Vis a vis (2015) s03e02 Episode Script

Muy fácil o muy difícil

1 Welcome to Cruz del Norte.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Chinese in the kitchen, in intake, in the laundry room We know who's running the show here.
Zulema! Now we're all here! Get your fucking ass out of my bed.
Want to sleep? Take the floor.
- I bought you something.
- How the hell did you buy this, Unai? Did Fabio really hurt you that much? Zulema stashed three million euros in Morocco, right? Get your brother to go and find it.
The only way to start over is to do your three years here.
I'm doing it for both of us.
The judge thinks you can get parole.
I know who you are.
Starting today, your destinies are intertwined.
I'm going to kill you all! Go and get those newbies! Come on, you lightweight! Crush the newbies! Kill them! Akame wants to talk to you.
I want to apologize, Mercedes.
Apologize for what? For making you a murderer.
You killed the officer.
That's not true.
The evidence says otherwise.
You're looking at 15 years for homicide.
As you know, Officer Unai del Alamo has been brutally murdered.
We're going to have a minute's silence in his memory.
Thank you very much.
Akame? Akame, right? This can be easy or it can be very difficult.
You Chinese are running the show here.
And that's fine with me.
But if I show respect you show respect.
Carrillo is with me.
I don't mess with your people and you don't mess with mine.
Simple, right? Don't ever say anything in my name.
I'm not with you or with anyone, understood? You don't know the rules of the jail.
In here, you're with someone or you're fucked.
I don't want to be with you.
I respect that.
I just want you to know one thing.
If you need me I'm here.
I understand perfectly what it's like to lose a partner.
And I also know what it means to have the urge to pick up a gun and take the law into your own hands.
But you all know what it means to be on one side or the other of the fence.
So, don't be stupid, and let us do our job.
We'll catch the bitch who killed your colleague.
Thank you, Inspector.
Allow me to see you to the door.
It's a very difficult time for us.
Tonight at 10:00 p.
, the cameras in the central gallery and the yard will stop recording.
All the cells in Unit Three will be open.
Bring your assault gear.
Electric batons, bulletproof vests, helmets.
The lot.
If you don't want to take part go home.
Because tonight I'm going to find out who killed Unai.
I thought you'd be in a resort in Riviera Maya, with one of those all-inclusive bracelets.
With sunburned shoulders and a belly swollen with beer.
Give me a couple of years.
When they told me I had a private visit I didn't expect it to be you.
New jail new cellmates.
I don't want you to be labelled as "the cop's little friend.
" You mean, a "snitch.
" If you're here about the murdered officer Me? I don't know anything.
No, I didn't come for that.
I'm really sorry that Fabio's plan turned out like shit.
And the judge didn't give a fuck about all that money.
Your father asked me to take care of you.
And so far I'm doing a shit job of it.
Well, at least your father is dead, so he can't say anything.
You don't owe me anything.
But I do owe your father.
Your brother told me that you don't want him to come and see you.
I am like some sort of praying mantis.
Everything that gets close to me dies.
My father, my mother.
I'm not going to add my brother to that list.
Do you understand? Why are you here, Castillo? The officers are getting very worked up.
One of their own was murdered.
His throat was cut from ear to ear and they may want to take the law into their own hands.
Have you got a mobile phone? Telephones are not allowed in jail, Inspector.
Don't be such a wiseass.
If you don't have one get one right now and keep it near you.
If something odd happens, whatever it is call me straight away.
That bed is mine.
That one is mine as well.
That's mine too.
Out there the Chinese are in charge, but here, in this cell I am God.
And if I tell you to eat my pussy, then you eat my pussy.
Understood? I can't go to Unai's funeral.
I can't take flowers.
I hardly have any memories of him outside of jail.
We never went on holiday.
We didn't talk about having children.
And only once did he say he was going to leave his wife and he was drunk.
I can't even keep anything from his locker.
Why don't you take a few days off? Go to Mexico to see your family.
It'll do you good.
Do you know what will do me good? Find the bitch who did this to Unai and rip her head off.
That will do me good.
I won't allow it, Alta.
It's not right.
And that they slaughtered him like a pig? Is that right? Let him bleed like a fucking animal, while they were laughing? Is that right? Tonight go home, Frutos and enjoy your wife.
There was only one way they could have killed him.
Stretching a steel wire from one side to the other.
From one of these four cells.
Four cells.
Six prisoners per cell.
Twenty-four possible killers.
And the wire? How should I know? By now, some gang of Romanians will have made fillings from it.
- Hey! - What? What the hell are you doing? Mopping the floor, like the Unit Chief said.
You can't clean anything.
We're still doing the police report.
The police report, cool! It sounds like CSI, right? In the end, everything is solved - by the analysis of a hair.
- Please.
Stop that.
That's it.
I love your haircut.
Where's the cancer? My mother died of cancer.
They say that the monster usually skips a generation.
My grandma died of the same thing.
I don't think it's scientifically proven.
Which one is your cell? That one.
Did you see anything on the night of the murder? Yes, I did see something.
What did you see? Sorry, I didn't see anything.
Forgive me, I didn't see anything.
I was dead to the world, I didn't see a thing.
I'm sorry.
Can you give me a phone number or an email? If I remember something, I'll call you.
What's the harm? Okay.
Nerea Rojas.
Lovely name.
What? Don't mess with the Deputy Inspector.
I'm cooperating.
You can mop the floor now.
Let's go.
If she turns round, she fancies me.
If she turns round, she fancies me.
What a shame.
Do you have what I asked for? The first thing I'm going to do when I get out of here is go to the Almudena cemetery.
I have to go and see Fernando.
A trip to an island.
All on my own.
Hug my daughter, take her to a place where no one knows me.
And start again.
Go for some tapas.
A hot shower in a clean bathroom with a gel that smells clean.
Wash my hair.
Get dressed up.
Stand there like I'll shake my body, this way and that.
This song! What are you doing? Maca my twin.
Come on, Mercedes! You're going to get out soon.
- What's going on? - It's Mercedes.
They're looking into the case, and she might get parole.
Look at her.
That's it, girl! You'll have to leave your panties! Well, Conchi left her Tampax on there.
She did! What's going on? With a little luck, they'll let me out one day a week.
Even if I have to sleep here, but at least I can see my daughter.
Well, we know why the Chinese have so much interest in you.
- Don't do anything stupid.
- No, I won't do anything stupid.
I'm going up right now to tell the Governor - that I didn't kill that officer.
- That's what I mean.
If you talk to the Governor you won't live another night.
You or your family.
Look they've killed an officer and they've taken great pains to set you up.
So what do I do? You have to find out exactly what they want.
Hey? Here.
It's for you.
What is this? This is the Virgin of Macarena.
It will keep you safe.
Ferreiro, you have a visit.
- Tell my brother to leave, please.
- It's not your brother.
Are you coming or not? I want to talk to Akame.
Akame, I want to talk to you.
I don't want to be locked up here for 15 years for a murder I didn't commit.
What do you want? Hong Fang is one of the leaders of the Tao Triad.
Every year, they send a container to China with all the money raised.
Money that doesn't exist.
Soon you will be granted partial freedom and you're going to help us steal that money.
The day the ship is going to sail we'll get out of jail and we'll take all the money.
Hang on a minute.
I can't be part of an escape that would jeopardize my parole.
No one's going to escape.
Robbery It's a perfect robbery.
For the police the theft will never have occurred.
You can't steal money that doesn't exist.
The Triad will think we were in jail.
I don't understand why you need me.
There are thousands of containers in the port.
We need to know which container and which day.
You'll get close to him and earn his trust.
Western women are his weakness.
How do I do that? I don't know how to do that.
On that wire, there are two types of blood.
The dead officer's and yours.
I'm sure you can think of a way to do it.
What would I do if I left here tomorrow? I'm supposed to be in here the rest of my fucking life.
Be with my sisters and hug them.
Without a fucking wall here.
Go to Germany and see my granddaughter.
I have a little granddaughter.
I want to start with a swim in the sea.
What the fuck! What do you mean? Twenty-five others have already said that.
Say something original.
You and me tomorrow, in the sea, naked.
- Would you come? - Of course I would.
- Then it's a date, shut up.
- You've convinced me.
I'm dying to have a good sleep, because here you don't rest.
What shall I bring you? I'm going to Bollullos A pair of white shoes Will cost me five pesetas The day I leave here you'll never know.
Get up! You're a rebel, eh? I'll show you.
On your knees.
On your knees.
You're going to spend all fucking morning looking for my G-spot with your tongue.
Do you know that the G-spot was discovered by a man? A German.
Ernst Grafenberg.
He located the G-spot inside the vagina, on the front wall, at a distance of three to five cm from its opening to the vulva.
To find your G-spot, I'd have to cave my way through all that fucking fat.
In this prison, the Chinese are in charge.
For now.
But in this cell I'm in charge.
I say when you eat, when you shit, when you sleep, when you pray.
Is that clear? Is that clear? And now get your fucking ass off my bed.
Move it.
It feels strange to be sitting here and not supervising.
And I find it strange to see you out of uniform.
You look good.
Very handsome.
You look beautiful.
Well, you know the rules.
No touching.
No passing objects.
And no kissing.
Hey! It's okay.
Settle down now.
That's enough.
Millán, let's go.
Keep still.
Calmer now? Come on.
Why are you here, Fabio? I know you can't take it.
I've brought it to show you.
It's very pretty.
Macarena look at me, please.
I'm sorry for everything that happened.
I came to tell you that I will wait for you.
If it's ten, twelve No matter how many years, until you get out.
And I'll come and see you every fucking day.
And if I get a transfer, I'll come and work here by your side to take care of you.
And I'm not going to stop until Until Fuck! Macarena, say something or I'll have a fucking heart attack.
One question.
How long did your first marriage last? What's that got to do with it? Seven years.
Seven years.
The equivalent of a conviction for drug trafficking or manslaughter.
My marriage was finished long before that and you know that perfectly well, but I couldn't leave her.
That's what I mean, Fabio.
That's my point.
You were married for seven years out of guilt.
Don't you realize? First, a blind woman.
Now, a prisoner.
You need a lost cause and it's not going to be me.
It's not going to be me.
I don't want you to save me.
Or wait for me.
Or make me happy.
I'm here because I deserve to be.
For every shitty decision I've made in my life.
Don't you realize you are your own lost cause? Do you understand? So, stop it.
Go out that door, and I don't know, take out a loan on a motorhome and leave.
Yes, Fabio, go to Go round the world, whatever.
But don't feel guilty for another minute.
The Maca you fell in love with would have taken that ring and would have smothered you with kisses.
But that Maca no longer exists.
Not now.
After a night in solitary, you won't feel like hitting anyone.
This is really strange.
What? The Chinese never hit anyone.
Have you ever put one in solitary? Because I haven't.
Millán! Millán! What the hell are you doing? Millán, have you gone mad? What the hell are you doing? Millán, open the door! Open the door, Millán! Millán.
I didn't want it to come to this, Frutos.
I told you to go home to your wife.
What are you talking about? Maybe you can let Unai's death go but I can't.
I'm sorry.
Altagracia, don't do it.
No Altagracia.
Open the door.
Open the fucking door! Millán! What's going on? Have you lost your mind? Millán, come here.
Millán! Millán! Thank you.
I'm grateful that you taught me how to survive here.
Everywhere, all my life, I let others protect me.
Everyone took care of me as if I were a child.
And you didn't.
You've made me face reality.
Thank you.
You've been a teacher.
Well, I forgot to show you the most important thing.
When you go into a new prison, never go against those at the top of the food chain.
Let's go.
Are you afraid? It's not fear.
It's knowing history.
At the beginning of the 19th century, there was a large rat infestation in China.
There were so many that they would have eaten all the rice.
Then, the Emperor thought, "If we are a billion Chinese people, and each one kills a rat, the infestation will be over.
" So, he paid a reward to every person who brought him a dead rat.
It wasn't a bad idea.
But the Chinese realized that if they fed the rats, and took care of them and helped them to breed, they'd have many more rats to deliver to the Emperor, and therefore, more money.
And? The Chinese are something else.
They're different.
They're capable of taming rats.
You're my identical twin.
I couldn't bear anything happening to you.
Get up! All of you, out! What the hell are you doing? Let me fucking go! Let her go! - Curly! - Don't move! Let her go! You bastard! Fucking bastard! - Don't touch me! - In single file! You've hurt me! Fucking bastard! Zulema! Let go! Curly! - No! - Maca! - Curly! - That's enough! Not these two.
They were with me when Unai was killed.
Come on! Outside! What's going on? The night of the long knives.
What are you doing? Castillo warned me.
He told me to call him.
Ferreiro, they're waiting for you in the laundry room.
Who's waiting? Your destiny.
Are you okay? Yes, we're fine, yes.
But this doesn't look like a pre-natal class.
The cameras in the central gallery and the yard are off.
These officers here today will not have been here tomorrow.
And it doesn't matter what you say.
Because nobody will believe you.
This is uncomfortable for everyone but nobody's going anywhere until you tell me who killed Unai.
If I don't take you to Akame today tomorrow I will take a friend of yours.
And the day after, another one.
And the day after another one.
I'm not in a hurry.
I can stay here all night.
Because nobody is going to move until I have a confession.
- No! - She hasn't done anything! - Why? - She hasn't done anything.
Go for the junkie, right? Cowards! No! No.
Tere! Bloody junkie! - Yes? - Inspector Castillo.
Working at this time of night? How's your wife? It's Zulema.
I guess you weren't expecting my call.
Zulema, what the hell do you want? Did you keep a diary when you were young? I did.
And I loved it because that's where I used to write all my secrets.
"Dear diary, today has been a strange day in Cruz del Norte.
" How did you get my number? At breakfast, the atmosphere was charged with negative energy.
At 11:00 a.
we had therapy with the psychologist, but the atmosphere didn't get any better.
It just got worse.
Bastards! You bastards! You're going to tell me, bitch.
Aren't you going to say anything? Then we went to work with the chickens.
That was relaxing.
Then, late in the afternoon, and here is the reason for this call, the surveillance cameras stopped recording.
A rare occurrence in a prison.
Tell Macarena to come to the phone immediately.
Frankly, I don't think she can come to the phone right now.
I'll say it one last time.
Who killed Unai? It's nothing personal.
But there can only be one cock in the hen house.
And I can't allow a newbie to contradict me.
Do you understand? You will become an example for others.
Bitch! Fucking cow.
- Fucking bitch! - You're a prize bitch! You sick bastard! You crazy bitch! Fucking crazy bitch! Playing the big heroine! - Walk, bitch! Walk! - Nice show you're putting on! What the fuck's going on? You're fucking mad! Speak clearly, you damn bitch! Frutos, what the hell's going on here? Nothing at all.
The storm has screwed up the CCTV but we've fixed it.
Everything's okay.
What would I do when I get out of jail? Well, let's see Shit! Eat an ice cream.
Maca? Maca? Maca! I'm imagining an ice cream like One of those ice cream cones.
Like the ones my parents used to buy me when we spent the summer at Sardinero beach.
It was an ice cream with two scoops, one vanilla and another chocolate one.
Live! Live! And I always imagine I'm six years old Live.
and that I'm eating it with someone who loves me very much.
Live! But I can't imagine myself outside.
I can't.
IN THE NEXT EPISODE Shit! Bitch! They'll hunt us down one by one.
The question is, who'll be next? The price is you.
Be my whore for a year.
I know it was the Chinese.
- What can I do for you? - How about my freedom? Guard! I'm bleeding out! Drop the gun!