Virgin River (2019) s05e08 Episode Script

Full Moon

- ["Exactly How I Feel" by Lizzo playing]
- That's exactly how I feel ♪
That's exactly how I feel ♪
That's exactly how I feel ♪
- [mouthing]
- I woke up this morning ♪
Wrong side of the bed ♪
I don't have to 'splain it ♪
Uh ♪
How I feel ♪
- I might be a bitch ♪
- Bitch ♪
- I might make a friend ♪
- Friend ♪
Ain't I so amazing? ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Love me or hate me ♪
Ooh, I ain't changin' ♪
And I don't give a ♪
Give a, give a ♪
No ♪
- That's exactly how I feel ♪
- Uh! ♪
- That's exactly how I feel ♪
- Say it again ♪
- That's exactly how I feel ♪
- Whoo! ♪
- Don't hide no emotions ♪
- [door closes]
- Where 'em on my sleeve ♪
- Hi.
[song stops]
- Hey.
- Hey, there. [exhales]
I thought I'd make it back
before you were awake.
[hesitatingly] Is this
what you do when I'm not here?
'Cause I like it.
I believe that that is between me
and the woodland creatures outside.
Right. Well, on behalf of myself
and all of the assorted wildlife
- [Mel laughs]
- we're definite fans.
Aw, thank you.
- From the squirrels.
- [chuckles]
- That's from me.
- Thank you.
Seriously, though,
I'm glad you're feeling better.
Me too.
And this is, uh, quite the spread
you got going here.
Oh yeah. Well, there was more food.
A lot more, but I ate it. [exhales]
So that's all for you. Help yourself.
Um, I gotta go.
- I'm meeting Doc to go fishing.
- You're what now?
[clears throat] Fishing.
- Fishing?
- [Mel laughs] What?
When I left the clinic,
I offered and Doc took me up on it.
So then after I wash the smell of fish
off of my body,
I'm going for a late lunch
with the sewing circle ladies,
and then, uh, girl's night with Brie.
- I love how everyone's showing up for you.
- Yeah.
Guess I'm just gonna
have to share my star.
Aw! Well, don't you have a busy day?
I do. It's a load-in day, but, I mean,
I'm not gonna be that busy.
I can still make that follow-up
appointment with Dr. Lorton's office.
See when we can start trying again.
[sighing] Oh, right.
- Uh, maybe we can talk about that later.
- Sure.
Thank you for the flowers and the latte.
- You're welcome.
- I love you.
Love you too.
Good luck fishing.
[door closes]
[theme music playing]
[Brady sighs heavily]
[seagulls cawing]
- We need to talk about the other day.
- That's a good idea.
I swear,
Sacramento was a complete coincidence.
I had no idea Brie was gonna be there.
We ran into each other at the courthouse.
I was just trying to be supportive.
Then why didn't you tell me about it, huh?
I knew if I told you,
you'd probably overreact.
Which you did.
If you really want a shot
at getting her back,
we have to take Melissa down.
You got a wire for me or what?
You're gonna wear it today, all day.
In a perfect world,
you get Melissa admitting
that she's laundering drug money
through the glamping site,
plus any details about
drug locations, shipments.
You expect her to say all this
with Jack on site?
- Get her alone, get her talking.
- [Brady] All right.
But I'm telling you,
if she doesn't admit it soon,
I ain't gonna keep lying to Jack and Brie.
Then stay focused on our goal.
[Lizzie] Morning.
You're here early.
Looking rather spiffy, I might add.
Boss tweed.
I'm chief of staff to the mayor.
I wanted to make
a good impression on my first day.
Consider me impressed.
Well, don't get used to it.
This is just a first-day thing.
I only have one outfit like this.
Clothes don't make the woman.
Now I made a list
of priorities for the day.
This is as long as the Bible.
New Testament, but still.
There's a lot to tackle!
But lucky for you, your chief of staff
is caffeinated and ready to work.
I think the first order of business
is figuring out a solution
for the displaced people
staying at the school gym.
It could be months before
they're able to find permanent housing.
First order of business
is changing out of your PJ's.
Solving the housing crisis
can be second on today's agenda.
- [Hope] A fine idea. Morning, Denny.
- Morning, Hope.
[Hope] What are you up to today?
I got a job interview at Bert's auto shop.
- Good luck!
- Thanks.
Good morning.
[Lizzie] I'll walk you out
while Hope gets changed.
[Denny] What can I say?
My powerful politician girlfriend
is very sexy.
"Powerful politician"?
Please. Let's not go crazy.
What, are you kidding?
Chief of staff to the mayor is epic.
This promotion's a big deal.
[chuckles] I had Connie make it
for me last night.
Oh, this is this is really sweet.
But Hope and I don't need to campaign.
Yet. When you do, now you have some swag
and a boyfriend ready to canvass for you.
I appreciate the support.
Of course.
So Bert's shop. That could be interesting.
Oh, it's super random,
but he's the only one who called me in.
And it'll be good to learn
how to fix a car or change a tire,
or learn the different types of wrenches.
I just looked it up and there are 40.
That is good to know. [chuckles softly]
Well, good luck with your interview.
"Hope and Liz mean biz."
- [Lizzie laughs]
- [Denny] See you later!
[uplifting music playing]
[Mel sighs] I gotta say, this is way more
relaxing than I was expecting.
[Doc] Well, catching fish
is nice, but, uh [inhales deeply]
I like it out here 'cause
this is where I do my best thinking.
And sometimes I even talk to the fish.
- They talking back to you?
- [both chuckling]
- They're good listeners.
- [laughs]
No pressure.
No expectations on this boat.
[inhales deeply]
Well, I have been avoiding
the quiet today.
Just listening to music
and trying to drown out my
my thoughts.
They always come creeping back,
though, don't they?
- Yeah.
- Be gentle with yourself.
You're processing a lot
emotionally and physically, and
Just takes time to heal a broken heart.
You know, I used to
tell mothers that all the time, and it's
it's really different
when you're the patient.
- I can relate to that.
- [Mel] Mmm.
I'm in the same boat.
- I see what you did there.
- Uh-huh.
[both laughing]
Yeah, but in our line of work [sighs]
sometimes it's hard
to practice what you preach.
How have things been going
with Cameron at the clinic?
I'm offering him
a partnership in the practice.
Doc, that must've been a
a really hard decision.
Yeah. Well,
I'm not leaving right away, you know.
And with my eyesight, I
I need him to play a bigger role.
I sure would love
having you there during this.
Work has has always been healing for me.
I would love to.
Well, that was easy.
Yeah, well, leaving the clinic wasn't.
You know, I think Hope was right.
Nursing has never just been a job to me.
It is a calling.
- So when do you want me to start?
- Whenever you're ready.
- Oh, wait, is it Did I?
- [line tugging]
- Did I just get
- [Doc] Pull up. Pull up.
- [Mel] Oh, okay.
- [Doc] Yup. Good. Good.
I think maybe
you just caught the first fish.
- [Mel squeals] Did I catch a fish?
- [both laughing]
[uplifting music playing]
[Brady exhales]
[Hazel faintly] I can't find my boots.
[Hazel muttering]
[Lark] Hazel, we don't have time.
We gotta go. Listen
- [Hazel] But my boots!
- [Lark speaking indistinctly]
- [Lark] Fine, I'll look in my bags.
- Lark?
Oh my God. Brady.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here?
- I didn't know anyone was
[sputtering] I'm sorry.
This is so embarrassing.
[inhales deeply] We're leaving.
Um, just please forget we were even here.
- Hi, Brady!
- [Brady] Hey, kid.
- [Lark] Hazel, can you pack up your toys?
- [Hazel] Okay.
- [Brady] Hey.
- [Lark sighs]
Uh, what's
What's going on?
We were staying at the elementary school
with the other evacuees,
but Hazel couldn't fall asleep
and she was starting to lose it.
I was passing by.
I noticed all the empty trailers.
I figured we'd crash for a night,
leave super early,
but I slept through my alarm.
- Please don't call the cops. I'm sorry.
- [Brady] It's okay.
You were, uh, just being a good mom.
[vehicle approaching]
I'd let you stay longer.
It's just not my call to make.
Besides, you don't wanna stay here.
It's about to get busy with construction.
Hey, what's up?
[Brady] Morning.
- Hi.
- [Brady] Um
I remember you.
Yeah, I remember you.
Basil, right?
No, Hazel.
Oh, Hazel.
- Wasn't oregano? No?
- No.
- No!
- Parsley?
What's going on?
Uh, you know what? We were, um
Brady is about to spare my dignity, but
I don't want to lie.
We were squatting.
I'm sorry. We just
We had nowhere to go.
But we're leaving now.
[Jack] Whoa, whoa, wait. Um
Where are you gonna go?
All right, why don't you, um,
stay here.
You know, until you get settled.
Yeah, you need a place
to get back on your feet.
I got one. It's a no-brainer.
- Oh my God. Thank you.
- [Jack] It's all good.
- Um, I'm just gonna tell Hazel.
- [Jack] All right.
[Lark speaking indistinctly]
- Let's get to work.
- Yeah.
Hey, uh, listen,
I don't know if having them stay here
is such a good idea.
Why not?
It's a construction site.
It could be dangerous.
What, you're worried that the
little one's gonna joyride a forklift?
- No, it's just
- Come on, man, she's got a six-year-old.
I'm not gonna put 'em out on the street.
[Brady] Yeah, you're right.
All right.
I'm gonna go check in with Melissa.
Why don't you just go grab them
some supplies?
Yeah, sure thing.
- [Jack] Morning!
- This is a good day.
[Jack] Oh, sure is.
Can't believe we're finally doing this.
[Kaia] This seems like a lot of pomp
and circumstance for bread and eggs.
[Preacher] Oh, easy now, don't be a hater.
This is my infamous
panettone French toast.
[Kaia] Mmm!
- I eat my words. Mm-hmm.
- Right?
This is definitely worth the pomp. Mm-hmm.
- And what about the circumstance?
- It's delicious.
Hey, listen, I know you said
things were over with Jay,
but I get the feeling
that he is not over you.
He basically told me so.
Like I said,
you don't have to worry about Jay.
But what you might wanna worry about
is what I have planned for us today.
I thought you said that we were gonna,
you know, relax.
[Kaia] Yeah.
Oh, you don't know me really, do you?
No, I prefer a day of thrill
to a day of chill.
Okay. Well, let's do it.
Oh, not until I finish every last bite
of my fancy-ass toast.
[cutlery clinks]
[music playing in bar]
We're so glad you're back, Mel.
[Mel] Me too.
- What are you working on today?
- I thought I would finish my baby dress.
- [Muriel chuckles] Oh.
- Oh, isn't that darling?
Oh, the little bird appliqué.
That's a lovely touch.
Thank you.
It, um, reminds me of my mom.
[inhales deeply]
She used to call me her little bird.
So I figured after the fire,
somebody's little bird might need a dress.
- [Muriel] Mmm.
- It's very sweet of you.
Just keep flying, sweetheart.
[inhales deeply]
So, ladies, are you gonna catch me up
on the town gossip?
Now, now, Mel, we do not gossip.
We simply exchange provocative local news.
- Oh.
- For instance,
did you know that Muriel
is shacking up with Cameron?
Well, that is news to me.
Don't make it sound so sordid!
I am staying in his guest room
while my house is being repaired.
I am roommates with his Peloton.
I guess the amenities at my place
weren't as enticing as the good doctor's.
Would you just stop?
There is nothing going on between me and
- Hi.
- Hi, ladies.
- Hey.
- Uh, Mel, can I borrow you for a minute?
- [mouthing]
- [Mel] What's up?
So I heard you took Doc up on his offer
to come back to the clinic.
Oh, yeah, I did.
That's great.
We couldn't do it without you.
As you proved by consistently being there
even when you were gone.
- So
- [laughs]
- [Cameron] It's nice to make it official.
- Yeah.
This might be belaboring the point,
but I wanted you to know that I have seen
firsthand how wrong I was about Jack.
I'm truly sorry for judging him.
Thank you. I appreciate you saying that.
- [Cameron] I'll see you at the office.
- Yeah! See you at the office.
Oh, hey, I was gonna swing by Swinton's
market and pick up some steaks for dinner.
- How does that sound?
- [Muriel] Yeah!
I'll pick up a nice Merlot.
- [Cameron] Perfect. Bye, ladies.
- [ladies] Bye.
[Jo Ellen humming]
There's a full moon tonight.
It's supposed to be stunning.
You know what they say
about a full moon, Muriel?
No, what do they say
about a full moon, Connie?
- Wild things happen.
- [Muriel] Mmm.
Very wild.
[all laughing]
[Mel] Oh, God.
I always thought the way to a crew's heart
was through their stomachs.
[Jack chuckles]
Brady's assembled a solid crew.
[Melissa] And look at this view!
In a few months, big-city travelers
will be scrambling to escape here.
Well, on that note,
since, you know, it's gonna be
a little while before we officially open,
I was hoping we could let some
of the displaced evacuees stay here.
I mean, they're sleeping
in the school gym, in their cars.
I think that's a wonderful idea.
All right, I'll let Hope know
that she can lean on us.
- And, Jack?
- Hmm?
Nick told me about your loss.
I'm truly sorry.
And I want you to know you don't have
anything to worry about here.
Thanks. Honestly, I'm, uh,
happy to have the distraction right now,
so once I speak to Hope,
I'll get to work on compiling
those receipts, the work invoices.
Actually, I already asked Brady
to take care of that.
I thought you would want to spend
as much time with Mel as you could.
Don't feel like you have to avoid
putting work on my plate.
I want to pull my own weight, you know?
I've been doing the bar's books for years.
I know you can.
I guess I just feel like we're family now.
And in my family,
we look out for each other.
Well, thanks. I appreciate that.
["Let Down" by Michigander playing]
- ["Let Down" playing loudly]
- You ready?
Oh, it's on.
You're a concept worth exploring ♪
[engine revving]
- [Kaia] Go! Whoo!
- Never nervous, never boring ♪
I don't want to mess it up ♪
[both exclaiming]
[Kaia] Here I come!
- Whoo!
- [Preacher] Yeah!
'Cause I got high hopes ♪
I got high hopes ♪
- [Kaia] Whoo-hoo!
- [Preacher] Whoo!
[both] Yeah!
[song continues playing]
[Kaia] Gotta keep up, Preach.
'Cause love ♪
- Careful with that turn!
- [Preacher] I got it!
'Cause I got high hopes ♪
[Preacher] Whoo-hoo!
I got high hopes ♪
- [song fading]
- Preacher gone wild.
- [laughing]
- Yeah! [chuckles]
How'd you get that name, anyway?
My mom. She gave me
the nickname when I was a kid.
- [Kaia] Hmm.
- She said I didn't talk much.
But when I did,
people listen.
Ooh. A boy and his flock.
- Yeah, pretty much.
- Mm-hmm.
It started off as a joke,
but, like with all good nicknames,
- it stuck.
- Hmm.
I don't know, it just
It seems more natural than my given name.
What is your given name?
That is a very unique name.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, it's, uh, strong.
I'm kidding.
- It's John.
- [laughs]
[inhales deeply] Phew!
[both laugh]
He's a jokester now.
Yeah, I got a million of 'em.
What were you like as a kid?
[breathes deeply]
Wild. [chuckles]
Yeah, I come from
a long line of daredevils.
Mostly firefighters.
- Folks must be proud of you.
- At the moment, that's debatable.
My dad is mad at me about Jay.
He's old-school,
doesn't really believe in divorce.
I am standing my ground,
and Dad can deal with it. So can Jay.
[tranquil music playing]
- [Ava] Hi, Mel.
- Hey!
- I know that you do not cook.
- [laughs]
I can see those tell-tale jalapeños.
You know, Hope promised me
no more casseroles.
Well, she also promised
she'd make me one if I dropped this off.
And you gotta admit,
her Southwestern casserole is bomb.
True, fine. Give it to me.
How are you holding up?
Um, you know, I'm hanging in.
I am free to hang out later, you know,
if you need help with your casserole.
[laughs] Oh.
Actually, uh, Jack's sister, Brie, invited
me over for drinks. You should come.
- She won't mind?
- No, she's a sweetheart.
She's gonna love you.
[Brie] What the hell?
This is not the Little League, sir!
Jack told me once you got ejected from
a Dodgers game. Now I can see why.
Yeah, well, Jack exaggerates, okay?
I was asked to leave very firmly.
And you know what?
I didn't start that chant.
He also said your language
made the pitcher blush.
[chuckling] That was the steroids.
And he deserved to hear
every word of that,
because he was phoning it in
just like this guy.
I'd hate to ever get on your bad side.
[chuckling] I doubt you could.
[game playing indistinctly on TV]
Thanks for today.
And the wings.
Yeah. Of course.
It's the least I could do.
You've really shown up for me lately.
Which, uh, brings me to my next question.
Um [clears throat]
[inhales deeply]
I was kind of hoping
maybe you would do it one more time.
- I draw the line at rides to the airport.
- No, no, my company has a softball team.
We have a game tomorrow,
and our shortstop broke his leg
at a bachelor party in Nashville.
- Ah-ha.
- I was hoping you would sub in maybe?
- You need a ringer.
- Mm-hmm.
[Mike] Mmm.
I mean, who can turn down that face?
- Yeah! Yeah, I'll do it. Yeah.
- Yes?
- Yes!
- Yeah. You up for another round?
- Yeah. If you're getting up. Thank you.
- All right.
[game continues on TV]
[inhales deeply]
[phone chiming]
[pensive music playing]
[commentator on TV] It's a knuckleball
and he swings at it. Strike one!
[commentator continues indistinctly]
[birds chirping]
- [Jack] All the trailers have power now?
- [Brady] Yeah, all set up.
- [Hope] Jack!
- [Jack] Oh, good timing.
You guys want to walk some families
over to the trailers?
I'm on it.
Knights in shining armor.
Thank you, boys.
It's all good.
It's a pretty great thing
you're doing here, Jack.
Well, there but for the grace of God go I.
Oh, and thanks for taking the lead
on all those invoices
and the purchase orders too.
What do you mean?
Well, Melissa said you were gonna organize
all the receipts for the materials,
track the labor costs.
Right! Yeah, of course.
I didn't get much sleep last night,
can barely see straight,
but I'm on top of it. Books are good.
- If you need me to look over your work
- [Lizzie] Hey, Jack?
They have a question about the AC.
Can you show us how it works?
Oh, yeah, I'll be right there.
- [Lizzie] Thanks!
- Yeah.
I'm on top of it. Don't worry about it.
I'm gonna set up the next family.
Hey, guys, come on.
We're gonna go down to the left.
[Preacher] Today was awesome.
You really like to push me
outside of my comfort zone.
Yeah. Way better
than a day of relaxing, right?
Well, now, it is my turn
to push you out of yours a little.
I want to know what really happened
with you and Jay.
Getting deep and serious is, um [sighs]
It's kind of new terrain.
Yeah, well, we can take it slow.
Well, um [exhales]
[inhales deeply]
I met Jay during basic training.
And as you can imagine,
it's a pretty intense environment,
especially if you're a woman.
I was the only one, and the guys
were bothered by my presence, except Jay.
He was welcoming, arrogant, but sweet.
I mistook his smugness for confidence.
Wasn't until after we were married
that I realized he was masking insecurity.
So how long into the marriage
before things
Year seven.
Things came to a head when we
we both applied for a promotion
to be team lead.
[Preacher inhales deeply]
Jay got competitive.
Started belittling me
in front of the team,
and because he's a guy and I'm not,
they believed him when he said
she was too fragile for the job.
And Jay got the promotion over you.
He did. And then he asked me
to stop firefighting.
Stay home so we could start a family.
And I just didn't understand
why I had to be the one to quit.
Sorry he put that on you.
Jay wanted me to give up on my dreams.
I refused.
He asked for a divorce.
How do you manage to work with him still?
After all that?
You're in the Marines.
You know what it's like to not get along
with the person you're paired up with.
Yeah, you put your personal issues aside
for the greater good.
- [Kaia] Yeah.
- But you can only do that for so long.
You deserve to get what you want.
All the men in my life
make me feel as though
I should only speak
if I'm standing behind them.
Well, you can stand
wherever you want with me.
[sweet music playing]
Just hold my hand while you do it.
[breathing deeply]
So how much time
do I have left with you anyway?
I'm still waiting to hear.
We can make this work if we want to.
[sweet music continues]
[insects chirping]
[Lark] Hi.
I, uh, was just about to head out.
I wanted to see if you guys
needed anything else.
I think you've done enough for one day.
Hazel's conked out already.
All right. Well, uh, have a good night.
Hey, uh, Brady?
Do you have time for a beer?
It's the least I could do
after everything you've done for us.
[gentle music playing]
[laughs] Yeah, sure.
- I don't have anywhere to be.
- [Lark chuckles softly]
[upbeat music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Brie] That'd be amazing.
Have you ever given
a really impassioned speech
like in A Few Good Men?
[Brie] Oh, yeah. Totally.
Most of my cases end in very Oscar-worthy
soliloquies about truth and honor.
- Really?
- [Brie] No.
[women laugh]
Most of my cases don't even go to trial.
They just end in lame arbitration.
See, I told you
you guys were gonna hit it off.
- What did I say?
- [Brie] Well, we did.
I'm really glad you guys are here.
I needed some girl time.
[Mel] Me too.
Brady and I broke up.
- What?
- [Brie] Mmm.
- Like, officially?
- Yeah.
[Mel] Oh, honey, I'm sorry.
- Men. [sighs]
- [Mel] Mmm.
Well, I mean,
that's very easy for you to say.
Oh, no, I'm kind of glad
I'm not the only sad sack here.
- Oh, no, what's wrong?
- [Ava] I just
feel bad about everything
that happened during the fire.
Oh, Ava, that was completely
out of your control.
No, that's not entirely true.
During the fire,
I was having an endo episode.
The pain got so bad
that I fell and I hit my head.
Well, that still doesn't sound like
it's your fault.
Maybe if I would have settled
on a treatment plan sooner,
I wouldn't have put my sister in danger.
Ava, even if you would have
settled on a treatment plan,
there was no guarantee
you would have been pain-free.
Okay? Thinking like that
is not gonna do you any good.
And Chloe's safe. That's all that matters.
- Yeah.
- Ugh, I just need to let it all go.
[both] Yes!
- [inhales deeply]
- [Mel] Yes.
Oh, luckily, tonight is a full moon.
Which is the perfect time to let go
of what is no longer serving me.
- You have a fire pit, right?
- Yeah.
Okay. All we need is a crystal,
a notepad, and a pen.
- Do you have a crystal?
- I have no crystal.
- [Ava] Okay.
- [Mel and Brie laughing]
Please tell me
we're not gonna go howl at the moon.
I mean, she's from Portland.
What can I say?
[door opens]
- Hey.
- [Denny] Hi.
Hey, how'd how'd the interview go?
Oh, well [sighs]
Bert asked me a bunch of
questions I didn't know the answers to,
and then his wife
gave me this cobbler. So
- Oh.
- I'm guessing not very well.
That was very nice of Shirley.
Sorry you didn't get the job.
It's okay. Bert said I could apprentice.
It'd be cool to learn
how to restore a classic car.
Yeah! So, uh
you're looking for a job.
Does that mean you're planning
on staying here in Virgin River?
I am. Yeah, you know I wanted to travel,
but with Lizzie's new job,
we'll just have to put it on hold.
[chuckling] Well,
you get no pressure from me, uh
Having you here makes me incredibly happy.
Me too.
And, uh
I don't want to put any pressure on you
but, um
Grandma Rose called this morning.
She was wondering
if she could come for a visit.
You know, she really wants to meet Lizzie,
see my life here, see you.
I think the wildfires scared her too.
So she threw out tomorrow,
but only if you're okay with it.
And I know
that the two of you haven't spoken
about what happened with my dad, so
No. No, we, uh we have not.
But perhaps it
it's time that we did. [chuckles]
Why don't you let me
discuss this with Hope?
- Really?
- [Doc] Yeah.
Okay. Thank you. I
You know, I know
it's a complicated situation.
[Denny] It means a lot
that you're considering it.
- I'm gonna throw this in the fridge.
- [gentle music playing]
[crickets chirping]
[Muriel laughing]
So then who pulled the fire alarm?
My friend Elias. He was mad that I got
the lead role in Little Shop.
- So
- Oh, wait. You played Seymour?
- No, the plant.
- Oh.
So the alarm goes off, I climb out
of that massive flytrap costume.
There I am standing on stage
in my tighty-whities
in front of an auditorium full of people.
- Why?
- Because the costume was so damn hot.
[laughing] So, what did you do?
Well, then they evacuated the school
and I stood outside in my underwear,
and anyone that laughed or pointed,
I gave them a little bow.
Okay! So even back then,
you were a class act.
Sometimes I come up a little bit short,
like with Doc.
- [tsks] Oh
- And that whole situation with Mel.
I had just got into town,
and just broke things off
with my ex-fiancée,
and then I meet Mel, and she's
all the things that Michelle isn't.
So I thought that I wanted to be with her,
but it had nothing to do with Mel.
Her and I never had
that kind of connection.
So, what are you looking for these days?
I mean, real connections
are hard to come by.
Yes, they are, and
they can catch you off-guard.
- They can knock you off your feet.
- Just when you least expect it.
- [Muriel] Mm-hmm.
- [romantic music playing]
[sighs heavily]
I am I'm so sorry, but I
I can't do this.
I I thought you
No, no, I mean, I want to do this,
but I promised Doc
that I would be more professional, and
- Well, we
- Work together.
[Cameron] Right, yeah.
I get it.
I do.
But it would be so sad if
our first kiss ended up being our last.
[romantic music continues]
[Cameron sighs]
- Good night, Dr. Hayek.
- Mm-hmm.
[music continues]
Dinner is ready!
- Hiya, handsome.
- Hey. [laughs]
Look at this!
You are a sweetheart.
- Oh, I can be.
- [both] Mmm
How'd it go today?
Oh! [exhales]
I knew the people of Virgin River
would keep showing up for one another.
It's keeping me going.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
[Hope] Mmm.
How was your day?
Denny told me that, um,
Rose wants to come for a visit.
[gentle music playing]
- Really?
- [Doc] Mm-hmm.
- When?
- Tomorrow. And
And I am considering it.
If it's okay with you, of course.
Are you serious, Vernon?
What are you gonna talk about?
Why she kept your son from you
for 50 years?
- Why she faked her own death?
- I I know.
I know, but Denny
is part of our lives now,
and I I'm gonna have to
confront this sooner or later.
Then I guess tomorrow
I finally get to meet Rose Miller.
- [Lark] Of course. [chuckles]
- [Brady chuckling] Right?
- [Lark] This place is beautiful.
- Yeah.
Thanks so much for
helping me get settled.
Oh, don't thank me yet.
I'm pretty sure the lake's haunted.
I'm just messing with you.
[both chuckle softly]
With everything that's been going on,
ghosts sounds kind of fun.
You're doing everything you can
for your daughter.
I wish my mom was like that.
Yeah, she took off
when I was about Hazel's age.
My dad wasn't the greatest either.
He was a mean man.
Especially to my mom.
- Was he mean to you too?
- [Lark] Yeah.
When I was 15, I
couldn't take it anymore.
Had to do something, so I stabbed him
in the leg with his hunting knife.
It's the last time he raised a hand to me
or my mom.
I'm so sorry.
After Hazel was born, I left.
Couldn't let her grow up
thinking that's how men should be.
[exhales sharply]
They can't all be like you.
[gentle music playing]
[inhales deeply]
I I should go.
It's getting late
and I should probably get some sleep.
Thanks for the beer, and, uh company.
[inhales deeply]
Good night, Brady.
Good night, Lark.
[gentle music playing]
To full moons and letting go.
- Letting go.
- Letting go.
[Mel laughs]
So, uh, what are we writing on these pads?
We are gonna write down
whatever is bothering us
and then let it burn.
Then we're gonna let the moon heal us
and manifest good energy into our lives.
- [Brie] Okay.
- Okay.
[Mel inhales deeply] Uh
[Ava] Okay! Now
Goodbye, guilt.
Losing the farm wasn't my fault.
[exhales sharply]
[Brie] Um [sighs]
[inhales deeply]
Goodbye, Brady.
I really wish things
could have been different.
Thought maybe we could
I don't know, heal each other.
- You are up.
- My turn, um
Uh [clears throat]
I want to, uh, let go of
my fear.
My fear of, uh
trying again
and experiencing another loss.
[somber music playing]
I'm sorry, I don't
I I I get it.
It's just a piece of paper
and I should be
I just I can't do it. I
- I'm just
- I'm so sorry. I
I never meant for this
to make you feel worse.
No. No, it's fine.
I mean, I I
I thought that I was moving past this.
I I did. I just
I'm a mess. I don't
No, no. No apologies necessary.
- If we can't take you at your worst, then
- We don't deserve you at your best.
[Brie] Yeah.
[voice breaking] Thank you.
I think, um
what always got me through my grief
before was that [inhales deeply]
I had that hope that the next time
was gonna be different.
[crying softly] But this was
supposed to be that next time for me.
And it's not.
And I just I don't think
I can believe in that anymore.
[somber music continues]
[music continues]
[Brady] Mind getting off my bike?
You're here kinda late.
Burning the midnight oil?
Just making sure people are taken care of
and everything's locked up tight.
Melissa appreciates
how smoothly you ran everything today.
I do too.
Well, good.
Thank you.
That said,
Jack is asking to see the books.
We want you to make sure
whatever he sees satisfies his curiosity.
Yeah, well,
I can't cook the books for Jack
unless I know what's really going on.
Are you gonna fill me in or what?
Lift up your shirt.
Your shirt.
You know why.
What, you
you think I'm wearing a wire? [laughs]
That's exactly what I think.
If this is gonna work,
you two need to start trusting me.
[tense music playing]
[door opens]
[Jack] Hey.
How was your day?
Did the families get settled?
Yeah, they did. [sighs]
Felt good to help. [sighs]
Mmm. Yeah.
I know the feeling.
[Jack] Hmm?
I'm going back to the clinic.
[Jack] Oh.
Of course you are.
Oh, babe, that's great.
I mean, I get why you left, but [sighs]
But I'm sure when we get pregnant,
you'll figure out a way to stay involved
for as long as you want.
["Hurt For Me" by SYML playing]
Jack, I, uh
I think I'm done.
- With what?
- I can't try again.
But I thought
[Mel crying] I know. I'm sorry. It's just
This has been
just such an emotional roller coaster
for me and I
I'm so tired.
So tired of living on hope
and having my heart just ripped out of me
over and over again. And I
I can't I can't do it.
Oh, no ♪
I'm done.
["Hurt For Me" continues]
Tonight, I find it hard to swallow ♪
The bed is made and I feel hollow ♪
My love ♪
I only want you next to me ♪
Sweet love ♪
How long before you hurt for me? ♪
Hurt for me ♪
Do you hurt for me? ♪
[song fading]
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