Vis a vis (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

A day in the country

1 Where have you been? I went out for while.
What are you hiding? I was taking my blood pressure.
Behind my back? I didn't want to worry you.
It's normal, twelve over eight.
Why are you still awake? Come to bed.
I'm worried about our girl.
Don't you know anyone who could protect her? No, Encarna.
That isn't how it works.
How does it work? Someone keeping an eye out, taking care of her.
I'm worried she'll get raped in there.
The guards, the inmates… or she might even get into drugs.
The prisons have systems in place.
Besides, Macarena's not that type of person.
Shall I tell you what she's like? She's vulnerable.
And innocent.
Can you say hand on heart that she won't get raped? Can you? I'll get my diary and make some calls.
But you're a nervous wreck, Encarna.
Come on, let's go to bed.
Why not spend a few days with your sisters in Galicia? Why did you steal Palacios' phone? - I don't know what you're on about.
- Stop messing about! I've spent the whole night checking the security camera footage, and I saw how you stole Palacios' phone.
I'm sorry.
I don't give a damn what you're feeling.
- It's your fault he's getting fired.
- What? I took the phone because it was a question of life or death.
You always have an excuse.
For getting cold feet over Zulema, for making us look like idiots, for stealing phones.
You think you're different to the others, but you'll go down for seven years for being a bitch and a fraudster, and if you think you'll get away with Yolanda's loot, think again.
I'll tear you apart before seeing you walk free.
I may be a bitch for taking the phone, but I don't want anything to happen to Palacios.
He's the best person I've met in here.
Is that why you told the Governor he abused you? What? I've never said that.
You haven't spoken to the Governor? No.
Don't lie, damn you! Fabio, I have you on the camera.
Is there a problem? Everything's fine.
Fabio, I'm telling you the truth.
I think I know which inmate might have accused him.
LOCKED UP by minouhse This is an announcement for inmates in Cell Block 2.
You must proceed to bedding change.
Please wait your turn in the laundry room.
Pick up a book and read.
It's washing day.
Get the sheets and take them to the laundry, Zulema.
Didn't you hear me? The dirty sheets have to be taken to the laundry.
Take the sheets.
Leave the sheets where they were.
Get out.
The rules don't allow friends to take your sheets.
Understand? She isn't a friend, she's my personal assistant.
Do the rules say anything about personal assistants? Get the damned sheets and take them to the laundry.
Now! I said pick up the damned sheets.
No, sorry.
I'm sorry.
You're the boss.
You're the boss.
I'm going quietly.
You haven't heard the end of this.
Sole! - Did you see that rumpus? - Yes.
Have you seen Anabel? No.
Give me a hand taking this to the laundry.
Come on.
Oh that stinks! Your sweat smells of roses, does it? Where's Miss Lovely? I've decided to belong to just one group.
The one for "old curmudgeons at risk of heart failure".
- What do you think? - I'm flattered.
But you have a lot to learn in my group.
Really? What must I learn? It's forbidden to say "thank you".
"How are you, my darlings?" "Thank you so much.
" "Could you pour me a drop of tea, please, dear!" OK, I think I get your drift.
And there's no firm pussy in our group.
You should know that we have 5 kilos of fanny down there, we walk like this, showing it off.
What, like this? Bloody hell, look at the state of you! You look a mess.
What's wrong, do I remind you of your wife? Listen, I'm sorry I flew off the handle the other day.
Forget about it.
These things happen between colleagues.
That's not why I came.
I want to introduce you to a friend, Leopoldo.
Pleased to meet you.
He was in the Civil Guard and we worked together on a few cases.
- He wants to ask you a favour.
- Fabio, do you have children? - No.
- I do.
Two of them.
I love them more than anything.
When I took early retirement a couple of years ago, I thought, "That's it".
You've got your pension, a wonderful family But no.
Things have changed a lot.
I have a daughter in Cruz del Sur, she's awaiting trial.
She's a good girl, but a lowlife tricked her.
- I can't give special treatment to - No, not at all.
I'm not asking you to give her special treatment.
What I'm asking you, as a father, is to to look out for her a bit.
To give her a bit of protection if she needs it.
That's all.
OK, I'll see what I can do.
- What's her name? - Macarena Ferreiro.
- Do you know her? - Only by sight.
I should go in, I'll be in touch.
He's one of the best guys we've had in Homicide, but some bastards attacked his wife, and since then, he's never recovered.
- Thanks for introducing me.
- We're friends, aren't we? That's why I want to tell you something.
I'm investigating a case: an assault on an armoured van carrying 9 million euros, which have disappeared, and for which four people have died.
Why are you telling me this? An inmate has accused your daughter of knowing where the loot is.
All I care about is that my daughter is OK.
Of course, and I trust you completely.
I know you'd never go looking for that money.
- Of course not.
- That's what I thought.
But you must understand, I'd hate to see you mixed up in anything ugly.
I gave Anabel some money, to keep safe inside her pussy.
Ole, ole.
Look, I'm just like Beyoncé.
More like the Lady of Elche.
Take cover, it's the Power Ranger.
What's this, the fucking hairdresser's? - Her fella's visiting.
- Her fella can suck my dick.
Leave that and get my uniform done.
- I want it washed and ironed now.
- Yes, sir.
Right away, and if you like we'll all have a suck of your prick.
Stop messing around and just get on with it, OK? Shall I put some stuffing in your crotch? He needs it.
Shall I put your head down the toilet? What do you say? So long, gorgeous! Oh Valbuena, I'd be good for you! - Anabel, can I talk to you a minute? - Yes, of course.
What is it? - Can your fella get anything? - It depends what you need, but I can't fit another lawyer in my pussy.
No, I need an abortion pill.
An RU 486.
I'll see what I can do but it'll be expensive.
9 million.
Listen, with what you already owe me 3,000 euros and we're quits.
What do you think? OK.
Sole, I know I shouldn't ask her for anything, but what can I do? It's up to you, but if you've told Anabel you're pregnant, soon every prison in the country will know about it.
How are you? Did you sleep well? Yes, very well.
Thank you.
I'll see you around.
You can count on that.
What was that about? Have I gone overboard with the make up? I'll start sobbing later and look a right mess.
- Not in the kitchen any more? - They've moved me to cleaning.
Fuck me! You're lucky, I've promised to be good.
Isn't that right, Valbuena? Anabel, I was thinking we could give the Chinaman a call.
What Chinaman? - Your colleague or the Mexican.
- No.
I'm not calling anyone, Tere.
It's done.
- I didn't keep any of it, I swear.
- I believe you, Tere.
- Did Anabel see it? - Yes.
I'm sorry.
What about that 50 to get a few grams from Zulema? What are you talking about? You should stop putting that stuff inside you.
It isn't good for you.
What? We're going to the Governor's office.
And you're going to tell her exactly what you told me earlier.
Bloody hell.
I don't normally tell lies, Madam Governor.
I'm honest.
The thing is, sometimes with the methadone I just lose it.
I don't have all day, Tere.
All right.
Well, that thing I told you about Palacios It wasn't exactly like I said.
I mean, I made it all up.
But I didn't want to mess things up for him.
So can you explain exactly how you became pregnant in here? I'm not pregnant.
Not that I wouldn't want to be.
I love kids, and maybe one day when I'm clean, I'll have artificial insemination.
You wrongly accused a warden, Tere! This is a very serious offence.
Get her some blankets, I'm giving her four days in solitary.
But I If you agree, maybe we could wait until she's over the flu.
Very well.
Can I take one of these sweets, Madam Governor? Who was it we actually tested? Tell her.
I asked her twice, as a favour.
I think Palacios deserves an apology and to be reinstated.
- He didn't abuse an inmate.
- No.
He didn't, but because of his actions the prisoners got a phone.
Come off it, Miranda.
Mobile phones are used for trafficking, we all know that.
There's at least half a dozen of them around here.
Don't tell me how to do my job.
You're taking out your own shit - on someone who doesn't deserve it! - Look Fabio, I can't work with you.
I'm sorry, I really am.
I've tried but I can't.
You're always opposing me, you question all of my decisions.
So fire me, not Palacios.
I can't fire you.
Because you're right.
I'm embittered.
My life is shit.
I don't know what to do.
I'm an idiot.
It's OK, don't worry about it.
Don't worry.
No, forgive me.
- Forgive me, Fabio.
- It doesn't matter.
- Yes.
- Inspector Castillo's here.
He's waiting for you.
I'll be right down.
- Could you come with me, please? - Sure.
You're up to speed with the case and you know Inspector Castillo.
Yes, we were colleagues for years.
Homicide is a close bunch.
So, what about Palacios? I'll speak to the inspector and then I'll call him so he comes back.
This is Inspector Castillo.
He'd like to speak with you.
I'm honoured.
I'd offer you a coffee, but I didn't get to the shops today.
You were just caught with a mobile phone.
It's no time for jokes.
Estefanía Kabila.
Two and a half years for theft and arson of a vehicle.
You've systematically increased your sentence through bad behaviour.
Fights, possession of a knife and assault.
- If this is about the phone - I don't give a shit about the phone.
- OK, so what's this about? - It's about two murders committed in here.
That of your cell mate, Yolanda, and that of the Chief Jailer.
Both related to a SIM card, the whereabouts of which you are apparently aware of.
You've publicly accused Macarena Ferreiro of having the proof.
Why don't you ask her? Because these things are best discussed between friends.
The kind of details a judge needs are best spoken about in an intimate setting.
- Why would I betray my friend Maca? - Because it would be a nice gesture, which would mean a lot to the Behaviour Committee, and because the prison would withdraw the assault charge.
You'd be on day release within a month.
- Keep still.
- Shouldn't this be done by a woman? Why not two? They're on their way.
How do you like them? Fair or dark? If you want the truth I like them blonde and pretty.
Listen, it's important that everything Macarena says gets recorded on this mic.
We'll talk later about where those knickers came from.
Any conversation that could help the investigation must be heard loud and clear.
Whether it's about Yolanda or the SIM card.
OK? Try and get friendly with Macarena.
Get her talking, lead the conversation.
Is that clear? Crystal clear.
Don't stop, baby.
Don't stop! Oh my God! It must be hard for someone who has a baby in here thinking of bringing it up here.
But then again, it could be worse.
When it comes to childhood, like mine, which I remember like it was yesterday We played everything, tag, kite-flying Yes, I'm happy.
Maybe it's the hormones but I get up happy.
I'm happy all the time.
Study hard, my girl.
Don't be like your mother.
Study and don't let any man lay a finger on you.
I'll be out soon and then we'll have a great time.
No, I'm not mother material.
I see myself as more of an aunt.
I'd be Auntie Tere.
There were eight of us, sixteen cousins on one side and nine on the other, and we all ended up living together.
We were kids, right? I think that all kids are happy.
Take good care of Grandma, and remember I love you more than anything in the world.
Now I've got upset, bloody hell.
And the music, there was music all the time.
Like this You've got the rhythm, girl.
I needed that.
Even the legs of the bed went weak.
Miss, I don't suppose you've got a cigarette? I always enjoy one afterwards.
- You know there's no smoking.
- No smoking.
- You look great.
Enjoy it.
- Thanks very much, gorgeous.
I had an amazing time.
I'm so sorry, you should have asked me sooner.
Your pill's on order but you'll have to wait till the next visit.
You don't understand, I need the pill this week.
If not, it won't work.
This isn't like a shop where you can take things back.
3,000 euros we said, remember? If you need an abortion, don't worry.
There are other ways in here.
With a coat hanger, herbs, mint, parsley, and others.
Talk to the Senegalese women.
Either that, or you'll have to jump through hoops for Dr Sandoval.
- Christ, that woman's an arsehole.
- What's she up to? - Hi.
- Hello.
What a surprise.
To what do we owe this visit? Well, I've been in solitary, and I've been thinking things over.
I want to control - my impulses.
- You want to control your violent impulses? Is that what you mean? Yes.
I promised the Governor, and that's what I've decided.
And it's boring wanking on your own.
- I prefer it alone.
- What the hell is she doing? - It's a therapy session.
- I know that, for God's sake.
But Ferreiro isn't there.
Where can I get a coffee around here? - Linchún, fancy a coffee? - Why do you behave that way? I don't stop to think about it, if I'm honest.
You tell me.
Why should I do your job? - We want answers, Doctor.
- You've hit the nail on the head.
You don't think about it.
That's the secret.
Think about it.
Think before acting.
If you did that, you'd do less kicking and headbutting.
Let me give you an example.
When anger takes over, it's like there's a little black cloud blocking out your light.
Your instincts kick in.
When you take the decision yourself, to step to one side and walk around that cloud, what does that mean, ladies? Self control.
You're controlling your impulses.
What's happened to you lately? Have you done anything you regret? - I've fallen out with two friends.
- With two friends.
I suppose that they have names.
Saray, for example.
I told her that she's a mad bitch and I wouldn't touch her with a barge pole.
OK, then.
Do you still feel that way? - No.
- Doesn't this seem like a good time, since she's here with you, to say you're sorry? I don't know.
Why don't you stand up, look her in the eyes, and tell her from the heart? But truthfully.
Go for it, Curly.
Go on.
OK, it's OK.
These past few years we've been together have been brilliant, truly wicked.
And even if we're not together now, I'd like us to be great mates, Gypsy.
And to have other friends, too.
And, I love you.
I love you lots.
Aw! Wait a moment.
That was very good.
I imagine that you'll want to respond to that, won't you, Saray? - Do I have to stand up? - Yes, I'm afraid you do.
- That's a tough one.
- Bloody hell.
Very nice! Well done, girls.
What kind of Sunday school is this? Linchún.
I bet you don't get this in Chinese orphanages.
Go to hell, Castillo.
Maca, come and sit down.
Move over.
Sit down.
I hear you're pregnant and that you want to abort it? That Simón's quite a guy.
First he gets you knocked up, and then he gets you locked up.
Have you given any thought to my proposition? I've already told you.
I don't have the money.
No, not yet.
But you will.
And then what? Then nothing, if I manage to get out of here and I have the money, I swear I'll give you every last penny.
But that's if I get out of here.
And only when I get out, not before.
Sorry to interrupt this moment of intimate friendship, but could I speak to you for a moment, Zulema? We'll talk later.
Bloody hell.
Answer me one question.
Do I fuck your maid? - What? - I don't, do I? Do you know why? Because I respect you.
I respect your property, I respect your business dealings.
- But you don't respect mine.
- What the fuck are you talking about? - About you selling drugs.
- I'm not selling anything.
That's my little business.
I've held off for a while because I'm in the spotlight.
But I'm still here.
So if you didn't know, now you do.
Are you threatening me? If you don't respect my property, I won't respect yours.
You're listening to Juan Ramón Lucas.
If anyone could make a career out of I've been thinking: I won't tell Lidia about any of this.
Having been married for many years, I'd say that the odd secret can help a marriage.
It's 400 metres away.
Look, there's the forest track.
It's over there.
Dad, it's down here.
We'll have to turn around.
You missed the turning, Dad.
I know.
There's a camper van behind that's been tailing us for 20 minutes.
Don't turn around, for God's sake.
I'm going to slow down.
Try and see if it's the Egyptian, but only when I say, and carefully.
- Yes, it's him.
- Christ.
What shall we do? We'll carry on for a few kilometres.
We'll get the spade out and start digging in the wrong place.
What? Get out.
Get out! Casper, they've really messed you up.
It's OK.
- I'm back, OK? - How did you manage that? Because I promised them I'd behave myself, that I'll go to therapy and that I won't cause trouble.
Very well.
But you have to behave yourself here as well, OK? That's right.
Are we friends? Of course we are, come here.
Linchún, hit record.
Anabel, did you score with the rollers? I'm always scoring, with men and with life.
You hit the jackpot here, didn't you? There's nothing like some good, hot loving, with a gorgeous gentleman.
- Loving.
- Loving? With some pimp whose name you don't even know.
How much per kilo for that pimp? I don't bother with such details.
Orgasms are all I need.
I've put all that on hold for my next life.
If I found a man to take me to classy places where they pull out your chair before you sit down, I'd be a happy woman.
Then talk to this one.
Now she's a millionaire.
What did you say? OK, that just slipped out.
I'm sorry, never mind.
Out of curiosity, where did Yolanda keep her secret hidden? - Wasn't it in the greenhouse? - Listen.
I might have found something but I didn't know what it was.
A SIM card.
But I'm not a millionaire and I'm not going to be.
She's acknowledged she has Yolanda's SIM card.
Call Judge Andrade.
We're going to get her.
Where is the SIM card? Come on, we've got you on the security cameras.
- I flushed it down the toilet.
- Why? I was afraid.
There were lots of inmates after that SIM card and the money.
I'm sure you checked what was on the card.
Especially since you had Palacios' phone.
What was on the SIM card? - Photographs.
- What? I can't hear you.
- Photographs! - Photographs of what? Of a road and a forest.
What was in the forest? They were photos of the same place.
Of a rock.
It had been shot from different angles.
It was mossy.
Anything else? No, nothing else.
Would you recognise that rock? Ferreiro.
Is this the rock? No.
Linchún, let's head north a bit.
There are some forest tracks over there.
- Is there anything there? - Nothing.
Thank you.
I've spoken to your father.
I promised him I'd take care of you.
So if you have any problems, talk to me.
Could you get me an abortion? That's what I need now.
I'll speak to Sandoval.
Why don't you want to have it? Why? Would you want to have a baby in that den of bitches? Well, there's one good thing.
You'll spend more time with it than on the outside, working and being a single mother.
Does that seem like a good reason to you? No.
The real reason is that children can fix anyone's life, however messed up it is.
That's what I believe.
Up here, man! - Do you think he's watching us? - I think so.
Why are we digging in the wrong place? - He doesn't know that.
- OK.
But when the money doesn't appear he'll shoot us in the leg, - unless we tell him everything.
- Yes, but we had no choice.
If we'd turned the car around, he'd have realised that we'd clocked him, and then we would have been fucked.
So he'll think we're looking for it and that we just haven't found it.
Are you OK? Go on ahead.
You're OK.
Is this the rock? It's mossy.
I'm pregnant.
I'm going to get you out of there, sis.
Me and Dad.
There may be another way.
But it's illegal.
No, that's not it.
I'm sure.
I'll be damned.
Let me carry on, Dad.
Hey, you! Stand up.
I said stand up, slowly.
Stand up! You bastard! Ferreiro! Macarena!