Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s07e05 Episode Script

The Ruins

[snoring] [Keith] Everybody up! Ah! [groaning] No.
Only a 99 on the test? But I did all the extra credit.
[Keith] Come on, it's time to wake up.
Ah! What a nightmare.
[yawns] What's the point? We're just floating in space.
There's no day or night here.
I have to agree with Lance.
We should sleep for 15 more doboshes.
[snoring] Guys, we can't let this long journey make us soft or dull our skills.
Routine will keep us sharp.
Keith's right.
Routine is what got me through being Zarkon's prisoner and being in the infinite void of the Black Lion.
I guess that does make you an expert on killing time.
Okay everyone, to your stations.
Running battle simulations now.
- [all grumbling] - Can't we just have [mutters] Can't we just have breakfast first? [yawns] [groans] - I programmed a new battle simulation.
- [beeps] [Krolia] I think it's going to be especially challenging.
Why do you sound happy about that? Like mother like son.
Here's the scenario: You're on a planet with double gravity, dense volcanic fog, and eight blovar raptors are attacking.
What do you do? This is a good one.
Do these raptors have eggs? I say we steal some and we make a little breakfast.
Ah! [Krolia] A blovar raptor just melted your face off, Hunk! Now it's eight on four.
That's fine by me.
I'm eating.
[lasers firing] [Allura grunting] [thrusters whirring] [raptor screeches] Everyone split up to thin their numbers! If there was just some way we could - What? - [alarm blaring] Keith, you're out.
Okay, I think I know what to do.
This place has thick volcanic fog, right? That means the blovars must use some sort of thermal vision to see us.
Maybe I can lure them away with my heat rays.
- It's working! - Nice! Let's get them while they're distracted.
What happened? [Krolia] You focused too much on the raptors and forgot about the volcano.
That fictional planet seems harsh.
[Krolia] I programmed the simulator to be unbeatable.
I wanted to see how long you'd survive.
[Lance] Well, I hope you're happy.
Food incoming! Aw, what a good wolf fella guy.
[Hunk] Gosh, we really gotta come up with a name for this wolf.
Not gonna happen.
[Hunk] Oh, come on! I vote Kosmo.
I like Kosmo.
[Lance] Kosmo is cool.
[Pidge] Yeah, it's nice.
[Keith] We're not calling him Kosmo.
[Hunk] Oh, come on, Keith, we gotta call him something.
[Keith] I figure when he's ready, he'll tell me his name.
So, Kosmo.
Got it.
- Oh! Hunk, this is delicious! - Yes, thank you, Lance.
I made it by collecting fungus paste from the dung of the beetles on that last planet we stopped at to pick up supplies.
[Lance] Hunk, please! I don't wanna know what it is.
I just wanna eat it and pretend that it's my meemaw's home cooking.
- [laughter] - A signal! - How did you get a signal? - [Pidge] I've been running a passive scan, so I wouldn't give our location away, looking for any signs of communications.
- And I just picked up something! - Well, what is it? I'm patching it through now.
- [audience laughing] - Bi-bi-boh! Bii! Boh-bi.
- Bii! - [audience laughing and applauding] [laughs] [bii-boh-bi conversation continues] [laughs] That bii-boh-bi sold the other's flizblaznator! These bii-boh-bis get comedy.
- [laughs] Bi-bi-bi.
Bi - [growling] - [blow lands, thuds] - Oh! [bii-boh-bi] Bii? Bi-boh? Biii! - [bii-boh-bi crying] - [gasps] Oh! - The drama caught me totally unaware.
- [laughter] Wait, wh shh, shh, shh, shh.
What's that noise? - [audience laughter] - [electronic screeching] It sounds like some interference.
I'll try to tune it out.
No, wait.
- Pidge, can you amplify that signal? - On it.
- [computer beeping] - [electronic screeching continues] Oh, I wanted to know what was going to happen.
[electronic screeching continues] Judging from the intermittent sound structure, it's just deep space interference.
Most likely a radiation pulse from a nearby star.
[Krolia] No, that's just what it's supposed to sound like.
Listen to the sounds in-between the pulses.
There's a unique pattern.
[electronic screeching and chirping] She's right.
Before the Blades were unified, we would use this crude way of communicating with each other.
Not many Blades know this code.
It must be a senior member.
Kolivan? Possibly.
[Shiro] What does it say? It's a distress signal.
Whoever is sending it is in trouble.
[console beeping] [Pidge] It looks like it's coming from this sector.
Do we know anything about that section of space? Not without the Castle of Lions' research library core.
- We would be flying in blind.
- We must go! That's a pretty severe detour from Earth.
If Kolivan is there, then maybe there will be more Blades.
We need all the help we can get to reach Earth.
[Lions whooshing] [Pidge] The signal is coming from this planet.
I'm detecting remnants of a civilization, but I don't see any signs of life.
[Romelle] Is that a good or a bad sign? [Hunk] In all my space experience, there have never been any good signs.
[beeping] [electronic chirping] I still can't tell exactly where the signal originates.
I'll keep trying to triangulate its location.
[Krolia] The signs are all around us.
There was a massacre here.
[Allura] Some of this damage looks like it's from magic.
[Shiro] Everyone stay alert.
[growls] [Krolia] These strike patterns look Marmoran.
Keep looking.
We need to find whatever Blade is broadcasting that signal.
- [growling] - What is it? [Macidus grunting] [snarling] [bayards zing] Good job.
Who are you? Who's broadcasting the signal? [Macidus] It was me.
You're no Blade of Marmora.
[Macidus] I will explain all if you would put down your weapons.
[Krolia] Let's see what he has to say.
[insects buzzing] [water dripping] This place is disgusting.
[Macidus] I have called this place home for the past two deca-phoebs.
Oh, well, "disgusting" is Altean for "lovely.
" - You don't speak Altean, do you? - [instrument beeping] This is where the signal was coming from.
Somewhere below us.
[Macidus] You are clever.
But I wouldn't expect less from the Paladins of Voltron.
You recognized us? [Macidus] Of course, of course.
Though, I am surprised to see you.
All were certain you perished.
Yeah, we just found that out.
But we're back.
[Macidus] And I am so grateful that you are.
It's been so long since I've had guests.
Well, thank you for your hospitality, but who are you? What happened here? [Macidus] Bloodshed happened here.
Death happened here.
I am Macidus.
This is my home planet.
But now I am the only one left alive here.
[Krolia gasps] - [gun powers up] - What are you doing with these? [gasps] [Macidus] I hang them in honor of their sacrifice.
They died trying to protect the universe.
How did it happen? [Macidus] This all started when Voltron disappeared, when when you disappeared.
The power vacuum that ensued destabilized much of the universe.
Galra turned on each other.
Warlords and pirates became the rulers of the land.
[Allura] What happened with Haggar, the witch? [Macidus] No one knows.
But her Druids continued her work, carrying out her final orders.
They set out to destroy every Blade.
After Lotor took over the throne, almost every Marmoran agent was exposed.
[Macidus] And that's when the slaughter began.
All Blades were called away from their assignments and sent to this base.
[gun powers down] [Macidus] Kolivan knew they were being hunted and he wanted to make a stand against them.
He believed it was their only means of survival.
That must be why they abandoned that base we found.
[Macidus] Indeed.
When they arrived here, my people helped them fortify their base, but the Druids found us sooner than we hoped.
They arrived without warning.
The Druids encircled the base and besieged it with magic.
After a long battle of attrition, the base fell.
Casualties on both sides were enormous.
My people were the first to try to escape.
- [people screaming] - They were slaughtered.
I stayed behind with Kolivan.
He led those of us that remained to battle the last of the Druids.
But for each one we managed to take down nearly a hundred Blades would fall.
In the final battle, I was buried beneath a collapsed structure.
When I regained consciousness, the fight was over and I was the lone survivor.
I've been sending the signal Kolivan gave me ever since in the hopes of finding any remaining Blades.
There are still a few of us alive.
[Macidus] Good.
[Krolia] I recognize every one of these Blades.
I trained many of them myself.
If I had only been here.
Their service will not be forgotten.
[blade hisses] Kolivan? His blade, it's flickering.
Flickering? What does that mean? A Marmoran agent's life force is connected to their blade.
I just saw it glow.
He must still be alive.
[Macidus] Just barely.
[Paladins gasping] [Macidus] Your hand is looking much better.
My hand? [Macidus] You don't remember our fight? [weapons crackling] [growling] [blade zings] You've been using that signal to draw Blades in! [weapons powering up] [Macidus laughing menacingly] Kolivan proved to be useful after all.
No! [energy booming] [wolf grunts] [wolf snarls] Where are we? [teleportation zap] [blade scraping] [wood creaking] [wood creaking] [footsteps] [Macidus shouts] [creatures squeaking] Ah! - [Macidus shouts] - [lightning booms] [Keith panting] [gasps] [laughing menacingly] There is no escape but death! [roars] [grunting] [power humming] [teleportation zap] [gasps] [laughing menacingly] Hyah! Huh? [Keith panting] - [labored breathing] - Hmm? [labored breathing continues] Kolivan.
I'll get you out of here.
[Macidus laughing] Our high priestess, Haggar, has forsaken us because of your treachery.
But after I kill you and the other Paladins, Haggar will allow me to return! [wolf grunts] [both grunting] - Ah! - [Keith grunts] [Macidus groans] - [Macidus roars] - [Keith groans] [grunting] [groaning] [breathing heavily] [Pidge] Allura, are you okay? [Allura breathing heavily] Pidge, lock on to Keith's location! [electronic chirping] He's directly below us! Stand back! [both grunting] How? [Macidus panting] I'm going to enjoy making Kolivan watch your end.
[Hunk grunts] - [Hunk groans] - [Macidus] Yah! Huh? Whoa! [groans] [screaming] [grunting] [snarls] [Macidus laughing menacingly] [Keith roars] [groaning] [screaming] [panting] [Paladins breathing heavily] [Lance] Good job, Keith.
I thought this was gonna end with my face melted off, like in that simulator.
[Hunk groans] [beeping] He's in pretty bad shape, but it looks like he's gonna be okay.
- [beeping stops] - I I'm sorry my code lured you here.
There was nothing you could do.
The coordinates I gave you, the Altean colony, were you able to find it? [Kolivan grunts] I sent a team.
There was nothing there.
Just an empty facility.
They were all gone.
Judging from the Blades that Macidus collected, he may have delivered a critical blow to the Marmora, but he did not defeat us entirely.
[sighs] I must find the others.
The universe needs us now more than ever.
I will join you.
We will revive the Blade of Marmora together.
We'll just need to find a ship.
The Druid has a cruiser stored not far from here.
We can use it to reunite the Blades.
That's our first bit of luck in a long time.
[exhales] Rest.
Keith, I I'm sorry to have to say goodbye to you for a second time.
It's not goodbye.
Take this.
You can return it when we see each other again.
Thanks for everything you taught me, Mom.
[Shiro] Keith.
It's time to get going.
I love you, Keith.
I love you, too, Mom.
[Lions whooshing]