Virgin River (2019) s05e11 Episode Script

The More the Merrier

[festive song playing]
I don't need much ♪
I don't need presents ♪
I just want it to snow
Snow ♪
- [Mel] Babe?
- [Jack] Yeah?
[Mel] It's cold outside,
and we've been walking forever.
[laughs] Why couldn't we just go to
a Christmas tree lot like ordinary people?
[Jack] 'Cause I don't want our
first Christmas together to be ordinary.
I want it to be extraordinary.
- Aw! Well, when you put it like that.
- Yeah.
But, seriously, how much further?
Because my feet hurt.
- [Jack] There it is.
- What?
The Sheridan family Christmas tree.
[gasps] Look at that!
- [Mel laughs] Hold up, though.
- What?
Well, I'm not a Sheridan yet.
And my family is coming.
So wouldn't it be the
family Christmas tree?
Okay, but then we gotta, uh,
include my sister Mary too.
So now we're looking at
the Brenner-Monroe-Clivesdale-Sheridan
family Christmas tree.
- It's [laughs]
- Starting to sound like a law firm.
I guess it's a good thing that Donna
and Jeannie couldn't come after all.
Although I was
I was really excited to meet your sisters.
I know. Look at the bright side,
now we have more one-on-one time
with my newly-divorced parents.
It's gonna be great.
And I haven't had a big family Christmas
since my mom died.
Well, that's even more reason
to make this one extraordinary.
I'll tell you what else is extraordinary.
The fact that your mom
was having an affair
with a guy from Virgin River,
and you ended up here.
I've been thinking about that.
I wonder if maybe
she left some of the postcards out
where we could see them or something
and I had an image in my mind.
Maybe that's what drew me here?
I don't know.
Oh, and Joey's sure that the man
that wrote them is your biological father?
She says she is, but I don't know.
I I have to read the letters first,
and then I'll decide what I want to do.
You mean, like, whether you
want to try to find him?
- Or pretend he doesn't exist? Yeah! Yeah.
- [Jack exhales]
Well, one thing I can give you
for Christmas is my full support.
[Mel] Mmm.
- [Jack] Whatever you want.
- Thanks.
- And maybe some jewelry?
- [festive song continues]
- Let's grab the tree.
- [laughing]
- Come on. Get you to work.
- What do I do? Get the back?
- [Jack] Sure.
- [grunts] Okay. All right.
[Jack] Whoo! Ho, ho, ho!
I just want it to snow ♪
Snow ♪
Snow ♪
I just want it to snow ♪
Snow ♪
- I just want it to snow ♪
- [song fades]
[Brie] Okay!
I think I baby-proofed
everything in the house.
So, Mary's kids should be safe.
Yeah, you also Mike-proofed the pantry.
Can a guy get some chips?
[both laughing]
Ah! Oh.
Uh, what time's your sister getting in?
Ugh, well, flight's delayed,
so they haven't taken off yet.
But my parents should be
checking in to the B&B right now.
If there's anything I can do to help you
with them this weekend
Just keep charming the pants off my mom.
Not literally, but [laughs]
Yeah, thanks for clarifying.
Christmas was about to get
real weird real fast.
- What, I'm very charming, right?
- Yeah, I noticed.
- So have my pants.
- Mmm.
- [phone chiming]
- [Brie] Mmm.
- You've gotta be kidding me.
- Mmm. What's wrong?
Mary is snowed in in Boston.
She's not gonna make it.
Oh, no, that's sad.
Well, it's more than sad.
Without her kids here,
my parents will have
nothing to focus on but each other.
Maybe, I don't know,
they'll get back together?
Come on, it's the season
of perpetual hope.
- Right?
- [knock on door]
- [Mike] I'll get it.
- Okay.
- Mike.
- [Mike] Mr. Sheridan!
Dad! Merry Christmas!
What are you doing here?
I went to check into the B&B
and I ran into your mother
and her new boyfriend.
- The art teacher?
- That's the one.
- [Mike] Did we know he was coming?
- We did not.
And I'll be damned if I'm gonna stay there
and watch them kiss under mistletoe.
Okay, well, Saint Mary is snowed in,
so she's not using the guest room.
Please make yourself at home.
And I will talk to Mom.
[Sam] They're headed to Jack's Bar.
And please tell your mother
that unless Javier is here
to do a Sheridan family oil painting,
he should go back
to Sacramento immediately.
I don't think I can say that exactly.
Fine, fine.
Just put it in your own words then.
[door opens]
And so it begins.
[door closes]
[Jack] Oh, wow.
- [Mel sighs]
- Okay, keep me posted.
[breathes deeply]
- [Mel] What's going on?
- Uh
Apparently, Mary is snowed in,
and my mom has decided
to bring her new boyfriend.
Much to my dad's dismay.
Well, it sounds like
we're off to an extraordinary start.
Might be one that we'll never forget.
- [laughing]
- [knock on door]
- [Nate] Here we go.
- [Mel] Hey!
- Uncle Jack!
- Hey, kiddo!
- Auntie Mel!
- [Jack] Oh, hey, kiddo! [chuckles]
- [all laughing]
- Hi.
- [Mel] How are you?
- Are you really my uncle?
Well, not yet. But I will be soon enough.
There's no harm in taking the name
for a test drive, though, huh?
[Joey] Hey, Merry Christmas.
[Jack] Hey, good to see you.
Guys, this is so great.
The kids are so happy to come visit you.
- Yeah, thank you so much for having us.
- Oh, come on! Are you kidding me?
We're just happy you could all come,
and I can't wait for you
to meet Jack's family.
I mean, you know,
what's left of them anyway.
[Jack] That's a long story.
Here, I'll hang that for you.
[Nate] Here, grab your jackets.
Uh, does anybody want coffee
or hot cocoa with marshmallows?
- [kids gasp]
- [Mel] Yeah?
- [Jack] Who wants to play reindeer games?
- [girl] Me!
- [Jack] Yeah! Let's do it! Okay.
- [boy] Yeah!
Oh my gosh, they're so big.
- [Joey] I know.
- Wow.
So, um, I brought the letters.
[gentle music playing]
Yeah, okay. Um
Let's, uh, look through them later.
- Okay. Yeah.
- [Mel] Okay.
[Mel exhales sharply]
- [Hope] They are gonna eat our tinsel!
- [Doc laughing]
- [Denny] Who?
- [Hope] Nick and Jo Ellen.
I didn't realize the town's Christmas tree
decorating competition was so competitive.
- [both] Oof!
- What's the grand prize?
It is a yule log
and a year of bragging rights.
And if there's anything
more delicious than that yule log,
it's the sweet taste of victory.
- [chuckling]
- That's the Christmas spirit.
Speaking of Christmas spirits
[loudly] Where are our eggnogs?
[festive music playing]
- You didn't forget the rum, did you?
- [Lizzie] Of course not!
Because eggnog without rum
[all] Is just Christmas custard.
- Cheers.
- [Hope] Cheers.
[Lizzie] Cheers. [chuckles]
Wait, wait, did you put rum in yours?
Obviously not.
That'd be bad for the baby.
Ah, I can't believe we're gonna have
a little one running around.
We are both very, very excited.
Hey, this wasn't planned,
and having a baby is a huge commitment.
I just wanted to make sure
you were prepared to rise to the occasion.
And, heck, you even got Connie on board.
I'm sad she's missing Christmas.
Well, it was very generous of her
to take care of her cousin in Eureka.
I'm glad your mom's coming now.
Surprisingly, so am I.
We've been getting along so well lately.
She loves that I have an important job
and she's proud of me
for the first time in my life.
I'm sure telling her you're pregnant
won't change that.
Wait, I'm sorry,
you haven't told your mom
you're pregnant yet?
[Lizzie] I just wanted to have
a nice Christmas with her
before she starts doubting
my decisions again.
Lizzie, you have to tell her.
It'll be a much worse blow
if she finds out some other way.
I agree.
We told Grandma Rose,
and your mom will find out eventually.
Might as well tell her at Christmas
while she's in the holiday spirit.
[Doc] Yeah, think of it as a gift.
I mean, maybe she'll end up excited
to become a grandparent just like we are.
Aren't you both
technically great-grandparents?
- Let's not split gray hairs. [sighs]
- [laughs]
I guess if I'm gonna be a mom,
I should probably stop being afraid
to talk to mine.
Glad to hear you say that,
because I'm almost as bad
at keeping secrets as Jo Ellen.
Okay. I'll tell her tonight
before we all go to the show.
[breathes deeply]
[lively piano music playing]
[Muriel] Okay, let's do this to the right.
And one
Remind me again
why I have to be a human Christmas tree?
I could've played Cameron's role.
Because Muriel was in charge of casting
and she and the doctor
have obvious chemistry.
[Muriel] You got it. Okay.
- [Muriel] Good.
- [laughing]
[Muriel] Can we
cue the Christmas tree, please?
- Bert, you're on.
- [piano music playing]
[Lydie] They really do
have chemistry, don't they?
It's hard to keep your eyes off them.
I wonder how long their
May/December romance will last?
It is December after all.
[Lydie] I think it can last forever.
It's not every day
you find the perfect dance partner.
[Mel] Hey.
Look at the date on the first one he sent.
Do you think that this started
after Mom and Dad lost Chloe?
I hadn't even noticed the date on that.
[gentle music playing]
Do you think Dad wasn't there for Mom?
I don't know.
I think they were both devastated.
I mean, we know losing a baby can bring
people together or drive them apart.
I think for them
it was just the latter, you know?
Oh, look this is it.
This is the one.
She definitely told him about you.
He wanted to be in your life.
But she wanted to stay with Dad
to keep the family together.
So losing Chloe drove them apart.
And you brought them back together.
Do you think Dad knew that I wasn't his?
Honey, if he did,
it didn't matter one bit.
I wish there was more to go on.
All we know is his nickname, "Champ,"
and his PO box.
So you want to find him?
I mean
- Yeah.
- [Mel] Yeah, I think I do.
I want to know more about what happened.
Maybe he still wants me to be in his life.
I'm sure he does.
You don't change your mind
about that kind of thing.
It's settled, I'm I'm gonna
find my biological father.
- Okay. [laughs]
- [Mel] Okay.
- [Joey laughing] Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
I know, Paige, but if they haven't found
any DNA by now, I doubt they will.
Mm-hmm. Okay.
Yeah, Merry Christmas to you too.
And I am sorry in advance,
but I did send Christopher a drum set.
- [laughs]
- [knock on door]
- Okay, gotta go. Bye.
- [door opens]
- [Kaia] Hey.
- Hey, you.
Are you ready to collect
some Toys for Tots?
- Yeah, I've been out here waiting for you.
- [Preacher] Okay!
Wow, people are already donating.
Oh, yeah, they are.
Hey, Preach, I can, uh, cover the kitchen
if you want to hang out here.
Aw, pretty soon I'm gonna have to
feature one of your mama's recipes.
Yeah, no, you do not want to do that.
Last Christmas
she tried to microwave our turkey.
- Ooh.
- [Preacher] Noted.
Here, for the children.
It really is amazing what you do for them.
She's right, you know.
You're like the real-life Saint Nicholas.
Oh, believe me. I am no saint.
I still don't understand
why you thought it was a good idea
to bring your new boyfriend to Christmas.
No offense, Javier.
None taken.
This was a chance for our families to,
you know, meet
before Mel and Jack's wedding.
I know it was, and I thought it was
better for your father to meet Javi now
rather than at the wedding.
Besides, you know
what they say at Christmas.
- The more, the merrier, right?
- [chuckles]
I know, but you didn't think
a little heads-up was warranted?
At least for your kids?
It was a last-minute decision.
And completely my fault.
My plans fell through,
and your mother was kind enough
to invite me to spend it with your family.
She's told me such
wonderful things about you all.
Mmm! And I appreciate that.
But I'm just
trying to make sure that Dad
Honey, I know your father
better than anyone.
He's quick to upset,
but he's also quick to get over it.
Plus, if he met someone who looks at him
the way Javi looks at me,
the way I've seen Mike look at you,
I'd be nothing but happy for him.
And I'm sure that
once he gets over the initial shock,
he will feel the same way.
Well, maybe somebody should tell him that.
Oh, that's a great idea, honey.
Thank you so much for offering.
[grunts, exhales]
[door opening]
- Hey.
- Hey.
How'd it go?
Good. I'm gonna find him.
- Aw, really?
- Mm-hmm.
I mean, it's it's not like
I can ignore it now. [chuckles]
No, of course not.
Aw, that's so nice,
you're gonna have a parent around.
Couldn't hurt to have
another grandparent around either.
Yeah, well, especially considering
the two they're gonna get from my side.
[inhales deeply]
I spoke to Brie again. [sighs]
Both my parents
are now using her as a pawn.
Honey, we should go help her.
But, wait, what about the hunt
for Father Christmas?
[laughs] Well, I mean,
all I have to go on is his PO box.
So it's gonna be a slow start.
Mmm, maybe not. Brie's on her way over
to the Christmas village with my dad.
We could see if Hope's there too.
- Why is that?
- [Jack] Hope started the post office.
So she may know the old postmaster,
and if she does,
he could help us trace the PO box
to a legal name.
Oh, us.
Well, obviously I'm helping you with this.
Come on. Finding your biological father
would be a much better gift than jewelry.
[sputters] I mean, you could do both.
I could. [laughs]
["Jingle Bell Rock" playing]
Jingle bell, jingle bell
Jingle bell rock ♪
Jingle bells swing
And jingle bells ring ♪
Snowin' and blowin' up bushels of fun ♪
Now the jingle hop has begun ♪
Jingle bell, jingle bell
Jingle bell rock ♪
Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time ♪
Dancin' and prancin'
In Jingle Bell Square ♪
Skate to me, nice and slow, all right?
[song continues]
- [Lark laughing]
- [Brady] That's it. Easy.
[Lark] Okay, easy for who?
I didn't grow up anywhere near ice.
Neither did you.
[scoffs] Why are you so good at this?
- Grew up playing hockey.
- [Lark chuckles]
Thought it was gonna be my way out.
I had a D1 scholarship lined up
and everything.
I got into some trouble and I lost it.
Judge gave me two options,
go to juvie or join the military.
Now you're just a Marine with another
special skill to add to your résumé.
- Uh-huh.
- Along with firefighting and construction.
All of which are very fun to watch.
[Brady] Whoa, whoa.
Is that why you keep bringing
Jack and me lemonade at the farmhouse?
That and I think it's sweet
that you're helping him for free.
Couldn't take his money.
Especially since once the Emerald Lumber
insurance comes through,
I won't need it.
I need to do something useful
with my time.
[laughs] I think
you've been pretty useful.
When I met you,
I was living with my daughter in
a tent made out of bedsheets,
growing pot.
You helped me change my life.
I have a roof over my head,
a job at the B&B.
And a boyfriend who I would love
to introduce to my mom.
If only he would meet her.
I will meet her, and when I do,
I will tell her just how crazy I am
about her daughter.
[romantic music playing]
I gotta pick Hazel up from rehearsal.
But I'll see you at the show tonight?
Yes, you will.
I'll be there with bells on.
[laughs] Yeah, you would be. Show-off.
[music continues]
Hey, you might want
to finish that one first.
Uh! It is not for me, it's for Dad.
He's around here somewhere with Mike.
So how's it going?
Getting him liquored up
to take the edge off?
Yeah, and I think I finally got him
to agree to come to the revue tonight.
But it seems wise to keep
the mulled wine rolling until then.
Yeah, great. Well, thanks for helping
smooth things out between them.
Mm-hmm. So all we have to do is keep them
as far apart as possible tonight.
And on Christmas,
I don't know, we'll distract them
with roast ham and Joey's kids.
[Jack] Sounds good.
Okay, well, you haven't seen
Hope around here, have you?
- [gasps]
- What's up?
Um, just dealing with a little
family drama of my own.
- [Brie] Ooh!
- We'll talk tonight?
[Brie] Yeah, sure.
Got, uh, more than enough for now.
- Right. [laughs]
- Thanks.
[Hope] I think
it's a great idea to do it here.
Little hot cocoa,
holly jolly music in the background.
And we're in public
so she can't make a scene.
[panting] So much dirt!
Why is nothing paved in this town?
Take it up with the mayor.
[exhales] Sorry, I didn't mean to insult.
I'm just frazzled. I hate travel days.
They always put me
in the absolute worst moods.
How are you, honey? Anything new?
Not today, today is a travel day.
So I'm just gonna
do some Christmas shopping.
We can talk later,
or tomorrow, or next year.
[Charmaine] Hey, Mel! Hi, Jack.
- [Jack] Hey, there. Wow, look at you.
- [Mel] How you doin'?
Looks like those guys
are ready to come any minute now.
Uh, they better.
I feel like I've been pregnant for years.
- So
- [Mel laughing]
- She has a couple more weeks to go.
- [Charmaine] Oh
Hey, are you okay?
Uh, yeah, I just, um
I've been having these,
uh, Braxton Hicks contractions.
How long have you had them for?
Since late last night?
Okay. Well, you should get off your feet
and rest until they go away.
If for some reason they don't,
just give me a call.
I I'm not gonna bother you
on the holidays.
It's not a bother. I am your midwife.
Okay. Well, thank you.
- And Merry Christmas.
- Yeah. Okay, Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
It's kinda great that you're letting her
go back to her original birth plan.
[Mel] Well, you're gonna
be there too, right?
- [Jack] Oh, ha-ha. Hope.
- Oh! Hey, Hope! We have a question.
We were wondering if you happen to know
who the postmaster for Virgin River was
in the early '80s?
Know him? I hired him.
Name's Chip Cooper.
Oh, we're just doing this
big old Christmas scavenger hunt.
- Yeah.
- [Hope] Mmm.
You wouldn't happen to know
where we would find him, do you?
Mmm. Sorry, I can't help you there,
but Lydie might keep tabs.
The two of them were high school
sweethearts before she met Herb.
Wow! Uh, is Lydie here?
No, she's over at the playhouse
getting ready for the show tonight.
- [Mel] Okay.
- Well, thank you. We'll see you there.
- [Hope] Yeah.
- [both] Bye.
["What Christmas Means To Me"
by Stevie Wonder playing]
Oh, yeah
Candles burnin' low ♪
Lots of mistletoe ♪
Lots of snowy nights ♪
- How long have you been doing this?
- Since I joined the Marines.
The first time I did it
and saw those kids' faces
Thank you very much.
it made me realize
how much I take it for granted
that Santa always found my house.
It's kind of been my thing ever since.
What about you?
You have any Christmas traditions?
- [man] Here you go.
- [Kaia] I do.
But after your whole, "I'm the real Santa"
story, seems kind of trivial.
Come on. Try me.
Okay. Well, my parents have this cabin.
It's in the woods.
It's got a lake out front,
and it's usually, like,
on the edge of freezing in December.
So, on Christmas Eve day,
we all go and jump in.
It's like a polar bear plunge.
- [chuckles]
- Wow. That sounds excruciating.
Oh, i-it is. Yeah, but, you know
You must really miss your family.
Yeah, I do.
And I'll miss having a white Christmas.
But if I was there, I'd miss you more.
Oh, that is something you would say.
What have you done to me?
Oh, I don't know!
I like it.
[smacks lips] So
you up for a little, uh,
Christmas Eve plunge tomorrow?
[chuckling] Yeah
Sounds kind of cold.
I can think of a way
for us to warm up after.
Count me in.
["What Christmas Means To Me"
continues in background]
- Hey, Lydie.
- [Lydie] Oh, Mel, Jack.
You're too early to get your seats.
Oh, no. We're here to ask you a question
about Chip Cooper.
Oh? Uh
What about him?
We were wondering
if you still talk to him at all?
Why? Uh, what what have you heard?
Well, Hope told us that you and him were
pretty close back in the day.
We're looking for the owner
of an old PO box,
so we just need to know where to find him.
Ah! Well, um
if the sewing circle asks,
you didn't hear this from me.
But, uh, Chip is the Santa Claus
at the community center
over in Clear River.
[whispers] And
why don't you want
the sewing circle to know that?
I just don't want them to know
that we're still in touch.
- Very frequently. [giggles]
- [Jack] Ah!
Yeah, you know how they talk.
Oh, yeah, that we do.
Hey, good for you, Lydie.
Thank you, dear. It is good for me.
- [Jack chuckles] Bye.
- Bye-bye.
[gentle music playing]
[festive music playing]
[camera clicking]
[Chip] Merry Christmas.
[Mel] Excuse me.
- [Jack softly] Excuse me, Chip?
- [Mel] Nope. Nope.
It's Mr. Claus.
- Mr. Claus?
- Mr. Claus, can we have a quick word?
You most certainly may not.
If you want to talk to the big guy,
you gotta get in line, folks.
Paul? Is that you?
Stop ruining the magic, Jack.
- Listen, it won't take very long
- Next!
- [festive music continues]
- Okay.
I thought he was my friend.
[camera clicking]
I feel good about you guys winning.
Me too.
And, you know, it wouldn't hurt if some of
Nick and Joe Ellen's bulbs were to burst.
Grandpa! Are you suggesting
I sabotage the Fitches?
I would never.
Well, I've never seen you
quite so competitive before.
Oh, it's all for Hope.
You know I don't care if I win or not.
You know, for two decades, I
I joined this thing
just so I had an excuse
to spend time with her over the holidays.
This may be my last chance to see
a big smile on her face when we win.
Are you feeling nervous
about the clinical trial?
In a couple of weeks,
we'll find out whether this thing
saves my eyesight or not, so
[inhales deeply]
Yes, I am quite nervous. [chuckles]
Well, I'm here if you need to talk.
If there's one person you don't
have to be strong in front of it's me.
I appreciate it.
And whatever happens,
you're gonna be a great great-grandfather.
- That is one too many greats.
- [Denny] You know what I mean.
And, um, you know
I couldn't do this without you.
You're not the only one
who's nervous about what comes next.
Have you and Lizzie
made a decision about whether
to test the baby
for Huntington's in utero?
Yeah, we've talked a lot about it.
And, uh, we don't think
it's worth the risk.
Plus, I think that finding out should be
our child's decision and not ours.
It's not gonna affect
how we raise the baby
or how much we love them, so
Remember that time
we went fishing and I told you that
I couldn't be
more proud of you than I was?
I was wrong.
[chuckles softly]
[uplifting music playing]
[Chi] Hello, young man.
Look, get your picture taken.
And a Merry Christmas to you.
Merry Christmas.
- Now it's your turn.
- Thanks.
Do you want the photo package?
- [laughs] I think we're good.
- Thanks.
[Mel clears throat]
[Jack] Uh, Chip
Santa. Um, we know you're busy.
So, I'll make this quick,
but we just have a couple of questions
about your time
as the Virgin River postmaster
and then we'll be
out of your beard, uh, hair.
- How do you know my real identity?
- Oh, Lydie sent us.
Oh, well [laughing]
Anything for Lydie. [chuckles]
Oh, okay, um
Well, what I want for Christmas is, um,
for you to tell me, uh,
who sent these postcards?
Where did you get these?
I found them in
a box of my mother's things.
Your mother was the woman
that Champ was writing to all that time?
- You remember Champ?
- [chuckling] How could I not? I mean
He would come in
and mail one of these every single week.
Eventually, the staff and I, we started
to sneak a peek at his postcards.
And before you know it,
we were all caught up
in this romance he was having with this
- this mystery woman.
- [Jack] Aw.
[Chip] But then her letters
stopped coming.
He stopped paying for his PO box,
and we never saw him again.
I always wondered what happened to Champ.
Well, that's what
we're trying to find out.
You don't happen to know his real name
or where he lived, do you?
But, you know,
he he was as kind as they come.
He was charming,
he was funny too. [chuckles]
Not so humble though.
He would go on and on
about how he'd won the, uh
the 1976 Lumberjack Games.
That's where the name "Champ" came from.
I'm sorry there's not more
than I can help you with.
[Mel] No, that's great.
Anything else you want for Christmas?
Well, actually, I have been asking
for a pony every year since I was five.
Ah, California has strict rules
about the importation of livestock.
- Ah, right.
- Ah, that'll be it.
- [Chip] Ah.
- Well, thank you, Santa.
I hope you both have a Merry Christmas.
- [Jack] Ho, ho, ho.
- [Mel] You too.
[quietly] Okay!
So now all we gotta do is find out
who won the 1976 Lumberjack Games.
- Yeah. Wow.
- [Paul] Next.
[Jack] It's easy!
[groovy music playing]
[Mel] All right, so the clear,
uncontested winner
of the 1976 Lumberjack Games is
[inhales deeply]
[both] Everett Reid!
- [Mel] Wow. Oh, picture below.
- Okay! Photo?
[Mel] Oh, no! The photographer
couldn't get a clear shot.
Yeah, but now we know his name.
That's a big deal.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- [pensive music playing]
- What?
- It's just getting real.
- Is that a good thing?
- It is a good thing.
It is. I mean,
obviously there's, you know,
plenty of reasons
why I shouldn't be doing this,
but I was thinking that, you know,
someday maybe our kid will be in my shoes,
and then, you know,
it would be cool if I'd be able to say
- I know what you're going through. Yeah.
- I know what you're going through.
So? We're pressing on?
Yeah, let's google him. All right.
Everett Reid.
[smacks lips] Uh
Well, there's no
phone book listing in California.
But he did have a PO box.
So maybe he was off the grid.
A lot of folks move here
because they don't want to be found.
- [Mel] Mm-hmm.
- But
I think
I may know somebody
- who can find him anyway.
- [phone line ringing]
- [Preacher on phone] Hello.
- You'll see. Hey, man.
What you up to?
[Preacher] I'm just, uh, dropping off
some toys for kids in need.
- Aw!
- [Preacher] Yeah.
Watching this guy scarf down
peppermint bark like no one is watching.
- Wait a minute. Where are you?
- [Preacher] Turn around.
- [Preacher laughing] Hey.
- That was funny!
- [Mel laughing] Hey.
- What are you guys doing here?
[Mel] Well [sighs]
I am trying to find my biological father.
Wow. That was not
the answer I was expecting.
We need your help.
So we got a name, but we got
no phone number, and no address.
Ah, so you want me to call my guy.
I want you to call your guy.
- Who's your guy?
- Oh, he's a PI.
He's the same one that I hired to help
find Christopher and I'd be happy to help.
Helping you find your father
seems like the perfect Christmas gift.
- Oh, that's what I said!
- Yeah.
But jewelry's still an option.
- I'll make the call.
- [Mel] Thank you.
- All right. Okay.
- [Jack] Thanks, man.
- Must be a guy thing.
- You're a goof. [laughing]
[tranquil music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
- Where's your mom?
- Oh, she went to the bathroom.
is there any chance
you're putting off telling your mother
because you're not sure
you made the right decision?
No, I'm sure.
You saw how excited Denny and I were
when we told you and Doc.
I think I'm just worried that
she'll doubt my ability to handle it all.
Work, everything with Denny.
And having a baby.
You know, I had my doubts too.
But I know how much you're capable of
when you care about something.
But what if this is too much?
What if I can't handle it
and I'm not a good mom?
I didn't exactly have the best role model.
I mean, who am I gonna look to
when things get tough?
Mom-fluencers on TikTok?
I don't know what those words mean.
But I know the most important part
of being a parent
is just loving your child unconditionally.
That's what my mom did for me.
We had our differences, but, um
I remember how it felt when she hugged me.
Like I was wrapped in a big warm blanket
and nothing bad could ever get to me.
That's what lasts.
That's how I know I had an amazing mother,
despite her occasional temper,
paralyzing insecurity,
and proclivity towards gambling.
I'm not helping, am I?
You were, but then you took
a sharp left turn.
Well, whatever happens,
you're not alone in this, sweetheart.
And when you tell your mother,
you can assure her of that.
You've never been a mom before.
I've never been
a great-grandma.
So we can learn how to take care
of this baby together.
[woman] Baby?
You're pregnant?
[upbeat music playing]
Haul out the holly ♪
Put up the tree before
My spirit falls again ♪
Fill up the stocking ♪
I may be rushing things ♪
But deck the halls again now ♪
For we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute ♪
Candles in the window
Carols at the spinet ♪
Yes, we need a little Christmas ♪
Right this very minute ♪
It hasn't snowed a single flurry
But, Santa, dear, we're in a hurry ♪
So climb down the chimney ♪
Put up the brightest string of lights
I've ever seen ♪
Slice up the fruitcake ♪
It's time we hung some tinsel
On that evergreen bough ♪
For we need a little music ♪
Need a little laughter ♪
Need a little singing
Ringing through the rafter ♪
And we need a little snappy
"Happy ever after" ♪
Need a little Christmas now ♪
[upbeat music climaxing]
[music ends]
[audience cheering]
- [cheering continues]
- [audience member whistling]
[both] Whoo!
Well, we should probably
go get these kiddos to bed
before they turn into lumps of coal.
- Aw.
- [Joey chuckles]
But I can't wait to hear more tomorrow.
You're gonna find him, I know it.
Yeah, I hope so.
Well, Merry Christmas Eve eve.
- Thanks.
- Merry Christmas.
[Jack] Merry Christmas.
- Hey, I'll see you tomorrow. Okay.
- [Nate] See you.
- Good night. Bye, kiddos.
- [Joey] Good night.
- Come on, guys. Good night.
- [Brie] Night.
- [Jack] Oh, hey.
- It's a Christmas miracle.
Mom and Dad made it through the whole show
without talking to one another.
- [imitates explosion]
- Oh, nice!
Well, I mean
Granted, you know, you're not allowed
to talk through the show.
- Sorry. I I mean
- [Jack] This is going well.
If they can get through two hours,
they can get through two more days.
- Yes.
- [Jack] Right?
- I'll go thank 'em from us.
- [Brie] Okay. Good.
Where's Mike?
- Ah, he got called into work.
- [Mel] Oh.
He may not even make it to Christmas Eve.
Aw! Well, we are here.
- [Brie] Mm-hmm.
- And think of it this way.
Some very important men
have to work on Christmas Eve.
- Right?
- I like that. Yup.
- [Muriel] Oh, my goodness!
- [crowd cheering]
[Doc] Brava! Brava!
Oh, thank you! Oh, sweetheart.
[Hope] And you, superstar doctor.
[Doc] That was wonderful. You were good.
You were really good.
[Muriel] Oh, that is so nice of you.
Thank you.
Uh, Muriel, would you
excuse me for a minute?
Yes, of course.
[exclaims] These are beautiful.
[pensive music playing]
Michelle, what are you doing here?
I came to see you.
I figured I'd be giving you the whole
song and dance, not the other way around.
[exhales sharply]
I'm, uh
I'm in AA.
Six months sober.
And I'm on my, uh, my eighth step.
Making amends.
I I have to tell you how sorry I am
for everything.
Hey, I appreciate that.
But don't you think
it's a little too late?
No, I know, but I need you to hear me out.
And then you never have to see me again.
Unless you want to.
[pensive music continues]
Hey! Dad, I was looking for you.
I called a cab.
[Jack] You didn't say goodbye.
I didn't want to have to explain
why I was going home.
To Brie's?
To Sacramento.
Dad, come on, I was just about
to thank you for showing up.
I can't do it, Jack.
I promised Mel a big family Christmas
and you can't suck it up
for two more days?
I can't watch your mother move on.
Come on, who even knows
if this thing with Javier is serious?
I know.
And how could you possibly know that?
Ask your mother.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Baby, I'm so proud of you.
Did I do good?
[Brady] Good?
Are you kidding me? You did great.
You stole the show. These are for you.
Aw, Brady, you shouldn't have.
[Lark laughs]
Um, where's your bag, honey?
I left it backstage.
Okay, let's go find it.
Yeah, I'll see you in a bit.
You make quite the stepdad.
Whoa! [laughs]
No, that's, uh, too fast.
Oh, well, I mean,
I wasn't rushing you. [laughs]
Good, 'cause, uh,
Lark wants me to meet her mom.
- Oh, wow!
- [Brady] Yeah.
So it's, like, serious?
Yeah. Yeah, I guess it is.
Makes sense.
I, uh I saw you skating.
I did not know
you were basically Wayne Gretzky.
[chuckles] Well, there's a lot of things
you don't know about me.
Yeah, that was always our problem,
wasn't it? [inhales deeply]
No, no, I I deserve that.
No, you don't.
I mean, you kind of do.
But you also deserve
what you clearly have with Lark.
I'm really happy for you two.
Well, thanks.
- I'd say I'm happy for you and Mike
- But you're not.
- Nope. Not at all.
- [Brie inhales sharply]
But I am happy to see you so happy.
I mean it.
[emotional music playing]
It's really nice to see you.
Yeah, it's really nice to see you too.
- Merry Christmas?
- Merry Christmas.
[Brie sighs]
[Amelia] Well
now I see why
you don't come visit more often.
What? What does that even mean?
It means I was excited to have one man
look at me the way Javi does,
and, clearly, you have two.
What? He That's not [laughs nervously]
He looks at me like we are friends, Mom.
[laughs] Yeah.
Well, I need more friends like that.
I think you're good. Where's Javi?
Javi is getting our car.
Oh, and Dad's on his way to Sacramento.
What happened, Mom?
Yes, well,
he may have seen me kissing Javi
under the mistletoe,
and then he may have berated me publicly.
And I may have
told him that we're moving in together.
[sighs] Seriously, Mom?
Ay, ay, ay
Oh, no, I am not gonna fix this one.
Hey, Mel.
So I've got some news.
My guy found your father.
Wow, that was fast.
What was fast?
[Mel] Um
We did it. We found my father.
That's amazing! Where is he?
Apparently, he is still right here
in Virgin River.
["Jingle Bells" playing]
Dashing through the snow ♪
In a one-horse open sleigh ♪
O'er the fields we go ♪
Laughing all the way ♪
Bells on bobtails ring ♪
Making spirits bright ♪
What fun it is to laugh and sing ♪
The sleighing song tonight ♪
Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells ♪
Jingle all the way ♪
Oh, what fun it is to ride ♪
In a one-horse open sleigh ♪
[song ends]
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