Vis a vis (2015) s03e07 Episode Script

Fuimos niñas

1 We're leaving in two weeks.
Zulema will give you the container number, but when you're out.
I have a plan.
What do you want the explosives for? We have explosives to blow up the whole fucking prison.
Swallow! It was Zulema who kidnapped your daughter.
She made you believe it was the Chinese.
- Zulema! - I've fucked you up, Zulema.
I told them everything.
- Rat! - It was hidden in Unai's locker.
- Did you know anything? - No.
- She knows everything.
- I pay you a lot of money.
Take her out.
You saved my life.
Your best friend tried to kill you.
I'm dying.
They've given me six months.
I don't know if it makes much sense to continue with all this.
Kabila! I want to talk to Deputy Inspector Rojas.
Have you lost your mind? Nerea, I don't want you to leave.
I don't care if it's six months, I want to be with you.
What do you know about Hong Fang and the Chinese Triad? Get me out of here and I'll deliver Hong Fang.
The prosecutor wants to catch Hong Fang red-handed.
You have to stay in Cruz del Norte.
I have a plan that would set us up for life.
I just need you not to transfer me.
Forty million euros in your current account.
No prisoner can be transferred if they can't get on the bus on their own.
Long live Mexico, you bastards! Every Easter since 1916, the honorable Brotherhood of the Christ of the Buena Muerte grants an inmate the grace of freedom.
An Easter amnesty dating from the time of Pontius Pilate.
This year, a Cruz del Norte inmate will be pardoned.
What? Cruz del Norte has never had this honor.
However, not all inmates are eligible.
Those condemned for violence or terrorism are excluded.
That rules out Manoli.
Despite the religious basis for this clemency, the criteria of justice and equity will still apply.
Case files will be examined throughout the day and candidates will be interviewed.
The candidates will also be assessed on merit, rewards and progress in recent years.
I don't know why I have to go back.
A snitch in the prison is a dead man walking, damn it! Zulema swore she'd get her revenge, remember? Thanks to you, we're going to catch Hong Fang.
One of the biggest bastards on this planet.
And, besides, we'll be watching you.
Let's go.
Just give Akame the container number so the escape can go ahead.
That's it.
Go with her.
The Chinese will take her out.
You know that, don't you? All I know is that I'm getting old.
And that girl could be my daughter.
And the prosecution doesn't give a shit about a prisoner's life.
Here comes the rat! - Rat! - Grass! - Snitch.
- Snake.
- Rat.
- Bitch.
- Snitch.
- Snitch.
Rat! Rat! - Bon appétit.
- Thank you.
Make room.
Just one thing.
It's the Brotherhood of the Saint of whatever - and the government is - Our Lady of Hope, Sole.
- Well, whatever.
- Whatever? - Sweetie.
- So, they say to the government, "Hey, government, we need you to grant freedom to two or three prisoners, let's say, John Doe.
" And then the government grants them freedom.
- So, is that how it works? - Well, yes, more or less.
- It's not like that exactly.
- I'm not eligible.
After escaping to see Macarena.
Yes, and I cut off Sandoval's cock.
And where did you put it? But I'll tell you one thing: it's bound to be one of us, because I can't see the Chinese dressing up as Christians.
Saray Vargas, why do you think you should be granted clemency? Well, because I'm pregnant, like the Virgin Mary, who was also pregnant, once.
This is a kind of immaculate conception.
This could be a miracle.
And if you don't let me out, you'll be sorry.
My father was a fisherman, and the first thing he did when I was born was put a Virgin of Carmen medal around my neck, the patron saint of sailors.
My family believed in God.
The Virgin of Fatima appeared to me.
It's true, I was going through withdrawal at the time.
But I saw her.
I saw her.
I'm not in withdrawal anymore.
I'm perfectly fine now.
Praise her to the heavens! Well, on Holy Thursday, I used to close the stall I had at the street market.
I sold bras, boxer shorts, knickers "Ladies, get them now, take them home! Get them while they're cheap!" And when thongs came in, they sold like hotcakes.
Not me, I couldn't wear them, they'd stick in my ass and I couldn't move.
In my house, Easter was sacred.
We never ate meat on Fridays.
Never! I go to church, of course.
Well, I go to mass when I can.
Did I mention my faith? I have faith.
Go in.
You have ten minutes before I get into trouble.
Why did you betray me, Saray? Why did you tell that snitch the whole story about her daughter's "kidnapping"? Why? Even scorpions take care of their young.
Children are sacred.
Children are sacred.
I was wrong.
That's what friends are for.
To tell the truth.
Well tonight's the big night.
Bye-bye to fucking Cruz del Norte.
And you know what? You're not coming.
You're not coming.
- Because I squealed? - Yes, of course.
Because you squealed.
And when you squealed, you blew our chances of escaping with the Chinese.
So I've had to find another way with a shitty plan to save my ass.
I'm going alone.
There's no ticket for you.
You swore to me that I wouldn't give birth behind bars.
I've got you tattooed on my body.
You're my friend.
My sister.
And you're going to leave me here? To rot here with my daughter? For fuck's sake.
You're really going to leave me here? Time's up.
What is it? Excuse me? What's wrong? Mercedes is still in Cruz del Norte.
The police have set up operations in the staff room.
Well, good morning, everyone.
They want Akame to go on with the escape.
It's the only way they have to catch the head of the Triad.
the operation here, in this room.
It stays within these walls.
Until further notice, this room is reserved for our people.
As far as you're concerned, this operation doesn't exist.
Just continue with your normal duties.
Thank you.
Get me a phone because the fucking Chinese will want to hear about this.
And I have something else.
SOJU, HONG FANG'S RIGHT-HAND MAN Bitch! What on earth are you doing? - Leave me alone.
- Let me see.
Look what you've done.
You're bleeding, Saray.
What's wrong, my love? What happened? I'm going to forget Zulema.
Get her out of my fucking life, just like she's forgotten me.
She's left me alone.
Look Zulema is a scorpion.
And scorpions have no friends.
She promised me that my baby would be born free.
No bars, no yellow.
Do you know the first memory I have of my mother? Her smell.
My mother smelled of soap.
Mine Mine smelled of tobacco and rosemary.
How lovely.
Look, Saray when you leave here, your daughter won't remember the bars the walls or the prisoners.
Your daughter will remember your laugh your black hair those two, jet black eyes of yours.
And your voice.
That voice that comes from deep down when you sing.
That's what your daughter will remember.
Although I can't promise you that her favorite color won't be yellow, my girl! My cousin Dolores and me went to the cheap section, to see the Christ of the Buena Muerte in the procession.
And the soldiers with their hairy chests.
I am the bride of death My cousin Dolores and I were swooning.
Those huge guys, carrying the throne, making it sway back and forth.
I didn't know it was the Virgin of Fatima.
I saw a postcard and it was her.
Since then I've sometimes seen a sort of wisp of smoke, like what I saw before she appeared.
I saw smoke, then she appeared.
Sometimes, I still see the smoke.
I've seen it here.
The smoke.
They used to say, "sweet money.
" You know, easy money.
They were from Buenos Aires.
That's where I ruined everything, because I'm here.
Goya, I don't want to force you, but don't you have anything to say? Of course.
Well I go to church but I get really involved too.
I love the flowers to be well arranged, with clean water, the chairs all in place.
Nobody can step on the That cushion you kneel on, no one should step on that.
I'm one of the few people who will sit on this chair who really believes in God.
I'm not going home, Inspector.
I don't want to hear it.
I saw Kabila earlier.
I don't have children.
Lazy sperm or whatever the fuck it's called.
My wife wanted children more than anything in this world.
A lifetime of putting up with my shit and I couldn't give her kids.
Why are you telling me this? What have I done now? You've got guts.
Because it must have taken a lot of guts to fall in love with someone who's dying.
Someone who can't give you what you want most in this world.
Getting things wrong pisses me off.
But I think this time I misjudged you and I wanted to tell you.
Thank you.
What did you talk about? About me? About you? Not a fucking word.
Do you think it's all about you or what? She just said that at 10:00 a.
she'd be in the visitors' room.
That's an order.
I'm your superior, damn it! Go! How are your hands? Do they hurt? They don't hurt.
They don't hurt at all.
How are you? Okay? Well, in a way, we're all little girls in here.
Really, look at us, with our uniforms, our dining room, our yard.
Memories of my childhood? Yes.
I had a happy childhood.
We all did, right? This could be a school playground.
After all, they're all the same.
In a school yard If you look closely at every girl, you can guess what they'll be like when they're older.
Look over there.
In the schoolyard, there's always a bully who's scary.
And a clown needing affection and desperate for attention.
There are those who get into addiction, hiding in a corner.
And we couldn't leave out the snitch.
The outcast.
Nobody wants to be near her.
The adult they'll be in the future is already growing inside, like a seed.
And, whatever they do, that destiny will catch up with them.
Yes and no.
My childhood was like any other.
I played, I sang It was good.
Very good.
See you later.
Go! Run Jump Run Little fox in the desert In the burrow Watch, Mum Watch, Mum Run Jump Little fox in the desert In the burrow Zulema! Watch, Mum - Watch, Mum - Zulema! Watch, Mum Zulema! Zulema! Where are you? A very important man has come to meet you.
You're so lucky, Zulema.
What's the matter? Do you want to end up alone? Behave and show your obedience.
Is that clear? - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You're a very beautiful girl.
What's wrong? Doesn't she want to be my wife? I've paid in advance.
We have a deal.
Zulema is very happy, but a little nervous.
Don't worry.
My daughter will be your wife.
And on the wedding night, she'll open for you like a flower.
- Aren't we running a little behind? - Slowly but surely.
And this? Quickly, seal it.
I want this container vacuum-sealed.
So the air escapes little by little.
How long will it take for a person to suffocate in here, Soju? More than a day.
First headaches, then nausea and purple skin Until they convulse and die.
Put up lights.
So my sister can see the mountain of money as she dies.
- Yes.
- Hello.
You don't know me, nor I you.
But it's in our interests to be partners.
I'll explain.
The police are going to arrest you as soon as your sister goes near the container.
Who are you? I'm the elf from fucking hell who's come to negotiate with you.
One of your people is an informer.
I can give you his name.
That's impossible.
If that's impossible, how come I know you just closed a smuggling deal in Brazil? That you have breakfast every morning on the corner of Dr.
Esquerdo street? And that there's a microphone under the seat of your car? What do you want? Thirty percent of the container.
Well, it's strange that we still don't know who the brotherhood will release.
Maybe they've opted out and this year they won't choose anyone.
Every day the same fucking shit! - I want something nourishing, Antonia.
- Here.
Like the Chinese.
And do you know what I want, Saray? I want to have an ass like Queen Letizia.
So, stop your moaning, you're holding up the queue.
What's going on? You're skin and bone.
You barely weigh fifty kilos.
With those rotten teeth, all you'll be able to eat is soup.
And because you're a fucking junkie any day now, you're going to die from a fucking fix.
Get that into your head, Tere.
But what's really going on is that they're going to pardon me.
I won't be here to take care of you.
Are you getting this? And now who's going to look out for you? For fuck's sake, Tere.
Promise me you'll take good care of yourself.
Promise me! Do you promise? Promise me.
Inspector? I was told you wanted to talk to me.
We've quite an operation going on here, right Frutos? Absolutely.
- Is something wrong? - Tell me something.
Why did you become a prison officer? Nobody becomes a jailer by vocation.
I failed the exams for the Civil Guard.
You don't say! Civil Guard? I need you to help me out.
Of course.
What do I have to do? What you've been doing so far.
Be the same piece of shit as always.
We've been watching you for three months.
As things stand, you'll be kicked out and then tried for bribery and perverting the course of justice.
What's the problem, damn it? Have you nothing to say? I don't want to go to jail.
I want you to tell the fucking Chinese that the escape is still on, and that the cameras will stop working at six sharp.
And, as they expect the doors will be unlocked.
They'll leave with a free transit card and the laundry van will be waiting for them.
Collaborate and with a little luck, it will serve as mitigation before a judge.
You're right, a former prison officer never goes down well in prison.
It's for you.
Only half the Yuan that's what you paid me for each delivery when I was a kid.
That's what makes this so hard for me, Soju.
You were my teacher.
- Hello? - Hello, honey.
I was dying to hear your voice, sweetie.
- Are you all right? Yeah? - Yes.
And school? Do you like the new school? It's okay.
Why only okay? What's happened? Has someone been picking on you or what? A boy took my snack.
But did he hit you, did he hurt you? I don't want to go back to school, Mum.
You promised we were leaving, but you lied to me.
Sweetie it's okay.
You have to be brave and stand up to that boy, okay? Fear is like a monster.
You can't let it grow.
Mum? Mum, what's wrong? Mum! Mum Castillo? Look.
Zoom in.
What the hell is she doing? Chief? I've cut myself.
I have to go to the ward.
To the ward? Looking for Zulema? This girl is out of her fucking mind.
Wait here.
You're the last person I expected to see, Councilor.
This is nice.
I've come to tell you that I'm not afraid of you.
I betrayed you to the police, and I hope you get 1,000 years.
And one more thing, if you touch anyone in my family, I'll kill you.
I didn't touch your daughter.
I made you believe I had.
Do you understand? And I apologize.
My mistake.
What does this mean? That we're even? Never.
Someday, I'll kill you.
Zulema! Let her go! You get out of here right now.
Well, if you're well enough to get off the stretcher, you can also get on a bus.
Prepare her transfer immediately.
Zulema? Your mother deceived you.
None of us get used to the humiliation, and none of us come to terms with marrying a man we don't love.
Zulema, your mother didn't want you.
She didn't want to keep you.
Run away.
Run away! Run! Get away, Zulema! Be free! Be free, Zulema! Mercedes, listen to me, no more bullshit.
Just give the container number to the Chinese and this will be over for you.
We'll be watching the whole time.
Don't worry.
My lovely Antonia.
All in place.
Gypsy! Pure gypsy! Today you go, my gypsy, from this well of bitterness, leaving this dark sentence in this dark cage.
Don't look back! Gypsy, walk tall.
The cries of pain are over.
And forever you'll carry with you scars that only time can heal.
Today you leave, my gypsy, this well of bitterness.
Go quietly, step by step.
Goodbye, Cruz del Norte.
Walk slowly, your feet covered in sand and singing with joy.
Run down that beach, where you always ran.
With the salt on your face and a smile on your lips.
Thank you, Our Lady of Sorrows, for giving me freedom.
Millán, the Governor told me to replace you.
- Safe trip.
- Thank you.
I'll see if everything is in order.
Write it down here.
How do I know you're not cheating me? That it's not a trap? You're coming with us.
The Chinese don't trust her.
They're taking her.
No intervention.
We'll go to Operation Two.
Let them go.
Our target is Hong Fang.
Close this door and this one.
And open up this one.
IN THE NEXT EPISODE Councilor I wouldn't leave you behind, ever.
There's been a Stop, police!