a job for you.
But it sounds like
you've made up your mind.
Well, your blood pressure is low.
Your eyes are pinpoint.
Started feeling kind of woozy, you know?
Spacey or something.
I came home from the hairdresser's
and he was like that.
Well, did you hit your head?
Take any medication?
Uh, Doc? A word, please?
Yeah. Be right there.
It looks like he's having a drug reaction.
Oh, Bert is no drug user.
Come on.
You can never know something like that.
I know Bert.
And I know pharmaceuticals, and so do you.
Lethargy, wooziness, pinpoint pupils?
I think we should order a urine test,
just to be sure.
Fine. Fine. I'll I'll get the sample.
Oh. Oh, can you, uh, make a pot of coffee?
Just because Mel's not here
doesn't mean I'm the nurse now.
And, for the record,
I don't think it should be
a nurse's job to make coffee either.
It's not for me, Cameron. It's for Bert.
A stimulant should help.
Uh, oh. I'm
sorry for overreacting.
Yeah, you might want to work on that.
Looks like I'm too late for another class.
I had to wrap up early.
One of our younger orange belts
had a little accident.
I've been disinfecting
the equipment the last hour.
- [Preacher] Hmm.
- How are you?
How'd everything turn out with Paige?
She's fine.
You know, things are looking better
for her and her son.
I'm glad.
You still have feelings for her,
don't you?
I, I, um
Yeah, I'm sorry, Julia.
I thought you said
that I didn't have to worry about her.
I know.
I thought that everything
between Paige and me was in the past.
But, um, we just had this really intense
Okay, you know, I
I don't need the details.
You know, I
I really enjoyed getting to know you.
I just wanted to be honest.
Well, I am honestly disappointed.
I didn't want to hurt you.
[downbeat music playing]
I should go.
I hope that your relationship with her
is everything you want it to be.
I really do.
[woman] Hey, guys. How we doing today?
- [pop music playing on radio]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Jo Ellen] There's some here.
- [Tara] Oh, I have them.
- [Jo Ellen] You okay?
- [Tara] Yeah. These are tricky.
Hello, ladies!
- What are you doing here?
- In Jack's bar?
- Mel, have you met my sister, Eva?
- Oh, hi!
I've heard about you. From Portland?
You're the oldest sister, right?
Oldest and the youngest, all right here.
- Well, welcome home.
- Not sure I still call Virgin River home.
This place might look like
a screensaver series,
but the only thing that's changed
since I was a little girl was this bar.
Before there was Jack's, you had to drive
five miles for a decent cheeseburger.
And I use the term "decent" lightly.
Everything else, the exact same.
Might not be where you live now,
but it'll always be where you come from.
I taught Eva here how to sew
when she was a little girl.
- She took to it beautifully.
- Oh!
Apparently, if you don't use it,
you lose it.
So you say.
Love you ladies, really,
just not much of a sewer.
I don't know how to sew either.
I'm better at stitches
than I am sewing for some reason.
Oh, you're Nurse Mel.
Okay, I've heard a lot about you.
- You work at Doc's clinic, right?
- Yeah!
Well, I mean, I did.
- You left the clinic?
- Whatever for?
I just felt like it was time for a change.
Uh, I'm actually looking forward
to some downtime, which is why I'm here.
I was hoping you ladies
would teach me how to sew.
[inhales] Oh, of course, dear.
Pull up a chair. It's not that hard.
- [Mel] 'Kay.
- [Tara] Here, you can take these two.
So, um, how long
does something like this quilt take?
Not long.
It's a baby blanket.
- Jo Ellen?
- [sighs] I'm sorry, Mel.
I'm a sieve.
I can't keep a single secret.
It just blech.
Two secrets if you're someone
who's expecting and engaged.
Double congratulations.
Thank you.
Some things never change.
[sweet music playing]
- [Mel] Hi!
- Hey.
Guess who is the newest member
of the sewing circle?
Oh, wow!
- I am "sew" proud of you.
- Oh, you didn't.
- See what I did there?
- Mmm-hmm.
That's such a dad joke.
- Well, I'm in training.
- Yeah.
- How are you guys? You hungry?
- Yes, I'm starving.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Oh! Look at that.
We were so cute to think
that we could keep the baby thing
a secret for long around here.
- Somebody give you this one for the twins?
- Yeah. Nick's sister, Melissa.
What are you gonna do with it?
[sighs] I don't know.
I thought maybe I would
- donate it to charity or something.
- Hmm.
You think Goodwill will have
a gift basket department?
- Why didn't you just give it back?
- No, I didn't want to get into it.
Well, you know the whole town
is gonna know soon enough,
so you don't have to be embarrassed.
I'm not embarrassed.
Why would I be embarrassed?
I didn't do anything wrong.
She's the one that needs
to come clean to people, not me.
I spent more than enough time
compensating for Charmaine.
Oh! What have you done?
Well, it's an experiment.
This is a polenta cake
with a huckleberry compote.
[Preacher] Wow.
Yeah, I thought if, uh,
you were gonna be making dinner,
- I had better up my game.
- Mmm.
I'm glad that I did
because that branzino was delicious.
Well, thank you very much.
We make a pretty good meal
and a pretty good team.
You okay?
Hey. Hey, what's wrong?
Oh, no. No.
Paige, look, if you're
if you're not ready
Oh, no. It's more than that. Um
[hesitating] Before I left Wes,
my entire life was consumed by him
because that's how he wanted it.
He made sure that I knew
my house was because of him,
my car, my clothes,
all of it was because of him.
So when I finally left, all I wanted
was to not see him anywhere.
And that's what made
Virgin River so special.
Until it wasn't.
The only thing I wanted
was a home
where I couldn't see him everywhere.
But I don't have that here anymore.
It's like it was the last thing
he took from me.
I can't imagine how hard that must be.
I really wanted
to be able to get over that
for you.
I know I don't have to run anymore,
but I can't stay.
So you're gonna go.
You and Christopher.
You could come with us.
I wish I could.
This is my home.
You deserve a home to love
as much as I love it here.
[Hope] What's that?
I wanted to make you a breakfast burrito,
but you didn't have any tortillas,
so I used pancakes.
And you didn't have bacon,
so I used hot dogs.
[plate sliding]
- That's actually good.
- [Lizzie laughs]
Are you still working on your agenda?
- Those take a long time, huh?
- They do.
And this computer's
giving me all kinds of problems.
Oh, well, I'm better with computers
than I am cooking.
- Let me take a look.
- [sputters]
I had everything all written out and then
I guess it deleted it or something,
and now it's just this.
Oh, well, you know,
computers do that all the time.
Yeah, computers suck, right?
Totally! [laughs]
Let me help you rewrite it.
I'm a fast typer too.
I feel great! It's the damnedest thing.
Well, you are looking back to good.
There's one thing we gotta talk about.
We got your test results back.
You tested positive for fentanyl.
Now, that's some
pretty dangerous stuff, Bert.
- I'm not judging you for taking it, but
- I don't take fentanyl!
I swear on my Redington fly rod.
If you didn't,
how'd it get in your system?
Could I have picked it up somehow?
Well, there is something called, uh,
fentanyl exposure.
If you touch some, and, say,
rub your eye, then it is in your system.
But fentanyl is not just laying around.
Tell me again
everything you did yesterday.
I went fishing by myself.
Oh, before I went fishing,
I tried to help a truck with a flat.
I cut my hand trying to change his tire.
Let me see this now.
[gentle music playing]
[dishes clattering]
[clattering continues]
- Hey.
- Where's Hope?
Upstairs, getting ready
for the town council meeting.
[Denny] Cool.
Look, Lizzie, I want to apologize
for keeping my diagnosis from you.
Being totally honest
is really important to you, and
So if I'm being honest
I like you.
A lot.
And the last thing
I'd ever want to do is hurt you.
When I came here looking for Doc,
I didn't expect to find someone like you,
so, at the very least, I'd really like
for us to still be friends
[Denny] What?
[sweet music playing]
Um, are you
Are you sure?
Because, um,
I told you I don't have a future.
So I thought about all that and I realized
I don't care about any of it.
I like you too, a lot.
So can we just focus on right now?
[sweet music continues]
Whoa! Look at that hair, kiddo.
[laughs] Yeah.
Mom said we don't have to dye it anymore.
You look sharp.
[both sighing]
I'm gonna miss you, Preach.
I am gonna miss you, buddy.
But you have got so much
to look forward to.
Can we still FaceTime?
I'm there for you.
- You better go get in the car, bud.
- Hey.
Should we do our thing?
[wistful music playing]
[Preacher chuckles]
Hey, Christopher,
thank you for hanging with me so much.
It really meant a lot to me.
[Christopher crying softly]
[Preacher exhales]
It's okay, buddy.
[wistful music continues]
I didn't realize
this was gonna be so hard.
[Preacher] Yeah.
Not that I thought it was gonna be easy.
When I was with Wes, I really did believe
that all men were like him.
[voice breaking] But you showed us both
what a good man is.
That there's good out there.
Thank you.
["Always" by Ashe playing]
Goodbye, Preacher.
Bye, Paige.
- ["Always" continues]
- What if staying with me ♪
Isn't the best way to keep you happy? ♪
[car door opens]
- And if letting you go ♪
- [car starting]
Is the best to show that I love you ♪
I will ♪
I'll be broken when you're gone ♪
But won't hold you if it's wrong ♪
[song fades]
[woman speaking indistinctly on PA]
[woman on PA] Paging Dr. Ellerman
to room 215A.
Oh! Hi, Mel.
I want to see my mom.
You can absolutely see your mom,
but first, I need a favor.
You see, I dropped my blood pressure cuff,
and I think it's broken.
I need your help to see if it is.
Can you do that?
What do I have to do?
Oh, it's so easy. Here.
Okay, take this and slide my arm
through the cuffed part.
Oop. Right there.
Okay. Now take that Velcro thingy
and make it tight around my arm.
Is that too tight?
No, it's perfect.
Okay, now this is a stethoscope.
- You know what you do with this?
- You listen to your heart.
You are so smart! [laughs]
[wistful music playing]
[wistful music continues]
Brady, I got someone
who'd like to join the team.
Hey, Brady.
What are you doing?
Jeb here expressed an interest
in chipping in more.
I'd like you to introduce him
to the full operation.
I don't think Jeb
understands the full extent of
Eh, I know about the night shift, okay?
I was gonna talk to you
about it yesterday
I need this, okay? My family needs it.
No, I I can do this on my own.
Excuse me?
- Brady, come on.
- I said I don't need the help.
Well, your screw up yesterday
implies otherwise.
Would you please just listen to me?
[menacingly] It isn't a suggestion.
[dark music playing]
Brady, come on.
Come on, you guys look pathetic.
How is it that one day after we bring
the man who shot Jack to justice,
you guys are both looking like
someone stole your dog?
Yeah, he's right.
Yeah, of course I'm right. Okay.
The Giants are playing
the Dodgers tonight. Who's in?
I guess I'm in,
since I'm the only one with a TV.
Yes, I will buy the pizza. Jack?
Sure. I'm in.
Thanks again for your help
with the agenda, Lizzie.
I I couldn't have done it without you.
- Happy to help.
- [woman] Hope, hi.
[Hope] Good to see everyone. Hello.
Grab a seat.
Uh, this shouldn't take
longer than an hour.
I'll warn you, though, these meetings
are usually a total snoozefest,
so good luck staying awake.
I can sleep with my eyes open.
It's how I got through high school.
- [Hope] Oh.
- [Lizzie giggles]
Hi, Muriel. Here's the agenda for the
You already have an agenda.
Sorry, Hope, it's nothing personal.
You've been gone for weeks.
You don't have to explain.
I'm fine with someone else doing the
You're not talking about the agenda.
Not all of us are in favor of it.
You're talking about
replacing me as mayor.
Yo, Preach, I'm heading your way now.
There better be
some pizza left when I get there.
Those Giants better be kicking ass.
All right. See you in a few.
[bittersweet song playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[man] You were playing shortstop? Attaboy!
- [man laughing]
- [bittersweet song continues]
[bittersweet song continues softly]
You know what they say
about sewing and drinking alone?
Oh, my God, sewing is no joke.
I mean, I thought I could fix
the rip in my robe,
but apparently,
sewing silk is not for beginners.
- Do you want to sit?
- Thanks.
- [Mel] Yeah.
- I am desperate for some new energy.
When I come back here,
it's a parade of the usual suspects
who I haven't seen since high school,
and it always starts with,
"So, what are you up to these days?"
[both laughing]
So, what are you up to these days?
You're funny!
So I escaped to Virgin River,
and it sounds like you escaped from it.
I mean, don't get me wrong,
it's not all bad.
It's just being back here, it's so quiet.
- [Mel] Yeah.
- And slow.
Really gives you time to think.
Yes. Yes, it does.
I hate that.
You're funny.
You should know, Mom said
so many wonderful things about you.
How you helped her through some
dark times.
She was a really special woman.
So, what were you escaping
[wincing and groaning]
[Mel] Oh, my God. Eva, are you okay?
[bittersweet song continues]
- [glass shatters]
- [shrieks]
[rock clatters]
- [bittersweet song continues]
- Look at all the spaces left ♪
Look at all this loneliness ♪
[doorbell rings]
Feel the wind blow through my chest ♪
Feel the weight with every step ♪
Here comes the lightning ♪
Here comes the fight ♪
Here comes the thunder ♪
And then the quiet ♪
[bittersweet song continues]
Here comes the lightning ♪
Here comes the fight ♪
Here comes the thunder ♪
And then the quiet ♪
Here comes the hammer ♪
Here draws the light ♪
Here comes the thunder ♪
[song fading]
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