Virgin River (2019) s05e06 Episode Script

Heroes Rise

Ava! Ava!
Oh, sweetheart.
It's okay. It's okay. Okay. Okay.
Ava! Oh my God.
Oh my God. Ava.
Ava, wake up! Ava, wake up!
Wake up! Wake up!
Come on, Jay, come on.
He could've damaged his liver
or his spleen in the fall,
but I don't know.
Yeah, I'm not feeling
any excessive internal bleeding.
- His abdomen is still soft.
- Punctured his lung?
Oh, yeah.
Yes, there is tracheal deviation.
- Pneumothorax.
- Yep!
Take over for Cameron
on the bag valve mask.
And keep squeezing steady
every six to eight seconds.
I'm in.
- What is that for?
- Needle decompression.
Need to let the air out of the space
between the lung and the chest wall
so that the lung can re-inflate.
Isn't that a little close to the sternum?
I I want you to do this.
- Second intercostal space midclavicular.
- Yup.
We have to get out.
- We gotta get out of here.
- No. No, no, no.
It's getting too hot in here.
Denny, we gotta get out
and make a run for it.
Go! Get on out of here!
Drive, Denny!
Ava, wake up!
Wake up!
- Mel!
- Jack? Jack!
Oh my God, Jack! Jack?
Go around!
Ava's stuck in Chloe's bedroom.
I can't get her up!
I got her!
Just get out through the kitchen! Go!
Ava! Ava, let's get you out of here!
Give me your hands.
You ready? On three. One, two, three! Up!
Okay. Here we go.
Here we go. Here we go.
It's okay. It's okay. You're okay.
It's okay, baby, it's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's all right. Okay.
I got you. I got you.
Come on. We're out. I got you.
- Chloe!
- I have her! I have her! She's right here.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.
I'm sorry, I fell. I must've hit my head.
Why is she making that noise?
She inhaled smoke.
We need to go to the clinic.
Let's get in the truck.
- The barn! I can't leave the animals!
- No! I got 'em!
- You go with Mel! I'll meet you there!
- Chloe.
Be careful!
I know, baby.
We need to get him to a hospital.
Could be a hole in his lung leaking air.
We won't know unless he arrests again.
Two grams of cefazolin and, uh I'll, uh
I'll try and get
a medevac team up here to
transport him out.
Good job.
What just happened?
All right, now give that to me again.
What was I thinking?
They're just kids and I let them
drive out into the middle of a wildfire?
Hope, I'm anxious enough as it is
without you making it worse.
Lizzie and Denny have been gone too long.
I know Nick said it's too dangerous
to send someone to look for them
- Hope, it's okay.
- What do you mean, "It's okay"?
It's the furthest thing from okay.
Turn around.
Oh, thank God.
I was worried sick about you two.
The road was blocked,
and the fire was moving so fast.
I'm just happy you two are safe.
- Well, thanks to Bert, we are.
- Oh, Bert!
I'm just glad I was in my blue truck.
She's a beast.
Let's, uh,
get you something to eat.
Sounds like you saved as many lives
as the fire department today, Mrs. McCrea.
Maybe more.
Just doing my job.
Well, my former job.
His job.
Thank you.
How about we just try to get through
this thing together like a team?
And don't go behind my back again.
I'll be the Mutt to your Jeff.
- Nick and Hope work fine.
- Yeah.
Hey, things are getting crazy out there,
so I brought a few of them here,
I hope that's okay.
Yeah, sure.
Where's Jack?
He's not back yet?
Making it extremely difficult
for firefighters to contain the blaze,
flames tore through
the South Hills area earlier today
destroying homes and burning
more than 1,000 hectares of land.
- Back to
- Mike, anything?
My buddy at Humboldt County
says the cell towers are down.
Most landlines too.
Dispatch put me
on the notification list for updates.
There must be
a way to reach Jack.
Maybe we should get in the car
and go there.
And do what, Mom?
The roads into Virgin River
are all closed, Mrs. Sheridan.
They're just letting evacuees out.
Let's just stay positive.
Maybe Mel and Jack made it out.
Then why haven't we heard from them
or your boyfriend, Brady?
- You must be worried sick about him.
- Mom, can we just
If he was here supporting you
like he should've
Mom, stop!
I'm sure Brady would be here if he could.
I'll be getting updates faster
than the news outlets.
I can stay a while,
we can wait this out together.
That would be wonderful. Thank you, Mike.
Is anybody hungry? I could order us lunch.
Let me find some menus.
Mike, you don't have to stay
if you don't want to.
You can go back to the hotel, or
I want to stay.
How's he doing?
He's stable for now.
He's gonna be out for the next few hours.
Oh, good. Well, we're on a list
for the next available medevac team.
But it may take a while.
Grace Valley is overwhelmed.
What happened in there?
I have been diagnosed
with macular degeneration.
- I have been receiving treatment.
- Wait, how long have you known?
Three months.
And I'm finding out like this?
I intended on telling you.
What would've happened
to that firefighter if I didn't step in?
It has never affected my work.
How could you put him in that situation?
Do not question my integrity! Do not
I'm sorry. I need all hands on deck.
Chloe's airways are swollen.
Lilly's house caught on fire,
they were trapped inside.
Put her in my office.
Jay is still in the exam room.
- Muriel, get the bassinet.
- Yeah.
I don't know how long they were inside.
We need to check them
for cyanide poisoning.
- Can you get the pulse ox?
- I'm on it.
I should've got her out of there earlier.
This is my fault.
Sweetheart, it's not your fault.
We're gonna take good care of Chloe, Ava.
And I just want to make sure
that you're okay.
Muriel, can you set Ava up
in the room outside, please?
Yeah. It's okay.
It's okay. She's gonna be fine.
She said she hit her head.
I found her unconscious.
Well, I can check
for a possible concussion.
No! I will do it.
Make sure the oxygen's flowing
and I'll be right back.
What is going on?
I couldn't see.
Ava, just lay down.
She's still really upset.
Did you know
something was going on with Doc?
And you didn't think I needed to know?
no containment, 52 structures destroyed.
The fire has turned south,
progressing through South Hills.
Multiple spot fires
reported in Coyote Canyon
Hey, what's up?
Hey, look, you've
hardly spoken to me since we got here.
Are you okay?
It's just
It's a lot going on with the fire and all.
Hey, um, in the car, I
I didn't mean to yell at you like that.
I was just
- afraid that
- I know. I'm not mad at you, Lizzie.
I'm gonna
I'm gonna go help with the chairs.
Can't we talk about it?
I can't. Yeah, I
- I just
- What?
I just need a little space. That's all.
Where the hell is Jack?
He'll be here. Don't worry.
Hey, Brady? I want to say
thank you for today.
Not everyone'd
be willing to run into a fire.
I'm just glad Hazel's okay.
A couple people from the camp
said that you were in the military?
Yeah, Preacher and I
served in the Marines.
That's why you're so brave.
Your friend saved my daughter's life.
Well, I am glad that you
and your daughter are safe.
Uh, listen up, everyone.
Uh, Chief Smith has an update.
This is obviously a fluid situation.
The fire made its way quickly
through the South Hills area,
and unfortunately,
we were not able to save the homes
between Oxy Oak Drive and Fulton Highway.
What about the homes in Coyote Canyon?
That's where a lot of us live.
Yeah, we're doing
everything we can to save those homes.
I've been in touch with
the incident commander
about getting some water planes
over to that area as soon as possible.
But right now, there are more homes
that need protection
than we have resources available.
We gonna be okay?
I understand how you feel
and I give you my word
I will do everything possible
to save your homes.
Right now, I've gotta go over to the area
and assess the situation.
But in the meantime, between the smoke
and the communication being down
on both sides of the river,
I suggest that you all just
hunker down here.
If things take a turn, the safety
emergency zone is the field at Kid's Camp.
But that's the worst-case scenario, folks.
Now, I will be in touch with Nick
with any updates.
Oh, one more thing
before you go, Chief Smith.
The incident commander
you mentioned before.
If I or Nick here
could talk to that person,
we might be able to convince them
to send those water planes.
Uh, give me your walkie.
That's the IC's channel.
He's hard to reach, but it couldn't hurt
to hear from the mayor.
- All right, good luck.
- Thank you.
We are getting those planes, Nick.
What do you mean,
"everything's gone"?
Her oxygen level is still too low.
I'll, uh
have Cameron check on her
after he finishes with Ava.
No, I don't need Cameron.
I have you.
If what happened with Jay
happens again with Chloe, I
Doc, if it happens again,
we will deal with it.
Look, I know that what happened
must have been disconcerting,
but this town needs you right now.
And if, God forbid,
Chloe takes a turn for the worse,
there is nobody that I would
rather have standing by my side than you.
All right, let's monitor her cyanosis
and signs of hypotension.
And we have to be ready to intubate
if needed.
- Jack's here.
- Oh.
- You go. I got Chloe.
- Thank you.
- Oh my God.
- It's all right.
- Let's go outside.
- Okay.
Look, I, um
I got all the animals out, but
Lilly's house
and barn are completely gone.
Oh no.
Oh my God. Poor Tara.
She must be freaking out
watching this on the news.
Yeah, my mom and Brie too.
Haven't been able to get through to them.
How are Chloe and Ava doing?
We're monitoring Chloe,
and Ava's still pretty shook up. She's
When I got to the farm,
I couldn't find you,
I was so worried about you and the baby.
I know, I
I'm just so glad you're okay.
Chloe, she's pulling on her oxygen mask
and Doc's checking in on Jay.
Okay, I'll be there in a second.
I'm sorry, I have to go.
No, no, go. Take care of Chloe.
I better get to the bar.
Place is probably packed with evacuees.
- You know where I'll be.
- Yeah.
Just no more running
into burning houses. Okay?
- Yes.
- Please?
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Their cell phones are still down, Mom.
They're expanding the evacuation area
near Virgin River.
I know how hard this is for you,
Mrs. Sheridan,
but I've been in some of
the most difficult situations imaginable
with your son.
And he's always pulled through.
Jack has always been
the strong one in the family.
The one we could always lean on.
You know, you're also sitting
next to an incredibly strong person.
What your daughter did in court today
took a tremendous amount of strength.
That's it? Just a "Yeah"?
No other comment?
Come on, Brie.
- You know I think you're strong.
- Oh, do I?
That's weird, because I don't think
I've ever heard you actually say it.
I've heard you say
that Jack is the strong one. Um
Don is the funny one.
Mary's the saint. But what am I?
- Brie, this is not the time
- It's never the time. Is it, Mom?
I'm seriously asking you, what am I?
Right now,
I think you're a little selfish.
I understand those planes
are deployed elsewhere.
How soon can they be sent to Virgin River?
You're doing great, Nick.
Let out your inner Churchill.
We're doing everything we can
to get you those planes.
I'll notify Chief Smith
as soon as they're available.
What, that's it? We're screwed!
People are real thankful out there.
Most of them haven't eaten all day.
- What's your problem?
- I ain't got no problem.
Clearly you do.
You know, I don't know, I guess, uh
You know, I guess I'm just having trouble
with you acting like a war hero,
despite who you saved today.
Is that what I was doing?
You just won't let it go, will you?
Let it go?
- Are you serious?
- Yeah, I'm serious.
You hold on to what happened in Iraq.
Makes you feel like you're better than me.
But guess what?
You're not.
You know, I've got a hundred people
out there who just lost their homes.
Yeah, I know, Preacher.
I've been out there all day.
- No, I do not have time for this!
- Hey, I need you guys outside. Now.
Fire jumped the river.
How is that possible?
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm sorry about that.
It's all right.
Relationships with moms can be tricky.
Why does what she thinks
still matter so much?
I'm a grown woman.
I just
I fall right back into old habits
when I'm around her.
Because she's your mom.
I always wanted my mom's approval too.
Broke her heart when I told her
I wanted to be a cop
after getting out of the military.
She didn't talk to me for six months.
What did she want you to be?
A dentist.
Mmm, yeah, yeah.
No, I can see that, though.
Perfect smile, charming chairside manner.
- Wow.
- Totally.
I cannot catch a break with you, huh?
Well, for what it's worth,
even though she didn't express it well,
I think what your mom said
about you being strong,
I think she really believes it.
Everybody, please just stay calm.
Is the bar still safe?
You said the fire
wouldn't cross the river.
- I don't know. I don't
- Simmer down.
This is a mandatory evacuation notice
for all of Virgin River.
So leave your belongings and make your way
down to the field at Kid's Camp
in an orderly fashion.
Like the fire chief said,
that is our designated safety zone.
But the main thing is to stay calm.
The B&B just caught fire.
Nick. Nick, we have to do something.
- I gotta go.
- Nick!
You can't do anything to save the B&B.
What you can do is help the people here.
Because now they're panicked
and panic is contagious.
You're right. You're right.
Jo Ellen, Jo Ellen, look,
go down to the safety zone with Lydie.
- And I'll meet you there, okay?
- Okay.
Guys, it's gonna be okay. It's gonna
Just breathe. It's gonna be okay.
Thank you, Hope.
Gather the rest of the umbrellas!
Move everything wooden away from the bar!
Hey, Bert, give me a hand
with these tables, will you?
Denny! I need you to get to the clinic!
Make sure that Doc and Mel know
to evacuate! Get them to the safety zone!
I'll see you down there.
Come on, guys, grab what you can!
The river bank's on fire!
This is no longer about saving homes
on the other side of the river.
This is about saving the entire town.
Check on the status of the planes.
They're not gonna get here in time, Hope.
So unless you know somebody
with a plane, it ain't gonna happen.
I do know someone with a plane.
All right, let's go!
We're gonna dig a trench!
Come on! Over here!
Wind's picking up.
We need to start a backfire.
- What are you talking about?
- A backfire.
We clear the vegetation from
here to the water line. Burn what's left.
Hell no! No one's lighting a fire
anywhere near the barn.
- Fire's already here.
- I'm telling you
Hey, Preach, hear him out!
He used to fight fires in prison!
It'll turn the fire away from the bar.
Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.
Brady, that's just it. I don't trust you.
- Come on, he may be right.
- You're siding with him?
I'm not siding with anybody!
That is the enemy right there!
All right, we gotta do something
or our bar is gonna burn to the ground!
Do it!
Bert, Tony, with me. Let's go. Come on!
You better be right.
- Jack!
- Hope, what are you doing here?
Get back to the safety zone!
I just got off the radio with Chief Smith.
I figured out a way to save Virgin River,
but I can't do it alone.
Come on. Come on.
Moving someone in Jay's condition
is incredibly risky.
If he went into arrest again,
either on the move or in the safety zone,
we would not have
what we need to keep him alive.
- What's the alternative?
- Grandpa!
Have you heard? There's a mandatory
Evacuation of Virgin River.
Yeah, we heard on the radio.
Then why aren't you leaving?
We have a patient who can't be moved.
You can't all just stay here.
The fire's almost at the bar.
You're right, Denny.
We can't all stay here.
I am staying and everyone else is leaving.
What? Doc, I can't
I am not taking a man
in critical condition into an empty field.
I will wait here with him
until the medevac team arrives.
- I'm staying too.
- No, I do not need you to.
Yes, you do.
get Chloe and Ava to safety.
And Muriel and Denny
can help bring down what you need.
Only if you two agree that if that fire
gets too close to the building
We will move Jay as a last resort.
All right. I'm gonna need
another portable oxygen tank,
a blood pressure cuff and pulse oximeter.
- On it.
- I'll help you gather the things.
Look, I want you to know that I'm sorry
I did not tell you about Doc.
It's just It wasn't my place.
I know. I shouldn't have
expected you to betray his trust.
Don't be too hard on him.
Doctors are heroes,
but they're also human.
Same goes for you.
Preacher has guys wetting down the bar.
I'll have him send people to come here.
Thanks so much, Denny.
Listen, I need you
to do another thing for me.
Find Hope and and make sure she's okay.
And if anything happens to me, tell her
Tell her I love her.
She means everything to me.
And it's important that she hears that.
Thank you, dear boy.
- Just down there?
- Hi. Welcome.
Everything's gonna be okay. Come on in.
Over here.
You want to fly my plane
into the middle of a wildfire?
Use her to drop water on the fire.
Crop dusters are used
all the time to fight fires, Charlie.
Yeah, I've heard of it.
I've never done it.
- But she does have a 1,900-liter tank.
- Great!
Now all we have to do
is jump on your CB radio
and get all your
other crop-dusting buddies
Whoa, whoa.
Just hold your horses there, Hope.
I didn't agree to let you use my plane.
Charlie, I've known you
as long as I've lived here.
No one loves Virgin River
as much as me except you.
That's why we've always got along so well.
Not well enough, apparently.
- Hmm?
- I tried courting Hope between husbands.
Got shot down every time.
And you're gonna
hold that against me now?
With the entire town
about to go up in flames?
I think what Hope
is trying to say, Charlie,
is this is a day
that's gonna go down in history.
The people of Virgin River are gonna be
talking about this fire for years to come.
And we few
We happy few
will have made the difference.
Now, this is your chance, Charlie,
to have your name
be a part of every single story
that they tell from this day forth.
Oh, you're gonna be
remembered as a hero, Charlie.
What do you say?
You a pilot?
I got a few hours under my belt.
Well, I'm a licensed AG pilot.
I've flown in rainstorms,
hailstorms, you name it.
But with my bum leg
I'm gonna let you do the flying,
I'll do the navigating. How's that sound?
- Let's save this town, Charlie.
- I'll grab the gear and night goggles.
We can get your fire chief on the radio
once we're in the air.
- You got it!
- Henry V, really?
Well, I missed my calling. What can I say?
You reach out to every farmer you know
while I fill her up with water,
and then I want you to get back
into the safety zone, okay?
- Okay! 10-4, good buddy.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
I was
humiliated by the way I reacted
when we were trapped in the car.
I thought I'd come to terms with death.
And in that moment, I realized
I hadn't prepared myself for dying at all.
I'm in love with you, Lizzie.
And I don't want to lose you.
you deserve to know what kind of man I am.
I know exactly
what kind of man you are, Denny.
And I love you too.
I know. I know.
It's okay, baby.
I know. Shh, shh, shh. I know, sweetheart.
I know. I'm so sorry, baby. I know.
It's okay. It's all right. It's okay.
There you go. There you go.
It's okay. Shh
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thank you.
- Shh. It's okay. It's okay.
- How's she doing?
Her vitals aren't where I want them, but
she's a fighter.
How are you?
Bump on my head's nothing
compared to the pit in my stomach.
I just can't believe that the farm's gone.
I know.
How am I gonna tell Tara?
I don't know.
I don't think there's an easy way
to break somebody's heart.
- Are you good?
- Yeah, I'm all right.
- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Why don't you let me
watch Chloe for a while?
Well, thank you.
But I have to check the swelling
in her airways every few minutes, so
If you need anything,
I'm here.
Thank you.
Hey, um, is there any word from Jack?
He and Hope aren't back yet.
Can you keep an eye out for me?
You got it.
Man, am I glad to see you.
Roads are impassable.
We have to go the long way around.
Whose idea was it to light a backfire?
Good call.
Bought us some time.
I'm gonna need
you and your men to pull back now.
What? No.
No, we're here for whatever you need.
I'm not asking you, Preacher.
One of your injured firefighters
is still in the clinic.
Even if it means losing the bar,
you keep him safe.
Yeah, there's a team headed up there now.
And, uh, Preacher, thanks for the text.
It meant a lot.
All right! Wind's moving south!
Hold the line! Let's go! Move!
Fueled by
unseasonably dry wind,
the Grace Valley fire
has now spread as far as Virgin River,
and a level-three,
leave-now evacuation order
has been issued
for the town and its residents.
Any news?
It's the same footage from earlier.
Well, Mike is checking in with
the sheriff's office for any updates. So
smoke, embers,
and active blazes.
Officials continue to urge the residents
I'm sorry I walked out earlier.
I just didn't want us to go down
a bad path and, you know
But I should have been more sensitive.
I know how hard today has been for you.
For you too.
Sit with me.
Currently, the fear is that
the fire could jump the river,
which would instantly
shrink the areas previously considered
When something like this happens,
puts everything in perspective.
And I think, why wouldn't
I tell the people I love how I feel?
The truth is, Brie, it has always
been hard for me to do that with you.
And I don't really know why.
I know it's always been easier for you
to talk to your father.
And I think I'm jealous of that.
Sounds ridiculous.
But you've always been so smart.
So clever.
I didn't
really know how to relate to you.
Okay. Well, I didn't make it easy.
No, you did not.
But if I could do it over
I would tell you every day
how much I love you.
And how much I admire you.
I love you, Mom.
It cuts the town ♪
It's always there moving, yes, forward ♪
From the ground
You can't tell where it's goin' ♪
You nearly drown ♪
Does everybody feel
The way I feel right now? ♪
I wish my heart
Could finally fall on solid ground ♪
If I look into the future ♪
I might know that it all works out ♪
That's our Jack up there flying it!
And there are more planes on the way!
They're gonna keep making drops all night!
I don't know how you did it,
but when you set your mind to something,
God help the fool who gets in your way.
- Couldn't have done it without you, Nick.
- Oh
Truth be told, on your worst day,
you're a better mayor
than I could ever hope to be.
- Yes, she is.
- Yeah.
In fact, next town council meeting,
I'm handing you back the reins.
- Where's Vernon?
- He's still at the clinic with Cameron.
They're dealing
with an injured firefighter.
There's a fire team there.
The clinic's still safe.
Let's hope the planes keep it that way.
Can I just
talk to you for a sec?
Something happened to Doc
at the clinic today
that I think you should know about.
- Mel, you've gotta come see the planes.
- Shh! Oh, oh, oh
- She's asleep?
- Yeah.
Her vitals are getting better.
They're starting to become normal.
She should be good by tomorrow.
Can I hold her?
Yeah, of course. Of course.
There you go.
Hey, it's okay.
It's all right. She's gonna be okay.
Looks like your backfire saved the bar.
Thank you.
Don't need your gratitude, Preach.
I need you to understand
I'm not the man I used to be.
You got lucky.
Don't I know it.
Bar's safe, but fire marshal will have
to do a walk-through before you reopen.
Hey, uh
- You seen Kaia?
- Yeah, she just went over to the clinic.
They're medevacking
her husband to the hospital.
- Her husband?
- Yeah, Jay.
He's gonna pull through. Don't worry.
- Thanks for coming with me.
- Of course.
I can't thank you enough
for everything you both did.
Take good care of him.
Several areas reported significant damage,
but no casualties reported.
No casualties. Oh, thank God.
You know Jack will call as soon
as the phone lines are working again.
He's gonna
have some stories to tell.
Um, I'm gonna head back to the hotel.
You two can get some rest.
Mrs. Sheridan, thank you so much
for your hospitality.
Amelia, please.
Mike, you've been a godsend.
Thank you. You're welcome here anytime.
Hopefully I'll be seeing more of you.
Yeah. I hope so too.
I will walk you out.
Thank you.
For everything.
Glad I could be here.
And, um, thank you for trusting me enough
to share what you've been through.
Yeah, well,
it really meant a lot to me
to have someone here I could trust.
- Uh
- I should
- I better hit the road.
- Yeah. Okay.
Drive safe.
Bye, Mrs. Sheridan.
It's Amelia!
We're going to get through this together,
- There he is.
- Oh, hey, it was a group effort.
- Thanks for your support.
- Jack.
- She's in the tent with Chloe.
- Thanks.
What's wrong?
I'm so sorry.
Where did I go wrong? ♪
I lost a friend ♪
Somewhere along in the bitterness ♪
And I would have
Stayed up with you all night ♪
Had I known how to save a life ♪
Where did I go wrong? ♪
I lost a friend ♪
Somewhere along ♪
How to save a life ♪
And I would have
Stayed up with you all night ♪
Had I known ♪
How to save a life ♪
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