Vis a vis (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

Whatever happens, suits

1 Four, one.
No running.
Four, two.
Four, three.
- How's your hand, love? - My hand is better.
- Is everyone well? - Of course.
I'm so worried.
About Mum, you, and Román.
- You should go to the police.
- And what would we say? That your family are getting threats from inside prison? They won't send an officer to protect us.
You focus on surviving in here, leave the outside to me.
Dad, they killed a member of staff.
I know.
What were you doing with Simón? Getting to the truth.
Now I know he tricked you.
Shit, could you have found a smaller box? I tried to get the money.
I asked for a million from the money he stole.
I gave him a few hours then turned up at his house.
- But he wasn't there.
- What do you mean? It looked like they'd left in a hurry.
He's disappeared, love.
So we can't get you out of here before the hearing.
I really am very sorry.
There may be another way.
But it's illegal.
So if you're going to lecture me, forget it.
Tell me what it is.
The girl they killed on my first night here had stolen a van with 9 million euros on board, which she hid.
And I think there's a clue.
Well I think it could be.
It's a SIM card.
What was the girl's name? Yolanda Montero.
Dad, I know where the SIM is.
But can you get the SIM without being seen? Yes.
Does anyone else know? If you think you're being followed, or that you're in any danger, just forget it.
OK? You must be very careful, love.
We're closing.
Is everything OK? Yes, except someone's been digging in my patch.
They'll have done it to wind you up.
Off you go to the dining room, it's closing time.
Wait! Give your face a wipe.
Thank you.
OK? Thanks.
Sorry, now it's dirty.
- Don't worry - I'll wash it.
- There's no need - But I don't mind.
- I'll wash it.
- OK.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
To the Governor's office.
- Come on.
- Off you go.
I have some bad news.
It's about Zulema.
She's in solitary.
I put her there to avoid reprisals against you over your testimony.
But now I have to let her out.
LOCKED UP by minouhse Do you want to watch the match tomorrow? - Yes, OK.
What time? - 10 o'clock.
We can watch it here.
Perfect, that's fine with me.
Won't Carolina mind if you're home late? Not at all.
Besides, she's at her mother's for the weekend.
By the way, I may have left my phone at your place when I came to dinner.
- It rang when I called yesterday.
- Shall I try it now? I must speak to the Governor.
I need a special diet.
Come on, Tere.
I can't eat the cold meats they give us.
I could get toxoplasmosis.
I'm pregnant and need to take care of myself.
- What's this about being pregnant? - Just ask the doctor.
I'll speak to him now.
Meanwhile, off you go.
Zulema has lodged a complaint with the prison authorities for wrongful solitary confinement.
And in fact, it's an infringement.
So I'm releasing her in the morning.
But when she gets out she'll be after me.
You'll be protected at all times.
Nothing will happen to you.
I give you my word.
You may be under pressure, but you have to be strong, Macarena.
As soon as you testify, you can request a transfer and you'll be given privileges.
Calm down.
You'll be given privileges in the review.
Your testimony is vital for launching a murder investigation against Zulema.
You're going through with this, aren't you? Yes.
I'll testify against her.
Forgive me, I'm going to be sick.
Excuse me.
Let her go.
Let her have a quiet night.
But tomorrow you don't leave her side.
Governor, I know you're going through a difficult time with Paloma's death.
It's been very hard for everyone.
And you have your divorce to boot.
If there's anything I can do to help, please, just let me know.
I appreciate that, Valbuena.
I guess a separation can be an opportunity to grow.
Thank you.
I stole it from Palacios yesterday.
What shall I do? - Hello.
- Hello.
Hi, I'm the owner of this phone.
Hello, yes.
I was expecting your call.
I found it on the bus.
The number 122.
That's the one I catch for work.
That's where I must have lost it.
I could meet you tomorrow to give it back.
Yes, please.
I really appreciate this Where shall we meet? Um At Sotillo train station.
There's a roundabout with a statue shaped like a tap.
I know where you mean, I really appreciate this.
- My name is Antonio.
- Mine is Asun.
Pleased to meet you.
I'll describe myself, so you'll recognise me.
Yes, of course.
Well, I'm dark.
Well built.
- And I wear glasses.
- All right.
I'm I'm blonde, slim and very attractive.
All right, see you tomorrow then.
- OK, see you tomorrow.
- And call me Antonio.
OK, Antonio.
Until tomorrow then.
See you tomorrow, Asun.
Lord, let Yolanda be as happy up there as she was down here.
Tell her I miss her so much.
"But I live in London now.
"What about you?" WHAT about you? WHAT about you? WHAT about you? WHAT about you? What are you staring at? Have you got something to tell me? That you've had your first lesbian experience, maybe? No, not at all.
I suppose you prefer to be shagged, don't you? Well, all my relationships have been with men.
A few of the inmates have asked me about you, and some of them are very interested.
Anabel's sure to go to heaven with all her whoring and pimping.
May God forgive her! "I live in a big flat.
"And I want a flatmate.
"Come and see it.
"Here is my number.
" Anabel What? I've had something stolen.
Something I'd hidden away.
Can I get access to the security cameras to see who took it? What was stolen? - A phone.
- Where was it? In the greenhouse.
You'll have to fuck a warden, and several times, because if you want to see hours of footage you'll have to be very good.
I mean really good.
And you'll need a deep throat.
Never mind.
I'll use the pay phone.
You're buying phones instead of paying me back the 2,600 euros for losing my heroin? I thought you were my friend, and I gave you time to pay me.
Instead, you lie to me and buy a phone from another inmate.
All right.
I want my money.
You have 24 hours or else you're in deep shit.
- Are you still here? - Yes.
- What's wrong, Leopoldo? - Nothing's the matter.
Let me see your blood pressure.
This is very high.
- I'm calling an ambulance.
- No, you're not calling anyone! Come in, son.
What are you doing in here? - Dad is ill.
- I'm not ill! I'm not ill! I'm worried.
Just as any father would be with his daughter in jail.
Leopoldo, our girl is innocent.
- It'll be all right.
- What if it isn't? What if she's inside for seven years? Prison doesn't make you a better person, Encarna.
Prison turns people into scum.
Seven years in there - and your life is over.
- Dad, please.
All right.
There, it's OK.
Let's stay calm.
And see what we can do.
Come on.
About time! THREE MESSAGES IT WON'T BE EASY THERE'S NO PRISON WHERE I CAN'T GE TO YOU, YOU RA Do you know how many heart attacks I've had? Three.
So I've been dead three times.
It's the most pleasurable feeling in the world.
I don't know about other dead people, but I fly towards my childhood, back home, running on the beach, the fine, white sand.
And little by little you fall asleep.
The body dies, but the brain The brain keeps dreaming.
It sounds relaxing.
Dying is the most relaxing thing.
Then they force some volts into you, and it's back to real life, back to bloody reality.
Are you wondering why I'm telling you all this? You remind me of my daughter.
That's why I took the SIM card.
Sole, you can keep as much as you like.
I only need enough for the bail.
OK? Do you think I want the money? I'll never get out of here, Macarena.
There'll be no transplant.
And even if there were, I don't want this piece of shit.
Because there are three deaths behind this cursed little thing.
You're in hot water.
Zulema hates you.
So does the Gypsy for taking her girlfriend.
- I've taken nothing from her.
- Look at me, Macarena! This will bring you so much trouble, that you'll never escape from it.
You decide, Macarena.
For you, and for your family.
Shall I throw it away? Yes.
No, no, no Look, divine intervention may work where you come from but I have to get out of here, Sole.
You're playing with fire.
- Where are we going? - Your punishment's been amended: you're moving from solitary to the dangerous prisoners regime.
You'll have no contact with other inmates, you'll work and exercise while the others rest.
Any questions? If you're watching my back, why aren't you behind me? I'm just your jailer.
- That sounds much better - Shut up, Zahir.
Open the gate.
Good morning.
NEW SIM CARD FOUND What the hell are you doing up there? Sorry.
I thought someone was calling me.
I'm the new Chief Jailer.
And if anyone thinks I'm an idiot, they can tell me to my face.
- Come out now.
- I'm coming! - Open this door.
- Just a second, please.
Open the damned door.
Just a moment, please.
I'm wiping myself.
Come on! - Don't let me see you spying again.
- Sorry.
It was a misunderstanding.
Into the shower.
Where's my towel? Hey, have you seen my clothes? Has anyone seen my clothes, please? My clothes have been stolen! Girls, watch out! There's a thief around here.
Call 999, girls.
They should raid the place.
Do you want my sponge to cover your clit? Hey, you bitch! That's my towel.
Poor thing, have you lost your clothes? - Get dressed.
- My clothes have been stolen.
Go to your cell and put on your spare set.
No running! Boo! Here comes the rat.
Complete with bodyguard.
Shut it, Vargas! Rat.
Rat, rat, rat No running! Fabio.
I have to pop out for the phone.
But I can cancel if you like.
We're good for another hour here.
You go ahead.
- You're sure? - Of course, go on! You and I aren't so different, are we? We're both trapped in this prison.
On different sides of the fence.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
The only difference is, I can fuck with you, but you can't fuck with me.
Really? You're one of the good guys.
So you can't put a plastic bag over my head and dump me in a corner.
Shall I prove it to you? Kabila, get her a uniform number 2643.
She needs a spare.
- What happened to yours? - It was stolen.
Is that why The Terminator is watching your back? Don't be funny with me, girl.
Yes, what is it? They've taken Zulema out of solitary.
- You must be shitting yourself.
- Yes.
And besides, I've a lot going on.
Being robbed, walking the floor stark naked and being branded a rat.
And I have Anabel issuing ultimatums.
- What sort of ultimatums? - That I owe her 2,600 euros.
She wants it back today.
She's mad if she thinks I'm paying her back.
Listen, you can't owe money to Anabel.
She'll arrange for 5 grams of shit to turn up in your things.
They'll up your sentence and you won't get out.
What do I do? I have no money.
You have a mobile.
- Give it here.
I'll get you money.
- It needs to be charged.
I don't have your size.
Why don't you try this one? Valbuena, can you turn around, please? I'm not turning around, I'm watching Ferreiro.
But she has to change her uniform, so please turn around.
Jesus Christ! What is this, a department store? Thank you.
If only they'd put you in a cell with me.
What the hell are you talking about? Are you ready? You're expected in the greenhouse in 15 minutes.
What about Rosa? Has she had the baby yet? How much? 9 pounds 7 ounces? That's a big'un! How lovely! - 10 seconds.
- What a beauty! Hang on, Lolo.
5 minutes more.
Next! I love you lots.
I want the dosh and I want it now.
So sort it.
Yeah, with that bitch? You like those filthy women.
Save one for me.
Next! I can't hear a thing.
Maybe there's no Honduras connection, what can I do? Yes? Hello, this is Antonio.
About the phone.
Antonio! I'm so sorry, really.
I've been in A&E since 8 o'clock this morning with my son.
I'm so sorry.
Is he all right? What happened? They're testing him for meningitis.
Just to rule it out they say, but I'm worried sick.
No, don't worry about it, really.
The phone doesn't matter.
Shall I call you when I get out of here? Oh no, silly me! You don't have a phone.
When you can, call me on the phone we spoke on yesterday.
- It's a friend's number.
- OK.
Thanks, Antonio.
Again, I'm sorry.
Don't worry, really.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
Get inside! - Could you move back a bit, please? - It's for your own safety.
I'd rather you weren't stuck to me like a limpet.
Come in.
What the hell have I done to you? What made you ruin all my lettuces? I didn't realise.
I didn't mean to And my towel? Why steal my towel while I was taking a shit? Mine was stolen, and my clothes.
I didn't know what to do.
- It was nothing personal, really.
- Those bitches! They used to do that to me as well.
It was Anabel.
Then she started looking for something in the cubicles.
- This didn't come from me, Blondie.
- Don't worry.
Mum's the word.
What's your name? - Rosa.
- I'm Macarena.
It's a pleasure.
We'll eat together.
I have to go now.
What are you on about? Crazy bitch.
Fancy a game? Don't worry, Estefanía.
I'll do all I can, as always.
Thanks, Carlos.
How are you? I heard you had a fall.
I was hit by a ball.
That's quite a bruise.
You should take more care, OK? You! If you've seen the doctor, get moving.
- Off you go.
- I'm going.
I've got 520 euros so far.
The phone is charging properly now.
OK? Kabila! Are you deaf or what? OK, I'm going! I'm saying goodbye to my friend, for God's sake! Ferreiro, you're not going anywhere.
You're under observation for 24 hours.
Move away from the other inmates.
- Can't I sit here? - No, you can't.
- Why not? - You're categorised as Dangerous.
You have no right to contact.
Don't make me put you in solitary.
- Any problems with Zulema? - No.
- Is something wrong? - No, it's nothing.
I called Paloma's husband to see how he was.
And? He's in hospital.
He's had two nervous breakdowns.
The twins are with his sister.
He could barely speak.
He told me he wanted to die.
I just put the phone down.
It's left me feeling We can talk later.
Governor, I'm here.
I know you're going through a difficult time with all that's happening here.
And with your divorce.
That's rough! I just want you to know that if you need me, I'm here for you.
Really, for anything you need.
Well when a relationship doesn't work out, it's better to end it.
What do the Buddhists say? "Everything happens for reason.
" - Thanks, Palacios.
- Not at all.
Sorry, I waited an hour for Asun.
I had to call her from a pay phone.
They filmed my children At night, in their cots.
They have someone watching me on the outside.
They're onto me, Fabio.
Don't say anything.
Who was it? Up you get.
Excuse me, Doctor.
I feel fine now.
I'd like permission to go to my cell.
I can't discharge you.
In fact, sit down.
I want to check your pupils.
You've had concussion and four stitches to your head.
Let's see.
You know his weakness? He likes young inmates.
Any dizziness or vertigo? No.
I assure you I'm in no pain.
Well, a little from my sprained wrist.
Yes? Let's take a look at your hand.
Remember: the more he likes you, the better you'll get on here.
Let's see.
Very good.
Any pain? Does that hurt? No.
I see you have a rash from your polyester allergy.
Without the cream it comes back.
I don't use underwear.
Because of the irritation.
Very good.
Let's take a look at that rash.
I want to be discharged and go out into the yard.
I feel a bit anxious.
We'll deal with the dermatitis, then we'll see about the anxiety.
You told me you were like Father Christmas, that you help inmates.
I'm not asking you for much.
Discharge me and give me some time.
I'm not like the girls in here.
You have to give me some time.
I'll discharge you.
And I'll also reconfirm the problem with the polyester allergy.
On top of that, I'll place you on three appointments per week? For those other small matters.
You don't learn shit.
You can study for a degree here.
Don't be mean.
I've studied, honest.
Don't laugh.
In the practical rehabilitation class I learnt to write my CV.
Professional experience: madam and pimp.
You learn very little.
You learn to survive.
I don't know Literature.
I had huge potential as a student.
- What did you want to steal from me? - The phone you bought with my money.
To get back some of what you owe me.
All I found was the SIM card.
You think money is a problem for me? I stole over two million.
I can pay the price of your drugs, and as much interest as you want.
50, 60, whatever.
But it isn't easy getting it in here.
It's 500.
The rest in instalments.
Thank you, Maca.
Now we can be friends again.
Never mind that, just give me the SIM.
I'm really sorry, I sold it.
I'll lend you money to buy another from the Pakistani girl.
I've got 500 euros.
Hey, the return of the rat! And no one said a word.
Ferreiro, get out! - Who did you sell the SIM to? - Your friend, the Gypsy.
I hope there was some credit left on it.
You, give me my SIM card.
I'll take everything you've got.
Right down to your soul.
- Just like you did to me.
- That's enough.
Go to your cell! Hey, you can't come in here! Get into a fight here and they'll rip you apart! If you want to see a fanny, look at your sister's.
Zulema is the most dangerous inmate in the prison.
You want to be on her hit list? Fabio What the hell you were thinking? I spoke to Paloma before they killed her.
I told her to forget everything.
To carry on with her life as normal.
But that isn't what happened.
They killed her.
I didn't give her very good advice, did I? Fabio, what happened wasn't your fault.
I have no idea what would have happened if she'd confessed, but the fact is I told her to keep quiet.
And now she's dead.
Why did she wipe the security cameras? Because that bitch Zulema was threatening her.
And she was blown to pieces in a car park.
They'll hear you.
I want to blow that bitch's head off, fucking whore! Shut up! You're not blowing anyone's head off.
Do you hear me? Best case scenario, they kick you out of here.